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  • Anns Mahboob
    Anns Mahboob 17 hours ago

    Dont care what you say about Klopp, Mou or even Zidane. Dont care what trophies they are winning, Pep is the greatest manager of our generation. And im not even a city fan.

  • the chicken man
    the chicken man 17 hours ago

    Lol does he even no what race he is I mean their half black half white but they think they are white look around the uk lol

  • Ros Sopheaktra
    Ros Sopheaktra 17 hours ago

    Hope he will be back to EPL

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake 18 hours ago


  • katsar kadzar
    katsar kadzar 19 hours ago

    They don't look like africans

  • Immortal
    Immortal 19 hours ago

    All those friendly, familiar faces.. makes you think about top flight football before the 60s

  • rob jones
    rob jones 21 hour ago

    he should get a 8 week ban and no pay, heavy fine also

  • Jessica Nohro
    Jessica Nohro 22 hours ago

    All the PL player&Club board need to come out together,force FA to make example out of Dele Alli.

  • crocodile
    crocodile 22 hours ago

    against modern football,wtf proffesional footballer still using snapchat...

  • Trap Town RNR
    Trap Town RNR 22 hours ago

    Goob job! :) Keep it up! Would you like to be FLash-player friends? :]

  • Mike Browne
    Mike Browne 22 hours ago

    What a heel filming in portrait!!!

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    This will only get worse

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    Dont allowed any black player and then it will stopped.

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    He loose the coolness of football and get himself in a dump forever in his life.

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    Kick his head at the next play dont he have any manners at all banned completely from football for his life. Dark attitude.

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    This will only get worsen or you could leave eit

  • Lian Guite
    Lian Guite Day ago

    This man has crossed his line kick him out of the club .showing a bad hand gesture to the people may he die soon. I'll be there a your funeral if I m not busy

  • ha ha he he
    ha ha he he Day ago

    2 girls kissing... so sexy

  • Chris Swales
    Chris Swales Day ago

    The video is not racist. Bad joke maybe

  • the money stacker

    make my day and subscibe to my channel :)

  • the money stacker

    make my day and subscibe :)

  • Savage Cabbage

    Where tf is the outcry from the media about this? Where are the accusations of blatant racism etc? Where’s all the hysteria? Oh yeah. He isn’t white and the guy he is being blatantly racist towards is Asian. You’ve got to have black or brown skin to be a victim and white skin to be the perpetrator. Garbage journalism as usual.

  • davidogan
    davidogan Day ago

    Imagine an Asian guy did the same thing to a black guy during Ebola outbreak. OMG! Riots on the streets!

  • Michael Kane
    Michael Kane Day ago

    "I just wanted to apologise on my behalf" What?

  • John Parker
    John Parker Day ago

    The apology was about as insincere as it gets,his people ie PR people at the club told him to apologise,wonder if he could even point at where China is on a map,nevermind Korea or Japan,or wherever the guy he filmed was from.

  • Anees Ali
    Anees Ali Day ago

    Wtf just happened.. The footballer and then the commentator

  • Joline Andersson

    I’m not saying this because I’m a spurs fan. Everyone human being makes mistakes sometimes and no one is perfect, even if he did take it a bit too far doesn’t mean that he’s racist, he apologised and feel bad about what he did and If he wasn’t famous it wouldn’t be such a big thing, I mean many people had been joking about the corona virus and then people laughed but I think that it’s worse because he’s famous.

    • Jessica Nohro
      Jessica Nohro 22 hours ago

      Na....Dele know what he do,not a mistake,he know racist better than anyone else.FA should use Ali as an example for the sake of PL.

  • goatsears
    goatsears Day ago

    Another micro-brained "celebrity" doing stuff without thinking through any possible consequences, how unusual. Fine him three months wages.

  • Mohammad mirwais haidari

    Ozil your right brother

  • Mohammad mirwais haidari

    Ozil your right brother.

  • Eazy Kidda
    Eazy Kidda Day ago

    NO5 hang your boots up.

  • Kristanto Siagian

    Is that goran pandev there?

