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  • Jessica Greenwood
    Jessica Greenwood 3 hours ago


  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 3 hours ago

    3:21 lol

  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 3 hours ago

    2:36 lol

  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 3 hours ago

    6:47 Lingard makes me laugh lol

  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 3 hours ago

    2:47 The weather?

  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 4 hours ago

    1:32 lingard's laugh tho.

  • Nifty_yt 8D
    Nifty_yt 8D 4 hours ago

    the intro tho.

  • TD Jedi
    TD Jedi 4 hours ago

    If Sturridge was there yesterday, mhmm, tings would of got tasty man

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow 4 hours ago

    I would soo do the captain Steph😂

  • Nigerian Seamstress
    Nigerian Seamstress 4 hours ago

    he sounds so much like Anthony Joshua

  • Adam Revitt
    Adam Revitt 4 hours ago

    England women are becoming the new Stoke in terms of scoring penalties

  • Wade Pool80
    Wade Pool80 5 hours ago

    Alexis Best Goal

  • Tanmoy Bakshi
    Tanmoy Bakshi 5 hours ago

    what does "stay narrow" indicate here? hear the coach shouting it many times. is it the position of the arms?

  • Niklas Kunz
    Niklas Kunz 5 hours ago

    Im from seitzerland

  • Simi
    Simi 5 hours ago


  • pietro vittori
    pietro vittori 6 hours ago

    1:16 face save

  • Sam Haines
    Sam Haines 7 hours ago

    Poor penalty by Nikita Parris

  • Mark Santucci
    Mark Santucci 8 hours ago

    I would say all Raider cheerleaders are winners.? go Raiders

  • thucydides Neo
    thucydides Neo 9 hours ago

    Women goalkeepers still can't jump?

  • しんぼゆいと
    しんぼゆいと 10 hours ago


  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter 11 hours ago

    I watch this after Sterling clash with TAA and Gomez😅 In a match won by Liverpool

  • Iain Rae
    Iain Rae 11 hours ago

    Let's hope Karen Braithweight's groin strain injury heals in time for the Czech Republic game. The midfield needs bolstering up and the English goalkeeping needs to dive much earlier to stop the ball.

  • Maroko 7117
    Maroko 7117 12 hours ago

    اكو عرب بالطيارة؟؟

  • Wicked Musik
    Wicked Musik 12 hours ago

    Where’s Kirby???

  • dislecksick
    dislecksick 12 hours ago

    just the two goalkeeper errors in this match....Women's football is laughable

  • Nari Shabani
    Nari Shabani 12 hours ago


  • Larasa5049 Fauzie
    Larasa5049 Fauzie 12 hours ago

    Sorry to say, arsenal club need something more serious to make sure to normal backup team of professionals .

  • 슈퍼쏘니킹갓흥
    슈퍼쏘니킹갓흥 14 hours ago

    린가드 이새끼는 이때부터 못차네

  • Locrazie
    Locrazie 14 hours ago

    I love Jesse so much😇😇😇😇😇💎💎💎pure perfection👄💋💋💋💓💕💕👄👄

  • Musical theatre Kid
    Musical theatre Kid 14 hours ago

    I was at the match. Love the lionesses, cracking goal from Ellen White ❤

  • James Washington
    James Washington 16 hours ago

    CAnt blame the gk for the second goal. Centre backs and full backs were trash. Gave her too much space.

  • Robert Turnbull
    Robert Turnbull 16 hours ago


  • Derick Agbo
    Derick Agbo 19 hours ago

    These Girls "Finishing" like it's Nothing....

  • Ngọc Nam Tăng
    Ngọc Nam Tăng 20 hours ago

    Súc vật Fa súc vật Mu

  • Kyle Muckian
    Kyle Muckian Day ago

    Im Irish but Fair play Great Step in the Right direction for Female Football

  • status game
    status game Day ago

    4:04 mateuu

  • Ma Hae
    Ma Hae Day ago


    • Cliff Bailey
      Cliff Bailey Day ago

      Ma Hae ......Germany number 10 is the best midfielder in the world can never pronounce her name ...make England midfield look like donkeys

  • Fung Melenas
    Fung Melenas Day ago

    Goalkeeper Walker: 99

  • Callum Foley
    Callum Foley Day ago

    I love Stanway she's my hero

  • viskas _
    viskas _ Day ago

    0:38 np

  • Damaris Andrade

    "haha you creep"

  • Millan
    Millan Day ago

    Raheems controller isn’t even on

  • El Chefe
    El Chefe Day ago

    at 1:30 min great goal! (and the ref didn't know about this annoying 'offside'-rule...)

  • stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen

    And the winner is... ;-)

  • Keeping It Cool

    I know not every player doesn’t play their best at every game but that was a poor performance from Mary Earps.

  • Aslı
    Aslı Day ago

    fire neville

    • Hieronymous69
      Hieronymous69 Day ago

      And replace him with whom? Remember when Sampson was sacked no-one wanted the job.

  • Maxine CordellMitch


  • fredkite
    fredkite Day ago

    England's goal looked miles offside.

    • stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen
      stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen 4 hours ago

      @Cliff Bailey The goal was actually an offside goal. But all the excitement about it brings nothing. The referee has decided so. Especially since there was no video evidence in this friendly game. What is certain is that Ellen White has shot a very nice and technically savvy goal. Offside or not there is rather secondary. Even me as a German see it that way.

    • Cliff Bailey
      Cliff Bailey 11 hours ago

      Sure someone in the team said the England goal was offside but I don't care ball is in the back of the net and it's 1.....1 something like that Lol

    • Iain Rae
      Iain Rae 11 hours ago

      Yes it was offside, but the overexcited commentry team didn't want to spoil the fun.

    • Krakra Kranich
      Krakra Kranich 12 hours ago

      Felix Nöbauer sie ist bei dem langen pass schon locker einen Meter im Abseits...

    • stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen
      stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen Day ago

      @Felix Nöbauer We know the rules... But another question for you: Do you have eyes? ...😉

  • Eleanor Haworth

    best moment 1:39 sancho💗

  • Yeshua Hamashiach

    Please let never parris take a penalty again

  • Yorkshire Maple Leaf

    Men's football and sports in general are much better, I know they won't admit it but it is true.

    • Yorkshire Maple Leaf
      Yorkshire Maple Leaf Day ago

      @tony lin Wembley "sold out" because they did everything possible to make sure it did, probably gave tonnes of tickets away. They are treating it as equal but we all know it isn't. I was watching Final Score yesterday and the presenter was talking about the league and FA cup games going on but then said but the biggest game of the day is England vs Germany in womens football......come on lol. And why is Jonathan Pierce the one always commentating on it, he is one of the best commentators of the last 20 years yet he isn't doing the bigger games.

    • tony lin
      tony lin Day ago

      Admitted. So?

  • Nathan Wootz
    Nathan Wootz Day ago

    Seriously, are they gonna work on scoring penalties in training.. smh why doesn't Ellen white just take them

    • Iain Rae
      Iain Rae 11 hours ago

      For a girl the penalty spot is a long way from the goal. They should make it 5 yards closer.

    • Freya Grant
      Freya Grant 23 hours ago

      @Wilson23 yes it's true one of the commentators who knows the players says they all refuse to take pens which is very pathetic when they are now playing at professional standards

    • Mark Jones
      Mark Jones Day ago

      @Wilson23 Poor excuse from a professional footballer if that is true...

    • Wilson23
      Wilson23 Day ago

      She doesn't like to take pens.

  • Ashley Hyne
    Ashley Hyne Day ago

    Houghton's inability to get anywhere near the German striker for the second was laughable. If the FA are serious about the women's game then Neville has got to go. His tactics and team selections are just wrong. Persisting with that plank Bright is just baffling.

    • Tanya Ghosh
      Tanya Ghosh 8 hours ago

      @dislecksick actually, england have some of the best players and the most potential for depth considering the level of football in the FA WSL is better than the NWSL and any other women's league. He genuinely just picks really bad lineups. They (the whole team) just need to train a lot harder.

    • dislecksick
      dislecksick 12 hours ago

      yea, it's phil neville's fault not the fact there's no depth in the women's game.

    • Hartley Killingsworth
      Hartley Killingsworth Day ago

      Ashley Hyne they definitely need to find a new coach but I don’t think houghton is overrated at all

    • Cliff Bailey
      Cliff Bailey Day ago

      Houghton is so overrated should be drooped

  • shqipdon krasniqi

    what a game from kosovo 🤭 i hope to see in Euro 2022🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰🇽🇰

  • Ben Wfc
    Ben Wfc Day ago


  • Nathan Nile
    Nathan Nile Day ago

    The keeper was pathetic....

