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  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 23 seconds ago

    pogba is a petulant child get rid of this cry baby just a disruption and a attention seeker has no one realized he still wants to move get rid ole

  • Excel
    Excel 51 second ago

    Imagine Jose Mouriniho doing these VR would be even more hilarious.

  • MboySwag04
    MboySwag04 59 seconds ago

    Ever since sky sports got mourinho they be whylin now lmao

  • Simon Melon
    Simon Melon Minute ago

    I love G.Neville but I couldn't understand anything he said about his 'One to watch' with Paul Pogba's c*** in his mouth.

  • Saul William
    Saul William 2 minutes ago

    The captain should be sorting this out on the pitch

  • Robbie Bowen
    Robbie Bowen 2 minutes ago

    Dirty dirty leeds

  • Chineme Udegbu
    Chineme Udegbu 3 minutes ago

    I’m a Chelsea fan. How can you compare both players? Maddison is way more experienced and proven right now. He sees the overall picture better hence his incredible playmaking ability. Mouth is only two games into EPL. Come on!!!

  • Humberto Guerrero
    Humberto Guerrero 3 minutes ago

    This is very funny

  • Eric
    Eric 3 minutes ago

    Madders all day long

  • Pedro 86
    Pedro 86 4 minutes ago

    Pogba? Disappointing of the year more a like

  • Trendy 1000
    Trendy 1000 4 minutes ago

    Gary Neville will finish Higher than Man United! What's he been smoking

  • Dan Zorny
    Dan Zorny 4 minutes ago

    Pogba: aye fam can i take it *dabs* Rashford: sure fam James: sick hair fam Rashford: yes fam *mini dab*

  • Slick Ric
    Slick Ric 4 minutes ago

    If you remember, Ederson was also awful in the city vs spurs game in the champions league. He’s much better with his feet than his hands

  • Toby Baker
    Toby Baker 5 minutes ago

    How is Carragher still in a job after his disgusting behaviour? Sky really is a scummy organisation.

  • A M
    A M 5 minutes ago

    Ryan giggs

  • liverpool 66
    liverpool 66 5 minutes ago

    Take out sterling put in wilson

  • Gar Sm
    Gar Sm 5 minutes ago

    Get Gary Neville on - he has a great record in management. Not like Paul "cold water?" Scholes.

  • Fino’s Bits
    Fino’s Bits 6 minutes ago


  • Monjur A
    Monjur A 6 minutes ago

    Let’s be absolutely honest with ourselves, did we really need to put the VR headset on carragher?

  • D Shannon
    D Shannon 6 minutes ago

    Pogba is seriously overrated. He's a good player yes. He's never had a great season. What high standard is Gary Neville actually talking about. Pogba was a good player at Juventus but pirlo and Vidal carried him a lot. He's never been consistent at all for man united in the 3 years he's been there and people repeatedly say he had a great world cup. He had imo a decent world cup. Some good moments but not consistently having an impact on the game like in his position should. France actually had less position than the opposition in nearly every game which doesn't say much for the French midfielders as a whole.

  • aviator2492
    aviator2492 6 minutes ago

    What a legend Carra !

  • D BaXter
    D BaXter 6 minutes ago

    My Top 6 - 1st - Manchester City 2nd - Tottenham Hotspur 3rd - Liverpool 4th - Manchester United 5th - Chelsea 6th - Arsenal (Chelsea Fan)

  • Yes No
    Yes No 6 minutes ago


  • Trendy 1000
    Trendy 1000 6 minutes ago

    Now Gary give us your unbiased opinion what a Prat

  • yeyefreshboi _
    yeyefreshboi _ 7 minutes ago

    This is what football is all about. Such a beautiful interview ❤️⚽️

  • Tobi Johnson
    Tobi Johnson 7 minutes ago

    Sub to my channel

  • Mark Cooke
    Mark Cooke 7 minutes ago

    Player to watch is John McGinn from the villa they paid 2.2 million for him and he's better than most in the premiership costing 40m plus... Someone will come in for him with a huge offer.... Remember this statement

