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  • Batrisyia Adil
    Batrisyia Adil 4 hours ago


  • Josh Yes
    Josh Yes 4 hours ago

    im a boring 17 yr old white girl.... girl we KNOW

  • Bronte Isabella
    Bronte Isabella 4 hours ago

    This said Stranger Things X End of the F***ing World but make it Carrie

  • Chen Alexis
    Chen Alexis 4 hours ago

    I liked this clip whenever i see it

  • mercedes
    mercedes 4 hours ago

    alex's smile got me pouting and making baby faces, he's so cute!

  • Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate

    From Stanley Uris to Stanley Barber.

  • riley morales
    riley morales 4 hours ago

    ummm didn't expect zsmitty on here (he is from tiktok)

  • Galaxy Fox
    Galaxy Fox 4 hours ago

    IT: Wyatt plays stan I’m not okay with this: Wyatt plays Stan agaim

  • sussusussu
    sussusussu 4 hours ago

    I want 4 season please

  • 96jrg
    96jrg 4 hours ago

    Fergie's are demons

  • D. N.
    D. N. 4 hours ago

    Sabrina is an Arch-Nephelim according to supernatural lore

  • Ibnu Hajar
    Ibnu Hajar 4 hours ago

    Kengan Ashura ?

  • DIANAMAE_ 22
    DIANAMAE_ 22 4 hours ago

    2:10 is one of the best scene that'll happen in this series 😂😂😂

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson 4 hours ago


  • A.S.
    A.S. 4 hours ago

    Soooo life is strange 2.01

  • Aaron Suranofsky
    Aaron Suranofsky 4 hours ago

    1:11 Yoooo, that shot is so sick!!!

  • Kloee Serrano
    Kloee Serrano 4 hours ago

    its pretty obvious this is ST and TEOTFW's child but let's all be honest with ourselves, we're all still gonna watch it

  • Julio Saenz
    Julio Saenz 4 hours ago

    Somehow this show helped me more than therapy.

  • Holly Soup
    Holly Soup 4 hours ago

    I am SO looking forward to this omg ❤️ ❤️

  • Chris Macht
    Chris Macht 4 hours ago

    Man I hate women centered movies or TV series.

  • sister schnapped
    sister schnapped 4 hours ago

    What is up with Sophia and bathroom stalls. And cutting her hair. Oh annnddd having dead parents.

  • CheavorTV
    CheavorTV 4 hours ago

    I binged watched the The Stranger Monday and loved it. Great Writing, Blackmailing, the Plot unraveled more & more each episode causing me to want to see more. Everyone had a secret that was exploited. Great twist at the end.

  • youtube_addiction23
    youtube_addiction23 4 hours ago

    She would have been absolutely fine if her mom was driving distracted. Literally none of that would have happened.

  • sister schnapped
    sister schnapped 4 hours ago

    What is up with the duffers and telekinesis

  • DIANAMAE_ 22
    DIANAMAE_ 22 4 hours ago


  • Omara Wilson
    Omara Wilson 4 hours ago

    Are we not we not gonna talk about how Stanley got teleported here after his SUICIDE!!!

  • Music boy Forlife
    Music boy Forlife 4 hours ago

    Real talk should have won he had better flow and had more of a melody

  • Wanda Pieterson
    Wanda Pieterson 4 hours ago

    C’mon you can’t beat “Selenas “ , why can’t you leave Jlo’s version and do another story? Why not do Jlo’s story using this actor? 😤

  • Umesh Leonardo Bandaranayaka

    Awesome ❤️

  • Sebastián Andrés Soto Salas

    I’m a simple person. I see a Leica M4, I click like.

  • Omar Robinson
    Omar Robinson 4 hours ago

    Of course this was coming.... If you didn’t know that Stranger Things is coming to a complete end soon, you do now. This was meant to take its place. 💯🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Валентина Иванова

    To all the people who have read the books 📚 can you tell me why did Peter tell Lara Jean to make a fake dating thing ?? I mean was it just to really make Genevieve jealous or maybe because Kavinsky just wanted to be with Covey ??? Help me figure this out

  • Audrey Hugo
    Audrey Hugo 4 hours ago

    i want this!!!!

