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Traore on victory over Torino
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Wolves arrive in Shanghai!
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  • Lizard
    Lizard 2 hours ago

    Sin cara en una chingoneria de persona. 🖤

  • Brandon Matthews
    Brandon Matthews 3 hours ago

    Football... :')

  • Oscar Martinez Rubio
    Oscar Martinez Rubio 13 hours ago

    Hellyeah!!!, arriba los wolves!🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Tom Wadeson
    Tom Wadeson 14 hours ago

    The perfect man united signing

  • Adrián Trujillo

    Viva México 🇲🇽 felicidades Raúl

  • Luis Angel Granados Naja

    Es de sabios reconocer y lo triste es que jamas se vera en mexico igual que tecatito y chicharo porque ellos ya traen otro nivel

  • hercjulio
    hercjulio Day ago

    What a great gol by Richarlison!

  • Pinchelalofuckers

    Bro let me play for man city as a keeper smh

  • karin guty
    karin guty Day ago

    Se enchina la piel,la sencillez de Raúl Jiménez,de sin cara, jugadores técnico y club de lobos de Inglaterra..me encanta su playera...

  • MagikarpGyarados

    my favorite is the one against derby i mean... DAAAMN he's got some heckin' good aim

  • PleymTHEboy
    PleymTHEboy Day ago

    Better than Vinagre

  • alan goodhead
    alan goodhead Day ago

    We shall be back

  • Harry.D
    Harry.D Day ago

    I got a selfie with Raul Jiminez

  • RY LAD
    RY LAD Day ago

    Wooow well done wolves!!!! Kitolano looks class just the player us wolves fans love hope these boys get a chance in main senior swuad look a cracking bunch of lads

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Day ago

    Por que no hay gente en el estadio?

  • Josfur Gaming
    Josfur Gaming Day ago

    and thats how you beat city 😂🤣

  • x-XpLoSiivE-x VRS

    Neves is a fucken freak

  • - Jonti -
    - Jonti - Day ago


  • Fa1led G4m3r
    Fa1led G4m3r Day ago

    Would be nice to see nuno talk about a premier league victory. Hopefully wont be too far away 😔😔🐺🇲🇽🇵🇹

  • la voce del web

    Fate giocare cutrone

  • Lemi Lemi
    Lemi Lemi Day ago

    very classy build up and finish that last goal

  • Susp£kt
    Susp£kt Day ago

    Shabani should be in the first team squad because he's what we don't have, an attacking midfielder who knows where the net is 🇩🇪🐺⚽

  • DaveAzzopardi
    DaveAzzopardi Day ago

    Great comeback and great win. Hope to see Shabani, Jordao and Kitolano in the first team in the future. Second goal was brilliant.

    • Jxck nxsh
      Jxck nxsh Day ago

      DaveAzzopardi and sanderson

  • bangroad
    bangroad Day ago

    We should have played the U23s against chelski I doubt the defeat would have been as bad.

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor Day ago

    But shabani and jordao are looking brilliant with these goals 👌🏻

  • Rusion Zang
    Rusion Zang Day ago

    From to Việt Nam 🇻🇳 forever love wolves ❤❤

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor Day ago

    Can we play some of these lads in the first team after that Chelsea disaster 😂

  • jake barber
    jake barber Day ago

    Fantastic result and some real prospects for future 1st team players!! Well done lads

  • Εγώ
    Εγώ Day ago

    Great wolves! ❤️

  • Ben li
    Ben li Day ago

    Wolves is a great team

  • XR8 C3
    XR8 C3 2 days ago

    Raúl Jiménez es el mejor😍

  • KHTreppin
    KHTreppin 2 days ago

    No Bennett no boly no defence plz sort it out. We need more defence boss solid back line. Roman must be in the midfield area not defence.

  • Martinii Garcia
    Martinii Garcia 3 days ago

    Woow!! Si good very good

  • Mx Mx
    Mx Mx 3 days ago

    Raúl "the log" jimenez please use his nickname tronjimenez

  • Kinglysb23
    Kinglysb23 3 days ago

    Yoooo, this is a sick video 🇲🇽

  • Phil Dale
    Phil Dale 3 days ago

    would be good to do an after the game interview, like a before and after the thumping.

