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  • jaylisk
    jaylisk 3 minutes ago

    weed has been suppressed by big pharma because they can't make that much profit from a drug that can be grown in your house and it works more better than the prescription do, keeping weed illegal will not only increase the amount of people that are convicted over a harmless substance but will also increase the number of deaths with spice as it becomes hard to identify if the drug is actually authentic, plus it will give a incentive to gangs as they can trade it at a high profit margin than if it to be legalized, most of the scare stories that were saying weed is a "gateway drug" were funny enough funded by the pharma companies and the moral busybodies who were trying to find something to be outrage, this is no different to the satanic panic, the video game panic and the red scare,

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 5 minutes ago

    If weed was legalised then there would be no need for people to hide their farming activities using all the UV lights and heaters. At that point they can just farm it naturally using greenhouses and polytunnels which do not need the electricity and let through the natural sunlight. As for the effects of weed, my observation of people who use it are that they: 1) Get the giggles 2) Want to eat anything they can ley their hands on 3) Fall asleap. As yet I have never known weed to make someone violent. It does, however, lower peoples inhibitions which could be the thing that is being observed. When otherwise you would control your violent urges while sober, when you are high you are less likley to keep control of your moods.

  • Jerry Ormston
    Jerry Ormston 6 minutes ago

    I remember when Video games would turn us into zombies. The suggestion of all day drinking hours would turn the UK into a cesspit of debauchery. Men marrying men would destroy the very institution of marriage, oh and let's not forget the disaster that would prevail if women should ever get the vote.

  • braingain1
    braingain1 7 minutes ago

    As a lawyer predict court will not intervene

  • Joel H
    Joel H 14 minutes ago

    If there is no election before the 31st, Bercow will have one of the Manor of Northstead or Chiltern Hundreds positions

  • K3v1n
    K3v1n 15 minutes ago

    here a my (German) view: I think this is going on for to long, I had loved a deal, but I think it's to late. I really prefer an deal which won't destabilise North Irland and won't damage our both economies as hard as an nodealbrexit. but as I said it's going on for too long, and it doesn't look like there will be a deal in the near (or far if I'm honest) future. and for norther Irland: if I remember correctly the n. Irish are alloyed to vote if they want to join the Ro.lrland, may be extrem but could prevent a new era of basicly civilwar.

  • Tony Becker
    Tony Becker 18 minutes ago

    All drugs should be legalised as it is clear that making them illegal hasn't worked. We've lost control of their supply to the drug barons and riven the users who need help underground. Legalise, regulate and tax. It's the only practical way forward.

  • S. F. P.
    S. F. P. 22 minutes ago

    I think weed should be legalized. However, all state funding towards helping people with drug-related illnesses, weed included, should also be stopped. That way, everyone who thinks it's fine, should be able to take care of themselves, if something goes wrong. That way, we can weed out the weaklings and the unlucky, making the marketplace and job opportunities for the ones who can control it and who simply doesn't smoke, favorable to us. :)

  • Eru Eru
    Eru Eru 28 minutes ago

    The idea that the cannabis the hippies smoked in the 60's and 70's only had 1% THC is absolute false

  • Necrikus
    Necrikus 28 minutes ago

    I hate marijuana. I don't like people taking it. But that doesn't mean it should be illegal. After all, I hate tobacco products and don't like alcohol either, but people are adamant about still taking that stuff and there are far worse drugs out there. Regulation is far smarter than wasting the time and money of government, police, and the people who still want to use the stuff; and if something we know causes cancer and other health defects like tobacco use or any of the side-effects of alcohol abuse can be legal, then yeah, weed should have the same treatment.

  • David Nunn
    David Nunn 30 minutes ago

    Bill Hicks. That is all.

  • Jerry Ormston
    Jerry Ormston 34 minutes ago

    One of the obstacles to legalization is, ironically the prohibition. Politically, how do we offer reparations to those already incarcerated for possession or the sales of marijuana, who have spent years in prison and have had their lives ruined?

  • Lawrence Holst
    Lawrence Holst 36 minutes ago

    I’m very fortunate!

  • Big Daddy Toyota Corola
    Big Daddy Toyota Corola 47 minutes ago

    I think weed should be banned and should be heavily punished. Not for political reason, but because it stinks.

