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  • Ryan Maxwell
    Ryan Maxwell 4 hours ago

    Well done eastenders what a phenomenal week I cant remember the last time I was griped by every episode in the one week, the creepy opening, the whole structure of this week, the many call backs to eastenders rich history. Kate oates is doing an incredible job I just wish she had got the job before Sean o'connor did cos I doubt she would have killed off ronnie and Roxy.

  • Feyi Reju
    Feyi Reju 5 hours ago

    Why should an anniversary be this disastrous .....didn't enjoy this at all sorry. ..

  • Harry Difelice
    Harry Difelice 5 hours ago

    Well that was anti-climatic...

  • Marcus W Noonan Tyler

    OMG 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  • Dylan
    Dylan 5 hours ago

    I honestly believed Ben was going to die from secondary drowning when he was seeming a blur

  • Natalie Natalie
    Natalie Natalie 5 hours ago

    I love Stuart

  • Jordan
    Jordan 5 hours ago

    Ridiculous about Whitney tbh this proved the police are bullshit and do nothing to help any situation, especially when it’s a female in need. If they had have done something about Leo, it wouldn’t have come to thi

  • Denzil Loo
    Denzil Loo 5 hours ago

    really wish dennis didn’t die

  • Aaaa Sh
    Aaaa Sh 5 hours ago

    How Sharon gonna celebrate her child’s birth day when it’s also the day her Dennis died 🤷‍♂️

  • h4fiz_ 17
    h4fiz_ 17 5 hours ago

    We want Wednesday eastenders 😭

  • Natalie Natalie
    Natalie Natalie 5 hours ago

    Stupid Witney ruins the show every time! She’s ruined too many lives and now she’s taken one!

  • Jason Smythe
    Jason Smythe 5 hours ago

    I’m Crying Now

  • foxb319
    foxb319 5 hours ago

    milly zero seems nice

  • Raaachella M
    Raaachella M 5 hours ago

    I wanted Sharon with Keanu

  • Sadz
    Sadz 5 hours ago

    It’s so mad how much work goes into this stuff. Big up the cast and crew!

  • MTX157
    MTX157 5 hours ago

    Shut up, Ben.

  • Lloyd Denver McKay
    Lloyd Denver McKay 5 hours ago

    Chrissie: 'I may not be the first woman in your life, Den. But I'm definitely gonna be the last.' Den: 'You'll never get me out of the vic!' Den's final words to Chrissie. When he grabs her leg. She grabs the doggy doorstop object, wacks him hard on the head. Den then dies.

  • mattcgw
    mattcgw 5 hours ago

    A shame Tanya was such a mug.

  • WeShould SaveOurselves

    these 3 episodes were so emotional and intense one of the best eps ive seen. rip dennis :(

  • Saint Soldier
    Saint Soldier 5 hours ago

    Anyone is feel a way when Phil let out that cry

  • Lloyd Denver McKay
    Lloyd Denver McKay 5 hours ago

    Can't believe this episode of Den Watts's second demise marking EastEnders 20th anniversary at the time in 2005, is now 15 years ago!

  • Hysterical Wolf
    Hysterical Wolf 5 hours ago

    Ironic how Stuart saved Mick and Linda's lives yet he ruined them a few months back.

  • Nicky Haugh
    Nicky Haugh 5 hours ago

    This is the stunt that should hopefully grant EASTENDERS the win at the 2020 British Soap Awards!!!

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 5 hours ago

    Before Callum was cradling Ben in his arms while he was bleeding out and now Ben can’t find the love of his life because he’s lying lifeless on the floor somewhere 😢