  • Lee Burke
    Lee Burke 3 days ago

    Go down next may wolve 2020

  • Squaaarz TM
    Squaaarz TM 3 days ago

    Cutrone ♥♠

  • **
    ** 3 days ago

    I love that Jimenez pass to Jota, pure fire!!!

    ADE FAUZI 3 days ago

    Made in portugal🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  • Basti Mininho
    Basti Mininho 3 days ago

    Good he is Portuguese

  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2 3 days ago


  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2 3 days ago


  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2 3 days ago


  • SAS Dreamer 2
    SAS Dreamer 2 3 days ago


  • Zx Corrupt xZ
    Zx Corrupt xZ 4 days ago

    I honestly think we can win this one, but It'll be tough, very much so, either way, COYW!

  • Anuj Bajracharya
    Anuj Bajracharya 4 days ago

    Disliked because you put a stupid techno song along with the beautiful commentary. Absolute blasphemy!

  • Abraham Alonso
    Abraham Alonso 4 days ago

    No es para tanto pero por las redes sociales se infla la imágen de los jugadpres

    • Futbol Al Chile
      Futbol Al Chile Hour ago

      @Abraham Alonso estas muy equivocado la mercadotecnia no hace que metas 18 goles en una temporada en la liga mas complicada del mundo.

    • Abraham Alonso
      Abraham Alonso 2 hours ago

      @Futbol Al Chile igual un jugador croata, un jugador de África... hay que admitirlo la mercadotecnia juega su papel

    • Futbol Al Chile
      Futbol Al Chile 6 hours ago

      Si tiene merito, ve en el que equipo en que esta y aun asi le metio goles a los gigantes de Inglaterra.

  • A Beltran
    A Beltran 4 days ago

    I'm getting 4 , my 2 daughters, my boy and myself.VIVA MEXICO CABRONES 😀

  • Omar Hernandez rosillo

    LIKE si crees que Wolves debe fichar mas mexicanoss,💪⚽️⚽️⚽️😪

  • Jack Wood
    Jack Wood 4 days ago

    Who wants to be the best in the world ?

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 4 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥 The first shot wan bissaka got in the way and ruined the shot :(

  • da fl
    da fl 4 days ago

    nervous about our back three dont think its good enough with or without bolly

  • Shihab Rahman
    Shihab Rahman 4 days ago

    You can tell from some of his responses how much he values the fans contributions.. and we love him for it! Also like how he responds to Pedro Neto question.. keep his feet on the ground

  • Big fish Ke
    Big fish Ke 4 days ago

    Boly won't play. Ooh Lord

  • Sports Prediction By PARI

    Chelsea vs wolves Prediction by Parrot 🦜 | Matchday 5 | Premier League flash-player.org/channel/rT34w2yISUE-video.html

  • Karl Beech
    Karl Beech 4 days ago

    that first reporter has a very monotone voice. shes irritating me and im only watching.

    • ken rudge
      ken rudge 3 days ago

      First reporter was virtually the ONLY reporter

  • clive brown
    clive brown 4 days ago

    My word you are kidding me...Wow..

  • clive brown
    clive brown 4 days ago

    We needed the rest..come on the Wolves...

    • Jason Logan
      Jason Logan 4 days ago

      @bangroad shhhhhhhh

    • bangroad
      bangroad 4 days ago

      We have a poor record following international breaks.

  • SAM Q
    SAM Q 4 days ago


  • Hardeep Singh
    Hardeep Singh 4 days ago

    1 dislike from troy deeney

  • Elie Naddour
    Elie Naddour 4 days ago

    I'm a chelsea fan good luck wolves fans.

    • Elie Naddour
      Elie Naddour 4 days ago

      @LA ACE 2-1 chelsea win.

    • KB1 WennyAces
      KB1 WennyAces 4 days ago

      Elie Naddour fair play m8 good luck to u

    • LA ACE
      LA ACE 4 days ago

      What's your score prediction mate

    • Mark
      Mark 4 days ago

      Yes same, good Luck to you too. May the best team win

    • Tiago Moreira
      Tiago Moreira 4 days ago

      Good luck to you aswell :) Will hopefully be a good game

  • Rmyss
    Rmyss 4 days ago

    Cmon mi Babis, 130 years at the golden palace, let’s get a win for such a historic day!!! In wolves we trust In Nuno We Trust 🧡🖤🐺

  • Honey Lindsay
    Honey Lindsay 4 days ago

    Am I the only one that is scared for the reporter as he seems to explode any time with every question?

