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No Room For Racism
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  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Hour ago

    Even Spurs' ALTER EGO(ROTTingham), has given up on them and and they've been left wid DELE ALLI.

  • PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    0:00 that breath lol

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony Hour ago

    He did the best he could he even joked about leaving and he should have it’s a dumpster fire now and he’s ruining his brand. Madrid will take him next season.

  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Hour ago

    ONLY Tottenham (+their symphethisers) thut they were any good.. Back to REALITY , cos Tottenham have BECOME.... a bit SPURSY.

  • aaron smith
    aaron smith Hour ago

    All Jose ever did any club he went to was speak facts. No club likes that.

  • Jela Boothe
    Jela Boothe Hour ago

    Watford? Yep, Watford...stuck ROCK SOLID 2 the bottom with QUAUTRA points.. Yep Watford. So is POCH, Still GR8 coach? Is he heck..6yrs,NO TROPHIES.. even MANPOOs, OLE who been there 1/2 season is being moaned at. Why? Excuses f POCH.?

  • Ace Cream
    Ace Cream Hour ago

    4 years later and Liverpool surpased Real Madrid and Barcelona Won the Champions League and are favorites for the premier league title 'The normal one'

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi Hour ago

    Honest. Insightful. Hahahhaa

  • toxicbutterspread143

    Frank lampard is a breath of fresh air to the Chelsea hopeful. I had very low expectations going into the season but Frank is really delivering some exciting stuff for the club. I mean its early days yet but my only expectation for this season was to avoid renagation so happy days

  • Hugo Vendetta
    Hugo Vendetta Hour ago

    Why is the premier league using VAR if they are going to ignore outrageous faults?

  • Jacob Scarr
    Jacob Scarr Hour ago

    love Harry Kane standing up for his lads

  • Link for Ched
    Link for Ched Hour ago

    Who earns more from sky Gary or Jamie? 😂

  • Dick Hammerbush
    Dick Hammerbush Hour ago

    Good things happen to good people. Well done Matt Targett. UTV.

  • Hallie Berry
    Hallie Berry Hour ago

    Not that I think he would be in that top 5, but Sturridge scored 21 goals in the 13/14 season so shouldn't he be included in that list? Makes me think there are more that they missed

  • Jay Dawes
    Jay Dawes Hour ago

    It’s hard under pressure, just wait till you play Liverpool 😘😏

  • Gouge Away
    Gouge Away Hour ago

    Probably one of the most blatantly obvious pens I've ever seen on KDB. Did Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli quit music to work the VAR booth or what?

  • Yer Meh
    Yer Meh Hour ago

    Absolutely class these legends of the game

  • William Anthony
    William Anthony Hour ago

    Var is a joke for all the wrong reasons

  • kevin Coyb
    kevin Coyb Hour ago

    Pair of pricks

  • y. n. w. a Tom
    y. n. w. a Tom Hour ago

    Say no to racism but you still have b. Silva on the pitch

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks Hour ago

    Scott Eastwood?

  • oshan link
    oshan link Hour ago

    CHO 20 he did well the best today

  • Dick Hammerbush
    Dick Hammerbush Hour ago

    I never thought I'd see the day Aston Villa would beat 10 men. But I did. So suck on that VAR. UTV.

  • Muhammad Farhan Bin Shaik Rashid

    I believe in ole but some toxic ppl in the management and the players has got to go.

  • Lionheart Fitness

    It’s like catching your girl cheating in your own house 😂😅😂

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 2 hours ago

    What was sublime about that volley?

  • Sean Rushe
    Sean Rushe 2 hours ago

    there is no way torres is better than wayne rooney

  • Liverpool 4 Ever
    Liverpool 4 Ever 2 hours ago

    The tone in this video is so filled oh hatred to The REDS! FYI we are going to beat the sht out of the mancs

  • Mehmet Kaan
    Mehmet Kaan 2 hours ago

    Clear pen...var says no pen and ref. Clear handball...var says no pen and ref. Complete garbage....

  • DaEABaller
    DaEABaller 2 hours ago

    This aged like fine wine.

  • Alex Healy
    Alex Healy 2 hours ago

    One day when Walcott retires I really hope fans give him credit for the awesome talent he really has shown in his career

  • Lionheart Fitness
    Lionheart Fitness 2 hours ago

    Sky sports please bring this back..

  • Moe
    Moe 2 hours ago

    the 4th goal should of been saved poor goalkeeping

  • Dowgie AP
    Dowgie AP 2 hours ago

    They should just retire and become you tubers

  • Henry Rincavage
    Henry Rincavage 2 hours ago

    How that wasn’t a pen for city is beyond me. Zaha runs straight into de bruyne from the side/behind and then shoved him down. No attempt at the ball.