  • Nicky Haugh
    Nicky Haugh 5 hours ago

    Although PHIL MITCHELL and IAN BEALE have sparked nothing but trouble throughout most of their duration on EastEnders, their own implications behind the tragic death of SHARON WATTS' son Denny is what just about led to them both literally crossing the line!! Like Phil Mitchell may have not directly murdered people, but he was indirectly responsible for several deaths by his own agenda - most notably that of Denny's late father and Sharon's true lover DENNIS RICKMAN, not to mention sparking the events of STEVE OWEN being killed-off and then Dennis executing his gangland boss JACK DALTON!! Then of course PHIL didn't stop there when his affiliation to AIDAN MAGUIRE is what led to LUKE BROWNING being silenced off-screen; VINCENT HUBBARD departing with an ambiguous fate; and KEANU TAYLOR barely leaving Walford alive - although this would incidentally leave the fate of CALLUM HIGHWAY unknown at the time being!! Moreover, Phil is also the reason what his hardmen rivals GRANT MITCHELL and DAN SULLIVAN left the square in the first place - not to mention instigating the "Get Johnny Week" scenario that resulted in DANNY MOON being killed-off and JOHNNY ALLEN getting axed in prison!! But then the way how his vendetta had indirectly sparked the events of his preteen stepson DENNY being killed will pretty much surpass the biggest regret that PHIL MITCHELL has ever committed ever since he led to SHARON losing her beloved DENNIS RICKMAN. A doubly tragic irony in the ongoing story arc that revolves on PHIL and SHARON, with the square's defying anti-hero now being the reason why she lost both of her beloved DENNIS and DENNY respectively. I mean those names will forever represent the worst kind of pain and suffering that PHIL has inflicted upon SHARON, no matter how evidently correct is the fact that he never actually intended for those outcomes to happen - but then he himself is the reason why SHARON has now lost two of the people she loved most after DIRTY DEN and ANGIE passed away. Interestingly as the word should never really be used for these specific themes, but Denny was also not just the first surrogate son whose death Phil is responsible for - as the way he treated his godson JAMIE MITCHELL back in the majority of 2002 was what ultimately led to the latter's accidental-yet-heartbreaking death at the hands of his best-friend MARTIN FOWLER. Case in point, the events of Jamie's fatal car accident would not have happened had Phil forgave him earlier on. And as much as MARTIN is no doubt responsible for his recklessness, Phil is beyond just as innocent as Martin was at the pair's implication of Jamie's demise!! Now despite the fact that IAN BEALE is literally the opposite of his more gangland-slash-hardman-of-a-stepfather, nothing seemed to ever top his worst deeds other than the time he exploited his relationship with MEL HEALY by fabricating an ordeal where his daughter LUCY was dying of cancer. But now that previously monstrosity will have to be shared with the fact that had IAN BEALE not locked DENNY in the room prior to the crash, he would not have indirectly led to SHARON losing her boy for good!! And yes, part of DENNY losing his life was his own fault - both in the way how his actions against IAN's son BOBBY prompted Daddy Beale to resolve in teaching Denny a lesson. And how he totally ignored his mother by going to the boat party against her own orders. But even though Denny is partly the reason why he lost his life, this loss was primarily down to two of amongst the show's most iconic characters who represented their own established feud to be perhaps the most defying in EastEnders history!! Simply in other words, PHIL MITCHELL and IAN BEALE are simply the reasons why SHARON WATTS have not lost her beloved son DENNY - who himself can be partly blamed beforehand. But nobody will receive more fault than both PHIL and IAN!! Job bloody well done if I must say so myself!!

  • i created a new account just to change my name

    we just gon forget bout callum?

  • Olivia Kirby
    Olivia Kirby 6 hours ago

    When Ben shouted Callum 🥺😩 and when Dennis dies and Keanu leaving

  • void of dread
    void of dread 6 hours ago

    There must be a curse in the Dennis rickman name

  • Charlie Matthews
    Charlie Matthews 6 hours ago

    What was that floating at the end?

  • The Great Dalek Exterminator

    2:52 "She's dead" Guy in the background: Lovely

  • Shannon Foley
    Shannon Foley 6 hours ago

    Poor Dennis, excellent acting by all well done!

  • susu 1990
    susu 1990 6 hours ago

    What Denny did to bobby was wrong but he didn’t deserve to die like that

  • FanTaesy
    FanTaesy 6 hours ago

    He deserved it, he was a little shit🤷🏿‍♀️I wonder if Sharon will keep her baby though

  • Brooklyn and summer
    Brooklyn and summer 6 hours ago

    this is Phil Mitchell this is the man he USED to be

  • Anais and Samantha
    Anais and Samantha 6 hours ago

    The award for best acting goes to ............the new baby!

