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  • Jordyn Santana
    Jordyn Santana 2 hours ago

    i never broke a bone

  • Teddy Atencio
    Teddy Atencio 3 hours ago


  • Moody San
    Moody San 3 hours ago

    Breaking bones does not necessarily mean more pain. Like you can badly sprain or bruse something that hurts like hell because of damaging the nerves which causes pain. Don’t a lot of people break there toes and not realise? Idk could be a myth 😐

  • The Butcher
    The Butcher 4 hours ago

    It’s funny how after every video he ends up slurping something or eating something is too large to fit in his throat

  • rafinator 27
    rafinator 27 4 hours ago

    the baby andy slowly looking over to Krista with the look of disbelief is so blessed

  • Harusame chan
    Harusame chan 4 hours ago

    мне нужны субтитры на русском!!😹😹

  • Caiden Stone
    Caiden Stone 8 hours ago

    I like pizza and music and I also like this channel

  • Nightmare Fuel
    Nightmare Fuel 11 hours ago

    Rohan Kishibe, professional spider eater

  • Tika P
    Tika P 11 hours ago

    I broke my leg

  • Jotaro
    Jotaro 12 hours ago

    on that rainy night description thing, i am missing one aspect of it.... *friends*

  • Ichimatsu Trash
    Ichimatsu Trash 12 hours ago

    Last week my friend fell and he landed on both of his elbows. It looks so like hes going into another dimension.

  • tehamill1
    tehamill1 12 hours ago

    These videos are great. Actually helped me get through a pretty rough work trip. Thanks 😊

  • NickBeast 21
    NickBeast 21 12 hours ago

    Right now I have a broken foot and a sprained ankle 😂😂😂

  • Gavin Evans
    Gavin Evans 12 hours ago

    Box... You could be snake from mgs

  • Diyora Akhmedova
    Diyora Akhmedova 12 hours ago

    My friend is alorgec to cheese so she can’t eat pizza ;-;

  • sArCaSm & IRONY
    sArCaSm & IRONY 12 hours ago


  • løzër_ßüñßuñ kurogumi

    Same here, I was doing dance practice and I fell and I hit my ankle and it still hurts

  • Maleni Garcia
    Maleni Garcia 13 hours ago

    So when i was in Seventh grade the bell had just rung for the end of the day, so i went to a homework support club because i needed help on my math hw. I opened the heavy door to the classroom, AND MY FOOT GOT STUCK UNDER. I tried so hard to not scream out in pain because there were a bunch of popular kids sitting on the benches down the hall. I finally got my foot out and started to limp away, and one of the kids was like, " you want me to open the door for you?" and i was like 4:20 . Who knew that i could relate to ice cream sandwich?

  • Mr. Chilidog
    Mr. Chilidog 13 hours ago

    I’m one of the lucky ones

  • Owen Phillips
    Owen Phillips 13 hours ago

    I've never broken a bone either, but I have experienced WORSE. During my freshman year of HS (in a dorm program) I was put on the basement hall, which was great! It had a pool table and stuff on that floor, so I was happy. What I DIDN'T know was that the basement had a... insect problem. I was peacefully sleeping and the next day my arm swells up, so I'm like "wtf is this?" so I get outta bed, and as I'm getting outta bed, I see a spider on my sheets next to me. So being the manly man I am, I grab the nearest math textbook and slap the living hell out of it while screaming at the top of my lungs. Eventually, someone comes and checks it out, and it turned out I was bitten by a brown recluse (hence the spider) and that if I didn't get this checked out fast, I might freaking DIE. So we rush off in one of the dorm parents' car and I get it checked out, and while they COULD prevent my death, they couldn't prevent the area swelling to the size of a baseball and turning purple, along with pain that made me wish I could've just cut my arm off right there. I had to endure the most pain I've ever felt for 3. More. Weeks. Before it started to chill the everloving heck out, and then I could actually write and type cause I couldn't use it originally due to the swelling. So yeah, that's my story on never breaking a bone, but wishing I did instead.

  • Kaykay Abuel
    Kaykay Abuel 13 hours ago

    The worst pain I had was the worlds worst headache it got me to tha hospitap thats how bad it was i had to stay in the hospital for almost a week

  • Lightningbug
    Lightningbug 13 hours ago

    Breaking a bone actually isn't very painful unless you get a compound fracture (where the bone is literally poking out of you.) I broke two bones in my lower spine and I thought it was just muscle pain.

