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  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry 11 minutes ago

    Autohaus Hinzmann. That's the bmw dealership in my neighborhood here in Spenge, Germany. It's kind of funny to know now that this car is from here and now endep up in your video somehow.

  • VassiliGamba
    VassiliGamba 25 minutes ago

    you saved yourself

  • Lars Østerberg
    Lars Østerberg 36 minutes ago

    stripes is the only way

  • 13stile
    13stile 37 minutes ago

    hurts so much i must dislike... but wount ;)

    • 13stile
      13stile 35 minutes ago

      after last part of video must like... and willl

  • Ezequiel Ridolfi
    Ezequiel Ridolfi 53 minutes ago

    I was thinking in a front bumper, but pretty accurate none the less. Now, ***make it a track rocket!!***

  • OfficerBob
    OfficerBob Hour ago

    Omg it's the 63 Tesla dude!

  • MTB RoadTripper
    MTB RoadTripper Hour ago

    Impressive. I did Morzine to Trieste in a 2001 1.4 Petrol Polo once. 546 miles avoiding toll roads. Thought that was impressive.

  • Ali Ashraf
    Ali Ashraf Hour ago

    If you scrap it I need some parts for my s500

  • Oni0nnn
    Oni0nnn Hour ago

    How can you say with a straight face that a 106 isnt cool???

  • Vicky Donor
    Vicky Donor Hour ago

    Sweet Jesus

  • Cliff Tavares
    Cliff Tavares Hour ago

    Good for a quick laugh, but a total waste of time and resources. Among many other aspects, couldn't help noticing how the seat belts are screwed into wood. I mean, that's just ridiculously stupid and dangerous. Anyway, can't believe that you're allowed to actually drive it on public roads, that's just insane! Good luck trying to drive that thing anywhere outside of england 🤣🤣😂😂

  • LukeTheJoker
    LukeTheJoker Hour ago

    Bring back the Prelude build!

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 2 hours ago

    I hope the money was worth it ;

  • Skyline Av services
    Skyline Av services 2 hours ago

    Take it to a garage up north and have them fit used spares from eBay. Or stop dancing around like an exited big kid with a bulging wallet and get your hands dirtt

  • Abid Ashraf
    Abid Ashraf 2 hours ago

    I don't see the Nissan juke

  • Suresh Rangana
    Suresh Rangana 2 hours ago


  • Hacker Dude
    Hacker Dude 2 hours ago

    That's alot of health for a moving moving shed.

  • Balla1989aus
    Balla1989aus 2 hours ago

    Every person I’ve known to like rotars is also mad keen on making car noises with their mouth.

  • Rover200Power
    Rover200Power 2 hours ago

    The Jaguar XK is easily £10,000 better.

  • harld kardika
    harld kardika 3 hours ago

    yes, they actually bought a whip

  • d fzr progress enterprise

    Nice car alfa

    ANMOL SINGH 3 hours ago


  • R32 RYAN
    R32 RYAN 3 hours ago

    RIP ❤️

  • MrCroatia
    MrCroatia 4 hours ago

    here in america ive never heard "Christ on a bike" and this is amazing

  • Poypoy Germinal
    Poypoy Germinal 4 hours ago

    3:40 the background music is the same as in Abroad in Japan youtube channel

  • Tomlosy
    Tomlosy 5 hours ago

    *all stars slowly intensify.*

  • BALBIR Singh
    BALBIR Singh 5 hours ago

    Great 👍

  • InsaNe Ali
    InsaNe Ali 6 hours ago

    0:27 Michelin man get exited on the left

  • Some vlogs i post for no reason h

    This is a AE-85 but mk

  • Wild Tuk Tuk Adventure Philippines

    nice one.. i'm also Travelling the whole Philippines using a Tuk tuk.. you might be interested viewing my Channel..

  • Dangleplums
    Dangleplums 8 hours ago

    Holy shit i didnt know you speak finnish

  • Wes K
    Wes K 8 hours ago

    The Prius is mostly hated only by entitled drivers who think they own the road. No dude, you can't blame the Prius for your inability to drive properly

  • MrOtter1987
    MrOtter1987 8 hours ago

    Idiot mechanic £1000 for a headlight??!!??!!??!!??!!

  • Kane O'Toole
    Kane O'Toole 8 hours ago

    0:58 is a BMW e92 335i I've got one 😅

  • Kane O'Toole
    Kane O'Toole 8 hours ago

    As weird as it sounds I really wants donna kabab now

  • Travis Decker
    Travis Decker 9 hours ago

    Holy hell. I pay $26 a month for a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. WTF is the average salary over there? $80 an hour? Between tax, insurance, fuel, rent, etc... how the hell do people survive?

