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  • Sister Tag
    Sister Tag 9 hours ago

    You should do the 2019 edexcel gcse exam literally the hardest maths exams I’ve ever done and we did loads of past papers it was actually ridiculous we were all meant to get really high grades but it was soo hard 😕

  • Victor Lloyd
    Victor Lloyd 9 hours ago

    This twenty-two minute clip is about eighteen minutes too long.

  • Welsh Wizard
    Welsh Wizard 9 hours ago

    Far to mouthy for me thank you.

  • George Young
    George Young 9 hours ago

    Who else was waiting for Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?

  • Ife Ayanboye
    Ife Ayanboye 9 hours ago

    This country education is shit

  • b.addz17
    b.addz17 10 hours ago

    How many hands does he have?

  • Effie Sweet
    Effie Sweet 10 hours ago

    Sometimes I wish I was demisexual so that my standards would match my sex drive 😂. I think the key to a long lasting relationship is developing a true friendship first and a strong emotional bond before having sex or starting a relationship. That's what I always wanted, however, it's hard sometimes to go slowly and wait to build that bond. I've had sexual experiences with people I didn't know very well because I just felt horny in that moment and I went with the flow (which is not bad) but those relationships didn't last because soon after I realized we are actually not compatible emotionally :/ then you end up feeling attached to that person but at the same time knowing you'll never be in love, and that sucks. Or maybe you do fall in love eventually, but the other person just wants you for the sex. So you really have an advantage as a demisexual! It's much less probable to get your heart broken!

  • konika hazare
    konika hazare 10 hours ago

    I'm doing GCSE, IDK Y I watched this A level stuff

  • Anne Boleyn
    Anne Boleyn 10 hours ago

    So basically in America they don’t do as much as we do in the UK which means if I went to America I would be like Einstein for them?? Wow this makes teacher standing for not tearing every American but English because we study more

  • Oliver Jones
    Oliver Jones 10 hours ago

    Most London office buildings have showers. Not so in NYC.

  • Kyle Cross
    Kyle Cross 10 hours ago

    Anyone else really triggered he says fork and knife ?! Its knife and fork say it in alphabetical order you sociopath Edit: the fuck is Even watching to have it blocked by the government?

  • MouseyRumbal406/ Unicorn lover

    I go to a British all girls school so I experience having no boys in P.E

  • Jade Ayres
    Jade Ayres 10 hours ago


  • b.addz17
    b.addz17 10 hours ago

    I wanna see him do the english exam.

  • BangtanBin
    BangtanBin 11 hours ago

    He’s got the whole wide world in his hands

  • Sebastian Southwell
    Sebastian Southwell 11 hours ago

    Calculus is worse in A-Level than AS, you actually get cosec, double angle formula, product rule etc, the harder stuff, first year Calculus was easy

  • Harry
    Harry 11 hours ago

    There are water fountains in the U.S. Embassy lol

  • Chim Chimney
    Chim Chimney 11 hours ago

    “Life’s too short, put down the knife.” 😂😂😂😂

  • caZ galAXy
    caZ galAXy 11 hours ago

    Primary school starts at the age of 4 tho, oh well lol

  • cool stuff
    cool stuff 11 hours ago

    Cheat sheets we have to have clear pencil cases and give teachers phones its incredibly hard

  • Real Person
    Real Person 12 hours ago

    Why is it have to make myself a cup of tea every time it’s even mentioned in a FLash-player title

  • Dramatic Daydreamer03
    Dramatic Daydreamer03 12 hours ago

    You should have included a Canadian because ours if different from all 3 of those. Mine at least in Ontario is there’s 4 periods and lunch, the periods are normally an hour and fifteen minutes and lunch is forty minutes. So for one semester we have 4 classes and the other semester we have 4. Then for levels there is Academic which is thr highest and prepares you for University, Applied which is for the work place or college, and then locally developed which is the majority of the time for kids with special needs and focuses on the work place.

  • Deirdre Walsh
    Deirdre Walsh 12 hours ago

    I think the criteria will change over time, in response to the needs of the economy. Also NHS will be a separate VISA scheme which will be fast tracked and very easy to navigate for those applying.

  • camerachica73
    camerachica73 13 hours ago

    We had assemblies singing hymns until we were 16. The worst kind was when some travelling religious group came to do some lame play!

