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  • Khooshal Seechurn
    Khooshal Seechurn 34 seconds ago

    Jimny being the cheapest and matched the bests

  • 2nd Chance
    2nd Chance 6 minutes ago

    Jimny 💪💪💪

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan 8 minutes ago

    G63 vs F150 Raptor using these test please

  • vector150
    vector150 8 minutes ago

    The Jeep will take that hill it's clear he can't drive.

  • EpicScythe // TheBlueBallG

    I am so excited that the car is coming to Canada! (Spring 2020)!!!!

  • Theprfesssor
    Theprfesssor 10 minutes ago

    You picked up way more momentum for the G-wagon and Jimmy then you did for the Jeep for the hill test Also the Jimmy was 2 door which is why it was lighter and has a better turn radius if the Jeep was a 2 door it would have been even better as well the G is 4 door only I would take the Jeep, the G is simply way to expensive to be a taken off-road and it's more capable then the Jimmy and Jeep has a incredible after market unrivaled by any other vehicle

  • Derp Derp
    Derp Derp 13 minutes ago

    Love that jimny

  • ariash18able
    ariash18able 14 minutes ago

    Which one you had more fun on?

  • EhdrianEh
    EhdrianEh 15 minutes ago

    I used to go up hills like that in my stock rubicon every day. what gives?

  • 2nd Chance
    2nd Chance 17 minutes ago

    Little Jimny Kachow.....

  • peace full
    peace full 18 minutes ago

    Is this car copy from the Honda ?

  • Ian Hill
    Ian Hill 19 minutes ago

    6:40 is this guy driving with his head and headrest on the ceiling?

  • peace full
    peace full 22 minutes ago

    This is the most beautiful out looking car in the market so far . Good job BMW

  • Petrolhead
    Petrolhead 23 minutes ago

    G is not an offroad car. It only looks like.

  • Scott Bradford
    Scott Bradford 25 minutes ago

    Why didn't you get the 3.6L V6 Rubicon? Hardly seems fair when the Merc had a 4.0L Turbo V8. Also...air those big tires down to 20psi and you'll walk right up that hill as if on tank treads 🤓

  • Gucci Fonzarelli
    Gucci Fonzarelli 25 minutes ago

    Lol he came in w the drip🤣💧🔥👌🏾

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans 27 minutes ago

    Hill, meet V8 POWAH! I think the Jimny technically wins due to it being the cheapest though.

  • JapesZX
    JapesZX 33 minutes ago

    Matt: I am definitely V A I N.

  • Denis Petrovski
    Denis Petrovski 34 minutes ago

    The Mercedes G63 AMG Won

  • Prince Omares
    Prince Omares 35 minutes ago

    “British” u mean Indian now 😂😂😂 jaguar and Land Rover is Indian

  • buckamoona
    buckamoona 35 minutes ago

    what the fuck are those tires lmao

  • mena seven
    mena seven 36 minutes ago

    Beautiful and collectable Mercedes AMG SLS Black.

  • Rico
    Rico 36 minutes ago

    If I have $150000 to spend, I would take the Jimny

  • Matthew Baquero
    Matthew Baquero 37 minutes ago

    Gotta go with the cheap and cheerful Jimny

  • Akpaso Nala
    Akpaso Nala 37 minutes ago

    Suitcase looks good. Can someone help me with the name?

  • EMF Audio
    EMF Audio 41 minute ago

    The result isn't rigged, but the G was at a disadvantage when the driver is scared to drive it. It would have scored better if the same "care" was given across all of them.

  • Gunnar Reynir
    Gunnar Reynir 41 minute ago

    Why does 48% say the stupid suzuki won?????

  • Gunnar Reynir
    Gunnar Reynir 47 minutes ago

    Do the same with Jeep Trackhawk vs other suv's

  • jeffrey Cordle
    jeffrey Cordle 50 minutes ago

    Going up that hill why was the jeep in low range. Should have been high range 4 wheel drive.

  • Lungu Gabriel
    Lungu Gabriel 51 minute ago

    This was so stupid!

  • benfidar
    benfidar 51 minute ago

    Hmm. Where is the Bentley Porsche killer? Oh, wait, corporate considerations. A small two seater B-car rake would be great, however.

  • brett pollard
    brett pollard 52 minutes ago

    I was so excited for this video but came up super short of expectations. Love the channel but stick to the drag races if your not going to make it a fair off road race.

  • suv tucson
    suv tucson 53 minutes ago


  • CreativeWeekends
    CreativeWeekends 53 minutes ago

    How about Jimny vs Dacia Duster?

  • azcheron
    azcheron 57 minutes ago

    Wow they are soooo slow. Even the monster. Geez. This video just talked me out of a raptor.

