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  • Cat Law
    Cat Law 27 minutes ago

    They should look at Cambridge English language GCSEs they’re so weird and also btechs lol they come in legit everything

  • Cat Law
    Cat Law 29 minutes ago

    Omg the geography one they did was my gcse paper they tryna give me ptsd here I swear

  • creepycrawly101
    creepycrawly101 Hour ago

    I'm from Trinidad & Tobago which are two islands in the caribbean which were ruled by Britian in the past. A lot of the things that she's speaking about, I've experienced in assembly's in primary school. All the hymns and prayers we did were the same. Even the whole, Good morning miss Thomas. Good morning everyone, thing we had as well.

  • Caleb Melia
    Caleb Melia 2 hours ago

    I’m trans so sex ed at school was pretty weird for me lol they really need to do a better job at LGBTQ+ education in schools.

  • Julia C
    Julia C 3 hours ago

    This is a old video but I’m surprised by the Canadian comment. In a restaurant, It is expected that you tip 15-20% in Canada. I’ve only been to an American restaurant 1 or 2 and both times tipped.

  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 3 hours ago

    *If you actually know that "Fotze" means "Cunt", and you are tricking people, intentionally, into using that word as a compliment when they are speaking German, you are an asshole. That could cause some serious issues for a person in real life.*

  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 4 hours ago

    *You might wanna think twice about using "Fotze". I get what you're doing by combining "Fotomodell and Zeitbombe". But there is already a German word spelled "Fotze", and it means,well, that "C" word that no woman wants to ever be called.*

  • Emily Bastian
    Emily Bastian 4 hours ago

    ITV does still have (some) localised ads and news programmes. I know this because my job requires me to travel round the UK and it's different in every region.

  • plaguelock
    plaguelock 4 hours ago

    "Fernweh" in English, if being a bit more literal would be something like, "distant pain". Which, in a way, describes "wanderlust" pretty well.

  • Paradisee Stromberg
    Paradisee Stromberg 4 hours ago

    I graduated high school at 19 and my birthday is July 30

  • rbj
    rbj 4 hours ago


  • Yorokobi and DemonPup

    *Evan saying he stopped trick or treating at 16* Me about to stop doing it at 13: What type of life am I living???

  • RiverSnake
    RiverSnake 5 hours ago

    Your videos on how to use Duoling the best way have helped. Im currently learning Spanish(cause of school) And Italian and Japanese on my own time. And morse code is something pretty easy to. But i would love to learn sign language. If anybody knows a youtuber who teaches or a free website please let me know.

  • Angela Duda
    Angela Duda 5 hours ago

    I finally know who you live with wow.

  • George Chiarovano
    George Chiarovano 5 hours ago

    Question: Do Brits say "I'm going to Europe" the same way people in the outer Boroughs say "I'm going to the city"

  • Rebeca Freire
    Rebeca Freire 6 hours ago

    U need to look for how the tests in Brazil work! U will be shocked how heard it is!

  • Julian Garbiso
    Julian Garbiso 6 hours ago

    Jay Foreman <3 :D

  • ethelmini
    ethelmini 7 hours ago

    8:00 using your ears if probably where you're going wrong with your photography.

  • Aidan S
    Aidan S 7 hours ago

    The British will never be able to copy "Seinfeld". That show is 100% American comedy.

  • Cristina Gore
    Cristina Gore 8 hours ago

    Yes to all of these comments and Mona the Vampire!

  • Yorokobi and DemonPup

    Me: Barely knows any German except very basic stuff. Also me: *likes Evan and also likes the German language* JAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • Delphi Alice
    Delphi Alice 8 hours ago

    The give me joy in my heart all day song. We sing that loads at school.

  • Spartacus Mills
    Spartacus Mills 8 hours ago

    Here to give some deserved recognition for the 'long-tailed marketing campaign' meerkat gag at 16:05

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 8 hours ago

    'People like raisins'. The Gavin Free is strong with this one.

