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Evolution of the Apple iPhone
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  • Carl Lee
    Carl Lee 2 hours ago

    Is he suggesting that parliament was perouged in the public interest by the government because of the improper conduct of parliament to deny the democratic Mandate of the people And if this so then the court would have the right of judicial review on behalf of the people

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 2 hours ago


  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 2 hours ago

    Hope they all DIE

  • Kelly T
    Kelly T 2 hours ago

    Kill the crazy ppl.. we just can't leave the animals alone. Gotta HARASS them. The poor things have it hard enough struggling to stay alive. Evil ppl....

  • Sumrri dollar
    Sumrri dollar 2 hours ago

    Why u nt sending ths on moon???

  • Tracey Coward
    Tracey Coward 2 hours ago

    pedo will walk away elite most of them

  • cynical1800
    cynical1800 3 hours ago

    It's hilarious when globalists mess up.

  • Raayonne braiding Raayonne

    Beautiful mustard dress ❤❤❤❤

  • inderjeet kaur
    inderjeet kaur 3 hours ago

    He is educated judge this girl should give him respect because he earn that position

  • BACA Supporter
    BACA Supporter 4 hours ago

    They showed a second plane hitting the same tower (north)...

  • Ted Wyatt
    Ted Wyatt 4 hours ago

    If the court rules against the Government then we will no longer require Parliament or the House of Lords. Just Elect a few more Judges, possibly a cheaper alternative and can’t make a much worse job of it if they tried. I hope the judges are going to make it clear before or after their judgment what parties they support as it is only fair that if they are going to make political judgements they do so.

  • Ted Wyatt
    Ted Wyatt 4 hours ago

    Hope the government are preparing to take the case to the European Court of Justice. We are still in the EU.

  • Jenfromtheblock _
    Jenfromtheblock _ 4 hours ago

    I really just want to beat her hard and break her nose till it makes the loudest crack u could ever imagine and bleeds 💉

  • D 1
    D 1 4 hours ago

    In the future this man will be hailed as a defender of Europe

  • T'Roy Lee
    T'Roy Lee 5 hours ago

    Yep, cops aint so tough and billy badass when they meet their match!! Lmfao!!!

  • Petros Daskalas
    Petros Daskalas 5 hours ago

    damn, is that dude alright? I think not :/ about the cop ... hahahhahha I want to see that again , I love these videos.

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 6 hours ago

    Paktakan havedyad.

  • Prakash Gohar
    Prakash Gohar 6 hours ago

    एक पागल कुत्ते की तरह घसीट के मार दिया,,,

  • Chris
    Chris 6 hours ago

    frightfully frightfully

  • Nibedita Roy
    Nibedita Roy 6 hours ago

    He is a very nice person.

  • Kowalski
    Kowalski 7 hours ago

    Ahhh religion

  • Cecil Marvin
    Cecil Marvin 7 hours ago

    Trevor Noah anyone?

  • dsmliverpool
    dsmliverpool 7 hours ago

    This is a stage managed publicity stunt. Look at the faces being pulled in the background and the angling of the camera to catch them.

  • Space Catboy
    Space Catboy 7 hours ago

    this clerk is an idiot

  • prashant mishra
    prashant mishra 7 hours ago

    he is still doing lalalalalalalala ... !

  • Benny/ top of the tops

    "Might have contributed to their deaths" Of a bunch of criminals? Should I care tbh?

  • East Beast
    East Beast 9 hours ago

    Someday Japan must take the revenge...

  • StarGame
    StarGame 9 hours ago

    It was the most evil war crime in history.

  • Roy Normann Lee
    Roy Normann Lee 10 hours ago

    Eh, tell that to them

  • Chadeo Brisson
    Chadeo Brisson 10 hours ago

    Ahh shame no pssy for Putin..

  • lepen
    lepen 10 hours ago

    Boris 👍 👍 👍

  • Thinking Clearly
    Thinking Clearly 10 hours ago

    Some a dees fools look like dey finna Haka loogie



  • Moddie Seven
    Moddie Seven 11 hours ago

    The Sculpture must not have had a picture of Amy. He/she/they sculpted another woman's face onto Amy's body.

