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  • ZeldaUzomakki555
    ZeldaUzomakki555 20 seconds ago

    I like to search through the kitchen for snacks and when it’s night time, I lay in bed waiting for everybody to fall asleep and ones they do I pull out my Nintendo 2ds xl, eat my snacks and play until 11 or 12 pm when my mom comes back from work

  • BlueBoo
    BlueBoo 26 seconds ago

    1. Always invest in Charisma 2. Profit

  • Dark Soul
    Dark Soul Minute ago

    The bonfires are good ..

  • Fariko Wishless
    Fariko Wishless Minute ago

    If we're being realistic Fallout 3 and New Vegas could be sped run in like 3 hours older fallouts even faster for the main story yet we turn that into like 4 days worth of gameplay and then play again XD. Actually people go so long on the one character before they feel like they're at a point to restart most times. I expect the same thing to happen with this that always happens to me my first character will be terrible and non efficient then once I know everything I feel like I need to and got better I'll restart a new character and it'd be a much better playthrough.

  • Wekseth
    Wekseth 2 minutes ago


  • Alucard
    Alucard 3 minutes ago

    The biggest mistake I can't understand. How does such a company keeps cultivating hate towards it self over and over, and think its doing the right thing!

  • Webbie
    Webbie 3 minutes ago

    No lootboxes or microtransactions from the looks of it. That's all I need to know to keep watching this game.

  • The de bum dum
    The de bum dum 4 minutes ago

    If U think about it. Skyrim was a short ass story line. But the side quests is what made the game stupid long. Great none the less

  • clericofchaos1
    clericofchaos1 5 minutes ago

    I have gamepass, so i'm super happy about it.

  • Cyphik
    Cyphik 6 minutes ago

    I submit for your consideration: E.T.

  • Daucz S
    Daucz S 6 minutes ago

    I'm just asking for 1 thing , stable 60 fps for high reaction games ...

  • T H E F O R G O T T E N

    Why do people play games inverted control ?

  • Andrea Sirjon
    Andrea Sirjon 7 minutes ago

    Is falcon real person?

  • Garion Prak
    Garion Prak 8 minutes ago

    4:40, I fell for this s one lol

  • Anthony Pasquale
    Anthony Pasquale 12 minutes ago

    My uncle has over 500 games and 20 gameing consuls

  • Sprok56
    Sprok56 12 minutes ago

    I want so bad for this game to do well, no micro transactions, no Pre order bonuses, PLEASE LET THIS GAME PROVE THAT GOOD HONEST DEVELOPERS NOT DRIVEN BY GREED CAN MAKE THE BEST QUALITY GAMES

  • Levi Matthews
    Levi Matthews 13 minutes ago

    When youve played almost all of these and realize your still not old

  • -Dr_DUD3-
    -Dr_DUD3- 15 minutes ago

    Super relatable bro 👏👏👏👍

  • Kwanele urubos
    Kwanele urubos 16 minutes ago

    Wouldn't it just be great if this game surpassed New Vegas and retaught these kids what RPGs really are, taught these kids how The Witcher is not a fvckin RPG

  • Caleb J. Ross
    Caleb J. Ross 16 minutes ago

    Behind every waterfall and under every bridge.

  • Dennis TheRodMan
    Dennis TheRodMan 17 minutes ago

    each year a couple games are worth paying full price for. This is one of them.

  • Michelle Hughes
    Michelle Hughes 18 minutes ago

    There ARE motion/gyro controls! There is no rumble or IR camera.

  • Austin Heckel
    Austin Heckel 18 minutes ago


  • snake sollid
    snake sollid 19 minutes ago

    No steam = no buy end of story...😑

  • Mister Scoot
    Mister Scoot 19 minutes ago

    Call the Taco Bell Xbox a Lunchbox.

  • 2 Trill Productions
    2 Trill Productions 20 minutes ago

    This game just doesn't look that interesting to me. I don't understand the hype.

  • Lum
    Lum 21 minute ago

    Watching this from my $1500 pc and $400 monitor

  • Leonel Fernández
    Leonel Fernández 22 minutes ago

    I hope this game doesn't go mighty no 9

  • martin olivas
    martin olivas 23 minutes ago

    Open world?

  • MeNanMate
    MeNanMate 24 minutes ago

    Seems like a slightly better borderlands

  • Dylan Tripp
    Dylan Tripp 24 minutes ago

    Am i the only one who can get on my horse scroll through my hats in the item wheel and select Arthurs

  • SixOwe Grizz
    SixOwe Grizz 26 minutes ago

    Long story short EA fuckin up smh.

