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This printer prints on ANYTHING!
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Why I stopped making Strange Parts
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Thank you.
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How YOU Can Make Your Own iPhone!
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How I Made My Own iPhone - in China
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  • SaviOr747
    SaviOr747 6 minutes ago

    It should be forbidden, that big companies prohibate repairing tools from western markets. Most people throw away their broken phones after not even 2 years and buy new ones. Big profits for the companies, bad for our pockets and the environment. In europe politicians already talking about laws, that forbidding to sell product which are more costly to repair, than to rebuy. Handling resources responsible , espicially such rare and harmful to environment ones, must be a priority. Everyone can go and repair or modify his car in the way he wants, how cool would it be if you could go to a store where you can get your phone repaired cheap or getting improvements like headphone jacks, better camera, solar pannels or whatever build in.

  • Demisiz
    Demisiz 20 minutes ago

    how much did it cost tho?

  • Antara Sarkar
    Antara Sarkar 32 minutes ago

    They are human not poltergeist 😅

  • EvRi GaMa
    EvRi GaMa 38 minutes ago

    How much? Сколько он стоит?

  • Nein Du
    Nein Du 44 minutes ago

    That phone is using strange.os

  • mandarin production

    Русские вы где??????????

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel Hour ago


  • Baki KARA
    Baki KARA Hour ago

    ulan parcalari aliyon sag soldan ben yaptim diyon hassktir ordan

  • MrGreenAKAguci00

    I'd love to see customization options for Android phones, like expanding the build it storage for example.

  • Minh Tiến Tổng Hợp

    Việt nam đâu 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Adi Wijaya
    Adi Wijaya 2 hours ago

    Jadi lebih mahal apa lebih murah kalau di rakit sendiri

    KING OF EVERYTHING 3 hours ago

    That's a noob idea

  • Christopher Chu
    Christopher Chu 4 hours ago

    well maybe this is a little bit late, but u can find a chinese friend to rent a place for u by. useing their Identity。

  • Mabok Jamban
    Mabok Jamban 4 hours ago

    this very easy

  • Sĩ trường Ngô
    Sĩ trường Ngô 4 hours ago

    Huy vọng có tiếng việt

  • Andrews Garage
    Andrews Garage 4 hours ago

    I am an MIT IPC trainer and this is super common Andrew

  • Cey Bei
    Cey Bei 5 hours ago


  • Quang thanh Nguyễn

    Vn điểm danh

  • Grey Skelton
    Grey Skelton 5 hours ago

    Anybody else feel like this was a movie?

  • İqbal Babayev
    İqbal Babayev 5 hours ago

    Alt yazılarda Azərbaycanca olsa daha yaxşı olardı

  • Edison Davis
    Edison Davis 6 hours ago

    will you add one every year???

  • lenov. ru
    lenov. ru 6 hours ago

    anjai guakira bisa ngomong bahasa indonesia.....

  • 种花家的兔子
    种花家的兔子 6 hours ago


  • Jessi Martin
    Jessi Martin 6 hours ago

    you're awesome. I like your video

  • Om Vijay
    Om Vijay 6 hours ago


  • John W
    John W 7 hours ago

    who buys Apple these days? :o)

  • Smoke Boom
    Smoke Boom 7 hours ago

    Algún comentario español:'V

  • YouSuber TV
    YouSuber TV 7 hours ago

    How much u spend all of them?

  • Andrew Keller
    Andrew Keller 7 hours ago

    When your battery wont keep a charge you can reset its memory by completely killing it then charging it all the way up without using it at all. Sometimes it takes a few tries

  • Abishek Tharmapala
    Abishek Tharmapala 8 hours ago

    Strange Parts: "I have to buy a new computer" Bootcamp Assistant: "Am I a joke to you"

  • 歡迎訂閱 每兩天更新Dayvic

    Tester is pice x1 ??

  • 174gjc
    174gjc 8 hours ago

    Apple Store Employee: "Why do you need three?" Scotty: "I keep breaking them."

  • Nick Hersheys
    Nick Hersheys 8 hours ago

    Buy an Android phone dude. It comes with a headphone jack right out of the box !

