Ice Cream Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich
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  • Jerry Patton
    Jerry Patton Minute ago

    I'm 8 and I never broke a bone ignore my sister she crashed a gocart XD

  • Chasity Willis
    Chasity Willis 3 minutes ago

    I have never had a broken bone, sprained any part of my body, also no bruises.

  • Giorgio's World
    Giorgio's World 3 minutes ago


  • Giorgio's World
    Giorgio's World 4 minutes ago


  • Dragon Girl
    Dragon Girl 4 minutes ago

    I like that screaming sound

  • Giorgio's World
    Giorgio's World 4 minutes ago


  • Giorgio's World
    Giorgio's World 5 minutes ago


  • Röttèn Lêmøñ •
    Röttèn Lêmøñ • 6 minutes ago

    *le step* *F A L L S*

  • Kiki Animates
    Kiki Animates 6 minutes ago

    4 days before my birthday I tore my tendons in my ankle and had to use crutches for my birthday and that hurt alot ;-;

  • lukas
    lukas 7 minutes ago

    1:16 there are deaf people who don't or can't listen to music

  • Sok Dara
    Sok Dara 9 minutes ago

    4:53 *chops a chunk of pumpkin* **being extra on halloween**

  • Gacha _Jax123456
    Gacha _Jax123456 13 minutes ago

    "Raises Hands"

    SYSTEMHASFAILED- 16 minutes ago

    I can’t drink milk I’m lack toes in tolrant

  • Claudia Rodriguez
    Claudia Rodriguez 30 minutes ago

    Some people who has experience both, say a sprain it hurt more than a fracture.

  • Jovan Carl
    Jovan Carl 30 minutes ago

    Pain Exist: Ice Cream Sandwich: *small sounded screeching*

  • AutBot
    AutBot 31 minute ago

    Well now I'm scared to subscribe😝

  • Christina Collazzo
    Christina Collazzo 31 minute ago

    I once face planted on the hard wood floor dancing and lost a tooth and bruised my gum never broken a bone thou😂😂

  • Shailja K
    Shailja K 35 minutes ago

    Voice.. 😕😕

  • Mama Death
    Mama Death 36 minutes ago

    I always drank my milk. I'm short.

  • Summer Potts
    Summer Potts 36 minutes ago

    i’ve broken my ankles 3 times. twice on one leg and once on the other. but the worst pain i’ve ever felt wasn’t from breaking my ankle or my wrist. what really hurt was when my brother stabbed my hand with a shovel.

  • Kevin Medrano
    Kevin Medrano 37 minutes ago

    Me:laughs Teacher:what’s so funny? My brain:tHiS iNtRo tHoUgH

  • Lauren Hobson
    Lauren Hobson 37 minutes ago

    4:30 your welcome:)

  • Mama Death
    Mama Death 38 minutes ago

    My sister's locked me in a plastic tub once

  • Madison Hanson MDS
    Madison Hanson MDS 38 minutes ago

    My friend doesn’t like pizza and it triggers me 😂

  • ThatSpicyMeatballTho
    ThatSpicyMeatballTho 39 minutes ago

    Kid friendly sr pelo right here

  • Cofire Gamer
    Cofire Gamer 40 minutes ago

    4:24 4:50 😁😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Super Master SV
    Super Master SV 42 minutes ago

    my fav food is ICE CREAM SANDWICH

  • JaggerX A.K.A sweet tooth

    You like pitsa but you’re called Ice cream sandwhich is good

  • Renee Pantoja
    Renee Pantoja 42 minutes ago

    I've never broken a bone

  • Shailja K
    Shailja K 44 minutes ago

    You are really awesome man!! I love your videos! It's just simply funny! And I love it. And I love u. 😘😘

    • Shailja K
      Shailja K 22 minutes ago

      @sad grass and why r u sad SadGrass?

    • Shailja K
      Shailja K 23 minutes ago

      @sad grass it's morning here dude! 🙄 10:00 am

    • sad grass
      sad grass 32 minutes ago

      Go to sleep 👌👌

  • Moonlight Meme girl
    Moonlight Meme girl 49 minutes ago

    Can i tell you a story thay happened to me??? Yes? Ok so i was on my bike going sonic speed because my dad gave the wheels air and so wile we were going fast i told my brother "ay bro. Wanna race" so we where racing and we stop but i was behind him so when he won and stopped i also stopped but my bike takes time to stop so we crashed my brother only got a little scrape while i got flung off my bike face planted onto the floor i flipped and i ended up with some scraped off paint on my face and a very bad bruise on my chin also i hurt both of my knees. So thats the story! :D

