Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
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  • A You
    A You 6 hours ago

    The mouse was there to collect his debt they killed him loll

  • Chloe
    Chloe 6 hours ago

    Love how Gordon does family therapy sessions as well on this show 😂

  • Donovan
    Donovan 6 hours ago

    I first thought gordon threw someone out the window

  • Portsouth
    Portsouth 6 hours ago

    The waitresses and waiters are always so sweet bearing with Gordon

  • kinfmin
    kinfmin 6 hours ago

    Owner looks like YandereDev.

  • Terrell.
    Terrell. 6 hours ago

    Luckily here in America there’s food regulations.. and cleaning inspections in which you gotta be up to code

  • Gustavo Souza
    Gustavo Souza 6 hours ago

    Gordon always order crab cakes!

  • vatsal bass
    vatsal bass 6 hours ago

    I think if it were upto gordan, he wouldve fried the sous chef's head off at the very moment XD... u know...just to sterilize it

  • Ryan Droubi
    Ryan Droubi 6 hours ago

    gordon’s kisses be so moist 😂😂😂😂

  • Asen Keel
    Asen Keel 6 hours ago

    She deserves cancer.

  • Gyrator Gilles
    Gyrator Gilles 6 hours ago

    2:10 this stinks....... "im sorry" it was like gordy was eating out her droopy 45 year old twat that looks like roast beef with lettuce.

  • Allen Reeder
    Allen Reeder 6 hours ago

    That's sad. At least the old man is giving it all he knows at the moment come on everyone.

  • Thibault Palix
    Thibault Palix 6 hours ago

    She definitly vote for Hillary Clinton

  • Tanay Gibbs
    Tanay Gibbs 6 hours ago


  • Rokkcher 185
    Rokkcher 185 6 hours ago

    Enserio el asento de carla es muuuuuy gracioso XD

  • Rokkcher 185
    Rokkcher 185 6 hours ago

    Yo soy latino y...... se nota que esta chica llego alli mas o menos una semana escuchen el asento XD 3:00

  • bunmin !
    bunmin ! 6 hours ago


  • Lori Gagliano
    Lori Gagliano 6 hours ago

    That cannoli is weeks old I would know made them too many times

  • Omer Sorgucu
    Omer Sorgucu 6 hours ago

    Fooking wanker

  • Gyrator Gilles
    Gyrator Gilles 6 hours ago

    i hate how brian sticks his gros tongue out. It looks like a dogs penis


    Jesus,that lasagna what is it? Its is shit for me I want to be achef like Gordon Ramsay

  • John Sully
    John Sully 6 hours ago

    Chef: drops his iPhone 11 Chef:"fell"...*walks away* Ramsay: dude u left ur iPhone on ground. Chef: yeah Ramsay: have it back! Chef: its okay...ill get another one Ramsay:wut....👁👁

  • Dave Lion
    Dave Lion 6 hours ago

    What a man Brian is

  • Dominic Vega
    Dominic Vega 7 hours ago

    That guys face expressions in the background😂

  • wolverine
    wolverine 7 hours ago

    What Episode was this?

  • Jatt's Opinion
    Jatt's Opinion 7 hours ago

    Fukin idiot.." my foods not that bad , I eat it " ....prick !!+

  • Wiket
    Wiket 7 hours ago

    Wait, how come they have someone who works there just to present deserts, and they cant even have them made fresh, makes 0 sense....

  • Lonely Cat
    Lonely Cat 7 hours ago

    Wait did she just say that the butter is used to cover the mold

  • Zacky Santiago
    Zacky Santiago 7 hours ago

    The lady owner act so stupid,

  • Sam Wilhoit
    Sam Wilhoit 7 hours ago

    1 owner understands and the other just whines

  • Dujhauni Official
    Dujhauni Official 7 hours ago

    Am i the only one who think the owner is fine as hell?

  • X KingGrim X
    X KingGrim X 7 hours ago

    I guess he's not up to be a cowboy

  • H A C C
    H A C C 7 hours ago

    Oh look, a typical karen

  • m00dyb1ues
    m00dyb1ues 7 hours ago

    bruh, am I the only one that can’t tell if some foods are frozen or not?

