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  • Isabella Laurens
    Isabella Laurens 7 hours ago

    I LOVE English comedians! They're the best by far! No American could ever beat Jack Whitehall, James Corden, Michael McIntyre, Chris O'Dowd, David Walliams.

  • Caroline Lynn
    Caroline Lynn 10 hours ago

    I didn't realise he was gay

  • No perkele
    No perkele 14 hours ago

    The blinds have to be up especially around the wings of the plane (where the engines are) in case something goes wrong and the pilot can’t see it. So yea if the engine is on fire notify the staff

  • historyfreak 65
    historyfreak 65 14 hours ago

    AAAAAAAND this is why I don't or never will have children

  • FlickyCorn
    FlickyCorn 17 hours ago


  • ʌryx
    ʌryx 21 hour ago

    I swear this is a copy of a video of "Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self" just with a fortune teller twist, the jokes are basically the same too

  • Sir Arvel Stories

    I just love this guy

  • Magda D
    Magda D Day ago

    This is wonderful. OMG.

  • lucia adams
    lucia adams Day ago

    This guy somehow makes fun of women without being sexist

  • rade piljov
    rade piljov Day ago

    These days you can hear American to say :"I am wearing face mask".

  • King David
    King David Day ago

    What are the names of these celebs ?

  • Audrie Melyn
    Audrie Melyn Day ago

    “Can we have a coffee before?”🤣

  • kitcait xox
    kitcait xox Day ago

    He sounds like daffy duck

  • Niamh Cannell
    Niamh Cannell Day ago

    I love this

  • Niamh Cannell
    Niamh Cannell Day ago


  • Francesca Loveday

    Thx to my friend for showing me this video very funny 😂.❤️

  • Roslyn Gallagher


  • Scott Steiner
    Scott Steiner Day ago

    İ invite you İslam

  • Xaitz 1
    Xaitz 1 Day ago

    just think liam is gonna be in james' phone and he is in Michael's too, i wonder what liam thought or maybe he figured it out like harry lol

  • Stuart Abbott
    Stuart Abbott 2 days ago

    Billy conn

  • El Henguin
    El Henguin 2 days ago

    Russian drivers are by far the best, one road free-for-all with regards to what side you drive whether or not you thank people and what speed you go

  • Brian Orr
    Brian Orr 2 days ago

    Michael McIntyre=the British Jim Gaffigan

  • Glimpsee
    Glimpsee 2 days ago

    8:35 You think I'm not grateful? You think I'm not grateful?! But I AM grateful. Now to make this into a gif

  • Mollie Grant
    Mollie Grant 2 days ago

    My favourite part of McIntyre- His hair I love the way it flops around everywhere

  • Glory To Be
    Glory To Be 2 days ago

    The unfuniest man in tv, or anywhere else. Why the helldoes anyone thinks his man is funny, useless

  • strangers in the night


  • Sophie Stevenson
    Sophie Stevenson 2 days ago

    It’s 5am. I should be asleep. I can’t stop watching FLash-player recommendations. Please send help.

  • The Anomaly 23
    The Anomaly 23 2 days ago

    Man will get out of the car!

  • Ez The Pez
    Ez The Pez 2 days ago

    0:51 please someone make this a GIF 😂🍑

  • SageLawyer377
    SageLawyer377 2 days ago


  • Mollie Grant
    Mollie Grant 2 days ago

    Things that make me happy.. Comedians mainly Jack Whitehall and Michael McIntyre One Direction Ma cousin

  • pianogirl
    pianogirl 3 days ago

    Wait, what? You don't scratch the ice off the car windows in England?

  • Isabel La
    Isabel La 3 days ago

    The funniest thing is when my friends from London come over cause we camp in the field and I’ve lived my entire life in rural places but coming from London they obviously haven’t so I get to sleep but at about 1-2 am they’ll wake me up to say “ what’s that noise?” My reply usually is “a muntjac” or “a deer” because they make the most awful noise which you will know if you have ever been within 2 MILES of one!!

  • Isabel La
    Isabel La 3 days ago

    My postcode actually takes you to a different area! My neighbour made the mistake of ordering Christmas presents with amazon and they turned up at a farm 3 miles away!

