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  • Sultan Al Rawahi
    Sultan Al Rawahi 21 hour ago

    120 refresh rate. 4500 battery. 12 RAM. 50 charging. Good front firing speakers. 512 storage. Samsung quality camera or better. No curved edges. Reasonably sized bezels. No notch. No bloatware. FHD+ screen. I don't believe this is too much to ask for.

  • Exspyda
    Exspyda 21 hour ago

    I still have the OnePlus 6 and it's perfect, I don't see why I would want to upgrade?

  • aloobi
    aloobi 21 hour ago

    Yes, speed is what I want otherwise I would still be using an iPhone

  • boris guga
    boris guga 21 hour ago

    They wont do wireless charging until its good enough and then implement it (arguably a bit late). Now that they are we’re getting 30 Watts! Most phones don’t even come with a wired charger that fast! 90hz and 120hz is not new BUT they’ll implement it on a phone that will look amazing. Another thing i hear people say is “ one plus is getting too expensive” and I’d argue otherwise. When the OP2 came out it launched for 420$. The IPhone was 650$ at launch and the Samsung galaxy s6 was 800$!!! The IPhone 11pro Max launched at 1100$ the Ultra is 1400$ One Plus 8 Pro will supposedly be 920$ the whole market has shifted up but OP is still competitive

  • Riley Baylee
    Riley Baylee 21 hour ago

    Hole punch cameras are stupid. Curved edge screens are stupid. Please stop these trends.

  • Maria Braun
    Maria Braun 21 hour ago

    For me and my tiny hands the most important thing is that the phone is comfortable to use, I loved my slim OnePlus X back in the day. When I had to look for a new phone there was no OnePlus option for me because they're all huge and heavy. I really wish for more manufactures to make phones the size of the google pixel or Samsung S20e etc. and with a GOOD CAMERA

  • Kenkiun
    Kenkiun 21 hour ago

    U mean premium segment?

  • aryan azad
    aryan azad 21 hour ago

    You're absolutely right But I'm scared that Oneplus ‏watch these reviews like yours These compliments ‏and make their phones more expensive each day.

  • Olva Tito
    Olva Tito 21 hour ago

    I want battery life, something can be charge every week once

  • Bogdan Cunita
    Bogdan Cunita 21 hour ago

    For me, speed is most important in any smartphone that cost over 500 euro

  • Azad Qolami
    Azad Qolami 21 hour ago

    User Experience with Software is the most important thing

  • Ibraheem Jalaly
    Ibraheem Jalaly 21 hour ago

    What you just said, plus a high quality camera setup both hardware and software, and you got yourself an amazing handset, otherwise... Its like having a Ferrari with just 3 wheels😂 Their audio is good, the display is great, the build quality isn't cheap at all, but the camera is very mediocre.

  • David Hourigan
    David Hourigan 21 hour ago

    Cost #1 Camera performance #2 and Speed #2a - IMO.

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh 21 hour ago

    2014 : *The Flagship Killer.* 2020 : *The Flagship.* _Well played 1+_ 👏👏

  • Aiden Hartman
    Aiden Hartman 21 hour ago

    Speed is the best part because it allows the user to forget about the hardware and be more immersed by the software. Also having high-end components means better longevity. That being said, Oneplus needs to give some focus to other things like the camera where they have been lacking for years.

  • Matthew Acheampong
    Matthew Acheampong 21 hour ago

    Is Dave Lee telling us he doesn't have the oneplus 8 pro yet?

  • Ogust
    Ogust 21 hour ago

    I like what one plus is doing there are a lot of other companies focused on things other than speed , but heavy users like us understand speed is important , sometimes my phone pull me back cause its not keeping up but if the phone is fast I would use it more than my laptop

  • Charles Ooi
    Charles Ooi 21 hour ago

    hey , OnePlus 5 ex-user here , watching with my OnePlus 7T pro McLaren 😁 , I've been switching over a lot of brand in the past few years , xiaomi ,redmi , honor ,huawei ,LG , lenovo , asus , apple this is the only brand that i bought for second time - OnePlus !!! never REGRET

  • Brian Glaze
    Brian Glaze 21 hour ago

    I think the biggest issue will be if the pursuit of speed ultimately leads to the need for much higher pricing which leads to it losing its status as a “flagship killer”. Will people so willingly allow OnePlus to become a flagship phone alongside the likes of Apple and Samsung?

