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  • Soundwave Superior
    Soundwave Superior 2 hours ago

    Momoa is one loyal sonuvabitch. Everyone needs a bro like him.

  • The Nerd Terminator /TNT

    Wanna know how breaking up with the joker makes no sense? I know what your gonna say isn’t joker abusive to Harley why wouldn’t she break up with him... watch suicide squad again and looks at all the parts once Harleen becomes Harley Quinn He’s not abusive at all in suicide squad

  • Matcam 1
    Matcam 1 2 hours ago

    Also...how can a 5 or 6 yr old repeatedly stab his much older suster.Judith she could have kicked the crap out him....but guess hiding the boobs was priority lol.....also when the Meyers come home and see Micheal with a bloody knife...you think they would rush inside to see who got knifed...nope they stand there and stare at him for a long time.kinda dumb....but still luv the movie hahahaha

  • Dennis Youngblood
    Dennis Youngblood 2 hours ago

    When are you going to do a fan review? Because the fans and critics have what you might call.... differing opinions

  • Aaron Williams
    Aaron Williams 2 hours ago

    The show was like teen titans in the flashbacks then it like was x-man with a twist of stranger things middle to end.

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 2 hours ago

    let's make history give jar jar abrams a Christmas present he never forget

  • Zach W
    Zach W 2 hours ago

    Biggest lie of the trailer "tHe sAGa WiLL eNd"

    AWESOMEGUYY321 2 hours ago

    I understand what you mean by the trailers could be lying but who knows since The Russo Brothers lied about many scenes not being in the actual film but they were and in infinity war most scenes didn’t appear in the film

  • BXGamingTV
    BXGamingTV 2 hours ago

    Who cares the world is better without this guy in movies

  • bethfaceplays
    bethfaceplays 2 hours ago

    Sorry but replacing Michael Scott with Andy Bernard was the only good thing. They were both stupid, but Andy wasn't a fricking moronic idiot.

  • IchigoKush
    IchigoKush 2 hours ago

    Why didn't the time travel kid in future, not notice the moon missing??

  • James Foreman
    James Foreman 2 hours ago

    It was good.. People gotta learn to just watch a movie and have a good time. Have fun

  • Eric minville
    Eric minville 2 hours ago

    Explained? Nothing was explained, only summarized...

  • 3011Gray
    3011Gray 2 hours ago

    They had a perfect sith Lord and killed him of cheaply in the last jedi... they have really dropped the ball.

  • ZacharyLee 1995
    ZacharyLee 1995 2 hours ago

    Hollywood didn't drop him Because Passion of the Christ Sequel is Confirmed 🤦, Stupid FLash-player Video

  • LoDoFilm Unlimited Media

    This new trilogy is dead on arrival!

  • Jae Garcia
    Jae Garcia 2 hours ago

    Yes good job Joaquin Phoenix I totally agree with you we do not need a sequel it ended perfectly Christian Bale had the same exact comment when they thought about having him as bvs and jl

  • Clem fandango
    Clem fandango 2 hours ago

    He wasn’t happy about being killed off.

  • Tommy Anderson
    Tommy Anderson 2 hours ago

    Friday the 13th Jason has a boob job

  • Elle Bryant
    Elle Bryant 2 hours ago

    Trust me the adjudicator is not young that's Botox, airbrush makeup and airbrush touch-up of the film and Camera manipulation with the lenses and filters and Lighting. ( MOVIES 🎥 MAGIC )!!!

  • Peter Van Rillaer
    Peter Van Rillaer 2 hours ago

    As a small Belgian published fantasy writer myself I have some remarks... 1. What stupid leader sacrifices his whole cavalry in an useless charge on the army of the dead in the third episode? Cavalry is at his best in supporting infantry. And using your slingshots only once? Really??? They should kill their commander immediately for extreme incompetence... 2. Everybody is constantly whining about the fact that danaerys must protect the innocent in Kingslanding but no one is smart enough to use the advantage of 'smuggling' hundreds or even thousands of soldiers, dressed as refugees, into the city. Ayra and Jamie did it and they got away with it. Even with their weapons. They could have opened the gates at night and take the city without the bloodshed. 3. Why was it so important for Brann that John Snow knew his real past? It served no purpose, it killed their love for each other (incest) and only speed up the insanity and mistrust of Danaerys. As a writer I would suppose that our 'little sweet Brann', our big 'know it all' had a hidden agenda that lead him to his crowning. I wouldn't trust that little bastard anyway...