  • abu beryl
    abu beryl 8 hours ago

    Hey do something with OPPO you can modification

  • 逍遥fu*k外
    逍遥fu*k外 9 hours ago


  • gelloyangster yang
    gelloyangster yang 9 hours ago

    a 30$ flagship

  • KoutaKenji_kun
    KoutaKenji_kun 9 hours ago

    faz um telefone que tenha mais memoria RAM

  • Hardwell Arms
    Hardwell Arms 9 hours ago

    Le viera salido mas fácil ponerle una placa de iPhone 6s y cambiarle lo demás

  • Kwan yuen Poe
    Kwan yuen Poe 10 hours ago

    Samsung is no popular since they refused to recall the note 7 Samsung deserved it I will say

  • truong duy
    truong duy 10 hours ago

    việt nam điểm danh cái nào 😄

  • Arsenio Jamisola
    Arsenio Jamisola 11 hours ago

    You could also see those SMT machines in the sta.Rosa Laguna Philippines factory. Where I used to work before :) ARTESYN is the name of the factory

  • Rockeira Santos
    Rockeira Santos 11 hours ago

    Que mentira irmào. Vc desmontou e montou um Iphone falso da China. Qualquer um faz isso.

  • JuanDavid TapieroCarreño

    hola tengo un reto muy interesante si puedes lo grarlo seras el mejor cambia la memoria interna de de 8 gb de un samsung j2 prime y la memoria ram . por una memoria interna superior a 32 gb

  • Рудик МаХ
    Рудик МаХ 11 hours ago

    Боже это тот чувак каторый собрал Айфон В сервисах каждый день соберают айфоны боже Сам я тоже с нуля собрал Айфоны боже чем он стал крутым люди успокойтесь

  • Future Tropics
    Future Tropics 11 hours ago

    When you say memory do you mean ram or storage? lol

  • 一梦相思
    一梦相思 12 hours ago


  • 一梦相思
    一梦相思 12 hours ago


  • batbold nyamdelger
    batbold nyamdelger 12 hours ago

    He do it laptop asus

  • Sean R
    Sean R 12 hours ago

    Add flux first.

  • Num nut
    Num nut 14 hours ago

    It’s so cool how this all happened!

  • Anthony Kourmoulakis
    Anthony Kourmoulakis 14 hours ago

    Can you attempt to build your own Essential Phone? I wanna see if the parts are easy to find.

  • Emmanuel D
    Emmanuel D 14 hours ago

    16:11 better than Tom hanks made 🔥in the Film "Cast Away"

  • Blaine Mobius
    Blaine Mobius 14 hours ago

    I've been so busy that I'm only just now watching this video after downloading it when it first came out. This was such an amazing watch and loved every part of it. I was disappointed that the framed pcb was sold out. This just makes me want to go out and make things. Keep making stuff for us, I'll watch every video.

  • Christopher Last Name
    Christopher Last Name 15 hours ago

    Samsung is the best phone you can buy or build!

  • lynchinjesus
    lynchinjesus 15 hours ago

    What a waste of material

    NO NAME 15 hours ago

    😅😄😁👍 indonesia🙏🙏🙏

  • Aazim Deen
    Aazim Deen 16 hours ago

    Cost of the iphone parts

  • Zoltan Balazs
    Zoltan Balazs 16 hours ago

    No need to apologize - your videos are super fun, I like the one detailing the 200$ screwdriver dilemma :D keep up the good work, your personality and honest style earned you a huge fan basis!!!!

  • jose alberto Sanchez
    jose alberto Sanchez 16 hours ago

    you are amazing

  • Fettah Atik
    Fettah Atik 17 hours ago

    Ooo wery good bro Turkia hello ❤

  • Pirate King
    Pirate King 17 hours ago

    can i buy that's phone ??

  • Not Now Cato
    Not Now Cato 17 hours ago

    Do you not realise that solder has got an L in it?

