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My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession
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Sequels That Aren't Sequels
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Why is Everybody Mad About Everything?
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Vin Diesel: King of Cringe
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"Dark Secrets" on YouTube
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Reacting To My Old Vines
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I Quit My Job To Do YouTube
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Vine: Where Are They Now?
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Top 10 Top 10 Lists
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The World's Greatest Magician
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  • MissNaye Butt
    MissNaye Butt Minute ago

    Who else got the tik tok ad😂😂

  • Kazandra Chavez
    Kazandra Chavez 3 minutes ago

    okay but can you make a video of that tv show that used to help parents set up a trap in their kid to see if they’d meet up with strangers that they met online

  • Stickman Stuf
    Stickman Stuf 6 minutes ago

    Super super fun and I cannot first thing is the best app to buy it and I can not find the right thing it should work and I don’t think it should work it just crashes when you open the door to right now it should have been the same last night

  • _
    _ 14 minutes ago

    12:47. Have you heard of vocal harmonies before? Like it’s definitely possible for all of them to sing back up.

  • DameFuegoAmor
    DameFuegoAmor 21 minute ago

    Oh God if the lollipop has an air bubble hole and it cut your tongue 😵

  • Finn: oh! *literally moans*

    why is there a wig in the background

  • Nicerabbit 509
    Nicerabbit 509 25 minutes ago

    ASMR Boyfriend saves you from jigsaw by risking his life and going to fight him and gets you milk from the store

  • Chaitali Mishra
    Chaitali Mishra 26 minutes ago

    I like this video

  • Jasmine Stephenson
    Jasmine Stephenson 28 minutes ago

    Why does he look like Ryan from high school musical in this video

  • The FBI
    The FBI 35 minutes ago


  • krpt
    krpt 37 minutes ago

    Who got an ad for it mid video

  • Dawn
    Dawn 38 minutes ago

    Drew and Arnold are the ultimate power couple.

  • William Barker
    William Barker 41 minute ago

    "Oh, boy! Two ads!"

  • Maggie’s world Of weird!

    The girls were never on a date, (a girl dated James)

  • Zena Ali
    Zena Ali 46 minutes ago

    drew, i dont like your videos and you seem like you smell bad :))

  • Mario P
    Mario P 54 minutes ago

    I always thought it was funny he’s known for fast and furious (basically cars 2 with humans) and his name ‘Diesel’... I know it’s stupid but I could just be standing and giggle about it.

  • BamaGurl Nansel
    BamaGurl Nansel 54 minutes ago

    He got my picture wrong sorry Dr. Gooden but that wasn't right

  • Emily Sanders
    Emily Sanders 54 minutes ago

    Midrolls don’t affect youtubers much because 99% of their viewers have Adblock. You could probably make a 10 minute video and have a total of 600 midrolls and almost no one would notice, apart from the mobile viewers and desktop users who have never heard of Adblock.

  • Violetta Leukhina
    Violetta Leukhina 57 minutes ago

    Wth, I decided to watch this while waiting for pizza delivery I ordered for my birthday. What are the chances :0 Hope everyone else who's celebrating their birthday are enjoying themselves too😄🎉

  • Maggie’s world Of weird!


  • Sam 279
    Sam 279 57 minutes ago

    Part 2? Girlfriend role play?

    ANGRY POTATO 58 minutes ago


  • itz glow
    itz glow Hour ago

    7:34 Amazing

  • Bacil Elsheikh
    Bacil Elsheikh Hour ago

    Haha get it

  • Paige Kirk
    Paige Kirk Hour ago

    Drew, I don’t like your videos, and you seem like you smell bad.

  • David Seip
    David Seip Hour ago

    I will only share if he ends the video doing the eye thing from the old David Blaine street magic parody videos.

  • Jimmy Quasar
    Jimmy Quasar Hour ago

    You smell great 👍

  • Anthony Ventura
    Anthony Ventura Hour ago

    I like how he used the censored noise after she says fuck

  • Delane Hartland
    Delane Hartland Hour ago

    2 years later and I'm still genuinely upset that we didn't get the full video about shark movies since 1975 😂😂

  • Lilly Ortega
    Lilly Ortega Hour ago

    I lost it at "Curious Jorge"

  • Gwendolyn Beals
    Gwendolyn Beals Hour ago

    If you think this is great just take my moms boyfriend who is basically vin diesel but is also ex-military, and a yoga teacher

  • Aditi Rana
    Aditi Rana Hour ago

    He's a fraud, clickbait, repeating sentences, too many mid-rolls. Total fraud !!

