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  • Mohammad Rafi
    Mohammad Rafi 56 seconds ago

    Show us what is inside the charger

  • Tanvir Shahriar
    Tanvir Shahriar 2 minutes ago

    dislikes are from oneplus dicc rider

  • SweetDreamsAreMadeOfThese

    Don't you love when OnePlus makes you settle?

  • Christian Graham
    Christian Graham 4 minutes ago

    But the faster your phone chargers, the quicker your battery wears.

    AMRITANSHU SEMALTI 5 minutes ago

    Lamination is good for this phone screen

  • freeeeelibyan
    freeeeelibyan 10 minutes ago

    Apple is really greedy.

  • Bella min
    Bella min 10 minutes ago

    Love this. My daughter has cerebral palsy and also needs a wheelchair. She's only 5 but maybe one day this can be an option for her!

  • Sookie Kim
    Sookie Kim 11 minutes ago

    Hi Camry, nice to see you here, I also use hand control with my car almost but haven’t seen that type of hand control before. Look really comfortable I use the one I press the gas with my thumb which can really sore on a long drive. Can you manually install it or do you need to have it install professionally, but seeing you just install here, do need to make adjustment to the steering wheel? And where did you buy it from? Sorry asking so many question. Thank you.

  • Mr. HeavyDebater
    Mr. HeavyDebater 11 minutes ago

    In Asia, gas station attendants pump gas for you. Not sure why this doesn't happen in the US.

  • Devildog4189 Devildog
    Devildog4189 Devildog 11 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who doesn’t mind the charger apple includes? I charge my phone when i sleep and im good for the day

  • Lukas Hartmann
    Lukas Hartmann 12 minutes ago

    1:06 Note 10, S10 with 15W

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 14 minutes ago

    2:43 *how it feels to chew 5 gum* “To stimulate your senses”

  • Requiem Tears
    Requiem Tears 16 minutes ago

    Why not do test drops because that's how 99.9%of people torcher their phones like that and not bend them as you did?

  • Sanjay Sanju
    Sanjay Sanju 20 minutes ago

    when you want something more , u have to sacrifice something...🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 21 minute ago

    *Motorola has left the chat*

  • MrHeavyG09
    MrHeavyG09 21 minute ago

    i just realized i have never had any sort of apple phone in my life.

  • Hawk-Zeke Negate
    Hawk-Zeke Negate 21 minute ago

    I miss your old "Let's get started." tone that I can't copy no matter what I do. 😭

  • the Individual guy
    the Individual guy 22 minutes ago

    Fu apple

  • jarrett maltry
    jarrett maltry 23 minutes ago

    Honestly if it didn’t absorb every speck of dust into the hinge through osmosis, I think this phone could be amazing

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 23 minutes ago

    Eu me matando de trabalhar pra comprar um e esse desgraçado estragando o coitado

  • ricardo play
    ricardo play 24 minutes ago

    1:18 what inside?😃😁

  • Timothy Layne
    Timothy Layne 25 minutes ago

    If that was the actual box it was really ugly

  • Amaury Ayala
    Amaury Ayala 27 minutes ago

    You can't remove the plastic screen protector if it came with it already installed. Test it as is :3

  • Sajeevkumar
    Sajeevkumar 28 minutes ago

    Watching this on my OP7T.... Oooooh.... Uff 😥

  • Ryan Sanders
    Ryan Sanders 30 minutes ago

    I just went from a k20 plus to the 7t... The fact that I can see your knuckle hair pleases me in a weird way... But not having a headphone jack is really bothering me

  • probro 7
    probro 7 32 minutes ago

    Apple is using low grade ores

  • Jelamie Dungon
    Jelamie Dungon 35 minutes ago

    Please make Realme X2 pro durability test.

  • Michael
    Michael 37 minutes ago

    Cuts the box plastic randomly instead of on the side then at @1:40 just goes right across that screen/protector. I know it wasnt going to mark, but, I still yelp. Why do I keep coming back for this torture that is durability tests. If it wasn't for your soothing voice this would be too much ahaha

  • Heather Harris
    Heather Harris 38 minutes ago

    I love Samsung but I don't want this phone!! I don't want any phone that folds. I thought we left that era!

  • Brooly Sayen
    Brooly Sayen 38 minutes ago

    just waiting for him to say it.