  • whoaNelly NelNel
    whoaNelly NelNel 2 hours ago

    Vania. The apocalypse. The end

  • Nahkiylah Mays
    Nahkiylah Mays 2 hours ago

    Holding a snapper by the tail damages it's spine.

  • Silent Refusal
    Silent Refusal 2 hours ago

    Any explanation for why the name changed from Charles Grady to Delbert Grady?? Was it just lazy writing or there is actually some plot detail in it? Or am I the only one who noticed it?

  • dratmaggot
    dratmaggot 2 hours ago

    I would prefer darth jar jar to this

  • Lights Out
    Lights Out 2 hours ago

    This Chanel is dumb

  • Gamemachine
    Gamemachine 2 hours ago

    I think what it comes down to is most people who liked Joker would like a sequel. But they would only want that sequel if it can live up to the standard of the first one. No one wants an empty cash grab sequel. We have enough of those.

  • C. ladimore
    C. ladimore 2 hours ago

    wtf do you need to explain? it is more obvious than watching this video BECAUSE THEY SHOWED IT.

  • Greg Baker
    Greg Baker 2 hours ago

    Please stop referring to him as "Fat Thor". He is Thor, nothing more and nothing less. The fact he is heavier than we are accustomed to plays no factor.

  • x0xtran9x0x
    x0xtran9x0x 2 hours ago

    So late what the heck looper?

  • Jacob Koehler
    Jacob Koehler 2 hours ago

    This completely changes nothing. He's still evil, he's still a threat and I would hardly think that this changes how the film is.

  • BluKenkou
    BluKenkou 2 hours ago

    Brie Larson should get a oscar for best thot to get punched off screen!

  • Lisa Vee
    Lisa Vee 2 hours ago

    This video should actually be titled; "Don't Watch This Until You See Every Season of His Dark Materials."

  • Ewan Ozzy
    Ewan Ozzy 2 hours ago

    HBO and BBC !!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even know it had anything to do with HBO I thought it was just BBC

  • Cosmic Drugz
    Cosmic Drugz 2 hours ago

    They were speaking in things that could happen in real life. That’s the one and only reason it was canceled.

  • Abdi'sHairline
    Abdi'sHairline 2 hours ago

    Man made a 4 minute video overcomplicating a simple scene. No. He did not kill her. *alroight*

  • CrazyDiamondAJ
    CrazyDiamondAJ 2 hours ago

    Why the fuck wouldn't it be on there lol

  • Duarte Papa Vicente
    Duarte Papa Vicente 2 hours ago

    We need a black captain 👊🏾

  • DyersEve
    DyersEve 2 hours ago

    Dead Silence. It's not a film that is completely overwhelmed by CGI. There is violence and some gore but it isn't too out of control. Mary Shaw and Billy are absolutely terrifying even when they aren't even doing anything. Great acting. Great use of practical effects and convincing special effects when they are used. A plot that keeps you sucked in. A highly disturbing twist ending. Very unsettling. The lead up to scares and/or deaths is unique and far more frightening (all ambient noise disappears and rarely is music added which in turn helps to add more suspense to the moment) There are no gratuitous nudity or sex scenes. It's simply a good old fashioned ghost story using good old fashioned tactics to scare you and that's why I love it so much. Also, the only thing that genuinely scared me in Hereditary was the mother's face when she walks in the bedroom. Seriously, her facial expression alone is nightmare inducing. To be honest, I think it is overhyped and grossly overrated. I kind of feel the same way about Silence of the Lambs. Don't get me wrong, I still like them and they're not awful but they're also not that great either. Like they have two servings of tension they were trying to stretch out for seven people. I LOVE horror films. It is hands down my favorite movie genre of all time. In fact my entire collection of movies are horror but for some reason I just cannot get into the slasher, psychological and possession ones. I enjoy the paranormal involving ghosts, hauntings and "curses" if you will. The Ring for example. That's just MY PERSONAL OPINION. To each their own.