  • Sam Butler
    Sam Butler 50 minutes ago

    Decriminalisation is the worst way to go. Production would still be in the hands of criminals. People say that no one has ever died from weed (debatable), but how many people die in the criminal organisations that control it? No, make the manufacture regulated and answerable to proper governing bodies. Then you get the bonus of taxes! Other drugs result in more hospitalisations, where people tend to lie about what's wrong when it's illegal substances, and when doctors do know what drugs it was; they don't know what it may have been cut with. Legalisation goes a long way to helping with that. Police resource can be redirected. And TAXES.

  • Casper S�
    Casper S� 58 minutes ago

    I have a fourth opinion on Marijuana. It´s Ï dońt care at all¨. Whatever the data says is best for people and economy is good by me. I will however say that I generally think we have a cultural issue when people are so into drinking their brains out and smoking all sorts of crap. I think alcohol and other such materials are fine, but only if the culture knows moderation.

  • Stealth Ruchen
    Stealth Ruchen Hour ago

    That's a clever way to get a lot of likes 😂

    • Jerry Ormston
      Jerry Ormston Minute ago

      @Stealth Ruchen Can't stop fighting.

    • Stealth Ruchen
      Stealth Ruchen 5 minutes ago

      @Jerry Ormston Nothing is as simple and transparent and innocent as it was a hundred years ago xD

    • Jerry Ormston
      Jerry Ormston 53 minutes ago

      And I was hoping that it would only be seen as a simple observation.

    • Jerry Ormston
      Jerry Ormston 56 minutes ago

      Does there always have to be an ulterior motive?

  • Jerry Ormston
    Jerry Ormston Hour ago

    First, a question about 'likes', 159 people liked Zhezario in eight hours and no dislikes? Second. The argument is a flawed consequence, you have obviously not met any 'career smokers'. The gateway argument went down a very long time ago. Just like trickle down economics.

  • J W
    J W Hour ago

    Each of your arguments against legalisation came with a big pinch of salt. The gateway drug theory has been debated a great deal and in the year of 2019 cannabis is now used as an exit drug. Helping heroin addicts get off of heroin, helping people give up tobacco. In other words, saving lives. Google - 'cannabis exit drug' Legalisation would increase usage? Providing a safer alternative to other deadly legal drugs would yes increase usage. The other side of the argument is, Will less people die after legalizing cannabis? When tobacco smokers go from using tobacco to cannabis, is that a bad thing to you? Put THC to one side for a moment and consider that those people could have the option to make use of non-psychoactive quality CBD buds. Even grow their own hemp which is still currently illegal too for the purpose of growing flower. The law regarding this is very outdated. Marijuana causes violence and binge drinking? Did you mean Cocaine? And really isn't the alcohol the issue with binge drinking? There's also the other issue of what happens when alcohol and cannabis mix, it's commonly known as a 'whitey'. Again, we could look at the exit drug approach taken by the people that have had it legal for a decade and the data would show the rehab clinics are not sending out violent binge drinkers. This argument is very hard to follow. Sadly this is what I expected, but I had more hope for the TLDR this close to 2020. Edit:slight error.

  • Edith Spencer
    Edith Spencer Hour ago

    Hi! Oregonian here. I would like to clear up a couple of points about how/why we legalized cannabis here. 1) One big point that TLDR did not mention is that the so called War on Drugs in the USA was targeted towards black/brown people and poor White people. It's crappy to bring racism and classism, but it is the fundamental core of the War on Drugs. That is NOT to say that being a drug dealer is fine and dandy, but the vast majority of people locked up for drug possession and distribution were/are Black/brown and poor White people, and majority of what they went to jail for is/was marijuana. However, the majority of users of marijuana are middle/upper class and White, and rarely, if ever, get locked and deprived of liberty because of their recreational drug use. 2) Cannabis was legalized by direct vote and carried a bunch of changes to Oregon State Law. Legalization means you have to be 21, you cannot smoke or use marijuana/THC containing products in public spaces, you cannot be arrested if you are merely buying it, your car cannot be searched for it (the common 'I smell marijuana' is a common lie police have use to target minorities to falsely arrest them). Federal agents do not have the power nor authority to make arrests based on marijuana UNLESS DIRECTED BY THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE. 3) One thing that made Oregon's legalization unique was that restorative justice was a key part of the legalization movement: if you were arrested and did time for a low level possession of marijuana (so no violence, no carrying heroin/opiods/cocaine) then your record has been made null, so you can work in the emerging hemp industry (see below) with no impediment by the State of Oregon. This provision was key in getting this voter's initiative to pass. 4) Oregon's weather and land is so damn perfect that we can grow almost everything here. While we do have intensive marijuana grows, we also have marijuana fields that do just fine out in the open air. 5) In fact, marijuana is so abundant here, grown by so many looking for a gold mine, that it is actually rather cheap. Part of the law is that you can also grow your own personal plant, so everyone and their grandma has pot growing in the garden, whether they smoke or not. In addition, there are marijuana products galore- oils., creams, gummies- which are cheaper than Tylenol or aspirin, and are effective in alleviating some forms of physical pain. 6) To wrap up: On the environmental front, cannabis was used back in the day for cloth fiber and paper- our Constitution is written on fine hemp paper, and ships' sails were made with hemp cloth (canvas). We did not start using trees full scale until the later part of the industrial revolution. There are investors here in Oregon who are awaiting approval to start growing hemp for fiber (the USDA *JUST* approved hemp studies for farming- which is bs since we grew hemp for WWII, but I digress). Growing hemp fiber could go a long way in restoring many mill towns in Oregon, and could provide sustainable, long term jobs. Thanks for reading if you got this far.