  • xxιтz_кαιтнxx

    lack of people means food tastes bad

  • William Riddick
    William Riddick 7 hours ago

    checkmate You all know where that’s from

  • valerietv
    valerietv 7 hours ago

    Fuqing doNut

  • aola wili
    aola wili 7 hours ago

    Me: that pizza looks nice Gordon: It's too greasy Me: that pizza looks disgusting

  • kaerbear
    kaerbear 7 hours ago

    He won't just critique your food, he will critique your entire existence.

  • Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton 7 hours ago

    What difference does it make if it’s better than 6 months ago? It’s sh-t now! Ramsey’s not there to stroke this guys ego. But to save his business.

  • Revi Febrianto
    Revi Febrianto 7 hours ago

    Another asshole "wahmen" play as a victim..."I can't control him" my ass...she's the one who uncontrollable....😑 just get lost you wahmen...

  • Flower Petal
    Flower Petal 7 hours ago

    I feel she maybe thought it was the first segment of the show, where everyone complain about the food??

  • Michael C.
    Michael C. 7 hours ago

    It was revenge for every food item, and a lot of other things. And there was nothing that we could do about it, food was a made man and Chef mike wasn’t.

  • joehoe222
    joehoe222 7 hours ago

    Not the worst one, the restaurant in NYC from first season was the worst ever.

    POOP POP 7 hours ago

    Ever owner ever Gordon come help us Gordon: u need to change Owner: Fuck u

  • kaerbear
    kaerbear 7 hours ago

    When you're such a blonde bimbo you can't even get a decent meal ticket. What a moron. She acts like a 12 year old.

  • Mama ko
    Mama ko 7 hours ago

    Rotten tomatoes "I don't think it's a problem" Bruh.

  • Brandon 888
    Brandon 888 7 hours ago

    What episode was this one?

  • Lionxheart
    Lionxheart 7 hours ago

    Who eats pizza with a fork?

  • Pelayo Agag
    Pelayo Agag 7 hours ago

    I mean to be honest, it would have taken all of Gordon's power to say it's terrible when the old lady asked how the red velvet cake tasted

  • A T
    A T 7 hours ago

    You toss that fucking cabbage one more time, I'm gonna ram up your ass ok, LMAO😂🤣🤭

  • Otis Chan
    Otis Chan 7 hours ago

    "When I first started here, we cut up a leg of veal. I'm still waiting to serve it" LOLLLLL

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 7 hours ago

    This is why I stay faaaar away from short haired women 😂

  • AZV9
    AZV9 7 hours ago

    I knew what ‘soup of the day’ meant when I was 5, younger. This owner had to get told by Gordon Ramsay.

  • kaerbear
    kaerbear 7 hours ago

    The portions are yuge!

  • -DivineSky -
    -DivineSky - 7 hours ago


  • john smith
    john smith 7 hours ago

    I had to go puke at 1.29 and im just watching !

  • Landon Lightwood
    Landon Lightwood 7 hours ago

    looks like the pigeon is the only fresh thing there.

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchez 7 hours ago

    The cook needs to taste what they make 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • PlutoTheGod
    PlutoTheGod 7 hours ago

    Literally the filthiest lobster tank ever even red lobster can keep the shit maintained

  • equaldigits
    equaldigits 7 hours ago

    Cringed how everyone at the end says Arigato besides the japanese lol

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor 7 hours ago

    A taste of shitily.

  • Riley Draws
    Riley Draws 7 hours ago

    Its like she watched hells kitchen once and assumed she knows what she's doing

  • RandomGamer 218
    RandomGamer 218 7 hours ago

    I feel like they pan fried the water also

  • Michael Matta
    Michael Matta 7 hours ago

    Gen acts like a kid smh

  • Y.M - Edits
    Y.M - Edits 7 hours ago

    *LOVE* her reaction when he said that the burger was delicious.