    UNCHAINED SHAMAN 2 hours ago

    To hell with these bigot corrupt richie rich narcissists and companies that are pillaging our banks for our child hood love of things like vampires

  • Alex Bearden
    Alex Bearden 2 hours ago

    Will the Snyder cut be better? Probably. Will it be good? Probably not. Snyder can't make a good superhero movie. He has had 3 shots already.

  • Zvi mur
    Zvi mur 2 hours ago

    4:11 also to numb the Shining.

  • Christopher Alden
    Christopher Alden 2 hours ago

    I can't watch anything with Juno. Too annoying.

  • Jimmy Owens
    Jimmy Owens 2 hours ago

    My theory has always been that The handler is not an individual who's form is an incorpreal existence so she's not dead

  • Zvi mur
    Zvi mur 2 hours ago

    1:41, Carl Lumbly was Amazing!!

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton 2 hours ago

    The REAL lie is that "Rise of Skywalker" is going to be a good movie. You can't follow "The Last Jedi" with anything that makes sense.

  • James Demott
    James Demott 2 hours ago

    Nothing I would pay to see

  • Duncan Ramsay
    Duncan Ramsay 2 hours ago

    I was diagnosed by it :/

  • xyhmo
    xyhmo 2 hours ago

    Di Nero won't be returning, lolzlz.

  • Richard Cheung
    Richard Cheung 2 hours ago

    I’m calling it the rebellion are going to be explored as corrupt terrorists

  • Jackie Anderson
    Jackie Anderson 2 hours ago

    I'm glad her sister didn't kill her.

  • KizzyKitty Rap Up1778

    Is this movie about several ghosts

  • Michael Castelli
    Michael Castelli 3 hours ago

    I knew since the moment he walked out of her apartment, in theater, that he had not killed her. In his mind, she is a pure soul who loves and accepts Fleck. What Sophie(?) gives Fleck is a warm, deep hope that world is not as bad as it seems to him. His ideas of her and their would-be relationship are all pleasant and genuine.This image had never been disturbed. When Sophie is startled and asks Arthur to leave, Arthur understands the difference between his fantasy and the reality before him. Arthur is aware that he is not well and we know this because of his concern regarding his medication program ending. He sees her as kind, pure, and deserving to live, one of the few people in Gotham who is not awful.

  • Ms. Ree
    Ms. Ree 3 hours ago

    Why does no one ever mention that the head of the bed in Gerald’s Game is the original mirror from Oculus as Mike does both movies?

  • Semper Intrepidus
    Semper Intrepidus 3 hours ago

    Pretty good summary, but a couple corrections are in order. Did Rambo really try to convince Teasle that it was an accident? I don't recall seeing it that way. Rambo never begged Teasle for anything. Early on he asked Teasle, "Why are you pushing me?" Later on with his knife at Teasle's neck he says, "let it go"

  • ItzLuke 13
    ItzLuke 13 3 hours ago

    am i the only one that wants yinsen to be at the soul realm after tony snaps his fingers? personally i think it would make a lot more sense.

  • Морган Гуинн

    I have watched ((almost)) all of theses.

  • Batu Kahn
    Batu Kahn 3 hours ago

    Egos in Hollywood? No way!!

  • Shrek Shrek
    Shrek Shrek 3 hours ago


  • Albert Perez
    Albert Perez 3 hours ago

    It took me one day to finish season one and I think it’s gonna show them as kids in season 2 because at the end of season 1 they traveled to the past.

  • Mike notagonnatellyeah

    Its avoid at all cost film, go see Joker

  • Neolithika
    Neolithika 3 hours ago

    Who do you think will kill Homelander?

