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CHARITY | TIE Campaign
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  • gazzaboy
    gazzaboy 3 hours ago

    Aye once ojo came on they were never going to win.

  • Scottish Gamer
    Scottish Gamer 4 hours ago

    Heyyyy. Ryan jack. Judas! I wanna knowww when ur gonna die 😂🔴⚪️

  • Scottish Gamer
    Scottish Gamer 5 hours ago


  • A M
    A M 5 hours ago

    Why is Tav not doing the interview 🤬🤯

  • mitchattitude
    mitchattitude 6 hours ago

    Stand Free ⭐⭐

  • Brian McLeish
    Brian McLeish 7 hours ago

    Can smell the fear...Glorious

    • Donna
      Donna Hour ago

      Why you reprobates continue to stalk the rangers is beyond comprehension. Stick to your own site. I've not once lowered myself to watch anything septic selick & never will

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell 7 hours ago

    I'm not looking forward to Sunday.

  • gajack
    gajack 7 hours ago

    A true rangers giant! We all appreciate everything you’ve done for our club and everything you will continue to do so. WATP

  • Neil Ward
    Neil Ward 7 hours ago

    Goldson is horrific, can’t header a ball and gets bullied all the time, Change the Center backs.

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 7 hours ago

    Respect shown my Gerard ❤️🙈

  • Taylor Milloy
    Taylor Milloy 7 hours ago

    Defence let us down again!!!!

  • cfcdaviddcfc
    cfcdaviddcfc 8 hours ago

    SEETHING Gerrard. :)) :)) :)) :))

  • bongo drum
    bongo drum 8 hours ago

    It's the same players who are making the same 'mistakes' time and time again. They have to be replaced it's as simple as that...

  • bbclovespizza
    bbclovespizza 8 hours ago

    Stevie G is sweating like Prince Andrew now thinking ahead to Sunday

    SAM OGSTON 7 8 hours ago

    A class above😂

  • David Baird
    David Baird 9 hours ago

    Goldson and Helander are a nightmare where is Katic and Edmundson it's time for a change at the back

  • Kenjo
    Kenjo 9 hours ago

    Should have had a penalty

  • duke nukem
    duke nukem 10 hours ago

    Defence needs changing would like to see katic and edmundson play together and give polster a few games need a defence that will defend not want to get forward all the time and get caught out been shocking for a while now.

  • Craig B
    Craig B 10 hours ago

    Defoe sitting on the bench when we need a 🥅

  • LEO C
    LEO C 11 hours ago

    This crossing the ball into the box and hoping for the best isn’t working. Need to be more direct outside the box more often. Defending and man marking let us down.

  • raccoon
    raccoon 11 hours ago

    still, win the league.WATP

  • GLENN Speirs
    GLENN Speirs 11 hours ago

    Helander out of his depth, Stewart on the bench, happy enough to play for a draw not good enough

  • Paidi O'Tailliuir
    Paidi O'Tailliuir 11 hours ago

    Rangers will be pumped Sunday HH🍀😆

    • Donna
      Donna Hour ago

      Stay aff our site lepers

    • Steven Links
      Steven Links 7 hours ago

      Paidi O'Tailliuir Nah, can’t see Rangers getting beat by more than 2

  • Andrew Farrell
    Andrew Farrell 14 hours ago

    O dear

  • kevin mcarthur
    kevin mcarthur 15 hours ago


  • ricky4mel
    ricky4mel 15 hours ago

    The best thing to happen to us gers was a man as focused as gerrard coming to this club long may it last an klop stays at Liverpool as long as possible as stevie will be there next manager!!!

  • Steve Geddes
    Steve Geddes 16 hours ago

    Not finished my rant!!! So fed up watching us pass the ball through the lines and the player receiving the ball never turns and goes after the space in front and putting teams defences under real pressure, instead the ball is passed back or sideways allowing teams to re-group and get 10 behind the ball again??? So frustrating and So predictable? This has to be worked on in training surely I’m not the only one to see this?..

  • John Smith
    John Smith 16 hours ago

    Where did u grow up? He should have said south London

  • William Murphy
    William Murphy 16 hours ago

    Broonys gony get yeeeeeeeeee ya bunch a bottle merchant clowns

  • Acting Strange
    Acting Strange 16 hours ago


  • OhItsSteely
    OhItsSteely 16 hours ago

    Can't wait till this man's captain.

