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Love Scenes That Went Too Far
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  • Straight White Christian Man

    If the critics hate it, it's probably alright. Especially Rotten Tomatoes, almost always a huge difference between the audience score and the critics. Anyone seen Dave Chappelle's last special? It was hilarious but it was offensive so it got a low score.

  • Luis AR
    Luis AR 46 seconds ago

    Bullsh1t , this is just to make it look good, sony saw the money, and wanted more, its quite likely they will kill spiderman franchise again, like they did it with xmen..

  • Antonio Cimota
    Antonio Cimota Minute ago

    The Rock used to be a cool guy... until he came into the Fast fam and like Tyrese said, made it all about HIM. What a douche move.

  • carlos morales
    carlos morales Minute ago

    That person has alot of time on their hands to watch this movie over and over again

  • Brooks Mihalek
    Brooks Mihalek Minute ago

    Interesting how Feige has never said publicly that he’s been stretched thin, but everyone else is saying that.

  • Jackpot Da Don
    Jackpot Da Don 2 minutes ago

    Sony is eventually going to have to sell their flim company hope to apple and the only rights Sony has is the movies so the TV show spin offs are never going to happen unless marvel is involved

  • Markus Steph
    Markus Steph 3 minutes ago

    Pennywise is weak so he only attacks wounded or children

  • Ragical the Unhallowed Knight

    Simple, it's gonna be an even bigger pile of shit...

  • Paul Daniels
    Paul Daniels 3 minutes ago

    I'm definitely going to see it

  • A J
    A J 3 minutes ago

    Not seen the film yet (though I loved the others) so I can't give any opinions BUT everyone must be made aware that these self-appointed film critics/moral crusading sheep, thrive on dishing out their drivel (the more controversial the better) to enhance their own reputations and thereby make more money for their pig-ignorant selves.

  • Stephen Leger
    Stephen Leger 4 minutes ago

    More ant man and less wasp..

  • Issa Diallo
    Issa Diallo 4 minutes ago

    Various reports are saying that Apple and Amazon are dealing for an agreement in order to purchase Sony... Whoever does it first, all the rights for spiderman and the characters will revert back permanently to Disney and the MCU

  • GaDawg84
    GaDawg84 5 minutes ago

    So spider-man is out of at marvel because Fiege is busy. There is no way that anyone actually believes that.

  • Masoom Rana
    Masoom Rana 5 minutes ago

    First dollar gross isn’t first day gross.

  • Speedy Quick
    Speedy Quick 5 minutes ago

    In all fairness the MCU Spidey films have been bloody awful and not really about Spider-Man but way too much about Iron Man. Having said that I think with a better deal we would get better films as they won’t be so focused on selling merchandise

  • Rey Zapata
    Rey Zapata 5 minutes ago

    I hate Disney

  • Jay Double  U
    Jay Double U 5 minutes ago

    5:51 that quote killed it for me...

  • sunshineuk1965
    sunshineuk1965 5 minutes ago

    Well apparently Satanicc ritual is a good thing, after all they remembered her birthday

  • Dave Plumley
    Dave Plumley 6 minutes ago

    Woman falls the end

  • O G
    O G 6 minutes ago

    Venom was pretty bad. Spiderman will be bad again! Boo Sony!

    • Quisable
      Quisable Minute ago

      Venom wasnt bad lol you are bad

  • Ecliptor Calrissian
    Ecliptor Calrissian 6 minutes ago

    It’s not like he was ever hanging with Iron Man again thanks to Endgame, and it’s good that he’ll be able to meet the actual Spider-Man characters that were off limits like Venom and Black Cat.

  • Silus Greystone
    Silus Greystone 6 minutes ago

    Yeah keep sucking in that smoke SONY, your PR shit will fail like the last 6 versions you failed at.

  • Renata Matuk
    Renata Matuk 6 minutes ago

    It was the stupidest decision to make them go alone to collect the totems. Like WTF. They dismiss a great opportunity to make a meaningful connection between the characters. Also, if they know more about each other's fears, doesn't that make them stronger as a group to defeat PW? Stupid decision.

  • I hate my existence
    I hate my existence 7 minutes ago

    Omg imagine getting with your crush......super super super scary 😳😨

  • Chris Ox
    Chris Ox 7 minutes ago

    Sony just couldn’t let us have all the toys.

  • Daromir Firunsson
    Daromir Firunsson 8 minutes ago

    Did they cry in 1985 too, because of showing vietnamese people as "bad" and stereotype?

