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Try NOT to LAUGH!! - BAD Dad Jokes
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The WORST Gamer RAGE Collection
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  • The Silence2326
    The Silence2326 4 minutes ago

    7:35 Craig: made in China Blizzard: did someone say our proud country’s name?

  • Matt DuGuay
    Matt DuGuay 5 minutes ago

    You best be cherishing your radiation scented giraffe

  • Jacob Hearfield
    Jacob Hearfield 9 minutes ago

    Craig: talking shit about mullets Australians: angry kangaroo noises

  • brittany bank
    brittany bank 13 minutes ago

    I have one of those giraffes and I use it on my stomach when I have cramps because it’s warm and smells good. It really helps.

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart 16 minutes ago

    From now on you shall be known as crig thompwo

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 22 minutes ago


    ASOTFAN16 27 minutes ago

    Dat snare at 7:40 tho XD

  • Rev-4k
    Rev-4k 33 minutes ago

    Olmate is turning into an eshay 🤣🤣

  • Omikias
    Omikias 37 minutes ago

    Should've shown that to Suni

  • Neveroff
    Neveroff 39 minutes ago

    5:03 Hey....Frankenstein is coot. :[ "Frankenstein's monster", ik f*ck off

  • The Silent Antagonist
    The Silent Antagonist 44 minutes ago

    So.. Your name is Crig Tompwo?

  • starwars legend
    starwars legend 48 minutes ago

    Should by things off wish

  • 0sammm0
    0sammm0 52 minutes ago

    It’s a heat pack

  • Lotta Envy
    Lotta Envy Hour ago

    Hey I live in Renton

  • Fml
    Fml Hour ago

    Iphone 11, I thought you were better than this

  • Your Dingo Juan
    Your Dingo Juan Hour ago

    *Mining Lard* *Crag Thompson* *Croog Thompson* *But now...* *CRIG THOMPWO*

  • GamerDude1375
    GamerDude1375 Hour ago

    When you’re so salty you’re nice

  • Kibblesnbits001
    Kibblesnbits001 Hour ago

    I have slippers that I can microwave and they smell like lavender as well. Lovely for my always cold feet.

  • Amethyst Negrete

    Keep that giraffe, that super cute

  • Ruen LS
    Ruen LS Hour ago

    Crig Thompwo!!!!

  • LocoAdroit
    LocoAdroit Hour ago

    400 pounds and given up hope - i feel personally attacked

    GTE GAMING Hour ago

    Play minecraft with it

  • Marcos
    Marcos Hour ago

    Crege crig craig crug creeve what else is there gonna be

  • Titanium Rooster

    You should do weird stuff from Wish next!

  • EraPrestigeX
    EraPrestigeX Hour ago


  • Russell Fairman
    Russell Fairman Hour ago


  • Weebing with Lemon

    Crig where them links at bro?? I need that mullet!! 😂😭

  • Tall Doggo
    Tall Doggo Hour ago


  • not an FBI agent

    I'm a Craigsexual

  • Sporkasaurus 54
    Sporkasaurus 54 Hour ago

    I have that giraffe

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown Hour ago

    If you hate mullets then don't come to Australia

  • Connor EXE
    Connor EXE Hour ago

    me, wondering what ever happened to Asian GF:

  • Aadam Karim-Lodhi


  • parker clark
    parker clark Hour ago

    ah, my favourite youtuber. crig thompwo

  • lilmommie0603
    lilmommie0603 Hour ago


  • Per Ongeluk
    Per Ongeluk Hour ago

    Aahh yes, Crig Thompwo, my favorite youtuber.

  • Infinite E
    Infinite E Hour ago

    Crig Thompwo

  • Tristan the Entertainer


  • Jack Hayes
    Jack Hayes Hour ago

    Craig just made every Australian angry

  • Felix San Miguel
    Felix San Miguel 2 hours ago

    1:49 dr. Pill 😂😂😂😂

  • WhiteWizard03
    WhiteWizard03 2 hours ago

    This shit weird ass hell

    THE MEX 2 hours ago

    Belly button

  • Antisepticeye
    Antisepticeye 2 hours ago


  • Lords of Pizza
    Lords of Pizza 2 hours ago

    Those belly fanny packs are everywhere in Michigan

  • LoganDoesStuff
    LoganDoesStuff 2 hours ago

    Oh Nice Bag What’s It Made Out Of Oh You Know My Cat 😳

  • TheFlamingWolf
    TheFlamingWolf 2 hours ago

    Do wish next you’ll be surprised how many weird items there are

  • Static Wolf
    Static Wolf 2 hours ago

    I was never pure

  • alien skeasa
    alien skeasa 2 hours ago

    I only got 7 wrong

  • Ezra De B-roeder
    Ezra De B-roeder 2 hours ago

    Craig:buys lazar keyboard Types his real name:Grig Thompswo

  • Hype Nyan cat
    Hype Nyan cat 2 hours ago

    7:00 SSundee childhood Minecraft video flashbacks*

  • Caiden Tafoya
    Caiden Tafoya 2 hours ago

    I laughed at 2:30

  • cm_crafts 13579
    cm_crafts 13579 2 hours ago

    Hełlô is this Crig Thompwo?