  • ? Shadowz ?
    ? Shadowz ? 13 hours ago


  • Zeldian Francois
    Zeldian Francois 13 hours ago

    What about an ice cream sandwich, i thought that was your favorite food

  • A Ho0man
    A Ho0man 14 hours ago

    Bro I literally have all that stuff I could be famous

  • ツBen
    ツBen 14 hours ago

    0.25x slow 1:51 butttttttt.

  • CecityCelebi
    CecityCelebi 14 hours ago

    I’m youngest?? I wasn’t treated better :^(((

  • Xihan Long
    Xihan Long 15 hours ago

    When u realize that pizza isn’t vegan

  • iiAri_Faze
    iiAri_Faze 15 hours ago

    At 1:18 that is me when I'm in a restaurant

  • Bearly Real
    Bearly Real 16 hours ago

    He made a square pizza.

  • Char Larsen
    Char Larsen 16 hours ago

    I’m milk *intolerant*

  • Unlucky Alien
    Unlucky Alien 16 hours ago

    “Is this safe?” “Maybe.”

  • WeirdAH
    WeirdAH 16 hours ago

    It's a *fidget* spinner It's for kids with ADHD (like my self) I love it!!! Not for the popularity like everyone else

  • WeirdAH
    WeirdAH 16 hours ago

    I deal with wolfspiders weekly, they're passive and bites are as bad as a bad wasp sting. They're still one of the most terrifying spiders.

  • RyanTheAnimator
    RyanTheAnimator 17 hours ago

    Wheres my pancakes

  • WeirdAH
    WeirdAH 17 hours ago

    Almost at 1mil subs whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

  • Known Leaf
    Known Leaf 17 hours ago


  • Martin Cao
    Martin Cao 17 hours ago

    When NNN is over 00:00

  • chrissy virili
    chrissy virili 17 hours ago

    I broke my humorous when I was like... 6? and ik that’s like young and you don’t remember much but ik the pain was really bad but adrenaline masks it

  • Thomas et pis c'est tt !

    I'm dumb but i never hurt me badly or i don't remember XD pacifist life

  • LNL Productions
    LNL Productions 17 hours ago

    This started halfway through and all I heard was "wiggly" before restarting

  • meme god 9000
    meme god 9000 18 hours ago

    If u can't tell I'm raising my hand

  • dedbray
    dedbray 18 hours ago


    SOLO_ WATAR 18 hours ago

    I don’t like 🍕 pizza

  • carolina moreira
    carolina moreira 18 hours ago

    My friend, use public transportation in Rio de Janeiro it's a another level, you into a new world when you go by bus, metro or tren .

  • Owen Clarke
    Owen Clarke 19 hours ago

    1 brother 2 half brothers I'm 13 older 17 and the two half brothers 9 and 3 so middleush child

  • More RollTGW
    More RollTGW 19 hours ago

    I am also *_8 out of every 10 Americans._* My body is *_also wiggly_* *_WOW WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON_*

  • Unicornfart69420 GetRekt

    Jo man not to be weird but I think I love u

  • Jack Sievert
    Jack Sievert 19 hours ago

    More about dog Pls

  • Grosu Rodrigo
    Grosu Rodrigo 20 hours ago

    More videos = 1 mil subs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SwankyChubbyYT
    SwankyChubbyYT 20 hours ago

    *Get this on my recommendation on October* *Get this on my recommendation again on December* FLash-player skillz 101

  • Queen DMC
    Queen DMC 20 hours ago

    3:38 😂🤭

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew 20 hours ago

    Lets get icecreamsandwich to a million before 2020

  • Shawn mendrek
    Shawn mendrek 20 hours ago

    LOL I have seen and had this happen personally many times. The spider does NOT forget you tried to kill it. I remember waking up and a spider was gliding down from his web onto the bed near my face. Ok, I will not be sleeping good tonight.

  • Shawn mendrek
    Shawn mendrek 21 hour ago

    I agree with you it is a 50/50.

  • Shawn mendrek
    Shawn mendrek 21 hour ago

    I just don't like the marksman spider or the the brown recluse. Or the black widow. Or orb weaver.

