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The WORST BURGERS On Kitchen Nightmares
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  • baddlylady.chicamala
    baddlylady.chicamala 11 minutes ago

    What he didn't keep the glasses on

  • Luis Blas
    Luis Blas 12 minutes ago

    Off cámara, Ramsey would have destroyed her?

  • Heydudeyahbro
    Heydudeyahbro 15 minutes ago

    Are they in Amador County in CA? Because besides like 2 or 3 restaurants, everything is garbage barf bag food.

  • spring Bonnie
    spring Bonnie 18 minutes ago

    It's row

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith 19 minutes ago

    I don't know what's more shocking about the cowboy burger. The fact that Gordon couldn't eat it without a fork because the top bun was too small or the fact that it was also bland. LOL

  • YENA
    YENA 21 minute ago

    owner: *talks about selling the place* Gordon: excuse me? owner: i was talking to Rico. it has nothing to do with you Gordon: eXcUSe mE?

  • SJ Rose
    SJ Rose 23 minutes ago

    All the foods look tasty

  • Łĕxï Šãbèľ
    Łĕxï Šãbèľ 26 minutes ago

    IM n0t tHAt stUpiD iTs juSt THAt WHat i undERstoOd... Me-😐uhh huh

  • XxPheonix Amv
    XxPheonix Amv 26 minutes ago

    Eh Gordon is kinda picky I think anybody else would like that pizza but that was a shit ton of grease though

  • ella ramos
    ella ramos 35 minutes ago

    Who eats pizza with fork?

  • IICadeII
    IICadeII 35 minutes ago

    Why does this channel keep recycling clips? There has to be a shitton to choose from... seen this one in like 4 different videos

  • CupcatAJ
    CupcatAJ 36 minutes ago

    Now I know where they get the term "heart attack on a bun" from

  • Jollytapestry .C
    Jollytapestry .C 36 minutes ago

    And? So do I.

  • Taka Brute
    Taka Brute 37 minutes ago

    The last restaurant had a great turn around. I wonder how it is doing now

  • Diego Cartwright
    Diego Cartwright 37 minutes ago

    “Raw chicken is not safe to eat - it could lead to food poisoning. ... “Consuming raw chicken can lead to illness from campylobacter, salmonella and E. coli. Symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, and fever. In some cases, these bugs can lead to serious conditions.”

    JULIA DIAS DE MURILLO 38 minutes ago

    Owner: I LoOk LiKe a EfFiNG PRinCeSs RiGhT Me: Princesses don't look like over weight pigs in a outfit that barley fits them..

  • Burnflesh82
    Burnflesh82 45 minutes ago

    Looks like a nutty feminist rofl

  • Joe Beram
    Joe Beram 45 minutes ago

    Ungrateful guys......they could've benefitted greatly if they weren't arrogant pricks

  • thejonathan130
    thejonathan130 46 minutes ago

    i'M SIxtY FouR YeArS Ol'

  • Orsy Velasquez
    Orsy Velasquez 49 minutes ago

    soulless food. they need help, they need... NINOOOO! lol

  • Tj Afaese
    Tj Afaese 50 minutes ago

    You used the word "fucken" lmao

  • DJ TrAShOS
    DJ TrAShOS 54 minutes ago

    she's going full clown mode

  • Captain Virtu
    Captain Virtu 55 minutes ago

    She likes saying that she’s 64 years old a lot

  • Gratitude Guru
    Gratitude Guru 57 minutes ago

    Gordon : what about my lunch? 😂😂

  • Joey Chung
    Joey Chung 57 minutes ago

    People swear they a cheeseburger but they walkin around with no cheese

  • Buck Fuddy
    Buck Fuddy 58 minutes ago

    What would make ANYONE thinks it's ok for desserts to sit out for MOnTHS, then SERVE it???? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Monet Williams
    Monet Williams Hour ago

    Can We All Agree That The Waitress Is Cute As Hell?

  • Okay Curt
    Okay Curt Hour ago

    Well I personally didn’t know Rachel Maddow ran a restaurant before she became an op-ed commentator on television.


