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Morning T&T Trailer
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  • Martin Ng
    Martin Ng 20 hours ago

    katya the brown bear....

  • Mika
    Mika 20 hours ago

    raven 😍♥️

  • Barely Content
    Barely Content 20 hours ago

    Boy you could certainly tell that it was a weird time for Alaska and Katya

  • Ian K.
    Ian K. 20 hours ago

    its fucking true omg

  • Tomhardly
    Tomhardly 20 hours ago

    Omg Miss Scarlet in the intro

  • Trevor Mwendwa
    Trevor Mwendwa 20 hours ago

    I actually love these girls

  • Anthony Rwabukumba
    Anthony Rwabukumba 20 hours ago

    ya'll make me laugh.

  • noah nasada
    noah nasada 20 hours ago

    katya please try not to gain weight <3

  • dan scolaro
    dan scolaro 20 hours ago

    Liposuction. Then you can sell all that fat to the English channel relay swimming team.

  • Michelle Tlusty
    Michelle Tlusty 20 hours ago

    Lake showers count

  • Orion Aparato
    Orion Aparato 20 hours ago


  • rom rom
    rom rom 20 hours ago

    Yall constantly sleep on anyone whose drag isnt identical to yours. Sakura's look is a gorgeous gundam reference.

  • lipchenthecat
    lipchenthecat 20 hours ago

    I'm a straight woman who watches UNHhhh having breakfast with her husband.

  • Surya Pontanugraha
    Surya Pontanugraha 20 hours ago


  • Imri Darrett
    Imri Darrett 20 hours ago

    they throw most of the bones and fur up like a hairball from a cat

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye 20 hours ago

    I wish drag race was more real and less over produced. Bring it back to basics.

  • David Puck
    David Puck 20 hours ago

    PSA for people outside the USA - San Francisco has an incredible drag scene, the queens are so creative, experimental, irreverent and funny. Drag Race doesn't like SF for some reason.

  • Mathis Van
    Mathis Van 20 hours ago

    I’m sorry but if trixie mattel didn’t pop in your mind with Sakura’s makeup where have you been for the past five years ? She looks great it’s just that those eyes are really synonymous with trixie’s makeup

  • John Reed
    John Reed 20 hours ago

    Katya with the weight 🔥

  • Xavier Alexander
    Xavier Alexander 20 hours ago

    I was literally thinking about how much of a skinny legend Katya is.......then :17 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jennifer B.
    Jennifer B. 20 hours ago

    I never floss and hastily brush my teeth twice a day. The dentist always tells me it looks like I take such good care of my teeth! Never had cavities either.

  • LBT
    LBT 20 hours ago

    Katya is not from Western Mass, I wish lol

  • Matthew Hawkins
    Matthew Hawkins 20 hours ago

    DuckDick...WoOoH oOoOh 💀

  • Will Hell
    Will Hell 20 hours ago

    Can we stop comparing queens to each other? I live for Rock M. Sakura, I'm excited to see what she brings to the runway.

  • iMat
    iMat 21 hour ago


  • iMat
    iMat 21 hour ago


  • chris humpage
    chris humpage 21 hour ago

    Owl pellets are definitely regurgitated not pooped out, my guys lol

  • Shrodree
    Shrodree 21 hour ago

    Sis why would you come for sakura like that she is AMAZINGGGGG

  • Failed Koi
    Failed Koi 21 hour ago

    Am I the only one OBSESSED with Sakuras look? God I love it.

  • Kitty Nyce
    Kitty Nyce 21 hour ago

    The fly landing on her lip still killlssss me!

  • captain_ivan_89
    captain_ivan_89 21 hour ago

    Lmfaoooo Trixie being pulled into the lake by Jason Voorhees!! 😂😂😂 5:59

  • Jason Rob
    Jason Rob 21 hour ago

    It has going good till you brought your trump hating bullshit into it.

  • Chuck Phillips
    Chuck Phillips 21 hour ago

    I feel like only Raven could pull up a bright red bob like that it was giving me life!

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt 21 hour ago

    "I have a huge alien penis I'm going to masturbate with." And drag queen story time is meant to be perfectly acceptable. Enema's onto the audience? These people are the tumours that grow in a diseased society.

