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  • Fang Ren
    Fang Ren 2 hours ago

    He English no good, no real Hong Konger...

  • ystre hggui
    ystre hggui 2 hours ago

    These people are incredibly brave. The world need's to wake up and make the CCP leave Hong Kong alone to govern themselves.

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong 2 hours ago

    Farage and his Brexshit Party racists are slowly giving in to BRINO!

  • Alfred De Souza
    Alfred De Souza 2 hours ago

    #🌏💡👑🇬🇧🇺🇸💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! Reportedly “#NigelFarageBrexitPartyWont’tStandIn317TorySeats-DoesItMakeJohnsonWinLikier? #🇬🇧👑Rt.Hon.Mr.BorisJohnson<Already #ToryProgressiveLeadership’sProwessGoingPlacesWithoutAnyConceivableSweetCarrotsDefeatists?#GETBREXITDONE! A Revered PowerfulTripleLocksCascadingHolyTrinityBlueWavesCascadingAboveBlessingsForRegionalNationalBlueWavesBlessings!#🇬🇧👑!#BoJo’s!#ObamasDEMS!PerspectivesOfPowerful,Awesome,Visionaries ExcitingUnifyingProspects!<#[email protected]#DreamersAnd#DREAMers🇬🇧🇺🇸EnshrinedProgressivesDiplomaticLeadingDEMOCRATSOnWorldStage! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! A Reflection: #NigelFarageBrexitPartyAlreadyFlawed? Seemingly YES! <#TooLate!<#ToLittle!#🇬🇧👑PMRt.Hon.Mr.BorisJohnson<#ODDSON!<#HomeAndDry!<#12th.December2019; As#BoJo🌏💡👍Upstanding#BrexitEnormousPeacefulAwesomelyToriesBlueWaves<#ELECTORALCOLLEDGEPIVOTALVISONARIESDIPLOMATICREVEREDSUBSTANSIVEALLIANCES?#JitteringCynicalPoliticalDiplomaticCascades?#HolyGrailAtJesus’Feet?#WhoOnEarthIsFasterThanGODMayHaveMoreQuestionsThanAnswers!#TheJourneysOfLifeMultiples!#🇬🇧👑PMElect12th.December2019!<#GETBREXITDONE! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!<#🇬🇧👑[email protected]#Maverick#[email protected]#Arm’sPointedClinicalReserves!#AwesomeSweets~#🇬🇧👑PeacefulActsOfDemocracyEnshrinedOnWorldStage!#SDGs?{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#🇬🇧👑NationalAnthem💕👍✌️🙏🎉👏: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#SDGs!


    Watch Nigel full speech it’s amazing how it’s twisted by the media... ch4 should bow there heads in shame

  • Alberto
    Alberto 2 hours ago

    The 11th of November: The UK remains in the EU, and BoJo isn't dead in a ditch.

  • MAGA Kitten
    MAGA Kitten 2 hours ago

    I'm w the right wing guy!! We give way to much sympathy to terrorist! These people would have our heads on sticks if they could, we simply celebrate that we have someone who protects us

  • PaulioMaldinio
    PaulioMaldinio 2 hours ago

    Using RiceGum for Views

  • Clive Kingshott
    Clive Kingshott 2 hours ago

    Farage is a failed politician, he will not be a MP, he’s a turn coat, he will be in the wallet pocket of the Tories!

  • Unified Vision
    Unified Vision 2 hours ago

    The Republican Senators will be prostitutes, won't acknowledge the truth. Traitors.

  • Michelle French
    Michelle French 2 hours ago

    Farage said only a few days ago that Johnson's deal was 90% the same as Mays deal, but now he won't stand against it. He's basically bottled out, admited that no one wants his so called clean break Brexit. Now everyone can see Farrge for what he is, A Liar and a Fraud some of us have known that all along

  • lostinmuzak
    lostinmuzak 2 hours ago

    Brexit party? Bunch on nationalist looking for any opportunity to get into the parliament. British people are too smart for stupid tricks. Sad.