  • Chase Murphy
    Chase Murphy 26 minutes ago

    People keep comparing this too heavily to Fallout and that's going to lead to a number of disappointed fans because it's nowhere near as long/deep and unlike Fallout it is designed with replaying it multiple times in mind up front

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd 27 minutes ago

    15-40 hours for a full priced RPG? are you kidding me?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 28 minutes ago

    Something feels off about the narrator of this video. It feels like he's reading off of a script or something. Makes it sound like he's trying to say something witty out of no where, but he pauses and hesitates, making it seem more like it's an act than an actual opinion. Just my 5 cents.

  • DestyNova
    DestyNova 30 minutes ago

    Good thing it was coming out before Microsoft bought them. To think if its good and were an exclusive I would if had to buy an Xbone. Thank the gods that didn't happen.

  • Dylan Brough
    Dylan Brough 30 minutes ago

    Just finished another playthrough of KOTOR 2 yesterday. Gonna do another for the original. Honestly those games still haven’t died out at all.

  • TheInfamousWolf
    TheInfamousWolf 32 minutes ago

    I really hope this game succeeds tremendously.

  • PK Cazadores
    PK Cazadores 32 minutes ago

    Biggest mistake was Battlefield V, cost the company years of reputation with customers, cost stock investors millions, and was as offensive as anything that has ever come out. It will be interesting to see if there is ever another Battlefield, that may have ended the series.

  • Talis Preston
    Talis Preston 33 minutes ago

    Anyone else getting a bigger budget futuristic version of greedfall vibes here?

  • Roid Gainz
    Roid Gainz 34 minutes ago

    Black desert ain’t free tho

  • Neng Thao
    Neng Thao 34 minutes ago

    The animation seems smoother now. What concerns me is if it'll be buggy like 76. We do not need a 50gb patch the first week.

  • TwoFingerGuns
    TwoFingerGuns 34 minutes ago

    100% agree with #4

  • ravenshrike
    ravenshrike 34 minutes ago

    40 hours. Short game. Jesus Ubisoft padding has gotten bad.

  • Cody Risling
    Cody Risling 35 minutes ago

    Worst thing Bethesda has done was continue to move forward as a company after fallout new Vegas.

  • Jake Angel
    Jake Angel 36 minutes ago

    This game, unfortunately does not interest me at all.

  • saplays
    saplays 37 minutes ago

    Should start calling this the untitled Saturday gaming show

  • Kai co
    Kai co 38 minutes ago

    The "monsters" in all of the monster Hunter games are wyvern Also elder dragons are just old and powerful wyverns

  • ugapeyton
    ugapeyton 40 minutes ago

    *Talks about bending CPU pins* *Proceeds to show an Intel LGA CPU*

  • Rotten Steak
    Rotten Steak 41 minute ago

    Soooooooo,, fallout

  • Spencer B
    Spencer B 42 minutes ago

    #11 It's coming out on PC next year.

  • Shawn
    Shawn 43 minutes ago

    Anthem, the epitome of garbage.

  • iownaxult productions
    iownaxult productions 43 minutes ago

    Hidden choice in BO2, you can shoot mason in the legs twice on the sniper level and save him instead of killing him

  • Wavy Vaporizers
    Wavy Vaporizers 44 minutes ago

    This will get 10 out of 10 and 9 of 10 in some places.

  • TNS
    TNS 45 minutes ago

    Was waiting for Anthem to popup in the list.

  • PotatoTot
    PotatoTot 45 minutes ago

    I didn't find ava annoying at all. Maybe all of you are bitches

  • Prexal123
    Prexal123 47 minutes ago

    Black Desert is free?

  • FlyingFlamingFlamingos
    FlyingFlamingFlamingos 50 minutes ago

    I dont understand why every youtuber calls the necromorphs an infection, or a parasite, its neither, just a signal the reanimates corpses, no biological cause

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 50 minutes ago

    This video and the comments are way too relatable... It is as if us gamers are related, lol...

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 51 minute ago

    My main niche thing I do in every single game I play is to check every nook and cranny for resources and/or collectables, its likely because I am kinda OCD and I love platinuming games!!!

  • Str8menace X
    Str8menace X 53 minutes ago

    Black desert isn’t free ¿¿

  • Alex Ortega
    Alex Ortega 53 minutes ago

    So a fallout new Vegas in space?

