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  • Lsweette
    Lsweette 4 minutes ago

    How about part 2 the autopsy witch project 👻

  • adamshattuck1985
    adamshattuck1985 9 minutes ago

    isnt that a place in england? wouldnt it be midsummer pronounced?

  • putsome basilonit
    putsome basilonit 11 minutes ago

    I dare you all to repent through Jesus

  • Liz O'Donnell
    Liz O'Donnell 20 minutes ago

    I’m bummed to hear they left out the part of Harold’s story where he runs back and forth across the farmers’ roof - I always thought that was the most unsettling part.

  • Ken 123
    Ken 123 24 minutes ago

    Do" mara" ending explain

  • Deda Moda
    Deda Moda 28 minutes ago

    Title: BRIGHTBURN (2019) Ending Explained Video: re-tells the entire plot in the first 18 minutes You should have titled this video 'Brightburn in 18 minutes'

  • Thomas Slone
    Thomas Slone 31 minute ago

    6:42 merridth? how is the scranton branch?

  • Melissa Acevedo
    Melissa Acevedo 33 minutes ago

    I hope you will do ready or not when it comes out! I want to see it but looks to scary. I love your videos allows me to vicariously watch scary movies lol

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill 42 minutes ago

    this show is so fucking stellar even if this spoiled it for you watch t it slaps

  • Doctor Richtofen
    Doctor Richtofen 46 minutes ago

    the part where they listened to sarah being interrogated by her brother was the worst part for me...just. hearing that kind of torture was scarier than any of the monsters in the movie to me.

    DNTME 46 minutes ago

    Same old sexist shit. ***************Spoilers Ahead***************** The whole movie is about females, yet who is the only person shown killed? A male. By a female, of course so as to feed that fetish. Typical. And it has a totally unsatisfying ending, as so many do these days. Obviously looking to make a sequel if the demand is there. Hopefully there won't be. Crap endings like that need to be derided by potential viewers by them not showing any interest in a part 2.

  • Thomas Slone
    Thomas Slone 47 minutes ago

    this movie is really fucking stupid

  • Bigboiii 10
    Bigboiii 10 48 minutes ago

    The axiom ending explained

  • Danny G.
    Danny G. 51 minute ago

    Man, he shouldve destroyed the whole world. The ending was terrible.

  • xxClassy Zennyxx
    xxClassy Zennyxx 54 minutes ago

    When the officer died, I was literally sad and horrified. She was such an amazing officer for buying Rose time and then trying to help her. She didn't deserved that brutality.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 55 minutes ago

    I read these books over and over as a kid. I memorized the page the illustration shown at 0:58 was on so I could cover it with my hand and wouldn't see it while I was reading. For some reason none of the other pictures got to me, but that one was just so terrifying. Seeing it now still makes a little shiver run down my spine...

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic Hour ago

    Can someone please tell me what Anna whispered at the dining table towards the end? I have a feeling it's about how she slept with Aaron but her mouth movements don't really prove that or maybe I'm just not thinking right. Either way, I'm dying to know.

  • eyeless jack
    eyeless jack Hour ago

    foundflix: creating dead silence peter griffin: ah ah he said it

  • Animal finatic
    Animal finatic Hour ago

    Can someone please tell me what Anna whispered at the dining table towards the end???

  • eyeless jack
    eyeless jack Hour ago

    this movie makes no fucking sense, it never clarifies anything

  • Thomas Slone
    Thomas Slone Hour ago

    thumbs dude, you saved me three movie tickets

  • hisyam amiruddin

    Pagan god,sacrifice this and that....nothing good come from them lol.

  • Ver
    Ver Hour ago

    THUMBS DOWN, i can fight this guy in a serious hand to hand mano e mano combat and remove his mask. And Make This bastard Squeal in trumendous agony and pain.

  • Rickity Rock
    Rickity Rock Hour ago

    Me sitting in the theaters, waiting for the movie to start: “finally! After watching the hunger games and divergent movies, I can have a break from cheesy roman-“ (Sees Ramon’e and Stella talking) Me: “no... don’t you dar-“ (Sees the letter at the ending of the movie) Me, screaming: “WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.”

  • Ana Ortiz
    Ana Ortiz Hour ago

    I love how no one gave a fuck about bringing back Tommy at the end of the movie 😂

  • Zyda Villegas
    Zyda Villegas Hour ago

    Can you make an ending explained of 47 meters down

  • Jose Juarez
    Jose Juarez Hour ago

    Merging into a crossover series with Chronicle? Both films have dark script writing and characters from both movies gain and enhance supernatural abilities from an unexplained extraterrestrial energy source

  • Woddie
    Woddie Hour ago

    I am the 3,001 comment

  • Chris Kline
    Chris Kline Hour ago

    Doesn't let that one burn at all declaring within a millisecond in his most somber voice and cool down hand motion, "joking, it's a joke."

