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  • PokeyPlayz 1
    PokeyPlayz 1 26 minutes ago

    Danny’s house: 100 floors

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    Dj Elika 27 minutes ago

    lol i searched up who's the fastest growing channel on youtube and it legit said Greg . XD im dead

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    Jessie 28 minutes ago

    HAHA I’m glad I CLKed on this

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    Childish Sadbino 30 minutes ago

    underrated danny video

  • PokeyPlayz 1
    PokeyPlayz 1 30 minutes ago

    Lol I have 1 floor and I have a elevator

  • Grace Pettit
    Grace Pettit 32 minutes ago

    “it’s sweatshirt season” - *cries in australian*

  • a YouTube channel
    a YouTube channel 35 minutes ago

    I think that they are Russian, maybe not but the writing looks like it.

  • Gauge Long
    Gauge Long 35 minutes ago

    Why was icecream in the Fridge and not freezer

  • Don't Touch My Friking Food

    *kills a human* Elf's: you're on the naughty list! *kills Santa* Elf's: You are our rightful leader Santa killer!

  • Mesor
    Mesor 44 minutes ago

    When the gorilla with the Gucci on I couldn't help think about big smoke

  • Eva Mi
    Eva Mi 57 minutes ago

    My mum Literally LOVES THIS SONG and I do too haha

  • Roger Taylor's Alfa Romeo

    e s k e t i t

  • Lala
    Lala Hour ago

    FUCK THAT ALLIGATOR - a guy eaten by an alligator

  • dee
    dee Hour ago

    Stick it to the Man

  • dee
    dee Hour ago

    Poor Danny 😢 That must have been so traumatic

  • Victoria Strauss

    22:11 why is he suddenly dad of the year when he was all like DuMb iS dUmb AnD tHeRE aINt noThIng DumBeR

  • Slamacat4 Colanggo

    There making Sand-witch

  • dee
    dee Hour ago

    2.32 Simon caught you having sex. He was just letting you know he saw you

  • I live in my parent's basement

    *_d o n t e x i s t a t 3 a m_*

  • Ara
    Ara Hour ago

    I'm literally bad at taking naps I either don't nap for a year or take one for 3 hours

  • hope dean
    hope dean Hour ago

    "Yo is that your mum" gave me flashbacks to when my mum walked to my classroom from our house in her pyjamas because the wind blew the door shut when she was in the garden

  • dee
    dee Hour ago

    There's some crazy Gregs out there😂😂

  • bibithebean Alaniz

    I WAS thinking that!?!? Why DID he need shampoo???

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    phoenix c Hour ago

    the dobre brothers are in the nine trey bloods with 6ix9ine

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    *I am good at watching paw patrol* S a m e B r u h

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    But why was there pepper backstage ?

  • Bethany Zamora
    Bethany Zamora Hour ago

    Anyone here after Jeremy renner being accused of threatening to kill himself and his wife?

  • ItzMurdahBro
    ItzMurdahBro Hour ago

    Who doesn't like Gonzalez. Whoever does not, comment why, who ever does like him, like this comment.

  • Potato Top hat
    Potato Top hat Hour ago

    My friend randomly slaps my ass sometimes, it’s okay tho because she’s a really good friend and doesn’t mean anything by it

  • first name
    first name Hour ago

    please never stop making videos together

  • Retarded Reviews

    6:39 girlfriend sick of erectile dysfunction.

  • NesrinlikesCats !

    At 9:15, that is a true story in Spain. They did try to clean the stains but...it never came off. Not only the Pereira family experienced this, but other people also have to. And then. The Pereira family left this house. Then. a girl named Maria Golezleme started living there. She reported to the police about this incident. But they never believed her until. She called them over and over. They came to do testing. They told her to stay at her friend's house for a month. And no one was there they lock the windows, doors. And stuff, after a month. The police came back to the house again. and it became to a few stains to A LOT also the stains from their original spots have moved to a different spot. Also, there is more to the story and I skipped on some parts because it is too long and I am tired...And I know this because I saw this on the Spain News. Also, don't confirm your Spain and this never happened. Also, I am saying this for fun. Some people believe this some don't. This is a Conspiracy like they said on the News so it isn't confirmed it is actually true or not.

  • Amariah Brazinsky

    9:36 love the cover, alec should see it

  • Victoria Strauss

    Yesterday a man stole a banana from me and Varli wasn’t there to help

  • Roger Taylor's Alfa Romeo

    What mutant ass reindeer has paws

  • Victoria Strauss

    This lady is ridiculous

  • Duck sauce Dude
    Duck sauce Dude Hour ago

    Hey HEY HEY it’s to cold

  • Millie Swales
    Millie Swales Hour ago

    Thank you Danny i Will break up with Jonathan he can’t even see the difference between cup and cnt

  • sara gray
    sara gray Hour ago

    I became greg just so i could say im greg

  • Victoria Strauss
    Victoria Strauss 2 hours ago

    7:45 I’m going to cry 😂 this is the funniest shit

  • friendly worm
    friendly worm 2 hours ago

    i am truly Gregory !