  • Steve Geddes
    Steve Geddes 16 hours ago

    Will someone tell me how many passes they put together and how many times they were in our half in the first 40 mins? Won’t take you long to count!!! We gave the ball away along the back twice before the first goal and didn’t take the warnings??? Can’t believe we dropped points AGAIN there!!!

  • David Rose
    David Rose 16 hours ago

    Dreadful! Poor team lost the SPFL tonight! League Cup Final lost tonight! No excuses, Rangers were dreadful!

    • bbclovespizza
      bbclovespizza 8 hours ago

      One thing I love about rangers fans, their lack of belief. Yous have given up the cup on Sunday already hahahha

  • ryan giggs
    ryan giggs 17 hours ago

    gerrards body language has failure all over him, massacre on sunday...

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 hours ago

      better get your hankies ready bhoy ,, your going to need them..lots of them

  • Cat B
    Cat B 17 hours ago

    All the shirts hanging up fae the cheating years 😂

  • Cat B
    Cat B 17 hours ago

    Can you put your finger on why that happened...bla bla bla... nae answer

  • Vincent McNabb
    Vincent McNabb 17 hours ago

    Smell the 🧤

  • Vincent McNabb
    Vincent McNabb 17 hours ago

    Obsession 🍀😂🇮🇪

    • Johnny Gemmell
      Johnny Gemmell 10 hours ago

      Yea and the fact yhat you're on Rangers video reiterates it. Get a life you sad Cvut!

  • Jimmy Duff
    Jimmy Duff 17 hours ago

    It's time Stevie calls out Goldson,what does he have to do to get dropped,no urgency,no pace and no clue,time for a seat on the bench Connor.

  • Bridgeton Boys
    Bridgeton Boys 17 hours ago

    Poor from the full squad lost all there work ethic

  • The Scottish English Teacher


    • john neilson
      john neilson 3 hours ago

      If we begin the cup final the way we began last night, the beggars from across the city will not live with us, the gers only have themselves to blame for last night's debacle. No doubt goldson cost us dearly, exactly the same mistake was made at ibrox against the manky mob and we paid for that one too, filip is being made to look a fool because of the lack of quality beside him, swap goldson for edmunson and it's a stronger back 4, all I want to see from my team on Sunday is begin the same way as Last night and everything will be fine....wwweeeeeaaarrrraaaaapppppeeeeppppiilllll

    • The Scottish English Teacher
      The Scottish English Teacher 17 hours ago

      @Chic Sharp I love this comment mate. Well said

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp 17 hours ago

      Goldson will play on Sunday - we will get beat on Sunday and if Goldson isn't dropped after that then we have to question the manager and asking is this job really for him?

  • Dingle Dingle
    Dingle Dingle 18 hours ago

    We cannot take on a battle when teams drag the game into the gutter we cannot play an aggressive ugly ding song this was the issue last year at 2-1 kamara should have come on to give us a better barrier Kent was far to deep in the second half and alfredo was left isolated with no support around him alfredo is the only player that will take on a gutter match

  • Rangers mad
    Rangers mad 18 hours ago

    Every football club drops points it’s about not slipping below that 4 points behind at moment feel gutted but only cause we got mugged off by Beaton but think smart make or break is Motherwell away hibs away then Celtic away

  • Eamon McGinty
    Eamon McGinty 18 hours ago

    useless. sick of the excuses.

  • Glasgow’s green And white

    Bottle jobs.catch us if you can

    • Glasgow’s green And white
      Glasgow’s green And white 18 hours ago

      Winners win mate. look at the league and the team that’s won the last 9 trophy’s in a row.we had Aberdeen beat 4-0 at half time when we played at pittodrie

    • Andy F
      Andy F 18 hours ago

      Pmsl u nearly shat it against Hamilton at hame...

  • true blue
    true blue 18 hours ago

    So you say some players let it go their heads but you didn’t take those certain players off the same players let us down week in week out you continue to play certain players who are needing dropped fed up hearing this it’s not just about tonight this has been coming there the only team in the league apart from that mob to ask questions of us and after 35 minutes of pure dominance we folded like a deck chair big managers have to make big decisions for the benefit of the team and for me personally our manager isn’t doing that it’s like the fans can see it by there reaction but he’s determined to keep players who clearly are not good enough on current form in the side 🤔

  • Donna
    Donna 18 hours ago

    Mon Jacko, wipe the slate & get the boys together, ready for Sunday. You are all better than that you know it. We love you Rangers!!💙❤💙

  • Ian Meechan
    Ian Meechan 18 hours ago

    It's never good getting a result like this and it feels like a loss however it's a wake up call to the players not to assume that we just have to turn up to win a game. We can still come back from this and use the experience to get the job done properly for the rest of the season.

