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  • Khloe and Milo Adventures

    Should be against Audi rs5 coupe not 4 door version, adds more weight..makes a difference

  • Bertojoosten Joosten
    Bertojoosten Joosten 16 hours ago

    You can not kill cars... I can't see it. But i like your video's 😀👍

  • George Krpan
    George Krpan 16 hours ago

    93 mph and 199 miles range is pretty good. It's not expensive for an electric car, what electric car is cheaper?

  • navy Guy
    navy Guy 16 hours ago

    Body of a supermodel, face of a drag queen

  • Gonzalo Parisi
    Gonzalo Parisi 16 hours ago

    damn is horrendous

  • Ivan Vrbic
    Ivan Vrbic 16 hours ago

    Looks great! No issues with the grille at all. Go BMW!

  • アレクサンドル
    アレクサンドル 16 hours ago

    Ok old bimmers still exist

  • Alecx pro
    Alecx pro 16 hours ago

    Shame on you

  • Gratal65
    Gratal65 16 hours ago

    When I first saw that grill it looked a bit weird to my eyes, but I think I'll get used to it.

  • Kevin Ayalas
    Kevin Ayalas 16 hours ago

    Neutral drop anyone ??!! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Paul Canciu
    Paul Canciu 16 hours ago

    7:55 What is that piece in the upper part of the instrument cluster, flashing the purple light? Driver monitoring cameras?

  • wtbap26
    wtbap26 16 hours ago

    Horrible grill, Lexus does it better.

  • Stephen Pato
    Stephen Pato 16 hours ago

    Wow that honda!

  • K
    K 16 hours ago

    Never seen you smile so much in a review.

  • Kenneth Murimi
    Kenneth Murimi 16 hours ago


  • Yu Kay
    Yu Kay 16 hours ago

    come on... really?????

  • Raymond Gitonga
    Raymond Gitonga 16 hours ago

    I love the Audi RS5 Sportback

  • Jacob Wang
    Jacob Wang 16 hours ago

    Awesome video, I would love to see a s8 review!

  • Mark Reuben
    Mark Reuben 16 hours ago

    It’s gonna break anyway 😂😂😂

  • anosh ohol
    anosh ohol 16 hours ago

    Instead of changing the traditional grill, change the traditional interior. Mercedes does a great job at it! (interior)& the gear stick looks like a bottle of ladies perfume

  • Eduardo Rosas
    Eduardo Rosas 16 hours ago

    Amazing Honda ad! 🤯🤯

  • Omg Beckham El barrilito

    Love this car. I gonna pick mine up on monday, cant wait.

  • Paul Leather
    Paul Leather 16 hours ago

    Bmw grills are getting ridiculously big.

  • roberto diaz
    roberto diaz 16 hours ago

    that ford has a mazda engine, they design the duratec or mzr LF engine in mazda. so sad i got that engine on my mazda 3 :(

  • anosh ohol
    anosh ohol 16 hours ago

    Interior 💩 grill💩 bumpers💩

    ALL ROUNDERS 16 hours ago

    This car is also present in Pakistan and having highest mileage in hatchback category. I own this car

  • Lufefe Ngilana
    Lufefe Ngilana 16 hours ago


  • Rahul Boaz
    Rahul Boaz 16 hours ago


  • Edwin
    Edwin 16 hours ago

    Bmw looks sporty. I'll choose it

  • Relm_Media
    Relm_Media 16 hours ago

    Interior the same as a 16 reg 1 series, then you got the grille... Yawn. Il stick to Audi

  • Greg Wayne
    Greg Wayne 16 hours ago

    4:46 Wait....Did he just say a "limited Slip Diff"?? No he couldn't have. BMW never surrenders their LSD's except for on the "M" car's. Period. But hey maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's true! Maybe what we the customer have been saying we wanted for many many years is finally happening. .....No. I'll put my money on it Only being available on Special order (Like the 235i and 240i etc, always have been) and then installed at the Stealership at a huge $3500 mark up. We'll I guess we'll just have to wait and see if it's really true.

  • killkaveh
    killkaveh 17 hours ago

    wonder if BMW will have a blackout grill option

  • Charley Schaubroeck
    Charley Schaubroeck 17 hours ago

    No no and no. I used to own a BMW 4 series 2018 which was gorgeous. This grill looks like the front of a Fendt tractor 🚜

  • Vladimir Ondejcik
    Vladimir Ondejcik 17 hours ago

    who cares about grille when it is automatic only ...

