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  • Dez
    Dez 13 hours ago

    As much respect as I have for Deulofeu, never in a million years was that a penalty.

  • Regan Allen
    Regan Allen 13 hours ago

    He got shut up pretty quick

  • Cillian L
    Cillian L 13 hours ago

    Leno is in my opinion Arsenals best player

    CHADA SPORT 13 hours ago


  • Mclovin
    Mclovin 13 hours ago

    This is why souness has no clear what he’s talking about half the time. Keane is spot on about the hugging, but souness the comes in saying antagonising the other team is wrong?? SAF used to do it to nearly every team he faced e.g. keegan and won 13 league titles because of it. Mourinho is even sat in the studio and he used to do it to everyone, especially Wenger, and that’s one of the many reasons why where ever he goes he always wins trophies. Souness can’t handle any criticism about Liverpool, great player, garbage pundit.

  • Ashley Mitchell
    Ashley Mitchell 13 hours ago

    We saved him from Wimbledon n all he does is throw it back in our face n now playing one game it's not good enough

  • AliPlxyz_
    AliPlxyz_ 13 hours ago

    How about Steven Gerrards worst ever slips😂😂😂😂

  • The HIBY HIBY Crew
    The HIBY HIBY Crew 14 hours ago

    thank goodness they didn't use the same editing style as last time

  • Akim Williams
    Akim Williams 14 hours ago

    U nobody teddy ..... Pogba is what manutd need

  • Bradley V
    Bradley V 14 hours ago

    What a team we had that season, what's happened since 😔

  • Alpha man
    Alpha man 14 hours ago

    He still hasn’t said sorry lol

  • Alan Foley
    Alan Foley 14 hours ago

    His Carragher cracks me up!!

  • DZestyHD
    DZestyHD 14 hours ago

    Christ, Steve Bruce is a scary bastard isn’t he?

  • Fabio Fernandes
    Fabio Fernandes 14 hours ago

    N Kyle Walker got banned from the English team but let’s not talk

  • Yusif Luay
    Yusif Luay 14 hours ago

    van gaal looks like a villain

  • Jamie Norris
    Jamie Norris 14 hours ago

    Shows how bad the press in Britain are.

  • gontse moeti
    gontse moeti 14 hours ago

    They won all 6 titles

  • hmp pigeonville
    hmp pigeonville 14 hours ago

    Punch them both about

  • Irish Farmer
    Irish Farmer 14 hours ago

    I feel bad for Cardiff If var was in that season Cardiff would still be in the league

  • D JM
    D JM 14 hours ago

    I’d have him back in a heartbeat once Frank’s time is up.

  • Jack
    Jack 14 hours ago

    Sexy 😍

  • Jack
    Jack 14 hours ago

    Love seeing him sad big man

  • Ms Fortnite
    Ms Fortnite 14 hours ago

    Even though they lost aguero is a baller

  • Clarke Empire
    Clarke Empire 14 hours ago

    As a Rochdale fan I am still embarrassed

  • W x B
    W x B 14 hours ago

    4:23 is absolute jokes. "I think this guy should never play football again. What is he doing on a football pitch?". lmao

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 14 hours ago


  • Harvey Kilgarriff
    Harvey Kilgarriff 14 hours ago

    Ronaldo is wearing number 10 in the thumbnail

    LADISLAV HRIC 14 hours ago

    Carragher impersonation was so funny

  • Aaron Matthews
    Aaron Matthews 14 hours ago

    He can believe all he likes, Newcastle bottled it big time!

  • Bobble 1432
    Bobble 1432 14 hours ago

    0:31 love how the teammate just puts his hands over his mouth in shock

  • C. T
    C. T 14 hours ago

    Its everyone elses fault , still

  • Jerome Holland
    Jerome Holland 14 hours ago

    Damn kevin prince so eloquent awesome interview. Very intelligent!

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 14 hours ago

    class fella

  • Jonny Riga
    Jonny Riga 14 hours ago

    What documentary is Alan Smith talking about?

  • Qtee
    Qtee 14 hours ago

    Isn't this the guy that played football in all white league in South Africa under the apartheid regime?

  • Dark Clan
    Dark Clan 14 hours ago

    Sissoko really deserved that goal his performance in that match was outstanding.

