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  • Seth Warner
    Seth Warner 33 minutes ago

    This video makes me want to learn internet security/networking skills lol

  • Pestachio,s Animations
    Pestachio,s Animations 36 minutes ago

    2:21 OH GOD WHY

  • Dante Cervantes
    Dante Cervantes 53 minutes ago

    Does anyone know the artist who created the 12:48 piece? Or is that created by LEMMINO?

  • Fancy
    Fancy Hour ago

    mmm ok this one made me loose brain cells, the rest are pretty good though

  • Walter Phillips
    Walter Phillips Hour ago

    “I won’t wait like a month between videos” ha.

  • Jasperical
    Jasperical Hour ago

    12:41 Barack Hussein Obama Jr. So what's Obama's last name again?

  • NotMorganFreeman

    Very good presentation. Easy to watch.

  • John Kapusta
    John Kapusta Hour ago

    well shit now I can't sleep

  • Rockin BoBokkin
    Rockin BoBokkin 2 hours ago

    This guy. Lol. Your videos are great. You really troll the hoaxes hard. PS: totally got that hippy-dippy psuedo-science advert from Gaia by watching this.

  • pubg Pants
    pubg Pants 3 hours ago

    After the last turn he or his co pilot, Turned the oxygen control system off which is easy to do, and then did his fly by of pai Jain, and then decided to ditched it as close he could to get to Antarctica sea so that if it wasn't sunk already it would sink towards the sea, am sorry if its actually a plane or something we dont about, I've heard it all from flight path to hijacking to actually infact it was, n all the simulators I've tried so hard to find the 50 years using upgrading software will be a to tackle the plane til entered,but my final council and from a foregone source.that mh370 was hijacked as Same as the Alps hijacking but this time again there wasnt a cause, he or she wanted to kill themselves and leave no evidence

  • nuromie uwu
    nuromie uwu 3 hours ago

    People asking about what the internet is on TV makes me feel so weird.

  • Sushma Saini
    Sushma Saini 3 hours ago

    0:33 Whats the name of the beat ???

    BERGY DAS MEISTER 4 hours ago

    It was that Zionist fucking cunt from England Winston Churchill he decided he was going to fire bomb Los Angeles like he did in Germany killing men women and children burning them alive but the fat fuck is in Zionist hell where he belongs sucking the big Jew zionists nutsack that used to dangle in his face weenie Eva's alive

  • BigTex Dallas
    BigTex Dallas 4 hours ago

    Over 60 yrs unsolved and cracked the case. Impressive

    • RH99
      RH99 2 hours ago

      Well, except for the fact that the stove was never used that night.

  • TinyP Munchkin
    TinyP Munchkin 4 hours ago

    I've coMme from the future to Aannounce that Dipper'Ss Ooriginal first Nname is

  • Texan1048
    Texan1048 5 hours ago

    Ugh, information should be free, security is meant to be broken, and privacy is for those who can earn it. The ideals of cicada don't jive with me.

  • Drink water
    Drink water 5 hours ago

    why didn't they just make a simulation with real downsides like loosing fuel at the same time and following the route it showed and seeing where it ended and how far it could actually go.

  • Louis Alvarez
    Louis Alvarez 5 hours ago

    Didn't it end up down over ukraine with in tact Saudia Arabian passports

  • Christian gaming metal and rock

    Do fnaf 3

  • John Page
    John Page 6 hours ago

    7:11 holy shit i live in okinawa

  • Myspiral 1
    Myspiral 1 6 hours ago

    Like boomers

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 7 hours ago

    You should end your videos saying "Lemmino what you think in the comments below"

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 7 hours ago

    14:27 I bet that computer could max out Red Dead Redemption 2 at 200fps

  • mjgarrett9885ify
    mjgarrett9885ify 8 hours ago

    My friend learned it in his art class and he taught it to me . I thought it came about from the snake . but someone told me a puzzle where the rolls or line's is Roman columns and you need to make a seal or build the roman colosseum using as many lines you want but the lines must be made in the same facing way . Also only two ways of drawing the line's . Confusing but that's what i was told i thought it didn't make sense but some how after he should it to me it made a little sense . I realy don't remember the the story or puzzle riddle , but it was something like what I've written above . I think is has to do with the pillars of Roman in architecture design of the colosseum and With the snake in the garden of Eden but not really positive .

