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Wembley Cup LIVE FINAL 2018
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The OTHER World Cup Final!
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  • wil brown
    wil brown Hour ago

    The back of Spencer's hair 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Matthew Ellison
    Matthew Ellison Hour ago

    I agree with you spencer

  • chris magnoson
    chris magnoson 2 hours ago

    It's okay to be white...

  • chris magnoson
    chris magnoson 2 hours ago

    No white guilt...

  • chris magnoson
    chris magnoson 2 hours ago

    England didn't win, Africa won

  • jules baby
    jules baby 3 hours ago

    This pack luck frustrates me hahaha

  • Templar E-Z
    Templar E-Z 4 hours ago

    A("racist") friend of mine (big footbal fan) from Croatia said: "How can i say that France defeated us when half of their team is not French" as in not white French. And really if your nation competes in sports it should compete with its own resources. So France grants citizenship to good footballers from other places and powers up its team. Thats not fair

  • Tracy Lowe
    Tracy Lowe 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Al3x Gamez
    Al3x Gamez 5 hours ago

    Anyone 2019

  • Lewis Lowry
    Lewis Lowry 5 hours ago

    That was a goal

  • Max Edwards
    Max Edwards 6 hours ago

    Who’s watching this after Lee Hursit is a # player

  • Abdirahman Idris
    Abdirahman Idris 7 hours ago

    Spencer been busy with hashtag. Understandable he can't focus on three channels : hashtag United. Hashtag esports and his own Spencer fc

  • Louie Jonesy
    Louie Jonesy 7 hours ago


  • Henry Humphries
    Henry Humphries 7 hours ago


  • The Japanese Gladiator

    Basically the wembley cup just Liverpool vs Man U

  • Mst rmf898
    Mst rmf898 9 hours ago

    England are worse than Bulgaria u only react when it happens to you look at seria a ur so unfair talk about all of it but nice video love you❤️

  • Nicola Samuel
    Nicola Samuel 9 hours ago

    Chicken vid sh

  • Natasha Berry
    Natasha Berry 9 hours ago

    Efd was my ltime off the day

  • Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson 10 hours ago

    TBH Spencer personally you should make more videos IF possible

  • Vacred_Rxpple
    Vacred_Rxpple 10 hours ago


  • JamesGodden
    JamesGodden 11 hours ago

    Take me back!!! 😭😭🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn 13 hours ago

    Or is it there first game of the season oh wait never mind he said it's every ones debut

  • John Quinn
    John Quinn 13 hours ago

    Do does this mean there club is new and they trained about before the match or they trained a lot but never play matches

  • Olly Waterson
    Olly Waterson 13 hours ago

    we want wheel of fortune Fifa 20

  • Marsh
    Marsh 13 hours ago

    The only reason why Martin is England manager is because of this

  • Fino Does
    Fino Does 14 hours ago

    When u said Wijnaldum I thought u said Ronaldo 😂

  • Shreyas Cheguri
    Shreyas Cheguri 16 hours ago

    Lloyd Griffith sounds like porky the pick from looney tunes

  • Ali
    Ali 17 hours ago

    Classic spencer always not planning to make videos 😂

  • Joe Wilson
    Joe Wilson 17 hours ago

    Should make more videos like this mate

  • yooboi jackowacko19
    yooboi jackowacko19 17 hours ago

    Do a RTG

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 18 hours ago

    The truth is said and happy belated birthday

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell 18 hours ago

    I love this content. Every week pls even if you get gold 3 Like if you agree

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 19 hours ago

    "Football is not something that should spread misery and hatred. Football should be about inspiration and joy." Jürgen Klopp

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay 14 hours ago

      Would he have addressed this if it weren’t England

  • Snipes r us By me
    Snipes r us By me 19 hours ago

    Sidemen fc

  • Berni Carty
    Berni Carty 19 hours ago

    Play tottenham

  • Nikolay Perchev
    Nikolay Perchev 20 hours ago

    What about the English fan screaming in live video on Wembley “ Bulgarian gypsies” ..

  • SmithsnMoz
    SmithsnMoz 20 hours ago

    The Whole world has gone Madd!!

  • Uncle Ross
    Uncle Ross 21 hour ago

    Wheel of FUTune please

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 22 hours ago

    What is donating money gonna do?

  • WillkMS _
    WillkMS _ 23 hours ago

    R u still with alex

  • Alex Kouts
    Alex Kouts Day ago

    Longest kick challenge

  • Superdash 907
    Superdash 907 Day ago

    Please do a career mode based around Scott pollock

  • Kale Hunter
    Kale Hunter Day ago

    Bravo for putting this out expressing your opinion on a world wide topic!

  • Tony Franchise

    England’s national team has many non-English on it. They were trolling & it worked... triggered much? Nothing wrong with a people fighting back against GloboHomo & not wanting your people to be invaded or replaced. I’ll be visiting Bulgaria for sure 👌 Would you get this triggered about all the anti-white propaganda EVERYWHERE? 🇺🇸⚔️🇺🇸

  • M1dn1ght
    M1dn1ght Day ago

    Phil jones???

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper Day ago

    Wayne Rooney might back in the premier league with Derby country possibly next season.