  • jackattack212
    jackattack212 2 hours ago

    Loved Torres at Liverpool ,fond memories ,how time flies. Enjoying n loving klopps successful Liverpool ,European champions baby

  • Ineedanamehelp
    Ineedanamehelp 2 hours ago

    Ok who is this Ray Cism guy and why does he hate black people

  • pelupss
    pelupss 2 hours ago

    Newcastle play good football defensively. Tough game for Chelsea but very happy that Chelsea won

  • Jamal Aden
    Jamal Aden 2 hours ago

    Va Va Voom all day mate! Thierry was robbed off the Ballon D’Or on at least 3 occasions according to most experts, dragged a useless Arsenal to the 2006 CL final. Won a couple of titles and would score all kinds of goals. Headers, free kicks, tap-ins, bursts etc, etc. Thierry was simply beautiful. Aguero is a Wayne Rooney type player. He has no business being compared to Henry!

  • Jugi
    Jugi 2 hours ago

    how you feel about a player is not an argument against their ability. rooney is easily number one, ronaldo played on the wing more

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 2 hours ago

    Black people are so violent

  • HS_Skipper
    HS_Skipper 2 hours ago

    how does the highlights not show the VAR decision of “No Goal” and then it’s given. no context put into the controversy at all in this video.

  • punk ask
    punk ask 2 hours ago

    is this Man Utd TV?

  • timothy phillips
    timothy phillips 2 hours ago

    A fluke result The Albion has fifty one percent of the ball with ten men. A great performance from the team unlucky, but we move on. The better team by far with eleven on the pitch. UTA

  • Reinhard Or Die Trying

    how can you disallow a goal being no where near the net and not even checking the var. Lazy referee.

  • HS_Skipper
    HS_Skipper 2 hours ago

    must be a villa fan this commentator proper into it ahhaha love it though 😂

  • prav singh
    prav singh 2 hours ago

    Daniel Sturridge scored 21 goals during 2013/14 btw lads

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 2 hours ago

    VAR has ruined the game why do none of the refs use the screen because they are posh w*****s

  • James Burns
    James Burns 2 hours ago

    Wtf Mooy doing?

  • OllieSutton
    OllieSutton 2 hours ago

    People acting like both teams shouldnt have had pens in this game

  • WhatWAsThatClip !
    WhatWAsThatClip ! 2 hours ago

    Leicester fan here and he is 100% correct

  • Bahawal Ali
    Bahawal Ali 2 hours ago

    Absolute joke of a list loool. Should've been: 1. Ronaldo 2. Rooney 3. Suarez 4. Van Nistelrooy 5. Van Persie

  • Nico Widjaja
    Nico Widjaja 2 hours ago

    Hi ferdinand scholes and gary how are you today? Please support ole for 10 years. He is your friend wright?

  • Stoopid Penguin
    Stoopid Penguin 2 hours ago

    I’d keep martial in the starting 11 He’s alright I guess but then jadon Sancho is better. Now I think that Sancho should be replace martial but martial stay on the bench

  • Hank Shuler
    Hank Shuler 2 hours ago

    tough list. Salah had the best year for any attacker ever in the Premier League and he will definitely get in by the time he finishes at Liverpool. Maybe even top the list.

  • rosser man
    rosser man 2 hours ago

    No mention of his drink driving or his cocaine use or even numerous infidelity with his wife sat at homes?

  • Aidan CE
    Aidan CE 2 hours ago

    Poor officiating. As come to be expected from the PL.

  • Blue Crayon
    Blue Crayon 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Vanadam
    Daniel Vanadam 2 hours ago

    United are capable of spending more. How well has that worked out over the last 4 yrs.

  • Lionel messigician
    Lionel messigician 2 hours ago

    do u think a broke ass team like that can spend 700m on transfer

  • yanchand
    yanchand 2 hours ago


  • miverick86
    miverick86 2 hours ago

    Ederson pulled off a couple of great saves there! Man City dominating of course could have been 4/5

  • Zayn Hussain
    Zayn Hussain 2 hours ago

    Get rid of these clowns

  • Ted Beech
    Ted Beech 2 hours ago

    In all honesty, Im glad these soft taps aren't being given as penalties, players have looked for penalties for too long and finally they can stop it with VAR, this any content in the box is bullshit, it's circumstancial completely.

  • Khalil Ali
    Khalil Ali 2 hours ago

    I don’t know why they don’t have a screen for the referees to review like they do in other big leagues and the champions league.

  • Jops_1996
    Jops_1996 2 hours ago

    Chris Wood finally starting to show some of the form he had when he was at Leeds!