  • XauriEL Zwaan
    XauriEL Zwaan Hour ago

    There is no argument against weed legalization that cannot also be applied to alcohol or cigarettes. So unless you're interested in making those illegal too (and I probably need not remind you of a major past experiment in alcohol prohibition that failed spectacularly), prohibiting marijuana is intensely hypocritical at best.

  • Brennen Carter
    Brennen Carter Hour ago

    I have NEVER heard that weed makes you more violent. That's the craziest argument I've heard against weed

  • grimTales1
    grimTales1 Hour ago

    5:10 Lord Panic lol

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller Hour ago

    I've listened to this same garbage fear-mongering about pot for 50 years but in particularly the last 2-3 years in Canada before it was legalized. Even back when pot was part of the anti-establishment movement no one who used pot considered it dangerous and now that it is legal all the fears that were advertised ahead of legalization are not showing up and if they are it is far less than expected. There has been no big rush to become a user or an abuser of the drug. Medically pot is proven to have benefits and the number of areas pot can be used is so limited that it is difficult to tell whether it is hurting society or not -- there has been no noticeable increase in crime, injury or impaired driving while under the influence.

  • shamanahaboolist

    There's no evidence that cannabis impairs your driving ability. If anything there's evidence to the contrary, it can enhance it in moderation.

  • Lybia Marie Rivera González

    Weed is not a gateway drug I have been smoking weed for around 20 years daily. I started smoking to help me as I was very ill, constantly nauseous, and had no appetite. I have been to London several times. I smoke weed in London and got sick. My point is, at least from what I saw in London, they carry the worst kind of weed and mixed with chemicals. You can not have a fair discussion when the weed around you is so bad. I rather not smoke. Good weed can be an aid, bad weed will get you sick. I am happy you are having a discussion if to legalize or not but I am sad that because of the below par weed running around you will not be able to see the benefits. What I cherish the most about my life, today, is that I am healthy. I should add I do not smoke cigarets nor drink alcoholic beverages.

  • Goran Josic
    Goran Josic Hour ago

    I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, (southern Europe) in town (Brčko district) where all drogs for personal use are decriminalized - if police find you any kind of drogs (Marijuana, Heroin, white) you get money penalty - approximately one to one and half monthly salary - but you don't get a criminal charges. I know this law has helped many addicts get back on their feet, not go to jail, and have time to sort themselves out.

  • Edie Archer
    Edie Archer Hour ago

    On the medical side, I watched a short documentary on LSD (not weed but it has its own benefits) and when it was found to help depression and anxiety, it was debated using it as a medical drug. Early studies were positive, though with small sample sizes, and it also boosted creativity. Hippies found this last part out and began using it as part of their culture, which government officials saw as a threat to their policies so they made it illegal. Since then, it’s difficult to get funding for research on LSD so it’s difficult to get more information on the medical benefits for it. Weed is similar and, though I have never taken it, some of my former classmates did and they’re fine (though I don’t know what repercussions the will experience in the future). All I’m saying is that being fearful of a drug when you don’t know what it does breeds more fear about the same and different drugs. I’ve met people who are afraid of taking antidepressants because they heard it was a ‘gate way’ drug. Looking at what information we do have on any drug, be it legal, illegal or something in between, should be key to whether or not it should be used for recreational use.

  • farfett_il-lejl
    farfett_il-lejl Hour ago

    I was smoking a joint while watching the video but made the connection only after it ended and I started reading comments. I think I may be high :P

  • Carl Jones
    Carl Jones Hour ago

    In a word, no. Modern weed is highly addictive.

  • Archibald Belanus

    It is illegal because most countries are governed by old people who forgot what fun was. It's a bit of a dumb argument, but honestly look at them and dare to tell me that I'm wrong.

  • Robert Honan
    Robert Honan Hour ago

    Here in Washington State we legalized recreational several years ago, and i can buy cannabis products from any of a number of high street shops in town. The product is tested and regulated, and the quality is always high. Tax revenue is up, no money is being wasted on enforcing laws that accomplish anything. More importantly, teen use is significantly down, as nothing makes weed look less cool than one's middle-aged parents smoking weed at home. BTW - as a medical user for some years, the only gateway I've found cannabis to be is a gateway to the munchies.

  • Permie Bird
    Permie Bird Hour ago

    Cannabis has been legal since 2015 in my state. Once local governments realize that they can get weed tax money, they become much friendlier to cannabis. All the gloom and doom predictions from cannabis prohibitionists have not happened, but legal cannabis seems to be helping a lot of people. The largest bump of new cannabis users are people over 50 who use it for medical reasons, but couldn't afford the high price of the med program. It is legal to grow a few plants at home for personal use, and the police only concern themselves with it if it's a huge amount. I know a guy who got slap on the wrist for possessing 3.5 pounds/1.588 kilos of weed. Once you have been around legal weed, the insanity of keeping it illegal becomes unconscionable.

  • Scott McCloud
    Scott McCloud 2 hours ago

    every answer to BREXIT is simple. Do what the voters said do. Simple.

  • Yan Nikoloff
    Yan Nikoloff 2 hours ago


  • Jimbo Jones
    Jimbo Jones 2 hours ago

    This video has missed a vital argument, why the drug was made illegal in the first place. HEMP (an amazing and miraculous plant) was made illegal because of a scare campaign by industry in the US, repercussions of this single campaign are still being felt in our society today. When you understand how and more importunity why laws are made you can understand points like this more clearly. For example there is no scientific argument that can be made why alcohol and tobacco are legal and weed isn't. Poor reporting there by TLDR

  • Nicholas Sweeting
    Nicholas Sweeting 2 hours ago

    IMO, legalize medicinal marijuana (including in fringe cases for kids who have debilitating and frequent seizures, etc.), legalize and regulate recreational use (including thc concentration, not using it inside public buildings, not using it and driving, etc.), give it a minimum age of at least 21, continue to study it. And I’d also prefer people to use it in ways that didn’t involve smoking or vaping (edibles, oils, topical creams/patches?), but I don’t know if forcing only those options in all situations is fair.

  • Goss Kamperis
    Goss Kamperis 2 hours ago

    ALL DRUGS should be legalised and dispensed for FREE ....................... NOT from the NHS budget but from The Police budget, thus SAVING money on Policing. ..................... The logic; taking the money out of drug-dealing would lead to much less crime both at gang-crime level and petty-crime level; users can go to centres where they will benefit from "clean" drugs and "clean" needles; they can be offered rehab (but there must be no pressure). Drug-use is likely to diminish as, there would be no money in promoting (i.e. pushing) their use. .................... People need to get their pea-brains around the fact that the above would work. I can just hear your average tosser saying "But why should we give heroin away for free when I have to pay for my prescription?" ....................... My reply ........................... Read the above you fuck-wit; in the long run, money would be saved and services would improve for everybody.

  • hoggif
    hoggif 2 hours ago

    Portugal has decriminalized drugs and invested on heath care. From the results it seems money better spent than jailing addicted people.

  • NotDumbassable
    NotDumbassable 2 hours ago

    Weed being harmful to adolescents is IMO more of an argument for legalisation, since they would only be able to buy from a black market, which would not be able to sustain itself on these minute sales alone.

  • Brian Lockwood
    Brian Lockwood 2 hours ago

    yes it should be, and when it is, it will lose it's appeal and it would be considered no big deal and everyone will wonder why it was illegal in the first place

  • Kuya Leinad
    Kuya Leinad 2 hours ago

    The ‘It harms adolescents’ arguement should be used for legalisation than against... Your Friendly Neighbourhood drug dealer wouldn’t care if a 15 year old bought weed compared to when it’s regulated where a shop owner would be required to check for ID before selling to minors.

  • studio88
    studio88 2 hours ago

    Nicola Sturgeon is a Globalist Bitch that hates her own Country. Deport her to Africa or some other Globalist Communist nation where she can fit in like a dog crap on the sidewalk. Perfect.