  • rogerio Silva
    rogerio Silva 17 hours ago

    I would have a heart attack in a place like that.. Spend all the money I have...:)

  • Israel Romero M.
    Israel Romero M. 18 hours ago

    How much did you pay for everything?

  • b8e71fcbe2e195c67d8d16734013d20f

    The plastic screen/back protector wrap around the phone was missing at the end. Very important for unboxing ;-)

    MUGERA SWABRI 19 hours ago

    How do they manage to keep the design through out all the steps

  • Dang Phạm
    Dang Phạm 19 hours ago

    Thiên đường mịa rồi

    KAOS CLAN 19 hours ago

    How much money did he use in this video

  • 无名氏
    无名氏 19 hours ago


  • Blumen Gelb
    Blumen Gelb 19 hours ago


    • Zousen Chan
      Zousen Chan 6 hours ago

      Blumen Gelb 不是有字幕吗。。。。。

    KENTA BR 21 hour ago


  • Damon Dahlstrom
    Damon Dahlstrom 21 hour ago

    The reason there are more iPhones is because iPhones break constantly and. Need repair.

  • Gemal Ae
    Gemal Ae 21 hour ago

    Warga indonesia yg nonton ini like?

    • kawulo alit
      kawulo alit 5 hours ago

      Kalu diitung itung pak bule ini ga sampai USD$200

    • budi adi
      budi adi 7 hours ago

      di bawa ke indo langsung ke block imei

  • Muppajevel
    Muppajevel 23 hours ago

    Your videos are the best of all the random stuff one can find on YT to waste some good time. I'm amazed how satisfying they are to watch =P All thumbs up Scotty!

  • vishal choudhary
    vishal choudhary 23 hours ago

    Bro much u pay for all parts ..give me or send me that parts m from whtsapp 82195058552

  • vishal choudhary
    vishal choudhary 23 hours ago

    U r free like me....thnks for making video..m also like that own

  • Văn Triều Lê
    Văn Triều Lê 23 hours ago

    VN điểm danh 🇻🇳 😄

  • 张迪
    张迪 23 hours ago


  • An SongYoong
    An SongYoong Day ago

    Ai ở Việt Nam ko 🇻🇳

    HACKVAR Day ago

    jajaaj no le entiendo ni mrd

  • Chen Mr
    Chen Mr Day ago

    我想问一共花了多少钱Hahaha 😂

  • Tuan Le
    Tuan Le Day ago

    Có ai là người vệt như mình ko

  • hà tatoo
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  • Waleed Uploads

    You are Coner mecrager?

  • Iván Valdivia :v

    As jakiado la NaSa :v

  • 리비롤M
    리비롤M Day ago

    SK하이닉스! 국뽕!

  • dawid rogalski

    Make ssd card in iphone

  • LugDash
    LugDash Day ago

    Интересно, а вышла ли покупка этого всего дешевле чем покупать новый?

  • Jie Gong
    Jie Gong Day ago

    Hah. That is cool.

  • uri Mig
    uri Mig Day ago

    Body TGIF RFID?? And how its used to make people do crazy stuff. Thanks. 😂🤣👍

  • Cuong Pham
    Cuong Pham Day ago

    So amazing

  • Sachio Joe
    Sachio Joe Day ago

    i love your adventures dude!

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks Day ago

    Unbelievable that you can't just mount the drive

  • iFix Gadget
    iFix Gadget Day ago

    Good luck, make a timelaps of the packing...😁

  • VTV1 có sex
    VTV1 có sex Day ago

    Ông giỏi quá

  • vincent fong
    vincent fong Day ago

    I went to the exact xiaomi store in shenzhen. The xiaomi laptop I bought was replaced twice.

  • vincent fong
    vincent fong Day ago

    So how much are all the parts added together ?

  • 张笑然
    张笑然 Day ago

    The reason hard finding Samsung parts in Shenzhen is really simple. Samsung has little market in China 0.7% by far.

  • 이상추
    이상추 Day ago

    이형 대단한형이네 진짜

  • elocfreidon
    elocfreidon Day ago

    For a platform where the first day is the most important time for an upload, premiers just makes people click away and that is a channel loss.