  • tedkiller gaming
    tedkiller gaming 3 days ago

    Like if reading in 2020

  • Rakheim Barrowes
    Rakheim Barrowes 3 days ago

    4:37 whoever plays smite. He sounded like when the default voice pack says “ Save yourself”

  • Aexcery
    Aexcery 3 days ago

    bruh why does he have 3 microphones

  • No perkele
    No perkele 3 days ago

    Somehow he reminds me of Stewie from Family Guy

  • Lucy Sweet
    Lucy Sweet 3 days ago

    “Go have a cuppa tea come back try again I believe in u” killed me 😂

  • Barbara McCafferty
    Barbara McCafferty 3 days ago

    He is my number one for sure absolutely hilarious

  • Jamie H
    Jamie H 3 days ago

    BOb wiTh tHE pAntS squARe

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson 3 days ago

    When your siblings are 8 and 9 years older than you..... sibling rivalry what?

  • 57kellys 57kellys
    57kellys 57kellys 3 days ago

    Not funny Jan.

  • Man Who Likes Cheese

    I feel so sorry for you

  • Lindsay Brown
    Lindsay Brown 4 days ago

    I moved states in Australia and as young adult I was thought English or Canada

  • Ervina Erchy
    Ervina Erchy 4 days ago

    Love him!! 😂😂👌👌

  • ripley kvashninenkoff

    Oh shite!! This had me in actual TEARS! I was laughing so flippin' hard!! 🤣🤣💀

  • Jonathan Morley
    Jonathan Morley 4 days ago

    Bob the sponge hahahahahaaaaaa

  • Jen T
    Jen T 4 days ago

    Loved seeing these two in the hot seat!! That was hilarious 🤣

    BC NEWS 4 days ago

    cool video

  • Jay 278079
    Jay 278079 5 days ago

    my mum showed me this video and said "this is like u and me" hah

  • Yong Li
    Yong Li 5 days ago


  • Electra Jolts Magnetism

    I could have listened to him continue this joke for hours

  • Angelika Rani
    Angelika Rani 5 days ago

    I have lost count by the amount of times I've watched this 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zara Carr
    Zara Carr 5 days ago

    What is Custokebon Secrets? We have heard several amazing things about this popular fat burn methods.

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 5 days ago

    Hilarious. Down the line is bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and minced clams.

  • C. S.
    C. S. 5 days ago

    Great! If only we knew! Impossible to predict 🔮 last year. Thank you Michael for the good humour. We need it

  • MJ Driver
    MJ Driver 5 days ago

    lol i saw this on tv its hilarious!! 😂😂

  • judy lilian
    judy lilian 5 days ago

    I respect your wife because she knows it's just comedy

  • Fisu Lohi
    Fisu Lohi 5 days ago

    More jokes Michael! We need them!

  • Dory Pl
    Dory Pl 5 days ago

    I'm rare stay stiller who upgrades to total panicker

  • Jayden Bulsara
    Jayden Bulsara 6 days ago

    i love how he looks like a dr suess character

  • BobbaB OO
    BobbaB OO 6 days ago

    If Gino's daughters end up with wheels they will most certainly be mopeds!

  • Waiana Kamo
    Waiana Kamo 6 days ago

    Here in New Zealand the bus will stop at the end of the que but not many people know so I have a breez getting a seat on the bus

    • Waiana Kamo
      Waiana Kamo Day ago

      They'dSeenHisFaceBefore yeah same

    • They'dSeenHisFaceBefore
      They'dSeenHisFaceBefore Day ago

      Waiana Kamo for me it only stops at the end of the queue if there are so many people there is no room to park elsewhere

    • Waiana Kamo
      Waiana Kamo Day ago

      Yeah there’s usually not many people at the bus stop anyway

    • They'dSeenHisFaceBefore
      They'dSeenHisFaceBefore Day ago

      Waiana Kamo they do that where I live in the uk coz there will be like 25 people at the stop and there won’t be space on the curb, but they do not always do that so if you arrive first you could be last on the bus.

  • Waiana Kamo
    Waiana Kamo 6 days ago

    I’m a panicker but if I’m with friends they will try and convince me to stay still.

  • Victoria Moody
    Victoria Moody 6 days ago

    Wow soooooo cute!!!!!!