  • DarkEyedLex
    DarkEyedLex 9 minutes ago

    I'm lowkey cool with it if Tom Holland stays as Spider-Man. Forever

  • siddhant kumar
    siddhant kumar 9 minutes ago

    Make the wall to protect your family and country 😇

  • SD77
    SD77 10 minutes ago

    This is all old news, besides does anyone hear anything coming out of Feige’s mouth saying he was stretch too thin? Nope he loves Spider-Man and he even consulted on Venom does seem like he has too much going on

  • Zucchinna
    Zucchinna 11 minutes ago

    i blame Sony. Sony doesn't know how to do movies

    • Peewee Weepee
      Peewee Weepee 3 minutes ago

      Zucchinna and Disney owns nearly everything under the sun

  • Ondagubben
    Ondagubben 11 minutes ago

    i get panic when i see ho old he is, and just realized how fast time passes, Married With Children feels like yesterday.

  • James B
    James B 11 minutes ago

    Sony's going to fuck this up again.

  • Audeline
    Audeline 11 minutes ago

    I wish there was a way so Disney didn't owe like 80% of the entertainment industry

  • Skankhunt42
    Skankhunt42 11 minutes ago

    Well no :D your grain of soalt is Mike zeroh and he is full of shit

  • Refurinn
    Refurinn 11 minutes ago

    Can’t Disney just buy Sony? :P

  • Telma Frege
    Telma Frege 12 minutes ago

    The Prestige! That movie caught me by surprise at the end. Also: Shutter Island. Similar to A Beautiful Mind, the movie is good at making you believe what the protagonist believes to be reality.

  • Elena Ehreke
    Elena Ehreke 12 minutes ago


  • GotEm
    GotEm 12 minutes ago

    The only reason fans even watched the last season of Game of Thrones was because the Lannisters were interesting. No one wants to see Arya dumb shit exploring the west. The whole reason Arya is a fan favorite in the first place is that she has amazing dialogue with The Hound and Tywin Lannister. The reason we love GOT is because of its Politics, not that it has cringe characters who want to explore different worlds

  • Derp Headquarters
    Derp Headquarters 12 minutes ago

    So no head ?

  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 12 minutes ago

    Marvel got greedy and ruined it for all of us

  • Fred Baggs
    Fred Baggs 13 minutes ago

    sounds like total horse shit to me. it's all about money, it always is.

  • Kenneth De Jesus
    Kenneth De Jesus 13 minutes ago

    8:59 why would Stan initiate The blood oath If he’s the only one who broke it?

  • Aidan Cael
    Aidan Cael 14 minutes ago

    Omfg haha if any of you believe this.. you're naive to!

  • richmanDUDYT
    richmanDUDYT 14 minutes ago

    Man I’m so scared of getting into Creative mode in real life.

  • Satsuma Salanewt
    Satsuma Salanewt 14 minutes ago


  • Harry T.
    Harry T. 15 minutes ago

    "Kevin Feige was stretched too thin" my ass. It's all about money and corporate greed from both Sony and Disney/Marvel.

    KING of KINGS 15 minutes ago


  • Eric Fendt
    Eric Fendt 15 minutes ago

    Yes going right now.

  • Cherise Davidson
    Cherise Davidson 15 minutes ago

    As long as Tom Holland is still spider man and they stay true to it... that’s all that matters.

    • Wi Fine
      Wi Fine 3 minutes ago

      nah, we've seen enough stand alone Spider man films. I want spider man to interact with other marvel heroes, like Deadpool and the F4

    • Speedy Quick
      Speedy Quick 4 minutes ago

      The MCU Spidey films are no where near staying true to the comic Let’s hope Sony decide to remedy that

    SPIDERMAN! MARVEL! 16 minutes ago

    This is SOOOOO wrong! Come on!

  • Jason Raicov
    Jason Raicov 16 minutes ago

    Usually I'm not the kind that hates everything that most people do, personally I LOVED Origins Wolverine, and I liked very much Apocalypse and The Last Stand, but this movie really sucks balls. I hate how they changed Mystique's look for this film, especially thinking that is the last time we see these characters before the MCU reboot. I hated the "X-Women" cringy scene and I couldn't even see at least one second of Hugh Jackman's face in it. Everything about this film annoyed me, I couldn't resist rage quitting. Some films are just underrated (Origins, The Last Stand & Apocalypse) and others are simply trash (Dark Phoenix).

