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  • Crabby tea
    Crabby tea 8 seconds ago

    Well here in ireland were grand because it rains all day everyday

  • Sugioshi
    Sugioshi 48 seconds ago

    I want the music ! One hour relaxing music Ideal

  • lourdsrainbow YT
    lourdsrainbow YT 3 minutes ago

    Why you have red hands

  • ABD360G
    ABD360G 5 minutes ago

    After he said that and pointed somthing at 7:10. An ad came out for a blockbuster movie, I thought it was still the video. nice trick youtube

  • Gamblor
    Gamblor 6 minutes ago

    InDesign? you're talking my language now lawyer.

  • Crypto Dream
    Crypto Dream 7 minutes ago


  • lol
    lol 7 minutes ago

    *battleship is obsolete* me putting 250 cruise missile on my battleship hull in simpleplanes: wrong answer

  • liam boland
    liam boland 9 minutes ago

    React to spy kids please

  • Alessandro Perrotta
    Alessandro Perrotta 11 minutes ago

    Lord of the rings trilogy is more than 15 years old. A video about its CGi could be really interesting!!! 😎

  • Well Jr
    Well Jr 13 minutes ago

    Ur lucky you didn't play the "game of life" in this xD

  • ClipShots
    ClipShots 16 minutes ago

    2.52 Hey guys! I really love the Flash tv show on the cw, but there are some really bad cgi moments in the show. Especially this scene: (go to 2 minutes and 32 seconds) I hope you can show your opinion on this scene in episode 10 :)

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337 16 minutes ago

    The sour patch kids didn't really serve a purpose other than boosting the effect. He didn't learn to come get candy when the bell rang, he came because the bell sound nobody knew about started to drive him nuts and he went to investigate. The candy just added to the "what's going on?!" Effect.

  • Gianni Beyer
    Gianni Beyer 18 minutes ago

    The Lego movie isn't c g I its stop motion

  • Tarek Said
    Tarek Said 19 minutes ago

    Chad Stahelski: So, Keanu Reeves, you like bragging about doing your own stunts? Well, I have a challenge for you! *Evil Laughter* REVENGE, at last!

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337 19 minutes ago

    I love that workplace. Freedom, it's small, you can goof off after meeting a lack quota, it's profitable, and you can have a dog there

  • DanielZachson
    DanielZachson 20 minutes ago

    Dude, this has to be a joke 😂

  • Michael Sims
    Michael Sims 21 minute ago

    Am i the only one who's hearing "subscribe" randomly being edited in???

  • The Grey Wanderer
    The Grey Wanderer 24 minutes ago

    In lore explanation for the eyes: The maximum solar irradiance on Mars is about 590 W/m2 compared to about 1000 W/m2 at the Earth's surface. Therefore it is a lot dimmer there than on Earth. Hence a super cyborg soldier there would benefit from having larger, enhanced eyes.

  • Sarkhann
    Sarkhann 24 minutes ago


  • itsme hofer0000
    itsme hofer0000 24 minutes ago

    do Lord of The Rings or Hobbit :D

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon 30 minutes ago

    Why aren't you guys hired by big studios yet?

  • Marcus Bäck
    Marcus Bäck 32 minutes ago

    Please do wander woman. Fucking hate thst movie

  • iswandi jamain
    iswandi jamain 34 minutes ago

    eric explained things well. haha

  • GJRYSer Swan
    GJRYSer Swan 36 minutes ago

    How about reacting to some cgi from the harry potter series, you could conpare the earlier movies to the latest and see how it changed!

  • Tom Ruiterman
    Tom Ruiterman 36 minutes ago

    4:20 human face , our nature is hardwired to being very critical of human emotion a lot harder/different to chappie metal robot

  • Dhrumik Sharma
    Dhrumik Sharma 39 minutes ago

    That over the bridge shot was awesome

  • David Nobre
    David Nobre 41 minute ago

    my magic deck is a dragon deck! Red

  • Gökhan Atış
    Gökhan Atış 42 minutes ago

    can you make john wick or some R rated movies to PG rated

  • Ferdinand Pietsch
    Ferdinand Pietsch 45 minutes ago

    You should react to the music video of "the writings on the wall" by Ok go. I dont believe there's much digital vfx in it but definitely some rly cool camera techniques and illusions and stuff

  • Marius Arp
    Marius Arp 47 minutes ago

    Please make video about what software's you use.