  • John Lawrence
    John Lawrence 18 hours ago

    Got to say centre backs are only a slight upgrade on the Kiernan, Wilson partnership, every week Goldson makes the same errors but never dropped if I was Edmundson or Katic I wouldn’t be pleased. If we continue with centre backs who lack pace and lack decision making we will win nothing.

    JOHNNYCRAIG 18 hours ago

    We are hurt... Great result tonight going into final... blessing in disguise... we will come out like a wounded animal on Sunday... just wait and see 🇬🇧

  • Duncan Stewart
    Duncan Stewart 18 hours ago

    League lost at pittodrie! COYR

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty 18 hours ago

    Up yeez😂🖕

  • Paul Doherty
    Paul Doherty 18 hours ago


  • 4everblue72
    4everblue72 18 hours ago

    Too fkn cockey at 2-0 crumbled and I fear for Sunday crumble or fight for silverware our choice Katic must be 1st choice even with his prematch immaturity and carry on which imo has cost him his place in the team. 🇬🇧

  • Mark Gallacher
    Mark Gallacher 18 hours ago

    We got into a fight we never lost but we need to play our own game like the 1st 40 mins not not play with way they want us to play

  • William Mill
    William Mill 18 hours ago

    not good enough .... where was bb

  • David Jeffrey
    David Jeffrey 18 hours ago

    Aye but what a chance to put it right we have on Sunday" c'm awa the Gers lets put the manky mob down. No surrender WATP

  • Joe 90
    Joe 90 18 hours ago

    If we play with that same defence on Sunday, we'll get pumped. Goldson MUST, get benched. This Tav/Goldson 'favouritism' must, END. Edmundson & Katic, for Sunday. Well done Ryan, you are not to blame. But Goldson, Tav, Helander...things have, to change. Ojo on for Arfield, but NOT Stewart? I fear things will come to a head, If Goldson is playing on Sunday. He's a talisman of defeat.

    • David Baird
      David Baird Hour ago

      Hear hear mate good on u FTP

    • Natural Power
      Natural Power 17 hours ago

      Edmundson & Katic 100%. Need to see that partnership

  • David Jeffrey
    David Jeffrey 18 hours ago

    Aye we can't change history but as he says "what a chance to put it right we have on Sunday" c'm awa the Gers lets put the manky mob down. No surrender WATP

  • wearethebytes
    wearethebytes 18 hours ago

    Jack has been superb all season, didn't play well and still got a goal. You don't play great every game and nights like this you need your team mates to support you but most offered nothing at all tonight

  • norrie mac
    norrie mac 18 hours ago

    Tav m i a again when it comes to giving a press statement after a balls up like this and defeats, we never hear fi him until we're doing ok. Go take the captains arm band off him Jack and get him told !!!

    • Donna
      Donna 6 hours ago

      We need to stick together especially for Sunday pal, we've got too much to lose. If you're angry at players don't vent it on the internet. Every cockroach is out in force looking for a headline. We need to support our players for Sunday

  • William Mill
    William Mill 18 hours ago


  • Easily Amused
    Easily Amused 18 hours ago

    Mind the gap

    • bbclovespizza
      bbclovespizza 8 hours ago

      Rangers 1s team 2 2 Aberdeen. Celtic makeshift team 2-1 in the game. Its gona be a super sweet sunday

    • Easily Amused
      Easily Amused 10 hours ago

      Zippy Bungle I was impressed...clearly you were not.

    • Easily Amused
      Easily Amused 10 hours ago

      Andy F Bheats 😂😂😂😂😂. Are those fake headphones?

    • Easily Amused
      Easily Amused 10 hours ago

      Andy F 🎣 🇵🇸

    • Zippy Bungle
      Zippy Bungle 15 hours ago

      That was an impressive last minute winner at home to Hamilton! We're shaking...

  • Kenny Smith
    Kenny Smith 18 hours ago

    We don’t give teams chance’s as a Rangers teams we punish team’s and these players need to understand this.