  • Hank, the pepe Lu
    Hank, the pepe Lu 4 hours ago

    This show have been so personal and intimacy to me, it's part of me ever since. Thank you all for creating such beautiful world <3

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 4 hours ago

    Best series ever dont @ me

  • Brambledemon
    Brambledemon 4 hours ago

    The God Inside My Ear 2017. Horse girl 2020. Everyone should go compare the two films.

  • Silver Warrior
    Silver Warrior 4 hours ago

    Stranger things connected universe?

  • Najib Azman
    Najib Azman 4 hours ago

    mini it reunion

  • ruby cobourn
    ruby cobourn 4 hours ago

    oh my god how tf is everyone in this trailer so attractive like i’m straight but i’m starting to rethink that decision

  • Delighted Cherrybcx
    Delighted Cherrybcx 4 hours ago

    Msm noah is toxic

  • Kailane prado
    Kailane prado 4 hours ago

    O Noah Centineo, é o Noah Centineo, claro que eu escolho o *Noah Centineo brasileiro* .... Quem pegou pegou 😂😂😂

  • Alan Smith-Emerson
    Alan Smith-Emerson 4 hours ago

    X-Men Origins: Sophia Lillis

  • •M •
    •M • 4 hours ago

    yall tf? you are doing as if el was the only girl with superpowers

  • BigStoucheMcGee
    BigStoucheMcGee 4 hours ago

    Only finished season 2 a couple weeks ago. This is exciting news.

  • Gerald Rivera
    Gerald Rivera 4 hours ago

    Everybody says Stranger Things.... I said this is basically Carrie

  • Оля Море
    Оля Море 4 hours ago

    Now I'm reading CARRIE and it literally looks like that

  • Victor
    Victor 4 hours ago

    I think this is Terra's unauthorized coming-of-age series. so there.

  • Sachi Desu
    Sachi Desu 4 hours ago

    Okay it's vibin

  • Nicky Novak
    Nicky Novak 4 hours ago

    Hey look Kylo

  • Alex
    Alex 4 hours ago

    Who can’t wait for season 3?

  • Оля Море
    Оля Море 4 hours ago

    Yeah. Of course. STANLEY Hey, IT!

  • Matthew Romero
    Matthew Romero 4 hours ago

    i hate the kissing both witha pastion i really do

  • monsune
    monsune 5 hours ago

    This movie is amazing!! Such a real story and the acting is phenomenal.

  • Danielle Wheeler
    Danielle Wheeler 5 hours ago


  • pinBin25
    pinBin25 5 hours ago

    Awesome show!

  • Nosferatu Samael
    Nosferatu Samael 5 hours ago

    Trailer sountrack pls!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joy velvet
    joy velvet 5 hours ago

    they are *the* dream team

  • MuhammadsDaughter
    MuhammadsDaughter 5 hours ago

    I’ve loved Selena ever since I was a lil girl!!!

  • raptor zx
    raptor zx 5 hours ago

    carrie series ?

  • Tierney Anne
    Tierney Anne 5 hours ago

    Netflix really cancelling shows before anyone has a real chance to see it! Just binged this today and disappointing to hear it’s already canceled while still in the “recently added” section!

  • your friend you forgot about

    I keep thinking of brock's dub of this and it removes the tension entirely

  • Sanskriti Srivastava

    Noah Flynn

  • Marga DC
    Marga DC 5 hours ago

    alright, stanverly shippers lezgo

  • john lopez
    john lopez 5 hours ago

    Is this eventually supposed to go with stranger things?🥴🥴

  • Hanum Sabila
    Hanum Sabila 5 hours ago


  • Boris
    Boris 5 hours ago

    Ya era hora

  • May Lotee
    May Lotee 5 hours ago

    This reminds me of 'Ladybird' and 'Matilda'

  • Xp 4 Dayz
    Xp 4 Dayz 5 hours ago

    Hate this guy don’t know his name don’t care he is an arrogant annoying pompous ass! He was crap in marvel films and they will ruin altered carbon by bringing him in!! Give us the old cast ! 😡😡

  • 70s Baby
    70s Baby 5 hours ago

    Wait hes name is still stan?!?!?!

