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Maneater - Before You Buy
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Nioh 2 - Before You Buy
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  • Optimusprime809
    Optimusprime809 Minute ago

    Glad BF2 and Republic Commando got some love! Always fly under the radar. What about NFSMW and Battlefront 2 though?

  • Aadil
    Aadil Minute ago

    Yoga was easy

  • -Aleeke -
    -Aleeke - Minute ago

    2005? Everyone was still playing WoW.

  • Mr. Hitmarker
    Mr. Hitmarker Minute ago

    That crosshair got me sick xD

  • DarkCrawler_Mods
    DarkCrawler_Mods 2 minutes ago

    Ninja gaiden. Forget how to spell it. But i loved that game

  • Mystery Mystery
    Mystery Mystery 2 minutes ago

    Where is gta san andreas mission n.o.e that mission is so so annoying

  • Matt Spears
    Matt Spears 3 minutes ago

    Pistols actually takes skill to uses and that’s why there so much better Anyone can walk up behind someone and 1 tap them with a shotty but you actually need tot be good at the game to use a pistol

    PcyDEX RECORDS 6 minutes ago

    Peta: noo eat animal me in minecraft : get over here piggy !!!

  • That greifer _
    That greifer _ 7 minutes ago

    THERE WAS A BOAT COME ON I hate the snow storm

  • Ethan Adams
    Ethan Adams 8 minutes ago

    What about need for speed Most wanted

  • nickmach
    nickmach 14 minutes ago

    not as scary as your 999m money

  • rob-ron
    rob-ron 15 minutes ago

    My favorite mistake is the time when they showed uncharted 4 The controller was mist up And the guy was stuck there for a good minute And you gotta love that in the official game they put a achievement

  • Aaron Ruddick
    Aaron Ruddick 15 minutes ago

    Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones! My all time favourite series of games!

  • Floweyy
    Floweyy 16 minutes ago

    Valorant is still a baby when compared to other types of FPS genre... It will maybe expand and expand to make the game to the fullest

  • Salim Amari
    Salim Amari 18 minutes ago

    Wait no nfs most wanted

  • D‘ Angelo Drummond
    D‘ Angelo Drummond 21 minute ago

    That Lego Star Wars is one of the only Star Wars games I've ever beaten. Hella fun when I was a kid !!

  • ギドラ
    ギドラ 26 minutes ago

    When Witcher 3 reminds you what an actual video game should be like.

  • DZLzz
    DZLzz 26 minutes ago

    shout out to fifa street (I know it's not top 10 but it's my favorite anyway)

  • Tushar Garg
    Tushar Garg 27 minutes ago

    Valorant - Before You Download*

  • Syr Flova
    Syr Flova 28 minutes ago

    Peacekeeper on Apex must be on the list..

  • Connor Leahy
    Connor Leahy 29 minutes ago

    I've never lost a fight against Ogdo Bogdo

  • Spiros Economou
    Spiros Economou 29 minutes ago

    any news on the next FARCRY?

  • hightyboo
    hightyboo 30 minutes ago

    What a nerd game.

  • Amanda Ford
    Amanda Ford 30 minutes ago

    I'm a simple girl. I see Sanji in the thumbnail, I click. (I still stan Zoro tho)

  • xTecholite
    xTecholite 30 minutes ago

    My 2 favorite games are from 2005 star wars battlefront 2 and need for speed most wanted kuru gang where u at

  • Zayyam Wani
    Zayyam Wani 30 minutes ago

    10 Best games of my Childhood I was born in 2002 ,I played these all....God Of War 2 😢😍

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. 31 minute ago

    Just one reason GameRanx is better than any Official Channels for Playstation or Xbox : They talk about about games from all consoles and generations. I love PS Access, nowadays they are just selling you stuff on the store. I like when a channel can talk about what they want

  • Ebony Raven AB
    Ebony Raven AB 31 minute ago

    This game is Free idiot

  • Red Panda Rampage
    Red Panda Rampage 32 minutes ago

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) is not on this list?

  • Metalhead Paranoic
    Metalhead Paranoic 32 minutes ago

    Where is NFS MW 2005??

  • Lakshay
    Lakshay 33 minutes ago

    Valorant free game Gameranx: before you BUY😂

  • Colonial
    Colonial 34 minutes ago

    CS:GOverwatch be looking 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gentlesir PancakeBottoms
    Gentlesir PancakeBottoms 35 minutes ago

    I own or have played almost all of these games:P

  • Rikswordfyr
    Rikswordfyr 36 minutes ago

    Nothing sucks more than lagg and very high ms.