  • Maes B.
    Maes B. 9 hours ago

    Its the same thing with dutch only we have weirder grammar

  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly 9 hours ago

    Well this is interesting, i started high school and moved to the U.K 3/4 of the way through the year and my school was in Canada was a bit off in what they did, the grade eights, we did football in the autumn, then we did dance and volley ball over the winter (which was fun lots of people would skip glass to come d the dance stuff), and in the spring i don't really remember what we did but all through the year we had to run around the track for so long, and at several points over the year we got to go ice skating, there was on the large area of land my high school was on an old derelict pool an ice rink and a gold course, the grade 12's got to play golf in the spring apparently. and PE was one of the eight classes so we sometimes had it two or three times a week. Now when i got to the U.K. i had PE once a week, and it was varied but just general sports, tennis, rounders, some running, basketball. honestly it was more of just getting us exercise rather than teaching us anything.

  • WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey

    I'm in the UK and I flash to warn people about speed camera vans.

  • Rene Helen Saar
    Rene Helen Saar 10 hours ago

    In estonia we don’t have gym uniforms so we can wear whatever we like (including shirts that expose your shoulders) and in elementary school boys and girls would have PE toghether but from middle school we were separate. Also because it’s cold in the winter we had fall and spring outside and in the winter we did stuff inside.

  • ninjalord490
    ninjalord490 10 hours ago

    What school did this guy go to that had 9 periods a day? My highschool only had 7 periods a day.

  • WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey

    I'm Welsh so we had to say "Bore da Mrs ..., Bore Da Ffrindiau"

  • i love roam & as it is

    lovin the as it is merchhh

  • TLIWIW asif
    TLIWIW asif 10 hours ago

    I think Barry Scott still does those adds

  • Big Ounce
    Big Ounce 10 hours ago

    UK Games I played (Hull and Portsmouth): - Tag - Manhunt - Piggy in the Middle - I-Spy - Heads Down Thumbs Up - Sleeping Lions - Cops and Robbers - Grandma’s Wardrobe - Hopscotch - Conkers - Hide and Seek - Stuck in the Mud - Mr Wolf/Granny’s Footsteps - British Bulldog - Frogot what it was called but it was British Bulldog except just tagging - Slapsies - Peanuts - Spin the Bottle - Truth or Dare To choose teams/who’s it: - Eggs or Bacon - Coconut Crack - Give each other numbers and the captain has to choose numbers - Rock Paper Scissors

  • Saffy Hill-chambers
    Saffy Hill-chambers 10 hours ago

    I had to wear a skort 😨

  • flammifera__
    flammifera__ 11 hours ago

    Wow. Totally took far too long for recognizing the "Essen" in the song >.>

  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall 11 hours ago

    My freshman year of high school in America we had "block" scheduling with 5 periods and a 20 minute break, but the school decided to change it and for the next 3 years we had 7 periods/subjects every day. The block schedule was way better BUT WE DIDN'T GET AN HOUR LUNCH we had 20 minutes, what the heck.

  • Charlie Scott
    Charlie Scott 11 hours ago

    I’m doing my maths gcse next June... can’t wait (;

  • Maya Tsuu
    Maya Tsuu 11 hours ago

    I can’t believe I am German and watching this whole video without getting bored 😅 how you talk, pronounce and make it interesting by just being your seemingly chaotic but surprisingly coordinated & funny self 😊 Please continue 💜🐾 P.s. when you started doing your videos in Germany, I did not like it too much and didn’t subscribe, but now that you are doing your videos from a different perspective, I started to like your style and clicked the important buttons right away 😆

  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall 11 hours ago

    I took my AP exams in a church too!

  • Holy Crocs
    Holy Crocs 11 hours ago

    Thank you for including sources :)))

  • AdrenalinJunkie
    AdrenalinJunkie 11 hours ago

    We did pretty decent drug education in gcse science - like we learnt why mdma can kill you, what percentage different kinds of alcohol were, and we did this really cool experiment to simulate lungs after smoking. Lucy's account really surprised me - was my school just really on it?

  • Amirus
    Amirus 11 hours ago

    32:04 No... Smile was actually correct. :D

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 11 hours ago

    The nostalgia is all too real. Take me back to primary school already!