  • Matt Burrows
    Matt Burrows 7 minutes ago

    Respect Jonathan. YNWA

  • Stuart Dunphy
    Stuart Dunphy 7 minutes ago

    Neves is a fukn magician ⚽❤

  • ricky Toohey
    ricky Toohey 7 minutes ago

    Neville is all for pogba lol top scores as a arsenal fan auba sterling mane or kane

  • Ethan Lewis
    Ethan Lewis 7 minutes ago

    Neves has to be the best goal

  • Stephen Hagan
    Stephen Hagan 7 minutes ago

    No need for that vr analysis carra looks ridiculous

  • Syndicate Jr
    Syndicate Jr 8 minutes ago

    Pukki definitely best hands down, no debate whatsoever

  • eWebstores
    eWebstores 8 minutes ago

    last week rashford just decided he was taking it without even discussing it with pogba first - this week rashford insists on a discussion then chucks the ball at him - rashford's fault

  • Long Chek Juan
    Long Chek Juan 9 minutes ago

    Great goal made even greater, now with deeper understanding of it

  • JxpitxrGFX
    JxpitxrGFX 9 minutes ago

    The pukki goal is so overrated ffs😂

  • Joe New
    Joe New 9 minutes ago

    Neves needs to leave that club, he deserves better

  • Red Dungeoneer
    Red Dungeoneer 9 minutes ago

    1:12 thank goodness that ball bounced off the side of the post otherwise United could have lost that match!

  • Fur Q
    Fur Q 10 minutes ago

    What is the point of VAR if it isn't going to be used, pogba should have been booked for diving !

  • SyCo NathanJM
    SyCo NathanJM 10 minutes ago

    If he scored it would be “genius” and “fair” 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dxhty
    Dxhty 10 minutes ago

    No Bernard goal but you put a 6 yard header in? Bias against Everton is insane

    • Dxhty
      Dxhty 2 minutes ago

      riccikinny2k10 only team to not concede a goal this season ez

    • riccikinny2k10
      riccikinny2k10 4 minutes ago

      Dxhty Small club

  • BlueGoon 420
    BlueGoon 420 10 minutes ago

    Beckham obviously

  • Ryan Fleming
    Ryan Fleming 10 minutes ago

    Here we go. Carragher on VAR again

  • ATS
    ATS 10 minutes ago

    With arsenal if there having a bad game like against Newcastle u still have auba and laca stepping up and can score a goal or 2 to win the game

  • Shab. B
    Shab. B 11 minutes ago

    This VR thing is actually Fifa Mobile

  • jeffrey ryan
    jeffrey ryan 11 minutes ago

    ohhhhh MY GOD... LOL HAHA

  • Vega Obscura
    Vega Obscura 11 minutes ago

    Check out 1:52 where they're factoring the penalty Pogba missed into the ratio to rip into the guy. Prior to that, it's a 70% (7 out of 10) conversion rate, and missed only 1 out of previous 5. Rashford has only taken 2 in competitive level. Even he could miss the next one. They went too deep into the penalty for drama because who wants to watch boring match analysis of why MUFC didn't have more shots and how useless Lingard was? Or how the fact someone switched off and allowed Neves, of all players, space to shoot on the edge of the box.

  • Kyron Brown-George
    Kyron Brown-George 11 minutes ago

    Beckham without a doubt

  • Junior Thanos
    Junior Thanos 11 minutes ago

    This argument is simple. They just didn't take their chances. Hit the woodwork a couple times the first game and didn't score enough the 2nd game. The year is still young.

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 12 minutes ago

    Bet he pocketed that VR headset after the show finished the dirty scouse rat.

    • lmhvfd
      lmhvfd 11 minutes ago

      poor comment lad

  • Jerome o sullivan
    Jerome o sullivan 12 minutes ago

    Paul Pogba, Jesus wept what rubbish.

  • Alex Sher
    Alex Sher 12 minutes ago

    They couldn't find an actual goalkeeper to do this?

  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs 12 minutes ago

    It's still a mistake though, you can't assume those defenders will 100% block the shot.