  • rueda cohen
    rueda cohen 2 hours ago

    I fee like we are not appreciating the comedic GENIUS that is the first couple minutes of this video. I can’t.

  • Allegra Cardamone
    Allegra Cardamone 2 hours ago

    My younger sister watches this crap. I’m scared for her mental being. Lol 😂

  • Shelley
    Shelley 2 hours ago

    *take a shot every time carter says woah*

  • Shelly Strom
    Shelly Strom 2 hours ago

    That bunny is nightmare fuel

  • 1996 Toyota Camry
    1996 Toyota Camry 2 hours ago


  • L1 Zero
    L1 Zero 2 hours ago

    Hear him screech at night (haAaAaAaAaAaAaAa)

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    I got big pp watching the sexy rat😫

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    Lex Leigh 2 hours ago

    I became a Greg so I wouldn’t die

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  • Rando Animations
    Rando Animations 2 hours ago

    *Danny Gonzalez has officially entered the unknown category*

  • Jxsh L2
    Jxsh L2 2 hours ago

    Danny, I’ve been watching your videos for over 3 years. I love your videos so much and they make me happy when I’m sad. You’re so funny and you should’ve been on Vine before it got deleted because I bet you would be really popular and if you don’t know what Vine is, it’s like TikTok but you make funny videos.

  • Just Another Cat
    Just Another Cat 2 hours ago

    I can see how the how smile article comes off bizarre, but I think this one may be legitimately helpful to some people who may struggle reading social queues or expressing their emotions. Also, the use of smiles varies from culture to culture. Not every culture smiles as much as people from the U.S. Nonetheless, wikihow would definitely not be my first (or last) place to learn social queues and behaviors 😂 it seems so robotic and obviously lacks in depth explanations of who the article is aimed for and how smiles differ.

  • Adam Maciaszek
    Adam Maciaszek 2 hours ago

    He said ho for halloween like the song he released today. Referencing something that didnt even exist yet

  • • Desiire •
    • Desiire • 2 hours ago

    I actually have put pasta in my pocket instead of my tablet.. Don’t make fun of me, Danny.

  • Okayyy Chweee
    Okayyy Chweee 2 hours ago

    That random "who are you?" seemed really genuine.

  • Vanessa Irene
    Vanessa Irene 2 hours ago

    The title

  • Jill Allmendinger
    Jill Allmendinger 2 hours ago

    Billion Surprise Toys HATE this guy

  • Okayyy Chweee
    Okayyy Chweee 2 hours ago

    Random but Danny's hair looks freaking great. Also, as a new Greg who somehow watched about 80% of Danny's content in less than a week, I'd like to say that learning the history behind Greg has been truly enlightening & makes me even more proud to be part of the fastest growing army on FLASH-PLAYER.

  • listen up Laura
    listen up Laura 2 hours ago

    6:55 That baby looks high if you pause it at the right time lol

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez 2 hours ago

    Okay I said I would and I'm gonna: Satan in the TV: Literally a shitty creepypasta. I'm not kidding. The only info about it outside those Instagram accounts is the story posted on the Bad Creepypasta Wiki. TV hijacking is a real thing, and there's been notable incidents, but none that feature some supernatural entity speaking in a black static background. Troxler Effect: It's real! But it's not what these pictures claim. The Troxler Effect is a cool visual illusion thing where your brain kind of copies an image if it stares at it long enough. You can read about it on Wikipedia and there's plenty of online pics that activate this effect and let you see cool things, like a message or a character. The Troxler effect absolutely does not make you see your own face distorted or demonic. Martian Russian Boy: A real news story, but I struggled to find an article about it that wasn't a tabloid newspaper (aka shit). The kid is probably heavily autistic and/or schizophrenic and these tabloids are taking advantage of his condition, if the story's even real. Also I agree with Danny, dude just probably saw a tree. Hangman: Just some dumb, creepy story made for the Insta account. Raining Babies: Mostly true! The source comes from an archive of old Detroit newspaper articles. Joseph Figlock was a street sweeper when a toddler fell from the building he was sweeping at. Both were injuried but the baby survived. A year later, a different child, a 2 year-old kid, fell from the building Joseph was sweeping at. And, again, both survived with minor injuries. Apparently babies falling from buildings is extremely common. Floor Faces: Kind of true. They're actually called the Bélmez Faces, and they have an entry on Wikipedia. The Insta account is correct in that they supposedly started appearing at a family home in 1971, but that's where the truth ends. No mayor ever demanded to conduct research on the faces, and the theory is not that the house is on top of a graveyard, but instead is that it's haunted by the previous owner. They've been appearing on and off and they're actually a source of tourist income for the family living there. Some people believe the faces are hoaxes, done by the family to rack in money. Jaynu Oliver Beck: Most likely false. The story comes from a FLASH-PLAYER channel known for making videos about finding all these time travelers and whatnot. The claim is that the baby is supposedly already alive, but nobody seemed to ever actually bother to research if anyone born on September last year in the US is named Jaynu. Buzz Aldrin's Ayy Lmaos: Fake. Danny even looks up the LiveScience article disproving it in the video. Thank you to any greg for reading all of this.