  • Darman nagaya mancah

    heloo salam dari aceh.subscribe yes

  • BOSSanac!
    BOSSanac! Day ago

    No surprise!! Neither the England Men's team or the women have mastered the art of passing the ball. Not worth the massive wages they receive

    • Iain Rae
      Iain Rae 11 hours ago

      Yep, square passes from the back. Like England of old. Joyless football.

    • TS May
      TS May Day ago

      The women don't receive massive wages.

    • Cliff Bailey
      Cliff Bailey Day ago


  • Sabrina Jeylani

    I went to this match and even though we lost I still loved it

  • IconoclastUK
    IconoclastUK Day ago

    We need Bardsley in goal ffs.

    • Cliff Bailey
      Cliff Bailey Day ago

      Man City young keeper is the best Ellie young but safer than Mary never rated her

  • J L F III
    J L F III Day ago

    Wish I could actually support the team but cant because of the media propaganda

  • Sarno Gaming
    Sarno Gaming Day ago

    My birthday is 24 march and my dads is 26

    RANDOM IDOLS Day ago

    5 losses straight .. 1 win only. what happned to the players?

  • BM Katie Walker MB

    I was at the game are england keeper Mary played awful like the game we played last went straight through her legs now not diving im not sure about her in goal atm

    • BM Katie Walker MB
      BM Katie Walker MB 4 hours ago

      Iain Rae we have other keepers on the bench waiting to come on if she’s not strong enough or confident enough she shouldn’t of played in my opinion

    • BM Katie Walker MB
      BM Katie Walker MB 4 hours ago

      Robron Suggle yup that’s true

    • Iain Rae
      Iain Rae 11 hours ago

      She has worked hard to reduce her weight which may gave affected her hand eye coordination.

    • Robron Suggle
      Robron Suggle Day ago

      BM Katie Walker MB she’s been doing well for United. Clearly not the same for England

  • _ Johnsen
    _ Johnsen Day ago

    That was a poor performance from the England keeper

  • finzzz playz
    finzzz playz Day ago

    Great game unlucky with the loss 😭

  • Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack

    England lose to Germany... Some things don’t change!!

  • Răzvan Buliga

    si i a bătut românia de i a uscat

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan Day ago

    Haha female football

    • JJJamesG
      JJJamesG 11 hours ago

      @Xbox 360 boss 3647 Does have to have an immediate effect. Create a long term plan, with the right funding and you'll see improvements.

    • LH?
      LH? Day ago

      @Olamide David Fadipe are* you rem

    • Xbox 360 boss 3647
      Xbox 360 boss 3647 Day ago

      @Lala Edmunds I doubt bigger funding would make such a immediate effect because of the negative stigma a lot of women have of football as a whole

    • Lala Edmunds
      Lala Edmunds Day ago

      @Xbox 360 boss 3647 it wouldn't be better than the males I prayed my sentence badly. I meant the women's game would be better because more women would want to play for the big teams.

    • Xbox 360 boss 3647
      Xbox 360 boss 3647 Day ago

      @Lala Edmunds yes, I get that but how would that make the sport better than the males. Also larger funding wouldn't increase women's mentality towards the sport

  • AWK 1304
    AWK 1304 Day ago

    Abfahrt 🤟🏼

  • Hollie Williams

    I went to watch it and we had a couple of chances but Germany was the better team but still England unlucky ❤️🤍❤️🤍cmon England for next time #lionesses

  • Cr8 Rashka
    Cr8 Rashka Day ago

    germany like

  • adventuresofjolo

    Germany should have been playing with 10 after that terrible foul on Beth Mead and with 9 after that tackle on Nikita Parris....

    • stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen
      stolzer Germane vom Stamm der Sachsen Day ago

      Your Englishman only wins if you are clearly in the majority? Greetings to you from the (this time) better, "brutal" and above all victorious Germans. Ellen White scored a very nice goal. But even this was an offside goal ... ;-)

    • Freelikeheaven
      Freelikeheaven Day ago

      yellow and nothing else

    • Freelikeheaven
      Freelikeheaven Day ago


    • Freya Grant
      Freya Grant Day ago

      I know it was awful that was a leg breaker the ref had no idea what she was doing

  • AJT 17
    AJT 17 Day ago

    Not gonna lie the England keeper didn’t play well

  • Cr8 Rashka
    Cr8 Rashka Day ago

    number 2

  • grace primrose

    Proud to be part of the record breaking crowd❤️

    • Iain Rae
      Iain Rae 11 hours ago

      70,000 school girls shrieking. Like a Justin Beiber concert.