  • success2471
    success2471 6 days ago

    He really stretched it. Not much content

  • Night_Stalkir
    Night_Stalkir 6 days ago

    if you slow it down at 1:30 you see the womans tooth extends and then retracts back into her mouth

  • Paula Hardeman
    Paula Hardeman 6 days ago

    My back teeth the dentist has to drill my teeth out they wont pull

  • Paula Hardeman
    Paula Hardeman 6 days ago

    My dad and sis drink coffee before they go to bed lol

  • Homlita Kadaru
    Homlita Kadaru 6 days ago

    "focus on saving my children"

  • Man Who Likes Cheese

    The dis likes are from the kids that watched this

  • Meghan Lategan
    Meghan Lategan 6 days ago

    harry styles would be bloody brilliant on this

  • Graham Preece
    Graham Preece 6 days ago

    Total crap not at all funny

  • Graham Preece
    Graham Preece 6 days ago

    How on earth did this so called comic make it onto tv he is without doubt the worst I’ve ever seen complete crap

    • Football Fanatics
      Football Fanatics Day ago

      Your idea of comedy is probably lots of sexual jokes and swearing.

  • Abz Kernaghan
    Abz Kernaghan 6 days ago

    Was anyone else reminded of the movie A Cure for Wellness when he mentioned the Austrian clinic where they drank water?? 0.o scarred

  • kipper
    kipper 6 days ago

    Not an original idea and neither were funny. Too bad.

  • wert freund
    wert freund 6 days ago

    4:53 "oh f * c k Off!!!" ✋😝🤣🤣🤣

  • Shantelle
    Shantelle 6 days ago

    That's so me 🤣🤣🤣 let only one person in 😂

  • Anne Rowan
    Anne Rowan 6 days ago

    Best Aussie accent ever,by a Brit. Well done. Seriously funny. 😀 LOVED IT!!!

  • Chloe Tabitha
    Chloe Tabitha 7 days ago

    Ive always had a man draw and I'm 17 now

  • Chloe Tabitha
    Chloe Tabitha 7 days ago

    Well my dad must have a whole room of man draws

  • Lorraine H.gray
    Lorraine H.gray 7 days ago

    Funny & so true..

  • Chloe Tabitha
    Chloe Tabitha 7 days ago

    His hazard light action I keep accidentally doing and forgetting where I got it from😂😂😂

  • Lorraine H.gray
    Lorraine H.gray 7 days ago

    One of his funniest sketches if this right word,my jaws are sore laughing.

  • Chloe Tabitha
    Chloe Tabitha 7 days ago

    I'm a Geordie

  • Fredie Waibel
    Fredie Waibel 7 days ago

    Haha best comedian

  • Charlie Richards
    Charlie Richards 7 days ago

    The zoom thing was so funny

  • Alice Tibúrcio
    Alice Tibúrcio 7 days ago

    One time I made the doctor laugh for five minutes because I couldn't answer one simple question: "what color is that?" (the red and green thing, but to me it was all mixed up in one weird color). I just stared at it for a long time really trying to understand and I finally said "I don't know how to answer your question". I couldn't hold it together for the rest of the appointment 😂

  • Trysha Miller
    Trysha Miller 7 days ago

    Blinds up for take off and landing to prove it's a passenger flight not cargo. Hence they say how many souls are on board (live humans).

  • pinkangel808
    pinkangel808 7 days ago


  • Sophia Adler
    Sophia Adler 7 days ago

    i feel like this is only true of brits cus y'all dont use spices

  • Gracie Speer
    Gracie Speer 7 days ago

    I'm not a parent, but I have a younger brother with autism who I watch eight or more hours of the day when I'm not in school (3 hours if I am in school) so I get a general idea of parenting. I have friends who know I watch my younger brother and sometimes I have to rant about it because of the stress, but one of my friends had the nerve to say "How hard could watching that cute sweet little boy be?" All I could think is "How about you and I switch for a day and you can see that he is not a sweetheart."

  • Thierno Diallo
    Thierno Diallo 7 days ago

    1:16 “Oobidoo, I wanna be like you oo oo”

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 7 days ago

    it's funny how people believe this was actually made last year lol

  • r .Irvine
    r .Irvine 7 days ago

    I cannot stand this guy

  • Rose Benton
    Rose Benton 7 days ago

    i have very bright and colourful features so multiple times multiple wasps have landed on my face but i have never been stung i am a stay stiller

  • livi. boom
    livi. boom 7 days ago

    Reading through the comments actually made me yawn

  • Mollie Grant
    Mollie Grant 7 days ago

    Please tell me again who's show this is I cant tell 😂