  • 2double0BOI
    2double0BOI Day ago

    Single Life left you with a lot more time on your hands hey spence

  • Will Elggren
    Will Elggren Day ago

    what’s funny is that he said this is the worst team i have don’t it with haha ok

  • Juan Diego Andrade

    Could we include Alexis Sánchez form at Arsenal? He was very good at arsenal, I would say he was the best player at the prem at 2016/2017. I know what happened to him at Man U but we can't deny he was a beast. I think he scored 80+ goals

  • Mr MLG
    Mr MLG Day ago

    Volim te Željo!

  • Plop Polar bear

    Where's Callum Wilson?

  • HB TV
    HB TV Day ago

    القعدة تع محرز فالكرسي قعدة جزائرية بإمتياز

  • Mark Hale
    Mark Hale Day ago

    why is maddison 79

  • Brian MacLeod
    Brian MacLeod Day ago

    Can u start up a wheel of futune again the only thing you will need to do is find a new final goal b/c of fut rivals

  • Mark Hale
    Mark Hale Day ago

    when are you doing the jouny fifa17 star again and let him play for spurs

  • ZPG 19
    ZPG 19 Day ago

    Frasers actually really good. Hes so underated.

    SINISTER , Day ago

    Chelsea Always Predicted 6th

  • Nimer Busool
    Nimer Busool Day ago

    If I was the manager of the US or Israeli teams, I would not take them to Bulgaria if stuff like this is going on.

  • Killarney School of English

    Look, why is everyone complaining about the bias and commentary, it is there channel you know. Damn, now I’m going to get hundreds of hate comments

  • Mo Waka
    Mo Waka Day ago

    I won

  • Callum Finnie
    Callum Finnie Day ago

    spencer doesnt realise how lucky he actually is

  • Dimitar Bogdanov

    Mate I want to say one : England are bigger racists than any other European country 😉

  • Connor Breslin

    Would love if you bring wheel of fortune back loved that series best of FLASH-PLAYER

  • antriksh singh

    goals to games ratio would have been a much better way to subject this tier list tbh

  • Lindsay Pitcher

    Finally wise words

  • Sqxbsy
    Sqxbsy Day ago

    Weel of furtune?

  • Lksks Jxnsnsj
    Lksks Jxnsnsj Day ago

    Plzzzzz play FUT spenny! Love ya! Legend!

  • Finn Barry
    Finn Barry Day ago

    I love Spencer playing fifa again

  • Yahya Abdi
    Yahya Abdi Day ago

    Where is joe weller

  • nobetodagetobg NUB

    Ban endland in Europe they Africans

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy Day ago

      I’m white and I have been racially abused based on my religion

  • Pablo Sanchez
    Pablo Sanchez Day ago

    Let’s go gmen

  • Fin in the BIN!!!!

    Pls do more fifa. I love your fifa vids.


    He packed the best non-walkouts i‘ve ever seen

  • Jake
    Jake Day ago


  • Zach Joannou
    Zach Joannou Day ago

    This on anyone else’s recommend?

  • Jim Byrne
    Jim Byrne Day ago

    I got a massive pull in my weekend league and rivals rewards on my Dad to glory channel I'm buzzing

  • vegis653
    vegis653 Day ago


  • michael Haczynskyj

    Please please please do a wheel of futune series

  • FodWod 69
    FodWod 69 Day ago

    Still at 1.9

  • Mr Barbiegirl
    Mr Barbiegirl Day ago

    Wtf is that luck getting all the expensive boards meanwhile i'm packing 5 buffons

  • Darren Smith
    Darren Smith Day ago

    I'm scotish

  • Adam Collins
    Adam Collins Day ago


  • Uzair Khan
    Uzair Khan Day ago

    Im happy spencer uploading again but the only problem after a month he will stop again

  • Aman Agarwal
    Aman Agarwal Day ago

    Wheel of fortune, pls

  • Mikey Dalton
    Mikey Dalton Day ago


  • ManwelHdGamer
    ManwelHdGamer Day ago

    Your good mate

  • Master Bates
    Master Bates Day ago

    There are many Roma in Bulgaria and the whites hate them....

  • Reagan Martin
    Reagan Martin Day ago

    Please upload more vids like this spenc

  • Davy FiveStar
    Davy FiveStar Day ago

    Has it finally hit that people watched you for fifa and the views aren't gonna come back on their own then Spence????

  • Jordan_LFC17
    Jordan_LFC17 Day ago

    I see the wheel of futune wheel....... new series? Please

  • Eoghan Doherty

    From un tradeble div rivals I packed wijnaldum

  • Lennon 61234
    Lennon 61234 Day ago

    Wembley cup

  • Lennon 61234
    Lennon 61234 Day ago

    Wembley cup

  • Lennon 61234
    Lennon 61234 Day ago

    Wembley cup

  • Lennon 61234
    Lennon 61234 Day ago

    Wembley cup

  • Jsutts 3.0
    Jsutts 3.0 Day ago

    Close your eyes and he sounds like Alfie deyes

  • Lennon 61234
    Lennon 61234 Day ago

    When is the new Wembley cup out

  • Kaiden Football

    Did you ever find the best team ever

  • Vacred_Rxpple
    Vacred_Rxpple Day ago

    Why r u not doing fut series like u used to do

  • MLindenTV
    MLindenTV Day ago

    Nobody: Spencer: Lucas DEEN