  • Arnaud Langenais-desmarais

    No good reason to make illegal in the first place anyway

  • David Melling
    David Melling 2 hours ago

    Simple answer. General Election. Let the electorate decide.

  • Sheila Butterworth
    Sheila Butterworth 2 hours ago

    There bk on the 14 th anyway. My god. Must have money to burn. Corruption. Tax Haven,s. Well off. V. Not so well Off.

  • Gabriel Velasco
    Gabriel Velasco 2 hours ago

    ALL DRUGS should be decriminalized. It should not be a crime to USE ANY drug. Doctors should be able to prescribe ANYTHING.

  • Nico ?
    Nico ? 2 hours ago

    I usually love your content but this piece is so wrong in so many levels. First you only cite studies against legalisation where there are many showing that weed actually lowers violent behaviour. Furthermore you say that legalisation has increased consumption whereas that might be true in some US state its not an absolute truth. In the Netherlands or Portugal consumption has drastically decreased just as violence since it has been either dépénalises or legalised. This piece was so bias and so many levels it’s actually both disappointing and disturbing.

  • Friso Bauer
    Friso Bauer 2 hours ago

    Oy, where are the links to the sources?

  • Emily Falder
    Emily Falder 2 hours ago

    I'm really skeptical of the harmful effects argument, are we sure about the correlation/causation there? It seems to me that people with mental health issues (latent or not) would be more likely to use pot for self-medicating, not that the pot would cause them. Although I am someone who uses pot for self-medicating my ptsd so I may be slightly biased there

    • Emily Falder
      Emily Falder 2 hours ago

      And also even if it were true I'd still support legalizing it, like I would all drugs, but that's a little bit of a hot take for most lol

  • Jeremy W. Norwood
    Jeremy W. Norwood 2 hours ago

    Obviously yes it most definitively SHOULD be decriminalized at the least, and if we are going to be fair instead of hypocritical in regards to this subject it should be 100% legal for everyone over the age of 21 the same as alcohol. That is simply the logical & reasonable approach for the government to take on the entire matter... Yet the pitiable reality is that rampant corruption & hypocritical, self-righteous religious "morality" have prevented this policy approach from being taken. None of the extremist Christian ideas for any of their social experiments have worked; instead they have proven to be horrible & damaging failures all around. From abstinence and anti-scientific school curriculums, to mandatory sentencing for drug offenses & the immoral "war on drugs" itself... ALL of them have created terribly serious problems for society, and none of them have any evidence supporting the reasoning behind them, or even any actual basis in reality. A delusional, superstitious cultism, which teaches a fundamentally fallacious ideology via indoctrination from birth.... This is my idea of the definition of Evil.

  • Liam Miles
    Liam Miles 2 hours ago

    I literally did this for my English speaking test, I got a distinction

  • Andrew Dempsey
    Andrew Dempsey 2 hours ago

    Free the weed

  • raymond cole
    raymond cole 2 hours ago

    the wall is being built

  • Izzy ___
    Izzy ___ 2 hours ago

    12k views in 7 hours?! I probably get 12 views in 7 months!

  • Dusan Andrés Vilicic Held

    Marijuana leads to violent behaviour? The person who said that has never seen someone that's high on weed lol

  • Dusan Andrés Vilicic Held

    Well, I believe traditional schools are bad for people, so if that is the case, a higher dropout rate would be a good thing lol

  • Khaffit
    Khaffit 2 hours ago

    The increased suicide rate is probably not causation but rather correlation I bet its just that suicidal teens just grow up in bad environments with disproportionatly higher suicide rates thus establishing a link between suicide and weed that is more indicative rather that subsequent

  • Jake L
    Jake L 3 hours ago

    Just want to remind everyone it was *I* who inspired this series with my critical comment. I should get half the ad revenue but have chosen to be gracious

  • eli goldman
    eli goldman 3 hours ago

    It would be hella fun to go on vacation to the UK and still be able to smoke some dank tree. Also it’s safer than alcohol cigarettes has a ton of health benifits can work as a much safer anti depression, help anorexic people eat more, curb nausea, help migraines, and improve creativity. Also 30% thc like most good strains have like 20-25% and are insane.

  • Zinthe Zweihander
    Zinthe Zweihander 3 hours ago

    In my unsubstantiated opinion, the root cause of drug use is the overdependence of the user on body-produced serotonin and dopamine which leads to them leading a hedonistic lifestyle. It may be better to study if we can dull the sensitivity of these people to serotonin and dopamine such that they will not engage in such self-destructive and reckless behaviour as drug usage.

