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  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde Minute ago

    Eddie, I think that there should be a "Special Circumstances" Category....IE: pandemic, natural distasters, recessions, etc etc. Used probably very rarely, but still a category and stat. A stat....but with an * at the end of it.

  • cakesandpi
    cakesandpi Minute ago

    Just postpone the lift, do it in comp other people attempting and all the other problems that come along with competition now there are no ifs or buts about the WR.

    APARNA BHAT 2 minutes ago

    Thanks for videos Eddie I been in home alone because of karona your videos are much entertaining that I can spend time in home easily

  • Zepherian
    Zepherian 3 minutes ago

    Oh look, it's a queer dile for the straight guy.

  • John Young
    John Young 3 minutes ago

    That tortoise is probably still faster than Brian Shaw 😂

  • legend
    legend 3 minutes ago

    Who else misses Eddie in strong man competitions

  • Jacob wold
    Jacob wold 4 minutes ago

    You should hike with Darren on the trail

  • Panis YO
    Panis YO 5 minutes ago

    so you are doing this while the whole is in quarantine I better fuckin be an old fkin clip

  • Zepherian
    Zepherian 5 minutes ago

    That 8ft shark is sure going to be freaked out if he sees Eddie.

  • Jacob Vanderpoel
    Jacob Vanderpoel 5 minutes ago

    The Brian Shaw reference. lmao

  • Jamesy
    Jamesy 5 minutes ago

    Eddies a total knob

  • Legendary Dr Rackpull
    Legendary Dr Rackpull 6 minutes ago

    While Eddie is doing that Brian is snorkeling of the West Coast

  • yo mo
    yo mo 7 minutes ago

    Squeezes snakes head "I am struggling to get any venom out" Eddie : "hand him to me!" Result: snake with no head.

  • hunter jones
    hunter jones 7 minutes ago

    That snake realized he was looking at a beast! I would freeze up too.

  • Daniel Gellman
    Daniel Gellman 8 minutes ago


  • four seven 16eightythree

    good morning mate, happy birthday for your dad. he's done a marvelous job. enjoy life- even more so ! 🖕🏼 off to work buddy. c u in a bit.

  • mAdeAgle
    mAdeAgle 9 minutes ago

    It's refreshing to see you at my home town boi! Too bad I'm in the West Aus desert hiding from the Mexicans and their beer... lol! Great vid :)

  • Nostra TV
    Nostra TV 9 minutes ago

    Thor: I’m gonna break 500kg.. on my gym. Brian Shaw : it has to be done on competition not on your own gym.. Eddie Hall: gather around boys and girls.. i have something to tell..😁 I’M THE BEAST!!!! 👍🏻💯💪🏻🤣

  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith 10 minutes ago

    Anyone know when they did this, with the lock down right now I imagine they wouldn't be travelling like this.

  • Dritan Cani
    Dritan Cani 10 minutes ago

    You’re the best beast man! I hope one day you’ll give us a bench world record that would be awesome!

  • Ash I
    Ash I 11 minutes ago

    Hannah is doing a great job for you Ed. One of the main reasons why this channels numbers are surging everyday!

  • Lurkens Kanal
    Lurkens Kanal 12 minutes ago

    5:28 is the best thing ever eddie

  • just somebody
    just somebody 13 minutes ago

    Even floating on a boat, ma man is still dehydrated...

  • Brandon Hare
    Brandon Hare 14 minutes ago

    some powerful memories made here! <3

  • Parry
    Parry 14 minutes ago

    that editing and the footage is isnanely good goo job man

  • Lee Husher
    Lee Husher 14 minutes ago

    who cares if he does 501 everyone will remember your lift eddie you smashed it m8.

  • Ja
    Ja 16 minutes ago

    Hannah’s editing skills are really taking off!

  • anasse bartal
    anasse bartal 16 minutes ago

    Hey eddie check out Brian's latest video everybody supports you hafthor sucks

  • Fanucci
    Fanucci 16 minutes ago

    Hi ,as tu vu Jean Corentin ?

  • c_lite
    c_lite 16 minutes ago

    eddie: jumps in the ocean *ocean levels rise 20ft*

  • y Israel
    y Israel 17 minutes ago

    Well done Ed Keep up the good work and good luck ❤️🌹🇬🇧🤘

  • Bård Bråtelia
    Bård Bråtelia 18 minutes ago

    Strongman Tries Deep Sea Fishing , for 5 miin

  • Kyle Krtanik
    Kyle Krtanik 19 minutes ago

    Any athlete attempting to break a world record needs to do it in a competition it's just that simple there's so much that's out of your control in a competition as oppose to your own gym where everything is in your control just watch Brian Shaw's video he brings up a lot of good points

  • M R
    M R 20 minutes ago

    Hello Eddie. Love your videos man. Can you do a video with powerlifter Scot Mendelson about arm-wrestling? I've seen your video with pro-arm-wrestler Devon Larratt. It was awesome to see the two of you together! But Scot Mendelson became an arm-wrestler and was destroying other professional arm-wrestlers. It would be great to see Scot Mendelson and you do a video about what it take for a powerlifter to transition into an arm-wrestler! Thanks man!