  • Liam te Riele
    Liam te Riele 47 minutes ago

    I am seriously starting to question the legitamacy of this video

  • AL3X684 The real one
    AL3X684 The real one 49 minutes ago

    The creatures in Harry Potter

  • Roller Surfer
    Roller Surfer 50 minutes ago

    do krampus

  • Deception975
    Deception975 51 minute ago

    I hope you'te still not under fullscreen. They are complete shit.

  • Carlos Cortés
    Carlos Cortés 53 minutes ago

    Uhm, nope. It is not about weight at all. It is about density.

  • TaliiLars
    TaliiLars 53 minutes ago

    I have yet to see a movie where fireworks sound have latency.

  • shayan
    shayan 54 minutes ago

    Could you maybe react to CG Animals in films and tv shows? Like the ones in 'Silicon Valley'.

  • Herp Derpington
    Herp Derpington 55 minutes ago

    7:58 Cinematography 404

  • MoofyGaming
    MoofyGaming 55 minutes ago

    "it isn't that spicy" *everyone quietly dying in the background*

  • Steven Tarsitano
    Steven Tarsitano 56 minutes ago

    they have to do lord of the rings.

  • Kastiel Candora
    Kastiel Candora 57 minutes ago

    React to Starship Troopers :D

  • Seb
    Seb 58 minutes ago

    good vid

  • Keeper
    Keeper Hour ago

    3:36 Wren is a cat - confirmed.

  • pennavedc
    pennavedc Hour ago

    Nah nah nah y'all sayin "this shot was really good for the time" need to be looking at these right next to shots from LOTR which were done at the sametime at neighboring studios in New Zealand.

  • thejanusproject32

    Jesus, these guys roll with style man

  • heffatheanimal
    heffatheanimal Hour ago

    After all that hunting for the drone you should have named it Nemo

  • oishisushidesu
    oishisushidesu Hour ago

    lol, the crawl more like monkeys than cats, not elegant enough

  • Tigerfire828
    Tigerfire828 Hour ago


  • Zero
    Zero Hour ago

    Imagine if he mentioned the Yamato which was the largest battleship ever made and how it drastically had more firepower than any other ship, I'd love to see a video about that (Kure Maritime Museum is the best)

  • madhan raj
    madhan raj Hour ago

    indian movie "2.o" see this movie vfx shot

  • Maximus Linnerud

    I was legitmately scared in 4:17

  • nagendra kumar
    nagendra kumar Hour ago

    Please do movies using iclone animation software, very intuitive one

  • JD ART
    JD ART Hour ago

    San Andreas pleaseee

  • thejanusproject32

    Intern sounds stoned

  • Dan Mackenzie
    Dan Mackenzie Hour ago

    This may be the best explanation of buoyancy.

    NOHAX Hour ago

    Disliked because I know you are lying about it not working on Bruce Lee.

  • Gordon Emanuel
    Gordon Emanuel Hour ago

    Does Clint do parkour?

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude Hour ago

    Corridor crew:City won't fix our street Literally a quarter through the video: corridor crew doesn't call the city to fix the street

  • The Talking Moose

    I can't tell if this is a troll or not.....

  • GamerWho
    GamerWho Hour ago

    Mortal Kombat Annihilation has some of the best VFX. Do that one please!

  • Sean Hunt
    Sean Hunt Hour ago

    Did you know that if you're under water your able to hold you breath for longer than if you're on dry land. It's some evolutionary diving reflex. Thanks Mike Boyd

  • bwsofly
    bwsofly Hour ago

    The one to the left is so fake. Pls don't try so hard! No one likes a tryhard black kid.

  • YAIP Games
    YAIP Games Hour ago

    Guys I’ve got a bad memory so idek if you’ve reacted already but react to some venom scenes for example the last fight , and the scene where venom scales a massive building plzzzz

  • Edythe Ashford
    Edythe Ashford Hour ago

    Fuck you ltt is better than you

  • Finalph_KUN
    Finalph_KUN Hour ago

    nice akira shirt sam

  • Melody Winnie
    Melody Winnie Hour ago

    O no .... Welcome to the Furry group

  • The Caffeinated Owl

    I know being in the military is the best way to see and use this wonderful machinery, but I have been on a tour of the battleship New Jersey and.... Man its like its own floating city. Its more massive and capable than you would ever think!

  • Warapong T.
    Warapong T. Hour ago

    They need a bigger couch.

  • CreepyHero84
    CreepyHero84 Hour ago

    3:43 is the slo mo guys.. their channel is great!