  • SharpStone
    SharpStone 21 hour ago

    Let them out so birds can eat them ummm look up the bird eater yeah it eats birds

  • Alexandra Santiago-Lugo

    Spider:jumps down on the Web Ice cream sandwich:vacuums spider inside mouth Spider in ice cream sandwich stomach:where am i.?? Ice cream sandwich:flops

  • Dizzy Saturn
    Dizzy Saturn 21 hour ago

    I get hurt most of the time because im an idiot Or near an idiot Which most of the time that idiot is me

  • Anto
    Anto 23 hours ago

    If you like, and subscribe i will within 10 minutes eat another subscriber and i was like HOLY SHITTES

  • Cocacola Garlic
    Cocacola Garlic 23 hours ago

    the box prank is gold

  • BluCreeper13
    BluCreeper13 23 hours ago

    "Then again who reads the youtube description before watching the video? If you are that person: hello. You are using youtube wrong. You will be dealt with accordingly" wh-what do you mean dealt with accordingly???

  • octofirechamp234 and CYA l4TER channel!

    What if someone is vegan? There is meat and cheese on every pizza

  • Vinca Kanaya
    Vinca Kanaya 23 hours ago

    Make a video about first crush or ex ~✓✓

  • Jmarcus Burkett
    Jmarcus Burkett 23 hours ago

    Me as a four year old 3:34

  • mn73211 _
    mn73211 _ Day ago

    I have heard that Sprains are more painful than breaking bones, but then again I haven't experienced either

  • mn73211 _
    mn73211 _ Day ago

    "6 million out of 300 million break there bones annually. So that means 2 out of 10 Americans break their bones" *Buddy, that's not how math works*

  • Meerkat W.
    Meerkat W. Day ago

    you are not funny. why am i laughing? why am i subbed? why am watching all your videos? ... ... fine.

  • The Gaming igit

    Ice cream: if you are the youngest raise your hand Me: *raises hand*

  • калямбда

    Бать те намальна?

  • Gabrielle Z
    Gabrielle Z Day ago

    Found u on my recommended section... and this time FLash-player gave me a great recommendation... so yeah I'm new to ur channel... look forward to ur vids!

  • Red Shadow Ninja

    That scream tho.......

  • Red Shadow Ninja

    "Stubbed my toe"... I understand that pain brother.

  • Kiba Inuzuka
    Kiba Inuzuka Day ago

    falling down stairs is fun, i dont know what your getting at.

  • x scumbunnie x

    When I hear... f u n

  • hanadi Lawyer
    hanadi Lawyer Day ago

    *speaks about fortnite* LITARLY A FORTNITE AD

  • hanadi Lawyer
    hanadi Lawyer Day ago

    Who always gets bossed around by his elder siblings Like if u agree

  • hanadi Lawyer
    hanadi Lawyer Day ago


  • LPSmimi LPSbobbls

    This is The 20th time i have seen this vid or more

  • Martin English

    Kinda lazy art style but funny

  • Riley Marsh
    Riley Marsh Day ago

    I’ve heard that sprains can/do hurt more than broken bones bc the shock of a bone break idk

  • Avrey Redman
    Avrey Redman Day ago

    Next Halloween costume...hear me out Box V.2

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl Day ago


  • 「 Strawberry Milk 」

    Whoever disliked is probably lactoasintolerateyshshdvmdgwitwke uwu

  • Fire God
    Fire God Day ago

    I am in Australia 🇦🇺 rrrreeeeee

  • elimochi yt
    elimochi yt Day ago


  • Anikai Riddle
    Anikai Riddle Day ago

    3:38 is me and taking a NQuill (I gots tha flu)

  • Dead Head
    Dead Head Day ago

    I don’t like pizza

  • Dead Head
    Dead Head Day ago


  • Leonardo Camacho


  • [ Z A H A N D O ]

    I’m the youngest of four

  • Cookie Boy
    Cookie Boy Day ago

    I’m watching this on an iPad mini

  • Lord Xaphan
    Lord Xaphan Day ago

    I have lost all respect for you when you said you love pineapple pizza.

  • myforever13
    myforever13 Day ago

    0:16 sailor moon

  • myforever13
    myforever13 Day ago

    oh no

  • myforever13
    myforever13 Day ago

    thats a good looking pumkin

  • Zeldian Francois

    your just like your big sister *murder* 6:00

  • myforever13
    myforever13 Day ago


  • NotTiredFeelinq

    *her name is REyA :3* *S H E’S. A. S W E E E t I E :33*

  • Lizeth's life
    Lizeth's life Day ago

    Turn on the captions look at 0:40 The captions say what he says then also says (mr.stark I don’t feel so good)