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  • js002003
    js002003 8 seconds ago

    Ill take the Porsche thank you

  • Брэдо Пито
    Брэдо Пито 49 seconds ago

    Where Urus????

  • Racket Meister
    Racket Meister 3 minutes ago

    i10 all the way. They are great cars. We have one and love it. It’s built like a tank, cheap to run and looks good.

  • N Keerthan
    N Keerthan 4 minutes ago

    OMG!!!! R8 sounds massive.. ❤️

  • Tiongteng Goh
    Tiongteng Goh 5 minutes ago

    Can you take lexus rcf track edition vs bmw m4

  • intergratypezero
    intergratypezero 6 minutes ago

    When everyone thinks the Audi gonna win and...

  • Davide Meani
    Davide Meani 7 minutes ago

    fake test

  • Shoaib shah Termizi
    Shoaib shah Termizi 14 minutes ago

    I love Audi cars all

    ABDUL LAYAE 15 minutes ago

    P1vs svj 😂 lol

  • Papermun Papermun
    Papermun Papermun 19 minutes ago

    Mid Engine Sports car with design input from Ayrton Senna, vs rice

  • Ghana Mafia
    Ghana Mafia 21 minute ago

    Sign of the times when a Toyota can smoke an Audi....Twilight zone.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 22 minutes ago

    Green martian in the background again. Lol

  • Patrick Faure
    Patrick Faure 26 minutes ago

    Light is right... alpine

  • KiranD92Gaming
    KiranD92Gaming 26 minutes ago

    Yes alpine FRANCE 💪🇫🇷😂

  • Tomas Rusakevic
    Tomas Rusakevic 26 minutes ago

    Wtf happened to TTrs???

  • 7Sharukh
    7Sharukh 27 minutes ago

    c43 should have been in this race

  • fUyJzU
    fUyJzU 28 minutes ago

    Did Matt just let Christian von Koenigsegg pass behind him or am I just seeing things?

  • Redie_Games101
    Redie_Games101 37 minutes ago

    Audi TT RS gets the most votes but gets last

  • billycrystal santa
    billycrystal santa 37 minutes ago

    Toyota Supra... Waiting for the mods.

  • Jose Reyna
    Jose Reyna 38 minutes ago

    Im in love with the jimny

  • Edgar Manuel Ureña Chacon

    You are a young proffesional, with a small house and wife, maybe no kids, and want a car for every day, and go to have fun in the mountains the weekends: The Jimny. You are an adult, near to retirement, have grandsons, want a confortable car, ang go everywere whitout problem: The Mercedez.

  • styvenman79
    styvenman79 42 minutes ago

    tt rs stupid driver

  • Gaz-Tech Technology
    Gaz-Tech Technology 46 minutes ago

    Hello Mat, I have seen videos where Audi was struggling to climb on smooth surface and whereas BMW climbed it easily and/ or vice versa. I do trust only on you who can show us true picture. Please do it for us..!!

  • Lakatos Florin Cornel
    Lakatos Florin Cornel 47 minutes ago


  • zak bradshaw
    zak bradshaw 47 minutes ago

    So unexpected

  • Jeremy Petix
    Jeremy Petix 49 minutes ago

    I was really surprised the Alpine won.... until he mentioned it was only 1100 kilos!! Did they take out the interior?!?

    ROBERTO JR. MAHILUM 50 minutes ago

    Have to change steering in our country to left drive not right hand

  • Lauro Legaspi
    Lauro Legaspi 52 minutes ago

    RWD mclaren 720s beat v10 lambo Awd in drag race and rolling race

  • Ant W
    Ant W 52 minutes ago

    Aswell as giving the time in which the cars finished the quarter mile, also give the mph which they finished with

  • MrRealmadridbernabeu
    MrRealmadridbernabeu 56 minutes ago Top Gear did a video RS3, Cayman GTS, G63.

  • Elder Jiang
    Elder Jiang Hour ago

    I’d rather take this car over the supra

  • BootneckSA80A2
    BootneckSA80A2 Hour ago

    The Toyota shouldn't be in the race, it's not a f ing supra it's a Z4 so pop a Z4 in the race. Supras have always had great power but this just isn't a Supra. I loved all my Supras and like the look of this one but that's where the love stops, it exterior look and nothing else.