  • JohnWick
    JohnWick 36 minutes ago

    Man gow 2 good old days fuck man

  • D0p3rW
    D0p3rW 38 minutes ago

    Even in times of physical copies, you did not own the game, just the license to play it. That never changed.

  • Leonardo Guadagnini
    Leonardo Guadagnini 38 minutes ago

    So much creativity, strafe for the new but keeping semplicity. This is the ps2 and why it will never be beaten

  • Wettz
    Wettz 39 minutes ago

    Thank you so much for mentioning Republic Commando and Jade Empire. Those are amazing games and they are often forgotten or not even thought about.

  • r-jay baccay
    r-jay baccay 46 minutes ago

    beethoven 5th symphony

  • Uni Frog
    Uni Frog 47 minutes ago

    I absolutley loved the Division 2 map. Just absolutley astonishing, I mean I usually don't like having to travel places in games but walking around apocolyptic DC was so fun for me

  • Yu Tub
    Yu Tub 48 minutes ago

    mod menu users are such losers. git gud noobs

  • Revolver Ocelot
    Revolver Ocelot 53 minutes ago

    How much time was there between Wasteland and Wasteland 2?

  • Uni Frog
    Uni Frog 56 minutes ago

    I was so excited for the last of us part 2, and I can't even play it on account of me not owning a playstation, but then the leaks came out and my god is it so awful.

  • Zie Mallari
    Zie Mallari 59 minutes ago

    lucky brazilians😒

  • Corporate Shill
    Corporate Shill Hour ago

    Late 2004 and early 2005 has to be the highest concentration of awesome games ever released.

  • Bra Veda
    Bra Veda Hour ago

    It just looks too much like Fortnite to enjoy

  • Sandijs Zaļetilo

    Where is nfs mw, midnight club 3 and battlefront2

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo Hour ago

    The "number 1" slot is stupid

  • J Gonz
    J Gonz Hour ago

    Need for Speed Most Wanted, bro!! C'mon. Not even an honorable mention 😔

  • Burger_King_Doggo

    What about the anti cheat system?

  • John H
    John H Hour ago

    King Kong and Fahrenheit want a word.

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus Hour ago

    Imagine putting Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2 over SWAT 4.

  • Strix 36
    Strix 36 Hour ago

    when your horse doesn't want to jump, and then complaining like heck! (sorry...)

  • The Silk Road
    The Silk Road Hour ago

    Hello ; I think GTA San Andreas was the same year ; 6 Jun, 2005 😏

  • Bukiyou Neko
    Bukiyou Neko Hour ago

    I'm not too sure about No.2, don't get me wrong he or she is a really good programmer but they basically made google maps for the galaxy and hit the directions button.

  • scotsava
    scotsava Hour ago

    The Thumbnail is from GOW2, that game is from 2007.

  • Kenneth Portiz Presto

    sir where is RIMWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ni ls
    Ni ls Hour ago

    8th dungeon of Links Awakening

  • Gogic 99
    Gogic 99 Hour ago

    The graphics of COD 2 were miles away from Battlefield 2 and they came out the same year. It was and still is one of the best WW2 games ever made

  • Sudhansh Lolayekar

    Theme hospital literally called you out for cheating

  • david turbo
    david turbo Hour ago

    Bully 2 😕

    SMIZZART Hour ago

    Even though it still kinda holds up, would love a remake of def jam: fight for NY!

  • ItsYaBoy MadaMada

    "Before you buy" a free game ....

  • John Bishop
    John Bishop Hour ago

    Omg, I love jade empire..... i have it on classic xbox and xbox one.

  • Aasil Ashlily
    Aasil Ashlily Hour ago

    There is an easy stim on bogono. It's in the part 1 of my video on my channel. Then the stim on Zeffo would be number 4

  • Vicki Arts
    Vicki Arts Hour ago

    Is it just me or did they forget Most Wanted...05...

  • 3kycat
    3kycat Hour ago

    SOTC on PS4 is a REMAKE! not a remaster. Remaster is just the same game but higher resolution and more fps.

  • bob rock
    bob rock Hour ago

    My first mouse was mech and had a ball What a frustration..

