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    YUNG SMASH Hour ago


  • assassinate241
    assassinate241 Hour ago

    As a remainer, I prefer the Blue colour. But I miss the "European Union" label.

  • Mark Senior
    Mark Senior 2 hours ago

    I am sure my Dad's old passport was black . I've o my ever had burgundy and think I prefer it. Good video

  • RealDeal441
    RealDeal441 2 hours ago

    First world problems believe me! Getting emotionally worked up on the colour of your freakin’ passports!

  • p web
    p web 2 hours ago

    looks just like the australian passport. Except the aussie one has nice gold letters instead of cheap silver

  • Blake McNeill
    Blake McNeill 2 hours ago

    For the algorithm

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 2 hours ago

    So the difference is that they are blue and you need a visa to travel anywhere outside of the UK. This is surely the ideal of how Brexit will improve all our lives. As for their 'inovative technologies that guarentee security' I would expect them to be hacked and cloned within a month.

  • Mulan 121
    Mulan 121 3 hours ago

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries?

  • Paul Hubenig
    Paul Hubenig 3 hours ago

    There's nothing here that requires Brexit to pursue or achieve. There are lots of dumb, smart people in the world.

  • Sabine Hahn
    Sabine Hahn 4 hours ago

    So you gonna keep the French "Dieu et mon Droit"??? Did you ask the French if you can use their language? I think "Your father smelt of elderberry" would suit so much better! 😂😂😂

  • Hollis Wong
    Hollis Wong 4 hours ago

    Do not compromise on infrastructure.

  • JWil42
    JWil42 5 hours ago

    As an American, I find it cool how you guys name your constituencies. Here, we don’t do that for House districts (closest thing to constituencies for us), just using the state name and the number of the district

  • Ibrahim Leadley
    Ibrahim Leadley 5 hours ago

    I have lived in the Netherlands for 19 years. As I'm over 65, and lived here for more than 15 years, I automatically qualify for citizenship with the need for taking a language test. Much to my surprise, I was contacted by the local government and invited to apply.

    • Ibrahim Leadley
      Ibrahim Leadley 5 hours ago

      should read without the need to take a language test

  • Mendoras
    Mendoras 6 hours ago

    I currently have no valid passport. I only travel inside the EU and don't need one.... Oh I see the problem for the UK citizens coming next year. 🤣🤣

  • Artere Laksamana
    Artere Laksamana 7 hours ago

    NO.WONDER POTUS TALKING & EXPECTING , for a GREAT MIRACLE , which shall WIPE OUT CORONA VIRUS , from FACE of the EARTH & from US SOIL !!!! LOL.. !!! JE 3 !!! GREAT !! That shall be a GREAT MIRACLE INDEED, for TRUMP' D RE ELECTION CAMPAIGN !!!! 👱🏛🇺🇸😣😥😄😂

  • Artere Laksamana
    Artere Laksamana 7 hours ago


  • Artere Laksamana
    Artere Laksamana 7 hours ago

    Could be ! Time shall TELL.!! 🤔😥😣😄🏛🤘👱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • James McBride
    James McBride 7 hours ago

    Once the Scottish get their independence he can charge them for the bridge and knowing they wouldn't be able to pay for it and in hoping they stay in the UK.

  • Artere Laksamana
    Artere Laksamana 7 hours ago

    masaka ne !

  • Laser Raptor
    Laser Raptor 7 hours ago

    I find it funny how eu did not want Scotland in 2014 hahahah scotland is the dumbest country is the world lol

    SIRENS CINEMATIC 7 hours ago

    As someone that lives near there. The south west of Scotland has been completely ignored by both Westminster and the Scottish government as mentioned there is no dual carriage way to our major port it’s farcical. The bridge would be very welcome as would the road network

  • GearCat115
    GearCat115 7 hours ago

    From a moral standpoint N.I belongs to the republic

  • Razar Raz
    Razar Raz 8 hours ago

    As someone who's grown up on only the red passport, and someone who vote leave the blue one looks naff to me.

  • Cheekypop
    Cheekypop 8 hours ago

    what's wrong with recreating the british empire on racial grounds? we are culturally linked

  • Tarsius bancanus
    Tarsius bancanus 9 hours ago

    I quite like the blue color for the eu member states. That way the Brits don't need to leave anymore..... No?