  • Reeceify
    Reeceify 15 hours ago

    Portugal fans are dead for atmosphere ngl haha

  • EnglishDave
    EnglishDave 15 hours ago

    Darren is absolutely brilliant, I love his Rafa impression😂

  • Ethan Mahoney
    Ethan Mahoney 15 hours ago

    I like Lee but I think this shows his inexperience that straight away he has come out to the press with this

  • Callum Bradke
    Callum Bradke 15 hours ago

    People have their right to display their opinions on all subjects, regardless if they are a highly paid athlete

  • Afdeling Skillz
    Afdeling Skillz 15 hours ago


  • Alistair Rogers
    Alistair Rogers 15 hours ago

    Why does he act like it's a fight😂

  • Duncan Allers
    Duncan Allers 15 hours ago

    This Liverpool team never gave up - such a great display of heart, courage and determination!

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 15 hours ago

    good striker

  • Will Sevy
    Will Sevy 15 hours ago

    What Man united players would fit into this Liverpool combined 11 Roy Keane: Yes

  • smart thought
    smart thought 15 hours ago

    Teddy Its time for a booze!

  • terubuk masin
    terubuk masin 15 hours ago

    Its done by 25 points. Covid19 save the other teams from blushes

  • M U S H I I L A A L E
    M U S H I I L A A L E 15 hours ago


  • SS Dar
    SS Dar 15 hours ago

    Lmao at the managers angry at Rafa, when the reason he made that gesture was because he told Alonso not to take the FK, but Alonso took it and scored, so he was saying "forget it, ignore me", he wasn't saying the game was over. Allardyce is an insecure joke to football.

  • SportsLife365
    SportsLife365 15 hours ago

    No. He needs to stay at a top-level club for one whole season, and right now that's Borussia Dortmund.

  • Riri Travels
    Riri Travels 15 hours ago

    Whos watching this in 2020

  • jay richardson
    jay richardson 15 hours ago

    Liverpool didn't deserve a point this game united deserved the win

  • Unicorn TV Cannock
    Unicorn TV Cannock 15 hours ago

    How long as David from coronation street been Jacks stand in?? UTV super super Jack

  • Christopher Rukowicz
    Christopher Rukowicz 15 hours ago

    Yes please bring back. They could have games or tournaments in different parts of the world so people in other countries could see some of the greatest players of all time. A Legends, Champions League style, Futsal League/Tournament that has some matches abroad would be amazing. I know they would sell out venues & arenas in US. In 5-10 years this could be something great. This would be Great for the sport, the Economies where tournaments were held, things like the mental health of former players, as mentioned above, the pro’s list goes on and on....

  • W
    W 15 hours ago

    Is he officialy sign with Newcastle?

  • P Jr
    P Jr 15 hours ago

    This should be filled with Jonjo Shelvey, the amount of stunners he’s almost scored

  • BikerBarrett
    BikerBarrett 15 hours ago

    What a great laugh that guy has

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 16 hours ago


  • Dan Moon
    Dan Moon 16 hours ago

    Is there a cow behind them at 1:40 ?

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 16 hours ago

    i miss costa in the prem

  • J. C
    J. C 16 hours ago

    5:45 the couple of TIMES you did visit little rat boy Neville Neville you, your inbred brother and inbred dad got egged in the city centre 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 😂😂😂

  • The cure
    The cure 16 hours ago

    You can just tell how groomed and pampered these footballers are, Jack looks like hes been sleeping rough or hiding out since the lockdown incident. Hope he gets a haircut and a shave before our next match 😳 UTV

  • Paul Gray
    Paul Gray 16 hours ago

    2010 we were a shambles in that world Cup. Drew with USA and Algeria scrapped past Slovenia and then got a hiding by Germany. Nothing to do with Capello our players didnt turn up

  • Joshua Stevenson
    Joshua Stevenson 16 hours ago

    Jamie was write those

  • aryan8patel
    aryan8patel 16 hours ago

    Lamps, JT, Ash cole, Drogba And Cech are our legends🔵🔵🔵

  • N Yawk
    N Yawk 16 hours ago


  • Jack Vincent
    Jack Vincent 16 hours ago

    Being a lfc fan I didn’t like sterling very much but now he’s one of my fav England players

  • Flatpack jedi master
    Flatpack jedi master 16 hours ago

    How is it that no one does sound checks with interviewees and surely you can get sponsorship from a microphone company and get some decent samples sent out