  • jarrett maltry
    jarrett maltry 38 minutes ago

    The initial problem I see is the “phone” versions screen is super small... like 1/4 of the front isn’t used. It almost feels like you need to unfold it to get a real phone feel

  • Sok9 San9
    Sok9 San9 40 minutes ago

    Hi Jerry, which version of this G8 has 3 cameras at the back ?

  • Khristel Hayes
    Khristel Hayes 40 minutes ago

    "This video was sponsored by anger" -Jerry 2k19

    ABQCML 40 minutes ago

    Why wouldn't Zack devour the piece of Oreo instead of putting it next to those prickly pricks? I love the scratch resistant back a lot. Hope to see it on every phone, if manufacturers stick to glass forever and ever.

  • Alejandro Riqueury
    Alejandro Riqueury 41 minute ago

    Can a person in a wheelchair move something from the waist down? I have always had that doubt if they would be able to even move the toes.

  • Matthew McClenahan
    Matthew McClenahan 42 minutes ago


  • Vitor Gamer
    Vitor Gamer 42 minutes ago

    "that volume rocker is also made from metal"

  • Hell's favorite NPC #69OU812 . exe

    Trump 2020 bitch

  • Bernie Fen
    Bernie Fen 45 minutes ago

    ....Jerry.. u ate the cookie did ya!?.. 🤣😂

  • om dani
    om dani 45 minutes ago


  • Skankin Queen
    Skankin Queen 45 minutes ago

    Samsung should Sue his dum Bald headed ass, what a disrespect!!!!

  • كلشي منوع
    كلشي منوع 45 minutes ago

    ضيف الترجمة العربيه

  • VIILights
    VIILights 45 minutes ago

    Jerry: which app should I test? Me: don't do it... Jerry: Maybe I should use today's sponsor Me: pleas e Jerry: Audible

  • Marti Lugli
    Marti Lugli 46 minutes ago

    Jerry try a durability test on the Google Pixel 4

  • Ghastly Warrior
    Ghastly Warrior 49 minutes ago

    Can You make a Video about the Huawei Mate 30 Pro I'm so excited to See it😃😃😃

  • Haoyin Xu
    Haoyin Xu 49 minutes ago

    I guess OnePlus didn't have the money to build, like what Apple did, a whole asymmetrical glass back panel. The glass bump on iPhone 11 series is also large this year, but the position or "wholeness" of the panel made it more durable (and harder to repair). Samsung Galaxy series could also be used as comparisons. I guess there is a price for everything, and OnePlus number series (not pro) could never be as high quality as thousand dollar phones.

    • Haoyin Xu
      Haoyin Xu 46 minutes ago

      It doesn't have to be a bad thing, but the company must realize that. Like, why using a glass panel without offering wireless charging? Why no headphone jack doesn't give the phone better water proofing? There is always a balance for everything, and I think OnePlus is losing that.

  • always satisfying videos
    always satisfying videos 53 minutes ago

    Lowkey hate you for ruining a perfectly good phone

  • Matt Games
    Matt Games 53 minutes ago

    Was that oreo mega thicc or did I just imagine it?

  • Doom IOS
    Doom IOS 53 minutes ago

    My guy has all these devices and is using an s8?

  • DIY At home
    DIY At home 53 minutes ago


  • Master Doodler
    Master Doodler 54 minutes ago

    If you guys reach 10million subs do is the diamond play button really made out of diamond?

  • Kairui Chen
    Kairui Chen 56 minutes ago

    omg in America even the oreos have extra large portions of filling???

  • Vivek Raj
    Vivek Raj 56 minutes ago

    I hope One Plus added a red battery this time around..

  • Matt Banks
    Matt Banks 56 minutes ago

    Everyone used to have no interest in electric cars until luxury electric cars (Tesla) came out.

  • Tony K
    Tony K 57 minutes ago

    Wow people actually give hate comments to ur videos.? I see no reason for that but people get engulfed in there own reality or fantasy over react then wonder why they said that

  • Muhammad Luqi Habibie
    Muhammad Luqi Habibie 58 minutes ago

    Gak kuat aku cok ngeliatnya:((

  • death. trap
    death. trap 58 minutes ago

    *hashtag* best phone ever

  • Jeff Miracle
    Jeff Miracle Hour ago

    Jerry hopefully one plus CEO seen this videos!!