    • Krakra Kranich
      Krakra Kranich 12 hours ago

      grace primrose 78k Tickets that were officially given away, not people who actually attended the match. They struggled selling tickets with prices of just 10 pounds and gave away thousands for free in the end to fill up the stadium

    • Musical theatre Kid
      Musical theatre Kid 14 hours ago

      Same here ❤😄

    • Musical theatre Kid
      Musical theatre Kid 14 hours ago

      @Freya Grant it was record breaking for a women's england match

    • Josh Hunt
      Josh Hunt 23 hours ago


  • Azim 14
    Azim 14 Day ago

    Gg nice england welldone

  • Charlie P7
    Charlie P7 Day ago


  • Joe Huckle
    Joe Huckle Day ago

    I love england

  • john metrac
    john metrac Day ago

    Mr Neville has taken his eye of the team since the Americans showed interest in him ,we have gone backwards 😦

  • Phantom16
    Phantom16 Day ago

    Far to over rated.....

  • Morris Kamau
    Morris Kamau Day ago

    This y I love Chelsea represent black people 70% much love from kenya

  • Flözer 16
    Flözer 16 Day ago

    puno srece u kvalifikacijama za euro.pozdrav iz Hrvatske

  • Majid Abbaslou

    Great Germani❤️😍

  • Sabre Tooth
    Sabre Tooth Day ago

    record Wembley crowd? no it wasn't, nowhere near a record

    • Emmy
      Emmy Day ago

      It was a record for a lionesses' game, not an over all record

  • 程奕翔
    程奕翔 Day ago

    think i’m the only one in november 2019 ? like if i’m wrong

  • Louis Hall
    Louis Hall Day ago


  • Kha Chau
    Kha Chau Day ago

    Quá hy

    SOCCER GIRLS Day ago

    77,782 or something

    • tony lin
      tony lin Day ago

      For England women. USA vs Japan played Olympic final there in 2012 was 80+

    • Nutrius
      Nutrius Day ago

      @Sabre Tooth For the Women's game it is.

    • Sabre Tooth
      Sabre Tooth Day ago

      so not a record wembley crowd then

  • Bear
    Bear Day ago

    How they go and lose after all this F

  • Fifth Lovato
    Fifth Lovato Day ago

    This was my first time going to one of their matches and even though we lost, it was the most amazing experience of my life ❤️

  • truthoutmedia
    truthoutmedia Day ago

    lol another fine advert for womens football, 'sell out' crowd full of schoolkids, free ticket giveaway, the women's side led by 'expert' Phil Neville, a shocking manager, terrible

    • dizzyblue09
      dizzyblue09 7 hours ago

      I was there. Loved the experience. All you critics had better run round that pitch in the freezing rain for an hour facing a team ranked second in the world when you can be fit to judge. Hang on in there lionesses, hold your heads up and get it together for the next game.

    • truthoutmedia
      truthoutmedia 16 hours ago

      @Kyle Muckian hahaha

    • Kyle Muckian
      Kyle Muckian 23 hours ago

      Women's Football is on the Rise whether you Like it or not Stop being so Bitter

  • Пінгвін Антарктичний

    Тогда еще мужики не брили грудь. Эх, были времена...

  • Surgical witch

    Stewie hahaha

  • jack forver
    jack forver Day ago

    Aya Cuando los igleses se burlaron de Perú que no saben jigar nada puez por las puras ese Perú pasa vergüenza nos mas

  • Hazardous89
    Hazardous89 Day ago


  • Yeshua Hamashiach

    Leah is the most beautiful isn't she

    • Kyle Muckian
      Kyle Muckian Day ago

      More importantly shes a very talented Footballer

  • Yeshua Hamashiach

    Please mr neville never let parris take a penalty again !!!!!

    • Yeshua Hamashiach
      Yeshua Hamashiach Day ago

      Just ignore her, England is fantastic, we will get there eventually

    • Sabrina Jeylani
      Sabrina Jeylani Day ago

      Yeshua Hamashiach I'm not talking about you I'm talking about xxjamxx p.v

    • Yeshua Hamashiach
      Yeshua Hamashiach Day ago

      I'm not laughing am i

    • Sabrina Jeylani
      Sabrina Jeylani Day ago

      That's not even funny it's just rude if you took the pen u would never be able to score

    • xxjamxx p.v
      xxjamxx p.v Day ago

      Please 😂😂👏👏.

  • BOSSanac!
    BOSSanac! Day ago

    Well at least England are the best in the world at missing penalties

  • Nellie Z
    Nellie Z Day ago

    When Lucy gave her jacket to the little girl🥰