  • Aileen Gallagher
    Aileen Gallagher 3 hours ago

    I live in Colorado, where marijuana is leagal for recreational use. high taxes on marijuana sales fund our schools, our roads, and countless other social programs and public utilities. The marijuana using population has had no qualms what so ever about paying the high taxes, and Colorado has made over 1 billion dollars in tax revenue from marijuana. of course there is a need to regulate the products being sold, but legalization is the way to regulate marijuana and for america to benefit from doing so.

  • Shakis87
    Shakis87 3 hours ago

    Although some UV light is given off by some types of lights, cannabis is a plant and like most other plants requires visible light.

  • Kevin Van Dal
    Kevin Van Dal 3 hours ago

    Hi Im Dutch and I live next door to a coffeeshop (they dont sell coffee at Dutch coffeeshops and when you are in the Netherlands it you want to buy a coffee don't ask directions to a coffeeshop ;-) ). The only people is see to go in there are tourists and students, but almost no working Dutch people. People how use regaly marijuana without a real cause are seen as losers here in The Netherlands.

  • Ivo van der Avert
    Ivo van der Avert 3 hours ago

    As a Dutchman, here's my two cents: you can legalize it, but make no mistakes about possible risks involved. Here in the Netherlands, we legalized it, under the impression that persistent cannabis use caused no physical harm and almost no psychological harm - well, we know better now. Don't get me wrong, of course I tried it too on multiple occasions. But people with proneness to addiction or latent psychiatric issues are at harm, in our mental health care system there are too many young folks who are irreversibly psychotic due to years of intensive cannabis use. So allow your people to have a good time, for sure, I'd be a hypocrite if I said you shouldn't. But do learn from our mistakes.

  • Sareth
    Sareth 3 hours ago

    This video is rubbish, no offence. The claim that alcohol is worse than cannabis is just plain wrong. Alcohol does more damage to society because it's so WIDESPREAD, not because it's more harmful. If cannabis were consumed at the same rate alcohol was, we'd have a TON of near-braindead "zombies". Besides, simply echoing pro-legalisation arguments while adding "pinches of salt" to all contra-points turns this video from "opinionated" into nothing more than propaganda. Cannabis IS a gateway drug -- as are most drugs, actually -- with the difference that its a lot more addictive than, say, alcohol.

  • David Monk
    David Monk 3 hours ago

    Free da herb

  • Lorne Beck
    Lorne Beck 3 hours ago

    Weed makes you violent 🤣🤣🤣

  • William Astle
    William Astle 3 hours ago

    I remember the arguments in Canada before legalization of marijuana. To hear the naysayers (which included pretty much *every* police department in the country, by the way), legalization would lead to everybody and their dog toking up, getting in their cars, and maurauding around causing traffic fatalities Mad Max style. This did not happen, because of course it didn't. Just because something is legal it doesn't mean everyone is going to do it. Sure, there were (and still are) supply issues, but, still, there would be evidence of that happening by now if it was going to given the fact that people are particularly ingenious about obtaining things they want, legally or otherwise. Another argument they made was "we can't reliably identify if someone is driving while high". But, of course, that was *also* the case under the previous regime and it was still illegal to drive while high even then. So my question was, "then what are you doing about it now? People are still using marijuana even if it's illegal so how are you dealing with the plague of high drivers now?" Of course, this also played into the maurauding gangs of high drivers argument.

  • thetom12395
    thetom12395 3 hours ago

    well they best give the british people what the voted for no deal brexit is the only way at this point right ? otherwise whats the point of the last 2 years of pissing about dont stab us in the back now or im sure they will regret it

  • solidus784
    solidus784 3 hours ago

    The fact that it's illegal and I'm smoking a joint watching this video should tell you how pointless prohibition is.

    • Stefan R.
      Stefan R. 5 minutes ago

      I will prepare my Vaporizer right now

  • Jammie Dodger
    Jammie Dodger 3 hours ago

    Medical reasons only

  • Michael Otton
    Michael Otton 3 hours ago

    correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole "weed makes you violent" thing propaganda put out to get it criminalized in the first place with adds about how weed was making Mexicans murder people?

  • Michael Otton
    Michael Otton 3 hours ago

    correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the whole "weed makes you violent" thing propaganda put out to get it criminalized in the first place with adds about how weed was making Mexicans murder people?

