Kitchen Nightmares
Kitchen Nightmares
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  • [OCB]
    [OCB] 35 seconds ago

    Me: can we stop at home for some pasta? Mom: there's pasta at the restaurant Pasta at the restaurant:

    THE PASSION FRUIT 45 seconds ago

    Gordan: “what is that!” Woman: LoOkS lIkE tHe PaDdInGs Of My BrA”

  • Galaxy The Fox
    Galaxy The Fox Minute ago

    Maybe he meant... felreshly frozen from out of a can? Idk

  • Alukard TheDeathknight
    Alukard TheDeathknight 3 minutes ago

    I'd rather get flake, onion rings from a fish and chips shop slap that in bakers delight bread

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor 6 minutes ago

    0:12 Immigrants?

  • FÊNRÎR 1
    FÊNRÎR 1 7 minutes ago

    Leave it! Leave it!! Leave it!!! Just fucking leave it!!!

  • Anomaly Inc
    Anomaly Inc 7 minutes ago

    When Ramsay says you made it like mums thats a fuckin compliment right there

  • lili ks
    lili ks 15 minutes ago

    warm oysters is good when cooked well , and by a french chef

  • Rica Ivory
    Rica Ivory 16 minutes ago

    Girl, you barely even smelled it an you hacking like you ate it 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Josh Philander
    Josh Philander 19 minutes ago

    "Thank fuck I dont serve mine like that" 😂

  • Weston Bourgeois
    Weston Bourgeois 26 minutes ago

    The sound she makes when she gives home the sloppy toppy

  • Ray c
    Ray c 27 minutes ago

    What kind of arse eats pizza with a fork and knife...

  • the zeddman
    the zeddman 27 minutes ago

    When Ramsay does the "you ,you and you", youre fucked.

  • Brandon Silivaai
    Brandon Silivaai 29 minutes ago

    The guy from human centipede

  • PT2
    PT2 31 minute ago

    All customers become food critics when theres a camera pointing at them 😂

  • Jawanna Man
    Jawanna Man 33 minutes ago

    Where’s the lamb SAUCE!!!

  • Ax.Discord
    Ax.Discord 36 minutes ago

    Oh fuck that’s bad

  • Dan Lutfi
    Dan Lutfi 43 minutes ago

    0:02 the guy's answer sounds like an edited sound effect

  • Filip Dąbrowski
    Filip Dąbrowski 45 minutes ago

    "Cameltoe mafia" 😂😂😂

  • Mustafa Naji
    Mustafa Naji 45 minutes ago

    Gordan Ramsay: And whats with the water that I ordered? Gen: Whats wrong with the water? Gordan Ramsay: It's dry! Gen: I am a dry girl.

  • Limbo _
    Limbo _ 46 minutes ago

    Gordon: “did you have duck” “I’m so sorry” Man: 👀 👄

  • sum random kid
    sum random kid 46 minutes ago

    Gordon Ramsay literaly just held the pizza sideways and all the toppings fell off WoW I dIDn't ThInK tHaT wOuLd HaPpEn

  • Michael Pass
    Michael Pass 47 minutes ago

    "Dude!" Teenager?

  • Zak Cochrane
    Zak Cochrane 48 minutes ago

    Scotland’s got better air than any other country in the world

  • Atomk
    Atomk 52 minutes ago

    I think Jenn might Be a gold digger.

  • Hazza
    Hazza 52 minutes ago

    His wife is so extra...

  • that one asian dude
    that one asian dude 55 minutes ago

    Gordon is like my mom when she enters my room and she reacts like gordon when gordon when in the freezer

  • André Hercules de Fleury

    I really hate how the wife acts. She looks like the typical Karen.

