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  • Callum Kelly
    Callum Kelly 48 minutes ago

    Stay safe everyone 🙂

  • MrOvnours
    MrOvnours Hour ago

    Ah that game... I remember almost having like five heart attacks during it. And i don't even like football.

  • Con Te Nuda
    Con Te Nuda Hour ago

    That’s absolutely class from Denis and Kion, loving the series Spencer !

  • Josh T
    Josh T 2 hours ago

    What’s your difficulty on it seems like you win every game keep it up love the videos

  • Lorna Devenish
    Lorna Devenish 3 hours ago


  • Talal Shahzad
    Talal Shahzad 3 hours ago

    Spencer to 2 mill before before the end of the month

  • Football World
    Football World 3 hours ago

    Spence Sign Aston villa 's under 23 player Jacob Ramsey Cm in loan GREAT player

  • Steven Blaney
    Steven Blaney 5 hours ago

    I got bullied because I was wearing a hashtag shirt should I still wear like yes comment no

  • Huhu Wooz
    Huhu Wooz 6 hours ago

    Who watch because of lockdown

  • Arian Simandjuntak
    Arian Simandjuntak 6 hours ago

    by far this is the best FM series i've ever seen. cheers frm indonesia, spencer🇮🇩

  • ahmed ewis
    ahmed ewis 8 hours ago

    Ronaldo nearly 36 and he still hasn't heard pele but Messi might

  • Lucas Sánchez
    Lucas Sánchez 9 hours ago

    I remember watching this game on Colombian tv and that Colombian group of five in front of you became famous

  • foxes focus
    foxes focus 9 hours ago

    I've just bought the mobile version (only because I dont have a pc or laptop) because this series has me addicted to fm again cant wait to get a laptop n get proper fm back but until then mobile version will fill the void

  • Pero Milicevic
    Pero Milicevic 9 hours ago

    Pellegrini isn’t good at buying backup keepers. Remember when he bought cabellero for city?

  • GD 88
    GD 88 10 hours ago

    loving this series will stick around till you win the champions league !!!!

  • Ron Masti
    Ron Masti 10 hours ago

    Hey Spencer how did you get the real badges on the game. I want hashtags badge and kits on mine too

  • Kevin Barco Ladines
    Kevin Barco Ladines 11 hours ago

    10:42 the lad in the back Independiente del Valle fan 🇪🇨

  • Marley Ashby
    Marley Ashby 11 hours ago

    Taking my local club from tier 10 to hopefully the football league, won the league in my first two seasons but I’m losing so much money, anyone got any tips how to not lose so much money but still bring in good enough players, they’re semi professional now so contracts are only really bonuses, thanks in advance!

  • Sonderax
    Sonderax 12 hours ago

    Dennis Gyamfi... LEICESTER!!

  • Newport Vlogger
    Newport Vlogger 12 hours ago

    Check my channel out guys

  • Tiernan McGlynn
    Tiernan McGlynn 12 hours ago

    Best Wembley cup we need this again

  • AdamAVFC90
    AdamAVFC90 12 hours ago

    Tyreik Wright is an excellent signing!!

  • Finn Gibson
    Finn Gibson 12 hours ago

    Who else watching in 2020, also RIP Ray Wilkins

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 12 hours ago

    Why does league 2 have an extra automatic promotion place just out of interest?

  • Josh Young
    Josh Young 13 hours ago

    Loving this series 💙

  • Pacy hits
    Pacy hits 14 hours ago

    Harry's shot obviously went over the line

  • Ajman Kurbegovic
    Ajman Kurbegovic 14 hours ago

    This series is the best

  • Ayres
    Ayres 14 hours ago

    Being a football fan from Cheltenham is so disappointing... even in FM 😂

  • Luke Duhig
    Luke Duhig 14 hours ago

    Ur team are very low rated for league 2

  • Christian4327
    Christian4327 14 hours ago

    Play fifa

  • Aksel Bruun Larsen
    Aksel Bruun Larsen 14 hours ago

    this is making my day everytime you upload! much love from sweden!

