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Our Oscar Nominations 2020
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  • Vignesh Patali
    Vignesh Patali 3 minutes ago


  • Hillary Clinton
    Hillary Clinton 7 minutes ago

    Was that a steve Irwin pun dawg hahaha

  • Zachary Swaffield
    Zachary Swaffield 7 minutes ago

    This is truly beautiful. Thank you so much for this whoever edited this, you can tell truly cares abt film.

  • Wendy Chen
    Wendy Chen 31 minute ago

    omg, winter is coming is hilarious xDDD

  • Julian Baird
    Julian Baird 45 minutes ago

    This is genius. I thought it was great the first time I watched it, but having just rewatched every TNG episode again, I appreciate this video even more. I laughed out loud.

  • panicbox3
    panicbox3 48 minutes ago

    Have you thought about a trailer for office space 🤔

  • derrenk
    derrenk 51 minute ago

    Jason Statham a man made of stubble and growls, best description ever :D

  • Ateeb Khan
    Ateeb Khan 55 minutes ago

    please do John Wick 2 and 3

  • any thing
    any thing 55 minutes ago

    epic voice guy i know its a bit late to tell you this but the fault in our cars would have been better

  • Wiggy
    Wiggy Hour ago

    Screw JoJo, someone slip him Akira.

    BOD GEMING Hour ago

    Translate in Indonesia

  • kindness ARK
    kindness ARK Hour ago

    Do Transformers Dark of The Moon. Its the only transformers film you not done for honest trailer yet.

  • Pranav Chopra
    Pranav Chopra Hour ago

    Please do a honest trailer of The Witcher

  • C Cp
    C Cp Hour ago

    PLEASE Do BIrds of prey !!!! I was such a nice movie <3

  • Tom Krys
    Tom Krys Hour ago

    The foot joke went on for too long ngl

  • Killer Frost
    Killer Frost Hour ago

    You should do an updated one from season 3 to 6! Would love to see your thoughts on it! ahah

  • Herbert Miller
    Herbert Miller Hour ago

    Aqua Robot Jox?

  • alpenjon
    alpenjon Hour ago

    "White ppl dancing" xD xD

  • Parth Prashant
    Parth Prashant Hour ago

    Birds of prey honest trailer

  • Herbert Miller
    Herbert Miller Hour ago

    *Walker* . . .Texas ranger will take care of all those pesky zombies.

  • Joe Snoe
    Joe Snoe 2 hours ago

    "Just because the movie fooled you, doesn't mean that it was bad" iconic

  • Sister Cyclone
    Sister Cyclone 2 hours ago

    Yelliest king

  • Rose Dela Cruz
    Rose Dela Cruz 2 hours ago

    Expendables 1-3

  • TurdingBoxGr
    TurdingBoxGr 2 hours ago

    2:20 I CRIED 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Lamont
    David Lamont 2 hours ago

    Irishman is still on my watchlist

  • C W
    C W 2 hours ago

    Why are the cyborg bodies being fed regular people food and drinks for chrissakes!!?

  • Yonela Mkhontwana
    Yonela Mkhontwana 2 hours ago

    that`s what she said

  • KendoruSlink
    KendoruSlink 2 hours ago

    Say, I make this look good

  • realHKV
    realHKV 2 hours ago

    No one: Lady : Lamborjini

  • Vipul Singh
    Vipul Singh 2 hours ago

    I literally cried during watching this movie and now I am laughing ,you spoiled the sorrow.

  • Bhagwat Bhattarai
    Bhagwat Bhattarai 2 hours ago

    The name is Herlock Sholmes!

  • Brian Cossey
    Brian Cossey 2 hours ago

    Black panther sucked

  • joliecide
    joliecide 2 hours ago

    The bit about Gordon being startled by Batman is supremely funny.

  • King Miltonius
    King Miltonius 3 hours ago


  • Mike Totman
    Mike Totman 3 hours ago

    Nice cadence on the opening comments, to the Terminator dramatic drum beat.

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 3 hours ago

    The voiceover is one of the things that made the movie great.

  • mayur magadalwar
    mayur magadalwar 3 hours ago

    That's Katie Holmes

  • jdamagedgoods
    jdamagedgoods 3 hours ago

    I thought i would be safe over here from the stupid grin and unfunny jokes of the nostalgia critic. Wrong.