  • Kalavazah the Rocketeer

    Collab with Davie504 to make pizza and spaghetti

  • Strictly Fate
    Strictly Fate 2 hours ago

    Yo, renton washington. That's dope, im right next to there lol.

  • AoK
    AoK 2 hours ago

    Crig Thompwo

  • LeoPlayz978
    LeoPlayz978 3 hours ago

    Weirdest Fiverr services that you can purchase

  • Connor Talbot
    Connor Talbot 3 hours ago

    weirdest dog toys next?

  • JJ Nicho1s
    JJ Nicho1s 3 hours ago

    this is my favorite crig thompwo video

  • Crazy Boy Shadow
    Crazy Boy Shadow 3 hours ago

    Can we please get some more of this

  • Breauster65 Breau
    Breauster65 Breau 3 hours ago

    Do you all remember those bean bags you microwave to heat up, like those rubber bags you put hot water in. Cause that giraffe reminded me of it

  • Heck me
    Heck me 3 hours ago

    Crig Thompwo, my favourite youtuber

  • Cyanide Gaming
    Cyanide Gaming 3 hours ago

    You can never have enough Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets-Craig Thompson 2019

  • Austin Blake
    Austin Blake 3 hours ago

    5:06 I really thought it was emotion. I sat there for two minutes while he was guessing talking about how right I was 🤣

  • larissa marlow
    larissa marlow 3 hours ago

    Mans look like an eshay

  • PanakinAnakin
    PanakinAnakin 3 hours ago

    Crig thompwo!

  • Gianna Annese
    Gianna Annese 3 hours ago


  • Narune Watercrest
    Narune Watercrest 3 hours ago

    So Markiplier's alternate ego is Darkiplier...can Craig's please be Crig Thompwo?

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare 3 hours ago

    you should cook that giraffe it might be better that way

  • Jolo Xp
    Jolo Xp 3 hours ago

    I NEED this book. I WANT this book. I LOVE this book.

  • Bubbles !
    Bubbles ! 3 hours ago

    Crig Thompwo.

  • Drew Severtson
    Drew Severtson 3 hours ago

    You should go on wish

  • RoyalVanoss555
    RoyalVanoss555 3 hours ago

    Look up Craggy Cliffs

  • Conrad Heil
    Conrad Heil 3 hours ago

    I've had that keyboard before lmao

  • The Purple Rabbit
    The Purple Rabbit 3 hours ago

    1st one reminds me of Mathias/dope or nope

  • Xzavier Villarreal
    Xzavier Villarreal 3 hours ago


  • hi gay i'm dad
    hi gay i'm dad 3 hours ago

    Ah, my favorite FLASH-PLAYER creator Crig Thompwo

  • Ash Duthie
    Ash Duthie 3 hours ago

    I can always count on you to cheer me up after getting robbed

  • Gatto Filming
    Gatto Filming 3 hours ago


  • Atomic Megalodon
    Atomic Megalodon 3 hours ago

    *C R I G*

    IT'STHEKiNGCHAos 4 hours ago

    Mini: Human made out of human parts Me: You don't say.

  • Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate


  • Fredbear Delamater
    Fredbear Delamater 4 hours ago

    Giraffe be hearing MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM His entire life...

  • Carbon6502
    Carbon6502 4 hours ago

    Ah! It’s my favorite FLASH-PLAYERr Craig Thompson... ...oh sorry: CRIG THOMPWO

  • Mason Mefford
    Mason Mefford 4 hours ago

    What kind pc do you use

  • driftnick
    driftnick 4 hours ago

    Ah yes, my favorite youtuber, *Crig Thompwo*

  • Eddie quick3g
    Eddie quick3g 4 hours ago

    9:29 me when I see it normal 😐

  • LightishRedGummi
    LightishRedGummi 4 hours ago

    _craig if that's how you feel about mullets don't go near kpop (not that you likely would anyway)_

  • zombievlogs 935
    zombievlogs 935 4 hours ago

    3:14 legit how I reacted when I first looked up porn.

  • Rias Whillier
    Rias Whillier 4 hours ago

    My favourite part is at 6:07

  • AffableAussie
    AffableAussie 4 hours ago

    Crig Thompwo

  • Storm Wolf 315
    Storm Wolf 315 4 hours ago

    I like microwaves

  • Andrey .Heinrich
    Andrey .Heinrich 4 hours ago

    Mini be like "Shwasheneger"

  • SilentSignal 989
    SilentSignal 989 4 hours ago

    You should do weirdest items on Craigslist

  • James Hay
    James Hay 4 hours ago

    1:03 Arnold Shwarshenegger?

  • Dominik Schweiger
    Dominik Schweiger 4 hours ago

    I'm from Germany and I'm feeling disceiminated

  • Bluefiregaming 90
    Bluefiregaming 90 4 hours ago

    Hot watwobble

  • yui's summer channel

    Yo he really does look like Trevor tho

  • Solar Night
    Solar Night 4 hours ago

    At 4:00 min, aren't all humans made out of human parts already lol

  • Legit Gaming
    Legit Gaming 4 hours ago

    Look at shaped Cheetos on eBay