  • Tiesha Alanis
    Tiesha Alanis 11 hours ago

    I remember think track think train when I was younger it freaked me out so much

  • Celyn Williams
    Celyn Williams 12 hours ago

    My Mum use to know the GoCompare guy lolol

  • Nadia Rose Kennedy
    Nadia Rose Kennedy 12 hours ago

    "we use pens" "how are they graded" "..." "With another pen"

  • Nadia Rose Kennedy
    Nadia Rose Kennedy 12 hours ago

    you were allowed the book???????

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 12 hours ago

    I know the feeling all too well of getting rejected for Dick and Dom. But I did get onto Ministry of Mayhem twice, which more than made up for it.

  • HDHP
    HDHP 12 hours ago

    is this supposed to be funny because all of there are said wrong

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton 13 hours ago

    Howard Brown and the Halifax ads for me.

  • yorandr
    yorandr 13 hours ago

    You're a great singer, but really, we want more

  • Dontgetrudetomyg
    Dontgetrudetomyg 13 hours ago

    All exams are so easy in the us

  • _ Qualpzer
    _ Qualpzer 13 hours ago

    Try MinerMorsel

  • Dontgetrudetomyg
    Dontgetrudetomyg 13 hours ago

    This video basically just proves that the uk is smarter than the us

  • KaranGaming1 1
    KaranGaming1 1 14 hours ago

    Bruhh I wish I could do my exams that easily Fuckkkkk

  • Lynette Reed
    Lynette Reed 14 hours ago

    So we had a prom king and queen but they were chosen by the teachers based on school performance/improvement. We also had someone show up in and icecream van.

  • G Car
    G Car 14 hours ago

    The Cadbury ad is legends

  • jamie amor
    jamie amor 14 hours ago

    yo im frae dundee

  • Doughnut
    Doughnut 14 hours ago

    This is triggering me 1 because you said she was from America and then u say wales and the girl says Ireland isn’t in the UK which of course it is!

  • Bopsterjazz
    Bopsterjazz 14 hours ago

    Barry Scott is just the British Oxi Clean guy.

  • GoldenNinja 12310
    GoldenNinja 12310 14 hours ago

    6:51 was my favourite part lmao 😂😂. Nut is another word for cum.

  • Jfjf Jrjfif
    Jfjf Jrjfif 15 hours ago

    40-40 in

  • P a s t e l a s t h e t I c s Payne

    There all confused so confused

  • P a s t e l a s t h e t I c s Payne

    I fill bad for corry

  • simgorm
    simgorm 15 hours ago

    The heat in the Underground is the only major problem for me in London, Paris is ok but New York is just dreadful.

  • yeahhiitsrachel
    yeahhiitsrachel 16 hours ago

    I think that’s why you have to get a higher percentage on American tests to pass or get a higher grade because it’s easier 😭

  • lucarioshows
    lucarioshows 16 hours ago

    Much prefer everything being exam based. If I had to constantly put effort in the entire year and NOT piss off my teachers, I wouldn't have passed any of my classes.

  • jugganaut33
    jugganaut33 16 hours ago

    How can he forget “who’s line is it anyway” !! That’s one of the best American panel shows. Jesus!!

  • Benny oderso
    Benny oderso 17 hours ago

    Ever thought about taking a test of a subject you really like in german like math

  • Netflix Lover
    Netflix Lover 20 hours ago

    U look very german de i mean ur Features

  • ieht nessnaj
    ieht nessnaj 20 hours ago

    Worst of all in book 7 there is a security measure against polyjuice potion in Gringots.

  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn 20 hours ago

    you kind of remind me of jason sudeikis...