  • IrishCreation
    IrishCreation 20 minutes ago

    How are you doing this during the covid 19 stuff bro im super courious or was it pre recorded .....like so he responds to this

  • Mechano Fitness
    Mechano Fitness 21 minute ago

    10:51 Eddie almost Squeezed the hell out of the alligator🤣🤣

  • Kevin Leyden
    Kevin Leyden 21 minute ago

    Does Eddie love Howling at the Moon or does Hannah? Lol slow no music in every vid

  • Sean John022992
    Sean John022992 21 minute ago

    I Don't Trust The Icelandics 🤣

  • Kevin Silverblood
    Kevin Silverblood 22 minutes ago

    lol everyone wants to talk shit and keep trying to get a rise out of eddie but then cry like a bitch because he doesnt trust them. when there is clear videos of the Icelanders being reprimanded by the judges during at least one event for trying to change the outcome and flat out lying out what they did. stop asking questions you cant handle!

  • TheHawk2001
    TheHawk2001 22 minutes ago

    if my arch-nemesis, the guy i hated the most, wanted to break my world record and was rubbing it in my face... I'd be bitter too

  • Chris Volckening
    Chris Volckening 22 minutes ago

    Man just enjoy seeing you guys out there having a good time. Family fun and exploring. Thanks for your channel and all those who help you 😁 and much respect for your wife and kids I'm sure it's not easy shout out to them . You all make things easier at times such as this thanks again 😁

  • Paul Stevenson
    Paul Stevenson 23 minutes ago

    Thank you for taking the time out and sharing.

  • Humza Iqbal
    Humza Iqbal 23 minutes ago

    one of ur best vlog big fan foolow each video wish u talk to me this qurantine peroid over skype or else

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 24 minutes ago

    That intro was perfection!!! This is quality content!!

  • Radovan
    Radovan 25 minutes ago

    You might jump into the water and kill the shark with your hands💪💪🦈

  • krueger
    krueger 26 minutes ago

    Nothing like spending time with the family..that all looked like a lot of fun!

  • Jens Barendsz
    Jens Barendsz 26 minutes ago

    pls someone tell me what that song is

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 27 minutes ago

    Eddie vs 500kg tuna!! Beast vs monster of the seas

  • Nathan cavalcante
    Nathan cavalcante 27 minutes ago

    Mano ele deixa qual quer um menos monstro

  • MustAshCashStash 16
    MustAshCashStash 16 28 minutes ago

    Tug of war with gorilla PLZZ

  • Alex Fraser
    Alex Fraser 29 minutes ago

    Brilliant video mate looks like you had an amazing trip. Keep the vids coming.

  • Foul Growl
    Foul Growl 29 minutes ago

    Everyone talking shit about Eddie, check Brian"s new video and use your brains ,peace and love to all< stay safe

  • Jordan Courtney
    Jordan Courtney 29 minutes ago

    Eddie try an catch a giant Grouper

  • 10,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    **Speaking to tortoise** "He eats like Brian Shaw as well" 😂

  • Mr. Rivers
    Mr. Rivers 34 minutes ago

    Very cool content Eddie. Thank you

  • slick36c
    slick36c 34 minutes ago


  • Nathan Pleasanton
    Nathan Pleasanton 34 minutes ago

    12:17 😂 Brian is going to come at you hard one of these days. If he isn't late.

  • Flying Cumquat
    Flying Cumquat 35 minutes ago

    Even in powerlifting, in order to set a national record lift (e.g.squat) it has to be done at nationals. Even if it is broken at an official event with referees, it would still only be considered an unofficial national record. I suggest people watch Brian Shaw's video on the topic before they make judgement. It honestly sounds like most of these comments could be from people who don't compete in a sport like this (I could be wrong). Anyway hope people hold off their judgement to listen to both sides of the argument. Stay safe pple

  • MLG Swimmer
    MLG Swimmer 35 minutes ago

    Who else thinks Eddie could body slam a Crocodile? 😂

  • Niko Godless
    Niko Godless 36 minutes ago

    9:25 cruel 😞

  • PCmasterRacist
    PCmasterRacist 36 minutes ago

    Eddie would have sang better if he was hydrated

  • Louis Taylor
    Louis Taylor 36 minutes ago

    Are gyms open again then? Im confused

  • Coaly boi
    Coaly boi 36 minutes ago

    Some crazy genetics in his family

  • ss volgs
    ss volgs 36 minutes ago

    1 million coming soon # Team Beast

  • Niall Ash
    Niall Ash 36 minutes ago

    family,friends cigars what else do you need in life

  • mcgill34
    mcgill34 37 minutes ago

    Quality photography and beautiful vistas. Well done. Cheers from Canada.