  • Archie Cook
    Archie Cook 4 days ago

    Up the wolves 🐺

  • Ben Morey
    Ben Morey 4 days ago


  • Anthony vazquez
    Anthony vazquez 4 days ago

    Si señor Jiménez 🇲🇽

  • The Pack Is Back
    The Pack Is Back 4 days ago

    Some sweet goals there. It’s just the start tho of better things to come. Let’s go Wolves 👊🏻

  • #1NBAfan gate 13
    #1NBAfan gate 13 4 days ago

    This is Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

  • Patriotic_Wolf
    Patriotic_Wolf 4 days ago

    Goals are great and all but can we get a Rui compilation of some of the absolutely incredible saves hes made for us...

  • Neto Cardenas
    Neto Cardenas 4 days ago

    Te cae bien raul ●SI: LIKE ●NO: COMENTA PD: no piques mi foto

  • Lexi Russell
    Lexi Russell 4 days ago

    Wolves aye we 🐺🐺

  • julio ochoa
    julio ochoa 4 days ago

    AWSOME goals

  • Big guy for you
    Big guy for you 5 days ago

    The wolves commentator just says the full name of a player when they score

  • Christopher C
    Christopher C 5 days ago

    The last goal was strait out of FIFA

  • Adrián Hernandez
    Adrián Hernandez 5 days ago

    Hey @WolvesTv you might be update this vídeo!!!! The Mexican Sensation it's on fire again!!!

  • Mark Arcee
    Mark Arcee 5 days ago


  • Victor Gallegos
    Victor Gallegos 5 days ago

    La primera vez ke ví este equipó parecía como si tuvieran mucho jugando en la liga premier ya ke apenas subieron de categoría

  • ferny castillo
    ferny castillo 6 days ago

    That's so awesome. WWE might not be giving him much tv time but I'm glad to see he's making the most of his platform.

  • VanCesar
    VanCesar 6 days ago

    El isra ahi metido jajajjas

  • Angel Salazar
    Angel Salazar 6 days ago

    jimenez true legend of wolves forever

  • Rukky 98
    Rukky 98 6 days ago


  • Rukky 98
    Rukky 98 6 days ago


  • Just Lewis
    Just Lewis 6 days ago

    Who watching 2019 September still gives me chills this game

  • Millwall Joey
    Millwall Joey 6 days ago

    Was in the wolves end that night plenty of pissed up fans scrapping hahahaha!

  • Aries The Ram
    Aries The Ram 6 days ago

    Someone should tell this man that you can score from inside the box

  • Ian Gomez
    Ian Gomez 7 days ago

    I think it's cool that he and steven gerard have the same jersey number

  • Ian Gomez
    Ian Gomez 7 days ago

    His shots are controlled and you can see that he does not fill the shot meter to the brim at the brink of turning red.

  • Jorge Campos
    Jorge Campos 7 days ago

    Raúl 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Joseph Zephyr
    Joseph Zephyr 7 days ago

    Manu need that

  • Trevor Philips
    Trevor Philips 7 days ago

    vaya ingles españolizao

  • Muhammed Yıldırım

    You came to besiktas

    HECTOR RODRIGUEZ 7 days ago

    This narrator is my master...feeling every Raúl´s goals in his veins and at the cuantic level. Greetings from Mexico.

  • Michel Hernandez Mendoza

    ahora soy wolves adios tiburones rojos del veracruz

  • Christian Reyes
    Christian Reyes 8 days ago

    DIOSgo Jota

  • Cesar Ventura
    Cesar Ventura 8 days ago

    Meter goles con un equipo de media tabla en la premier eso no lo hace cualquier pendejo

    • Futbol Al Chile
      Futbol Al Chile 6 hours ago

      Y a los grandes les anoto como M.United, Chelsea, Liverpool etc.

  • Enrique Estrada Loera

    I just saw this post. If you guys love Raúl Jiménez, you probably have seen one of his very best goals... check this out at 8:27 flash-player.org/channel/4xxK4jZ2YLc-video.html

  • Ing Ismael VS
    Ing Ismael VS 8 days ago


  • El Chemo
    El Chemo 8 days ago

    por los que no sabian Raul le iba al cruz azul