  • Caro Olive
    Caro Olive 20 hours ago

    I used to watch Peppa Pig even in like russian ( I don't understand Russian) or some other languages I don't understand

  • Nick Izzard
    Nick Izzard 21 hour ago

    Thanks a bunch, spent the last 10 years trying to get the laly caly song out of my head, and it's been going round and round for the last 3 days now😂

  • Jess Brown
    Jess Brown 22 hours ago

    I’ve watching most of your videos lately but then you said 60% of people who watch my videos aren’t subscribed and I was like oh that’s not me then looked I wasn’t subscribed but I am now haha 😂

  • Nia
    Nia 22 hours ago

    No kitchen gun reaction alongside it?

  • Caitlyn Roberts
    Caitlyn Roberts 22 hours ago

    They showed Evan the hedgehog think! ads but not the other think! ads... they scared me a lot when I was younger

  • Urban Major
    Urban Major 22 hours ago

    In the last bit the translation from "Natürlich" to "Naturally" isn't correct, is it? I think "certainly" would have been a better choice

  • Alex Watson
    Alex Watson 22 hours ago

    Some aspects of This sound amazing, and some sound absolutely terrifying. I also grew up in a church, but a much more relaxed, chill one 😂

  • Buchanan _MJ
    Buchanan _MJ 23 hours ago

    No interest in learning German, but find what you're doing pretty inspiring and impressive so thanks Evan. Keep it up, would love to see you tackle A level German and/ or the oral/ listening parts of the GCSE.

  • Rachel O
    Rachel O 23 hours ago

    I’m from ireland and I remember hearing the pencil story about the Frosties kid but I’m pretty sure we thought he died

  • Aaron Wallace
    Aaron Wallace 23 hours ago

    We had a version of slapsies where we rammed a coin into the other person's knuckles

  • Titania Pink
    Titania Pink 23 hours ago

    How to pronounce Walsall = Wol-saul

  • Zebras 724
    Zebras 724 23 hours ago

    So British vs American is no longer available on the main channel ?

  • SmorzyCat
    SmorzyCat Day ago

    Oh god I hated the lelli kelly ads 😬

  • Do the impossible x 12

    your 5th grade is our year 6

  • Fudge Weasel
    Fudge Weasel Day ago

    Jay Foreman forgetting that the UK is not just England, again? Quelle Surprise! Jay, you brought up regional TV, and then moved on to explaining how the phrase "National TV" annoys you because it doesn't apply in the UK. You might want to pay attention to what you're saying, if you want to appear less foolish.

  • Just Another Random Crit

    You realize that Connor in the show isn’t Connor right? He’s an embodiment of Evan’s inner monologue, so by saying not to let him disappear, it’s making the fake Connor the one that everyone sees and the real Connor effectively, _disappear._

  • Destinee Jackson

    I mean, this gives me more oxiclean vibes than shamwow vibes, but they're both pretty similar.

  • Elly Green
    Elly Green Day ago

    Can you imagine if the act/sat had like a section on Jesus or Microsoft word😂😂. Are the Gcse exams more like the the act or are they like required ap exams?

  • Oreo Kelly
    Oreo Kelly Day ago

    3:23 I'm in USA I did not get the matt or the milk

  • E Flowers
    E Flowers Day ago

    Between the Lions!

  • avfusion
    avfusion Day ago

    No JG Wentworth love?

  • Dinosuar Lover

    II kinda felt attacked reading the title so I’m gonna watch the video

  • Rebecca Rippon

    Yes fitness journey video please! I am so happy I understood the German jokes.

  • Zaki Bayd
    Zaki Bayd Day ago

    And London Buses also act as school buses as kids under 16 get free travel on buses which in theory should mean less cars/school buses on roads

  • Cat the Catherine

    I love Relient K :,)))))

  • Vanessa Ferreira

    it's strange how Savannah already lost much of her American accent even though she's only been in England for a year

  • Cydoni Trusste

    Having worked as a waitress in England, I can say the only reason anyone will ever ask how your meal is or do a 'check back' is because we have to. We feel awkward, we know you don't want us to, we know you're eating and if something is wrong you'll come to us but if we don't do it, the manager will have a moan at us about it and if we don't do it for long enough we get a talking to saying if we don't do it, we might get sacked.

  • Sire_ Pixels
    Sire_ Pixels Day ago

    He's like the oxiclean guy