  • vDosc UV7
    vDosc UV7 3 hours ago

    What is with the media ignoring the blatantly obvious as to why?? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE OVER THIS IDENTITY POLITICS BULLSHIT IN MOVIES!!!! Why would any "Fan" want to see a movie that utterly pisses on the previous story, if I wanted that I'd keep up with Disney Sar Wars ! Not to mention who's interested in seeing a aging Nana playing with guns and the CGI is just boring and predictable these days in almost all sci-fi movies. There's no way ill pay cinema prices to see shit like this anymore, ever !

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Bitch, Karen

    I rolled my eyes so hard at that scene I got a headache

  • Drew Saluk
    Drew Saluk 3 hours ago

    If Brie Larson wins I swear....

  • Red Jedi
    Red Jedi 3 hours ago

    Kinda clickbaitish. Just listen to the interview for yourselves. He didn't even consider it before hand, that's all he ment. He is definitely on board for another film if it's right for the character and story, and that's a surprise to him, he never expected to want more, or to want to experience more of the character, and he's intrigued by it. He never goes into any project with the idea of sequels, but the way the interviewer phrased things allowed for interpretation. Either way, it's an amazing movie and will withstand the tests of time and people. Ha ha ha! (done in your favorite joker voice).

  • dumpyj
    dumpyj 3 hours ago

    Hopefully C-3PO dies

  • LockwoodE3
    LockwoodE3 3 hours ago

    This was super late

  • Kristen Garcia
    Kristen Garcia 3 hours ago

    Jumanji was the best one so funny

  • Jeff Duarte
    Jeff Duarte 3 hours ago

    Here’s the lesson learned. Don’t bring back the popular Edward Furlong as the beloved John Connor and kill him off in the first 10 mins of the film. The end.

  • Channel X
    Channel X 3 hours ago


  • Zagradišek
    Zagradišek 3 hours ago

    Don't riun the best trilogy ever made

  • teja prasetia
    teja prasetia 3 hours ago

    He looks very much like Brad Pitt

  • Henry Mumba
    Henry Mumba 3 hours ago

    Sorry got “ No time to watch “ this movie

  • C Cato
    C Cato 3 hours ago

    Phoenix is an artist, unlike most actors in Hollywood, who are nothing but hacks.

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 3 hours ago

    AH-NA NOT ANNE-A!!!! how do so many people mispronounce her name. i officially give up. it's so damn annoying

  • drsupremo88
    drsupremo88 3 hours ago

    This video feels longer than 12 mins lol

  • Capt. ClarkeZA
    Capt. ClarkeZA 3 hours ago

    Does anyone who actually watched the show need the ending explained? 95% of Looper's videos are redundant and actually not that informative.

  • reene zeigler
    reene zeigler 3 hours ago

    A wonderful dog trainer

  • Tara Aliyeva
    Tara Aliyeva 3 hours ago

    When is the Umbrella Academy will be back?

  • Bballer 23
    Bballer 23 3 hours ago

    I seriously hope this show gets a higher budget. One of the biggest issues is the CGI. This limits the action, this is probably the reason Beast Boy only turns into a tiger, and Trigon's CGI was just terrible(plus his character design needs some white hair). If they get some more money for CG, these problems should be resolved

  • Vegal Thorsen
    Vegal Thorsen 3 hours ago

    The most ridiculous program ever. I think these people wrote this with no knowledge as to how they would explain it all at the end. I remember them finding a dead polar bear on the tropical island but that was it. Like most other stuff, there was no explanation. Can anyone remember what the polar bear was all about?

  • pastrana21
    pastrana21 3 hours ago

    sorry....but if you need an explanation to this ending than you shouldn't have children from how stupid you are.

  • TypicallyUnique
    TypicallyUnique 3 hours ago

    The horror version of the Marvel cinematic universe.

  • Jedi Knight Jairin Aiki

    Don't care.