  • Calico
    Calico 2 hours ago

    Channel 4 really is a left leaning news station! Can’t make it anymore obvious!

  • Jonny English
    Jonny English 2 hours ago

    Everyone loves a chopped pot as they say in poker.

  • Indria Happy
    Indria Happy 2 hours ago

    Why army not helping police.

  • Mark Green
    Mark Green 2 hours ago

    Mike Pence is hoping Donnie will be convicted.

  • N STAR
    N STAR 2 hours ago

    This is painful to watch :(

  • thomas robert
    thomas robert 2 hours ago

    boris has just put farage "back in his box"

  • Pete
    Pete 2 hours ago

    Another yawning hoax.......zzzzz.. nothing will stick to the Teflon Don. MAGA

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman 2 hours ago

    Trump is going to prison 👌

  • AngelsfromHeaven StandFirminChrist

    Lord GOD Almighty.. have mercy and intervene..bring knowledge of the GOSPEL JESUS NAME AMEN! 🕊🌫✅ Praying for you guys..

  • Ski Val Disere
    Ski Val Disere 2 hours ago

    Labour have NO IDEA AND ARE BRAINDEAD..... Corbyn is an IRA supporting anti Semite that does not support our armed forces...Labour would be a disaster for this country. They need stopping and wiping out. Marxist nutters...

  • Ocean Wave
    Ocean Wave 2 hours ago

    Yeah for that, fuckface

  • peter oneill
    peter oneill 2 hours ago

    The truth is finally out farage is just a figurehead for the real elite behind brexshit. Those same wealthy backers told Bozo to post his comments to try and mitigate Farage's humiliation.

  • Dim Tso
    Dim Tso 2 hours ago

    hey want America then you can give up your Christian Orthodoxy for abortion, feminism, homosexuality and pedophilia and black muslims will be taking your slavic daughters!

  • actnowone
    actnowone 2 hours ago

    Get Brexit Done, Strong and Stable, Brexit Means Brexit, I voted leave and not this betrayal of a deal called the Johnson-May Surrender Treaty. If we can’t have a clean break Brexit then I would opt to remain, this deal cooked up with BJ and the EU gives us the worst of both worlds. I think Farage has made a mistake trusting BJ who is another liar just like Theresa Treasonous Incompetent Liar Kick The Can May was, he’s clearly caved under pressure and you could see it on his face. I think Farage should definitely field candidates in all constituencies where those traitors and EU collaborators were given the whip back.

  • Jane Mills
    Jane Mills 2 hours ago

    It's interesting that the people interviewed complained non stop about the lack of money but they had children to support. Neither the woman or the man said they were happy with their children, if you can't afford to live where you want to live, don't have children. Why doesn't the woman's husband/boyfriend pay for his daughter, he has a responsibility. The man said he would like to take his wife out for a meal, I'm sure thousands of parents feel the same, but your children come first every time. I grew up in poverty, but I made sure I had a good job, achieved far and away what I ever thought I would and instilled the same goals for my Son. Stop complaining about what you don't have and start enjoying what you have got xx

  • Porn Club XX
    Porn Club XX 2 hours ago

    1 like = god will forgive u

    xZANZIBARZx 2 hours ago

    Soros paid shills

  • ༺ᛉᛞᛟ⫷ B A L A N C E ⫸ᛟᛞᛉ︃༻

    WW3 will start in Hong Kong...

  • Johnny Broker
    Johnny Broker 2 hours ago

    Such a great, humble thinker. I wish he could channel with today's youth in the UK ...

  • *Berberawy*
    *Berberawy* 2 hours ago


  • Bakul Dada
    Bakul Dada 2 hours ago


  • Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller 2 hours ago

    Last week he said Boris's deal was rubbish.

  • 无所谓斌
    无所谓斌 2 hours ago


  • Karelli Karelli
    Karelli Karelli 2 hours ago

    How can anyone believe Nigel again.

