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How likely is a Brexit deal?
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  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 2 seconds ago

    channel 4 is a set up as top gear

  • Philip Crossley
    Philip Crossley 2 minutes ago

    Does anybody really believe that the DUP getting themselves off the hook with some sort of "Customs Territory" fudge will be any kind of satisfying for the people of Ireland, North or South?

  • Livon Diramerian
    Livon Diramerian 2 minutes ago

    Oil companies will profit.

  • Craigus Maximus
    Craigus Maximus 3 minutes ago

    Thanks Joe, for destroying what middle ground was left in the uk. Jesus Christ 🤦‍♂️

  • Catherine Jarman
    Catherine Jarman 4 minutes ago

    Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organisation, not a civil rights movement.

  • Stephen Pattenden
    Stephen Pattenden 4 minutes ago

    out means OUT

  • Declan McArdle
    Declan McArdle 5 minutes ago

    @27:00 after a border poll the economics will be elastic enough to adapt to the situation. Doesn't mean Ireland won't be asking for a contribution from Westminster for the first 20 years or so...

  • Catherine Jarman
    Catherine Jarman 5 minutes ago

    Zuckerberg's tentacles need to be ripped away from the Western world, he and his Zionist pals are sucking the life out of our countries, in so many ways.

  • naveed khan
    naveed khan 6 minutes ago

    Blame the Iranians for 2 attacks what about saudis 4 years of death of the yemini people!

  • Mariana Morodo
    Mariana Morodo 6 minutes ago

    7:10 I feel terrible😭😭😭

  • Nick Barton
    Nick Barton 7 minutes ago

    I'm confused. Given the UK has passed into law every EU legislation, what's the point of not being in the Customs Union?

    • M R
      M R 5 minutes ago

      Unrealistic people think it'll make them happier.

  • Logan Zimmerman
    Logan Zimmerman 7 minutes ago

    Gender equality in western society is a total myth !!!!

  • Nava Gator
    Nava Gator 9 minutes ago

    Germany, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

  • tony King
    tony King 9 minutes ago

    Five years max , Northern Ireland will join the Republic - and about time . Scotland will probably peel off and rejoin the EU . England will be left with a rich London and the home counties from the financial economy while the North , Wales and the West Country will become an post industrial and agricultural wastland with pretty much everyone on benefits . Boris's post brexit wonderland .

    • Pallab Sarkar
      Pallab Sarkar 59 seconds ago

      With the gross mismanagement witnessed thus far I would not contest any of these predictions for the future! Maybe there will be enough 'optimism' to console us all when it is clear how badly we have shot ourselves in the foot!

  • Logan Zimmerman
    Logan Zimmerman 9 minutes ago

    Most women don’t want to be a man hating muffin mucher like this woman is

  • Tenzin Tenzin
    Tenzin Tenzin 9 minutes ago

    Poor ravaged Nico. What a society to turn their back on him.

  • Ben Breslin
    Ben Breslin 10 minutes ago

    Two guys that fully understand the situation

  • Logan Zimmerman
    Logan Zimmerman 11 minutes ago

    The only part of human life is to continue on our species if you are a woman and are not doing that you are a waste of skin and just a selfish waste in the end of your families linkage this woman’s head is fried

  • Rene Zammit
    Rene Zammit 13 minutes ago

    next news: it was shot from the moon by IRAN......... idiots....

  • Robin Irwin
    Robin Irwin 14 minutes ago


  • J A Hennessy
    J A Hennessy 14 minutes ago

    channel 4ake news must be fuming at having to discuss sensible policies instead of their normal spewing of pure bullshit about a no deal .

    • M R
      M R 4 minutes ago

      "must be fuming" No sign of it. You are fake as 4uck.

  • pritpal singh
    pritpal singh 15 minutes ago

    Sri Lanka is famous for Ravana, India is famous for IT and Spices, China is famous for Electronic items, America is famous for IT as well and Pakistan is famous for Terrorism, they have been runing a market they have produced many terrorist over the years like Osama Bin Laden, Hafiz Saeed, Etc.

  • Valeria Cerón
    Valeria Cerón 16 minutes ago

    What a nice guy.

  • ysgol3
    ysgol3 16 minutes ago

    It's not on FLASH-PLAYER either is it Boris ?