  • OnHand Productions
    OnHand Productions 16 minutes ago

    Sucks that Disney was so greedy. Smh.

    • Somber Stricken
      Somber Stricken 6 minutes ago

      Greedy? They did all the work and was getting 5%. Please, Disney is greedy but they were justified in asking for half the money for all the work.

  • Joshua Munn
    Joshua Munn 16 minutes ago

    According to various sources within Disney the Spider-Man and his 900 characters film rights will revert back to the MCU permanently after Apple purchases Sony Pictures to build their own film studio at the end of 2019 or 2020.

    • Robert Reynolds
      Robert Reynolds Minute ago

      Wait Apple really want to buy Sony? I know they can afford it but I'm surprised they would and that Sony would want to sell.

    • Djorde Djoka
      Djorde Djoka 9 minutes ago

      I don't even wanna imagine an Apple PS5

  • kingpin 3
    kingpin 3 17 minutes ago

    Everything you put out in this video came out a long time ago. Pointless video

    • bwill123
      bwill123 Minute ago

      Lol not everyone is up to date with all this.

  • Harper Haha I’ve had this account for 5 years

    What ab the little kid tho, the one in the restaurant, the one who hears voices in the drains like is he gonna like stay alive or

  • Sodosopalele
    Sodosopalele 17 minutes ago

    Cosmic entity from another dimension loses to a knock off Scooby gang lol unlucky

  • Random League of Legends (Thresh) games

    Mad cuz sad

  • The Liquid Remix
    The Liquid Remix 18 minutes ago

    Yeah sounds like bullshit, i mean they wrote the MCU around spiderman then said they dont have time for him? Lol, what a cop out.

  • James Henderson
    James Henderson 18 minutes ago

    I no longer follow rotten 🍅. This movie is FANTASTIC.I loved this movie. I need more. Human Traffickers I hate. BUILD MY WALL.

  • Antonella
    Antonella 18 minutes ago

    Don't worry guys this controversy is just another illusion of Mysterio.

  • Stan
    Stan 19 minutes ago

    Carrie (2013) is better than original

  • George gg
    George gg 19 minutes ago

    So sad No spider man no MCU

  • My Turtle Diaries
    My Turtle Diaries 19 minutes ago

    It will happen... and it won’t stop there... Louis really needs to reiterate the entire Infinity war saga!

  • Ellie Electro
    Ellie Electro 19 minutes ago

    Shit Im early. Going to miss Spiderman in the MCU.

  • William Reeves
    William Reeves 20 minutes ago

    I come from the future to tell you that Jurassic world 3 is one of the best movies ever

  • WhoDarestheMAN gamer
    WhoDarestheMAN gamer 20 minutes ago

    I love Gal gadots look the most!

  • ET83 T8R
    ET83 T8R 20 minutes ago

    1st ever time I’m ever early to one of these videos yet it says 7 likes and no views

  • John Montgomery
    John Montgomery 20 minutes ago

    The basic message I got was that many critics were mad that Mexican cartel members and sex traffickers were portrayed as ... cartel members and sex traffickers.

  • Genos
    Genos 21 minute ago

    Sad news know we have no reason to complain but still spider man will still go

  • Photonic Blue
    Photonic Blue 21 minute ago

    Here before 10 views 😁

  • nick spadaccini
    nick spadaccini 21 minute ago


  • Looper
    Looper 21 minute ago

    Is there any chance Spider-Man can remain in the MCU? At all?

    • Silentt Ivan
      Silentt Ivan 2 minutes ago


    • Ecliptor Calrissian
      Ecliptor Calrissian 8 minutes ago

      The real question is who will end up being the one company who owns the whole entertainment industry.

    • Ben Macapagal
      Ben Macapagal 13 minutes ago

      Joshua Munn I hope it would happen.

    • Joshua Munn
      Joshua Munn 16 minutes ago

      According to various sources within Disney the Spider-Man and his 900 characters film rights will revert back to the MCU permanently after Apple purchases Sony Pictures to build their own film studio at the end of 2019 or 2020.

    • Roland Deschain
      Roland Deschain 18 minutes ago

      Hopefully zero chance.

  • ChiWii
    ChiWii 22 minutes ago


    • Nugget
      Nugget 17 minutes ago

      ChiWii no one cares whether you’re first or not

    • Abiodun Sulaiman
      Abiodun Sulaiman 20 minutes ago

      shut up

  • Kyle Andrade
    Kyle Andrade 22 minutes ago

    First Spider-Man and now Ant Man. What is happening?