  • david mulligan
    david mulligan 10 hours ago

    No way, no how, as a profecional soldier, I wouldnt trust my life to a National Service Person. If you say that National Service is duty to the country like working in a hospital doing cleaning work, yes, working in an asilum, yes, and many otherways, but not in the armed forces.

  • Billie Piper’s Teeth

    Like most people I don't give a rats arse what colour my passport is so long as it doesn't have "European Union" written on it.

  • Luke-Tyler Harington
    Luke-Tyler Harington 11 hours ago

    My Burgundy passport expired in January of this year, I will need a new one by late June as I’m going to Berlin. If I was to apply now would I get the new blue one or be sent a burgundy one? Should I put off getting a new one until later to increase my chances of getting a blue one?

  • De Parapluman
    De Parapluman 11 hours ago

    Mission accomplished.

  • Flugschüler Fluglehrer

    You will have a shortage in vegetables, milk and meat but a blue passport! Congratulations!

  • gary lewis
    gary lewis 12 hours ago

    Great move England . First step in weeding out the undesirables. MEGA

  • Annoying B'stard
    Annoying B'stard 12 hours ago

    You're funded? I assumed you just read out random pages from the Guardian.

  • Allan Purslow
    Allan Purslow 12 hours ago

    They are blue/black and are printed in Poland by a French owned company, unlike the burgundy passports that were printed in the UK by a UK owned company. There cheers for Boris.

  • stanklepoot
    stanklepoot 12 hours ago

    UK: How dare you force us to switch to a burgundy colored passport? The EU is tyrannical! EU: We didn't force you to. We simply made a recommendation...a recommendation that you had a role in deciding upon. UK: Oh, glorious day! Now that we've freed ourselves from the tyrannical EU, we're switching back to the blue passports as a demonstration of our freedom. EU: Oh, FFS! Can we just be done with this already?

  • Aaron Lockett
    Aaron Lockett 13 hours ago

    Well done to every smart arse who wrote the same comment. 🐑

  • Graham Simpson
    Graham Simpson 13 hours ago

    The eu will fail

  • roger sadler
    roger sadler 13 hours ago

    left you are

  • Attie Pollard
    Attie Pollard 14 hours ago

    4:02 omg Ed miliband is still a member of Parliament? Can you not get a job in the private sector? This is why we support term limits so we won't see guys like him no more in the USA.

  • Thomas Astley
    Thomas Astley 14 hours ago

    Well the blue one, in my opinion, looks better. Purely subjective and do not care if u prefer the red one

  • John Adams-Hughes
    John Adams-Hughes 14 hours ago

    Biggest load of bollocks brexit lobby have come out with, blue passports, pathetic.

  • Ben
    Ben 14 hours ago

    Hope the UK is prepared for the cost of everything to go up due to a labor shortage.

  • Max Jackson
    Max Jackson 15 hours ago

    Was anyone else surprised to hear that before the burgundy passports, British passports were blue..?? How long for? I got my first aged 8 or 9 in the 80's because I had to fly home from boarding school etc. My old passports were black, with the elongated window with rounded ends at the top and bottom. My current one is burgundy, I don't recall ever having or seeing blue British passports.... Just me then...??

  • Derm1991
    Derm1991 15 hours ago

    All this is very interesting, but as others have pointed out Johnson (with Cummings) actions have been to work in an a way that increases centralisation and uses poor information to influence public opinion

  • Strofi Kornego
    Strofi Kornego 16 hours ago

    We had to have a referendum to choose a passport colour democratically.

  • Murat Dağdelen
    Murat Dağdelen 16 hours ago

    That had to go upto Edinburgh

    LINCS 16 hours ago

    It just opens for a mine-field of scenarios that will negatively impact individuals and businesses, affecting peoples lives and that are obviously given no consideration. Xenophobia is not founded in logic, only hate, so of course it hasn’t been thought through. It’s embarrassing and disgraceful to witness what the UK is doing. The “system” is arguing “filtering”, but in fact is making immigration nearly impossible and legitimising prejudice.

  • DJ Trevi
    DJ Trevi 16 hours ago

    Blue is great Unicorns are better, this explains the mind of the British. This explains Brexit to the rest of the world.

  • DJ Trevi
    DJ Trevi 16 hours ago

    Listen up here's a story about a little guy that lives in a blue world, and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue.