    Chef Ramsey must have so many cases of food poisoning under belt by now

  • Kaitlin Hudson
    Kaitlin Hudson Hour ago

    That slimy sound effect when he rakes through the food kills me 😂😂😂

  • Sergio Aren Buenaventura



    Gordon Ramsey: How long has this dessert been sitting out for? Waitress: eh..couple of months Gordon Ramsey: *_say sike right now_*

  • 🤡Pierrot🤡
    🤡Pierrot🤡 Hour ago

    At Wal-Mart, a long time ago, I saw a lobster eating another lobster.

  • YeetMcSkeet_Alora

    "I think you'd be one of those customers that I'd fire immediately", bitch.. I will knock your f*cking ass from lesbian to straight. STFU

  • Blacky Chan
    Blacky Chan Hour ago

    Chappy took a crappy I'm my gumbo!🤣💀

  • Ryan Riel
    Ryan Riel Hour ago

    No soup for you

  • Abdiel J. Aponte

    Gordon’s Voice Is So Satisfactory To Hear. except when he scream 🙂

  • Vaishnavi Mahant

    can someone count and tell me how many times the fuc** word is uttered?

  • ROMNICK Itoy
    ROMNICK Itoy Hour ago

    Im 64,im a medium rare girl

  • youtube_user_77
    youtube_user_77 Hour ago

    Where are all the NINO comments?

  • isubforkush 613
    isubforkush 613 Hour ago

    "The chicken is suppose to be dry" you should not own a restaurant

  • Bulletenio
    Bulletenio Hour ago

    It was a funeral in my mouth. That’s what she said

  • CalebTheCashew
    CalebTheCashew Hour ago

    "Im gonna start crying" *camera immediately zooms in*

  • Mauricio José Osuna

    1:33 Old man almost having a heart attack after being shown some kindness

  • Qist13
    Qist13 Hour ago

    Typo in the title

  • Shlokplayz2008 Gurjal

    Gordon: german Kiki: yes Gordon: I don’t speak german but good to know 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Charles Baker
    Charles Baker Hour ago

    No (Fuck You Bitch). Gordon Ramsay is a truthful and very respectful cook even nice enough to try to help you and you cuss him like a dog. Hope your business goes out of business four eyed disrespectful bitch.

  • Sebastian Vargas

    You leave your job on the job, fine. You give someone non finger food and not give them a fork, you’re going to jail for life

  • Junior Gaming
    Junior Gaming Hour ago

    Everyone of Gordon Ramsey’s videos always has to just have one swear

  • Jesus Christ Denton

    I've heard a lot of stupid shit but "fresh frozen out of the can" is in the Top 5.

  • eden
    eden Hour ago

    ah yes band chicken

  • Lyric X
    Lyric X Hour ago

    Why would you even ask what did he say about a dish you guys don't even make lol?

  • Ricardo Rodrigues

    "Brieer" "Crieer?" "Briiiieeer" "Krieaeer" Something like that

  • Captain Fordo
    Captain Fordo Hour ago

    Scott definitely porked her that night.

  • johnnycatR58
    johnnycatR58 Hour ago

    Fucking cunt really ordered food for herself during dinner service? Damn

  • Rozz
    Rozz Hour ago

    Her sentences don't link right. It just doesn't make sense.

  • Fishing the Salty South

    This dude know how to “fuck a elk and buffalo”

  • World Traveller
    World Traveller Hour ago

    Ima be honest. Just looking at the owner and that lady with the bleached hair. They LOOK nasty. I would never wanna eat from them....not even knowing what their restaurant was like behind the scenes

  • TheLocalLt
    TheLocalLt Hour ago

    I mean it’s more of an aesthetic thing where you don’t want the customer’s food on the floor, because it was being deep fried it doesn’t really matter.

  • Paul Di Pietro
    Paul Di Pietro Hour ago

    Full episode? Pretty good argument at the end I wanna see the rest.

  • Adrianoiz Veloso

    Jamaican restaurant, video is 4:20 minutes long Nice

  • Pat
    Pat Hour ago

    the outro had the Nino bit 😂 it was a perfect end to everything

  • Jim MoeFoe
    Jim MoeFoe Hour ago

    What episode is this? Where do I watch this full?

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 hours ago

    To be honest. That woman was an annoyance. Women should be quiet.