  • XTC
    XTC Hour ago

    Me : "I wish I could get that phone.." *Jerry bits phone to deconstruct* Me : *kills myself*

  • Abid Husen Donur

    Ya.. i also believe it was just a coincidence 😜

  • Andy Leonardi
    Andy Leonardi Hour ago

    Wow the Oreo have a thick cream, double or triple the size from my country 😅

  • Tony K
    Tony K Hour ago

    I would thought u would have streight hair but but bic buzz cut suits u

  • Phoenixel
    Phoenixel Hour ago

    What's the black thingy on the hood :(

  • AquilaFasciata
    AquilaFasciata Hour ago

    No one gonna say anything about the dbrand link being a thanos link?

  • AsumiLuna
    AsumiLuna Hour ago

    call me a crack head but i wanna snort that powdered glass

  • 9bit gaming
    9bit gaming Hour ago

    Oooo please don't destroy that thing Instead please send to me Cause I'm poor

  • Tony K
    Tony K Hour ago

    So are you American or Canadian and or what province or state I'm Canadian

  • Татарников Андрей

    980dislike from owners chinese shit ??

  • Bro and Bro Tech and wild

    Samsung smart Door lock

  • User Name
    User Name Hour ago

    10:31 WRONG instructions man

  • AsumiLuna
    AsumiLuna Hour ago

    This car is using gorilla glass, we start seeing scratches at level 6, with deeper grooves at level 7

  • GudTimes
    GudTimes Hour ago

    You fucking idiot

  • Jim James
    Jim James Hour ago

    Is it just me or does he not look like the guy in the box from Jackbox Games?

  • James Carson
    James Carson Hour ago

    is the giveaway still on?

  • Billy Smith
    Billy Smith Hour ago

    hey mom i made it im sponsored by lego



  • vmac805 Zero
    vmac805 Zero Hour ago

    Bro u almost hit your lady not smart

  • Tony K
    Tony K Hour ago

    Hey are u American or canadian

  • mainhead888
    mainhead888 Hour ago

    Какая красивая пара! Вы молодцы! Удачи вам и терпения! Лайк!

  • vmac805 Zero
    vmac805 Zero Hour ago

    What about a stair lift

  • #Found Francis
    #Found Francis Hour ago

    dang, what did iPhones ever do to him?

  • Patrick O
    Patrick O Hour ago

    Cambry is an embarrassing name, change it.

  • Tom Thailand
    Tom Thailand Hour ago

    Omg class it

  • amirof
    amirof Hour ago

    OK so, I just came across this video and looked at the channel - have you thought about creating some mechanic arm that will lift the chair into the new car? 1 lift the chair a bit so Cambry could take the wheels off easily, stack them on the chair, then the arm slide the pile into the car, maybe the back seat?

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson Hour ago

    One plus is losing their touch

  • MJ Vlogs
    MJ Vlogs Hour ago

    What about taerdown

  • x111
    x111 Hour ago

    OnePlus 7T pro is the way to go !!

  • x111
    x111 Hour ago

    OnePlus 7T pro is the way to go !!

  • TRAP 3RB
    TRAP 3RB Hour ago

    Me: i well buy this My wallet: you are joking right?

  • Tfue
    Tfue Hour ago

    Wtf that costs money that people could have stupid and your just breaking it anyways

  • M.C. Ramachandran

    Do a video on oppo a5 2020 durability test

  • pEpPeR pEEpeRs
    pEpPeR pEEpeRs Hour ago

    Jerry:slices into phone me: 0o0

  • chathammkm
    chathammkm Hour ago

    I can't believe I watched this video. Talk about pointless.

  • spongeo
    spongeo Hour ago

    watching this on a 5 year old asus laptop

  • Victor Vallejo
    Victor Vallejo Hour ago

    I just can’t wait for the pixel 4 roast!

  • •melody•
    •melody• Hour ago


  • DIY At home
    DIY At home Hour ago

    I pick zapping people!!😃😃

  • s u t h a a
    s u t h a a Hour ago

    your test are making me crying 😭😭 poor oneplus 🤣

  • rajkamal chauhan

    I from India I am a student Brother plzzz If you can Then plzzzz Give me a i phone Because I can't buy Plzzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