  • jack spratt
    jack spratt 9 hours ago

    Guys you've ruined it for me. I love watching you people who are the same demographic as myself doing car stuff. Now I realise you're boss is an asian. I'm not tuning in again. There are other out there doing similar stuff. I might as well go and watch BBC's Homes Under Mohammed if I want to watch wealthy asians doing shit. What is the UK coming too. Is nothing sacred any more. Middle class white guys under the yoke of the asian.

  • xXxBUNDIExXx
    xXxBUNDIExXx 10 hours ago

    Huh, I thought MR2 stood for mid engine, rear wheel drive, twin cam. Learned something new 👍

  • Aidan Duncan
    Aidan Duncan 10 hours ago

    Couldn’t understand half this video. Too British. Wtf is a tube or a jdm car?

  • bartosz ruminsk
    bartosz ruminsk 10 hours ago

    Corsa C is the best, come on

  • dopiaza2006
    dopiaza2006 10 hours ago

    That door look supiciously like it was kicked in for the video. Rest of the car looks pretty straight.

  • dopiaza2006
    dopiaza2006 10 hours ago

    Channel sold out - unsubscribe! If you're going for sponsored videos at least admit. We're not stupid.

  • Nick Donavan
    Nick Donavan 10 hours ago

    trailer park boys

  • Marc B
    Marc B 10 hours ago

    Never had car myself. But insurance in UK is over expensive.

  • Riggin Thorniley
    Riggin Thorniley 11 hours ago

    These little segments have been awesome, but I'm ready for another series! Maybe a budget, big dumb american drag car?

  • courtz_dee75
    courtz_dee75 11 hours ago

    Me: Google’s SSV’s. Great series.

  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 11 hours ago

    This is generally how all old hondas are treated. It's rare seeing a bmw in such a state.

  • courtz_dee75
    courtz_dee75 11 hours ago

    Josh is too smooth!!! We all need a Josh in our lives!

  • aaw io
    aaw io 11 hours ago

    Do you know how the Spacestar’s handling this tourture It’s from japan

  • neil mason
    neil mason 12 hours ago

    12months MOT at the start of September!!!! most of the stuff he brought up are advisories!!!

  • Cameron slack
    Cameron slack 12 hours ago

    I'm 19 and it would cost £2,100 to insure xD

  • Fellatio Belsen
    Fellatio Belsen 12 hours ago

    I thought you were great on the undateables !

    SPACECRUISER96 12 hours ago

    Song that was used on the intro of Prelude is called Night Stalker - Wave Saver I finally found it and I think would be nice posting it since many people search for it

  • Dot Man
    Dot Man 12 hours ago

    The 3+3 seating plan can also be found in my car, the Honda FR-V, which does it way better than the Multipla.

  • Bence Müller
    Bence Müller 12 hours ago

    i think the most important, don't take too much risk on public roads and stay calm.

  • Soner
    Soner 12 hours ago

    what the fuck was this in romford????

  • Aleks Čuk
    Aleks Čuk 12 hours ago

    1150£ to insure this shit box? I just insured a 1998 Passat 1.8T for 500£ lmao

  • Scottie Steiner
    Scottie Steiner 12 hours ago

    He had plenty of room in the beginning.

  • Claire Morris
    Claire Morris 12 hours ago

    I would love to win this car

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V 12 hours ago

    How to make yourself look like a boring old fart: Make this video.

  • AdamN
    AdamN 12 hours ago

    I could've sworn I saw this on the hard shoulder of the Northbound M40 this morning (16/10/19) can someone at CT confirm or deny?

  • Cameron Rich
    Cameron Rich 12 hours ago

    I looked at the video cover image and thought that isn't like any singer I've ever seen, it looks more like a 911 Porsche... 😂

  • Wesley Velroij
    Wesley Velroij 12 hours ago

    The 106 was my first car, and it had the same seats: it was very cheap in tax and insurance in the Netherlands, but only had 50hp and was a bit slow 😅 But it was the most retro car I ever owned, although the 205 was also very retro. Which I owned after the 106.

  • Mark J
    Mark J 13 hours ago

    I hate it when car companies put massive touch screens on the dash, I personally prefer buttons and dials and switches

  • ßaron
    ßaron 13 hours ago


  • T
    T 13 hours ago

    Let's fix this Mercedes.

  • Marco Bertoglio
    Marco Bertoglio 13 hours ago

    TOXIC MASCULINITY, now I understand the concept. Thank you very much!