  • 2456sunny
    2456sunny 21 hour ago

    My oneplus 7 pro 5g is perfect enough and I while I agree that when the phone launched the camera was pretty mediocre, updates have fixed it and I see the phone as a flagship phone for a fraction of the price of Samsung for example. Only reason I got this phone is because I scroll a ton on reddit and 90hz makes it feel great.

  • Paul Cotton
    Paul Cotton 21 hour ago

    I don’t like curved screens. Hope they get rid of it.

  • Arges Hagan
    Arges Hagan 21 hour ago

    well, you have to be a flagship to be a flagship killer, right? OnePlus needs to focus on developing better camera, that's been their only weakness so far.

  • Leif Jenssen
    Leif Jenssen 21 hour ago

    Value is way more important to me. "Mid-range" phones are amazing and continue to be so. And yeah, I'm typing this on a Pixel 3a. Worth every penny.

  • cj jung
    cj jung 21 hour ago

    Is it just me or does it feel like Dave is hating on Oneplus... I mean how can he say that Oneplus is "tunnel-visioned" on speed to the point of "exclusion of everything else" when they literally tick all the boxes. In no way does oneplus fall short in comparison to the likes of Samsung and Dave is drolling all over those Samsung phones.

  • LateNite
    LateNite 21 hour ago

    Still has two problems, no headphone jack and it has a curved screen.

  • Keshab Kuikel
    Keshab Kuikel 21 hour ago

    I purchased one plus one for £349. I had issues with the battery at the end of year 1 and wasnt able to get the battery replaced due to warranty. I purchased S9+ a 2 years ago for £820 with line rental included in that price tag. At the time the phone was the latest and greatest. I had issues with screen and battery at the end of year 2. Samsung replaced everything including the antenna, the battery and the screen under their warranty. My question to you is it it worth purchasing one plus 8? My answer is No. I managed to fix my problem on the day. Samsung phones have always had wireless charging too. I am critical and disappointed in Dave 2D for not highlighting this to his viewers. I got you Dave.

  • Hambo
    Hambo 21 hour ago

    when will Dave upload in 18:9?

  • Human Muslim
    Human Muslim 21 hour ago

    All video remembering that he is sitting 🧐

  • mahmoud basha
    mahmoud basha 21 hour ago

    I switched from iPhone 6 like more than a year ago after it was stuttering like hell and have gone to a level that when i use it gives me headache , so in decision of buying a new phone i already knew that galaxy Samsung is shit as it gives a feeling of incoherence and you feel like they rammed some very expensive components with a shit OS and shipped , and hell no i wasn't getting another iPhone after what has apple put me through from slowing my perfectly capable iPhone 6 and their already shit batteries , so after alot of searching i realised what i am looking for was stock Android experience which is basically the iPhone of Android so i can have the best in both worlds , of course the pixel popped up but it was just a too much new experience for the money as it was 1000$ compared to 600$ OnePlus 6t and due to the fact that both phones doesn't have support or maintenance in my country i went with the compromise and bought the cheaper one ,of course after watching tons and tons of reviews. and man i was absolutely stuned with how good this thing is -and i am still is- because when they talked in the reviews and said it's the absolute beast it's i kept my expectations low due to its price. Back then and right before they started releasing pro and upping the price i thought any one who went and bought a phone far more expensive than the OnePlus to ultimately getting a less experience or at most same experience was kind of stupid as no one really needs the too much stuff like IR sensor for face unlock the optical one works just fine unless you intend to keep state secrets on your phone! ,and so i became the ultimate OnePlus fanboy . But this flagship stuff they are up to lately is ripping of what the company is and altering with the reason that made OnePlus their customers, which is a flagship performance with much lower price, surely i see that they're still launching cheaper versions of every phone but i don't wanna get the lower tier phone! And yes i see they're taregeting a whole new market with pro but it just makes the real OnePlus which is the cheap version low tier. and if they keep going this way the next time i need to upgrade I'll sadly have to pickup one of the new OnePlus wannabes like the pocophone.