  • brett pollard
    brett pollard 58 minutes ago

    That was a great set of test but you cooked the books with the Jimmy. Didn’t push the Jeep or the G Wagon at all. The first test Jeep should have gotten second. The last test you had the Jeep in snail mode.

  • Whoever Whoever
    Whoever Whoever Hour ago

    After this video, all vehicles go straight to service maintenance, Mercedes - $10000 Jeep - $600 Jimmy - $200

  • Prakicov
    Prakicov Hour ago

    You can put some money in this Suzuki and make it better off road and still it will remain cheaper by a lot

  • Dolachai Ang
    Dolachai Ang Hour ago

    Where the fuck was the off road God, the almighty land cruiser?

  • Rick Harker
    Rick Harker Hour ago

    Idiot comparison.

  • Suvra Bhattacharjee

    I just wanted to ask you Matt why did you slow mid way while driving uphill .On wrangler, in other others 2 u just foot down .. mmmmm

  • benfidar
    benfidar Hour ago

    Mat, can I say, you are the Liliputian god of motor-journalists. Love it!

  • Classiccars Spain

    Chris Harris much better review on the RS family..

  • TonkTheStonk
    TonkTheStonk Hour ago

    The incline test was rigged, you were further back from the hill in the Jimny & G wagon. The jeep was right up against the hill. The maneuverability test was also rigged as the Rubicon comes in a 2 door so that cancels that result. Also you are not a good offroad driver. You almost stuffed up the hill decent test as well.

  • chromatics kent
    chromatics kent Hour ago

    You know what, it’s actually pretty nice

  • Tony Zou
    Tony Zou Hour ago

    This wasn’t fair, you should have put the G-class with the supercharged Range Rover and the Land Cruiser

  • Bignewmie
    Bignewmie Hour ago

    The tight turn is where you should have let the Jeep fail. Having that jeep fail the hill climb made your pre-decided winner way too obvious.

  • The_SaVage
    The_SaVage Hour ago

    Jimny for sure

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Hour ago

    Out of those other vans I think the Mercedes-Benz one is the best

  • Justin Justin
    Justin Justin Hour ago

    I want a jimny but live in the USA

  • Will N
    Will N Hour ago

    You call that an off road the Jeep is untouchable when it comes to off road ability

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Hour ago

    I think Range Rover is the best out of all the cars

  • M. Gat
    M. Gat Hour ago

    Tires. It all comes down to grip. Each unit should have been fitted with the same tire.

  • JD Rincs
    JD Rincs Hour ago

    Jimny should get a + for its price. And because is awesome.

  • Sleeping Assassins

    Best car reviewer


    You should have put all of them the same off road tyres, cause actually the jeep is the only one with off road tyres what gives the wrangler a big advantage

  • NubletPie278
    NubletPie278 Hour ago

    All these cars look overdesigned and hideous except the Discovery which looks weird

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Hour ago

    My least favorite in this video is the jimny

  • Consistently Random

    I live in Japan and I'm going to buy a Jimny next year (April 2020). Just not sure whether to buy the Sierra or the Kei version. On average, the Sierra is about $5k more expensive than the 660cc version. If you don't know what a Kei car is in Japan. Just Google it.

  • LightingComposition

    It’s clear. Why need a very expensive off-roadwe when Jimny can do what these two can? Also, considering Jimny has an on-road tyres.

  • NGABO Yvan
    NGABO Yvan Hour ago

    I go for The BMW

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander Hour ago

    I think the G wagon is the best in this video

  • Michael Lefebvre

    This is the worst show I've ever seen in my life

  • News and Facts
    News and Facts Hour ago

    Ofc it's Mercedes G63 AMG who won every single challenge, god I love this car

  • albatar79
    albatar79 Hour ago

    Well done Matt

  • alfredo molina
    alfredo molina Hour ago

    Jimmy for the price tag

  • Kev Musicluva
    Kev Musicluva Hour ago

    2 doors jeep now ;)

  • JΛMΛ
    JΛMΛ Hour ago

    haven't they made like 20 different 'E-Trons' now??

  • Peter Patina
    Peter Patina Hour ago

    They're all capable cars but no one in their right mind would bush bash a AMG G wagon. Jeeps are really good but let down by shitty reliability but the winner here today is the Jimmy. Now imagine if you raised the suspension up a bit, fit decent off road tyres to it as well as chucking on some diff locks and that Jimny would be unstoppable plus it would still be cheaper than the other two.