  • Y W
    Y W 8 hours ago

    They know everything about space .. but they know nothing about our deep oceans 😶!!

  • John Lim
    John Lim 9 hours ago

    Yeah that’s bad and all, but.... what’s the deal with airline food

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator 9 hours ago

    Warning systems: thE mOon iS a rOckEt

  • Oliver Perrin
    Oliver Perrin 10 hours ago

    Me, in bed about to go to sleep. Lemmino: NO SLEEP PLANE CRASH this shit kinda scary ngl

  • Mojtaba T
    Mojtaba T 10 hours ago

    + MOOOOM I cant find the Cicada secret - Just open your eyes its right in the cabinet + Nothing's here (when she opens the cabinet) - I told you its in the CABINET!

  • ElectroGamer HD
    ElectroGamer HD 10 hours ago

    They're bound to hear us sooner or later; RYAN!!! Has anyone seen Ryan!?

  • SilentiousGamer -
    SilentiousGamer - 10 hours ago


  • Brian Tung
    Brian Tung 11 hours ago

    Do a top 10 facts about LEMMiNO

  • Cicada
    Cicada 11 hours ago

    They know what happened !

  • k e r m i t
    k e r m i t 12 hours ago

    *laughs in fnaf ar*

  • Zack Rose
    Zack Rose 12 hours ago

    *I L L U M I N A T I Y O U V ‘ E C O M E T O T A K E C O N T R O L*

  • Mr. Crispy
    Mr. Crispy 12 hours ago

    the winners get a school nurse that doesn’t just tell you to “drink water” or “get an ice pack” when you feel hurt

    VINEET SINGH 12 hours ago

    Is he a man Or a monster OR IS HE HOT 🔥

  • darwish akmar
    darwish akmar 12 hours ago

    In january 2014 family decide to go to beijing.we literally enjoy that vacation.few months after, this news came out that was shoked everybody

    VINEET SINGH 12 hours ago

    Those freaking dreams where feel like you are falling and suddenly wake up

  • Noam Sinai
    Noam Sinai 13 hours ago

    Fam this was uploaded on my birthday

    • MN ice
      MN ice 6 hours ago

      Fam? Are you related or something?

  • Aimen ll
    Aimen ll 14 hours ago

    1:35 *B E L G E E - U M*

  • Nody Door
    Nody Door 14 hours ago

    Googol is a big number. There aren’t even googol atoms in the universe

  • Mad Lass
    Mad Lass 14 hours ago

    Is it just me or do i have a feeling that there is some clues in this video?

  • Adam Alkhatib
    Adam Alkhatib 15 hours ago

    We need a top 10 facts 2019 please

  • Anthony Washington
    Anthony Washington 15 hours ago

    It’s a CIA recruitment method

  • The only child
    The only child 16 hours ago

    Even me, a stranger on the other side of this planet, is frustrated to know what happened to this plane... imagine what the families are going through

  • Mr.11,9,12,12
    Mr.11,9,12,12 16 hours ago

    A plane 39 goes for a trip, and . suddenly disappears, who could know? 35 person might know perhaps it was 25 a certain government did such things?, S will you see?.

  • WHOdidWHAT
    WHOdidWHAT 16 hours ago

    i thought i heard that russians shot it down? now its that americans shot it down? how many countries shot it down? lol.

  • Your Mother
    Your Mother 17 hours ago

    Cicada: Everyone: huh?