  • David Middleton
    David Middleton 21 hour ago

    Efficiency. If battery life sucks then for sure it's not worth it

  • PRodous
    PRodous 21 hour ago

    Asus tuf a15 plz review that laptop

  • Arshad
    Arshad 21 hour ago

    I just want OnePlus to improve their camera algorithm, Don't care about speed, never have, just improve the camera OnePlus, that's all I ask -.-

  • Shahim Nganji
    Shahim Nganji 21 hour ago

    Watching on my one plus 7 pro I prefer this honestly I hate any kind of obstruction on the screen

  • vishal p.j
    vishal p.j 21 hour ago

    speed myre

  • Sumeet Bhatnagar
    Sumeet Bhatnagar 21 hour ago

    One good thing about high performance is that the phones are more likely to retain that performance down the years. I'm still using my one Plus 5 and it's still a very comfortable experience compared to other phones that slow down.

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 21 hour ago

    I'm sorry but you're acting like OnePlus' focus on speed results in a compromise on other features? They were the only good phone with a 90Hz display last year. Aesthetically, the OnePlus 7 was probably the most advanced. They were one of the first major players to implement the under-screen fingerprint. OnePlus, keep doing you.

  • Solar
    Solar 21 hour ago

    OnePlus: I Am Speed

  • Mark Smithsonian
    Mark Smithsonian 21 hour ago

    Why am I more excited about the Pixel 4a?

  • Sugo
    Sugo 21 hour ago

    Samsung bumped their prices to 1400 dolars, this things competes with them, even if it costs 800 dollars it still will be a bit more than half the price of samsung's flagship. Now I'm probably not gonna buy it because i'd rather spend those 800 dollars on a new gpu, or a monitor for my pc but still, if we compare it to other smartphones it's still a flagship killer, or more accurately it's a flagship at half the price of other flagships.

  • Baby Boy
    Baby Boy 21 hour ago

    Nice click bait

    SIRAJIS SALEKIN 21 hour ago

    I personally love the way OnePlus treats their user base. They know their customer, and they are still committed to them year after year. The only thing I wished they had a little bit more focus in is Camera, that's where they fall behind every year. if they can figure that out, I don't think there would be any other reason to go for any other flagship phone.

  • Kamil Szarafinski
    Kamil Szarafinski 21 hour ago

    I want performance but I want reasonable tradeoffs for a lower price rather than being the fastest phone known to man, OnePlus phones are now not risking anything and just putting in everything, I would prefer a cheaper phone than the fastest one known to man

  • Muhammad Dio
    Muhammad Dio 21 hour ago

    Is it the right time to move from my 2017 OnePlus5, Dave?

  • Ravi Varma Vatsavai
    Ravi Varma Vatsavai 21 hour ago

    Why don't I never see a negative review of OnePlus Devices?

  • Vinay Muley
    Vinay Muley 21 hour ago

    Real life changing features like nfc payment {samsung pay} should be in oneplus phones

  • _Altoria
    _Altoria 21 hour ago

    the T version better have a pop up cam

  • Jack Kuang
    Jack Kuang 21 hour ago

    The iphone5 that I bought was around $600, my iphone xs was $1100, now my one plus 7t pro (bought it in China) was around $650. My point is, the price of the whole industry has gone up, not only one plus.

  • Jonathan Gimenez
    Jonathan Gimenez 21 hour ago

    I would like they add a flagship killer camera too ;)

  • Elvis Van
    Elvis Van 21 hour ago

    To your question: yes, *performance* is pretty much *everything* for a true OnePlus user. Otherwise I wouldn't be a OnePlus fan.

