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How We Built an ATM
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Thank you.
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  • Joaco Bellene
    Joaco Bellene 25 minutes ago

    Just do it <3!

  • Christopher Hoffman
    Christopher Hoffman 29 minutes ago

    That Radio Shake solder brought me back to the days of making devices with my dad 2 decades ago, thanks haha

  • Dominador Parinas

    Hey what are all the parts???

  • Adol 455
    Adol 455 Hour ago

    For me mr:')

  • Yara Bibo
    Yara Bibo 2 hours ago

    10k people who disliked this are all apple employees

  • Alexis Zielenski
    Alexis Zielenski 3 hours ago

    Dude you're awesome congratulations for your work greetings from Argentina!

  • Alexis Zielenski
    Alexis Zielenski 3 hours ago

    Dude you're awesome congrats for you job greetings from Argentina. Sorry for my bad english language

  • VENU venu
    VENU venu 3 hours ago

    All accessories curries me

  • samiul gamer
    samiul gamer 3 hours ago

    And here I am watching on my S9+ I bought from best buy

  • DA HUNTER21111
    DA HUNTER21111 4 hours ago

    10k boomers disliked

  • Zubair Safi
    Zubair Safi 4 hours ago

    Nice video, more please!

  • DA HUNTER21111
    DA HUNTER21111 4 hours ago

    they just want you to buy their airpods lmfao

  • DarkIceyWolf
    DarkIceyWolf 4 hours ago

    Wait theres a hacker con. Isnt that illegal.

  • 佰鑫夏
    佰鑫夏 5 hours ago


  • jose Gil
    jose Gil 6 hours ago

    me gustai las herramientas como el cautin marca bk y otras herramientas electronicas

  • Dexed Wharheit
    Dexed Wharheit 6 hours ago

    respect!!! does teach the moments of frustration in process others show only the good moments

  • jose Gil
    jose Gil 6 hours ago

    cuanto te salio por todos repuestos en total el samsung galaxi s9

  • 蘇亦誠
    蘇亦誠 6 hours ago

    My question is it's how much you cost

  • Dexed Wharheit
    Dexed Wharheit 6 hours ago

    finally cost?

  • Lockchain
    Lockchain 7 hours ago

    hell naaa dont waste your time on that!!

  • Bruno Vale
    Bruno Vale 8 hours ago

    Gosto dos teus videos, mas sou brasileiro e nao entendo ingles. Tem como colocar legendas em portugues?

  • Mr Timms
    Mr Timms 9 hours ago

    Pq o titulo em português e o vídeo em inglês?

  • Gabriel Henderson
    Gabriel Henderson 10 hours ago

    Build me a iPhone 😂

  • Lukas Lamanepa
    Lukas Lamanepa 10 hours ago

    If your computer can read the usb drive, one thing you should do is reprogram the flash drive.

  • No One
    No One 11 hours ago

    wonder is he famous enough to be known in China so our Boi can Vlog inside some of the ones that didn't allow him to record a video while shopping ? in a way this is kind a promotion for their stores!

  • انا غير كل الناس

    كفو عبد الله عيد 😂🔥

  • taha huseyinoglu
    taha huseyinoglu 12 hours ago

    Bunu izleyen tek Türk ben miyim?

  • zack Bp
    zack Bp 13 hours ago

    How much does it cost for all that parts?

  • Robert Withers
    Robert Withers 14 hours ago

    Are you still in SF? If so I’d love to take you out to lunch. I love your videos and love the modifications you’re doing with iPhones!

  • Juan David Loaiza Santiago

    Wow, it must feel great to use the phone that you put together for each piece, I don't know why FLash-player recommended this to me but I subscribe :D

  • LuoYan
    LuoYan 15 hours ago


  • Celltronix Pakistan
    Celltronix Pakistan 15 hours ago

    china rocks

  • Oliver Beltrame
    Oliver Beltrame 16 hours ago

    Me: press F for... Strange parts: done 3:01

  • Celltronix Pakistan
    Celltronix Pakistan 17 hours ago

    buy a faster brand batery its ausam for iphone

  • Sean Greenhalgh
    Sean Greenhalgh 17 hours ago

    Are you still based in Shenzhen?

  • 林研
    林研 17 hours ago

    This battery is fake because it's too cheap🤣

  • MOKSHARTH _7_36_
    MOKSHARTH _7_36_ 17 hours ago

    Hey , what happen next whith you...??? Try ipads type c pcb circuitry to make iPhone mode.

  • Lol Vivo
    Lol Vivo 17 hours ago

    I know this is a late posr but what was the cost to build?

  • Lol Vivo
    Lol Vivo 17 hours ago

    Please do a collab with Jessa jones or Louis Rossmann where u get started on the pro repair stuff.

  • Luis Gilba
    Luis Gilba 18 hours ago

    That's so inspiring!

  • Andrianz Alvaro
    Andrianz Alvaro 18 hours ago

    Please make more phone modify videos sir 😄

  • OhmMyGod!
    OhmMyGod! 19 hours ago

    @Strange Parts What is the Liquid Dispenser you are using for what I assume was Isopropyl Alcohol? And does it keep it from Evaporating? Thanks!

  • matt s
    matt s 19 hours ago

    Where do I start with this video first of all you don't belong in China have you seen everybody in the background just stare at you they don't like you.

  • Твой Смысл
    Твой Смысл 19 hours ago

    За сколько он собрал его?