  • Makayla Rae
    Makayla Rae Hour ago

    Me trying to figure out what fresh frozen out of a can means:

  • dpress
    dpress Hour ago

    idk why but i feel hungry and want to eat something every time i watch gordon

  • Jack Pfister
    Jack Pfister Hour ago

    Damn Gordon likes to get his hands naughty

  • jakoob
    jakoob Hour ago

    2:50 “It looks like the padding of my bra” Nice

  • nikita
    nikita Hour ago

    I bet she had no problem throwing up

  • Mayya Ssb
    Mayya Ssb Hour ago

    I love how the waiters/waitresses are just happy to tell the horrible truth with all the details and are just beaming when they hear the bad feedback and are impatient to tell it to the person who cooked it. Like wow!

  • Alpha
    Alpha Hour ago

    This is our school cafeteria

  • B R I C K.
    B R I C K. Hour ago

    That guy looks like a witch transfigured a warthog into a person

  • Deeve Sid Phillips

    Gordon: Jen! Where's Jen? Jen: Ugggghhh... Errrkkk!!!

  • Roland Lee
    Roland Lee Hour ago

    The food is always the problem. There are no restaurants with food in the 9's that are struggling.

  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart Hour ago

    Gordon always waits for half of dinner service to be done to go into the walk-in.

  • Citavalo
    Citavalo Hour ago

    If I criticize it, it comes back with spit and stuff. But when they get to criticize it, they don’t get it? What’s going on?

  • Boo Hoo
    Boo Hoo Hour ago

    This chef is delusional

  • Gaming KnockeR
    Gaming KnockeR Hour ago


  • Having Tea With the Devil

    Seems like they were headed for divorce long before this restaurant.

  • Pussy
    Pussy Hour ago

    Stop stuffing your bra you bitches #FalseAdvertising #MakeBoobsGreatAgain

  • Pussy
    Pussy Hour ago

    Stop stuffing your bra you bitches

  • Ker Evans
    Ker Evans Hour ago

    I think gordon is too picky.The pizza with grease sounds pretty delicious!!

  • superwaiyaN
    superwaiyaN Hour ago

    That guy must take some serious shit from those two. Can they come off any worse.

  • Rinalds Awesomeness178 Gaming

    id rather starve than eat shit

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Stuffed clams with no clams? *So it's stuffing*

  • Tiramisu Desu
    Tiramisu Desu Hour ago

    I like how Gordon Ramsey is always nice to the waiters and waitresses. Especially the ones made out of sunshine. I just started to binge watch this series.

  • Death Angel
    Death Angel Hour ago

    OK, better to be a fool once than your entire life, so... Why is that way of defrosting lethal? I am an ignorant in this and I want to know the answer to be really cautious about it.

  • Stephanie loveCandiceDelong

    Omg when she hides behind the curtain lol,I laugh

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    *Hears Chicken* It asks for moisture not the desert

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Fresh food always in Jamaica Dr Morris: No No Listen not everything in Jamaica is fresh *Jamaica* Would like to know your location

  • Matthew Lord
    Matthew Lord 2 hours ago

    This is where I found out oysters are meant to be served cold?

  • DaminionC
    DaminionC 2 hours ago

    Jennifer is the death of us

  • Aziel Asano
    Aziel Asano 2 hours ago

    Waitress a cutie doe

  • Alukard TheDeathknight

    Chef Mike does the most job quiet the zapper

  • Utkarsh Satya Prakash

    Why do the ugliest men have the prettiest wives ?

  • LittleRoter
    LittleRoter 2 hours ago

    She just can't accept the change, she is like my grandma. She can't throw away her 65 year old wardrobe, cuz she loves it.

  • Nikhil Menezes
    Nikhil Menezes 2 hours ago

    Commitment level 100

  • Nol See
    Nol See 2 hours ago

    Okay that owner is officially my favourite, what an adorable woman!

  • 프래디의 피자가게Fnaf

    I've seen too much.... Feed me the oysters... I BEG you

  • tilly fyre
    tilly fyre 2 hours ago

    When she threw up after looking at the meat I would have done the same thing tbh

  • Dangan-Ko-Crap
    Dangan-Ko-Crap 2 hours ago

    As an Australian, I denounce that mistake of a pie, not even any sauce ffs

  • Lands of CROM Trading Card Game

    My name is Jen, and from that reason i'm out.... blurrghh

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 hours ago

    Perfect example of a gold digger. Can you imagine having to have that fat fuck lie on top of you,. OUCH what women do for some support is sad !!!!