  • Aiden Frost
    Aiden Frost Hour ago

    Fun fact Halloween is connected to the Friday the 13 films its found out in the Friday the 13 game were Tommy Jarvis went to the same place Michael went to

  • JackAttack 2
    JackAttack 2 Hour ago

    Did you even watch the movie you got a lot of details wrong

  • vertigoshock peep

    I just want my ending explained ma-n

  • Mikedaddy
    Mikedaddy 2 hours ago

    “Black skin demon” the SJWs are going to freak out

  • Digital Sammy
    Digital Sammy 2 hours ago

    I just realised that in these shows, the last person to perform *usually* wins. It makes sense as well considering that is freshest in your mind but I just thought it was interesting. Of course sometimes other people win, but not that often ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Aaron Madulara
    Aaron Madulara 2 hours ago

    chabuddy g finally turned profit with a video game company

  • Alice Garner
    Alice Garner 2 hours ago

    his voice gives me a headache

  • Kaylie Shaw
    Kaylie Shaw 2 hours ago

    Triangle?!? I love your videos and it's one of my favourites!

  • zerocool gonna hack u

    U gotta stop naming ur videos ending explain U TALK ABOUT THE HOLE FUCKING MOVIE BRUH THE FUCK!!!!! 😂

  • Lorraine Pierce
    Lorraine Pierce 2 hours ago

    I have another take... When the droid showed up at the sea container saying she had a plan for her, she was to be the daughters new mother. If the droid intended to kill her, she would have done it sooner.

  • Yeti Scares
    Yeti Scares 2 hours ago

    Goosebumps, Scary stories to tell in the dark, and the next thing you know there's going to be a movie on the creepypasta monsters.

  • Lorraine Pierce
    Lorraine Pierce 2 hours ago

    But if mother killed all of humanity, then who were the people she turned 01 over to?

  • Hillary R
    Hillary R 2 hours ago

    You should do the Netflix movie The Titan, with Sam Worthington (from Avatar) and Taylor Shilling (from Orange Is the New Black) Its bad on a whole other level. With such big names you would think it would be slightly

  • Homoerectos !
    Homoerectos ! 2 hours ago

    Frank you crossed the line You never ever ever ever ever eat another man's tacos

  • dpii
    dpii 2 hours ago

    I like your haircut

  • Aia Chan
    Aia Chan 2 hours ago

    man that doll remenber from the goosebumps series

  • xXLoliConXx
    xXLoliConXx 2 hours ago

    Reminds me of INKHEART

  • Jeremy Young
    Jeremy Young 2 hours ago

    There was a point where after Tommy got stabbed with the pitchfork and he called for his mom in this raspy voice. That honestly gave me chills. This was surprisingly a good movie and nostalgic

  • • Weeb •
    • Weeb • 2 hours ago

    I thought it said John Doe

  • Maurice Barrett
    Maurice Barrett 2 hours ago

    Wasn’t the original scarecrow the girls Sarah family member? Harold?

  • Erik D
    Erik D 2 hours ago

    Yesssss do video games, I like to see if I'm right.. lolll

  • JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs 3 hours ago

    Great video and narration as usual, FF! You do such a fun job bringing stories to life, and I love your humor! As for the film, I am not sure at all that this film sounds or looks at all interesting or scary in any way. And while I will always love practical over CGI any day of the week, these creatures look hokey and retreads at best; childish at worst.

  • • Weeb •
    • Weeb • 3 hours ago

    What if you moved to the house but you live alone. Do you commit suicide?

  • Jane Dawson
    Jane Dawson 3 hours ago

    I remember harold the most almost 10years later and i still get chills

  • Dominick Vicchiullo
    Dominick Vicchiullo 3 hours ago

    Hail Hecate.

  • Random Records
    Random Records 3 hours ago

    Love you work great job man

  • Super Boss
    Super Boss 3 hours ago

    Battlefield V gear kar98k and an axe

  • Bryon Liegel
    Bryon Liegel 3 hours ago

    Flower crown for the win

  • Vàng Kon TV
    Vàng Kon TV 3 hours ago

    I need link

  • Jazmine XO
    Jazmine XO 3 hours ago

    I hope they put the story “ the bride “ in the next movie

  • Harper Harper
    Harper Harper 3 hours ago

    I would get noodlez tattoo

  • Veronica Diaz
    Veronica Diaz 3 hours ago

    Where's the ending explained on pan's labryinth!?😭

  • Chad Johnsen
    Chad Johnsen 3 hours ago

    Everything about Mother was cool- but killing number -2 sucked. Totally missed the 13K day thing during the movie

  • Shikeereya Smith
    Shikeereya Smith 3 hours ago

    This reminds me of cern

  • ivan mora
    ivan mora 4 hours ago

    Goodnight mommy

  • Woddie
    Woddie 4 hours ago

    That’s deep

  • Nadia Mcclaskey
    Nadia Mcclaskey 4 hours ago

    it's driving me CRAY CRAY

  • Nadia Mcclaskey
    Nadia Mcclaskey 4 hours ago

    is the blonde girl bobblehead with the red case in the back is she Jesse from the neon demon. please tell me.