  • Abigail Z
    Abigail Z 5 hours ago

    I haven't seen any of the trailers for this movie before, so I just realized... WYATT OLEFF'S CHARACTER IS NAMED STANLEY LIKE IT?! IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO HIM--

  • Bassa Sababa Rebel Beans

    Why are people comparing it to Carrie. Carrie is far darker than this appears, yes there's telepathy and bloody dresses but Carrie was a tormented, scared of her religious mum, kinda girl, while this show seems more lively with friends and romance thrown in.

  • 둠가이
    둠가이 5 hours ago

    Bring me Jutuls

  • lyz dy
    lyz dy 5 hours ago

    Matilda went through puberty, nice.

  • Nabajit Chakraborty
    Nabajit Chakraborty 5 hours ago


  • mckenzie blevins
    mckenzie blevins 5 hours ago

    so creative 🥱

  • Rai kage
    Rai kage 5 hours ago


  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 5 hours ago

    Been waiting for this movie since I was in 8th grade. I will probably cry.

  • nounours87700
    nounours87700 5 hours ago

    Enfin !!!😋

  • Shashvat Arya
    Shashvat Arya 5 hours ago

    More like "If Eleven got to to go to a school"

  • kamalei
    kamalei 5 hours ago

    The show ended and all I got was a churro.

  • Tshedza Munyai
    Tshedza Munyai 5 hours ago

    The best documentary I've ever watched no lie

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T 5 hours ago

    Dodge was sexy tho

  • Pramesh Sharma
    Pramesh Sharma 5 hours ago

    Is this strange things 4 😂😛 or end of the f... World 2

  • bruno santos
    bruno santos 5 hours ago

    Race in Brazil is the best on last season!!!!!

  • Adrian Blackwell
    Adrian Blackwell 5 hours ago

    So bloody pumped!!

  • Ashley Marie
    Ashley Marie 5 hours ago

    1:18 stans dancing 🥺🥺

  • Svetlana Padil
    Svetlana Padil 5 hours ago

    Thankful to *TAYLOR SWIFT* for sharing a part of her, some parts some people won't be bold enough to show the world. She's one of those amazing people God created for a great purpose. 💜💜💜 *I LOVE YOU TAYLOR* 😊

  • David 2000
    David 2000 5 hours ago

    I’m currently watching it right now.

  • Prutha Siras
    Prutha Siras 5 hours ago

    Me while watching the trailer : Wow this has stranger things and teotfw vibes!!! After 10 secs : Me : how did I got that right? *side effects of watching Netflix! 😂

  • Maggy Mwas
    Maggy Mwas 5 hours ago

    And it happens the writer is Joe Hill,,, the son of Stephen King sure an apple does not fall far from the tree. Also a spoilers alert:season two its next year so arrrrgh... I said that too😂😂buts it's worth the wait.

  • soccercrazy53
    soccercrazy53 5 hours ago

    But like what was the game...

  • Ciel Phantomhive
    Ciel Phantomhive 5 hours ago

    I've never been ready and not ready for something at the same time.

  • skyhime
    skyhime 5 hours ago

    Everytime i want to get out, u pull me back in!

  • Mico Chen
    Mico Chen 5 hours ago

    Was it really necessary to specify "white girl"? It really wouldn't have made any difference if she didn't

  • gamer49 /49 productions

    Is this a stranger things version of carrie? But its not scary.

  • CrazyLemon58
    CrazyLemon58 5 hours ago

    Fire asf

  • The Priestess
    The Priestess 5 hours ago

    This is classic love ittt

  • TheTrickshot77
    TheTrickshot77 5 hours ago

    This looks good, Will Smith is one of my favourites

  • TyGotVibez
    TyGotVibez 5 hours ago


  • Sunny J
    Sunny J 5 hours ago

    Mark your deserve way better