  • Tauryan Couch
    Tauryan Couch 6 hours ago

    0:14 just kill me already like please stop the suffering you have put on me eastenders

  • Ava Riggs
    Ava Riggs 6 hours ago

    My heart omg 🥺 Ben and callum ❤️

  • Riley Martin Year 7 Wickersley

    Ben became deaf again I think

  • claire bunt
    claire bunt 6 hours ago

    Poor sharon 😪ian Beale you have got a lot to answer to 😏lol

    LIVERNIL753 6 hours ago

    I really cried when Dennis Died - he was in a real bad place of misguidance and parenthood. Never saw that coming. Rest In Piece. :-(

  • D c
    D c 6 hours ago

    This is a video for the dim wits by egotistical small people

  • Brooklyn and summer
    Brooklyn and summer 6 hours ago

    Yea Dennis deserved it he is a kid but!he was so rude to Sharon and got bobby injured and was a spoiled brat he deserved it

  • Jas Uisi
    Jas Uisi 6 hours ago

    I thought it would be keanu not Dennis

  • Sarah Mythen
    Sarah Mythen 6 hours ago

    One of the best weeks of drama I’ve seen for such a long time. Beyond epic. Emotional, intense, frightening and so, so sad. Sen and Oates have done wonders since they’ve been execs. Knowing how Denny’s death is going to shape the show and the characters from now on is so exciting. Roll on the next 35 years.

  • Jimmy Kray
    Jimmy Kray 6 hours ago

    Why would anyone feel sorry for Ben, he brings all his problems on himself and then cries like a bitch when it goes wrong

  • Dulphe Seigfried Golden Lightning

    I thif Denny was 18 at least, he would've had the chance to survive

  • Amber Xena
    Amber Xena 6 hours ago

    I cried throughout this episode

  • Rubie Burns
    Rubie Burns 6 hours ago

    I was shaking it will be so different after this I think it has dramatised quite a few characters like mic Linda bex and especially Ian he tried to save Dennis and at the same time he’s own son was in hospital and has his life at risk not knowing that anyone is there with him. This show will be soo different without Dennis and I feel very bad for Sharon as she has just had a baby boy who is beautiful 💖 but at the same time her oldest son has died and she can’t see him or talk to people about it because she has just had a baby in a funeral parlour. This made everyone upset such as mic and Linda phill and especially Ian when he came around 😭 Also let’s not forget about poor Whitney who has been harassed and stalked for months now by Tony King’s son Leo King she hasn’t got the best luck with men has she ? She has done the right thing and turned herself in to the police. I wounded what will happen to Tiffany (her younger sister) will she become out of control without her older sister by her side or will she cope well but hey let’s look on the bright side of things I have been what eastenders for a whole 35 years and that is a long time this episode was amazing and moving and I hope all over eastenders episodes are like this and I know I may be overreacting about a show that’s not real but the time and effort put into this show is truly amazing this show should win soap of the year every year , happy 35th anniversary eastenders THANKYOU so so much for bringing an amazing show to my tv screen every evening (apart from Wednesday 😏) Happy birthday 🥳🎂💝 All the characters who deserve a lot of credit ( everyone does but tonight was just amazing) Mic Linda Tina Kat Kush Bex Dotty Ian ( Beale keeping it real 😏) Kathy Sharon Jake Max Denise Stuart Raine Patrick Sherrie Whitney Ben Phill Keanu Karen Bobby Callum Mo ... and anyone else who stares in the boat crash episodes 💖 And of course the best and saddest of all time Dennis Rickman Goodnight R.I.P 💖 1 like equals one prayer for Sharon and her baby and hope for the best in heaven for Dennis Comment who your fav eastenders character is ( mines mic Carter ) and at the end put an F for my man Dennis Once more happy 35th birthday Eastenders 💖💝🎂🌸👌🏻😭🥳

  • SdmAngeL
    SdmAngeL 6 hours ago

    Loved this week of Eastenders - it was amazing. Loved how the stories were told. The captin was playing the incident down a bit !

  • Joanne Gray
    Joanne Gray 6 hours ago

    I spent half an hour sat on the edge of my seat - quite literally - watching tonight's nailbiting episode. Much praise to everyone involved, it was spectacular.