  • Outtlaw_ Vidd
    Outtlaw_ Vidd 2 hours ago

    1:00 Sneak 100

  • Lawrence Duwairi
    Lawrence Duwairi 2 hours ago

    4:18 voice crack from Mr Ramsey. Thank me with a like!

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy 2 hours ago


  • Khushboo Hingarajia
    Khushboo Hingarajia 2 hours ago

    The whole restaurant depends on a focking microwave 😂

  • Vihtic
    Vihtic 2 hours ago

    Perfect title. Canned crab is one thing. But in SAN FRANCISCO. And I dont even know the prices, which im sure are outrageous.

  • Khushboo Hingarajia
    Khushboo Hingarajia 2 hours ago

    Ramsay's one liners can kill someone just by hearing his words😩😂

  • Danni Bae
    Danni Bae 2 hours ago

    Does anyone know if all the duck was contaminated or what ended up happening?

  • Khushboo Hingarajia
    Khushboo Hingarajia 2 hours ago

    Silently hearing what is he says is better than those poor comebacks 😂I mean atleast no one would troll you 😂😂

  • Roberto Sanchez
    Roberto Sanchez 2 hours ago

    I love this guy. Visiting the crappiest restaurants and giving them the f bomb when he sees things going to shit.

  • Alexa Delgado
    Alexa Delgado 2 hours ago

    tHe LaMb SaUcE iS RaW

  • Bronaenae
    Bronaenae 2 hours ago

    It just hit me. Why dont they clean theyre fridges before gordan comes?

  • Captain Spalding
    Captain Spalding 2 hours ago

    So proud of the soup presentation haha.

  • Dwight Thayer
    Dwight Thayer 2 hours ago

    I fake puked better to get outta school when I was 10 than she appears capable of

  • cdizzle99z
    cdizzle99z 2 hours ago

    Caviar is always canned

  • NickosNachos
    NickosNachos 2 hours ago

    yeah because gordon ramsy cant cook soul food, bitch he can cook *everything*

  • NickosNachos
    NickosNachos 2 hours ago

    "food that british eat" i burted in laughter

  • RasiMelody
    RasiMelody 2 hours ago

    "What does that taste of?" " *Nasty* "

  • Plop Plop
    Plop Plop 2 hours ago

    But why belly dancing i-

  • sarethums
    sarethums 2 hours ago

    “This food is the freshest, hands down.” Microwave: imma bout to end this mans whole career.

  • the silver duck
    the silver duck 3 hours ago

    9:10 Jim looks possessed

  • BLAZE Gaming
    BLAZE Gaming 3 hours ago

    And Gordon puts olive oil as the pasta cooks, eh?

  • TwoCool
    TwoCool 3 hours ago

    How long have I gone not noticing chef mike was talking in the ending

  • Showta Ito
    Showta Ito 3 hours ago

    That prime rib looked really good ngl

  • hive_42
    hive_42 3 hours ago

    “i cook better than this” then go home and cook dinner dumbass bitch

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 3 hours ago

    Why didn’t You check This, DUDE?!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 3 hours ago

    LOL The Death of Us!

  • jesslol930
    jesslol930 3 hours ago

    The curtains bit killed me 😂😂 And why are there so many hateful ass comments??? Just laugh dammit!😂😂

  • C F
    C F 3 hours ago

    Such a Karen

  • MissMeow 25
    MissMeow 25 3 hours ago

    The old lady grabbing her takeout bag when Gordon went up to her table like: Don't take my food mister 😊😊

  • EzeegamingE
    EzeegamingE 3 hours ago

    “I got a man puking everywhere.” *VODKA INTENSIFIES*

  • Cannabis Hornliu
    Cannabis Hornliu 3 hours ago

    I think I evolve a Ramsophobia right now! (The fear of restaurants!)

  • Steve Silvas
    Steve Silvas 3 hours ago


  • MTB J
    MTB J 3 hours ago

    Great acting.