  • Marco Martins
    Marco Martins 17 hours ago

    JDM for a reason

  • Ahmet Şahin
    Ahmet Şahin 17 hours ago

    Türkitede bunların tanesi 50 60 bin tl ayık olun

  • 52WT T
    52WT T 17 hours ago

    I think big grille on cars are the in thing now. Didn’t Lexus started it with the huge spindle grille?

  • TK KT
    TK KT 17 hours ago

    It's the ugliest BMW car I've ever seen.

  • MrGgggggxxx
    MrGgggggxxx 17 hours ago

    Zna se ko proizvodi najkvalitetnije motore.

  • Stephen Peacock
    Stephen Peacock 17 hours ago

    This grille is better.

  • isa poop
    isa poop 17 hours ago

    BMW if your reading this change the grill back to normal

  • Thibault Libat
    Thibault Libat 17 hours ago

    I for one quite like the grill

  • D H
    D H 17 hours ago

    Ugly when compared to the sleek A5 coupe, even more to the beautiful RS5.

  • Stephen Peacock
    Stephen Peacock 17 hours ago

    That grill is HORRIBLE

  • Denis pro gamer 2
    Denis pro gamer 2 17 hours ago

    I got verry angry when she said dacia wrong because im from romania and dacia its made in romania.

  • Nik Gnashers
    Nik Gnashers 17 hours ago

    Too much fake shit, lexus rear lights, too tall, too much bodywork above the rear arches makes the rear wheels look tiny, ruined the side swages on this model, and that fucking grill ! If the surround wasn't a daft silver, and was body-coloured, and the actual grill was black vertical vanes instead of hideous silver stars, it would look better.

  • Predrag Kardashian
    Predrag Kardashian 17 hours ago

    I like the grill… the cars nowadays lacks caracter... this is refreshment... and unique

  • mistermarin91
    mistermarin91 17 hours ago

    Just buy some old ugly 18" rims (or larger) and fit them to one of those cars. This wil give you some extra ground clearance. That's basicly the only thing they really lacked here haha

  • Daniel Loacker
    Daniel Loacker 17 hours ago

    I have that car nigga!! I think mine ain’t ever gon die

  • teufteuf57
    teufteuf57 17 hours ago

    This crap megane 🤣🤣 i prefer sexy and fast seat leon

  • Dennis Abu
    Dennis Abu 17 hours ago

    I would imagine Carwow doing this to a 2020 R-R Phantom

  • A5TR0
    A5TR0 17 hours ago

    Jajaja que divertido jajajaja me reí muchísimo y la calidad de video es una pasada

  • Christopher Summers
    Christopher Summers 17 hours ago

    Shmee banging on about his car being a track car the big fanny

  • gündüz kurdu
    gündüz kurdu 17 hours ago

    Bmw lines out Hyundai lines in.Fcknubbmw

  • Andre Alves
    Andre Alves 17 hours ago

    What do you expect? It’s a Honda 😬

  • Paul Darreau
    Paul Darreau 17 hours ago

    Hammond will absolutely love crashing this beautiful thing :)

  • Jacob Moffatt
    Jacob Moffatt 17 hours ago

    the 4 million subs are getting to Mat

  • felipe secchi
    felipe secchi 17 hours ago

    Japanese cars are the best in realiability!

  • Joseph Abdelmassih
    Joseph Abdelmassih 17 hours ago

    Hate that grill

  • Deinon - Thanatos
    Deinon - Thanatos 17 hours ago

    Q8 driver most annoying host ever

  • Ellankavi Ramasamy
    Ellankavi Ramasamy 17 hours ago

    scratch it once, engage the reverse assist, and scratch it once again! :D

  • SaMaster18
    SaMaster18 17 hours ago

    I have to say... I’m very happy that I upgraded my 2015 M3 to my current 2020 M4 competition, but I am REALLY excited for the new G80/82 M3/4. I don’t hate the grill as much I thought I would and the design will likely grow on me!

  • FallanxTV
    FallanxTV 17 hours ago

    Looks great, where is the eletric version ?

  • stalos1501
    stalos1501 17 hours ago

    Honda 4 ever!

  • Mervin Palmer
    Mervin Palmer 17 hours ago

    Ime sick of all these pointless cross dressing cars pumped up yaris, polo's, fiesta ect over priced middle way mishaps, get one or the other.

  • Adrijus A
    Adrijus A 17 hours ago

    best looking BMW ever made, the rear looks slightly strange, but still nice, but front.. damn so mean, I can imagine how hot it will look on the road. Almost forgot, those big grill comments so boring and old, long time ago some old rooster made a joke about BMW grill and old hens keeps repeating it :D

  • Saïd RAHMI
    Saïd RAHMI 17 hours ago

    One thing I love about Mercedes is that they almost never fail on design..