  • Elvin1337
    Elvin1337 Hour ago

    Gotta say, that manual acceleration is incredible. It makes me sad manual transmissions are being overlooked in our time...

  • Yaseen Ali
    Yaseen Ali Hour ago

    Supra super slow

  • bicram kawan
    bicram kawan Hour ago

    Front ferrari back lambo specially tail light

  • Alp
    Alp Hour ago

    Look at this junior BMW! hahah 😂

  • Matthew Hutzell
    Matthew Hutzell Hour ago

    I would have picked the TTS until Matt said that even in manual mode it forces upshifts. Ew.

  • Jorge Aranda
    Jorge Aranda Hour ago

    What’s the name of Professor Green’s song? Does anyone here knows?

  • Takeo Mack
    Takeo Mack Hour ago

    Fantastic! 👍👍👍

  • Isaac L
    Isaac L Hour ago

    I thought Audi TT RS did 0-100km In 3.7 seconds and it has 400hp how was it last? Hmm something feels fishy even tho I don't own an audi

  • Rick Tacken
    Rick Tacken Hour ago

    Do a video with the new Volvo v60 Polestar please!

  • SplashBoy Hd
    SplashBoy Hd Hour ago

    I had high hopes for the TT RS what a let down

  • Langolier
    Langolier Hour ago

    So, Matt, spending 150,000 to a reliable, built better, good looking car does not make sense to you, rather you want to spend your money on a unreliable, not so well built, good looking money pit car that sells a badge ... Truly, common sense is not that common at all.

  • Tungsten Carbide

    Posh 😬😑

  • Warren
    Warren Hour ago

    These electric cars are expensive which makes no sense when the government and climate change people want us to drive electric. The majority of the population can’t afford it

  • kaiyang zhou
    kaiyang zhou Hour ago

    Touareg:Why you bully me

  • Ahmed Gawesh
    Ahmed Gawesh Hour ago

    Fuck this fake channel bitches

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K Hour ago

    You guys are smoking cock, in one of top gears videos the TTRS had beaten a GTR at launch The TTRS defo had a wack ass driver in this video

  • JJN Squad
    JJN Squad Hour ago


  • Amirul Arif Aiman

    Gr supra vs civic type R 😂

  • 4x4 Camping and Adventures

    1:38 for the actual race

  • Maluco Cortes
    Maluco Cortes Hour ago

    Seriously.... Who picked the Alpine to win!?

  • Lyna F
    Lyna F Hour ago

    lexus = lexurieus

  • Christian  Benda
    Christian Benda Hour ago

    This car is really ugly

  • Jaime B
    Jaime B Hour ago

    hmmmmm.... there is something wrong here... Audi IS the fastest, no doubt about it. Something must be going on with that driver or this race was prepared to get those results at the end, seriously.

  • Tarun Luthra
    Tarun Luthra Hour ago

    this bmw looks hideous

  • matt cooper
    matt cooper Hour ago

    Should have had the standard TT RS as the convertibles are always slower. Unfair comparison when all the others are not.

  • Oswaldo Castillo

    Do more drag racing on the new supra!!!!

  • Rizwan Malik
    Rizwan Malik Hour ago

    Riding the better car and showing off that you have conquered the world pathetic

  • Brandon Bradley
    Brandon Bradley Hour ago


  • Nick Z
    Nick Z Hour ago

    Audi was poor AF !

  • Pedro’s Garage

    For laughs line up an XJ40 X300 X308 XJS and hell, an X Type Diesel for a drag race.

  • kk P
    kk P Hour ago

    with all that cargo space, who needs a house?

  • ravi8490
    ravi8490 Hour ago

    After owning both a Lexus and BMW, I will always take a comfort and reliability of a Lexus over the over priced and unreliable German machines.