    • Emmanuel Segun
      Emmanuel Segun 6 minutes ago

      he didn't assume the defender would block it. if you moved to the right then the defender would be in his way and he wouldn't be able to see the ball. Ederson's mistake was being too far off his line

  • Advenco
    Advenco 13 minutes ago

    VR > VAR

  • ankkah_the_slump_god
    ankkah_the_slump_god 13 minutes ago

    We need Snods and Nobes

  • Aaron Singh
    Aaron Singh 13 minutes ago

    Gary neville getting more deluded day by day🤣🤣🤣

  • BlaizeV
    BlaizeV 13 minutes ago

    Neville is horrifically biased towards Man Utd

  • Jamz J
    Jamz J 14 minutes ago

    Thats football for goodness sake. You score some and you miss some. That’s what the keeper is there to do, to stop the ball from entering the net.... If Pogba scored that pen, the changing of the Penalty taker wouldn’t be a talking point. Well done too wolves for securing a point.👏🏾

  • Lev Mitchell
    Lev Mitchell 14 minutes ago

    Pogba dived. All day long.

  • R0bski
    R0bski 14 minutes ago

    Gerrard is definitely closer to the KDB type mould than beckham. Beckham was a fantastic crosser but the other two were better at that ‘pass’ type of cross. The one that goes just in front of the attacker and they could or can make it from anywhere on the pitch In terms of who is the best ‘crosser’ ie the conventional cross, beckham hands down

  • John Buckley
    John Buckley 15 minutes ago

    Of the round ffs sky

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 15 minutes ago

    I thought only Tottenham had vr

  • Thomas Jerome
    Thomas Jerome 15 minutes ago

    How has gary got a job

  • MaratSafinVideos
    MaratSafinVideos 15 minutes ago

    The Lawnmower Man

  • uhlsport
    uhlsport 16 minutes ago

    I feel a tension between Jamie and Gary?

  • Hamish Munroe
    Hamish Munroe 16 minutes ago

    Steve Guppy

  • invincible ego
    invincible ego 16 minutes ago

    I want what gary is smoking. What a biased guy. Don't want to call him a pundit.

  • SA7
    SA7 16 minutes ago

    I don't know. To me they're all exceptional and it's hard to argue against Beckham, but De Bruyne is CRAZY. If you put Beckham and KDB in the same position and told them to cross both would probably be perfect. Idk this is just my opinion, but for me it's De Bruyne. Anyone else remember the assist vs Palace?

  • Wade Moodie
    Wade Moodie 18 minutes ago

    I get it, you lot hate Pogba. Can we move on now? Ffs

  • LFC2004
    LFC2004 18 minutes ago

    Would have been more realistic if the stadium was empty

    • Spotted Whippet
      Spotted Whippet 11 minutes ago

      MrPoopsie123 don’t know if you’ve heard of this before but it’s actually something called a joke.

    • Advenco
      Advenco 12 minutes ago

      MrPoopsie123 paid actors doesn't count

    • MrPoopsie123
      MrPoopsie123 16 minutes ago

      the etihad was literally full during the game but ok....

  • d347b2
    d347b2 19 minutes ago

    next time, get Neville and Carragher in a pair of VR sets, simulating the best tackles.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 20 minutes ago

    Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher really dont get along

  • Finlay Troughton
    Finlay Troughton 20 minutes ago

    What a week

  • roy ashman
    roy ashman 20 minutes ago

    At last Neville talks sense........arguing over peno,s should end at U10 level it makes you look like a "mickey mouse" set up...... plus Juan Mata came on and took the worst corner ever ...I would have subbed the "sub" and told everyone who takes corners to get on the training ground in the morn and no one leaves until it gets done properly....

    WILLIAM LOPANG 20 minutes ago

    Mention someone who has a better English accent than J.Carragher here. I'll wait.

    • ////
      //// 17 minutes ago

      WILLIAM LOPANG anyone who ent scouse

  • Rachel says Irish Rugby is shit

    You all have to watch the Premier League COZ the Irish league is just not good enough.