  • Ocean Banana
    Ocean Banana 37 minutes ago

    I swear you manage to make good content regardless of what your doing

  • Austin p
    Austin p 37 minutes ago


  • Paul HIlditch
    Paul HIlditch 37 minutes ago

    This guy is so genuine and im happy to be subscribed from the beginning. Amazing content every time

  • IslandTime
    IslandTime 37 minutes ago

    lol Swapping diets they said. Matts over here just trying to get back at eddie 24-7 lol yikes mate. Matt if youre reading this man. you dont need to complain every 2 mins lol cheers mate

  • MrFatbard
    MrFatbard 37 minutes ago

    nice shots man you got a drone?

  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas 38 minutes ago

    It’s like people don’t remember the training you did. Thor thinks he can just throw weight around and set a record and I don’t think he realizes what it REALLY takes

  • Purnendu Shukla
    Purnendu Shukla 38 minutes ago

    Love watching your videos sir, 🙂👌🙏👍from INDIA.....biggle of the beast 😎

  • Owen Hollifield
    Owen Hollifield 38 minutes ago

    Eddie curling those cigars like a pro!

  • Laura Thomas
    Laura Thomas 38 minutes ago

    You literally went blind after that lift. You sacrificed so much and I just don’t think Thor can do it

  • Casper Achterberg
    Casper Achterberg 39 minutes ago

    Nearly 1 mil

  • Panis YO
    Panis YO 39 minutes ago

    Edie has a nice voice Edie Williams that is

  • Alfie
    Alfie 39 minutes ago

    Okay we get it Eddie you’re strong

    PRANAV SINGHANIA 39 minutes ago

    Why you so insecure about Thor beating your record??

  • Jack
    Jack 39 minutes ago

    Your daughter is a great videographer.Amazing videographhy & editing.

  • Michael Littlejohn
    Michael Littlejohn 40 minutes ago

    Nice video, but that is NOT the type of Fishing i wanted to see .... I want to see Ed screamin' " it's you or me and I ain't going in the water". BlacktipH in south Florida is waiting.

  • juan otalora
    juan otalora 40 minutes ago

    All that water but eddie is still dehydrated

  • Betr8er
    Betr8er 40 minutes ago

    Beautiful vid, thanks for sharing this with us Eddie!

  • Gionata Harwood
    Gionata Harwood 41 minute ago

    Close to 1000000 beast

  • Ebrahim Ajam
    Ebrahim Ajam 41 minute ago

    What flavor cigars was that you guys were smoking , looks like you guys really enjoy it

  • Cgm 29
    Cgm 29 41 minute ago

    Always entertaining listening to Eddie. Thanks.

  • Jeremy Yip
    Jeremy Yip 41 minute ago

    Glad Papa Hall got to take a birthday trip before the quarantine.

  • Chris Shoults
    Chris Shoults 41 minute ago

    Eddie could bring up a blue whale and be like... *‘oh look, a tidler’* 😂

  • Big Rome
    Big Rome 41 minute ago

    Eddie “looks like Brian Shaw”

  • Klaph
    Klaph 43 minutes ago

    You should go try and catch some Goliath grouper and fight some amberjack 🤙

  • Aimee Raw
    Aimee Raw 44 minutes ago

    Do each other's fitness routine for 24hrs!!

  • _a.l.e.x_ skt
    _a.l.e.x_ skt 44 minutes ago

    Can you broke the bench press world record i thing its so easy for you

  • Charis Apostolidis
    Charis Apostolidis 45 minutes ago

    Great cinematography!

  • L00ney-
    L00ney- 45 minutes ago

    Can you colab with blacktipH and try fish the strongest fish please?

  • Sergio Gallo
    Sergio Gallo 46 minutes ago

    Thor va a quitarte el récord y nada puedes hacer.

  • Conor Toms
    Conor Toms 46 minutes ago

    Eddie's singing just made my day 🤣😂

  • Omar Oseguera
    Omar Oseguera 46 minutes ago

    Bye the way eggs aren’t Vegan those are baby chickens that haven’t hatches

    • Ebenezer
      Ebenezer 8 minutes ago

      who said they were?

  • Bernice Sua
    Bernice Sua 48 minutes ago

    Oh my uncle Eddie that is one handsome good looking brother you have....

  • Alex Oliver
    Alex Oliver 48 minutes ago

    I like thor and eddie but i agree with brian shaw that thors lift should only be considered unofficial until he does it again in a competition setting

  • Dump Chump
    Dump Chump 48 minutes ago

    @10:55 Eddie: what an ugly looking beast. Croc: right back at ya, big guy.