  • Sweetasthesun
    Sweetasthesun 4 hours ago


  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 4 hours ago

    What did Ashley pull out of her leg?

  • All The Reasons Why
    All The Reasons Why 4 hours ago

    Kids facing their fears to survive? Sounds familiar

  • Lordred God
    Lordred God 4 hours ago

    i read this book as a kid also🤔

  • sUwUcidal 69
    sUwUcidal 69 4 hours ago

    Fucking murdok

  • alice jackson
    alice jackson 4 hours ago

    I thought West was the other way....

  • Ocean City
    Ocean City 4 hours ago

    A better twist would have been 2 aliens come at the end closing credits scene to recover the crashed craft. Hear the message from the craft on repeat, realizing the message was damaged during the crash, fixed it and it said, "Save the Earth." Now that's a plot twist.

  • DerNiko
    DerNiko 4 hours ago

    Prequel of Jane being turned into a Witch!? Sequel of Jane exacting her revenge!? Both in one!? Would like more of this universe :)

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 4 hours ago

    See you in space cowboy.

    DJ_BUMBLE-BUT 4 hours ago

    This movie gave me dragon ball memories, the kid is there to desteoy the world/ claim it, just like kakarot,

  • Dwann Wilson
    Dwann Wilson 4 hours ago

    This movie was super underrate .

  • 2buxaslice
    2buxaslice 5 hours ago

    Will you please watch Inside? That's one of my favorites.

  • Dysprooo
    Dysprooo 5 hours ago

    The way you talk, I feel like I'm watching a football match. It's irritating, slow down and lowery our pitch next time. It ruins the video for me 😢

  • Darrius Simmons
    Darrius Simmons 5 hours ago

    I like your channel, but I can never remember your name. Most FLASH-PLAYERrs will say their name before they start the video, or it will come up in the video in time. In conclusion: Say your name, say your name!

  • Phoenix Flowers
    Phoenix Flowers 5 hours ago

    But how she got so many freckles if she aint never been outside?

  • The Social Wall Flower

    Hey did you notice that the mascot of the high school is the “catfish” I thought that was a cool little side note

  • Er boro
    Er boro 5 hours ago

    The high guys where soo clever to take the bombs ahahaha

    SLITTHROAT13 5 hours ago

    I wish it was rated R. I felt it could have been scarier, but it was a good film.

  • Er boro
    Er boro 5 hours ago

    The stupid last killing was can you kill someone with a plastic shit?ahahahah maybe. Use a scissor but not that

  • Er boro
    Er boro 5 hours ago

    I wish somebody woud have tried to rape mike s girlfriend.....holy shit if I was the director I woud have raped that girl and abuse of her ass for soo many hours....she is rape material

  • Woddie
    Woddie 5 hours ago

    My car is also an option

  • Jesudi2527
    Jesudi2527 5 hours ago

    They attacked Calvin first

  • Jc Tejada
    Jc Tejada 5 hours ago

    the possession of Hanna grace please

  • Murder Motion Pictures

    They was running out of story plot ideas, Straight up the movie only became about the traps more then story.

  • Hell Lena
    Hell Lena 5 hours ago

    How did I not see this till now?

  • The Flash
    The Flash 5 hours ago

    All I gotta say is 😂

  • Shelby Pile
    Shelby Pile 5 hours ago

    This movie freaked me out as a kid!

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 5 hours ago

    All star cast of ladies

  • StrawB3rry Chic
    StrawB3rry Chic 5 hours ago

    How is nobody talking about how the hole they came out of was in the floor but they were underground

  • Sovereign
    Sovereign 5 hours ago

    In the Sequel I really hope they do “wait till Martin comes” that was always one of my favorites.

  • Nadia Mcclaskey
    Nadia Mcclaskey 6 hours ago


  • unitydark
    unitydark 6 hours ago

    Wow I read the book part one and 2 at age 10 now and it a movie happy days are here to watch it ...

  • Hydra Agent
    Hydra Agent 6 hours ago

    You mentioned my boi James