  • Bow Wow
    Bow Wow 6 hours ago

    Lov phil

  • JayJay Iron
    JayJay Iron 6 hours ago

    Tonight’s episode was amazing and so sad 😞😭

  • musicandtvtrash
    musicandtvtrash 6 hours ago

    Pls don’t kill callum pls don’t kill callum pls don’t kill callum ....

  • Journey Man
    Journey Man 6 hours ago

    Damn Dennis had the future ahead of him could have become the next Dennis sr so sad that his left the show out of all characters shouldn’t have been Ian with him poor man has dealed with so much death

  • Sarbjeet Mann
    Sarbjeet Mann 6 hours ago

    No one mentioned patrick his hat at the end hes dead too

  • AJ Mckenzie
    AJ Mckenzie 6 hours ago

    Not gonna lie I never liked Dennis. Thank god I dont have to hear his fast paced acting. Well done but I hate you bye dennis

  • CMD
    CMD 7 hours ago

    if there are escape routes then why did dennis die?

    • CMD
      CMD 6 hours ago

      @Belinda Kapinga i was joking lol

    • Belinda Kapinga
      Belinda Kapinga 6 hours ago

      Escape routes for the cast irl, for filming purposes Not in the actual story

  • Lisbon 67
    Lisbon 67 7 hours ago

    Phil once again inadvertently involved in a death how many more times is this man going to be the reason why characters died

    • Comedy Commenter
      Comedy Commenter 5 hours ago

      Hopefully the rest of the square kick his ass when they find out he caused the boat to sink and almost killed everyone. I'd love to see Max, Jack, Stuart, Mick, Patrick, Isaac and Kush beat the absolute shit out of him


    How funny that all who fell in the thames had there wet clothes in till the end lol keanu left with wet clothes mick and linda returned back to vic with wet clothes and ben lol

  • Rheinmeister09
    Rheinmeister09 7 hours ago

    Brilliant episodes all week - had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Poor Ben and Callum - if that's not love I don't know what is!! Can't wait until they are back together.

  • J Lo
    J Lo 7 hours ago

    Danny Dyer! ❤

  • Bobby Viney
    Bobby Viney 7 hours ago

    Dennis died during storm dennis. Coincidence I think not

    • foxb319
      foxb319 5 hours ago

      very strange indeed

  • Amazee
    Amazee 7 hours ago

    if keanu and sharon didn't have an affair. none of this wouldn't of happened.

  • Onanew Chapta
    Onanew Chapta 7 hours ago

    He may not have actually killed him, but when Sharon inevitably hears the voicemail Dennis Jr. left her, I can see her going for Ian as hard as she went for Johnny Allen after Dennis got stabbed back in 2005. And considering Phil played a significant part in both deaths, I can't see him and Sharon ever making up. Interesting times ahead for sure, looking forward to the fallout!

  • Tanisha Miah
    Tanisha Miah 7 hours ago

    Spoiler no he won't Ben will threaten to shoot,Phil the person who dies is Dennis

  • Robyn Bridget O'Rourke

    Poor Sharon, it's so heartbreaking while she was welcoming her new son into the world who knew her other one would be leaving it at the same time 😔

  • Kerr MacHattie
    Kerr MacHattie 7 hours ago

    Eastenders really has a thing for killing off the younger characters don't they. Lucy, Abbie, Steven, Dennis. ( or making them murderers, Ben, Bobby, Hunter) I feel like they just think it's easier as they can just bring in a new younger character but they can't really get a new Ian or Mick

  • Robyn D
    Robyn D 7 hours ago

    i really feel for sharon and her baby, she's really going to resent him

    • Bee Bussing
      Bee Bussing 6 hours ago

      Robyn D Good! she’s the reason why the fight happened causing the whole crash. And she wanted to play the victim after Phil left calling the police etc

  • Megan Gee xó
    Megan Gee xó 7 hours ago


  • Robyn D
    Robyn D 7 hours ago

    seriously wasn't expecting it to be dennis, always hated him as a character but it was still so sad

  • Хлеб
    Хлеб 7 hours ago

    I hated Dennis and as soon as he was locked in that room I was like ‘ha I hope he dies’ so I’m very happy at today’s episode

  • JordanLNP
    JordanLNP 7 hours ago

    This music fits so well with this! Anybody know the song?