  • Ian Conness
    Ian Conness 4 hours ago

    You guys should redo this one

  • Nazar Vykhovanets
    Nazar Vykhovanets 4 hours ago

    Please say” She is the best”

  • Passeron
    Passeron 4 hours ago

    I watched the Irishman in one sitting just to spite this

  • argentum2f
    argentum2f 4 hours ago

    You should do "2001 a space odyssey"

  • arjun sajeev
    arjun sajeev 4 hours ago

    I've a copy of death of superman 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Raia
    Adam Raia 4 hours ago

    This was one of the funniest commentaries!!

  • Anthony Davtyan
    Anthony Davtyan 4 hours ago

    Her marvel issued black friend. Lmao!

  • 2KPotato
    2KPotato 4 hours ago

    Please say "A man has fallen into the river in Lego City"

  • youareonthetube1
    youareonthetube1 4 hours ago

    It just doesnt get any better than this ...

  • Culvea Solvere
    Culvea Solvere 4 hours ago

    You really should do an honest trailer for Star Trek Discovery aka STD!

  • Divvay Khatri
    Divvay Khatri 5 hours ago

    that ending just explains how big of a copy civil war is of bvs even though they work separately because of different character motivations

  • MindHunger
    MindHunger 5 hours ago

    You forgot walking. Scenes with people walking. Just walking. Lots and lots of walking.

  • Brett Mitchell
    Brett Mitchell 5 hours ago

    4:04 a jew?

  • Gengrel
    Gengrel 5 hours ago

    It really wasn't a bad movie. I know there was a lot of hate over it but it was better than T3 or those even worse messes that came afterward.

  • M C
    M C 5 hours ago

    Make a godfather honest trailer please😁

  • Rushika Prasad
    Rushika Prasad 5 hours ago

    ‘After a convinent lighting strike gives him super powers’ Literally though, convienent is unironically ironic in that Eobard Thawn made it so that he would be there at that moment and turn into the flash

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 5 hours ago

    OH!!! And James Horner did the music too. More reason for it to be awesome!

  • Robert Morris
    Robert Morris 5 hours ago

    "They can BILL me!" I kinda liked that.

  • Joe Broderick
    Joe Broderick 5 hours ago


  • Herbert Miller
    Herbert Miller 6 hours ago

    I can't unsee the *EYE WAAAAAARRRRRTTTTT!!!!*

  • icepicjoey
    icepicjoey 6 hours ago

    That basment...😂😂😂 This movie was a Tango and Cash reboot with a sprinkling of GIJooooeee.

  • Edgar Larios
    Edgar Larios 6 hours ago

    I know that they played the Carl Terminator for laughs, the people keep missing the point that they feminized one of the most masculine symbols of the 80s because masculinity is evil.

  • Sears DeDominicis Sports Network

    I could not agree more

  • Helgali
    Helgali 6 hours ago

    Yes, "Hasta lá vista" was RIGHT THERE. 😂

  • Jao Romero
    Jao Romero 6 hours ago

    I almost spat out what I was drinking when Theon Greyjoy was referenced.

  • Damien Fox
    Damien Fox 6 hours ago

    If you thought Godzilla King of the monsters was bad it still doesn't surpass the awfulness of Godzilla 98.

  • D S
    D S 6 hours ago

    someone stole the suit halfway through production lolz

  • 3Rayfire
    3Rayfire 7 hours ago

    Two reasons? Are we just gonna ignore Alice Eve's hip to waist ratio?

  • Andy Wu
    Andy Wu 7 hours ago

    I am skynet!

  • BryGuy Says
    BryGuy Says 7 hours ago

    The real Han Solo is taller. Disney could have at least hid that fact in this movie.

  • Brianna Machcinski
    Brianna Machcinski 7 hours ago

    The frist time he saw bella looks looked he wanted to vomit

  • Detective Conan
    Detective Conan 7 hours ago

    I totally downloaded pixies song lol

  • The Noremac
    The Noremac 7 hours ago

    God that clip with the ear gave me the shivers...

  • Liber Polo
    Liber Polo 7 hours ago

    I actually liked these two films, they were fun illogical, family night thing. I wouldn't say it sucked, some parts were just illogical.