  • nigella4me
    nigella4me 17 minutes ago

    Homophobic people are dangerous. For those of you who hate homophobia, check out Vegan Gains channel on his latest video. He makes fun of a guy called Frank Tufano who is a carnivore, with a very rude comment right before he shows a clip of Frank in a film he was in. THIS is the type of stuff that helps keep homophobia alive. Go to 9:08 on the video. Vegan Gains is utterly disgusting!

  • magic
    magic 17 minutes ago

    they will fudge a deal to deliver us into vassal state status

  • Monu Sain
    Monu Sain 19 minutes ago


  • Albin jo
    Albin jo 20 minutes ago

    She might recently had a pay-cut by her boss, and a seriously frustrated family life did make her anti-men and a hardcore feminist. Alas for Jordan for staying cool...👏👏👏👏

  • Christopher Higgins
    Christopher Higgins 21 minute ago

    IRA will be back

  • Arthur Giles
    Arthur Giles 21 minute ago

    I agree with others that Civil War is not the answer but neither is the way the government does every dirty trick in the book and we have no way of stopping it. Theresa May - the Remainer who pretends to be a convert to Brexit, but does everything to stop Brexit is going to be a person I will put in the FORGET FOREVER part of my mind.

  • Hauke Holst
    Hauke Holst 23 minutes ago

    2:58 You should use the correct wording: The is the Base Scenario. If you want to speak about the worst case then speak about Black Swan, not about Yellowhammer. 6:34 Maybe you shouldn't forget to mention that this agreement is limited to 9 months. If a final solution is not reached by that time , the planes will not fly. And you also forgot to mention that dropping out of the Open Skies agreement not only affects flights to the EU but flights to the USA as well because flight travel between Europe and the USA is also regulated by Open Skies.

  • Harris Okoduwa
    Harris Okoduwa 25 minutes ago

    American and British banks keep encouraging corrupt political office holders from Nigeria to steal public funds form Nigeria and bring the money into their country's banks

  • Thomas F.
    Thomas F. 26 minutes ago

    You have a chance to talk to one of the most accomplished evolutionary biologists and all you care about is talking about Islam. Such a shame.

  • Shane Cooper
    Shane Cooper 27 minutes ago

    Hey let's all pray for the fires to out! It will work or say positive affirmatios like oh divine father in all your sglory and splendor, send your mighty winds to put out this ranging fire on Earth for the future of and for the existing Amen and Amen. Let's try it!

  • barryolaith
    barryolaith 28 minutes ago

    That debris could have been crash debris kept for just this sort of propaganda. Are we to believe the same Saudi regime who lied to us about the murder of that man in their consulate? Why should we believe a word they or the Trump regime say? I don't.

  • Jan Olsen
    Jan Olsen 30 minutes ago

    Feelings is science too! They can be dealed with according to the same laws in physics, it is just your mind learned not to reckignice it, like people is not able to conclude Jesus was a communist by heart, like God is too! That's what the gospel is all a out, the new Jerusalem! The heaven on esrth where people loves their work because of their insight in how the laws of universe encourages us to implement spirituality even in cleaning streets! ............................ This reality will be a reality as we live for three hundred years, in that perspective it will look stupid running their asses for bigger cars and houses! Yes, it will come but most people today has no clue about what I'm talking about! ............................. Listen to this story, my father was a communist, once he said the people in the tropical Islands practiced true communism! I was fifteen and smiled :no father, you are not a communist just because you happen to grow up grocery store where the food grows grows straight up from all around you! ...........................You just pick what you need for the day and some extra because the neighbours usually drops by in the evening! My father got annoied and said:sure it is communism! ............................. I laughed and said :it looks like communism but what do you think happens if half the island got destroyed by some kind of poison and people no more can eat to their bellies looks like drums! Sure they will start hiding food to be able to stuff themselves as they use to do! Now, that's how much communists they are! ............................ I told my father:real communism is the feeling life is so wonderful it is the best gift itself, and the rest is what you need to be able to wonder about life! That wonderfull thing on top of your shoulder, your brain and mind! When you love life itself so much you look at cars and houses is just a tool to make your mind have a place to relaxe when it needs to! That is communism, that is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  • t mkm
    t mkm 30 minutes ago

    This was a false flag attack orchestrated by Oil companies like Chevron, Shell, ExxonMobil and rogue elements within the Military Industrial Complex. Don't believe the FAKE NEWS!