  • emixm3
    emixm3 13 hours ago

    You soulless s.o.b.!!!! How can you torment such a beautiful piece of machinery!!! One can only dream of having such a car and you, a car enthusiast channel, are destroying it?!?! And for what? Advertising a stupid fault reader app?!?!?!?! You sir, have lost at least a subscriber! Good days... to the car. You can eat a brick!!!

  • Michael Loach
    Michael Loach 13 hours ago

    OK, lower the seat squab so it feels comfortable, done! Now ive got to raise my line of sight? Hang on there! I like my driving position kinda high (Im only 5'5") so I go for a rally drivers position, forward & in control. Am I missing something?

  • Crypticexpert
    Crypticexpert 13 hours ago

    Horrible tests in UK

  • GreasyMidget
    GreasyMidget 13 hours ago

    This is the 2nd time i have watched this and you two do play off each other well, shits funny.

  • Anže Košir
    Anže Košir 13 hours ago

    incurance is seriously expensive over there on the island, i only pay about 450€ a year for a smart roadster in slovenia and i am 22

  • flip inheck
    flip inheck 14 hours ago

    I bought one simply because it was cheap, it was certainly no sports car and my old Wagon R ran circles around it.

  • Dangleplums
    Dangleplums 14 hours ago

    I used a 2001 Focus as a taxi with more than 200,000 miles on it and it ran like butter, it had been so looked after!

    NOMAD DRIVES 14 hours ago

    Too good

  • Random Gameplay
    Random Gameplay 14 hours ago

    Can’t you buy a auto Supra than put a 2jz gte And put a manual transmission in it

  • Lee Quemard
    Lee Quemard 14 hours ago

    1k insurance for a 1.1, crazy

  • Renee Rehe
    Renee Rehe 14 hours ago

    Jesus, the insurance prices in UK, blody hell. In Estonia a 1 year insurance on my 250 kw/4.2 V8 Audi S4 from 2003 is 160 €. Absolutely INSANE

  • J Anything
    J Anything 14 hours ago

    I have both 😁

  • ynwa
    ynwa 14 hours ago

    Edd china!!!

  • Nikola Zaharija
    Nikola Zaharija 14 hours ago

    Vw 1.4 55kw the Best :)

  • Noukz
    Noukz 14 hours ago


  • Frfoljek
    Frfoljek 14 hours ago

    Peugeot 106 rules! 😂

  • jay harhat
    jay harhat 14 hours ago

    Strip it out, tune it up and make it an official drift machine it's earned that at least 💙

  • Josh
    Josh 15 hours ago

    This was great but it would’ve been cool if all three of you competed and had say a week to each buy your own car and reveal them at the end.

  • ryathoma
    ryathoma 15 hours ago

    Lady says, “Do you realize this space is for caravans only?” I respond, “Do you realize this is a McLaren 570S, BEYOTCH???!!!”

  • TheFkgood
    TheFkgood 15 hours ago

    Yeah, what about people who can't afford a fancy new car, and still they love their old cars..this video sounds soo much like nitpicking

  • Piction
    Piction 15 hours ago

    Pushing in the button when pulling the hand brake up... disgrace

  • Slog
    Slog 16 hours ago

    I can’t even afford paper to print a car picture

  • SV Havin' Patience
    SV Havin' Patience 16 hours ago

    My 2000 Jetta TDI has 386,500 mile with original clutch and I call him Old Reliable.

  • mumia76
    mumia76 16 hours ago

    Is this a petrolicious video accidentally uploaded to the wrong channel?

  • L.J Turner
    L.J Turner 16 hours ago

    Used cars can be pretty cheap in the UK But for young drivers, you may as well double or triple the price because insurance is outrageous

  • SlosII
    SlosII 16 hours ago

    Top tip: don't be Russian

  • Alex Nicholson
    Alex Nicholson 16 hours ago

    First car at 21???

  • TT
    TT 17 hours ago

    CeLEEKa, I love it. Here we say CELLica, I love pronunciation differences like that.

  • Shaun Gilmartin
    Shaun Gilmartin 17 hours ago

    selling a car for profit is known as motor trading and you would have liability under the sale of goods act for the condition and repairs of the sale that you made to that bloke which could end up biting you in the ass.

  • Adria
    Adria 17 hours ago

    That sound ... Nvidia... +1

    MERCENARY VII 17 hours ago

    Nasty dent in the door 7:07 in the door

  • Nelson Brown
    Nelson Brown 17 hours ago

    Are you not going to highlight the "my other car is a porch" bumper sticker?

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 17 hours ago