    • VJVMuzika
      VJVMuzika Day ago

      Its Goran Pandev's younger brother, Saško Pandev. Saško plays for Academy Pandev FC in Macedonia. The club was founded and owned by Goran Pandev.

  • Awesome Raps
    Awesome Raps Day ago

    0:48 Robert Patrick is that you?

  • Ich bin
    Ich bin Day ago


  • MRDH33.0
    MRDH33.0 Day ago

    Finally a ref who’s got some balls

  • Godwin Ogabo
    Godwin Ogabo Day ago

    Chelsea out already

  • Trap Town RNR
    Trap Town RNR 2 days ago

    Great video! Keep it up Would you like to be FLash-player friends? :]

  • Edward H
    Edward H 2 days ago

    I like Frank, this was an honest appraisal of his team sans excuses or hyperbole. His managerial career is only in its infancy but I'm confident he'll go down as an all time great

  • Murari S
    Murari S 2 days ago

    First like

  • Benson
    Benson 2 days ago

    The police looks more like the violent ones and seems to course trouble more than the fans

  • Des Lawson
    Des Lawson 2 days ago

    Reffed by Charlie bronson

  • ElektrykPL
    ElektrykPL 2 days ago

    kto z Polski?

  • Jeffery Tang
    Jeffery Tang 2 days ago

    Ramos: yes, it will be a 'hard fight'

  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 2 days ago

    Sunday League at it's finest lads

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 2 days ago

    Puro Mexicano 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  • steven cellugi
    steven cellugi 2 days ago

    This is world class assist if you ask me.

  • Nikola Mitologija
    Nikola Mitologija 2 days ago

    Nema ali kod dele alija

  • Julio De Leon
    Julio De Leon 2 days ago

    At least he tried.

  • Name Surname
    Name Surname 2 days ago

    Cant be that quick, ive only just seen it

  • Inverness Fan
    Inverness Fan 2 days ago

    That is a big rise by Brighton. But I am an Aberdeen and Inverness fan. But I think all English clubs should avoid travelling to North America or Asia. This is because of global warming. Everytime you fly across the Atlantic or Asia you are increasing the carbon footprint. Instead Brighton and Hove should tour Scotland or mainland Europe.

  • Josh Aston
    Josh Aston 2 days ago

    Ref shouldn't have allowed play to continue with more than one ball on the pitch?

  • Ankan Maiti
    Ankan Maiti 2 days ago

    So that was considered as a handball or foul or what?

  • bhargav blaze
    bhargav blaze 3 days ago

    When Chinese dances as black faces for lunar new year ... Who is responsible for that racist behaviour ... Chinese government ?? 🤔🤔🧐

  • M Syafii
    M Syafii 3 days ago

    Doi: Sayang lagi dimana? Gw: Lagi main sama temen nih Doi: Dirumah lagi gak ada orang nih Gw: 0:03

  • Moorb0y52
    Moorb0y52 3 days ago

    I was worried for a moment he wasn't getting a card 🤦‍♀️

  • Kai-Man Toa
    Kai-Man Toa 3 days ago

    Its not even a big deal. The guy went through ebola he is only being cautious.

  • Viruz jr
    Viruz jr 3 days ago

    0:28 That is one friend that always encourage you to talk to your crush...

  • Peter Green
    Peter Green 3 days ago

    Well it went in

  • Eric Matengu
    Eric Matengu 3 days ago

    Lol the guy is still asking ref why his getting sent off.😂😂

  • unchanging golovin
    unchanging golovin 3 days ago

    macedonian rice farmers making up rules on the spot and refs going along with it, you can't write this stuff would still pay to see these games though, banterous stuff

  • JokerSF
    JokerSF 3 days ago

    Why don't you guys use HIIDE and ban the agitators from future games for a year. Once you get all of the agitators it should be enough of an example to any other people who might want to cause problems. And those that get banned for a year might think twice next year. I mean this crazy. Why do you guys tolerate this?

  • hank jones
    hank jones 3 days ago

    Lol at his teammates acting like it's the biggest injustice ever.