  • Joyce Sowell
    Joyce Sowell 19 hours ago

    If this plane spiraled as it was crashing, I doubt anyone was conscious when it happened. When it crashed into the water, the seats and everything went everywhere, scattering. Some people were still in the sears buckled but some were probably ripped apart. Water that deep and blood from the wreckage probably attracted sharks fast. The bodies will never be recovered. We can only hope that whatever is left of the plane is found. It will be slim to none of hope.

  • Rensence
    Rensence 20 hours ago

    I knew half life and portal were made in the same universe

  • Rohan sankpal
    Rohan sankpal 21 hour ago

    Top 10 facts Phineas and ferb

  • HasPrivilege
    HasPrivilege 21 hour ago

    Did i just heard Wolfgang mozart

  • Hellblazer
    Hellblazer 21 hour ago

    8:19 Denmark...

  • Basically Draws
    Basically Draws 22 hours ago

    Bruh, this guy sounds like a real documentation narrator for some reason... I'd rather watch this than the local ones (I'm from Malaysia btw so this tragedy has been apart of my childhood :-p)

  • Tấn Nam Đỗ
    Tấn Nam Đỗ 22 hours ago

    How about 2019 ?

  • Thanos
    Thanos 22 hours ago

    They were fighting a man wearing a suit made of synthetic obamium

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 22 hours ago

    Watch "Unacknowledged" and realize the truth.

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo 22 hours ago

    idk to me it just sounds like drunken antics. Destroying the tent/clothing, playing with fire, running around in little clothing, climbing trees...it sounds like they got too rowdy doing dumb shit when they were drunk, maybe split apart, some injured themselves and died, and the others passed out and froze to death.

  • Kamyar Mazareei
    Kamyar Mazareei 23 hours ago

    i remember this as 2 question marks eating each other

  • 잉북이
    잉북이 23 hours ago

    This game is going to hell

  • I am Bot
    I am Bot Day ago

    5:26 who noticed that the screen shaked a lil bit here.

  • Mason Horsley
    Mason Horsley Day ago

    When you're in year 12 science and you fall for the dihydrogen monoxide joke

  • lord futaku
    lord futaku Day ago

    I'm sorry for asking something that is off topic regarding the main point of this video.However,do you guys think that the image sent to crack the code is classified as primary source?or could the statement about the quest considered as primary source too?

  • Michael Wanderone

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  • pasqualeredo
    pasqualeredo Day ago

    That first case is so ridiculous that im surprised that lying piece of shit moron stan romanik hadn't been responsible for creating yet another blatantly fake encounter.

  • jhustine ph
    jhustine ph Day ago

    GlaDOS 2

  • Syed
    Syed Day ago

    I love this mans humor

  • Louis Varre
    Louis Varre Day ago

    I have the same issue regarding the majestic flight of surviving balloons after hundreds of artillery rounds being fired at it. Bull crap. What was the reason for the release of said balloons; let me guess, classified! Lol. I take issue with the media labeling anyone who doesn’t swallow whatever crap reason the military and government deals out when they are caught in lie after lie after lie. They have no credibility. See I believe in a significant shift in the paradigm of thinking about conspiracy theories. I think you’re a conspiracy theorist if you Don’t believe in these common sense and more likely reasons. I’m not saying it was ET but no doubt the government conducted a nighttime classified op that wasn’t shared with local higher ups and it resulted in the battle of LA. Why was the Roswell incident changed 5 times by the government. I’m sure there was a classified mission that night. I’m sure they had prepared cover stories for multiple contingency outcomes. I don’t ET was involved. Personally, I believe the truth would have damaged American psyches of the late 40’s far worse than alien visitation, cattle mutilation and anal probes. Truth is, our slimy government sanitized thousands of evil nazi’s to work on multiple projects to keep us ahead of the Soviets, by any means. It’s well documented the Nazi intelligence officers had planned for both the Soviets and US to come screaming in looking to snatch up any and all scientists and spies to help give either side any advantage. The Cold War started way before the Iron Curtain was coined by Churchill. 50+ years of nuclear annihilation was a devious plan by multitudes of reckless and corrupt officials just trying to stay alive any way they could. What a perfect little mess! And everyone bought into it, knowingly and unknowingly. It was good for the economy. One fine mess. “Warfare is about deception.”