  • Liber Polo
    Liber Polo 7 hours ago

    I gotta admit, some parts were interesting, but it was SO boring!!! Also, the dad thing was VERY nerve-Hurting.

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A 7 hours ago

    Can you please do the lego movie 2

  • TheLawAroundHere
    TheLawAroundHere 8 hours ago

    I remember that episode of ER. Well, thats to say i remember a scene. Not even the entire scene. Maybe just like 10 or 12 frames. Its when Sherry....whats-her-name and.....curly haired girl that banged both Tony Soprano and Christopher Montesanti (sp.). The girls were coming back from break, wearing their sunglasses inside. Thats it. You have reached the end of my memory dealing w/ the QT directed episode of ER. Now, THERE'S 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 8 hours ago

    4:06 for the win.

  • Shadow
    Shadow 8 hours ago

    The frick is that intro that sheet it’s disgusting

  • Danika Bass
    Danika Bass 8 hours ago

    “But forget about the butthurt fanboys who are just mad the movie isn’t closer to the one they wrote in their heads” CAN I GET AN AMEN

  • Edward Garcia
    Edward Garcia 8 hours ago

    You should do 100 years starring John malkovich since you definitely won’t be alive to do it haha

  • - Unknown -
    - Unknown - 8 hours ago

    3:40 God kill me

  • Kevin Filbin
    Kevin Filbin 8 hours ago

    All new movies are just gender roles reversed remakes, strange and uninteresting

  • Christian Tompkins
    Christian Tompkins 8 hours ago

    I don't get why people say the original trailer spoils the T-800 being good? You can't spoil what the plot is generally about.

  • Robert Tebbe
    Robert Tebbe 8 hours ago

    They really nerfed Winter Soldier...

  • Lauren Clancy
    Lauren Clancy 8 hours ago

    "DC will 1up them by making their star get RIBS" 😂🤣

  • GJ Studios
    GJ Studios 8 hours ago

    I can't believe this movie came out two years ago

  • Michael Stefureak
    Michael Stefureak 8 hours ago

    Is Cats a season finale?

  • Raphael Vierra
    Raphael Vierra 8 hours ago

    Please do Treasure Planet!

  • Folife!
    Folife! 8 hours ago

    TeneT is coming to buck the white protagonist trend in Nolan films!!! You might have done an inception on Nolan himself!

  • Matthew Swartz
    Matthew Swartz 8 hours ago

    "From the Michael Bay of the 80's, but better!" Oh, man, what a tagline. I love it so much!

  • Folife!
    Folife! 8 hours ago

    Starring: non chronological time sequence. That was the very 1st thing I loved when I watched my 1st Tarantino - pulp fiction of course

  • Obi Wan High Ground
    Obi Wan High Ground 8 hours ago

    The winner of course, Its the force it has the high ground

  • Iván
    Iván 8 hours ago

    Do ferris beuller's day off

  • Aslan9
    Aslan9 8 hours ago

    This is my favorite Disney movie * takes a deep breath* ok Honest Trailers am ready!

  • Michael Freed
    Michael Freed 9 hours ago

    *Screen Junkies:* you know that bit of text you put in each honest trailer? STOP FOLLOWING IT WITH *EVERY DAMNED INDIVIDUAL LINK TO EVERY DAMNED INDIVIDUAL HT* if you want anyone to read them. I hate having to scroll down fifty times to hit "show less" for two extra lines of meh. It wouldn't _be_ meh if I didn't get so angry at having to scroll back up again that I *forget* what is written *every single time!* Three at most: is that really too hard a concept to grasp?

  • Ravenrose
    Ravenrose 9 hours ago

    Who is the singer and where can I get her autograph?

  • Folife!
    Folife! 9 hours ago

    I was waiting to see Remus lupin mentioned at some point - cos that was my 1st thought - Btwn, I never knew there was a Chris off! 🤣

  • Nitin Chauhan
    Nitin Chauhan 9 hours ago

    I thought you would love LOTR!

  • BatmanFan 76 Channel 2


  • Farhan Mahmood
    Farhan Mahmood 9 hours ago

    Man Portman got some big nipples 3:06

  • Jonah Drake
    Jonah Drake 9 hours ago

    3:58 davie would be proud