  • Arunraj Kanthimathinathan

    I care about speed..yes. But I believe the user experience matters the most. I'm using pixel 4 (regular size). It's fast enough and the battery life which I was pretty skeptical about turned out to be good after a few months of usage. Camera is exceptional. Optimized Google experience! What's not to like?

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy 21 hour ago

    As long as their rear cameras are good enough to take a clear picture of my work schedule I’m fine with OP8 camera.

  • Steve Powell
    Steve Powell 21 hour ago

    Still loving my OnePlus 7t pro McLaren, crazy fast and fluid af. Don't miss wireless charging, battery easy lasts a day and plugging it in once a day is no problem. Speed dictates longevity as well, so I would say it's important.

    P. ARTHUR RILEY 21 hour ago

    Speed is just one element of the user experience. Another important selling/marketing point of OnePlus phones was their pricing relative to other phones with similar features particularly Samsung. OnePlus phones in the past offered comparable features to other phone manufacturers offerings at more value. Producing a wireless phone with high screen refresh rates, fast wireless charging, upgraded cameras, fast storage etc isn't rocket science. Providing these features at a price point offering greater relative value versus price is far more important. Unit sales of high-end smartphones have been declining significantly over the past three years mostly because each successive generation of smartphones has marginal incremental increases in feature set and capabilities with disproportionally larger increases in price. Rumors about pricing for OnePlus 8 cell phones are in the 250 BPS over the OnePlus 7.

  • Shak81
    Shak81 21 hour ago

    They are becoming the best smartphone brand in the world.. All those specs for under 1000$.. Ntm a vastly improve camera sensor.. I love OnePlus 💪💪💪

  • The Diamond Gamer
    The Diamond Gamer 21 hour ago

    _Fast, fast, fast, I’m spinning onto the tracks!_

  • amora
    amora 21 hour ago

    I really really want a full screen in a phone. I don't care about Selfies that much

  • Gentle Singularity
    Gentle Singularity 21 hour ago

    People who complain about having a bigger screen haven't daily used a phone with a bigger screen. I know because I used to be that person. Once you use a phone with a bigger screen, your eyes will thank you. The only thing you sacrifice is one handed texting which lets be honest, who gives a fuck about that. If you're doing one haded texting you probably shouldn't be texting.

  • Radoslav Georgiev
    Radoslav Georgiev 21 hour ago

    This is the sports car in the world of the phones. There are BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, , WV and many other brands that have different models for different customer profiles, but there are niche brands focusing on particular thing and investing their limiter resources into that aspect of the product. I see nothing bad into 1+ focusing on a thing. This makes them recognizable and specially. Godspeed, One+.

  • ris sir
    ris sir 21 hour ago

    Tooo expansive, NO more flag ship killer RIP 1+

  • Silot
    Silot 21 hour ago

    The prices leaked OnePlus 8 w/ 8GB RAM, 128GB storage: €719/729 OnePlus 8 w/ 12GB RAM, 256GB storage: €819/829 OnePlus 8 Pro w/ 8GB RAM, 128GB storage: €919/929 OnePlus 8 Pro w/ 12GB RAM, 256GB storage: €1,009/1019

  • Mattey Guy
    Mattey Guy 21 hour ago

    You keep going on about wireless charging I don't really know anyone who cares about that, It is mainly the camera. The oneplus cameras have always been a let down to the rest of the phone.

  • Shihab Islam
    Shihab Islam 21 hour ago

    Speed may not be everything but it's the top priority for many. OP sure could do lot more improvement on cameras, maybe they are doing that too, but their marketing mantra has always been this Speed, like Google's Camera, Samsung's displays and iPhone being iPhones. Yet all of them offer the rest of the stuff too little better/worse. So don't get blown away by the over usage of Speed. And about pricing, they are still offering you better value than the rest flagships. Also to target all audience they're also making the lite version this year. We shouldn't expect them to only make 400$ phones for whole life.