  • KvbUnited
    KvbUnited 19 hours ago

    We used to have a miniature version of basically this, but more aimed at retail rather than wholesale. It burned down and it honestly left a hole in my heart. Places like these are infinitely fun to explore. I miss that place. :(

  • Mario Ramos Martinez
    Mario Ramos Martinez 23 hours ago

    Man my dream is to visit China

  • M tech
    M tech Day ago

    We uko na pesa bana...i mean you got CASH

  • M tech
    M tech Day ago

    Americans got do you gain building all this projects...who fund you? Na vile uku aki nimesota!

  • John David
    John David Day ago

    What if you remove the sticker before taking it to the checkout terminal?

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago

    And now that it works, turn it off. Insulate every wire! lol....

  • MuzafirM ManilM

    The king Country in the world's electronics and technology.... Japan 🇯🇵 world's best

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago

    Wait wait wait... if you put your own 10$ cash into your own atm... then withdraw 10$ from your bank acct (transaction approved), doesn't 10$ disappear?

  • ActiveNuni
    ActiveNuni Day ago

    I simple got a double adapter took me 10 minutes Not 1 million weeks

  • vegeta 33
    vegeta 33 Day ago

    Mientras uno acá paga un dineral allá los regalan

  • willbilly223
    willbilly223 Day ago

    im trying to add usb c to my iphone 6. think itll work?

  • Ahmed Faeφ Maestro

    Where is the Arabic language and the rest of the languages?

  • Zéze Clips
    Zéze Clips Day ago

    Brasileiro na Area Likes likes Vamos Brasil Up Up Up Up 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂

  • Guillermo Yoguez

    Do a usb-c

  • az raxal
    az raxal Day ago

    thats why china was better market base

  • Pete Brown
    Pete Brown Day ago

    12:58 Really hoping they fix the spelling of "gauranteed" before committing to the artwork.

  • Chris Dorfmueller

    Don't do it.

  • Julia Ponce
    Julia Ponce Day ago

    Will this work for data recovery purposes?

    ABHI RAM Day ago

    Can you try to replace LCD Screen of Samsung a9

  • meme boi
    meme boi Day ago

    Stupid idea put lighting in Android

  • Julia Ponce
    Julia Ponce Day ago

    Like typical American, stealing ideas from another country.

    GRINGOGAME br Day ago


    GRINGOGAME br Day ago

    top like my brazil HELLO FREND,S

  • Ibra Abzueta
    Ibra Abzueta Day ago

    Wena perro

  • Uberfish
    Uberfish Day ago

    0:14 'an ATM MACHINE'

  • DigDoug
    DigDoug Day ago

    And in our next episode, we will be replacing modern tires with wooden spoked wagon wheels.

  • qwertzuiop
    qwertzuiop Day ago

    Do it. Your videos will be history on FLash-player.

  • Алексей Бруенко

    Is it work together? I mean music+power

  • Nicoolas 121
    Nicoolas 121 Day ago

    Regalame a mi un aiphone 6s, yo ahora ando con un j2 prime :'v

    TOTAL PHONES Day ago

    Plss modify an iPhone 6s,7 or 8 for screen iPhone X

  • Negra Sucia
    Negra Sucia Day ago


  • blowfish blind


  • Julia Ponce
    Julia Ponce Day ago

    This guy is a dufess at things

  • Ismael Dominguez

    Hola creo que no es un teléfono totalmente funcional porque la huella solo es compatible con la placa original así como lo armate no funcionaría la huella pero buen trabajo

  • Julia Ponce
    Julia Ponce Day ago

    This guys voice is annoying but informative at the same time.

  • info Source
    info Source Day ago

    Hey can u try to switch the screens from a iphone to a Samsung and a Samsung to a iphone

  • Lost Money
    Lost Money Day ago

    Yes, you DEFINITELY DO!

  • PassFissn
    PassFissn Day ago

    Nobody: Strange parts: many of you have been asking how ATMs works.

  • Akash Deshpande

    19:19 Me debugging my own code / building an app straight up from scratch

  • Chroni
    Chroni Day ago

    5:52 Look at the right knee

  • The Invisible
    The Invisible Day ago

    nice bomb you build

  • ahmad alham
    ahmad alham Day ago

    Very nice work Good luck But how much did it cost you!??

  • Santino Lana
    Santino Lana Day ago

    Just buy a pair bluetooth headphones man

  • 萌即正义 呜喵


  • Zaki Nadaara
    Zaki Nadaara Day ago

    22:19 that is right sir I love china

  • YB Asia
    YB Asia Day ago

    I love it ilove it super ohsome

  • Diego Lanche
    Diego Lanche 2 days ago

    No entiendo un sorete pero lo mire completo, eres grande Homero

  • Alexander Chancón
    Alexander Chancón 2 days ago

    I want crate a phone what samsumg :/ but i think very hard

  • siavash player
    siavash player 2 days ago

    How to install android on iphone

  • Hexa Gaming
    Hexa Gaming 2 days ago

    I Was Removing A Battery From iPhone 8 Plus & That Stiky Thing Cut Of Like Your VIDEO Then I Put a Metal Under The Battery & Night Mare Comes " The Battery Got puncture and Catch Fire 😭😭😭 The The Device burned I Bought A Second Hand Iphone 8 Plus To Return That Customer 😭😭😭😭

  • 99 9
    99 9 2 days ago

    Y armar el Samsung le salió más barato que comprar uno nuevo?

  • seoul sexking
    seoul sexking 2 days ago

    how about waterproof?

  • TacTical_OGTitan
    TacTical_OGTitan 2 days ago

    He says there might be no room, I’ll do it on an IPhone that will have room, and I’ll take a look at how Apple put usb c to its IPad Pro 2018! Anyone want to see that?

  • Ari gold
    Ari gold 2 days ago

    android > iOs

  • Nabil dolphin
    Nabil dolphin 2 days ago

    YOU GOT IT MAN, show apple the right way