  • Ádamz On mobile
    Ádamz On mobile 13 hours ago

    If u ever go London underground dont touch anything ur hand will be dusty in an instant and like really dusty

  • Mia Thomas-Sewell
    Mia Thomas-Sewell 13 hours ago

    All the brits just got a list of the mistakes... Speaking as one myself 😂

  • The Norbs
    The Norbs 13 hours ago

    Please sub to me I am a growing Chanel and I need your help

  • stuffycow
    stuffycow 13 hours ago

    These are the old maths papers, there’s been 2 years of new A Level Maths papers and they beat my ass; that shit on C1 is nothing compared to the new 2017 stuff

  • Anthony Ratcliffe
    Anthony Ratcliffe 13 hours ago

    My grandparents wouldn't have been able to come here under these new rules. 👎

  • Gus Bailey
    Gus Bailey 14 hours ago

    i just want free movement honestly

  • Leila Madden
    Leila Madden 14 hours ago

    I am ashamed that ive only just found this channel. Very funny to watch but had to keep shouting marks! Everytime he said points 😆

  • Justina Folorunsho
    Justina Folorunsho 14 hours ago

    Eww who says A-S-D-A, Pre-mark, Nick, Carmel, scaan, vi-ta-mine, pastee, rosisins, alu-miuy-yum, para-sat-a-mole

  • camerachica73
    camerachica73 14 hours ago

    I hate the drinking fountains all over the US - yeuch! I don't want to be in such close proximity as someone else's mouth. Buy a bottle of water if you're that thirsty!

  • Justina Folorunsho
    Justina Folorunsho 14 hours ago

    I really felt it when he said Trafalgar Square

  • Nate L
    Nate L 14 hours ago

    Mince pies were originally made from ground up meat left over from Christmas dinner

  • Nate L
    Nate L 14 hours ago

    Happy and merry Christmas are both used in the south in England

    RYBORG 15 hours ago

    This is a bit obscure because it wasn't on the kids channels but did anyone else watch "The Treacle People"?

  • Counter Tenor
    Counter Tenor 15 hours ago

    Remember taking an easy geology class in college. We called it Rocks for Jocks.

  • jimbo mcgill
    jimbo mcgill 15 hours ago

    I gave up after 2 mins. Too annoying!

  • Daniel Bartlett
    Daniel Bartlett 15 hours ago

    I’m also a American thinking of leaving the US. Thinking about getting citizenship somewhere. But I want to ask why become a UK citizen?

  • Joe
    Joe 15 hours ago

    I should of learnt this shit instead of spending my school days acting like Gollum

  • Music On The Road
    Music On The Road 15 hours ago

    I checked that the speed of the video was normal because he was speaking so fast,it Turns out that NO, IT WAS !!

  • Music On The Road
    Music On The Road 15 hours ago

    As an efficient german I've watched the video with speed x2

  • Jeremy Wilson
    Jeremy Wilson 16 hours ago

    Art attack did start of as heart attack because it was hosted by Tony Heart.

  • Ethan Y0000
    Ethan Y0000 16 hours ago

    Point 15) the productivity point is actually very valid. This is due to the fact Uk has an extremely low productivity compared to country’s like France, Germany and America. This is due to many facts, with one being uk is a shareholders society so reinvestment into a company is lower as shareholders would prefer just to take profits.

    RYBORG 16 hours ago

    I remember during Easter having to sing spring chicken which we also did at the local church in front of a bunch of people.

  • Lee
    Lee 16 hours ago

    He's mastered the art of sarcasm. Well played that man 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Zeina Buns
    Zeina Buns 16 hours ago

    Is it an American thing to write a dot instead of the × times symbol? That part confused me at first 😅

  • Tony T
    Tony T 17 hours ago

    "why should I have to pay for everyone's health cost, my family is never sick" Let's say you go to a foreign country and pick up, I don't know, Coronavirus or the like, and you bring it back and suddenly all those people who cannot afford to go abroad also have it. Should you: a- get to be see first because you can afford it b- pay into the NHS like everybody else, because you're the carrier and transmitter of a virus which they can't afford c- not seek treatment because you're what's wrong with society (shots fired)

  • Third eye
    Third eye 17 hours ago

    The tory government are ignorant of the fact that many industries especially agriculture, rely heavily on EU seasonal workers.

  • Bérénice Glue
    Bérénice Glue 17 hours ago

    Just saying so the English system is really hard (I’m currently taking A levels) but the French education system is TERRIFYING! I’ve been in the French system for over 10 years and it was horrible! I recently stopped studying for the Baccalaureate and it is soul crushing. Seriously.

    JULIE KENNEDY 17 hours ago

    Two brands of toothpaste ?? You little kidder. I think you jest my friend. You need to get to a normal supermarket, a Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrison’s or Tesco’s. If my local supermarket in a small Northumberland town stocks a squillion brands (maybe slight exaggeration, but lots in other words) then I am sure you must be able to find some local normal supermarkets near you in London.

  • TombstoneHeart
    TombstoneHeart 17 hours ago

    Everyone involved in solving this stuff will die in a SHTF emergency situation. None of this stuff will save you!

  • cameron tennant
    cameron tennant 17 hours ago

    Wtf is this test lol. This ain't no A level paper especially cause it's old spec aka the easy tests.