  • Bartlomiej Bury
    Bartlomiej Bury 2 hours ago

    Mr Boris Johnson and Mr Farage are playing game and they've got lots of fun doing it. It's nothing wrong to have fun doing something but It is very dangerous when on the game board are real people. Both gentlemen lost from their site the reason why they are doing it. For months I can just hear no matter how no matter why we will deliver. Please give some respect to everybody, please consider you are responsible for 80 million people and remember they watching you. I am not supposed to remind honourable gentelmens but I have to. All people deserve respect not just your voters. "No matter how no matter what" it's not a plan. Sorry to say but it's sounds like a drunk person seat behind a wheel and try to go home. There is chance he will make it but the question is how you call him? Good plan Sit yourself at home in front of the mirror and ask yourself who am I?am I responsible? Just don't play games,don't play with numbers. Do everything as it supposed to be. Just be fair. UK nation can be proud of lots of sports achievements. Try imagine that on the boxing ring are two fighters. Round one and one fighter with gray hair is lying on the floor and give up. After the fight explanation" better that he won because he will get more money for this fight then I can even dream of.Now I am expecting he will give me something. We' ve done it together right? Please think about People

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans 2 hours ago

    I voted to remain but the Liberal Democrat’s are shooting themselves in the foot by being totally undemocratic.

  • Katherine Becker
    Katherine Becker 2 hours ago

    Go back to following the royals. Or Brexit. You're out of your depth here.

  • Simon Valsler
    Simon Valsler 2 hours ago

    I don't believe this!! Bojo mentions something on Twitter, well thats a cast iron guarantee then isn't it!?!?!? Farage is a spineless goon!! JC4PM!!

  • gerard tom
    gerard tom 2 hours ago

    Vote labour

  • Olly
    Olly 2 hours ago

    Isn't the Senate supposed to rule on impeechment? Isn't there supposed to be a 2/3 majority there for a President to be impeached? Doesn't the Senate have a republican majority? Doesn't Trump have 95% of the republican support? Wtf is this waste of tax dollars for anyways?! Folks this is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Move on.

  • dolly dimples
    dolly dimples 2 hours ago

    Should like a prison. Money&power over people again....sounds like the conservative party.2019

  • Ginga Infinity
    Ginga Infinity 2 hours ago

    Yay support a sexist racist madman who thinks taking children from there parents is ok although im not surprised with his support of the wepon freely avalible that are killing children GUN CRIME IS MUCH WORSE THAN KNIFE CRIME knife up close Guns 100ft or more

  • Virginie Colaiuta
    Virginie Colaiuta 2 hours ago

    The Brexit Party's sudden change of position focusing on rejecting any political alignment with the EU (that is any sympathy towards the political and military interests of Europe geographically) is clearly supporting a strategy to weaken the geography of Europe. The only country having a strong interest in promoting such a position from the UK is Russia!!!

    WAN CHENG OOI 2 hours ago


  • Genne Clervil
    Genne Clervil 2 hours ago

    Wow that’s crazy

  • Gene 4240
    Gene 4240 2 hours ago

    True story and personal: I was working at 120 Broadway for Goldman Sacs, there was a hedge fund company in 1 WTC who wanted to hire me back in July of 2001. When I was walking out of 1 WTC, I recall looking up and getting a strange feeling and I said to myself, I am not taking this new job opportunity, Albeit is was for about $10K more than I was making, but for some reason something inside me told me not to take or pursue that job opportunity further. Six-weeks later the towers were gone.

  • Michael Rivadavia
    Michael Rivadavia 2 hours ago

    Let's milk this cow to the bones.

  • super john
    super john 2 hours ago

    EU is with the Hong Kong people in their fight against tyranny and injustice by the gov. For freedom and liberty. 🇪🇺🇭🇰💪❤️

  • Mark c
    Mark c 2 hours ago

    This strategy makes perfect sense especially when you've got 4 million Labour leavers who will vote for the Brexit Party but never a Tory Party. We could see a majority Tory win with the Brexit Party filling quite a few seats in Parliament.