  • Retro Crow
    Retro Crow 2 hours ago

    When i saw the owner with the trolley I was like no no no no all wrong

  • Trivas  Palmer
    Trivas Palmer 2 hours ago

    Gordon: its rotten....its fucking rotteeeeeeen!! **I died**

  • Nico Herrera
    Nico Herrera 2 hours ago

    1:17 nervous laugh HAHAHAHA

  • Robby Darmawan
    Robby Darmawan 2 hours ago

    He is chinese not japanese maybe..

  • calipdis2
    calipdis2 2 hours ago

    Is ALWAYS the food...

  • michael le
    michael le 2 hours ago

    i will fk with you, you stupid little ass bitch i will fuck with you * big sean remix

  • FBI Train
    FBI Train 2 hours ago

    the only thing samy says is fuck you

  • jackie zhong
    jackie zhong 2 hours ago

    how do I swear sexily like Gordon ramsay

  • Hydro
    Hydro 2 hours ago

    I just love how when americans are so shit they start insulting a persons nationality because of the type of food he criticized.

  • sona kupelian
    sona kupelian 2 hours ago

    Amy is the perfect example of kids don’t do drugs.

  • I Nemisis l
    I Nemisis l 2 hours ago

    Kraft mac n cheese is good when your poor to be fair

  • Angelique
    Angelique 2 hours ago

    Ah fuck yesterday 😂 these chefs can’t be serious day old food and everything microwaved 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • TheMaskedOne
    TheMaskedOne 2 hours ago

    I mean who wants to get served Dry, Band, and Cold chicken?

  • itsme mamad
    itsme mamad 2 hours ago

    What was that 2nd Ad 😂😂

  • BTSxARMYforever
    BTSxARMYforever 2 hours ago

    Gordon:Im not here for this Me:Then why the fuck you there Gordon Edit: Owner:If it was me I would be down there with a toothbrush Me:BOY IT IS YOU,YOU ARE THE FUCKING OWNER!! More Edit: Other Owner:Nobody Around here wants to work nobody Me:Oh fuck me then you dont want to work?!ShIT this place is real messed up

  • Ruth Rodriguez
    Ruth Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    That guys an asshole

  • Krayzie
    Krayzie 2 hours ago

    "Frutte de mare"?? For fucks sakes americans, it's Frutti di mare you dumbfucks, do not butcher the language like you butcher the food.

  • Paula Catlover
    Paula Catlover 2 hours ago

    Soup of the week thing is one of the most mild things to argue over I've ever seen in one of Ramsay's shows.

  • Keny_ productions 123

    3:07 *me too buddy*

  • Farrar
    Farrar 2 hours ago

    What season and episode is this?

  • Youexterminated
    Youexterminated 2 hours ago

    memes after area 51 raid: SHARE A COKE WITH A NARUTO RUNNER

  • Mind GAMES
    Mind GAMES 2 hours ago

    Gordon ramsay should retire and go home and eat his raisin brand cereal XD

  • Lochlan Penrose
    Lochlan Penrose 2 hours ago

    Is it me or does the owner kinda sound like kripke from tbbt

  • Jishan
    Jishan 2 hours ago

    16:51 😍

  • NarutowreckerxxX23
    NarutowreckerxxX23 2 hours ago


  • hotel? trivago.
    hotel? trivago. 2 hours ago

    If y’all didn’t need help, Gordon wouldn’t be there. absolute idiots.

  • planeshift
    planeshift 2 hours ago

    whats a band chicken

  • Dennis Ac-ac
    Dennis Ac-ac 2 hours ago

    The food was actually great, Gordon was just being a dick like always.

  • Fortnite DAILY MASTER

    Hey the chicken is so wet how is that dry ramsay i think ur tongue is dry 😂😂

  • Louis Meikle
    Louis Meikle 2 hours ago

    We are not worthy . Wtf

  • Catfrejs UwU
    Catfrejs UwU 2 hours ago

    *hes just WaKOooooOoOOoOoo* that killed me XD 1:58

  • Frank Fring
    Frank Fring 2 hours ago

    After watching these vids I Don't think that I want to eat out at a restaurant ever again

  • Khalid Alamin
    Khalid Alamin 2 hours ago


  • Bre ad
    Bre ad 2 hours ago

    They should included a 1 week accommodation in an hospital for the lucky couples

  • Lucas H
    Lucas H 2 hours ago

    they all try to act so dumb lol

  • Atharva Patalay
    Atharva Patalay 2 hours ago

    8:51 : you are so in denial you need... NINO!! Me: nice editing