  • Slyde InfinitySpinCasts

    wow not a matter for the prime minister and the court doesn't want to judge,how did it come before them, It 's completely irrational process based upon some palpable necromancy concerning the legislative

  • craftyjan66
    craftyjan66 11 hours ago

    what man knows the price of food mine definitely dont

  • Don Jon
    Don Jon 12 hours ago

    Islamic way of dealing with POWs. Very Civilised ! Allah hu Akbar ; ) Don't blame any one else for your barbaric culture.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 12 hours ago

    She was emotional.

  • Rhonda Boncutter
    Rhonda Boncutter 13 hours ago

    Muchelle was The Coolest First Lady EVER~ and so was the President

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez 13 hours ago

    Acording to this video angle..on 3;01 airplaine was visible at the bigining .the line between the two building i dont see the airplane second to hit the tower..mistery..i pray for inocents who die..

  • DonH
    DonH 13 hours ago

    One simple word Beautiful

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar 14 hours ago


  • Quách Phương
    Quách Phương 14 hours ago

    he lives without wasting a lifetime,i admire ali very much!

  • Javier Avalos
    Javier Avalos 15 hours ago

    Stupid... stupid.. stupid....

  • Rico Aguilar
    Rico Aguilar 15 hours ago

    Clerks dumb, he had a free kill

  • Sunny Cat
    Sunny Cat 16 hours ago

    My grammar teachers brother was going to the World Trade Center that day but decided not too

  • M Willis
    M Willis 16 hours ago

    And he wants your guns

  • Bev Fields
    Bev Fields 17 hours ago

    What a gracious lady. William is sweet.

  • don lair
    don lair 17 hours ago

    God's word is perfect and the Day of Judgment begin on May 21st 2011. Sure we missed the rapture being on the last day. But it will be on the last day of Judgment Day. An easy mistake to make if one is looking forward to the rapture. Thank God we had the teacher Harold Camping whom God used to share the perfect timeline of History. No one has been able to disprove that timeline. Praise God! don out.

  • Aref Farook
    Aref Farook 17 hours ago

    May Allah Forgives him and the rest... InshaAllah

  • Tyler Schiavone
    Tyler Schiavone 19 hours ago

    She’s like finally oh no another one

  • Lauren Valant
    Lauren Valant 19 hours ago

    Omg when he took his shirt off I was like "ohhhh ok I see u boo!" 😻

  • Lervon
    Lervon 20 hours ago

    I found the lion scraping him up a bit kind of satisfying. That Lion will also kill that 'handler' one day for being a total dumbass. I imagine I'd also find that video slightly satisfying too lol

  • _yeeyee_
    _yeeyee_ 20 hours ago

    Why has none punched her yet?!

  • jakes magical mansion
    jakes magical mansion 20 hours ago

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 take that stupid ISIS

  • Bluesbabesrv
    Bluesbabesrv 20 hours ago

    This is such a non-apology, no better than the foolish man that did the fake signing. Just apologize, and do it in sign also.

  • richard YOUNG
    richard YOUNG 21 hour ago

    who r u dude and what r ur qualifications to make this assertion

  • Sarah Monroe
    Sarah Monroe 21 hour ago

    She called Jesse fat? does this old hag even own a mirror to see her crusty deformed potato face before talking about someones appearance?

  • Sarah Monroe
    Sarah Monroe 21 hour ago

    Who is gonna tell her she is ugly?

  • Lazy Larry
    Lazy Larry 21 hour ago

    All His Doings... The DEVIL himsel sacrificing some of is own just so that he can be in total power

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 21 hour ago

    Bunghole bandit Barry and Creepy Uncle Joe can probably run a bit faster than Donna bagel sucker Trump.

  • Deniz Selvi
    Deniz Selvi 21 hour ago

    lol who the hell she thinks she is this skeleton lmao the ego!!!! go die somewhere else

  • MrFitness94
    MrFitness94 21 hour ago

    Which mouth did he eat from?!

  • Nash Burges
    Nash Burges 21 hour ago

    The lion was clearly uncomfortable having him in there, douchebag got what he deserved.

  • Nazir King
    Nazir King 22 hours ago

    Hiroshima Bomb: *happens Nobody: Not a single soul: John Cena: kicks out at 2

  • tatties and eggs
    tatties and eggs 22 hours ago

    John corrupt major the fool that betrayed his wife with Edwina ugly Currie what a fake corrupt lying filthy little fella

  • Brad Bilbo
    Brad Bilbo 22 hours ago

    I wish we could prorogue the House of Representatives.