  • Amondo
    Amondo 15 hours ago

    Colab with Manny please on football manager, like so spencer can see 👇🏽

  • kevin mc garvey
    kevin mc garvey 15 hours ago


  • Jasper Rooley
    Jasper Rooley 15 hours ago


  • the lucas realm
    the lucas realm 15 hours ago

    Rip headphones

  • CzPrime
    CzPrime 16 hours ago

    get a facepack on

  • Console
    Console 16 hours ago

    Whos watching after the World Cup has ended

  • Smolga 26
    Smolga 26 16 hours ago

    Happy with the consistency but wish it was Daily lol

  • Yaxs
    Yaxs 16 hours ago

    You should invite them to an episode, someone agrees?

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith 16 hours ago

    Joe Weller Vs Ksi wembly cup 2020 😂 make it happen

  • Max Talks
    Max Talks 17 hours ago

    Love these please keep them as is!

  • DarkM0n5ter100
    DarkM0n5ter100 17 hours ago

    If Salgado still doesn’t perform, loan him out in January

  • kees koole
    kees koole 17 hours ago

    I'd love to see Hashtag go on a run like this IRL. Been following you since the start and I believe Hashtag wil one play professional football!

  • Matt Caldwell
    Matt Caldwell 17 hours ago

    Loving this Spenny!!

  • Shay Vaughan
    Shay Vaughan 17 hours ago

    I've been a huge fan of yours for years, got all the merch, and everything in-between. This is my favourite series you've ever done!!

  • Lewis Hervo
    Lewis Hervo 17 hours ago

    Honestly Spen loving this series so much! Can see you love filming it too which makes it so much more enjoyable! Keep it up bro x

  • Christian Smith
    Christian Smith 17 hours ago

    Next wembky cup only you tubers/ streamers

  • Freddie Oldrey
    Freddie Oldrey 18 hours ago

    4:27 decent 😂😂

  • Swonz Fan
    Swonz Fan 18 hours ago

    Mick Rhodes > Lana

  • Jordan Kennedy
    Jordan Kennedy 18 hours ago

    Seriously can’t wait for these to drop, thank you!

  • Kuba Chojnacki
    Kuba Chojnacki 18 hours ago

    You should buy the guy from Derby who scored The First goal in the future. Great dude that

  • Santhosh Kumar Raju
    Santhosh Kumar Raju 18 hours ago

    Lord of the wheel: Return of the Sau

  • M.M CITY
    M.M CITY 18 hours ago

    Another excellent video, love the football manager

  • Romel Negut
    Romel Negut 18 hours ago

    Corbeanu, the Romanian youngster, doing bits for the Tags.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 18 hours ago

    Happy to get the red card in the game against Fylde. Shame the boys couldn’t get the win. Up the tags!

  • Mikkel Nedergaard
    Mikkel Nedergaard 18 hours ago

    Absolute quality Spen!

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown 18 hours ago

    First time I’ve ever hit the bell icon 👌🏻 wonderful series, keep it up!!

  • Pedro Ferraro
    Pedro Ferraro 19 hours ago

    Corbeanu showing up when the team needs him the most. The kid is playing out of his mind!

  • Liam Carrigan
    Liam Carrigan 19 hours ago

    Spencer Charlie Kirk is a league 2 tots in ultimate team this year

  • Anonymus 111
    Anonymus 111 19 hours ago

    Love this series big man

  • Cris Alblas
    Cris Alblas 19 hours ago

    I miss ROSS pls get him back

  • Simon De Geyter
    Simon De Geyter 19 hours ago

    Anyone else noticed that not a single penalty on this whole series wasn’t on goal

  • Thomas Kegaan - Hobs
    Thomas Kegaan - Hobs 19 hours ago

    Love the series, maybe a bit of constructive criticism, imo putting results in the title sort of robs some of the games of the mystery we love to see

  • Adewumi Elekuru
    Adewumi Elekuru 19 hours ago

    Love the series

  • benjaminrei13
    benjaminrei13 19 hours ago

    I always get so excited when I see this series in my feed. DONT FORGET TO HASHTAG IT!!! From, the US

  • math tricks
    math tricks 19 hours ago

    sees title me:😳 me after: 😌

  • Ghost
    Ghost 19 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Tom Warwick
    Tom Warwick 19 hours ago

    This series is the best you've ever done mate, love it!