  • Simon Hornby
    Simon Hornby 17 hours ago

    Has it occurred to you that the freedom of movement EU policy was racist. Liberals are happy to have East Europeans doing the manual labour, but believe the Brits are to good. We picked fruit, and looked after our elderly before 2004, so what's different ?

  • LegendaryVegeta
    LegendaryVegeta 18 hours ago

    south east london zone 4 southeastern public transport is absolutely shit 20 minutes for the same train, if there is no delay, delays ate 80% of the time a 1 hour journey becomes 1.5 hours, and barely on time/ probably late elizabeth line would help a bit if they finished it

  • Kelvin O'Riley
    Kelvin O'Riley 19 hours ago

    It's fair now I've always had issue with the system before I have Japanese friends that are well educated pride themselves on speaking good English and found it difficult to get in but I also experienced EU citizens who are far less educated and can't be bothered to learn any English but lived here no issues At least now each nationality has equal opportunity to come here to live and work

  • Casha Linn
    Casha Linn 19 hours ago

    I'd love to open a really cheap music studio and then get folk with occasional licences to come on as managers...let the fun begin at £2.50 a can of beer and see how packed the place would be. But to do it it would take three people...

  • Casha Linn
    Casha Linn 19 hours ago

    What I noticed in London is that they don't have any public bins within 3 miles of any train station..especially victoria station so just bare that in mind if you buy food you need to hope the fast food place will take the rubbish back. So be prepared to be stared at if you light up a smoke away from an ashtray, or open a bottle of juice to carry that bottle with you because you will get fined if you litter in the main travel zones. And if you like your haircut short and are a woman who prefers a barbers cut...that's not happening in London.

  • Susan Horton
    Susan Horton 19 hours ago

    can I watch the Dave channel on the net?

  • Irondragon97
    Irondragon97 19 hours ago

    I don't know if it does this for everyone but if you add the launage you want to learn to your keyboard duolingo make you type English in russian like Here is my desk Type the russain: вот мой стол It also make you type russain you hear

  • Susan Horton
    Susan Horton 19 hours ago

    did you get financial aid thru the us fin aid system to study in London?

  • Nwando Okoye
    Nwando Okoye 19 hours ago

    Peckham has great transport

  • day buttons
    day buttons 20 hours ago

    Londons full of refugees. Literally like walking through a refugee camp

  • smt
    smt 20 hours ago

    Currently on desktop you can choose "make harder" at the bottom (and then "make easier" again to go back) which reduces a lot of the tapping into making most answers have to be typed which has been really cool

  • J Bons
    J Bons 20 hours ago

    Pros - Minimal. Cons - Hyperinflation. Everywhere.

  • Ursula Nic Suibhne
    Ursula Nic Suibhne 20 hours ago

    Nope. England 100% created the not-famine. Not English people who were not treated well either. But authorities acquired all other foodstuff and refused to assist starving to allow the free market. There's just no making colonization funny. But losing the spuds is funny.

  • Umbra Xenon
    Umbra Xenon 20 hours ago

    having taken this myself, I find it enjoyable to see someone else struggling at it.

  • ranglexf mck
    ranglexf mck 20 hours ago


  • ranglexf mck
    ranglexf mck 20 hours ago

    it is sold spec

  • Marin Angelov
    Marin Angelov 20 hours ago

    I miss the McGriddle!

  • Ibzz FN
    Ibzz FN 21 hour ago

    how can you like london it’s shit

  • Marin Angelov
    Marin Angelov 21 hour ago

    So many people living in one place is a con not a pro. It’s overcrowded and no one speaks English.

  • True Lunatic
    True Lunatic 21 hour ago

    That Women Sounds English Not Welsh at all

  • True Lunatic
    True Lunatic 21 hour ago

    Long hours your not in there that long and you Should Pay For Health Care Immigrants who Come Over Here Should Any way Why Should They Get It Free

  • OtkaMak
    OtkaMak 21 hour ago

    Well my story is kind of opposite, i had pains that were coming and going after 2 days go to see GP and he said its definitely not my appendix, well few days later i am in fever and pain has gotten worse and coming in waves, got to hospital, doctors not sure what it is, take blood test but it gets lost so take it again after who knows how many hours i get told my appendix has burst few days ago and my system is all inflamed, well after all the treatments and it having getting removed and my system being flushed as it was all infected by things that burst from it i was told i was very lucky as i was about a day away from being dead. Also i was glad i was not in USA as in recovery ward a patient told me his friend who had burst appendix in USA had a bill of $25.000.