  • Winston churchill
    Winston churchill 22 hours ago

    Some people should be locked up for wasting oxygen.

  • dsmliverpool
    dsmliverpool 22 hours ago

    It's like a job interview for these briefs...

  • Catrina Deeley
    Catrina Deeley 23 hours ago

    How many times did John Major lie to his wife so he could shag Edwina Currey?

  • Mario Gutierrez
    Mario Gutierrez 23 hours ago

    Jajajaja Bin Salman rape to Boris Johnson for weapons jajajajaja

  • Benz Fan
    Benz Fan 23 hours ago

    Rip to people that died

  • Benz Fan
    Benz Fan 23 hours ago

    What about building #7?

  • Arjun
    Arjun 23 hours ago

    Trevor's standup?

  • emile zola
    emile zola 23 hours ago


  • Amit THAKUR
    Amit THAKUR 23 hours ago

    Mra nhe tu chuteye Pakistan ko sath le kar mrega

  • K K
    K K Day ago

    I am lucky to be born in India.

  • Geomancer 09
    Geomancer 09 Day ago

    Not gonna stop me

  • Wanted Wario
    Wanted Wario Day ago

    most reactions are just a casual byat

  • jesus adame
    jesus adame Day ago

    Two words DUMBASSES😂😂😂

  • 5SORC - Five Seconds of Rubix Cube

    gookkiller 9000

  • 3ss3ns3
    3ss3ns3 Day ago

    Trevor Noah brought me here

  • amogh salokhe
    amogh salokhe Day ago

    Libiya & iraq destroy America

  • Raghav Giridhar

    who is here from trevor's video?

  • Ba Whatever
    Ba Whatever Day ago

    John major closed parliament, what is the difference between him and Johnson?

    • Ba Whatever
      Ba Whatever 3 hours ago

      @lorraine lane there was no argument then was there,he needs to mind his own business, give him credit where due, the only PM that never went to university

    • lorraine lane
      lorraine lane 3 hours ago

      Yes he did in 97

  • Arora Nelson
    Arora Nelson Day ago

    This Lady is an Idiot with no soul! She makes People depressed that's sick! 😠 Especially when I watched Jessi Nelsons Interview...😔 And this woMAN is not even Pretty! 😑

  • BlueRider
    BlueRider Day ago

    Gripping up until 55:25

  • Simply Shai
    Simply Shai Day ago

    Why is this funny lol

  • B.T.
    B.T. Day ago

    A judge is being asked to decide which purposes of government are remaining enough and which are not. The MPs are sabotaging the government, so Boris can’t do what the people asked him to do. I expect the judge to adress this undemocratic behaviour of Parliament. If the court does not defend Boris, who acts on behalf of the people, democracy is dead and we might as well close Parliament forever.

    • Deos
      Deos 22 hours ago

      Close government forever? That would be fantastic.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Day ago

    Too bad he didn't finish the job

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith Day ago

    Hitting a lion for being wild. Couple of idiots

  • Alvera Conroy
    Alvera Conroy Day ago

    The man was to scared...should of never went in.

  • A friendly spazmoid

    I feel bad for him those photos he looks so scared poor man

  • Ram4
    Ram4 Day ago

    This guy waited 30 minutes for a space? I don't believe it. And if true, that means he blocked traffic for 30 minutes (basically being double parked). He's just as bad as the two cars parking.

  • Vig orniensis
    Vig orniensis Day ago

    There is historicalo separation of powers between Parliament and the Law Courts. This has now been destroyed by the Supreme Court accepting this hearing. They have destroyed our Constitution and heritage.

  • Vig orniensis
    Vig orniensis Day ago

    Why the hell does the SC assume that the Queen, with probably the most political experience in the world, did not understand the EXACT position and think the Queen a fool? The SC is holding the Queen in contempt|!!! How the hell can the advice be "unlawful" in any case?????????

  • budslinger
    budslinger Day ago

    What bullshit this is

  • Rana Asif
    Rana Asif Day ago

    To bhi gando or tera hum jinc parast bilo Rani bhi gando mister 10

  • Pickle rick
    Pickle rick Day ago

    Hahaha let's bring up yellow snow and cry about Ireland ffs how low are these people going to go

  • McKenna James
    McKenna James Day ago

    Pressuring judges and a threat at the end of his argument. How arrogant.