  • pika23
    pika23 21 hour ago

    Does widow pad weird, or is that her body🤔🧐

  • Drag Me To Adulthood

    Episode 116: Return of that one fly

  • Jaz Helton
    Jaz Helton 21 hour ago

    You’d think after all these years I’d learn not to drink during an Unhhh episode

  • bashpr0mpt
    bashpr0mpt 21 hour ago

    Is this the James St. James who murdered his entire family when he was 15 and was put in a psychiatric ward for 7 years then got off scott free?

  • sparkle baby
    sparkle baby 21 hour ago

    “momma that’s a rock” 😂😂😂

  • La Toya Williams
    La Toya Williams 21 hour ago

    Literally tinckled a little bit on "Checkers is just gettin' it" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • steph daly
    steph daly 21 hour ago

    U guys are the best 🥰

  • Crank Y
    Crank Y 21 hour ago

    I’m gonna flip if I see the clip of the fly on her lip again

  • Jaz Helton
    Jaz Helton 21 hour ago

    Katya said she wanted to be a vulture, mama just take your wig off you already have the feathery body look!

  • Harry Douglass
    Harry Douglass 21 hour ago

    Is there’s a fish in the percolator a twin peaks reference??

  • Taren-Layne Warfield

    “i know every year ru says these are the most talented queens we’ve had. shes lying again this year”

  • Noley505
    Noley505 21 hour ago

    Birds are fierce.

  • cooldude247
    cooldude247 21 hour ago

    YAASS! They're back!!

  • Stuart Simpton
    Stuart Simpton 21 hour ago


  • Jearld Jaramillo
    Jearld Jaramillo 21 hour ago

    Every time I hear that snap that’s heard around the world I am reborn again 💥

  • Wael Binali
    Wael Binali 21 hour ago

    This is like a cringe worthy euro pop bad lyrics D effort.... Wow.....

  • shawn holman
    shawn holman 21 hour ago

    Katya asking 7 questions in a row without receiving an answer is *me*

  • J Westwood
    J Westwood 21 hour ago

    Found the video talking about the katya bear in jail for life

  • Shannan Edith
    Shannan Edith 21 hour ago

    Yvie should have gotten Sharon Needles

  • C T
    C T 21 hour ago

    It's about time this came out

  • Erwin Bayron
    Erwin Bayron 21 hour ago


  • Teapot S
    Teapot S 21 hour ago

    It becomes so difficult for me to watch this show with the constant FLASHING at every edit...jeez.

  • ilda
    ilda 21 hour ago

    Kimora looks awful, second time in the row. Terrible make up o n the check s

  • alex
    alex 21 hour ago

    i love that they love animals with human names lol i have two cats named george and frank

  • Mo K.
    Mo K. 21 hour ago


  • Luis Galdamez
    Luis Galdamez 21 hour ago

  • amy foo
    amy foo 21 hour ago

    omg ive been waiting this for so long,i miss raja and raven ,they give me smile on my face,its been really hard time for me cause im breaking up with my bf,this is bring cheer to me ,,thankss

  • jodavitow
    jodavitow 21 hour ago

    Milk is so terribly unfunny lol

  • DigiDana Moon
    DigiDana Moon 21 hour ago

    Wait wait wait... is Katya cinderella? If prince charming ditched and she resorted to making clothes out of mops and eating her animal friends? Morbid chic realness, so katya

  • kirrahasariddle
    kirrahasariddle 21 hour ago

    I looked up the bear named Katya. She served a longer sentence than human murderers and she didn't even kill anyone. RUDE.

  • Natalie Freeman
    Natalie Freeman 21 hour ago


  • Trenton Reinhardt
    Trenton Reinhardt 21 hour ago

    If you could have sex with a human size animal So you mean like a furry? lol

  • Danielle Ford
    Danielle Ford 22 hours ago

    who else stopped to see if Katya the brown bear was real? 💀😂

  • MissyMisfit
    MissyMisfit 22 hours ago

    What took so long damn it I've been waiting for this lmao!!

  • Joshua Santos
    Joshua Santos 22 hours ago

    the N in Heidi N Closet stands for Nina ♥

  • Vanill
    Vanill 22 hours ago

    These two icons

  • pinktribble
    pinktribble 22 hours ago

    I got that, 'there's a fish in the percolator', reference. 😁

  • sleeping makes me feel good

    Actually, dying in a volcano would probably be a really painful experience, because of all gases and emissions, right?