  • PaperAiraplane
    PaperAiraplane 21 hour ago

    *Oops, You missed ur Spanish lesson, you know what happens now..... Don’t you?*

  • Sister Tag
    Sister Tag 21 hour ago

    Sports day in my secondary school was amazing you’d have the whole day off timetable and everyone from the school would sit outside on the field when the events took place like running long distant, sprint long jump, javelin etc and it was really hot and there’d be a burger stall and ice cream stand you could buy from if you had like a good student pass ❤️😂

  • some_ typo
    some_ typo 22 hours ago

    Super late to the party but speaking of milk... have you seen the Cravendale Barry biscuit boy ad? Or the cats with thumbs one?

  • Nur KO
    Nur KO 22 hours ago

    is it correct? - I'm in year 9. or I'm in the 9th grade. and how do you ask? - What grade do you study in? or What year do you study in? What year are you in?

  • George Neidorf
    George Neidorf 22 hours ago

    Why do all the language learning guys sound like fast talking used car salesmen?

  • George Neidorf
    George Neidorf 23 hours ago

    sit on your hands.

  • Greta Iceburg
    Greta Iceburg 23 hours ago

    8 times out of 10 the random conversations you have with complete strangers, is always on the weather lol

  • Jade Mitchell
    Jade Mitchell 23 hours ago

    What's the topic got to do with you? Feel the need to spread the word to more and more?

  • george smith
    george smith 23 hours ago

    he.... he doesn’t- he doesn’t do curly x’s

  • Einstein 101
    Einstein 101 23 hours ago


  • Joo-hyun Cha
    Joo-hyun Cha Day ago

    Nice dig at Walsall haha


    I have been to London once in my life,, stayed in the Guoman Tower Hotel which was very nice and we did the touristy thing Tower of London and various sights, but only saw a tiny fraction of the place. It’s terrible to admit I have only been once, hoping to possibly go this summer as I want to go go see a specific show.

  • buzzukfiftythree

    Frankly Evan, I wouldn't bother. In a year or two's time it'll be such a shit country to live in that nobody will want to come here, and many (including essential health care workers, teachers etc.) will be clambering to leave the sinking ship!

  • ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07

    Move!!! To Canada people fr

  • Andrew Gould
    Andrew Gould Day ago


    • Andrew Gould
      Andrew Gould Day ago

      Ich hatte gewünscht, deinen accent zu hören, sodass ich besser fühlen könntet lol. Fast ein ganzes Jahr in Deutschland und trotzdem ist mein Grammatik noch richtig Scheiss, aber die Meistens der anderen Deutschsprechern aus Englischsprachige Länder haben Accenten, die klingen viel "Englischer" als ich aus. Es ist das Einziges darauf ich Stolz habe hahahaha.

  • reidee97
    reidee97 Day ago

    50 pound on a night out I need to go to where ever he goes to drink on a night on the sesh

  • Nanci Sousa
    Nanci Sousa Day ago

    Hey! Just a curiosity! As you will become British, do this mean that you’re going to lose your US citizenship? I’m not sure but I think you can’t have a dual citizenship.

  • Yimmy
    Yimmy Day ago

    why does the middle one look like that guy from the Try Guys?

  • jmitterii2
    jmitterii2 Day ago

    In the US literally all you need to do is apply, eventually you'll get citizenship if you stick to it. Refugee status or show you have problems, you might get jumped to the head of the line. We're huge geographically, so I don't mind. Immigrants what makes our nations good. Unless you're native in the US you're an immigrant. And many natives meander through different tribal nations so there's probably a fair degree amount of them as "immigrants" beyond their tribal nation boundaries. US isn't the greatest country, we don't have universal healthcare, medicaid for disabled is insufficient, medicare for elderly requires supplemental insurance to ensure everything is covered, and additional dental insurance... and insurance is a joke for the most part; so don't have diabetes or have any chronic conditions. Rents and housing prices are beyond incomes in all markets even in lower populated areas like here in Idaho. So you'll be broke most of the time. But it is better than 2nd world countries and places with instability often caused by my country either in training their military to cause a coupe like Honduras and most recently Bolivia. And entire middle east and north Africa. But yeah. You get to work... sometimes multiple jobs. And everything is expensive. And watch out for mass shootings or just the normal killings of 1 to 3 people which won't make national news that happens everyday in some city; usually several times a day in the same cities. America!

  • Nick Matas
    Nick Matas Day ago

    11,640 pounds sounds a lot better than paying some island nation $100,000.

  • Nick Matas
    Nick Matas Day ago

    I rarely start conversations with people I don't know in public. No real reason, I just don't. But I find it odd when people say things here about those who do as being weird. If you are that afraid for someone to speak to you, maybe you are the one that has a problem. I'm just saying.

  • Oliver Söderberg

    Lmao I love all the British ppl in the comments getting triggered and cannot understand jokes haha

  • Maciej Konarski

    It there's no waiters to give you a cheque why not just leave... Not like they'll notice anyway lol

  • Sara Lehman
    Sara Lehman Day ago

    8 wing 6 gang where u at?