  • Colin R
    Colin R 2 hours ago

    Clear pen for city not given. Shocker. VAR is a complete waste of money get most decisions wrong. It's getting unreal now.

  • dogcatdogable
    dogcatdogable 2 hours ago

    "van Nistelrooy was just a goalscorer" is such reductive nonsense

  • Adam Hague
    Adam Hague 2 hours ago

    VAR is dead. Long live VAR.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 hours ago

    There is no room for racism.

  • Red Lavish
    Red Lavish 2 hours ago

    Harry Kane needs to be dropped.

  • jake jackman
    jake jackman 2 hours ago

    Ole looks like Professor McGonagall

  • GiraffePlayz
    GiraffePlayz 2 hours ago

    Ederson is underated 👀👀👀

  • Colin R
    Colin R 2 hours ago

    VAR fuks another game. Never touched him. Lost his footing. Ball was going in. Disgraceful. Some of those var decisions in all games today are a joke. Liverpool will prob get some free ones tomorrow.

    • Colin R
      Colin R Hour ago

      @D L4Y not a city fan. It's a comedy. Ball was already in. The mistakes by car are unreal. Watch it again.

    • D L4Y
      D L4Y 2 hours ago

      U can see evans gets tripped from behind what are you watching?

  • zackewers
    zackewers 2 hours ago

    Mane salah strikers??

  • Duval Hazard
    Duval Hazard 2 hours ago

    Var ruining the great game soon there will no referees in the middle of the park...scrap Var

    SELFMADE 7 2 hours ago

    1. Ronaldo 2. Rooney 3. Van Nisterlooy 4. Suarez 5. Torres

  • AR
    AR 2 hours ago

    Every time CHO plays he gets an assist, he’s insane!!

  • SS Emergency Videos: Spotting, Gaming & More

    As a Chelsea fan, I’m not concerned where we finish this season so long as our youth form is kept up

  • Bill Freestone
    Bill Freestone 3 hours ago

    Harsh decision. But don't use theres "no intention"... that doesn't matter!! Intention is irrelevant, has every right to be annoyed but in my opinion he's arguing the wrong point

  • JamieG321
    JamieG321 3 hours ago

    You’re just trying to go for the cool/nostalgic look if you say Rooney/Van Nisteroy is better than Suarez. Because most aren’t playing anymore people tend to remember players as being better than they were

  • ginger
    ginger 3 hours ago

    Funny how many Keith Barry n John's are gon mental at this as if this is why utd are dein shite

  • James 17
    James 17 3 hours ago

    David Silva's hair transplant is the best I've ever seen

  • Alim Siddique
    Alim Siddique 3 hours ago

    They'll finish in top 4 they'll keep getting better. Honestly didn't think they'd make the top 10 🙈 still plenty time tbf lol

  • Iwan Bayliss
    Iwan Bayliss 3 hours ago

    Wait, Ronaldo cost 100mil and Kane’s costing 200. They’re drunk

  • smsflemingsf
    smsflemingsf 3 hours ago

    *This referee is a joke*

  • NegsterArchive
    NegsterArchive 3 hours ago

    wtf is Joe doing here

  • Colin R
    Colin R 3 hours ago

    Wasn't a pen imo. Ran into the back of him. Dribbling was good though. Wolves should have won the game. Awful defending and just giving the ball away. Cut out the weakest link.

  • Via3t0 GD
    Via3t0 GD 3 hours ago

    It actually said “NO GOAL” on the board but it was still given

  • key buckley
    key buckley 3 hours ago


  • Arijus Birbalas
    Arijus Birbalas 3 hours ago

    The goal shouldn’t of been disallowed the keeper jumped into Wesley’s arm

  • Khalil Ali
    Khalil Ali 3 hours ago

    How much did Newcastle pay for Joelinton again??😂😂😂

  • Subarna Figo
    Subarna Figo 3 hours ago

    Think I could be a referee.. couldn’t be worse..

  • El Gringo
    El Gringo 3 hours ago

    Not an arsenal fan on the monitor this week that's for sure.

  • Fully Lit
    Fully Lit 3 hours ago

    Steve sidwell would only improve the Man Utd squad 😭😂😂😂😂

  • scott wiggans
    scott wiggans 3 hours ago

    This is a joke Rooney in his prime was amazing and ronaldo wasn’t even a striker at utd

  • Static
    Static 3 hours ago

    VAR is a discrace

    ILLILLERY 3 hours ago

    Are you kidding me 😂, stopped this vid as soon as that decision was made .... Farcical

  • Donna Leeds
    Donna Leeds 3 hours ago

    I love Emerson if he wasn’t there it could of been 2-2 I love city yessssss

  • Big D
    Big D 3 hours ago

    Needed wolves to win for 157 damn you Var 🤬🤬🤬😩😩