  • mr.wonderf00l
    mr.wonderf00l 21 hour ago

    Chinese brand! Think thoroughly before spending your money on chinese products. #covid19 #corona

  • Sanket Naik
    Sanket Naik 21 hour ago

    Speed comes when the Software is optimized. I just installed Lineage OS ( Android 10 ) ROM on my 3 year old LG V30 and I feel like I'm having one of the latest phones out there. I even compared it to my brother's OP7 and from day to day usage there's no perceivable difference whatsoever. Companies can also provide optimized Android updates upto say 2 year followed by a nominal cost for every update. It will end up as a easy business model for the companies by reducing the cost of manufacture, components, R&D etc. Companies should now venture to provide users with optimized android ROMs which will help in increasing the product life cycle and result in major reduction in e-waste and resource wastage. MY 2 CENTS. Stay safe!

  • franz berdan
    franz berdan 21 hour ago

    Word of the day: SpEeD

  • Guilherme Chimello
    Guilherme Chimello 21 hour ago

    Honestly, I love technology and I absolutely love phones, but there isn't a single phone in the market that I would like to have. The last phone I bought was a Moto Z, the first gen one, because it was what came out of the research into the modular phone thing (Project ARA) and I wanted that so bad. I really wanted new things in phones, exciting things. Wireless charging is a gimmick, water resistance is not interesting, processing speed makes no difference on a phone, I have a tower for computing. In my eyes we got to the point where phones became "appliances", where there is absolutely no difference between manufacturers besides the gimmicks, like a fridge door that dispenses ice cubes, or a TV that connects to the wifi or something. I want something interesting to happen I suppose. It feels like we are at yas marina at the end of the season. All the good races are over and we are all just here hoping something fun will happen.

  • Mr. Gr
    Mr. Gr 21 hour ago

    Yesss. Would be almost perfect with flat screen and centered selfie cam

  • Rajesh Chavan
    Rajesh Chavan 21 hour ago

    Some where, keep reminding Privacy point from Apple, which they highlights regularly. But OnePlus never did anything or highlights kind of effort. Privacy matters and they do something about it.

  • Tanay Vaidya
    Tanay Vaidya 21 hour ago

    Yes. I like their focus on speed and I like how consistent it has been over the years. Case in point, I've been using the OnePlus 5T from day 1 of its launch and it's still humming along wonderfully. I'm assuming that it'll get even better with Android 10. I could see myself using this thing for 5 more years. Maybe I'll change out the battery once or twice, but as long as I don't break it, I'd gladly stick with this thing for a long, long time.

  • MeToM MeToM
    MeToM MeToM 21 hour ago

    Only speed for me, the faster the better. Speed is essential

  • Nathan Pelaelo
    Nathan Pelaelo 21 hour ago

    Dave: "They're designed to pull you into their ecosystems and make you spend money on subscriptions....." *cough* Apple *cough*

  • Mahmood Mahmood
    Mahmood Mahmood 21 hour ago

    Speed is important, yes.

  • User1010
    User1010 21 hour ago

    Curved screens are trash. Companies that include them on their phones also are.

  • Mayuresh G
    Mayuresh G 21 hour ago

    The focus is correct and the effort is honest too... Not like samsung cheating some customers with exynos chipsets here in india ...went with oneplus 7 pro 11 months back and it is GOOD. Moreover speed of getting everyday tasks( payments, searches, browsing, music, video watching, reading,social media...) done on the mobile is the primary reason why people are less dependent today on their desktops and laptops

  • Sandipon Paul
    Sandipon Paul 21 hour ago

    speed speed speed

  • Mykilor
    Mykilor 21 hour ago

    I watched it with 2x speed - 1+ owner here :D

  • Bruno Alcântara
    Bruno Alcântara 21 hour ago

    I think its worth it, there are other brands focusing on Camera, let Oneplus have its focus on speed

  • JrBudgetTech
    JrBudgetTech 21 hour ago

    Great Review i did a review of the top 5 features in 2 minutes!

  • Fábio Nunes
    Fábio Nunes 21 hour ago

    And they Will try to have One cheaper than others with a Mediatek chipsets, but they will be able to upgrade fast enough as soon as Google upgrade the pixel?