  • Zach God
    Zach God 2 hours ago

    Silly drew your name isnt Danny

  • Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown 2 hours ago

    I’m a kid and I don’t watch this poop

  • The Pigasaurus
    The Pigasaurus 2 hours ago


  • Hai Dere
    Hai Dere 2 hours ago

    5:04 just as he says that his tv turns on and turns back off

  • Bitter and Jay
    Bitter and Jay 2 hours ago

    So can he give me some bucks for robux

  • Edgar Ruiz
    Edgar Ruiz 2 hours ago

    I mean in 5:06

  • Leo
    Leo 2 hours ago

    16:39 you know he had to do it to em

  • Aubrey Bolin
    Aubrey Bolin 2 hours ago

    Danny will you please please please do a video about the ads of the video game let me out OMG please

  • Mitch Rohln
    Mitch Rohln 2 hours ago

    I turned on the notification and subscribed

  • Rot MUA
    Rot MUA 2 hours ago

    I have two big intimidating looking dogs but if there was ever a threat to my household I would be protecting them first?? They’re like my babies, I wouldn’t want them to get hurt

  • DyingHD _Geust
    DyingHD _Geust 3 hours ago

    People like me would read the how to smile article *_because people like me are fucking depressed as shit_*

  • david miller
    david miller 3 hours ago

    i did the hissing think to my mum... and it actually worked...

  • Litten Girl
    Litten Girl 3 hours ago

    I really want to meet jake Paul, slap him I’m the face, and show him a documentary about the 1920s

  • Eva Leo
    Eva Leo 3 hours ago

    Who is Greg??

  • Okayyy Chweee
    Okayyy Chweee 3 hours ago

    I love using someone else's logic against them.

  • hammyburger charm
    hammyburger charm 3 hours ago

    No one: Not even a single soul: Papa in the vid: hAhAhAhA

  • Josie Wieczorek
    Josie Wieczorek 3 hours ago

    Lol if you turn on captions it says “forced laughter” when Danny laughs

  • Lara Olalia
    Lara Olalia 3 hours ago

    I enjoy me a ball of pistachio ice from time to time

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    potao beer 3 hours ago

    "15 lies every kid tells" woah woah woah hold on there tekashi

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    Ron Binder 3 hours ago

    Cap. Arthur's (English) say highdrainkey dumbass disappointment xd LOL

  • Lily Spade
    Lily Spade 3 hours ago

    The nutcracker s out to get ya

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    King Kase 3 hours ago

    Hahaha I like cleaning

  • Mr. Phantoms Dream
    Mr. Phantoms Dream 3 hours ago

    My profile and the divorced dad (A.K.A. new Santas) name Like if you get it

  • Retro Nintendo/ Famicom Reviewer

    Ahh yes my favorite nursery rhyme

  • Phoebe Jo
    Phoebe Jo 3 hours ago

    I am literally about to stop watching... because Im scared.

  • Okayyy Chweee
    Okayyy Chweee 3 hours ago

    Paul looks like a freaking lunatic. And why don't these people have personalities?

  • fortnutgamerdre
    fortnutgamerdre 3 hours ago

    Danny is now on the Elf watchlist

  • Cottoncandy garnet
    Cottoncandy garnet 3 hours ago

    The troxler Efferct Is real. Like It said It happen's when you stare at a mirror for 10 minute's, You're brain will start to image monster's in the mirror but it's all fake you might be freaked out and prob not be able to sleep again because of that But yes it's true.

  • Emma Haney
    Emma Haney 3 hours ago

    Anyone else notice that thing that appears on his TV at 5:04...? 😅🙃

  • Amber Hayden
    Amber Hayden 3 hours ago

    I like how Danny speaks his mind lol👌👌👏👏😂😂

  • fnaf 55
    fnaf 55 3 hours ago

    Time to Nuke troom troom

  • 「Unnoticed」
    「Unnoticed」 3 hours ago

    I think they’re Russian

  • Amber Hayden
    Amber Hayden 3 hours ago

    Was anyone expecting Danny to just drop Bars like that orrr👏😂😂

  • David Medeiros
    David Medeiros 3 hours ago

    Your the other bad one cause badwords LANGUAGE MY GUY

  • David Woolley
    David Woolley 3 hours ago

    I love your channel p's truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly greg truly grag

  • reenoceros
    reenoceros 3 hours ago

    imo that polysphere audio ad can become a really good premise for an arg or a nosleep story lmao

  • potao beer
    potao beer 3 hours ago

    that noogie............ uuuh..... i have a dirty mind

  • David Medeiros
    David Medeiros 3 hours ago

    Morgz isn't scary hes just copying Mrbeast