  • heyitssatan howsitgoin

    Taco Bell has the Mexican pizza tho

  • PrinceMomoFairy
    PrinceMomoFairy Hour ago

    I know this is a joke between these two channels but I honestly clicked on this video thinking it was Danny🤭

  • Rin Lockhart
    Rin Lockhart Hour ago

    nobody: absolutely no one: not a soul: asmr guy: *_g o o d g i r l_*

  • What The Fuck Richard

    To get on this dude's level, I need a yacht and a pair of cement shoes

  • Stacy Picha
    Stacy Picha Hour ago

    this movie is like threat level midnight.

  • Lila T
    Lila T Hour ago

    *_prepares hate comment in case he says the office isn't funny_*

  • Eli Skaggs
    Eli Skaggs 2 hours ago

    "sometimes im looking at it and i get a midroll ad-" *Ad plays*

  • Lydia Maddox
    Lydia Maddox 2 hours ago


  • Foxx
    Foxx 2 hours ago

    Watch the room it’s the same

  • mmunch
    mmunch 2 hours ago

    no ones gonna see this but he’s wearing a friCKING MOUSE RAT SHIRT omg

  • Miranda Katz
    Miranda Katz 2 hours ago

    I didn't know you had a cat.

  • Supreme Dalex
    Supreme Dalex 2 hours ago

    Wait, teddy bears don’t move around and make sounds? I have to talk to my 6’ teddy bear, John, about the things he has been doing now...

  • jackwagon2318 YT
    jackwagon2318 YT 2 hours ago

    He was a girl

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 2 hours ago

    The boss is that dad from riverdale right? Or am I just high

  • David Beeley
    David Beeley 2 hours ago

    I'm that serious about mayonnaise.

  • Rhiannon Ramsey
    Rhiannon Ramsey 2 hours ago

    I subbed! I'm a Greg now :)

  • The Fangirls Guide
    The Fangirls Guide 2 hours ago

    I know this is old as fuck but now it's $7.99 and they made Milk and Vine 2. IDK if they credited that one, but *shrugs*

  • Will Yakos
    Will Yakos 2 hours ago

    “And they drink the cocoa and she creams her pants” lol

  • Payton Leisz
    Payton Leisz 2 hours ago

    October gang (im on the 15th)

  • Jamie Cho
    Jamie Cho 2 hours ago

    There aren’t enough commercials. Like, i watch Polygon a lot, and i only get two ads. And they’re both for gamefuel. I hate it.

  • Alexandra Everett
    Alexandra Everett 2 hours ago

    I haven’t been able to watch your videos since you made the fan doc video with Danny

  • Athena Zend
    Athena Zend 2 hours ago

    Drew:don't go on Twitter and harass them Me:...

  • Speedyfaux69
    Speedyfaux69 3 hours ago

    Chris Hansen: exist Luxary pranks: its free real estate

  • Lydia Klunk
    Lydia Klunk 3 hours ago

    pre-Riverdale hal cooper was... umm... yikesers

  • Chloe Kaye
    Chloe Kaye 3 hours ago


    JOCELYNE GOMEZ 3 hours ago

    Wait so is eating raw salmon with sushi weird?

  • Rosendo Ma
    Rosendo Ma 3 hours ago

    Who’s watching now that there’s a sequel to 27 meters

  • Marauders_ 394
    Marauders_ 394 3 hours ago

    Traffic ! I love traffic! I hate you now !

  • Larryz World
    Larryz World 3 hours ago

    The Office > Friends @ me... Lmao 🤷‍♂️

  • Sofía Torres
    Sofía Torres 3 hours ago


  • Sofía Torres
    Sofía Torres 3 hours ago


  • Miranda Clark
    Miranda Clark 3 hours ago

    is the boss betty’s dad from riverdale

  • PrinceMomoFairy
    PrinceMomoFairy 3 hours ago

    Oh wow I didn’t even realize how weird things would sound taking out the laugh tracks...

  • BaeSalt Covers
    BaeSalt Covers 3 hours ago

    2019 I’m Still mad i don’t know what’s behind the dog

  • Rainn M
    Rainn M 3 hours ago

    lmaooo the nightmare asmr dude looks exactly like drew

  • Skyydog
    Skyydog 3 hours ago

    This video is clearly fake garbage, made by Drew to ruin Jake Paul’s reputation for views. 8:31 , that’s not a box, that’s clearly a circle.