    STEVEN_ SLASHER 54 minutes ago

    1:40 I was dying 😂😂😭

  • Calvinb3sthebestPlaysRoblox


  • sured llama Darks
    sured llama Darks 56 minutes ago

    When your brotjer get you mad 0:00 (joke)

  • Cxntrxller_exe Playz
    Cxntrxller_exe Playz 57 minutes ago


  • Quen of Ded Mem
    Quen of Ded Mem 59 minutes ago

    "My body is Wiggly" I had to pause it to laugh for a while ngl

  • kikeel nene
    kikeel nene Hour ago

    Onion and pizza (no questions will be answered)

  • Greg Guerin
    Greg Guerin Hour ago

    👏hand reveal👏

  • JellyStraws
    JellyStraws Hour ago

    Spider: Gets eaten by a bird. Bird: Gets eaten by bird-eating spider.

  • Tyson Shelton
    Tyson Shelton Hour ago

    Headphones are not comfortable that's why

  • Kat
    Kat Hour ago

    Omg why are you videos SO AMUSING?!!? I laughed my head off the whole video! You're too talented at story telling (and having great humour)!

  • RandomnessWithFries

    Pizza Pringle’s exist But should burn

  • Madison Hanson MDS

    4:04 who else saw the hammer and was like oh NoooooOoOooO

  • wesley harper
    wesley harper Hour ago

    The pizza you made looks good

  • SynkyyPlayz
    SynkyyPlayz Hour ago

    Never seen anyone say my body is wiggly with so much confidence

  • ethan ruiz
    ethan ruiz Hour ago

    Can you release me please? Please...?

  • Strawberry
    Strawberry Hour ago

    I broke my eye socket when I was four oof

  • Gold8701 Gaming
    Gold8701 Gaming Hour ago

    Since your chalnel named ice cream sandwich, make a ice cream sandwich pizza

  • Brianne Warren
    Brianne Warren Hour ago

    I am the youngest in the family 😹

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat Hour ago

    *Raise’s hand*

  • Charis Gehman
    Charis Gehman Hour ago

    pizza is for everybody including 9 month old me.

  • annoyingdoggo76
    annoyingdoggo76 Hour ago

    The squiggly body part got me so good

  • PencilPEN
    PencilPEN Hour ago

    when i ws a behbeh

  • Matt B
    Matt B Hour ago

    I always put spider outside. I live on a second story building and just toss them off the patio, they won’t die, but they won’t likely come back to the safe place.

  • CalaMariGold
    CalaMariGold Hour ago

    3:37 oh fuck I've never laughed so hard in my entire life

  • Analysse Estrada

    The box thing happened to me 😂

  • Cloud Time
    Cloud Time Hour ago

    😂 I thought I was the only one who didn’t mind my pizza being cold

  • Jess aj
    Jess aj Hour ago

    aww this was so cute

  • Selena
    Selena Hour ago

    I try to not kill spiders but a few weeks ago I got out of the shower and I was driving off and I saw in the mirror there was like a fuzzy thing in my face (I have poor vision lol) then I saw it was a SPIDER. I killed it. It scared the absolute shit out of me.

  • Morgan Mcdougald

    I broke my leg by going down an inflatable slide by putting my foot next to me and it got stuck between the wall and the slide part and I yeah

  • Keira VERCOE
    Keira VERCOE Hour ago

    The only fact to me that is tru is that i get a phone bfr my older sibling

  • Flubby
    Flubby Hour ago

    wheres that first audio from

  • Underrated QwQ
    Underrated QwQ Hour ago

    U h I don t Like pizza

  • scoot
    scoot Hour ago

    How is 6.8/300 2/10???? Every point of this video is prettymuch based of a false statistic? How do you possibly fuck that up?

  • kooky cookie
    kooky cookie Hour ago

    I have an older sister. 😲

  • super_sad
    super_sad Hour ago

    Horse I was on got spooked by a bird, threw me up and I slammed my pubic bone right into the pommel of the saddle. I saw *white* threw up then fainted. Couldn’t walk properly for 3 days. I have arthritis and back spasms and I would rather that pain than ever hitting my pubic bone ever again. Thankfully nothing was broken.

  • Dramma Llama
    Dramma Llama Hour ago

    One time I fell down the stairs and broke my tail bone. A couple weeks laters I fell again and it hurts. :D

  • datredcat 1ne
    datredcat 1ne Hour ago

    Breaking a bone doesn't actually hurt as much as you'd think. When i broke my arm, the pain wasn't much more than your big brother punching you. However, the fear of OH FUCK I BROKE MY ARM OH FUCK may have overpowered it.