  • Rachel says Irish Rugby is shit

    You all have to watch the Premier League COZ the Irish league is just not good enough.

  • XdFuseSpidey
    XdFuseSpidey 21 minute ago


  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 21 minute ago

    Neves did it under so much more pressure....

  • James Gallagher
    James Gallagher 21 minute ago

    Mane and Luiz goals were so good

  • Pussy Slayar69
    Pussy Slayar69 22 minutes ago

    How did carragher get this job

  • Omar Ftw
    Omar Ftw 22 minutes ago

    Where is wan bissaka

  • Jordan Tung
    Jordan Tung 23 minutes ago

    Ole OUT.... can't even decide on a proper penalty taker

  • Mark Hattersley
    Mark Hattersley 23 minutes ago

    Don't Panic. We're trying to play out and play good football. Players need to settle into it. Need to keep the faith and be bold. It will come. Silly mistakes are costing us. But as with guardiola at Barca and Man city and with klopp at Liverpool if you be patient it is the right way to play

  • Daisy Clark
    Daisy Clark 24 minutes ago

    Can we have a Neville Bros free subscription option on You Tube please?.

  • anne murphy
    anne murphy 24 minutes ago

    64th 12th like 12th comment And spurs Are probably haking var

  • Matthew Vaughan
    Matthew Vaughan 25 minutes ago

    What's the point in giving Rashford that obscene contract if he's not taking pens as the main striker?

  • Anselmo Coelho
    Anselmo Coelho 25 minutes ago

    ..Help me if you can i am getting old ...Ole,s new look....

  • Filip Simonovski
    Filip Simonovski 25 minutes ago

    I thought, Carra would tried to shoot on his own goal.

  • alexfrasermusic
    alexfrasermusic 26 minutes ago

    Young talent should be joe willock

    • D BaXter
      D BaXter 10 minutes ago

      alexfrasermusic Nah there is better players to look out for at the moment such as Mason Mount and Mason Greenwood, Hudson-Odoi, James (United), Pulisic, Joe Willock isn’t more of a talent than any of these No Offense.

  • Daveyboy
    Daveyboy 26 minutes ago

    United are shite. They’ll finish mid table and sack Solskjaer. I can’t understand why neves hasn’t been snapped up by a big team. He’s world class.

  • BlueGoon 420
    BlueGoon 420 26 minutes ago

    Champions - city Top4 - spurs arsenal man utd Top6 challenges Leicester Top scorer - aubamayang Poty - bernardo silva Young talent - moise kean One to watch - moise kean from a non Liverpool fan

  • Nicola watson
    Nicola watson 27 minutes ago

    I love these vr videos

  • band see
    band see 27 minutes ago


  • DMRGaming
    DMRGaming 27 minutes ago

    Would have thought Wolves would be the top 6 challengers

  • Da General
    Da General 27 minutes ago

    Gary Neville and Sky Sports should be ashame of themselves. You lot are the problem. Giving stupid fans to raise abuse on Pogba. Who doest miss a penalty? Even Messi and Ronaldo do. This hateful agenda needs to STOP!!

  • M 11
    M 11 27 minutes ago

    Pochettino and Var: The Love Affair 2

    • JJ
      JJ 24 minutes ago

      Man city and Oil: The Love Affair 2

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward 27 minutes ago

    English coaches don’t get the big jobs because they don’t deserve them.

  • Sam Nadarajah
    Sam Nadarajah 28 minutes ago

    Etihad looking pretty full in virtual “reality”...

    • philip kemp bell
      philip kemp bell Minute ago

      stark Anfield is a derelict shithole. The stadium looks like Lego gone wrong.

    • Streling Owen
      Streling Owen 2 minutes ago

      MrPoopsie123 Sorry to break it to you but manchester city is plastic and there is no fans but glory hunters

    • MrPoopsie123
      MrPoopsie123 8 minutes ago

      @Streling Owen your english is blowing my mind

    • Abongile Magigaba
      Abongile Magigaba 8 minutes ago


  • GOGO
    GOGO 28 minutes ago

    Poor goalkeeping from Ederson.