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Moving to London on my own?!
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My mum accused me of what..
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Our insane LA HOUSE TOUR!!
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  • Ebony Alexandra Denman-State

    Yeah I was confused with what happened but I guess the next season will probably help with understanding it.

  • Amy eshj
    Amy eshj 36 minutes ago

    OH MY roly would be shook rn 😳

  • Tayla Q
    Tayla Q Hour ago

    The way she said wear bix she said weata bix

  • Mewa
    Mewa Hour ago

    i'd seriously remove you from the family if you were to do 'vlogs' on every fucking thing that happens in the family

  • Amani DIY
    Amani DIY 2 hours ago

    CBBC presenter omg

  • Amara Walker
    Amara Walker 2 hours ago

    Didn’t Anastasia stay over?

  • Summer Kelly
    Summer Kelly 2 hours ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Shayne Cohen
    Shayne Cohen 3 hours ago

    I can't unsee the tag still on on the polka dot ears lol

  • Harz77
    Harz77 8 hours ago

    7:28 how did she apply teeth whitening before the mouth guards?

  • Elise Nicole
    Elise Nicole 9 hours ago

    Who else yawned when she yawned at the end? 🤣🤣

  • Summer Clark
    Summer Clark 14 hours ago

    Nope 2019 here to

  • Kylie Wilson
    Kylie Wilson 17 hours ago

    The pumps and pimples are because you have been wearing a lot of make up every day now and dancing and sweating with it all on 🙈❤️

  • Kai Mckerral
    Kai Mckerral 18 hours ago


  • Kamlesh Patel
    Kamlesh Patel 19 hours ago


  • Amelia Kingston
    Amelia Kingston 19 hours ago

    I thought u where molly mae ha lmao u ugly

  • DDS Software
    DDS Software 19 hours ago

    I don't care, so get off my feed.

  • Si Hopebgood
    Si Hopebgood 19 hours ago

    Wow...this is what YT has come to? Another vacuous nobody trying to sell stuff disguised as a vlog? Sad. This is just an advert. Don't fall for this crap.

  • Katherine Ellen Turner

    Compeed blister plasters! They’re amazing! You’ll not feel a thing! And they stay on for days until the blisters heal!

  • Katie Shaw
    Katie Shaw 21 hour ago

    Omggg hello Xxxx

  • Joanne Morahan
    Joanne Morahan 21 hour ago

    Good luck on strictly saffron

  • Lucy’s Crazy life
    Lucy’s Crazy life 21 hour ago

    2019 anyone ?? 😂😂 nope just me 😂❤️😂

  • Atl 44
    Atl 44 21 hour ago

    OMG no wow

  • Littlemixlover 101
    Littlemixlover 101 21 hour ago

    I never really look at ads but I think I might give me bestie one of the boxes for her birthday 😂💞

  • lillie Martin21
    lillie Martin21 21 hour ago

    7th on trending xxx

  • Saoirse Kennah
    Saoirse Kennah 21 hour ago

    Girl at the end is so cute

  • Lucy Draper
    Lucy Draper 22 hours ago

    1 mill

  • David Hood
    David Hood 22 hours ago

    Good for them

  • Ava Newman
    Ava Newman 22 hours ago

    I call it sudocreame love you Saff xx

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise 22 hours ago

    Good luck on strictly!! 💃❤

  • Skyla racheal Fernández

    When are your hoodie merch back in stock 😭💔

  • Hannah Parkin
    Hannah Parkin 22 hours ago

    You should do a 24hr challenge in Casey’s new house

  • jelly love
    jelly love 22 hours ago

    Barcelona is absouletly terrible for pickpockiting

  • Katie Wynn
    Katie Wynn 22 hours ago

    I can’t wait for you on strictly,say hi to your nan cos she’s the cutest xx

  • Emma Ellen
    Emma Ellen 22 hours ago

    any small you tubers want to support one another? 💕

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton 22 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see you dance the tango 😊😍