  • thebeatnumber
    thebeatnumber 30 minutes ago

    @Zakariya Hussain The criminal called "prophet" MADhaMAD who millions of abokis blindly follow is responsible for their poverty and wretchedness and not James Ibori.

  • ancietman
    ancietman 31 minute ago

    We have two choices accept Mays dud deal or leave with a TEMPORARY no deal until we negotiate a better deal seems like a no brainer to me. But of course remainer MPs and the EU want a third option staying permanently in the EU.

  • AYAZ Azaath
    AYAZ Azaath 31 minute ago

    may almighty unite you with ur beloved wife and family in paradise 😢😢

    DJ SAM SMILE 31 minute ago

  • Shane Cooper
    Shane Cooper 31 minute ago

    In times like these I wish I could just pull of a super man and blow that muthafucker out!

  • bgcvetan
    bgcvetan 32 minutes ago

    "EVIDENCE" - media fake news. it is proof, not evidence !

  • Conservator
    Conservator 33 minutes ago

    It might not be a bad idea to first have parliament vote on the next proposal before it’s sent to Brussels. I’m surprised the EU doesn’t demand just that.

  • Kenny Fenny
    Kenny Fenny 34 minutes ago

    Errr. Has everyone forgot Britain is subject to a foreign government on many aspects of our life's that we have little to no say in and can never change once policy is implemented, who cares about some traffic jams. And armed EU police at a new hard border in Ireland will make the EU real popular with the Irish. I never voted because I knew jack about the EU but after learning some hard truths we are doing the right thing in the long run by leaving.

  • james00779
    james00779 35 minutes ago

    Thank You Ray Davies , Thank You For The Days, The Years, & Thank You For The Inspiration.

  • Tee X
    Tee X 35 minutes ago

    And you believe them ?

  • delagrazia
    delagrazia 35 minutes ago

    btw capitalism isdefinitively a reason ,the proof is that comunism despite a failure ,bcoz was based in coperation it did bring equality TO THE WORKPLACE compared to pro comunist era Whereas capitalism REWARDS THE STRONGER w/o punishimng lack of ethics Those are very simplistic views and the journalist didnt seem to me that was posesed by her animus but that she acted like te typical journalist ,i even saw some female insecurity in the mix bitching more than she should bcoz she couldnt face the arguements

  • aa aa
    aa aa 36 minutes ago

    Not from the UK but it seems most people never really understood the implications of Brexit before voting for it. They saw 3-5 bullet points of why it was good but never stopped to wonder what would change. Personally I think the "do or die" mentality of Johnson is fine. Go for it. It will be a great experiment of finding out the repercussions of the choices made.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 37 minutes ago

    UK is in Europe and it will forever be part of Europe. Geographically. Stop saying: Europeans, Europeans... UK is Europe!

  • مهدي علي
    مهدي علي 39 minutes ago

    5:21 M24 the's is BUBG😂

  • adam smith
    adam smith 40 minutes ago

    A danger to democracy in the UK. Morally corrupt party of politicians and supporters who really are the face of fascism in the UK.

  • delagrazia
    delagrazia 42 minutes ago

    BOTH WRONG. Norway sweden etc are FIRST in abuse ,rape of women by males ,much of it in the family , ,.,then its the rest of the advanced anglosaxon wes, uk AUS USA ,.,so,.,gender equality doesnt come in 50 was in the 50s it started changing, untilthen women were suposed to mary virgins,.,dont tell me it changed .Btw the mentality ofthese ppl is weird,thus RACISM,.,that ,.,doesnt exist suposedly,., it actualy does ,.its also hiden deep .its much beter tobe caled out openly than face contempt and have neighbors they never talked to you in 20yrs

  • TheShepTV
    TheShepTV 42 minutes ago

    Lovely sly dig at the DUP bigots by GG there haha

  • Torvic
    Torvic 43 minutes ago

    Over-confidence is not always a pleasant attribute. She must read the life stories of people such as Mozart, Beethoven, Ella Fitzgerald, John Wesley ... and try to employ a little less ego and a little more humility.