  • Omar Barrie
    Omar Barrie 2 hours ago


    GHOST MAN RED Pill 2 hours ago

    can't wait to be part of the civil war i will be coming to fight for the incels/mgtows

    • Hansie's Ma
      Hansie's Ma 2 hours ago

      a good looking fellow like you is a loss to womanhood...

  • Big Ben
    Big Ben 2 hours ago

    Brexit Party = Tory Party

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 2 hours ago

    Yes. If not for that, for what?!?!

  • Danny Quinones
    Danny Quinones 2 hours ago

    Dumbest President ever

    • Fly on the Wall
      Fly on the Wall 2 hours ago

      They're all dumb as f**k to be fair. I blame their liquid cheese preservatives. That sh*t doesn't even need refrigerating.

  • Summit Wild
    Summit Wild 2 hours ago

    I like Germaine Greer, she has more tolerance for the freak community than me, I will never bow to these delusional freaks. #LGBdroptheT

  • 7000000000th Human
    7000000000th Human 2 hours ago

    Impeachment of Presidementia Trumpski is the best Xmas gift ever! :D

  • Malik Barrow
    Malik Barrow 2 hours ago

    Sanders, Corbyn, Lula

  • Muttley 69
    Muttley 69 2 hours ago

    I dont really like the torys, lib dems tossers, Green dont even come in2 thoughts, But But h8 everything Labour is and was and the damage they do 2 British people. So I can only vote Torys as I live in a Tory town ..... theres somet wrong when every single leader of a country is not working 4 me and my country...

  • d s
    d s 2 hours ago

    Wow how do you brits do it? 3.5 years of this, I bet you regret opening this Pandora's box!

    • generic username
      generic username 2 hours ago

      @d s Not at all. We have smoked out the traitors and quislings.

  • erwin llavore
    erwin llavore 3 hours ago

    They have fertile lands. They have great opportunities

  • gerrabath
    gerrabath 3 hours ago

    Richard "Are you calling me a liar?" Tice. LoL!

  • erwin llavore
    erwin llavore 3 hours ago

    The acentral American countries need to make a good economy. Stop corruption and violence

  • John Gleeson
    John Gleeson 3 hours ago

    Channel 4 are vile. He's just doing what will get the result and not being a dickhead and harming Brexit due to hubris.These fuckers know they are going to get shafted and the game is up and look at the bitchiness and anger.

  • M P
    M P 3 hours ago

    where's the manifesto ???

  • Anthony Bardsley
    Anthony Bardsley 3 hours ago

    I hope it works out.

  • TheShepTV
    TheShepTV 3 hours ago

    Poor old Tice is too daft not to know when to stop talking. Some more almost gratuitous humiliation comes from the Al Jazeera interview with Messi Hassan- check it out, it’s well funny

  • Tan Yew Hock Matthew

    Hong Kong demoncrazy demonisation

  • Der Nesor
    Der Nesor 3 hours ago

    "they saw the evidence " back with nixon that worked, but today's republicans look at evidence like a flat-earther looks at a video of the spinning globe.

  • Doodelay
    Doodelay 3 hours ago

    Bribery and extortion is right there in the constitution as an impeachable offense

    • Pete
      Pete 2 hours ago

      and with a bit of luck, the Bidens will end up in prison

  • gerard tom
    gerard tom 3 hours ago

    VOTE labour

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 2 hours ago

      That is a vote for the destruction of the country.

  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey 3 hours ago

    What it makes likelier is a hung Parliament, in which there are fewer if any Brexit Party MPs to wield the balance of power. I am SO disappointed to find Farage becoming little more than a cheerleader for BRINO.

  • redf
    redf 3 hours ago

    So what happened to his promises of leaving with a good deal?