  • Liv the jelly Squid
    Liv the jelly Squid 22 hours ago

    Well done on coachella ❤️💖 don’t listen to any hate. Your the best

  • Keira Moore
    Keira Moore 23 hours ago

    I thought it was with Annan fro some reason. Xxxxx lol xoxoxo gossip girls he kept like saying Florida instead off Paris lol love u saffron

  • Yourgirl Caoilinnmay
    Yourgirl Caoilinnmay 23 hours ago

    Love you

  • liya majid
    liya majid 23 hours ago


  • Megalicious
    Megalicious 23 hours ago

    Primark chargers do not work don’t buy them I have had two and they both haven’t worked

  • YT Spill
    YT Spill 23 hours ago

    Who thought AJ and Saff would be put together?

  • Cheyenne s
    Cheyenne s 23 hours ago

    Voting for you all the way Saffy xx ❤️😍❤️

  • Ellie Mendeslol
    Ellie Mendeslol 23 hours ago

    That thumb nail hrvy *cough cough* your boyfriend doesnt look pleased or looks rlly sleepy Im joking with the boyfriend thing dont attack me..

  • Heidi Evans
    Heidi Evans 23 hours ago

    Sorry I thought you meant last week. Love you saffie

  • Heidi Evans
    Heidi Evans 23 hours ago

    Strictly wasn't on this Saturday.

  • Heidi Evans
    Heidi Evans 23 hours ago

    Love Miller and Carter.

  • M L
    M L 23 hours ago

    ive realised my skin has gotten really bad lately aswell🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Scottish Girl
    Scottish Girl 23 hours ago

    L Y

  • Maverick Versus Everything

    If you aren't liked and subbed - DO IT! It's gotta be tough to keep coming up with new ideas - but somehow you do it. MVE!

  • Zeyan Hussain
    Zeyan Hussain Day ago

    have teami blends

  • Jaimee Laycock


  • Susannah Bowman

    Harlow is the cutest ever 😍 good luck on strictly Saffron 💃🎉😘xxx

  • Pooja Raichand

    Your mum literally walked past your room whilst you were speaking about the pictures...

    • Atifah Uddin
      Atifah Uddin 4 hours ago

      Yeah but how do u know it was saffron's mum?

  • Postposterous
    Postposterous Day ago

    Somehow you make time stop and fly at the same time. Thank you for helping to boost us - means a lot. :P

  • Alisha W
    Alisha W Day ago

    Can’t wait to see you on strictly,my fav person on my fav show🤩,and hopefully on the tour in Manchester,because our tickets have been booked for the 4th time in a row,and we’ve got floor seats in Manchester😭,hopefully you’ll be there it would be my dream to see you live🥺,love you loads💞

  • Ava Bancroft
    Ava Bancroft Day ago

    What do u use to edit

  • Evie Bennett
    Evie Bennett Day ago

    You should do a box with photos from strictly so you can always remember it. Love your videos so much, so excited to see you on strictly ❤

  • Royal_ Sophie trbe

    I think after strictly saffron and aj are gonna be gf and bf

  • The Life Of Emily

    Ive used lalalab alot of times and got the calendars and photo books. Its such a good app!!!💕

  • Ella Carney
    Ella Carney Day ago

    Who wants saffron and AJ to win strictly I do. 💜💜💙💙💃💃💃💃💃

  • Kezza
    Kezza Day ago

    #8 Trending!!💋💋

  • Amazingpeople0 YT

    I thought she said filingish not full English

  • Jessica Xo
    Jessica Xo Day ago

    You seem so happy in this vlog saff

  • hfgdd hfhfff
    hfgdd hfhfff Day ago

    Your mum was walking past the door so I'm guessing she knows and it isn't a surprise Haha. xx