  • Neil Bowness
    Neil Bowness Hour ago

    208, not so much for the car but the fact that it’s the first ever car to have 3 power train variants petrol,diesel and electric on the same production line and the platform is the only platform (so far)designed from scratch to be used for both ice and electric ( not bodged together from a parts bin) all three will also be released together.

  • L S
    L S Hour ago

    These "tests" are so dumb and bad....

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill Hour ago

    Great video - enjoyed watching with all my kids 👍🏻

  • john stan
    john stan 2 hours ago

    When all these "car gurus" will understand that the off-road tires are essential when it comes to 4x4 performance? The rubber profile separates the vehicle from the terrain. Everybody falls for the fancy marketing traps that advertise the 4x4 systems. Yes, they are important but if you want to compare apples to apples please use identical tires (ALL-TERRAIN) on all vehicles. As we saw in the video, 585 HP won't make any difference off road. There are just too many factors to consider but everything comes down to pure traction: the friction between the tires and the terrain.

    GOT TALENT T 2 hours ago

    The g is the daddy 😂🌹

  • fredbrackely
    fredbrackely 2 hours ago

    Sorry Matt, but what a total load of Jack-a-nory. On the hill climb you flogged both the Jimny and AMG in 4 high to get up the slope, but you deliberately put the Jeep into 4 Low to crawl up on high revs, were it needed fast forward momentum like the other two. Totally false result. The real result boys and girls - The Jeep Won.

  • Collin Albershardt
    Collin Albershardt 2 hours ago

    I’ll stick to TFL for any off road content lmao

  • Mhamed ben
    Mhamed ben 2 hours ago

    I would love to have the G63 , but because it's very expensive , probably buy the Jeep

  • Tamik TV
    Tamik TV 2 hours ago

    Jimny is a little g wagon

  • Rene Mayuela
    Rene Mayuela 2 hours ago

    Bias test towards jimny in the first place.... By the way jimny still beats the hell out of the 2 cars hehhehhehe.

  • PovilasMarvelousTV
    PovilasMarvelousTV 2 hours ago

    Man, fuck this rigged garbage.

  • Peter Nicholls
    Peter Nicholls 2 hours ago

    It’s..... silent!

  • Herr Von Sinnen
    Herr Von Sinnen 2 hours ago

    it depends on what you want to do. if you're a vet in scotland or on a several months long roadtrip at all terrains, it's the G. if you need to actually get work done in the wild forests of alaska or the outbacks of australia, then it's the jeep. but if you don't have much money to spend, enjoy offroading and go for a hunt now and then, it's the jimny. but let's be honest, jimny is the winner of the hearts.

  • Kent
    Kent 2 hours ago

    When you factor in value for money the Jimny wins hands down.

  • Magne Johansen
    Magne Johansen 2 hours ago

    The JUMNY is the best, for the money

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 2 hours ago

    Agree with the previous comment. How can we judge cars that most of us haven’t driven or even seen inside ? Sorry but this is daft

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 2 hours ago

    Doug demuro is so much better, how’s into more detail, may just does this shit for the money

  • Kensingtang
    Kensingtang 2 hours ago

    This car is basically a Audi A8L with different skin.

  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique 2 hours ago

    Nova York

  • Michael
    Michael 2 hours ago

    Jeep is probably the best choice for off-roading; Jimny is best choice for character; and the G63 for presence, luxury, and daily-drivability as well as off-roading (but has the downside of being super expensive).

  • Joe Phillips
    Joe Phillips 2 hours ago

    Don’t watch this shit, watch Doug demuro

  • Hashbrowniepie
    Hashbrowniepie 2 hours ago

    Hope no one had that on their attainable dream car list.

  • Tim Rogers
    Tim Rogers 2 hours ago

    And the point is?

  • kawazaki h2 r
    kawazaki h2 r 2 hours ago

    جيمي ☺️

  • Talha Oner
    Talha Oner 2 hours ago

    Try the QUATTRO power

  • Eliot Francis
    Eliot Francis 2 hours ago

    Driving with the doors open, how funny! Thanks for your amusing, very detailed video

  • Chris Gramm
    Chris Gramm 2 hours ago

    nissan driver was sleeping

  • Charles Gardiner
    Charles Gardiner 2 hours ago

    Ya know what? I like this f*****g guy! Subscribed. 2011 M3 ZCP E90 Manual

  • Joe Beach
    Joe Beach 2 hours ago

    On first and last test the Jeep was started slowly. Much different result if someone unbiased was driving them

  • msaleh93
    msaleh93 2 hours ago

    I want 🤤🤤

  • Tal Has
    Tal Has 2 hours ago

    12:05 The title said it is Bentley Flying Spur 2020, but in the trunk it said 2019 B 2019 twice. So is it 2020 or 2019 lol