  • ancietman
    ancietman 43 minutes ago

    I expect thats why Boris didn't make much fuss about remoaner MPs blocking no deal. He can then ( try ) and get us out in Oct using a slightly rehashed Mays deal. He can then blame Corbyn and the remoaner MPs saying sorry folks I took us out with the only option available.

    • M R
      M R 21 minute ago

      He did that to play adults who use catcalls like "remoaner".

  • Siavash Kharasi
    Siavash Kharasi 45 minutes ago

    Wow! why so serious? it was just a prank!

  • Stillamarine 1001
    Stillamarine 1001 49 minutes ago

    Well war I am afraid is coming. Iran is going to be destroyed if they keep this kind of destabilizing activity going.

  • Hans Kuijsten
    Hans Kuijsten 49 minutes ago

    Schrödingers pregnancy..... 🤣

  • Ben Artee
    Ben Artee 50 minutes ago

    “Boris Johnson is the last stop on this bus route.”, fantastic pun by Dennis. 🤣🤪

  • Simon Tide
    Simon Tide 51 minute ago

    And I bet MSM will blame Boris Johnson for climate change.

  • dopdog 456
    dopdog 456 52 minutes ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • manu Ortsac
    manu Ortsac 53 minutes ago


  • Kavya Patel
    Kavya Patel 53 minutes ago

    We are killing ourself.....just saying

  • HiTechOilCo
    HiTechOilCo 55 minutes ago

    "My name is Greta Thunberg. I have Asperger's, a mental condition. I'm only a 16 year old child and have very little experience or knowledge. I'm also a high school DROPOUT!" Are you people that support this nonsense even SANE?!

  • HiTechOilCo
    HiTechOilCo 55 minutes ago

    "My name is Greta Thunberg. I have Asperger's, a mental condition. I'm only a 16 year old child and have very little experience or knowledge. I'm also a high school DROPOUT!" Are you people that support this nonsense even SANE?!

  • M Ewing
    M Ewing 56 minutes ago

    USA, EU, Saudis, Israelis created the terrorist war against Syria and so called news blames Syria & Lebanon who used to be one country. In fact Syria, Iraq, Palestine & Lebanon & Anatolia used to be one country, Syria.

  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker 58 minutes ago

    We need more people like this in parliament. Whether you like Mharie or the SNP or not, that's not what I'm taking about, I mean we need more normal working class people that know what real life is like. Not out of touch and completely detached from reality politician's. We have MP's heading defence that have never been near the army, we have MP's heading pensions and welfare that have never had to struggle and had everything handed to them on a plate. That have been brought up with disdain and hatred for people on benefits. MP's heading The NHS that would rather it didn't exist and don't have to rely on it personally. The same can be said for most cabinet positions. Most have went straight into Westmimister without no life experience, never having a proper job and just completely out of touch.

  • Zoe Slaterz
    Zoe Slaterz 59 minutes ago

    Booo fucking hooo, are these the same Saudis who said they'd dumped American stocks on the market and devastate their economy if the Americans released documents revealing the Saudi's involvement in 911? Oh wait yeah it's them.

  • mickey rat
    mickey rat 59 minutes ago

    What do you call an Irishmen with Stockholm syndrome? A loyalist

  • Mitesh Hedau
    Mitesh Hedau 59 minutes ago

    leave everything.... ye baal ki dukaan hai kaun??

  • Snapography
    Snapography Hour ago

    1st sensible discussion I've heard either online or on TV .

  • margot hilaire
    margot hilaire Hour ago

    they are like little mice wanting to eat on a loaf of bread. If the loaf is eaten little mice have baby's and are more hungry that before. It will be give me food or I eat you.

  • Mao Zedong
    Mao Zedong Hour ago

    He's a tory the odds are he's a pedophile that's why Boris won't investigate historical abuse that's because it would implement most of the tory party nonces

  • No Wire Hangers!

    Oh no!!! What did he say about FuFu? 😂

  • Bliss
    Bliss Hour ago

    Shame there were no Irish commentators brought into the Brexit debate during the campaign, especially when it was going to have such a major impact on that country. Every time I read or watch an Irish commentator I come away more knowledgeable. They have a way of cutting past the basics and revealing the core problems and possible solutions in a straightforward manner. Too little too late.