  • ParenRaval
    ParenRaval 16 hours ago

    From the press release it shows the wording 'BRITISH PASSPORT' at the top. Will this apply to Northern Ireland residents since NI is part of the UK and not Britain? Or will NI passports say 'NORTHERN IRELAND PASSPORT' on the top?

  • JasonSPD
    JasonSPD 17 hours ago

    Why didn't they make it out of 20 points instead of 70, if 50 points are mandatory? It's just to confuse people...

  • Iestyn Phillips
    Iestyn Phillips 17 hours ago

    did anyone else realise that the blue passport said 'your mother was a hamster nd your father smells of elderberries' on it :D

  • John Trayner
    John Trayner 17 hours ago

    The “iconic blue passport” was the old hard cover version. They did give an odd feeling of superiority when almost every other country's seemed like a cheap Identity document. Shades of “papieren bitte”. The reason for changing to the soft cover version was nothing to do with the EU but a need to standardise travel documents so that electronic scanning equipment could be used. I've just got my new burgundy passport but unfortunately without the words “European Union”

  • Gwashere
    Gwashere 17 hours ago

    Why do repeat the same thing over and over again. If you have nothing much to say just shut up.

  • Poolstrick
    Poolstrick 17 hours ago

    I love how the futur for the Brexit people is to go backward...

  • Paul Furey
    Paul Furey 17 hours ago

    At least you still have your unicorn.

  • 95winston
    95winston 18 hours ago

    Let the pillock build the bridge …. and then NI and Scotland leave the union

  • Scott Fisher
    Scott Fisher 18 hours ago

    Another great security idea, having french make a uk passport in poland, why not make them in the uk ? Business still going to the eu.

  • MintberryCrunch
    MintberryCrunch 18 hours ago

    88 - 106 BILLION POUNDS for HS2?! If I'm not mistaken, the Eastern high Speed Rail in France - LGV est européenne - that is between 400 & 500 km long, with small mountains along the way, cost less than 5 Billion Euros. There must be some discrepancy, here, or accounting shenanigans... even taking into account the relative inexperience of Britain in this particular field of civil engineering...

  • Luke Milner
    Luke Milner 18 hours ago

    My question is: from the photos you showed, the burgundy passwords has that e-passport symbol but the new ones don't. Will this change anything? I mean I don't really even know what the e-passport is in the first place lol. Will it mean we can't go through those "auto immigration" gates at the airport or what? Lol

  • Tim Ogul
    Tim Ogul 18 hours ago

    Setting aside the "should they?" part, I got to thinking, what if they used decommissioned oil rigs? Like those float around and can reach depths of hundreds of meters, right? So why not take some that are retired by the fossil fuel industry, float them to locations along the route, lock them in place, then start pumping loose rock and concrete around them to make essentially "islands." The frame of the rigs would not be structural by the end of the process, they would just be there to give the stonework someplace to stay while under construction. I imagine they could use this method to create very stable pylons, if not at every point of the bridge's support, at least every 3-2 of them to give the rest more stability, similar to natural islands.

  • nick burgess
    nick burgess 18 hours ago

    7:17 shadow secretary you obviously can not read. In this video it has stated shortages within a select trade or profession will be given more points, hence quashing your claim that there will be zero healthcare professionals coming to the UK.

  • pixlplague
    pixlplague 18 hours ago

    The blue passport apparently will now have coat of arms that say your dad semlt of eldeberries too *facepalm*

  • Profezor Snayp
    Profezor Snayp 18 hours ago

    New blue patriotic British passports. Made in the EU. 😂

  • John White
    John White 18 hours ago

    Love the Monty Python reference!

  • Y209 AEX
    Y209 AEX 19 hours ago


  • Cubee
    Cubee 19 hours ago

    Can’t say I like him as a person or as a leader, but he’s got a huge chance at being re-elected regardless

  • Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos

    blue & gold ? is the stock image innacurate or ?

  • Dean Clark
    Dean Clark 19 hours ago

    Why blue? To sum up the mood of half the country.

  • Manuel Duarte
    Manuel Duarte 19 hours ago

    The Britishs citizens must have an EITAS visa to enter in the EU´s countries on 1 January 2021. (Cheinguen Zone)...For travel in Europe, they must wait in the queues ALL PASSPORTS, instead of EU...Brexit rules.

  • Ash MA
    Ash MA 19 hours ago

    Wake up people! Colour of passport cover? Really?