  • Neil Moulang
    Neil Moulang 3 hours ago

    7:47 yeah but keep in mind it's probably the depressed suicidal kids that are more likely to get into weed, not that it makes them depressed and suicidal

  • Michael Wells
    Michael Wells 3 hours ago

    I agree that legalisation would reduce police harassment on disadvantaged citizens - but free up their time to do more important things? Nahh. Look up every issue that Police are supposed to deal with and see the lack of positive outcomes. Looking deeper you find that non profit organisations that deal with each issue suggest a greater importance on a healthcare response to issues than a criminalisation and that the Police are more harm than good.

  • Saint Alphonse
    Saint Alphonse 3 hours ago

    Please stop this. I subbed for facts, not feelings. Will unsub if this keeps up. Worse than when you tried to make the vids part podcast. Just make more channels. They would all benefit.

  • The Red Technician
    The Red Technician 3 hours ago

    I appriciate that you seperate your opinion work from your normal videos

  • Don't Judge Me, I'm British

    You've under reaseached this video

  • PG
    PG 3 hours ago

    I think you spelled Whether incorrectly. Just saying since this is journalism.

  • Novaimplode
    Novaimplode 3 hours ago

    At this point it almost feels like common sense, it absolutely should be legal.

  • Joseph Marble
    Joseph Marble 3 hours ago

    Writing from Los Angeles, California. We have a pretty good system set up for the distribution of cannabis here in L.A. However, because it's still illegal Federally, the dispensaries have to all trade in hard cash. Not really a big pain to the consumer, but it it is a big pain for any dispensary's accountant. The weird plus side of that is the dispensaries have to be very security conscious and often have waiting rooms (much like a doctors office but much more secure) and only let a few people in at a time to buy cannabis. Of course in wealthier areas this is less of a pain, but it does have an added affect of keeping cannabis out of the hands of minors, at least at the point of sale. That said, one of the more annoying things that has happened as a result of the legalization of cannabis is how much people smoke it in the streets. While I appreciate smoking the odd joint now and then, I'm not a big fan of the smell. Too many people now think that just because it's legal, it means they can whip out a joint or a blunt and start puffing away at the bus stop. It's really rude. On a side note, while I certainly don't believe cannabis is some kind of "gateway drug", I have met more than a few people who can't seem to do anything (eat, watch a movie, have sex) without getting high first. They're more akin to an alcoholic, and honestly, they all seem kind of sad to me. I suppose much like alcoholics, these people use cannabis as a cheap (and yes weed is super cheap now) way to find some kind of happiness in life.

  • Paul Lavender
    Paul Lavender 3 hours ago


  • Playster
    Playster 3 hours ago

    What's the point? We'll still get fired from work for testing positive for THC even if it's legal

  • Adam Ciacelli
    Adam Ciacelli 4 hours ago

    No. Hemp and marijuana fuels and polymers ok, thc for hippies; no.

  • C9_MrNinjawesome _
    C9_MrNinjawesome _ 4 hours ago

    You should one on Abortion

  • Volheim
    Volheim 4 hours ago

    you forgot that the whole "war on drugs" thing is also based on descrimination, if we should take a qoute from Nixon´s top advicer John Ehrlichman: "You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin. And then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities," Ehrlichman said. "We could arrest their leaders. raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did." and as I understrand... no one has really died from weed like people do from alcohol and tobaco.

  • Richard Aguiar
    Richard Aguiar 4 hours ago

    Energy usage you say? LET'S MAKE BITCOIN ILLEGAL!

  • Adam Cowley
    Adam Cowley 4 hours ago

    I know a couple of Police Forces in the UK are relaxing on people having cannabis for personal consumption. IMO, it should be legalised but on in your own home with consenting adults. I can see what people get out of it but I don't want to smell it.

  • Robert Faulkner
    Robert Faulkner 4 hours ago

    I read that in these countries/states that have legalised weed and pretty much wiped out the illegal trade, they are now seeing organised crime move into pushing harder drugs and people trafficking has risen. Ye legalise it, but I think you'll just replace existing problems with new ones. Do people think that criminal gangs are just going to say "oh well, it was good while it lasted", then go and get a regular job 😂 Nope! Sometimes its better the devil you know. 👹

  • etherealessence
    etherealessence 4 hours ago

    Most of the arguments against it falls apart under the weight of alcohol being legal. And the kicker is alcohol consumption CAN kill you. You'll never be able to smoke enough weed to kill you. Why? Alcohol is a poison, THC isn't. Funny how alcohol is WORSE for almost every single argument against legalization made. Oh but it gets a free pass because it didn't threaten the cotton and paper industries.