  • smashination productions Official

    we need more games like these on mobile. like, we need all more shooter games on mobile. roblox is good and all but isnt made for mobile. kids never realsie this and play arseanal there, but if the arseanal developers made a MOBILE version specifaccally optimise dlike as a mobile game, not a roblox game, this would go big. this is just puny example of how gaming industry would be taken over with quality mobile games. you pc gamers had your faire share of quality pc games, now its our turn now i sound stupid as i play cod n emulator

  • Wolfy
    Wolfy Hour ago

    Where’s the The Warriors though?

  • swag life 2020
    swag life 2020 Hour ago

    i forgot all of them

  • Paradise Racer 69

    No Need For Speed Most Wanted? Man I disliked this

  • J-Taylzy
    J-Taylzy Hour ago

    Enemies taking a full minute to finish you whilst you squirm about trying to not die

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B Hour ago

    4:45 okay so i live under a rock and dont know too much about half life. this one got me good lol

    MADDOG THEOG Hour ago

    Hi guys I hope you are doing well

  • septo ninja
    septo ninja Hour ago

    I completed the master armorer mission at lvl 42 against the archgriffin, I expected good loot that I could use a tad earlier, but I got a lvl 57 waistcoat, okay, fair enough. But when I completed the Master swordsmith quest and it is the same lvl, but I got a BLADE FROM THE BITS which is 20 lvls lower.

  • Stevie B
    Stevie B Hour ago


  • Gothic Warrior
    Gothic Warrior Hour ago

    5:13 ´Shadow of the Colossus´ remains to this day my favorite game of all time. Would be cool if Bluepoint Games remastered a Team ICO Bundle with a ICO+SotC+TLG collection for the upcoming platform.

  • Ni ls
    Ni ls Hour ago

    was listening to Lovecraft as I discovered Blackreach. Man I was trippin balls

  • engitect
    engitect Hour ago

    Hey! Command and Conquer Remastered Collection is getting a release on June 5th, i.e today. I don't see any mention of it..

  • Bman Chu
    Bman Chu Hour ago

    Apparently players are being banned by CCP / chinese bandit government for saying the wrong thing or having the wrong name.

  • septo ninja
    septo ninja Hour ago

    Fall damage, it felt inconsistent at first but I now have an understanding on fall damage ratios. I don't walk down a single step and die anymore

  • Chard
    Chard Hour ago

    I personally didn't love Resident Evil 4. All action, and not scary. Not to me at least.

  • 11alexh11
    11alexh11 Hour ago

    I played one game- remembered I’m trash at FPS games- and went back to League

  • Mahlubandile Mnambathi

    Digital downloads are better when you don't find the physical copy of the game you want .

  • Jah Ther
    Jah Ther Hour ago

    just like stardew vally

  • Bodo Art
    Bodo Art Hour ago

    Blade and soul is only available for south east asia right now so i dont think it should be on the list since it technically hasn’t been released in Eu/Na

  • Sami de Jong
    Sami de Jong Hour ago

    I’m very sad Republic commando didn’t make the list

  • Ropiplup
    Ropiplup Hour ago

    Do one for 2009 now! So many good games came out that year!

  • joe dem elfie
    joe dem elfie Hour ago

    I see what you did here... start off your list with the best 2 games of 05 right off the bat... nice change up. No game on this list can beat Lego star wars or kh2.

    • joe dem elfie
      joe dem elfie Hour ago

      Star wars commando was legit though yes. The others were typical games you once enjoyed... these games I listed are truely classics.

  • Bishal Roy
    Bishal Roy Hour ago

    Chaos theory is indeed a true stealth game ever made. It defined the genre in detail. Miss that game so much.

  • Mo Freeman
    Mo Freeman Hour ago

    EA Sports...If it’s in the game IT’S IN THE GAME!!!!! And then the screen goes to actual college students that they filmed saying EA Sports it’s in the game 😂😂

  • Poefkool
    Poefkool Hour ago

    Between kh2 and kh3 there still were numerous kingdom hearts games that came out to set everything up for the story of kh3. Know your facts before you say something like that

  • ismael soliman
    ismael soliman Hour ago

    i that that gta was a raceing game

  • Osvaldas Paslauskas

    Dude how is bowser from Mario not here literally you fight him in every game you keep bathing him in lava but he keeps coming back xD

  • Alisatir Pace
    Alisatir Pace Hour ago

    Battlefield 2👌👌👌

  • K3Vz0ツ
    K3Vz0ツ Hour ago

    2005 is my year ;)

  • Violet Shock
    Violet Shock Hour ago

    Missing Battlefront 3, Revenge of the Sith... How dare

  • Patrick Doyle
    Patrick Doyle Hour ago

    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory #1