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Planet Slow Mo Outtakes
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How to avoid a Backdraft
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4K Slow Motion Backdraft
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How to Drive a Tank
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Catching a Mid-Air Fish
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Slow Mo Aerodynamics
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Exploding Sand Castles
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Exploding Fruit in 4K
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Tour of Destruction
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Giant Weather Balloons
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Slow Mo 4K Kittens
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Airbag Explosion in 4K
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Giant Balloon Pose Off
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Paint Drill
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360 Degree Fireball
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Card Throwing Speed Test
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Paintball Shotgun in 4K
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Catapult Skeet Shoot
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Bear Trap Power
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More Catapult - Bonus Clip
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Ice Sculpture Explosion
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Paint Cannon Salute in 4K
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Catapult Launch
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Paint Blast Portrait in 4K
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Dan has an accident
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Fruit Stand Smash
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Fruit vs Fruit
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One Second Salad in 4K
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Det Cord Shockwaves in 4K
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Splitting Bullets in 4K
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Dropping a Living Room
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Rubber Wrecking Ball in 4k
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Crane Drop in Slow Motion
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Slow Mo Belly Flop
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Tidal Wave
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Water Jet Hamster Ball
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Under pressure in 4K
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Tony Hawk Ramping Things Up
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Sumo Wrestling in 4K
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Magnet Smash in 4K - Bonus
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  • Margrit Starbukes
    Margrit Starbukes 7 hours ago

    Dan: slices and wastes fruit Africa disliked that

  • David Moser
    David Moser 7 hours ago


    INNERSEPTICAL 7 hours ago

    2:26 your leg looks a little bent.

  • TheRagingInfernape
    TheRagingInfernape 7 hours ago

    Want to imagine how much that'd hurt? Just imagine a needle at +50 mph

  • Collin Richert
    Collin Richert 7 hours ago

    Fr I thought I was being played in the begging 🤣🤣

  • Dominick Eggers
    Dominick Eggers 7 hours ago

    What is the music

  • Matthew Diaz
    Matthew Diaz 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one wondering what would happen if it was a finger instead of a carrot or a celery stick?

  • aiden hugg
    aiden hugg 7 hours ago


  • Delenada
    Delenada 7 hours ago


  • Kunal mishra
    Kunal mishra 7 hours ago

    No wastage GIVE IT HULK 😅

  • Funky Funko pops
    Funky Funko pops 7 hours ago

    Dan. It will fall towards the phantom because of the way it is.

  • Wuurx Games
    Wuurx Games 7 hours ago

    Snail in slo-mo video?

  • Victoria Relámpago
    Victoria Relámpago 7 hours ago

    The nose is not made out of bones after all, it must be some kind of soft cartilage actually

  • Ledford Watts
    Ledford Watts 7 hours ago


  • Leighann Ott
    Leighann Ott 7 hours ago

    I can do the eyeball shaking thing too!

  • Teriyxki
    Teriyxki 8 hours ago

    Imagine dying to this gun.

  • King Blox
    King Blox 8 hours ago


  • taekookies
    taekookies 8 hours ago

    5:03 that must really hurt when they land

  • ImAngelic :
    ImAngelic : 8 hours ago

    Fire is just condensed energy, so this is an attack

  • Dev W
    Dev W 8 hours ago

    Wow one year

  • KeyBoard inK
    KeyBoard inK 8 hours ago

    wow really love this . . . thing

  • Towelie Sr
    Towelie Sr 8 hours ago

    Dan looks like buddy from impractical jokers

  • Tony Ey
    Tony Ey 8 hours ago

    Any Ammo Tech would know that Det cord does not contain Plastic explosives. It contains a powdered explosives known as PETN.

  • 88GhostWriter88
    88GhostWriter88 8 hours ago

    That Steinadler what a prideful creature no wonder half europe got it on their crests, banner and flags.

  • Massif 05
    Massif 05 8 hours ago

    Reminds me of Ben day dots

  • Corrosivehail -YT
    Corrosivehail -YT 8 hours ago

    The music gave me minecraft vibes

  • Daniel Harjo
    Daniel Harjo 8 hours ago


  • Astronuat in Space
    Astronuat in Space 8 hours ago

    9/11 representated in legos

  • joe_ smells
    joe_ smells 8 hours ago

    i think the reason there's the holes on the sides are for if a kid ate it he would be able to still breath like the pen caps

  • Gaming Whith bryce
    Gaming Whith bryce 8 hours ago

    Y do the crates behind you in the beginning have my WiFi speed on them

  • Oliver Magat
    Oliver Magat 8 hours ago

    Hysteria Flowers!

