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  • Clodagh Walsh
    Clodagh Walsh 55 minutes ago

    Do NOT mess with Rox and Christmas

  • Tom Birch
    Tom Birch 59 minutes ago

    Deffo staged

  • Frantic_Goat 44
    Frantic_Goat 44 Hour ago

    I was getting of my bed and it made and noise and it sounded like mark saying "right"

  • mmharvey up
    mmharvey up 2 hours ago

    "Tis the season to get HAMMERED!" 😂 I'm sorry Rox...that was epic. I sure hope he changes it for u. You poor woman. You deserve "WIFE of the Year" award ya girl

  • gerric4plus1
    gerric4plus1 2 hours ago

    Rox, why are you celebrating USA thanksgiving, I thought you would be more inclined to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving as we are a monarch of the UK, quite offended silly woman !

  • Laura Jones
    Laura Jones 3 hours ago

    Are you doing a Christmas no 1 song this year? :)

  • Tq Nsla
    Tq Nsla 6 hours ago

    Omgggg Roxanne is so beautiful 😍

  • Melia Ewing
    Melia Ewing 6 hours ago

    I agree and I'm from California

  • David Smythe
    David Smythe 7 hours ago

    Dude you like being an asshole to your wife LOL 😂

  • Maisie that weirdo
    Maisie that weirdo 7 hours ago

    My dad is friends with you he is called chris

  • StacheMartinez
    StacheMartinez 8 hours ago

    So glad I found this channel

  • Stefan Mannberg
    Stefan Mannberg 9 hours ago

    I think you shuld try some swedisch surströmming (harring) 🥳😉

  • Roxanne Guerrero
    Roxanne Guerrero 9 hours ago

    Awe that is the most sweetest thoughtful gift ever. Her face priceless you know she loves it I’m crying too

  • Matthew Quigley
    Matthew Quigley 9 hours ago

    You need to give her at least one season a year Mark, we see couples splitting up all the time because these pranks go to far. Don't ruin a good thing guys.

  • Nat Florez
    Nat Florez 10 hours ago

    The best one so far.

  • Beedeegee5
    Beedeegee5 11 hours ago


  • Brandy Toutant
    Brandy Toutant 13 hours ago

    Poor Rox! Get her dang tree back!

  • lucy wooldridge
    lucy wooldridge 13 hours ago

    I want that baby grow 😍

  • Chloe Tye
    Chloe Tye 16 hours ago

    Love the karma

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock 16 hours ago

    Omg your fantastic xxxxx

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock 16 hours ago

    Brilliant xxxxx

  • Tasha Askew
    Tasha Askew 17 hours ago

    Honestly Scott Mills and Chris Stark these are your people

  • Daisy slimes🦄🦄🦄

    Sept 13 is my birthday

  • geneau richer
    geneau richer 17 hours ago

    Men don't take pain the way women do women have something in there estrogen which helps him with the pain. this is not a good idea

  • geneau richer
    geneau richer 17 hours ago

    Careful with that machine mate I don't know doesn't look good

  • Maciej Witek
    Maciej Witek 18 hours ago

    He looks like callux

  • Actias
    Actias 19 hours ago

    Seriously, you're usually a funny guy but sometimes some of the things you come up with are a bit cruel. I feel like you make Rox so happy in the moment and bring her hopes up just to disappoint her. 💔

  • teejay haddon
    teejay haddon 20 hours ago

    You are the best but your wife Is cheating on you

  • Carmen Santana
    Carmen Santana 20 hours ago


  • Emma Payne
    Emma Payne 21 hour ago

    Like everyone

  • alyssa caeytano
    alyssa caeytano 21 hour ago


  • rohver
    rohver 22 hours ago

    I’d have given you the bollocking of your life, mate. 😭😭😭 It’s nice to see a couple that have a good sense of humour 😂

  • Mark Turnbull
    Mark Turnbull 23 hours ago

    Omg I can't stop laughing 😅😅😅😅😅

  • Mark Turnbull
    Mark Turnbull 23 hours ago


  • Linda Van Gaal
    Linda Van Gaal 23 hours ago

    I have the same Micky trui omg that's amazing

  • Abigail Hook
    Abigail Hook 23 hours ago

    Bless her

  • Abigail Hook
    Abigail Hook Day ago


  • We Review NC
    We Review NC Day ago

    That cow kick though! Hahaa

  • Izzy DeLeon
    Izzy DeLeon Day ago

    I love how Phoenix dances every time 😍

  • Sharon Gilley
    Sharon Gilley Day ago


  • Jamal Mahroof
    Jamal Mahroof Day ago

    So when you go out without the comforter or you go out while your wife is looking after the kid your phone goes off and the comforter will beep till you get back.. Great ideas yes mate 😂

  • Shay Shay
    Shay Shay Day ago

    I love you two. You make life fun. Happy Holidays!

  • Namaste Julie
    Namaste Julie Day ago

    Best one Roxy has done.

  • SC
    SC Day ago

    T_T congratulations 🥳 So touched 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Sarah Baldock
    Sarah Baldock Day ago

    I am utterly surprised she didn’t stab the tree.. Because I would of! 😂

  • kevin de bois
    kevin de bois Day ago

    hahahaha amazing with that Grolsch Tree , its amazing dutch beer though haha

  • Finn Ryan
    Finn Ryan Day ago

    I was in Disney land florida in august

  • Sara Joines
    Sara Joines Day ago

    Oh my goodness, I hope she doesn't let him get away with that. I'd have had a knife out of the kitchen and stabbed it as soon as I saw it!!!!