    • Downwith thatsortofthing
      Downwith thatsortofthing 20 minutes ago

      @SEAN INGRAM Hey, and I thought Brtexiters were only part racist against Eastern Europeans and Turkish people (and people of colour naturally) but now you're confirming your all totally racist and bigoted. Thanks for letting us know!

      SEAN INGRAM 40 minutes ago

      Bliss yes that’s all we need let’s sit down with a bus load of whinging paddys

    • Hans Kuijsten
      Hans Kuijsten 52 minutes ago

      They could have unduly influenced the Leave "discussion" with unneccesary reason.....

  • Peter Fielding
    Peter Fielding Hour ago

    The secret Barrister has gone silent.....

  • K L
    K L Hour ago

    God how much more unprofessional and informal is Channel 4 News going to become ? ! Who are these people ? ! Time was ; when their full names and professional role , would be briefly sub-titled on the screen. These could be two men he just met in the pub , for all I know about them !

    • Hans Kuijsten
      Hans Kuijsten 30 minutes ago

      Obviously they are people who know what they are talking about. Scary, isn't it? Experts?

    • barryolaith
      barryolaith 59 minutes ago

      People in the know.

  • Peter Fielding
    Peter Fielding Hour ago

    They were coming to recieve their sentences you Cretin...

  • moghirl
    moghirl Hour ago

    Oh Bruce, you broke my heart 💔 How can anyone respect a woman, who stayed with a man, who disrespected her, so badly, so often, in front of the whole world, with girls young enough to be his daughter .. because he had a big $ package ?? Why didn't she kick his a$$ to the kerb like any self respecting woman woulda done 🤔

  • Catherine Tighe
    Catherine Tighe Hour ago

    Sweet God, their little girl is gone. You think this was a board meeting!!!!! When he says we would love to find Madeleine I don't hear any emotion, or crack of the voice only a slight shake of the head. If that was me I would be so distraught saying that. Kate looks on as if this was a normal conversation about whatever! Why is his body moving so much.

  • Ung Grabb
    Ung Grabb Hour ago

    Give northern Ireland to Ireland? Case closed

  • eve nightingale
    eve nightingale Hour ago

    It's all BS

  • Joe Bloggs.
    Joe Bloggs. Hour ago

    A very sensible discussion. Makes a change from screaming overemotional remainer nonsense.

  • Muneeb Iqbal
    Muneeb Iqbal Hour ago

    Ermmm wheres the evidence?

  • md khair
    md khair Hour ago

    again like as past tense , the Saudi will be destroy .

    TAPAN MONDAL Hour ago

    Ma hizbulla Ko tab Hero manunga jab.hizbulla manob jati ka kalayan Kara ga

    AVNER ZINO Hour ago

    Tell us something we dont know

  • Robert G
    Robert G Hour ago


  • Gsr Badell
    Gsr Badell Hour ago

    Iran is not islamic

  • Gacha Girl:3
    Gacha Girl:3 Hour ago

    Our EaRtH iS DiEiNg...We NeEd tO bE hErO’s, SAVE tHe EaRtH!!!! 🌎 :(

  • K L
    K L Hour ago

    Why is a goofy millennial ethnic narrating this ? Why has he not gone already ? We voted OUT !

  • Ralph Mitchell
    Ralph Mitchell Hour ago

    Don't worry we would have taken back control of ?

  • Had Theschlad
    Had Theschlad Hour ago

    Shut up major you silly old fool...are you still alive? I had the same question when he was in office!

  • Donald Martin
    Donald Martin Hour ago

    Why are the markings in English. ???

  • Madeline Daigle
    Madeline Daigle Hour ago

    I'm not a fan of Islam but banning the veil is just unacceptable, blatant discrimination. Period.

  • Freek Verkerk
    Freek Verkerk Hour ago

    They can also make a deal after the UK has left the EU, or smaller deals on subissues.

  • jhun pascual
    jhun pascual Hour ago

    Come on saudi show lran what you got teach them a lesson

  • Ekenedilichukwu Abol

    OF COURSE you won't get a deal! Stop this farce. It's getting old . .

  • Peter McLaughlin