    ALAMO JAM 8 hours ago

    I literally had no idea when that glass got there

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 8 hours ago

    Actually Mark Rober created the worlds largest jelly

  • Ben Bruland
    Ben Bruland 8 hours ago

    The speed of sound through glass limits how quickly the cracks propagate.

  • TropicalPlaties2017
    TropicalPlaties2017 8 hours ago

    Modern day myth busters I thinj

  • SteelFlexInc
    SteelFlexInc 8 hours ago

    Looks like a can of H-E-B Original Cola and Wild Red

  • chris18228
    chris18228 8 hours ago

    You need to put a washer on it the size of the sticker to get it up to a higher speed

  • Jonathan Carrisoza
    Jonathan Carrisoza 8 hours ago

    Thanks for the Lovely idea to do to my friends.

  • Soccer Ismylife
    Soccer Ismylife 8 hours ago

    2:01 definitely a canadIan xd

  • fliptastry14
    fliptastry14 8 hours ago

    I have an 2 inch gun ;)

  • Christian Stewart
    Christian Stewart 8 hours ago

    2:22 reverse birth

  • NDiana Jones
    NDiana Jones 8 hours ago

    actors are always acting, the most fake people in the world, so deluded

  • chris18228
    chris18228 8 hours ago

    You should do a exploding angle grinder disc

  • YEET
    YEET 8 hours ago

    "a single droplet is an entire ecosystem" ME: you sir, just made a mini earth :]

  • hobomnky
    hobomnky 8 hours ago

    video idea: hit a drum while recording the audio with a mic right next to the drum, and film this whole setup in high speed. Then show the audio waveform captured and the correlation to the movement of the drum head. you can demonstrate how well/poorly different audio formats capture the real motion of the moving drum head.

  • Violet B
    Violet B 8 hours ago

    Darkness 0:00

  • Roy Rush
    Roy Rush 8 hours ago

    Crown used inferior vinyl

  • Christop Cardwelle
    Christop Cardwelle 8 hours ago

    Anyone else feel bad for the shoes?

  • Torenflame 1172
    Torenflame 1172 8 hours ago

    0:34 Soo... Am I the only one who thinks it looks like they're on a date?

  • Spxrko
    Spxrko 8 hours ago

    The music in the background when the slo mo starts gives me flashbacks as a kid🥺

  • Trae Thompson
    Trae Thompson 8 hours ago

    Next a 8 bladed axe

  • Kay - Den
    Kay - Den 8 hours ago

    Another reason why the medicine would need to come out with such force, is because they dart the animals in a muscle, which once the animal is darted usually tense up said muscle, which in turn makes it harder for the medicine to penetrate the muscle and infiltrate into the bloodstream. However, you guys were also right about the animals taking the dart out, especially in animals with hands like monkeys and the sorts.

  • Mr. Bird-man
    Mr. Bird-man 8 hours ago

    eat your cereal

  • Adam Blesener
    Adam Blesener 8 hours ago

    We do NOT call that jam. It’s jello. I know that jello is the brand but it’s what it’s called, I don’t care what you think

  • Ai A
    Ai A 8 hours ago

    what if that potato just landed on someones head lmao

  • William T2199
    William T2199 8 hours ago

    Ya know ONLY 3000 frames a second

  • Succ was here
    Succ was here 8 hours ago

    I love how will just randomly screams like he has some sort of tick😂

  • Caprise Adams
    Caprise Adams 8 hours ago

    This video is gorgeously shot. I love the quality and light.

  • bluecoprit icky
    bluecoprit icky 8 hours ago

    That noise when he puked

  • Taufik Triadi
    Taufik Triadi 8 hours ago

    Knock up stream? Its that you??

  • Fafa
    Fafa 8 hours ago

    safe mannequen :v

  • PrinceBally TV
    PrinceBally TV 8 hours ago

    Ahhhhh that was MENTAL!

  • adam
    adam 8 hours ago

    2015 called... they want their Mythbusters back.

  • Law
    Law 8 hours ago

    This how the straw hats got to skypiea

  • ChauUniSafeVN
    ChauUniSafeVN 8 hours ago

    8:22 SUPER HOT!