  • itss cam
    itss cam 54 minutes ago

    This game is amazing one of the best mk games in my opinion but compared to x and 9 im having a lot of trouble learning these combos

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 54 minutes ago

    Half the time I spent playing the Halo campaigns was number 1, beating up the npc allies, lol!

  • VideoGameYoutuber VGY
    VideoGameYoutuber VGY 55 minutes ago

    Your Addicted to video game or your an video game addict

  • villiam spencer
    villiam spencer 55 minutes ago

    The game wants me to go here so I'll go there

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 56 minutes ago

    If you do the same thing every single time in a game it wouldn't satisfying anymore..." Proceeds to show a clip of AC: Odyssey, lmao!

  • Chris L
    Chris L 57 minutes ago

    I would LOVE to see a new Dragon's Dogma 2.

  • Fairy Tail king
    Fairy Tail king 58 minutes ago

    Hmm sounds like a game I would be interested in playing the fact that you can shrink a part of your enemies is just so funny

  • Nolan Lynn
    Nolan Lynn 59 minutes ago

    The last of us

  • Adam Young
    Adam Young 59 minutes ago

    Love the slides things the end. Brings me back to fallout 1 and 2

  • CynicVash
    CynicVash 59 minutes ago

    thanks for the heads up on game pass. i knew it was on xbox, BUT PC too downloading now!

  • Darksword30
    Darksword30 Hour ago

    It sounds and looks good. I just hope it is good.

  • Shitdik
    Shitdik Hour ago

    I can’t wait to play this

  • akashi x
    akashi x Hour ago

    this reminds me of destiny

  • Seamus O'Dork
    Seamus O'Dork Hour ago

    "moving onto #9"... Finally.

  • Joey Roman
    Joey Roman Hour ago

    I like the fact that it will be a short game. Most of the “great triple A RPG games” are really amazing but too long. Me, as a gamer with a lot of responsibilities, I can’t replay most of those games, like The Witcher 3, Skyrim or Mass Effect. This one, I’ll finally have a chance to create different characters.

  • Sinister_4valve
    Sinister_4valve Hour ago

    Further solidifies why Obsidian should've made Fallout 4 and 76. I'm willing to bet The Outer Worlds is a test for a New Vegas sequel haha.

  • Purgatori Prytania

    I haven't heard anything yet that gets me hyped. It sounds like by the I start getting invested, the game will be over.

  • Draz Traz
    Draz Traz Hour ago

    7:17 ie god of war

  • Koty Williams
    Koty Williams Hour ago

    Fallout 76 sucks....a true failure

  • Misc Militaria
    Misc Militaria Hour ago

    it big brain time

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker Hour ago

    Finally... Someone who truely understands me, lol! Love your guys' content, keep up the phenomenal work!

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats Hour ago

    honestly i would get just for the campaign if its good

  • Titnibler 210
    Titnibler 210 Hour ago

    What about the droid attack on the wookies.

  • Novuh Blade1425
    Novuh Blade1425 Hour ago

    Gameranx can you make a low end pc games list?

  • Xbox Tempesta
    Xbox Tempesta Hour ago

    I'd would really prefer another The Force Unleashed style Star Wars game...

  • Luminous GhosT
    Luminous GhosT Hour ago

    i would love a jungle environment or some other more Beautiful Place , then only a City , but overall i like it =)

  • Autumn Sparrowdawn

    the thumbnail had me cackling i stg

  • Knight1725
    Knight1725 Hour ago

    I wanted Falcon to talk about it

  • James Woodruff
    James Woodruff Hour ago

    What might be a "throw away" game to you might be someone's favorite game. Pretty judgmental there guy.

  • Donke Y
    Donke Y Hour ago

    What’s the game at 8:10?

  • KemetBrotha17
    KemetBrotha17 Hour ago

    I'm usually just a fighting game player but I'm so Fuckin' ready for this!

  • b wett
    b wett Hour ago

    Jake needs some sun

  • torres dominguez

    Finally! Disguises that actually work!

  • Fairy Tail king
    Fairy Tail king Hour ago

    So It’s similar to fallout kind of

  • Nick Milanowski
    Nick Milanowski Hour ago

    You gotta pay 15 dollars too hear about this video

  • Edro Septic
    Edro Septic Hour ago

    Ugh.. I don’t want the story intro spoiled for me... stop!

    WESLEY ABT Hour ago


  • I like dead memes

    Nba 2k20