  • 007spudman Official
    007spudman Official 7 hours ago

    Please render at 1080p instead of 1080i

  • Gemma
    Gemma 7 hours ago

    I was so convinced ian would die from drowning..hes been in the show since day 1 and would of been the classic death storyline for the 35th anniversary.. i thought an old school character was coming out..it could of done a flash back scene of eastenders with ian over the years as he died marking the 35 years...damm i wish i was the scriptwriter..

  • Wes
    Wes 7 hours ago


  • Diego Borja
    Diego Borja 7 hours ago

    1:09 who’s shoe is that?

  • Cheyenne
    Cheyenne 7 hours ago

    Mind. Blown. 😱

  • Lerkez •
    Lerkez • 7 hours ago

    Poor Dennis

  • Random Acc
    Random Acc 7 hours ago

    I sobbed of this episode also it reminded me of titanic with mick and Linda as jack and rose but when Denny died it broke my heart 💔

  • ronki23
    ronki23 7 hours ago

    This was the 35th anniversary where a minor character died. I wonder who dies in the 40th anniversary- maybe Kathy or Ian.

  • Alice Zecevich
    Alice Zecevich 7 hours ago

    Rest in peace Dennis the menace, Ian will no doubt have another nervous breakdown. Coz he locked Dennis in the room!

  • Riley Martin Year 7 Wickersley

    It was a bit distressing when Dennis died

  • Nemo Da-Fish
    Nemo Da-Fish 7 hours ago

    When Dennis died I was in complete shock and on the edge of tears 😭

    • Bea Smith
      Bea Smith 5 hours ago

      Same I cried my eyes out 😭😭

  • jwdean15
    jwdean15 7 hours ago

    Isn’t there meant to be 2 deaths? Maybe someone will die next week Callum, Bex or someone else

  • Rahul Kapur
    Rahul Kapur 7 hours ago

    You gotta love good old Pinewood Studios :))

  • Xo_ GxchaAngxls _oX
    Xo_ GxchaAngxls _oX 7 hours ago

    I cried 😢

  • ellie beveridge
    ellie beveridge 7 hours ago

    Noooooo Denny

  • Mike5
    Mike5 7 hours ago

    If your Albert Square insurance premium goes sky high now when you renew you now know who is to blame

  • S1 C
    S1 C 7 hours ago

    Poor Sharon Gave birth to one child and lost one kid

  • Sexy O' Mac
    Sexy O' Mac 7 hours ago

    That was a great "legendary character" they killed off. This show is so full of shit.

  • Emma Lamont
    Emma Lamont 7 hours ago

    I cried at this episode

  • Joey Jones
    Joey Jones 7 hours ago

    Why kill Dennis HE WAS JUST A KID

  • Love Turkish drama
    Love Turkish drama 7 hours ago

    They should have made the death shocking Not really a major character sorry

  • Jojo brown
    Jojo brown 7 hours ago

    So sad seeing Dennis go.

  • Barbie Liu
    Barbie Liu 7 hours ago

    Despite what Dennis did to Bobby, he did not deserve to die. Feel sorry for Keanu now that he has lost both of his children. Sharon shouldn’t blame him on everything!

  • Sarah Perry
    Sarah Perry 7 hours ago

    Thought this weeks 35th anniversary episodes were so gripping after tonight's episode i was nearly in tears of sadness

  • Steve Callum
    Steve Callum 7 hours ago

    Oh good The little shitty bully got his just deserts. Bye bye racist thug! However, I'm sure the young actor himself will go on to bigger and better things. Good luck to him.

  • Leo Poppy
    Leo Poppy 7 hours ago

    Why didn’t they interview bleu.

  • Stacey Andrews
    Stacey Andrews 7 hours ago

    When that’s husband-wife abuse storyline gonna stop? I know he ain’t hit her in a while but that’s gotta come out soon Also #Ballum

  • ElkaXvas Xoxo
    ElkaXvas Xoxo 7 hours ago

    I’m so relieved mick and Linda didn’t die x

    • L L •
      L L • 5 hours ago

      Comedy Commenter no I think they’ll leave to get Linda proper help and then come back in a year

    • Comedy Commenter
      Comedy Commenter 5 hours ago

      Do u think they will still get divorced or nah

    • Reno Neil.
      Reno Neil. 7 hours ago

      Poor Denny