  • Preve 63
    Preve 63 17 hours ago

    The grille looks nice for me actually... well done BMW’s designer

  • Prince Harris
    Prince Harris 17 hours ago

    how cum it like mat wins almost all the races?

  • Easlin Andreas Gåhlin

    I loved the grill the first time I saw it! Bloody amazing 4 series there, makes me want to trade in the 230i coupe I have 😇

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan 17 hours ago

    But, srsly guys... this car looks ugly af

  • Joseph Sireno
    Joseph Sireno 17 hours ago

    One thing man great review / but do you have to be so ruff with everything you touch and grab / you throw things to the grown 5:00 min in / have some respect for a car someone gunna spend a lot of money on after ur review ... word.

  • Mark Balingit
    Mark Balingit 17 hours ago

    Is that a d16y motor?

  • Abu Faisal
    Abu Faisal 17 hours ago

    I think it’s buitiful, people will get used to it.

  • Pancho Northmann
    Pancho Northmann 17 hours ago

    Absolutely not. I already disliked the drivetrain from the last gen. This makes an uglier car out of an already unattractive platform. Is München in a persistent cloud of Purple Kush or something?

  • Stephen Pato
    Stephen Pato 17 hours ago

    I'm going to go hug my 330Ci tightly now ! Nice car to be honest. But scared to ask how much it costs, and if I need a steady supply of gold ingots to keep it running outside of BMW motorplan.....

  • Doktor Motor
    Doktor Motor 17 hours ago

    Bizim ülkede ev parasına satılır la 3ü naptın sen

  • timewatch12
    timewatch12 17 hours ago

    No Volvos?!

  • Ajay Chaudhary
    Ajay Chaudhary 17 hours ago

    Drone head light is useless...

  • Sujaya Babu
    Sujaya Babu 17 hours ago

    Hey Matt why wont you get in the hummer

  • Albert Gedeon
    Albert Gedeon 17 hours ago

    Best sound is m4

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva 17 hours ago

    It is funny how people enjoy making a mess with objects that could just as well help someone in need. What a waste :(

    BARENAKED LADIES 17 hours ago

    The pug would still lose even if the oil and water was still in.

  • JM R
    JM R 17 hours ago

    WTF, that samurai is strong !!!

  • SuperAspari
    SuperAspari 17 hours ago

    Bmw manual gearboxes are terrible? 🤔 starting to feel your opinions are bought Matt..

  • jino simon
    jino simon 17 hours ago

    This car suffers from kidney failure

  • Louis Richards
    Louis Richards 17 hours ago

    That would make this car front look like a Audi I would never go for a bmw anymore

  • Yves Keller
    Yves Keller 17 hours ago

    When the guy in the garage says "It's been used for daily driving"

  • Race Guy
    Race Guy 17 hours ago

    Remember Top gear with killing Toyota Hilux XD

  • PgAdi PgAdiRoy
    PgAdi PgAdiRoy 17 hours ago

    Baby gtr

  • george wainwright
    george wainwright 17 hours ago

    There's making it different and then there's making it look like it was born in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. They should've called it the BMW Dungeness! It's one of, if not the worst grille i've seen on any car ever!!

  • Ali Kouros
    Ali Kouros 17 hours ago

    BMW totally lost me after e92. This one looks like a Lexus from the rear and a Honda from the side. The grill looks comical. Sorry BMW. Maybe the focus groups were exclusively made up of beavers.

  • La Cagoule
    La Cagoule 17 hours ago

    oui oui

  • Vince Wei
    Vince Wei 17 hours ago

    The grill is the best part of the design, the rest of the car is just boring

  • Tumi Ramss
    Tumi Ramss 17 hours ago

    That grill looks like two ass cheeks

  • Mircea Luchian
    Mircea Luchian 18 hours ago

    You don't deserve to sit in a Honda!....signing an Accord 7 driver

  • corona407
    corona407 18 hours ago

    ok my next car will be a Honda and I'm going to run it on Pepsi cola

  • Borna Mofid
    Borna Mofid 18 hours ago

    I’m not sure how I feel bout the grill, I feel like they should have made them similar size to new 5 series.

  • SuperAspari
    SuperAspari 18 hours ago

    I’m waiting for the aftermarket to come up with a 3 series-looking grill/front bumper and then I’ll consider

  • Karsten Stegink
    Karsten Stegink 18 hours ago

    his way of saying mother sounds like the person saying "mother, i crave violence"