  • squiffedallday
    squiffedallday 7 hours ago

    Ramsay trumps shit up. That pizza looked fire

    • aola wili
      aola wili 7 hours ago

      Tearing you apart for your mistakes , he ain't gonna walk up into a kitchen and go off just to do it he's gonna have a reason to tear you apart

  • Yusuf Hatunoglu
    Yusuf Hatunoglu 7 hours ago

    The Title kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sarah Brooks
    Sarah Brooks 7 hours ago

    The owner said frozen ravioli is not that bad! Surely going to a restaurant is a treat?

  • Shakz Pro
    Shakz Pro 7 hours ago

    When you realise chef Ramsey said to a woman get back in the kitchen

  • Lipton Red
    Lipton Red 7 hours ago


  • ScrubSenpai101
    ScrubSenpai101 7 hours ago

    For display? Has he never seen fake plastic food for display?

  • Sushii Sucks
    Sushii Sucks 7 hours ago

    Soooo nobody’s gonna talk abt how she put Doritos in collard greens

  • XxXconnorXxXT
    XxXconnorXxXT 7 hours ago

    . . . ..............2:50 ............

  • Tony Lawlor
    Tony Lawlor 8 hours ago

    The fights among the owners, a put up job. Ramsey must be served more RAW food than anyone on the planet.

  • george_ie_boy
    george_ie_boy 8 hours ago

    "I'm 64 years old" *less than a minute later* "I'm 64 years old"

  • MissPumpkin91
    MissPumpkin91 8 hours ago

    If he think pizza must have a thin dough then he doesnt know Pizza from Firenze, Italy.

  • Toya Bee
    Toya Bee 8 hours ago

    Is she on something

  • Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord

    The husband is debating which would be tastier. His wifes cooking, or the barrel of his shotgun. 1:15

  • Hot Shotgun
    Hot Shotgun 8 hours ago

    Ngl that first pizza looks tasty af

  • Cool Stuff 721
    Cool Stuff 721 8 hours ago

    Amy looks like if my American History teacher lost weight and had a little bit less resting bitch face. Lol

  • Daniel
    Daniel 8 hours ago

    I like how a lot of times the chef seems to know what the proper procedures should be, but the owner sticks rules up his ass.

  • Homeless Camera
    Homeless Camera 8 hours ago

    The thumbnail looks like a mini hamster in a tortilla

  • Corey Hudgins
    Corey Hudgins 8 hours ago


  • kaltan vs Naruto
    kaltan vs Naruto 8 hours ago

    1:27 when I am getting a Ladgendery but miss it.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 8 hours ago

    Tikki platter? Shitty platter 😂

  • Mufz
    Mufz 8 hours ago


  • Alisa Johns
    Alisa Johns 8 hours ago

    Read the description. If you do or have, you’re welcome.

  • Terry Abdul-Rahman
    Terry Abdul-Rahman 8 hours ago

    Stop shooting your chickens, with prawns😂.

  • john folsom
    john folsom 8 hours ago

    Lobster starts growing bacteria the minute it dies.

  • zoretka
    zoretka 8 hours ago

    What restaurant is this?

  • 74wess
    74wess 8 hours ago

    I'm traumatized

  • John Eisley Tiu
    John Eisley Tiu 8 hours ago

    Lmao cutie 3:03

  • _.MIN._. MIN._
    _.MIN._. MIN._ 8 hours ago

    You have to be brave to talk about *FOOD* with Gordon when you cant even organize your ingredients

  • Miss Madeline
    Miss Madeline 8 hours ago

    That looks good..says my munchies;)

  • HeyMyLifeIsLibby
    HeyMyLifeIsLibby 8 hours ago

    “Chef Ramsay hasn’t tasted a classic pizza before.” Ya, bruh. Clearly you haven’t either. 😂😂😂

  • NooBlikePrO YT
    NooBlikePrO YT 8 hours ago

    *am i the only one who thinks jean is the female version of beetlejuice*

  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali 8 hours ago

    A quick an easy way how to not get killed Don’t Ramsey look in your fridge

  • Holley Anne
    Holley Anne 8 hours ago

    that pizza looked fire tho lowkey