  • Kicksnap78
    Kicksnap78 20 hours ago

    This channel is EU funded. Facts

  • ltmund
    ltmund 20 hours ago

    Would be interesting to find out who actually cares rather than claiming 'many'. A mistake often made during the entire 'debate' is a vox pop is taken as an opinion of one side and then used to denounce. Lazy, diverse journalism at it's best.

  • Abel Bognar
    Abel Bognar 20 hours ago

    Hey good job with the entertaining content. An interesting video (for me at least) would be one breaking down the situation of EU nationals already in the UK.

  • Larry Levine
    Larry Levine 21 hour ago

    What is the difference in cost (to manufacture) between the burgundy passport and the blue one?

  • Viktor Molokostov
    Viktor Molokostov 21 hour ago

    So, was this all Brexit thing done only to change passport cover color?

  • Leroy Pennant
    Leroy Pennant 21 hour ago

    Made in Poland and printed in France. WTF! Blue for the blues thats to come. Patriot Bexiters you got what you shouted for. So make your beds and lay in them. There will be no more specials coming . Out is out. Humble pie is on offer for those who can get it down them after this Barney of a party.

  • Kevin Varney
    Kevin Varney 21 hour ago

    Disappointed we're not bringing back the old hardback design. One of those in your breast pocket could stop a bullet potentially.

  • S Ali
    S Ali 21 hour ago

    They keep putting this ugly woman’s face with this situation. Some people are going to hate her

  • Barry Webber
    Barry Webber 21 hour ago

    Who gives a damn about the colour? The worst thing is that Brexit lunacy means that we will all have to pay to get visas to travel in the EU and cue for longer. Crazy.

  • Andy's Take
    Andy's Take 21 hour ago

    Nobody noticed the fact that they’re changing it TO the literal colour that defines the EU? Blue? It’s hilarious on a whole different level.

  • Jak Walker
    Jak Walker 21 hour ago

    It's a blue and gold passport but yet your pictures showed it as blue and silver... Fake news channel 👍

  • Sebastiano Egan
    Sebastiano Egan 21 hour ago

    Blue and gold would have been a cool combination

  • robinmyman
    robinmyman 22 hours ago

    One more leaving and the EU failure along with the Euro will be finished sooner than you think.

  • Dave it.
    Dave it. 22 hours ago

    I don't think this passport is going to age well.

  • Saddon Carrs
    Saddon Carrs 22 hours ago

    I don't think I'll ever be getting one of these. I'll be due a new passport in 2029 - I suspect I'll be replacing it with a Scottish passport.

  • Morri San
    Morri San 22 hours ago

    soverignty. maybe your new employees can spell check

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 22 hours ago

    always thought my old passport was black . A very dark shade of blue that everyone saw as closer to black than blue

  • Enderwiggan1
    Enderwiggan1 22 hours ago

    The English are so clever though, they will never grant a referendum while polls are showing favour of independence, only when polling is against. It's basically a denial of democratic freedom. That's why the power to call referendums needs to with Hollyrood.

  • Paul Sheard
    Paul Sheard 22 hours ago

    Help, my eyes rolled too far and now they're stuck in the back of my head.

  • OTL The High Temple of Spam

    For me the colour change feels like the last kick in the guts. This passport meant freedom to me. It changed my life so I really do have an attachment to it. But this whole thing is just winners and losers. The old shitting on the young.

  • Marcus Ronchi
    Marcus Ronchi 22 hours ago

    What about the self-employed?

  • Liam O'Leary
    Liam O'Leary 22 hours ago

    I love the blue design, I already have a European passport so it’s nice to have some variety

  • J.D. Hague
    J.D. Hague 23 hours ago

    At these kind of expenses, couldn't you do a mag-lev train line?

  • mysteriousfox88
    mysteriousfox88 23 hours ago


  • Alexander Challis
    Alexander Challis 23 hours ago

    I learned thirty 40 years ago when abroad to use my country and Not British when folk asked 'where you from?-Scotland went down well I Am sure Wales Northern Ireland would too.

  • Alexander Challis
    Alexander Challis 23 hours ago

    if it is tory blue wash your bloody hands.

  • TalysAlankil
    TalysAlankil 23 hours ago

    2;38 I sincerely hope you noticed that you didn't use a real mock-up of the blue passport guys

  • Athuall
    Athuall 23 hours ago

    Video starts 0:50

  • Anderson Fry
    Anderson Fry 23 hours ago

    Just feels like another classic brexit step towards the PAST