  • Shaun Co
    Shaun Co 18 hours ago

    Haha ha ha haha ha ha haha

  • Broonzied
    Broonzied 18 hours ago

    Its days like this that win and lose leagues. Celtic score late winner and we blow 2 goal lead. First big test in the league for a while and we fail. I expected gaffer to be angrier than this. These players have not earned the right to be over confident as they have won SFA yet.

  • wearethebytes
    wearethebytes 18 hours ago

    Aribo and Arfield offered nothing. Why kamara and stewart never come on after their second goal, only the gaffer knows, but millions of Gers fans have no idea why. I fear Sunday with that defence

  • darren nock
    darren nock 19 hours ago

    No excuse. 2-0 up we should have won easily and been sitting top of the league tonight

  • Jordan Houston
    Jordan Houston 19 hours ago

    Tavs no got a clue! Goldson and Helander don’t have a pair of legs between them need to get a grip

  • Ron Macfarlane
    Ron Macfarlane 19 hours ago

    Our defence lets us down regularly with avoidable errors

  • G MAC
    G MAC 19 hours ago

    The Interviewer for Rangers or the press NEVER ask Gerrard questions in relation to: why is Katic & Edmundson NOT not getting a game? why are Goldson, Helander, Tavernier, NEVER dropped? are they untouchable?..Sorry OJO it’s not happening son.

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp 7 hours ago

      BTW I really do wonder how much better even Tav would be with a dominant right-sided Centre Back... Two problems for me Goldson and Ojo anywhere near the squad.

  • Bal Berith
    Bal Berith 19 hours ago

    A top 30,40 mins first half then boys fell off.Think some of the boys were maybe thinking to much of the weekend

  • William Mill
    William Mill 19 hours ago

    there goes the league.................................

    • Jon Dough
      Jon Dough 14 hours ago

      Eh? Two points behind and 3 Old Firms to play yet?

  • Andy Mcewan
    Andy Mcewan 19 hours ago

    Played wel 2 get a 2 goal lead & cldve had more, missed barisic big time, Flanagan who never gets a game helander goldson & as always tav were useless & fel apart as soon as they scored, Kent & aribo missing, after tarts on sun shldve gave Stewart a chance, but we wnt win anything wth a defence like tht & thts a fact, let's hope its not a drubbing on sun.

  • Kieren Mclean
    Kieren Mclean 19 hours ago

    Love you to bits jack but apart from the goal you were a ghost this game which hurts to say I want you to be our captain sooner rather than later no player I believe in more but with how you've been playing really disappointed with your performance overall

  • Boyd Craig
    Boyd Craig 19 hours ago

    Pure 💩 totally scunnered with it, Sick of all the excuses! Time for the team to man the fuk up & bring it....

  • Celtic F.C.
    Celtic F.C. 19 hours ago

    Here we go in a ten in a row!!!☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

    • Celtic F.C.
      Celtic F.C. 18 hours ago

      Andy F 😂😂 stay in your second position mate it must be fun down there

    • Andy F
      Andy F 18 hours ago

      10 peado cases in a row? 🤔

  • Rab 72
    Rab 72 19 hours ago

    Someone please tell me why Gerrard never drops Goldson, absolute liability costs us constantly, Free Katic

    • john neilson
      john neilson 3 hours ago

      Been saying for weeks now that big goldson is off the boil and was an accident waiting to happen, he did the same thing at ibrox and gifted the beggars from across the city a free goal, alongside tav you can see he is clearly uncomfortable, I have been banging on to all my fellow bears, my back 4 when all are fit would be, flanno in for tav, katic in for goldson, keep helander in, and barisic and watch the manky mob try and get past those boys....no chance....don't worry lads the beggars will drop points too, anybody who thinks they will go the season unbeaten is a deluded leprechaun......wwwweeeeeaaarrrraaapppppeeeeppppiiilllll

    • Ally Mac
      Ally Mac 4 hours ago

      @Lou Young I've always known I want Katic in that defence. Anyone else gives me the fear. Simple.

    • hero 1690
      hero 1690 6 hours ago

      i goldson is like bamby on ice and dont get me started on helander. a would rather 40 year old wier and 17 year old wilson any day. the two the now are a pair a plonker and sad to say but they will get exposed badly on sunday.