  • Angel Eduardo Moreno Farias

    Some iPhones still include the 5 watt wall charger !?!?

  • Brandon J
    Brandon J 21 hour ago

    "Faster is better... right?" My ex did not agree.

  • Flx
    Flx 21 hour ago

    I have never seen that way but now you mention it, woaw it is so true, for me the big reason I want to buy a one plus phone is the UI really, it's so practical and thinked through and I just like the design, the rest is just not sensational I would really prefer they spend more on the photo department rather than the speed of the phone.

  • Jx_ScareCROW
    Jx_ScareCROW 21 hour ago

    Their flagship killer motto has turned into outdated marketing. If they decided to use decent, not top spec, hardware with their now great OS and some camera software development they could offer a great experience without all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. Something similar to what Pixel seems to want to do with the Pixel 5.

  • Izzat Zakwan Mohamed Shah

    8 is a lucky number. They’re going all out this year.

  • Tejas Ware
    Tejas Ware 21 hour ago

    I think i would prefer bleeding edge performance over bleeding edge cameras

  • Rio Wang
    Rio Wang 21 hour ago

    One plus is great, easy to use, a typical less is more. But not a great camera, consider the price point, it's reasonable. But if the rumor is true that the 8 pro is going to be 1000 dollar, they better up their camera game

  • Ionut Loghin
    Ionut Loghin 21 hour ago

    Click bait

  • Jordan Walters
    Jordan Walters 21 hour ago

    I’m kinda disappointed that they ditched the pop up camera. In my eyes that’s what separated their 7 pro from every other device out there.

    • Sushim Shah
      Sushim Shah 21 hour ago

      Would've been hard to get IP rating if they didn't

  • Harry Koutalidis
    Harry Koutalidis 21 hour ago

    Can someone explain to me the mega benefits of not having a headphone jack?

  • insert name here
    insert name here 21 hour ago

    Boycott overpriced phones

  • Simon rudge
    Simon rudge 21 hour ago

    Speed isn’t everything speed drains battery and fast charging drains battery health. i love my 11 pro max doubt il ever leave apple

  • various2012
    various2012 21 hour ago

    Performance (speed) AND convenience. Speed only is not enough. This is why I never bought a OnePlus phone. Maybe that is about to change...

  • Gerson Rendón
    Gerson Rendón 21 hour ago

    Their bullshiting you. Xiaomi included 20W wireless charging since the beginning of the last year, 30W since September last year and the phones were cheaper than Oneplus.

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 21 hour ago


  • Christopher J. Lechner

    I need your advice. I had an idea to use the PS4 pro as a gaming PC, while using my laptop as a work machine. My question is, is it worth that investment. I already have a steam account with games on it, and I had seen videos in the past on how to download Linux, which in turn would allow me to play steam games in the PS4 pro. My question is, would you recommend I do that, or continue with my Laptop. The reasons for this change is that A) all my friends have PS4s, making it harder to play with them, and B), because my laptop would overheat insanely, even with an external heat sync.

  • Jose Melendez
    Jose Melendez 21 hour ago


  • A K
    A K 21 hour ago

    I would prefer to wait for some milliseconds to open an app over bearing an underwhelming camera. I wish they have done something about it this time. It should be more of a balanced device.

  • Matsukaze
    Matsukaze 21 hour ago

    Holding my McLaren 7+pro while watching

  • Brian Tan
    Brian Tan 21 hour ago

    I think "Speed" as in the OS optimization is the upmost importance, they're to me, the fastest now with Huawei come in 2nd and I will never not talk about Samsung with their bloatware. But having said that, the current speed I would say should be the benchmark and so long as future releases hits this benchmark, would be enough. I dislike company trying to create their own version of software, like samsung coming out with their own payment app and their own appstore. This is lame and their software lags. That's why in the beginning when Android is still very fragmented, Apple's iOS wins.

  • Mohammad Danial Sakaria

    comes out one plus 8, might buy one plus 7t