  • skeat meat
    skeat meat 3 hours ago

    It wasnt that big at all, but when laurie strodes daughter(I forgot her name) is like crying and saying I cant do it histerically when shes supposed to do shoot Micheal and then when hes in view she gets straight faced and quietly says gotcha, me and my friends were like, "oh hell yeah at that point."

    • skeat meat
      skeat meat 3 hours ago

      This was the 2018 remake to be clearer

  • Habibah Bifty
    Habibah Bifty 3 hours ago

    ini lagunya mana si

  • Anthony Ostell
    Anthony Ostell 3 hours ago

    It's great that Disney want to create stronger connections between TV and Cinema. (however money grabbing it is) It's not great that living in the UK (Or any other European country that is), there is zero talk about a release date. It is a huge gap in the market, how can you expect people to keep up with the films without access to Disney+ if you don't want to pirate? I genuinely would like to know!

  • Giancarlo Colon
    Giancarlo Colon 3 hours ago

    2:24 As a Puerto Rican, I am offended that anyone was offended by the Seinfeld "Puerto Rican day parade" episode. It was funny, and nothing was insulting.

  • Scott Rouse
    Scott Rouse 3 hours ago

    I am sure you know this by now but Snowpiecer was directed by Bong Joon-ho.

  • MrSFblack
    MrSFblack 3 hours ago

    A sequel really isn't needed

  • jerry robinson
    jerry robinson 3 hours ago

    quit speculating and conjecturing and go get a real damn job. America need good Cops and Crazy Truck drivers who'd work for peanuts.

  • Looper
    Looper 3 hours ago

    How do you like Umbrella Academy so far?

  • Jorge Mendez
    Jorge Mendez 3 hours ago

    Those who dislike the movie because of their personal feelings doesn't deserve to judge in the Oscars. They must watch it objectively and analyze it.

  • smhsadley
    smhsadley 3 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix for actor of the year

  • byron suey
    byron suey 3 hours ago

    would love a real big budget sequel with Keifer and the rest of them. Same local.

  • Boogie Woogie ICP
    Boogie Woogie ICP 3 hours ago

    I have seen DOCTOR SLEEP and to be honest, as a sequel to The Shining, I was VERY disappointed to say the very least. I'm not saying that it's not a good scary movie, IT IS A GREAT MOVIE and it delivers on some scares. It's just that it feels like, for the most part, that it has ALMOST NOTHING TO DO with the original Shining movie which was basically a terrifying haunted hotel / resort movie. In the beginning of the movie we are show a little bit of a continuation of the original shining with Danny and his Mom, apparently soon after the incidents at The Hotel Resort and Danny still seems to be experiencing some haunting and shining contact from ghosts at The Haunted Hotel. Unfortunately this continuation is all of five minutes. The movie then quickly fast forwards to a much older Danny. Danny is still being contacted by the Dick Hallorann from The Shining part 1 in his dreams and visions, even though this man died in the first Shining. The story is that there is a coven of evil people, kind of like vampires, who go around stealing the souls of people who can "shine" by killing them and then sucking up their power, soul or life source. Of course, Danny with his ability to shine gets caught up in all this and ends up fighting this coven of vampire like soul suckers with the help of a young girl who also can shine. Honestly, this movie seems to be a BIG LET DOWN if your looking for a sequel to The Shining, I for one was not happy with this movie. It feels like it has NOTHING TO DO AT ALL with the original Shining and if your looking for an awesome HAUNTED HOTEL SHINING PART 2, this movie is nothing like that at all.

  • Alan Marrero
    Alan Marrero 3 hours ago

    They killed off John Conner that's why and I don't get the whole female empowerment thing I thought they had that already Sarah Conner was badass if it wasn't for Sarah, John wouldn't of been who he was so epic fail this director is clearly confused I don't even care to remember his name thanks for ruining the franchise

  • Steven McDowell
    Steven McDowell 3 hours ago

    What if the show was called Poncho University...

  • Mateo
    Mateo 3 hours ago

    Star Wars is nothing but stupid "gotcha" moments, your expectations are stupid now love my mary sue.