    • Lou Young
      Lou Young 9 hours ago

      Because one day yous hate him 12 days yous dont. Tough decisions when the fans dont know what they want half the time

  • Gary Cameron
    Gary Cameron 19 hours ago


  • Graham Craig
    Graham Craig 19 hours ago

    We won't hold the tramps to the fire playing like this! Ojo is never suited to that type of fixture.. Stewart allday long

    • bbclovespizza
      bbclovespizza 8 hours ago

      Ooooh Stewart is the key to beating celtic. Hahahahha your so funny, as if he will make a difference

  • MUCKER1314
    MUCKER1314 19 hours ago

    He NEVER accepts any of the blame 🤔

    • Rosscorfc11 20
      Rosscorfc11 20 9 hours ago

      Free Katic

    • Alan Stewart
      Alan Stewart 18 hours ago

      He has in the past

    • Jorg Cooper
      Jorg Cooper 19 hours ago

      I think he does mate. Not everything said on camera will be the naked truth. Stevie doing an amazing job, but tonight he fked up, I agree.

    • scooby doo
      scooby doo 19 hours ago

      again ....Brendan Rodgers syndrome

  • JF 1872 ツ
    JF 1872 ツ 19 hours ago

    Next time in this sort of game, bring Greg Stewart on instead of Ojo

    • JF 1872 ツ
      JF 1872 ツ 19 hours ago

      And preferably between 60-67th minute!!!!

  • Ciaran Markey
    Ciaran Markey 19 hours ago

    Hahaha brilliant

  • Hugh Robert Clarke
    Hugh Robert Clarke 19 hours ago


    • Andy F
      Andy F 19 hours ago

      Lol still 9 points adrift and we have a game in hand sheepshagger.

  • Connor Campbell
    Connor Campbell 19 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 hail hail 10iar

  • Ross Vlogs
    Ross Vlogs 19 hours ago

    The only time Morelos scores is when it’s against little teams he’s not strong enough for teams like Celtic and Aberdeen bring Defoe on and make substitutions Steven Gerrard your allowed to you do know.

    • bbclovespizza
      bbclovespizza 8 hours ago

      Lol you say feynoord porto "Etc" like there's more teams there. What you mean is porto and feynoord ONLY

    • Jack Power
      Jack Power 18 hours ago

      Your clearly not a blue nose . Feyenoord . Porto etc . Aye small teams

    • Scott Henderson
      Scott Henderson 19 hours ago

      Ross Vlogs your clueless like genuinely no nothing about football

  • Kieran Mcdermott
    Kieran Mcdermott 19 hours ago

    Cmon broony

  • hero 1690
    hero 1690 19 hours ago

    back to shiten it again. really wish he would play katic instead a helander anol. big swedish plonker

  • Thomas Harper
    Thomas Harper 19 hours ago


  • Dean Nicholson
    Dean Nicholson 19 hours ago

    Aribo never a right winger, helander and goldson are bombscares no pace, its time katic or edmundson replaced one or both of them, Kent playing in middle of park in 2nd half sorry stevie G massive mistake in allowing that to happen as we had no out ball on the left flank in 2nd half , morelos wasnt upto it tonight put a shift in though, perhaps time we see more of stewart in these games a young lad who's hungry.... roll on sunday 🇬🇧🙄🇬🇧

    • norrie mac
      norrie mac 19 hours ago

      It was as if we never had anything to play for. It was about this time last season that bottles started crashing tae if I mind right !!!

  • grant campbell
    grant campbell 19 hours ago

    also why the f**k was defoe not put on?

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 19 hours ago

    Aberdeen were gone until we let that first stupid goal in. Then we stopped doing what had been working so well. Learn from it and move on. Lots of football to be played. This is only a blip.

  • Rangers 72
    Rangers 72 19 hours ago

    Two massive points dropped, its nights like this that cost titles being won

  • Dave Olly
    Dave Olly 19 hours ago

    Could see the sloppiness start to take place. Not exactly surprised by the draw as I’m always very cautious but completely surprised by the way it happened. December is key and it’s not a good start

  • Allan Bennoch RFC #1
    Allan Bennoch RFC #1 19 hours ago

    just a blip wul bounce back, its never easy being a Gers man im only 29 if I knew it would have caused me this amount of mental damage from birth id still have taken it on WATP

    • Allan Bennoch RFC #1
      Allan Bennoch RFC #1 19 hours ago

      excuse me her names Caitlyn :D

    • scooby doo
      scooby doo 19 hours ago

      it's set up for the she-man to win it

    • Allan Bennoch RFC #1
      Allan Bennoch RFC #1 19 hours ago

      at least Ian Wrights been sent packing fae the jungle thats one crown an ex celt cant have this season :D roll on Sunday

    • Jorg Cooper
      Jorg Cooper 19 hours ago

      Lol. WATP brother

  • Findlay Silver
    Findlay Silver 19 hours ago


    • Your Dad
      Your Dad 18 hours ago

      Ian Hogg It doesn’t. It just feels good to come back from being 2-0 down to 2-2 against yous considering how good yous are doing in Europe.