  • WhoDarestheMAN gamer
    WhoDarestheMAN gamer 23 minutes ago

    Never understood why Americans call a fringe, bangs? Anything to do with guns eh?

  • oasisbeyond
    oasisbeyond 23 minutes ago

    It's RAMBO it's supposed to be about violence, it's like an 80's action movie x100 :) I want to see Rambo vs Freddy or Rambo vs Jason Voorhees NEXT!

  • purple gorilla
    purple gorilla 24 minutes ago

    I actually think this could wind up his best role. I can envision him in this role and I think it will go far better than people think. They might just wind up 2 for 2 in casting with him and Phoenix. I would be surprised if there was ever a cross over, but never say never I guess.

  • tomsuk horvath
    tomsuk horvath 26 minutes ago

    Until 50% on rotten tomatoes, I must watch, over 50%i stay at home!

  • jim walker
    jim walker 27 minutes ago

    i saw the '80s movie.......it was pretty good, all things considred. that was good, the new one should be even better. is there a release date yet?

  • CorduroyPaco
    CorduroyPaco 27 minutes ago

    Mortal Kombat: We don't know anything but we'll talk about how much we don't know for a few minutes...

  • Jason Wolfe
    Jason Wolfe 29 minutes ago

    The best star wars movie Disney has put out was rogue 1. I think its gonna suck but I will go see it anyway because I'm a star wars fan boy.

  • Wayne Miller
    Wayne Miller 29 minutes ago

    I don't care either way I never really liked the Ant-Man movies

  • Syed Feroz Hussaini
    Syed Feroz Hussaini 30 minutes ago

    watched movie yesterday, expected Rambo to kill as many bad guys and he did it, enjoyed it as I cant do but John can, not Wick but John Rambo.I didn't think he will turn into Buddha or Gandhi in these many years.

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 31 minute ago

    3 mid roll ads on a 12 minute video. Jesus Christ Looper.

  • Diane Gill
    Diane Gill 32 minutes ago

    I always liked Sinbad. His comedy was always clean. Much respect

  • devynchapman
    devynchapman 32 minutes ago

    That trash movie made over 700 million, it was really bad

  • TheCrazyFereldan
    TheCrazyFereldan 33 minutes ago

    Why does every Hollywood actress have to be described as strong and powerful? If you need someone to describe how strong you are then it kinda implies that youre not.

  • Michael Long
    Michael Long 37 minutes ago

    The little stone sculpture thingy on the table next to the elevator was different too, like noticeably different.

  • Allcoustic
    Allcoustic 37 minutes ago

    yeah....mcu is dead.

  • Brianna Garcia
    Brianna Garcia 38 minutes ago

    I was thinking that in reckcit ralph tye reacer that was the king looks like pennywise in IT2 when he turns into his original form with all his leggs

    THUGGWAFFLE88 38 minutes ago

    I work at a resort in Orange County so cal and he was in a couple weeks ago!

  • Hero boyz
    Hero boyz 38 minutes ago

    Looper saying themselves at the end "so is there antman 3" and Literally saying they don't know. 👏👏👏

  • wafflz z
    wafflz z 39 minutes ago

    You know looper is desperate when they make a video about an elevator

  • Ravanofdarkness
    Ravanofdarkness 42 minutes ago

    What the hell?!?!?! I'm not a big Superman fan myself but really enjoyed watching both Seasons of Krypton and was really looking forward to a Season 3. Syfy seriously needs to get their shit together, hope Netflix can bring the Show back if Syfy is too stupid to continue it.

  • Gargoyle242
    Gargoyle242 42 minutes ago

    Even if they wanted to replicate the elevator exactly as it was, it would have been too small for all those ppl to fit, while in the original scene, Coulson is the only seen using the elevator.

  • Avinash Tomar
    Avinash Tomar 44 minutes ago

    The day I unsubscribed looper

  • mr Houston
    mr Houston 45 minutes ago

    Currently at almost 800 million tyrese. Take this L

  • Russ
    Russ 45 minutes ago

    Huge mistake if no ant man 3

  • TheDarthHobbes
    TheDarthHobbes 45 minutes ago

    Seems to me that the "problem" that the critics have with this movie is that it does not fit the Left's narrative that there are no evil murderous rapist sex trafficking drug cartels across the Mexican border.

  • Raman Bhardwaj
    Raman Bhardwaj 46 minutes ago

    Dude I want to see more intrection between antman and his daughter who is now an adult so please marvel give us third instalment 🙏🙏