  • Patty Smith
    Patty Smith Day ago

    It was funny but there should be a real tree

  • Elizabeth Aucott

    The seriousness in Rox when she said “She’s got a good green to her” 😂 Well into it. Felt like a sales pitch 👍🏻

  • corey finley
    corey finley Day ago


  • Jackie Tillery

    I don't know who you are or where you came from, but you showed up on my time line 4 days ago and I've been watching all your video's during almost every waking hour since. Thank you and your lovely wife for making me laugh so hard and forget all my worries...My absolute favorite of all was the wasp hive in the garage!!! I've finally just finished up with something posted just 3 weeks ago, every thing else was anywhere from 6 months to two years ago. The two of you were MADE for each other! Oh btw, Great workout!!! lol

  • Neesh P
    Neesh P Day ago

    I seriously love the wife aye she’s always so happy,

  • Itz_Ye Boii_Julz

    Back to home video

  • MrFoxPie
    MrFoxPie Day ago

    Wheres your rubber and ruler

  • Tom Gayler
    Tom Gayler Day ago

    When are we seeing ladbaby divorce proceedings?

  • PR_insanity
    PR_insanity Day ago

    Tis the season TO GET HAMMERED

  • Glenn Long
    Glenn Long Day ago

    I don’t spend more than the equivalent of £10 on a Christmas tree. But I live near many tree farms, so it’s obviously cheaper. £62 would have me gagging as well, and I love a real tree.

  • Dre and Ken Empire

    5:42 is so cute

  • Dre and Ken Empire

    This is like chuck e cheese

  • tommyboy123
    tommyboy123 Day ago

    I just ate a kebab 😂😂 buckled

  • Olivia Case
    Olivia Case Day ago

    5:32 who else thought "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!"? 🤣

  • Heidi Weidenbenner

    Lmao she loves it 🤣

  • Heidi Weidenbenner

    Omg I love her voice 😂 💕

  • coral ine
    coral ine Day ago

    Just saying you look fabulous as a cake on your birthday 💖

  • Back it Up
    Back it Up Day ago

    Love this couple! They are so natural in everything they do, no phoniness..just truly funny. They are the ONLY people I’ve ever seen with a channel that don’t have to work at it, it’s natural no acting.

  • Jane The Weaver

    Why?! Why?! Whhhhhnyyyyyyyyyyy?!

  • Michelle Grimm

    Oh come on mark give her a real 🌲

  • Sonya Newnham
    Sonya Newnham Day ago

    Youve done it now mark...mate,shes gunna get you back big style.i would have gone this space lol.happy christmas mark,rox,phoenix and koby.x

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock Day ago

    Brilliant xxxxx

  • Kayden Walters

    I don’t like sausage roll

  • Danielle
    Danielle Day ago

    i love you guys so much!!!!! would love to meet you in person

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock Day ago

    Omg that's brilliant xxxx

  • wendy lock
    wendy lock Day ago

    Fantastic xxxxx

  • Deanna Christensen

    Oh Rox, you are a devil!! Hilarious!

  • Colleen Mclornan

    Poor Rox, Mark I hope u know how to sleep outside

  • Lauren Boyden
    Lauren Boyden Day ago

    He was an angry bird 😂

  • sudharshan mudaliar


  • Trent Matuszewski

    The statue dare with the donut was direct pay back for the freeze date with the ice cream. And she enjoyed every moment of the revenge.

  • Ian McGrevey
    Ian McGrevey Day ago

    So staged. Why would they have driven separately to get a Christmas tree? Why would she leave him to finish it up if he's always playing tricks?

  • Kevin Dixon
    Kevin Dixon Day ago

    I don't know why people go on about In and Out Burger either. It's rather ordinary as burger joints go. If they can't make their own bread, it's not special.

  • Mango 81
    Mango 81 Day ago

    You need to order it "Animal Style" mate. Not on the menu it's a bit of a secret.

  • Katherine Hughes

    Chritmas canceled well that save me money lol

  • Katherine Hughes

    Fuming rox

  • Chelsea nicole

    Poor rox 😞 I hope you get him back good girl 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Harvey’s Fishing adventures

    Rox needs to chill it’s great

  • adi
    adi Day ago

    That was abusive

  • Dead Centre
    Dead Centre Day ago

    Mark and Rox you guys are such a great couple, you pick me up every time I open one of your videos, god bless 🇨🇦👍👍

  • MoonWolf 05
    MoonWolf 05 Day ago

    Why is the Hulk figure labelled as infinity war, he was in that movie for like five minutes

  • Elliott
    Elliott Day ago

    Remind me of Karl Pilkington in this video Mark 😂

  • Emma Payne
    Emma Payne Day ago


  • Dead Centre
    Dead Centre Day ago

    Love you Rox , you are hilarious

  • I dont know
    I dont know Day ago

    The only bad luck is umbrella because it attracts spiders


    #Christmas 🎄🎅🎁🎁

  • Kami Bahrns
    Kami Bahrns Day ago

    I love you guys so much always make me laugh. Wish one day I can visit you too. By the way I live in IL in the usa . Thanks for the videos

  • Damla _
    Damla _ Day ago

    Gosh is he tall 😂😂

  • Serkan Şahin
    Serkan Şahin Day ago

    This is exactly the product you are looking for Link to:

  • Philip Marlowe

    What was the point in promising Rox any tree she wants and then do that! I am surprised she hasn’t divorced you.

  • SL Barbieri
    SL Barbieri Day ago

    If Roxanne leaves you, Mark, I will not blame her one damn bit