  • la tana del diavolo
    la tana del diavolo 19 hours ago

    ciao aiutami a crescere ho iniziato un canale FLash-player da poco iscrivetevi ve ne sarò grato

  • Joe Bolchover
    Joe Bolchover 19 hours ago

    Spencer, use players like Farai and albie and put them in a mentoring group with people like salgado and clarkson. It improved their personality and therefore makes them develop more as a player. Hope this helps

  • Titan Games
    Titan Games 19 hours ago

    Love it when spen shouts “good boy” keep it up😂😂😂👍

  • Danny Hume
    Danny Hume 20 hours ago

    Great series 👍

  • Rhys Gannon
    Rhys Gannon 20 hours ago

    Sign Troy parrot

  • Rhys Gannon
    Rhys Gannon 20 hours ago

    Play terrek Wright as a joint striker with Rhodes r Salgado

  • Hashem Shourbagy
    Hashem Shourbagy 20 hours ago

    keep it up spencer, her watching you from egypt

  • Archie
    Archie 20 hours ago

    Despite Richmond leaving I'm glad that Tash has remained

  • Henry Nash
    Henry Nash 20 hours ago

    Charlie Kirk - Absolute Crewe legend

  • Jack Nolson
    Jack Nolson 20 hours ago

    love the fm sace spen im from stevenage

  • Lomonat
    Lomonat 20 hours ago

    Yes my son, new fm video👏👏🙏💪🏿

  • JamSev
    JamSev 20 hours ago

    Where is club2club it should’ve been a regular series

  • Bromate
    Bromate 20 hours ago

    🔷Oldham get battered everywhere we go🔶

  • Sasha Lorna
    Sasha Lorna 20 hours ago

    Love this series spencer!! My favourite on FLash-player at the moment always looking to see if you’ve posted! 👍🏼

    • LittleLawtonGaming
      LittleLawtonGaming 18 hours ago

      Need to watch GloryHunter by DoctorBenjyFM easily the best FM series on this years game

  • Quinny F1
    Quinny F1 20 hours ago

    17:47 talking of club to club... Were is it Spen?

  • Pursuit
    Pursuit 20 hours ago

    keep up the good work gemO

  • Massimo Pisani
    Massimo Pisani 20 hours ago

    Well done for the series I am always looking forward to each episode I am watching from Malta

  • Dan Daley
    Dan Daley 20 hours ago

    Up the rams

  • Z.M United
    Z.M United 20 hours ago

    Whenever you upload it brings a smile on my face

  • Ghost
    Ghost 20 hours ago

    Loved it

  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC 20 hours ago

    Dennis Gyamfi and Kion Etete are legends!

    • Jimmy Quinlan
      Jimmy Quinlan 3 hours ago

      When is club 2 club8 coming back

    • Jamie Barker
      Jamie Barker 14 hours ago

      Jacob Loring op”

    • Jack T Mitchinson
      Jack T Mitchinson 18 hours ago

      Can you bring back the MY Player series because I loved Fifa 15 My Player?

    • Romel Negut
      Romel Negut 18 hours ago

      They are.

    • Evan Leigh
      Evan Leigh 18 hours ago

      Can you bring back the player career I loved that series

  • Hilda
    Hilda 20 hours ago

    wanna be friends?

  • Hilda
    Hilda 20 hours ago

    wanna be friends?

  • Stacy Brady
    Stacy Brady 20 hours ago

    Thank you for making me happy making content during lockdown

  • Ralw Gaming
    Ralw Gaming 20 hours ago

    Start a Reddit for this

  • Charlie Maywood
    Charlie Maywood 20 hours ago

    Best series 🐐

  • Adam Baker
    Adam Baker 20 hours ago

    Love this series spen. Love from New York City

    • Callum Kelly
      Callum Kelly 49 minutes ago

      Newport Vlogger I’ve subbed just bc I want you to stay safe

    • Newport Vlogger
      Newport Vlogger 12 hours ago

      Check my channel out please mate

  • conor sherlock
    conor sherlock 20 hours ago

    Try get a 194

  • ** PKMN **
    ** PKMN ** 20 hours ago

    Yeeessss another episode ####

  • YCFCventro
    YCFCventro 20 hours ago


  • lewisr7020
    lewisr7020 20 hours ago

    Didn’t realise we were in November already

    • Kazza
      Kazza 12 hours ago

      lewisr7020 it’s June 🤣