    • Nyr 1926
      Nyr 1926 18 hours ago

      Ian Hogg from 2-0 down being footballed off the park against one of the top formed teams in the league, happy with a draw, however we could’ve easily won it, yous bottled it in the 2nd half 🔴⚪️

    • Ian Hogg
      Ian Hogg 19 hours ago

      Guess a draw feels like a win to you lot

    • Jorg Cooper
      Jorg Cooper 19 hours ago

      Deserved a point tbf

  • Craig Sutherland
    Craig Sutherland 19 hours ago

    Well said stevie always stand with you as dont see anyone else making us any better really. Although he does have to make subs a bit quicker in the second half when he clearly said Aberdeen got there confidence etc. Aribo was quiet would have put defoe on up top with morelos when it came to the last 20 mins and also kamara because we won nothing in the midfield after half time. Katic dropped again for hallander? Why I mean katic has been there and done it against aberdeen.... hellander thinks he can take his time against Aberdeen... if hellander starts against celtic I'd be worried for a couple mistakes.

    • brian bennett
      brian bennett 18 hours ago

      Craig Sutherland must agree with you we can’t play that back two against the moon howlers on Sunday and hopefully keep Ono away as well it won’t happen as Gerard is loyal to them which will be his downfall he must change the back four

  • EliteStuntman 51
    EliteStuntman 51 19 hours ago

    Why do we always start hitting long balls when we concede? So naive from every player today. Sunday should be interesting....

  • Will Neeson
    Will Neeson 19 hours ago

    I honestly have no idea what Helander can do that Katic can’t?

    • David Thomas
      David Thomas 7 hours ago

      Over 3 Million Quid, that`s why!

    • John Mcclelland
      John Mcclelland 19 hours ago

      I rate hellander better than goldson atm. Goldson needs rested or something. I said that he should of tried katic and edmunsin at home to hearts

    • Will Neeson
      Will Neeson 19 hours ago


    • norrie mac
      norrie mac 19 hours ago

      @Jorg Cooper totally agree wi yi mate !

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson 19 hours ago

    Goldson and Tavernier playing everygame 👀 Tavernier taking set pieces 👀 Katic on for Kent 👀

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp 7 hours ago

      @scooby doo I don't agree. Though (like Warburton) not adapting to the 'missing out the midfield' could be his downfall. Rangers can't be 'on the front foot' for 90+ mins every game so not being able to sit back and defending and counter attacking is his Achilles Heel. We can't play the way Liverpool do because our players (2-3 aside) aren't that good. Arrogance in a manager (Warburton) or a player (goldson) is their downfall. It remains to be seen if SG can learn.. After 18 months I'm doubtful. The hardest thing about being a football fan is watching your manager showing he's top drawer but continually not adapting a style to overcome this SIMPLE missing out midfield play. Throw in the cowardice of referees to give Rangers (without addressing the issue - because of a cowardly prick of a CEO) and you have LOSER written all over you. As Rangers fans we love the way we're playing but without t ability to 'sit on the ropes' it's futile in countering the hatred in Scottish football.

    • LEO C
      LEO C 11 hours ago

      Tav is terrible at set pieces.

    • scooby doo
      scooby doo 17 hours ago

      @Chic Sharp he's never getting the Liverpool job unless he wins the treble treble up here and even if that happens he still wont get a top job in England. They don't rate Scottish football. He will go down the same type of route as Lampard did first .......maybe a "Norwich" or something similar ...prove himself down there , ( as a manager) then he might get a step up ...not before

    • Chic Sharp
      Chic Sharp 17 hours ago

      ​@scooby doo He'll be off but only when Liverpool come calling - that'll be a while yet. Truth is Celtic have Lawell and Rangers have Stewart Robertson.... I can't say how depressing that makes me feel..

    • scooby doo
      scooby doo 18 hours ago

      @Chic Sharp TBH For Stevie G a decent euro run ( which you have had) and maybe a cup is the best he could possibly hope for and that's what he's focused on. If you win the cup on Sunday ( I don't think you will) SG will be off if an offer comes in January