  • MisterTracks
    MisterTracks 3 days ago

    nice video

  • Guardian Football
    Guardian Football 3 days ago

    Watch more from the amazing world of sport series here ►

  • Satish 10
    Satish 10 3 days ago

    😂😂😂funny player

  • MisterTracks
    MisterTracks 3 days ago

    lovely content

  • MisterTracks
    MisterTracks 3 days ago

    awesome video

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs 3 days ago

    big up

  • Prash
    Prash 3 days ago

    When you're child phase has left you yet and u think this is recess at school. 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Gizaw
    Samuel Gizaw 3 days ago

    Takes balls to do that 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Sean RL
      Sean RL 3 days ago

      Maybe a lack of a brain!

    • Suhh Dude
      Suhh Dude 3 days ago

      Samuel Gizaw I’ll give you that one

  • Warmaster Gorrath
    Warmaster Gorrath 3 days ago

    You can't do that and not expect to get carded.

  • Bucket with a face on it

    Nothing proved. Rudiger could of made it up.

  • Jay Bone
    Jay Bone 3 days ago

    VAR would have overturned it

  • Kershi B
    Kershi B 3 days ago

    He came off because the referee gave him yellow card for taking up the seat and throwing it down for defending his skin colour

  • Roman Darius
    Roman Darius 4 days ago

    L'Italia ha besogno dell'immigrazione Africana e Asiatica tanto quanto una Nave che affonda richiede piu acqua! (La parola razzista viene utilizzato solo sui bianchi)

  • David Villa
    David Villa 4 days ago

    Why you all celebrating, you just got knocked out in the round of 16 😂

  • christopher brown
    christopher brown 4 days ago

    Hahah he was lucky the other guy scored

  • Suzie.q Popcorn123
    Suzie.q Popcorn123 4 days ago

    And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for that pesky pitch.

  • terry phidaheights
    terry phidaheights 4 days ago


  • Sheik
    Sheik 4 days ago

    Mourinho's moved to London from Manchester and got himself some better quality gear... 🌱🌱🌱

  • Camaro ss
    Camaro ss 4 days ago


  • unknown territory
    unknown territory 4 days ago

    he wants to bite the interviewer

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 4 days ago

    He has a WHITE wife, hates his own skin color!!

  • Dough Boy
    Dough Boy 4 days ago

    No evidence of any wrong doing from the Tottenham fans. With all the security and cameras, they found nothing. It was all lies

  • S Mc
    S Mc 4 days ago


  • L R
    L R 4 days ago

    Racism is disgusting

  • Michael Wilfred
    Michael Wilfred 4 days ago

    So disgusting the fa is expected to deduce points and fine Victoria fc for their fan acts.

  • Max Ukas
    Max Ukas 4 days ago

    Poor useless race which grows faster than coronavirus last century...

  • Stacey Fonseca
    Stacey Fonseca 5 days ago

    Ofcourse owner put money in the club illegally

    • takshona
      takshona 4 days ago

      Many clubs in Europe cheated more than that but without a single punishment. There is a dirty game behind what happened.

  • M Rhama
    M Rhama 5 days ago

    wew damn

  • Mykon PT
    Mykon PT 5 days ago

    Okay so if this is true fans were angry that he scored and threw seats... what else is new? Can i get the video that shows any racism pls... fking drama queen pleying for attention

  • karloz gutieres
    karloz gutieres 5 days ago

    I think he is a rugby player lol.

  • CJ Roberts
    CJ Roberts 5 days ago

    Outstanding 😂

  • Callum Heaps
    Callum Heaps 5 days ago

    No 5 lol top class defending lad

  • Jeffery Tang
    Jeffery Tang 5 days ago

    var is clearly helpful, we've seen it work from the other leagues. idk why pl has so much controversy...

  • Mosheh Yahcoo
    Mosheh Yahcoo 5 days ago


    EFC HENRY 5 days ago

    Love these types of vids!

  • wowdotid
    wowdotid 5 days ago

    horrible tackle u know 🧐😮😵

  • Pranay Lad
    Pranay Lad 5 days ago

    It no fair really we should just get rid of it

    • habshabsrule
      habshabsrule 5 days ago

      The problem isnt Var. It's the people who are making the decision using Var.