  • Carter Garnon
    Carter Garnon Hour ago

    Except Renoir didn’t lay a canvas over a Manet and trace it like BMW traced a Mustang

  • Kalin Konnerth
    Kalin Konnerth Hour ago

    WTF just happened here

  • JavierCR25
    JavierCR25 Hour ago

    The Supra is the cheapest and delivers great performance

  • TheWayisBetter
    TheWayisBetter Hour ago

    I think that ttrs for everyday driving is still best sports car

  • kk P
    kk P Hour ago

    "fuckboylery" haha

  • kevin Bahaha
    kevin Bahaha Hour ago

    TTRS is shit

  • yungvegar
    yungvegar Hour ago

    Unfortunately for everyone else the supra can get an easy extra 50-60 hp from a simple ecu tune that’ll cost you the same as fish and chips 😂 When tuned the supra pulls an 11.4 😂😂

  • Vishal Rajan
    Vishal Rajan 2 hours ago

    That's why James has an alpine😅

  • Joseph Bliskowski
    Joseph Bliskowski 2 hours ago

    Comfort mode🙄

  • bcapers12
    bcapers12 2 hours ago

    The TTRS should have smoked the Cayman and Supra. That is very odd.

  • find love and peace
    find love and peace 2 hours ago

    I hate when y’all match cars that aren’t supposed to be raced against each other .

  • Sarkozy
    Sarkozy 2 hours ago

    why is the tt a roadster?

  • Hey, that's pretty good!

    The jimmy is like you lil brother tryna play with you and your big boy friends.

  • Chris White
    Chris White 2 hours ago

    really a Golf R without the DSG? rigged race

  • Raphael Zavagno
    Raphael Zavagno 2 hours ago

    amazing race

  • Cyka Blyatman
    Cyka Blyatman 2 hours ago

    Ok how the hell did tt rs had the worse start and it the fastest 0-60 out of the four

  • Marcus Herbold
    Marcus Herbold 2 hours ago

    The Audi has the most beautiful sounding engine

  • Amal Aasish
    Amal Aasish 2 hours ago

    Do a review on alpine a110..

  • JAM Burkell
    JAM Burkell 2 hours ago

    I have been into cars since I was 5 years old

  • Omar Kiyani
    Omar Kiyani 2 hours ago

    I love the reviewer! He gives me top gear vibes. The old top gear with Clarkson may and Hammond

  • Rizwan Malik
    Rizwan Malik 2 hours ago

    Riding on the best car with most powerful engine and showing that you have concorved the world Pathetic

  • find love and peace
    find love and peace 2 hours ago

    Why do y’all always have the opposite car that needs to be in the race y’all do this every time knowing the Audi would lose y’all have to edit these videos before posting.. i’mm starting to think y’all doing this to mess with us now... having that Audi TTrs looking like shit knowing it can beat that Supra and and have a big jump in front of that apline

  • AlleviatE
    AlleviatE 2 hours ago

    Hilarious to have a toyota racing with the exotics 😂

  • Valk
    Valk 2 hours ago

    That TT RS did terrible... yes it’s a roadster and not the coupe but even so, it’s quite sad how bad it performed.

  • Euro American
    Euro American 2 hours ago

    According to CSR RACING 2 the Audi TT did what it was suppose to do. Lose.

  • GetoverYourself
    GetoverYourself 2 hours ago

    Should have had an X5M. Figures the Jeep broke, junk.

  • jordan coleman
    jordan coleman 2 hours ago

    Not fair a110 isn’t in usa

  • mavrx5
    mavrx5 2 hours ago

    Take some russian car such as Lada or off-road UAZ, make some fun to your videos!!!

  • rayner1704
    rayner1704 2 hours ago

    Still take a 90s supra over any of them 😂

  • Nikolaos Skordas
    Nikolaos Skordas 2 hours ago

    R8 V8 is faster . Half fake video

  • mavrx5
    mavrx5 2 hours ago

    What??? Alpine??? How?

  • troy anguin
    troy anguin 2 hours ago

    This race needs a Do Over!

  • IGrewTheBudInMyProfilePic

    Well, that’s what bull shit looks like people.

  • Wouldyouglowme
    Wouldyouglowme 2 hours ago

    I wish the civics were rear wheel drive then I would probably buy one

  • Rowit Chauhan
    Rowit Chauhan 2 hours ago

    When will you start to accept Land Rover is not British its Indian, just like you accepted Mini is German not BRITISH.

  • adrian lalo
    adrian lalo 2 hours ago

    New Supra is shit. Who agrees with me 🙋🏽‍♂️