  • numbblackpicture
    numbblackpicture 8 hours ago

    I always wondered how the sound works in your videos, does your camera actually also capture sound in a higher uuhhm.. frame.. rate? Or is it all just post production magic? Or does this happen naturally?

  • Triscuit Dah Biscuit

    birds are beautiful

  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis 8 hours ago

    Big deal, get a life.

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 8 hours ago


  • Sean L
    Sean L 8 hours ago

    Just like a bird hitting a skyscraper

  • Zak howe
    Zak howe 8 hours ago

    I love how of all the weapons on the table and he goes ooh potatoes😂😂 I love him

  • *Mr.Greenface *
    *Mr.Greenface * 8 hours ago

    WIll smith with a flame thrower Ahh that's hot

  • YaBoiBlakeTheSnake 08

    The confetti got me 😂😂😂😜😜

  • 37 pirate
    37 pirate 8 hours ago

    I'm a semi pro boxer, and Will Smith is one of the only actors I feel like can actually handle most people in a fight... Idk why the guy just carries himself the right way.

  • Davy Ker
    Davy Ker 8 hours ago

    I think the intention is to only take off the cork lol

  • none urbusiness
    none urbusiness 8 hours ago

    This is how us country folk make our flat bed trucks! The next town over is just getting tired of having to do maintenance on their bridges all the time lol

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy 8 hours ago

    Them: we'll be able to see how it affects an animal. Me: right right... A animal. Where is my boss at?

    IIOXIDIZEII 8 hours ago

    Can you do a top fuel dragster sometime? bet it be one of your top 5 videos...

  • Srj
    Srj 8 hours ago

    Is it only me who recognized that Rich Jr. was on shark tank asking about 2 million for a Vegas show...can't remember the whole exact thing or amount but something like that...

  • matt C
    matt C 8 hours ago

    the beat down hahahahaha

  • dulu
    dulu 8 hours ago

    I just learned something today

  • Mike Andrews
    Mike Andrews 8 hours ago

    Slower.. and closer. I wanna see the electrons.

  • FireLover7004
    FireLover7004 8 hours ago

    Fun fact you can do on these videos. Go to the settings and set the speed to 25% Super Slow Mo Guys

  • Josh George
    Josh George 8 hours ago

    Why does the start of the video look so cinematic

  • Dudley
    Dudley 8 hours ago

    Swimming pool drop.

  • Dave Iauco
    Dave Iauco 8 hours ago

    They clearly removed the upper plywood sections inside the truck.

  • Cheddar Kartoschski
    Cheddar Kartoschski 9 hours ago

    Imagine you get the chance of carrying Tony Hawks skateboard and then you mall grab it...

  • Twinbornmoon385
    Twinbornmoon385 9 hours ago

    Noticed the Lego’s doing it 00:47

  • Brittany Kholie
    Brittany Kholie 9 hours ago

    Look they are waring people cloths and they look so young awwww

  • Bacon Boy
    Bacon Boy 9 hours ago

    Ahhh that’s hot that’s hot

  • YEET
    YEET 9 hours ago

    how about you just drop a shipping container full of gunpowder onto a small hut but you'll be 2000 - 4000 feet away...

  • Juan Agosto
    Juan Agosto 9 hours ago

    170,000 FPS and slow motion😱

  • Flooded Aquatics
    Flooded Aquatics 9 hours ago

    Very inaccurate description of the butane can. It’s not at 0c..... did you have it in a freezer? No? Then the van is at ambient temp and the can IS pressurized that’s why when you depress the tip it actually comes out. Freezing the can would actually decrease the pressure, keeping it at ambient temp would drastically increase the pressure over 0c

  • zantan 3486
    zantan 3486 9 hours ago

    One time I found a bouncy ball by the river it's bouncing it and it exploded all over my shoe and it's pink

  • John Peters
    John Peters 9 hours ago

    I'm not impressed! 10 years?! For that. Give me 5 min. Straight bogus

  • Shuttle select
    Shuttle select 9 hours ago

    ...I could've used that washer fluid

  • throngcleaver
    throngcleaver 9 hours ago

    The reason that none of the ships got hit by lightning, is because none of them were grounded. (just a little nautical joke...)

  • Jesse Keen
    Jesse Keen 9 hours ago

    1:55 Dan is reborn

  • OriginScourge S
    OriginScourge S 9 hours ago

    6:33 epic dance moves