  • Julia Bearb
    Julia Bearb 3 hours ago

    YOU NEED TO REVIEW F THE PROM. That movie on crack.

  • Dana Schaffner
    Dana Schaffner 3 hours ago

    My elementary school French teacher made our class watch this movie every year.

  • Gabby Warner
    Gabby Warner 3 hours ago

    i really want a bagel now

  • ThatCrackerJack
    ThatCrackerJack 3 hours ago

    Vince diesel is like that uncle that was in jail for like 20-30 years and is new to all the new technology, trying to figure it all out and catch up with his nephews and nieces

  • Pichu Gamer527
    Pichu Gamer527 3 hours ago

    I still can't believe they somehow convinced _Alan Silvestri_ to score this movie.

  • XXXGrace GachaXXX
    XXXGrace GachaXXX 3 hours ago

    “You where with the trash bois”

  • Muster Gwarfield
    Muster Gwarfield 3 hours ago

    Somehow female celebs still don't understand that getting cosmetic surgery while young is like trading 10 years worth of good looks later, for 3 or 4 years worth right now. It doesn't age well. Their surgery actually made them look older, not younger. You aren't supposed to "fix" the "imperfections" that made you unique. Those are features, not flaws. Later on, once you start looking like a piece of old leather, feel free to overpay for all the elective surgery you want. It still won't help though.

  • Michelle Rohozen
    Michelle Rohozen 3 hours ago

    𝚍𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚢 𝚐𝚘𝚗𝚣𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚞?

  • xd Mistyy
    xd Mistyy 3 hours ago

    im so sad... the closest tour to me is about 7.5 hours :((((

  • Master NER D
    Master NER D 4 hours ago

    I haven’t seen any of his movies, but I’m guessing thee answer to your question is no.

  • BaeSalt Covers
    BaeSalt Covers 4 hours ago

    All Danny and Drew fans know if one has it posted in a while they can always go to the other

  • Rachel Williams
    Rachel Williams 4 hours ago

    That, “ why are you sad”, commentary is golden and accurate. I was cheering silently to the heavens.

  • Allie Blanchard
    Allie Blanchard 4 hours ago

    Me looking at thumbnail being like noooo I love Lauren whaaaat and waching it being like that’s everything I thought in my head lol

  • Nessa Gilker
    Nessa Gilker 4 hours ago

    my name is vanessa!!😂❤️

  • Karen Left And Took The Kids

    This is probably A movie I would make

  • Karen Left And Took The Kids

    Wow... Why is this movie so bad

  • loplop6754
    loplop6754 4 hours ago

    4:30 what? You don't play valor hbg?

  • Kyl!xee xx
    Kyl!xee xx 4 hours ago


  • Corynn Held
    Corynn Held 4 hours ago

    Drew should sue Netflix for taking The Office down

  • james c
    james c 4 hours ago

    i loved watching Gal Godot make out with that blonde chicka

  • Raw Rats
    Raw Rats 4 hours ago

    19:55 I need that new Fortnite skin

  • Dude Phillips
    Dude Phillips 4 hours ago

    11:08 is that the new Mr. Fantastic?

  • Rubix Cube
    Rubix Cube 4 hours ago

    Anyone else think his beard looks like that guy from hunger games with the weirdly shaved beard

  • Siobhan
    Siobhan 4 hours ago

    This guy is either gay, a virgin or both

  • Siobhan
    Siobhan 4 hours ago

    and the cars and stuff are all cool and the stuff too

  • megafrog
    megafrog 4 hours ago

    He inspired to make my own freaky eaters

  • Lowell Smith
    Lowell Smith 5 hours ago

    Honestly these terrible musicians are the epitome of music and creativity

  • Ty Pusl
    Ty Pusl 5 hours ago

    i got an ad to buy the live action avatar movie on youtube on the side bar of the video

  • boy swami
    boy swami 5 hours ago

    Ngl her videos are trash, but this is lowkey racist

  • BigHatLogan56
    BigHatLogan56 5 hours ago

    3:41 now thats danny, I know my danny when i hear my danny

  • Kirsten Howell
    Kirsten Howell 5 hours ago

    drew, I don’t like your videos and you look like you smell bad

  • BigHatLogan56
    BigHatLogan56 5 hours ago

    man, dwanny (drew+danny)is getting twice the subs because he needs 2 youtube channels to hid his case