  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 hours ago

    *Trump 2020, yup.* #MAGA

    • Ginga Infinity
      Ginga Infinity 2 hours ago

      Yes support a sexist and racist man who willingly interferes with other counties politics(he went on a political podcast run by the brexit and no other opinions party

  • The CBD Jester
    The CBD Jester 3 hours ago

    Can't wait to see the left get dumped on in the election and more importantly can't wait to hear their tantrums live on tv and their supporters in fits of delusions.

  • yonas tekle
    yonas tekle 3 hours ago

    what a joker.... shameful , Nigel Gangsters starting to lie... i bet they made a deal of some sort... i can tell the guy was struggling to respond.... be quite Tice

  • saberint
    saberint 3 hours ago

    I’m all for this. Simply because he will be found guilty or innocent. If this was me and I was innocent I would welcome this.

  • M P
    M P 3 hours ago

    running scared

  • Albert Pike
    Albert Pike 3 hours ago


  • Jamie Scott
    Jamie Scott 3 hours ago

    really lookiuing forward to some yummy chlorinated chicken me

  • savage diamonds
    savage diamonds 3 hours ago

    This is what happens your a communist country

  • Ekenedilichukwu Abol

    Remainers need a remain alliance. .

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 2 hours ago

      The EU is finished in Britain, regardless

  • robj
    robj 3 hours ago

    The GOP justifying Trump's traitorous activities will not help them in 2020.

  • robj
    robj 3 hours ago

    Trump said he wanted greater transparency he has it now.

  • Conor Shaw
    Conor Shaw 3 hours ago

    Country before party. Nigel had no other option to get a Brexit.

  • Alpa Arya Shah
    Alpa Arya Shah 3 hours ago

    Haha! No campaign money coming in so they've scaled back.

  • Janet Condon
    Janet Condon 3 hours ago

    A rather subdued Nigel. The stakes are high as the EU would struggle with the consequences of an exit by the UK. Brexit will not be allowed to happen and hence Farage has been "warned off" somehow.

  • UKLeonie
    UKLeonie 3 hours ago

    People DON'T forget he is a Tory through and through, this was secretly his mission all along. Never trust a man never elected, and has no issue with marrying a woman non British, but fouls anyone else who does the same.

  • Sasha Patsel
    Sasha Patsel 3 hours ago

    I wish we had more interviewers like this in the states. Also on behalf of my country, sorry for Hillary. Bernie woulda won.

  • Christopher Spavins
    Christopher Spavins 3 hours ago

    Johnson needs to start mopping Farage's bathroom and scoop up the Brexshit.

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 3 hours ago

    Agree with the logical of Dawkins every time. But the word terrorist is thrown around as if no other worse terror exists by anyone that isn't religious. Most terror is caused by big powerful military force, by countries such as the UK!

  • Scotland is da best
    Scotland is da best 3 hours ago

    I was sitting in my seat and then offered it to a women while watching this video

  • generic username
    generic username 3 hours ago

    ‘Mounting evidence’ C4 ? Do you mean ‘mounting propaganda’ ? Because there is no evidence, and anyone that can read knows it. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸

  • Smiling Cat
    Smiling Cat 3 hours ago

    Keep up the protests Hong Kongers.

  • Ekenedilichukwu Abol

    Wow!! You guys are REALLY fucking up your country . .

    • Albert Pike
      Albert Pike 3 hours ago

      NO. The EU is and will be chased out.

    WAN CHENG OOI 3 hours ago

    BEFORE, HKongers HATED the Brits. NOW, they HATE China. They just do NOT know what they want. Maybe they also do not know whether they want to LIVE OR DIE 😂

  • John Cortex
    John Cortex 3 hours ago

    It's quite simple! Everything that's essential to humans in this world - health, transport, housing, education and security etc SHOULD be provided at true, sensible cost price only. As soon as any one is 'sold-off' so someone can make profits - it's doomed to disaster. And . . .worse still . . . when a service fails miserably - we have to BUY it back! How crazy is that?