  • RFT Studios
    RFT Studios Day ago

    6:47 JoJo

  • murandakadzi Tokoda

    With all e technology i just wonder if aliens really do exist....sad

  • 100,000 Subs No Videos

    Yo that’s the song where the kid used the balloon

  • No ideer
    No ideer Day ago

    ... here's another 'thinkn out side tha'box' idea ... possibly one of them 'Sectarian' Hollywood Movie moguls had the chutzpah to do a 180º reversal on reality shows. Create a unsolved global mystery, then turn it into a real life show. Instead of movie based on true story. It becomes a movie/show/Series for X amt of yrs for a real, live, unsolved mystery ... Season 1 Ep 1 ( 10 season series /121 episodes ) Easy Peezy!! no more hav'n to pay $$$ to screen writers/authors/writers etc...

  • tj neumann
    tj neumann Day ago

    I bet everyone failed because no one leaked it, I believe that the final test was to leak the information in the finals. This seems likely because of the hypocrisy.

  • Shane McFadden

    Two things: One; I've watched and read everything I possibly can on this subject, and this is indeed the finest, most comprehensive documentary made about MH370 by a wide margin. Two; to all the tactless, insensitive garbage who made the flip comments about this tragedy ( I'm talking to you, my mom can find it and Thanos people ) here's wishing the very worst of things to happen to you and yours. You truly deserve it.

  • Christina Malia

    I am cicada

  • Prunn
    Prunn Day ago

    It's this a Jojo reference?

  • No LIFE
    No LIFE Day ago

    This seems like a pretty obvious coverup

  • Harry Stormont

    You sound like Swedish Morgan Freeman. This is why I've seen this video over 69 times

  • CASE - NES On the Internet

    4:50 Just seeing these too parts of thr intro really goes to show how lifeles sModern Simpsons is

  • Kitchy
    Kitchy Day ago


  • xXSketchXx 2 Fast

    Big Bird in his safety vest: Lets start Sesame Street out on east coast

  • Nocturnal217
    Nocturnal217 Day ago

    I use this video to sleep to, for months ive been listening to it over and over. I never saw the video. I think i might watch it now.

  • Shay Riven
    Shay Riven Day ago



    5:30 is such a bitch move of america, fkng pussy's

  • Ink Bro
    Ink Bro Day ago

    guys its 1130

  • offensive-
    offensive- Day ago

    so where did it come from?

  • Asterisk
    Asterisk Day ago

    just the logo of the universe nothing special here

  • They Hold No Quarter

    LEMMiNO ...please do a D.B. Cooper

  • Krisni Noor Patrianti

    And that's why aliens don't visit us

  • Krisni Noor Patrianti

    Here we are a smart curious ape trying to find friends from a space rock

  • Rex Transformation

    ... I think you should update your info about black holes with the Electric Universe Theory... Edit: you should update yourself with the above mentioned theory not just for the black holes, but for everything...

  • 白翼
    白翼 Day ago

    True. Never encountered no "yumans". Sounds like some scary shit though.

  • Vali Koest7
    Vali Koest7 Day ago

    7:50 my brother and I always extended this symbol vertically,

  • corialla
    corialla Day ago

    bro the switch before “the end” terrified me

  • bigdadpark
    bigdadpark Day ago

    All false claims

  • BoredInIraq
    BoredInIraq Day ago

    Hey what keyboard is that??

  • GameGodZERO
    GameGodZERO Day ago

    I'm not saying it's either aliens, or the illuminati... But it's totally aliens or the illuminati

  • Kasparas Kušleika

    What is the song played in the end. I couldnt find its name