  • Ocrilat
    Ocrilat 4 hours ago

    Correlation does not imply causation.

  • Jessa Brandy
    Jessa Brandy 4 hours ago

    Cannabis being illegal is bonkers and absolutely defies sense.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 4 hours ago

    As a Coloradoan (the first state to legalize recreational weed), I can tell you that the ant-cannabis arguments presented here are generally seen as debunked here (with the exception of the environmental one). We've found the two biggest problems to be 1) enforcing laws against driving while under the influence of cannabis, and 2) ensuring equitable access to the market. 1) There is no way to test someone objectively to asses how high they are. Red eyes? Allergies. Spacey? Didn't sleep last night. There is no Breathalyzer for cannabis and if they do a pee test on the spot, since THC stays in your system for much longer than you stay high, that would yield false positives. 2) In the United States, the War on Drugs has deliberately targeted people of color. So many people thought that the legalization of cannabis would benefit that community. However, due to a number of factors, people of color don't have the capital to invest in starting a dispensary (a cannabis retail store). This has effectively kept people of color out of the cannabis market in Colorado and has forced those who had been selling cannabis prior to it's legalization to move to selling harder drugs to make ends meet. I however see this as more of a systemic race and class issue than a reason to prevent the legalization of cannabis. I would just encourage reform of Colorado's laws and any jurisdictions considering legalizing cannabis to put more thought into ensuring that the cannabis market is more accessible to those who have been targeted by anti-cannabis laws.

  • etherealessence
    etherealessence 4 hours ago

    Canadian here. Specifically in Ontario. Government weed is priced HIGHER than street weed and other illegal sources and has no potency controls. That tax revenue is a bit optimistic in my opinion. I ordered from them ONCE, and never again. Going to start my own grow op soon.

  • Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues

    I'm Swedish, but living in Portugal. We have people that believe they either will stay or leave and regret it. I think most people lost faith in UK being able to resolve this. They want a deal they can't have. This would have required cooperation beyond party lines, and the failure of the parliament really just shows that the public really was lied to in the referendum. They promised an exit, but without knowing what it would mean. A deal would mean that the EU still would influence national policy, but the UK would have no possible opinion. Compliance with EU law would still be necessary. The no deal brexit is going to involve prices going up and competent people leaving. This would cause a brain drain of sorts. Revoking article 50 could be political suicide. The leavers dont want a new referendum, because they know that they would stay. Brexit has shown how broken the UK democracy actually is, as parliament is not able to agree and now has been closed down. The UK reputation is very damaged by this.

  • Subri Subrika
    Subri Subrika 4 hours ago

    You really should have named the video should Cannabis be legalized. Using "weed" is improper as it is a coloquialism and "marijuana" has a dubious history involved racism and hate. Also how are you not talking about Canada?

  • MinorFan
    MinorFan 4 hours ago

    I would like to point out that there is a lot of ambiguity in the argument of brain damage. There was a study that showed there was a link between underage usage and loss of the ability to remember things (there were other things, but I cannot remember them off hand), however the study itself did not take into account items such as drinking which dilutes the results. Also there is a chance that those with depression decide to use drugs more, which again dilutes arguments about it increasing depression and suicide, as it might that there is correlation, but not causation. At the same time, if you say that the problem is underage smoking of weed, I'd personally be more concerened of a) ciggerets and alcohol, which is also not leagal for those under certain ages, and b) if it continues to be illegal, it might get cut with something that starts making it "more" dangerouse

  • Todd Heath
    Todd Heath 4 hours ago

    The farming uses more electricity argument assumes all cannabis is and would be grown indoors. That's absolutely untrue. Full legalization would result in less cannabis being grown indoors under artificial light.

    • Todd Heath
      Todd Heath 3 hours ago

      @Tom Hill Canada isn't representative of the United States, where much of the climate is idea for outdoor growing, unlike Canada. Not everyone is looking for the high THC strains and much of the industry in places such as California grow a large percentage outdoors.

    • Tom Hill
      Tom Hill 4 hours ago

      Actually more is grown in doors in massive corporate greenhouses. In Canada you can only posses 5 plants. The corporate Canabis market is massive in Canada, just look at Aurora Canabis. A Danish company that is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Canada. But this is a good thing as everyone knows where their weed is coming from.

  • Point Games
    Point Games 4 hours ago

    Iv been stopped by the police twice in the UK while I had some on me and they just confiscated it and sent me on my way. I think you would only get arrested if you have a large amount or they suspected you're selling it.