  • Smiley Pigeon
    Smiley Pigeon Hour ago

    I also have two older sisters, I'm the youngest. My second older sister and I love to draw and get along with memes, while my eldest sister gets bullied by the two of us because she's a normiE

  • Ally (Student) IU

    one time something hit my toe and my toenail came off.

  • Ally (Student) IU

    one time something hit my toe and my toenail came off.

  • sweetie1986
    sweetie1986 Hour ago


  • Lynchy animationsTM

    I'm da wittle baby :D

  • Matt Cabs
    Matt Cabs Hour ago

    Me im youngest

  • Eliza B
    Eliza B Hour ago

    0:01-0:07 when me and *YOUNGER* sister's disagree on something (I'm the one in the middle)

  • DayBreak The Lightwing

    People do that bc headphones squish ears and are uncomfortable, dont know why they dont just not use headphones

  • 0 memes here
    0 memes here 2 hours ago

    Ladder and a pulley system is all I'd need.

  • SavegeKid27 Bidoof
    SavegeKid27 Bidoof 2 hours ago

    I’m happy it not an “ice cream sandwich”

  • Alexis Romero
    Alexis Romero 2 hours ago

    I'm that 3% that is allergic to pizza😭🤣 I'm allergic to cheese and wheat in pizza

  • Mia Delmonte
    Mia Delmonte 2 hours ago

    I think of the intro to this video often.

  • lana mori
    lana mori 2 hours ago

    I think you're shy 🤔

  • kachow boi
    kachow boi 2 hours ago

    2:04 thanos confirmed

  • Miyukazukii
    Miyukazukii 2 hours ago

    I like pizza but I'm not allowed anymore bc gluten. but a couple places have gluten free option... but for like so much more money.

  • Seankiller011
    Seankiller011 2 hours ago

    3:39 True pain

  • Regina G
    Regina G 2 hours ago

    This was a top notch video. *Nods in approval while golf clapping with my spectacle and top hat*

  • Irah’s Opinion
    Irah’s Opinion 2 hours ago

    I love this art style

  • Medina Brothers
    Medina Brothers 2 hours ago

    I just saw one

  • WolfyMellow :3
    WolfyMellow :3 2 hours ago

    I'm the freaking oldest child man it sucks being a teen

  • TurtleGirl Gaming
    TurtleGirl Gaming 2 hours ago

    Love your videos :D

  • Madison Belanger
    Madison Belanger 2 hours ago

    Y’all better subscribe to this channel! He’s gonna hit 1mil because ice cream sandwich is awesome! Love ya! 💗

  • illiJay
    illiJay 2 hours ago

    The second that huge hand came down on you, I subscribed.

  • Dios Mio :o
    Dios Mio :o 2 hours ago

    Man this boi put a smile on my face, THANKS

  • kachow boi
    kachow boi 2 hours ago

    2:05 i swear that looks just like the free lmaobox logo

  • Fujoshi Much
    Fujoshi Much 2 hours ago

    A basketball hit my head before . . . I think I’m pretty sure I twisted my ankle. There’s a lot of hurt in le world. Also o just found your channel I subscribed

  • tEmMie
    tEmMie 2 hours ago

    i am eating pizza while watchin

  • Andi Fels
    Andi Fels 2 hours ago

    I'm the oldest. I never got along with my middle brother, but I pretty much mothered my youngest bro. We still have a really good relationship.

  • xXDaredevilXx playz
    xXDaredevilXx playz 2 hours ago

    I like your art style

  • That weird kid In the corner

    My friend is constantly like “ugh I wish I could break a bone 🙄”. I used to have that mindset until I broke my wrist playing soccer and cried during a music concert that same day cause you can’t play a trumpet with one hand. I vowed I would be more care. Two years past to this year and I’m doing laundry and put a basket in my head because I’m a dumb and you know what? I MISS A STEP SLIP DOWN THE STAIRS AND MURDER MY ANKLE. My mom was on the phone with my dad was like “ok bill gtg yeet my mess of a child to the ER”. We get there in dying and didn’t have my phone. I sit around. My ankle is dying and it’s sprained. Around four weeks later I sprained it. My mom was like done with me and made the doctor give me a note saying u can’t do shit and for like a week I just played ping pong. Also the year between my wrist and ankle I broke my finger. My friend threw a basketball and it jammed and broke my finger lol. Oh and when I was four I fell on my face while running and got a pebble stuck in my four head and now I have a scar cause I’m Harry Potter. Yup I’m accident prone

  • GentlestMoon 414
    GentlestMoon 414 2 hours ago

    I like pineapple