  • Finalph_KUN
    Finalph_KUN Hour ago

    wren just roasted the flat earthers

  • Kyle Gruber
    Kyle Gruber Hour ago

    Oh, I bet this was so fun.

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon Hour ago

    That's what happens when you have a bunch of liberals who don't care about protecting themselves make movies about shit they've never done.

  • simon ricard dubois

    Frodo entering Mount Doom LOTR -----

  • oh kay
    oh kay Hour ago

    Vsauce needs to see this

  • Mayur Hanwate
    Mayur Hanwate Hour ago

    Here's a video idea Make Rhaegar Targaryen and Robert baratheon fight

  • SeekNeo
    SeekNeo Hour ago

    I'm curious as to how they access the same files from different computers? Do they have a local server they upload them or what?

  • Hipno Media
    Hipno Media Hour ago

    Yo not gonna lie that deep bass sound intro is honestly so lit and really sets the mood for the whole video!!

  • 顏伯聖
    顏伯聖 Hour ago

    i can tell Clint is about to burst 8:48

  • L Max
    L Max Hour ago

    Imagine being suddenly teleported at 2 meters of those things, with your head facing the cannons... right when they're about to fire. What would happen first ? > You become blind from the light > You become deaf from the sound wave > You get turned into crispy bacon by the heat > Your soul is ripped to shreds by the colossal fright

  • AGuyAndHisE34
    AGuyAndHisE34 Hour ago

    im 2 years late here but : in norway 2300 dollars if you want over 600cc or 45 hp, and from 14hp to 45 there is "Medium" licence, a litte bit cheeper but why bother, under 15hp is considered a light bike, from 50cc to 125cc but is as expensive as car because of much training and people who take that usualy doesent have the car licence, 50cc and below is moped/scooter and is roughly 1000usd. oh yeah the car license is probably 3000usd..

  • itsFiggers
    itsFiggers Hour ago

    You should review the 2008 the incredible hulk, specifically the scene after he escapes with Liv Tyler's character to the cave in the rain.

  • tristan cruse
    tristan cruse 2 hours ago

    And Childs Play 2019

  • Jeremy Lindemann
    Jeremy Lindemann 2 hours ago

    Analyse the CG from Game of Thrones season 8.

  • tristan cruse
    tristan cruse 2 hours ago

    Do godzilla king of monsters,Bumblebee and brightburn

  • Skoopa92
    Skoopa92 2 hours ago

    I remember watching Taken 3 and the shots were so short and the camera so shaky that I honestly couldn’t even tell what was going on

  • Mafaz Syed
    Mafaz Syed 2 hours ago

    Id rather study math than watching your version of Lion King

  • Symeou 05
    Symeou 05 2 hours ago

    Please react to the MonsterVerse movies

  • Rocco siffredi
    Rocco siffredi 2 hours ago

    "Hey i'm Tom Cruise" "Ok... Nice imitation. Cute. " you guys ever heard of Scientology ?" "OMG that's him, THAT'S HIM"

  • FlumenSanctiViti
    FlumenSanctiViti 2 hours ago

    And in a mean time, US national debt is 22.5 trillion. Try scale that!

  • Open Minded
    Open Minded 2 hours ago

    Inches, feet, gallons fuck these medieval units

  • mitesh tandan
    mitesh tandan 2 hours ago

    Krishh 3 please

  • Steve Marshalek
    Steve Marshalek 2 hours ago

    Wren is so innocent and pure of heart. Hes honestly amazing at explaining and exploring things. We must protect him

  • Spr4ty
    Spr4ty 2 hours ago

    subbed cause they rly caught it XD

  • Dimo
    Dimo 2 hours ago

    They realy should make an app for phone where you can do actual motion capture cuse you can buu pretty cheap phone's with a motion capture camera

  • andrenyheim123
    andrenyheim123 2 hours ago

    do love death robots!

  • Lujza Kašáková
    Lujza Kašáková 2 hours ago

    guys you have to react to Planet of the Apes remake/prequels I was amazed by their VFX

  • Guy Tsitsiashvili
    Guy Tsitsiashvili 2 hours ago

    0:06 literally made me roll on the floor laughing xD

  • EverestBlizzard
    EverestBlizzard 2 hours ago

    The Raid isn’t Hollywood, but still nice vid

  • Nishad Live
    Nishad Live 2 hours ago

    Can you fix it with the technology provided for the vfx artists back in 2001 😏

    THE CRAZY GUY 2 hours ago

    Poor wren lol