  • Olivia Gracie
    Olivia Gracie Day ago

    Omg I'm so excited for Saturday u will do great ilysm ❤❤💋💋xxxx

  • sofia Kassim
    sofia Kassim Day ago

    She sounds so squeaky compared to now

  • Willow Quick
    Willow Quick Day ago

    Seeing Jed being so good with Harlow melts my heart 😍😭

  • Flame Girl
    Flame Girl Day ago

    #8 on trending, let’s go girl, ilysm and I can’t wait for strictly 🥰🥰🥰

  • rebecca gatley

    Hey Saff, the dark/ dull scenes are from the current moment they’re in and the bright scenes are flashbacks. When Clay sees Bryce in a dark scene Clay is hallucinating ☺️☺️

  • Holly Perkins
    Holly Perkins Day ago

    13 reasons why was confusing the whole way through till the last episode! 💕

  • Sabrina. M
    Sabrina. M Day ago

    8th trending😱 go girllllll ❤️❤️👍

  • Harleigh Smith

    hi saff just waiting for you to go on strictly

  • Girly Londonchic

    WHEre are your sunglasses from in the car you wearing to Miller and carter there’s loveky x

  • Valerie Galvin

    Her friend is stunning

  • Eloise Robertshaw

    Did anyone else see her mum walk near the door when she was on about the photos ?

  • Chelsea Lee
    Chelsea Lee Day ago

    literally 13 reasons why was so confusing basically the girl Ani is narrating the story from when she was getting questioned by the police she was telling the story from her point of view. without giving too much away they are switching from when he was alive to show the parts of the story there talking about. it gets less confusing as u watch it but yeah at the start I was rlly confusing

  • Jamieleigh Carradice

    Am half way through 13 reasons why season 3 and I'm still confused xx

  • Abbie Connolly

    Soo U will win because I’m going to make my whole fam vote for i

  • island girl
    island girl Day ago

    ⭐Such lovely photographs!📸⭐💗 Your mum should love it!💗

  • Rebecca Elliott

    Your skin is amazing !!

  • Erikaxjakeofficial !

    Saffron hitting on everyone’s meals for 5 minutes straight

  • BadSamajama
    BadSamajama Day ago

    Also love your star... hoops?... Maybe I don't know I'm dumb but ya they're too cute!!

  • Sabine van Zelst

    100% confused with 13 reasons why beginning too. It got better but took a few episodes to get into it

  • BadSamajama
    BadSamajama Day ago

    I love your parents headboard

  • Cherry Smith
    Cherry Smith Day ago

    No one Lauren the entire video :👏👏👏👏

  • Chelsea Lee
    Chelsea Lee Day ago

    I really hope we get another youtuber from strictly I think AJs content would be so funny just like Dianne's

  • niomi George
    niomi George Day ago

    You really do look like your mum. X

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Day ago

    Saffron i love your videos

  • Snxwy Roblox
    Snxwy Roblox Day ago

    15:06 is that Joe Sugg?

  • Alette Roelofs

    The first few episodes of 13 reasons are a bit confusing but it get’s much better. I accually really liked this season!

  • Jodi Haley
    Jodi Haley Day ago

    why do i want jaffron back

  • Beck Dids
    Beck Dids Day ago

    Wendy is a milf

  • Hopefully Righteous

    For your breakouts get a facial or a professional acne extraction its really good and helps your skin gets better.

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown Day ago

    I'm only watching it for u ive never watched it go saff 😁

  • Elizabeth Hiley

    your mum is an absolutely gorgeous woman! you’ve got amazing genes saff! 🥰

  • Marte Olsen
    Marte Olsen Day ago

    I love watching you, your life and your videos! You're insanely good, and I'm just digging you! Stand on, and continue your very wonderful work, for you are my role model. I really like vlogs, and the videos where you challenge food or clothes! <3 love youuu

  • cerys.emb
    cerys.emb Day ago

    I got eleven A*'s and one A for GCSE and it was no big deal...

  • MO PR
    MO PR Day ago

    Is it just me or do they look so good together?!!

  • Anon Account
    Anon Account Day ago

    I love how it's a big thing these days if you have photos on the side to pick up and look through whenever you want.... Whereas back in the day (at least for me as I'm in my 30's😂😂), this was a totally normal thing.

  • Kirsty Phillips

    She always pokes her fingers in other people's food