  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith 16 hours ago

    Stephen caulker🙈

  • Gerard Healy
    Gerard Healy 16 hours ago

    5:08 christ I even left the room there

  • Mustak Miah
    Mustak Miah 16 hours ago

    Ferguson is such a bitch

  • Ethan Kirrage
    Ethan Kirrage 16 hours ago

    Get in there lads

  • Big Man Olsticks
    Big Man Olsticks 16 hours ago

    Martin Tyler needs to retire soon. i’d do it at the end of next season so he gets a final season so he can have a proper send off from football

  • Representing Norfolk
    Representing Norfolk 16 hours ago

    Turkeys tactics are the kind I play on Fifa get some set piece goal and a counter attack and defend for my life

  • Emmett Russell
    Emmett Russell 16 hours ago

    What a man keep your head up fair play 💪👍👍 stay strong

  • Smart Rabbit
    Smart Rabbit 16 hours ago

    They should of got Conor to do the impersonation

  • 762 mm
    762 mm 16 hours ago

    The Louis Van Gaal "immense pie" sounds er.. immense

  • Don Conde
    Don Conde 17 hours ago

    Bunch of females!

  • steve graham
    steve graham 17 hours ago

    they wouldnt cheat like Keane did

  • osjaikisa
    osjaikisa 17 hours ago

    Guys, would give anything to go back to 1996!

  • One 2.
    One 2. 17 hours ago

    You just know Bellamy and Alex were holding in their laughter when he said they were one striker away from the title hahahahaha

  • Omar Ruiz
    Omar Ruiz 17 hours ago

    I mean if i would see my teammates who i play with in the national team too id say wassup

  • Stephen Egan
    Stephen Egan 17 hours ago

    Vidic and Ferdinand..World Class until they played proper strikers😂

  • Daniel Miles
    Daniel Miles 17 hours ago

    Think "nearly scored" is a bit of a generous description for that Rooney shot. Not only did the goalie, y'know, save it but there was another guy on the line who was perfectly positioned to clear it even if the goalie had missed. I'm not sure you can really call a shot that has two people positioned to stop it going in "nearly scoring".

  • saiz95
    saiz95 17 hours ago

    les meilleurs centres de formation sont le bresil et la france, les plus grands exportateurs de joueurs, espagne, argentine et portugal. c'est mon classement.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 17 hours ago

    Definitely no woom for wacism in football .

  • CuppaT
    CuppaT 17 hours ago

    The way that Gerrard was pronounced in the first goal was annoying

  • Darth Ruin
    Darth Ruin 17 hours ago

    Yes the millionaire footballers talk about equality....🤪

    • A Y
      A Y 14 hours ago

      So want them to be poor then

  • Aaron Dhaday
    Aaron Dhaday 17 hours ago

    Lyle Taylor is an absolute disgrace, he’s the definition of a mercenary .

  • Carl Rowlinson
    Carl Rowlinson 17 hours ago

    Cool video with some hilarious moments! Chalking up a screamer from Townsend as a win for AWB had me giggling! Looking forward to the next one!

  • Jason Brewer
    Jason Brewer 17 hours ago

    FYI, that bell the Klopp is on about is a two minute bell. I’ve been in the dressing room numerous times on match day at Watford

  • Patrick Mwangi
    Patrick Mwangi 17 hours ago

    Whose watching this during quarantine?

  • Pro Xz Snipes
    Pro Xz Snipes 17 hours ago

    3:51 they say they don’t have plastic fans but they couldn’t sell out a stadium when they’re 4-0 up

  • trv71
    trv71 17 hours ago

    What game is this? Is it futsal or minisoccer? For the first time I see.

  • Skeyyy Emm
    Skeyyy Emm 17 hours ago


  • jonny blauwal
    jonny blauwal 17 hours ago

    christ u would have thought that we were talkin about Mbappe who could leave on a free, the bloke is 30 ffs...............

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues 17 hours ago

    Micahs laughter is a breath of fresh honestly, the guy as a hilarious laugh

  • Carn5haun 85
    Carn5haun 85 17 hours ago

    Big Sams head looks like it's put onto a green screen body

  • Aidy Gooner
    Aidy Gooner 17 hours ago

    The English using the club rivalries as an excuse for the lack of harmony as if the Spanish don't have Barca and Real players, the Dutch having Ajax and Feyenoord players whose fans are banned from travelling to each other, the Italians, the Turks etc etc. England underachieved because they weren't good enough, simple.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T 17 hours ago

    they'll be fine and the season will finish