  • Liza Alexis
    Liza Alexis 22 hours ago

    When your but hair has a stache, shave away!

  • Liza Alexis
    Liza Alexis 22 hours ago

    Color in a box is less than $10. Half of the women on the planet cut their own hair too! Thank you for being pro pubes!

  • bee hooson
    bee hooson 22 hours ago

    isnt there gonna be anything that katya wants to have six with

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 22 hours ago

    Did Raja and Raven ever figure out that this group of queens were paying homage to other queens?

  • Abz Kebabz
    Abz Kebabz 22 hours ago

    Omggggg yasssss!!!!!! Missed them! Love them! Wanna be them!

  • Paul Martin
    Paul Martin 22 hours ago

    I'd love to know the real time of day this all occurs because I have a feeling the final day is a very, very long day!

  • Berry Opener
    Berry Opener 22 hours ago

    Raven always has the best fucking takes

  • Christina Cortes
    Christina Cortes 22 hours ago

    There is a Springfield in 34 states

  • Saul Pineda
    Saul Pineda 22 hours ago

    This was not as bad as they teared it to shreds lol!

  • Lujia uwu
    Lujia uwu 22 hours ago

    Pongan subtítulos en español por favor :-(

  • glimmerinz
    glimmerinz 22 hours ago

    omg raven is back!!

  • Millipede Man
    Millipede Man 22 hours ago

    8:16 Watch Tixie’s eyelash. Just watch it

  • Gabriel Andrade
    Gabriel Andrade 22 hours ago

    Is anyone going to say that Jackie Cox looks like flo from progressive

  • Naty Rojas
    Naty Rojas 22 hours ago

    Used to hate Wednesdays but since it is technically a Trixie and Katya day, I love Wednesdays!!! Favorite part of the day is watching them be hilarious 😂

  • Niamh Kelly
    Niamh Kelly 22 hours ago

    Dirt wagon dusty ass musty okey smokey poor 😂

  • Ruby Chan
    Ruby Chan 22 hours ago

    I LOVE Bianca 😂❤️

  • Moosedraw
    Moosedraw 22 hours ago


    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 22 hours ago

      Top toot is Nicky doll, jan sport and jaida essence fierce.

    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 22 hours ago

      Widow is a toot, the harness is a fucking yikes though. But like close to a boot.

    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 22 hours ago

      Sherry pie is a boot. That dress is a no.

    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 22 hours ago

      Rock m Sakura is a fucking toooooooot. Absolutely a great reference to gundam. Her face is very, trixie-esque and I Stan.

    • Moosedraw
      Moosedraw 22 hours ago

      Nicky doll is a toot. Fascinater, face, just all of it. Amazing.

  • Elizabeth Repking
    Elizabeth Repking 22 hours ago

    I grew up in Georgia and I miss it a lot but I do NOT miss all the gnats, fire ants, spiders, snakes, and scorpions

  • mosse matters
    mosse matters 22 hours ago

    raven shits on queens of color for 18 minutes straight

  • Sandy Wish
    Sandy Wish 22 hours ago

    Ok... when Trix asked where i would rather die I said jumped into a volcano and then Katya said the samr , i was like fuck yes sis dm me let's make that apointment honey

  • | Dust |
    | Dust | 22 hours ago

    Has nobody picked up Katya's Twin Peaks reference 👀

  • Frankie bear
    Frankie bear 22 hours ago

    I had a bee fly down my throat and sting me.... would’ve much rather a June bug lol

  • Chandler Schmutz
    Chandler Schmutz 22 hours ago

    Nothing caters to my need for visuals bordering on excess more than these editors stg

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson 22 hours ago


  • Hazel Watson-Smith
    Hazel Watson-Smith 22 hours ago

    I saw Nessie!!! She is REAL!!!

  • Jesus Alfaro-Garcia
    Jesus Alfaro-Garcia 22 hours ago

    Trump will win because of identity politics lol

  • Stefani Jaquez
    Stefani Jaquez 22 hours ago

    Why did Katya say Trixie read her mind about being a bird, and I immediately thought of a vulture? Lol I'm psychic

  • Jane Ortiz
    Jane Ortiz 22 hours ago

    "you had me at sex with an animal" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA