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  • Shaaswat. P
    Shaaswat. P Hour ago

    Pls do the movie war

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas Hour ago

    Why don't you guys do an animation bit... The flys perspective of this video 👏🤣🤣👌

  • Deltazulu2000
    Deltazulu2000 Hour ago

    not really VFX i think but id be cool to see wren explode for the Godzilla 2014 vs Shin godzilla | Part one by Wobbly Works

  • G-Boss703
    G-Boss703 Hour ago

    Buys skate board guy brings him one 😂😂

  • Aakash Kumar
    Aakash Kumar Hour ago

    Guys do breakdown krrish 3 vfx or cgi

  • HMC
    HMC Hour ago

    Hey Guys I enjoyed watching your reactions videos.. Please.. Make a reaction video which I will put the link... 👉🏼 This guy's work very hard and it is a first of its kind in Our community so if like the video.. Please make a reaction to it... Peace from MANIPUR

  • Imperio
    Imperio Hour ago

    Stuntmen react to John Wick 3: the last fight

  • liquidmetal
    liquidmetal Hour ago

    This video was very well structured and conveyed, great job.

  • Johannes Mayrhofer

    atomic blonde stairway "one shot"

  • jaime cruz
    jaime cruz 2 hours ago

    You fucking suck

  • Philippe FRATER
    Philippe FRATER 2 hours ago

    Office keanu reeves

  • blaise russo
    blaise russo 2 hours ago

    OK sensei I understand now

  • Trishant Gamer
    Trishant Gamer 2 hours ago

    U should check out dabangg it has cool vfx

  • Paulo Salazar
    Paulo Salazar 2 hours ago

    What are the instruments????????? 😭😭😭😭

  • PJbottoms
    PJbottoms 2 hours ago

    I still appreciate the creativity, talented stunts, etc. behind practical effects over CGI in movies. Take Fury Road for example. It's literally a movie about driving from point A to point B, then back to point A. But the practical effects, REAL vehicles, etc are what make it an amazing film. That's where the "movie magic" really is. When you go "holy shit, they just DID that." Not "wow what a talented artist that did that CGI scene of that fake shit I just saw."

  • tucker olson
    tucker olson 2 hours ago

    Hardcore Henry

  • Abtuly M
    Abtuly M 2 hours ago

    The SlowMoGuys made it in 2 takes

  • zac faith
    zac faith 2 hours ago

    Oh good. I was afraid this video wasn’t going to have a totally irrelevant clip of the guys trying to come up with a script for a completely unrelated video. I almost thought I wasn’t going to skip thru a corridor video for once.

  • dogmentation
    dogmentation 2 hours ago

    Pretty shameless plugging there, considering you can get the exact same razors as DSC for a fraction of the price direct from the manufacturer, Dorco.

  • Arko Mallick
    Arko Mallick 2 hours ago

    Captain America is not strong enough to slice someone into half with his shield

  • xGIGAx
    xGIGAx 2 hours ago

    i thought the Tron Guy wants to look fake because its a digital version in the digital world

  • frostyhutt25
    frostyhutt25 2 hours ago

    Should look over ' Watchman ' prison fight scene

  • zill abbas
    zill abbas 3 hours ago

    Do he'll boy the Ron pearlman one!!!

  • ImmaCellJunior
    ImmaCellJunior 3 hours ago

    Confirmed.... Kevin grows up to be Jigsaw

  • Argon
    Argon 3 hours ago

    To be honest if Tony wasnt imprisoned in the cave the Iron Man scene in the end of the video will actually happen. Tony doesnt have conscience to civilians until the terrorists attacked him using his weapons, if it didnt happen then he will just lawlessly murder everyone in the scene.

  • Etukudo
    Etukudo 3 hours ago

    I'm subbed to three corridor related channels so I didnt realise I wasnt subbed here. That's been fixed. Also launch Clint please.

  • Revolvynx
    Revolvynx 3 hours ago


  • Bright Garinson
    Bright Garinson 3 hours ago

    Bad VFX is can still be objectively bad.

  • littlejxicy
    littlejxicy 3 hours ago

    React to Mile 22!!

  • Fortnut :v Gamer :v
    Fortnut :v Gamer :v 3 hours ago

    "But if you have a bow and arrow you're fucked" lolololol

  • sang tombing
    sang tombing 3 hours ago

    Please check out tollywoods 'SHIVAJI THE BOSS' haha so funny 😆😆😆made my day!..

  • One BIG Brick Brick
    One BIG Brick Brick 3 hours ago

    Jear um I live Australia

  • Murali Murali
    Murali Murali 3 hours ago

    Nice dog🐕😍😘

  • Brian Barrantes Lara

    Most underrated channel I know is: Andrey Lebrov His work is amazing, definitely recommended

  • Turdburglar
    Turdburglar 3 hours ago

    You guys should do live action Alice in Wonderland

  • Murali Murali
    Murali Murali 3 hours ago

    3:27 Indian.....???

  • Raymond G.
    Raymond G. 3 hours ago

    I haven't subscribed yet 😌

  • Gale Christensen
    Gale Christensen 3 hours ago

    I have a few suggestions for your VFX react videos. Could you do the Mummy from 1999? The effects used to create the creature itself were incredible. I'd never seen anything like it at the time. The sand manipulation and sand faces were also really cool looking. Also, can you take a look at Netflix's Okja? The creature effects are some of the best I've seen. How the characters all interact with the creature, and how the creature interacts with the environments, to me they just look really realistic. And I suppose if I'm going this far, I may as well ask you to do Speed Racer from 2009. I'd love to know how so many of the effects were done. Thanks for another great video guys!

  • Argon
    Argon 3 hours ago

    There is nothing wrong with Genie's CGI, the problem is Will Smith doesn't fit in his character.

  • prasanth dalayi
    prasanth dalayi 3 hours ago

    Just yesterday, I found your channel and watched one video. Quickly I hit the subscribe button.

  • Aza-Industries
    Aza-Industries 3 hours ago

    Great video. Only complaint I have is with the sponsor, not the fact you have one just the point they made "all positive reviews"... EVERY mobile game begs you for a rating/review fairly early while they are giving you a good start before MCs and the grind start to kick in. And usually they get you to "rate it" first inside the game where it doesn't matter, if you happen to click on less stars than they want the popup just goes away, and if you click the high amount of stars it directs you to the review/rating page. Basically mobile games suck.

  • señor bean
    señor bean 3 hours ago

    The ladder was the same colour as the all behind it, Zach actually spray painted it back, climbed the ladder and when the security guard got into frame it was switched

  • Connor
    Connor 4 hours ago

    I wonder if there is somewhere I could suggest what to react to next? Please inform me 10 times plea$e

  • Justus Schoenmakers
    Justus Schoenmakers 4 hours ago

    The universe would probaly be as big as the real sun! But than in scale!

  • ahmad zulai
    ahmad zulai 4 hours ago

    Please react to Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen donnie yen

  • I am fat
    I am fat 4 hours ago


  • Cruisentom 1234
    Cruisentom 1234 4 hours ago

    Fallout helicopter scene nd also Zombieland plzz

  • Diaz Dhanindra P
    Diaz Dhanindra P 4 hours ago

    do The Raid you cucks

  • Corvax
    Corvax 4 hours ago

    that skit at the end would have been the smoothest dollar shave club ad

  • SausageTree
    SausageTree 4 hours ago

    Review starship troopers ya dummies

  • Corvax
    Corvax 4 hours ago


  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar 4 hours ago

    The hang drum at the end was beautiful ❤

  • Monotheist Mr
    Monotheist Mr 4 hours ago

    Hey Guys , for the next Stuntmen React , include this Epic Physics Defying Chase scene from Indian Telugu Movie. Link:-

  • Monotheist Mr
    Monotheist Mr 4 hours ago

    Hey Guys , for the next Stuntmen React , include this Epic Physics Defying Chase scene from Indian Telugu Movie. Link:-

    METALLIFY16 4 hours ago

    Ehhhhhhh im gona take the side of the dude who knows the tech and how much its worth(and who also uses it.) Linus is a smart fuckin dude. Just because you guys use them and like them, doesnt mean youre correct.

  • Sequitur Clades
    Sequitur Clades 4 hours ago

    Look at transformers the last knight, the first scene when the dragon lands in the midieval times battle

  • myhre eng
    myhre eng 4 hours ago

    The movie (Day Watch) just that movie in general.

  • Boi Beaner
    Boi Beaner 4 hours ago

    Niko literally Turned into Julius Caesar

    LUCKYcREBEL 4 hours ago

    This seems too defensive. Almost like a sponsor lol. I don’t understand why y’all felt the need to go call him out just because he was unhappy with the price.

  • The Greatest Trollmonger

    This channel supports Trump

  • Connor
    Connor 5 hours ago

    VFX artists react episode 214 coming soon

  • AGAVE1969
    AGAVE1969 5 hours ago

    You guys are pretty good, do us all a favor and help expose NASA fakery please.

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres 5 hours ago

    why's he so flamboyant?

  • Travis Edrington
    Travis Edrington 5 hours ago

    At 0:46, Long should be E, not N

  • FizzToast
    FizzToast 5 hours ago


  • 22 2099
    22 2099 5 hours ago

    four tips to land your first flip trick it while moving 2.try it as much as possible 3.keep shoulders straight 4.try different foot positions

  • Calius
    Calius 5 hours ago

    That ad spot was amazing.

  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 5 hours ago

    Nerf barret 50 cal

  • Dale Amper
    Dale Amper 5 hours ago

    React to Gemini Man, some parts were done very well and some were pretty questionable

  • not DoriTori
    not DoriTori 5 hours ago

    It's been some time since I saw the movie, but I think Alita has big eyes canonically because she's Martian and the Martians had big eyes in one of the flashback scenes.

  • Cruisentom 1234
    Cruisentom 1234 5 hours ago

    1k dislikes why?

  • Eliot McCann
    Eliot McCann 5 hours ago

    Try making Martyrs G-rated. The French one. See you next decade- Wren's voice may even have broken by then.

  • nitroglitch45
    nitroglitch45 5 hours ago

    I was hoping they actually gave the seeker a thermal camera, and they hid things around the office like thermal blankets to hide the signature, or electric blankets to throw the seeker off

    A'AN PRODUCTION 5 hours ago

    Pls react to sofyank from malaysia

  • Oscar Castro
    Oscar Castro 5 hours ago

    respect the artists he says yet destroys justice league for probably the msot rushed movie of all time

  • TheLivingCrittles
    TheLivingCrittles 5 hours ago

    It's still hard to justify buying a camera and all it's attachments that costs more than my house and both of my cars combined, for the use of <1/20th of it's potential quality.

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man 5 hours ago

    That way he pronounced Jedi killed me2:39

  • Dylan Carles
    Dylan Carles 5 hours ago

    Why is this guys video in schools? He knows everything. Because: At school they say, “Jupiter is 1,000 big!” So unintelligent.

  • WesIsLife xx
    WesIsLife xx 5 hours ago

    Y'all should react to young Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genesis.

  • Ross Gaming
    Ross Gaming 5 hours ago

    CGI in sinhala srilanka movies

  • Danteabad
    Danteabad 5 hours ago

    Guys im thirsty to watch you all review the work in Love death and robots, specially my favorite episode which is the witness.. Id love you hear what you guy have to say about it.

  • Duckiemomo 227
    Duckiemomo 227 5 hours ago

    Steve is like a cool dad

  • IrreleventIdiot
    IrreleventIdiot 5 hours ago

    Don't you dare touch my Godzilla movies.

  • Mitchell Paradise
    Mitchell Paradise 5 hours ago

    Can you guys do an uncanny valley on those old E trade baby ads? Those were hilarious and it would be cool if you guys were able to find some of the raw footage to see what the babies were actually doing in the shots. Thanks!

  • Daniel Plata
    Daniel Plata 5 hours ago

    omg mexicos netflix that is so true !!! it is way better !!!

  • Captain Clark
    Captain Clark 5 hours ago

    okay i’m late but i did a production of Night of the living dead in school where everything was black and white except the blood. so literally all the actors put on various shades of grey face paint, all the clothes were black and white, sets, etc. maybe it’s possible that they did a bit of that in that movie? just build the set in grey and put makeup on the actors?

  • Bernardo Bautista
    Bernardo Bautista 5 hours ago

    Its safe to assume the sight was off a little

  • Julio Cesar Violo
    Julio Cesar Violo 5 hours ago

    React to UA LA short on FLASH-PLAYER! Either for stunts or vfx of “quirks”

  • Aaron Peterson
    Aaron Peterson 6 hours ago

    Vfx suggestion: Seven swords: blood of the outlaw. Some good bloody parts, but about 40 min in there's a great leg chop effect!

  • Michael Dickinson
    Michael Dickinson 6 hours ago

    Best way i found was to sit like your rowing a boat, drape his arms over you shoulder and drape them over you back.

  • Skaler Vincenzo
    Skaler Vincenzo 6 hours ago

    as someone who practices magic i had to rewind the footage because i just followed the coin the whole time and thought it was a joke, then i relized i just saw his slieghts and it didnt fool me

  • RastaJew
    RastaJew 6 hours ago

    MI3 hit looks fake and blurry and that dumb lens flare makes it look all CGIy.

  • Amrith Menon
    Amrith Menon 6 hours ago

    Red is not that great anymore

  • Amrith Menon
    Amrith Menon 6 hours ago

    Why now?

  • Alva, The Wayfayer
    Alva, The Wayfayer 6 hours ago

    Wtf are these jump cuts lol

  • Jaden Rivera
    Jaden Rivera 6 hours ago

    so we not gonna talk about h3h3 in the first ten seconds

  • Tristan Bellman-Greenwood

    I can't believe this doesn't have millions of views. This is so good!

  • Bonnie Fazbear
    Bonnie Fazbear 6 hours ago

    What are a few melted all the snow and ice how much would there be

  • Femi Awo
    Femi Awo 6 hours ago

    What is that musical instrument at the end called? It sounds brilliant and I want one!