Mixtape Madness
Mixtape Madness
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  • Nik kindS
    Nik kindS 6 minutes ago

    Alhan lippy and specs need to all link up

  • kingheb123
    kingheb123 41 minute ago

    Probably best thing I've heard since B.I.G

  • Anna Anderson
    Anna Anderson 44 minutes ago

    My guy

  • Omar Q
    Omar Q 48 minutes ago

    Aitch mad about bars

  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed 49 minutes ago

    meekz n mastermind n tunde r da hardest in manny hands down no cap

  • James Guei
    James Guei 59 minutes ago

    PS went back to jail Probably for violating his probation

  • James Guei
    James Guei Hour ago

    374k In 5 months His views have gone down A lot

  • Itz Romiey
    Itz Romiey Hour ago

    The wordplay is different 💭💥

  • Foolish Vibes
    Foolish Vibes Hour ago

    I only got spotify premium and youtube premium so I can listen to munie hes lit af

  • Connor Jackson
    Connor Jackson Hour ago

    AM makin me wanna quit my day job 💥💥

  • Foolish Vibes
    Foolish Vibes Hour ago


  • EN3MY
    EN3MY Hour ago

    What is the 3rd guy doing

  • *Shanker* 61
    *Shanker* 61 Hour ago

    I see the talking now link me the action lad

  • •T 2
    •T 2 Hour ago

    Hard frm manny

  • Marni Grams
    Marni Grams 2 hours ago

    This is so wavey I'm seasick

  • ZaynHvevo
    ZaynHvevo 3 hours ago

    Next up

  • Rachid Cane
    Rachid Cane 3 hours ago

    Patrón 970 Le tenéis que meter ese Flow aki Madrid y menos regueton

  • SILENT310
    SILENT310 3 hours ago

    His boys actually gassed him.

  • Ebs Abdul
    Ebs Abdul 5 hours ago

    This song is unbelievable

  • KanDice TetLow.
    KanDice TetLow. 5 hours ago

    For those males saying he's begging a London accent, he's originally from London and now based in Derbz/Derby. There's actually enough people from London in Derby and I'm one of them and even when I rap my accent is mixed now with the London accent. If you don't rate his music then just don't listen to it and don't comment. Hating on him when he's actually trying to reach a level of success in his life is just immature. Least he's ambitious and trying to do something with his life unlike so many men of this generation that just do nothing with their lives and just keep chasing females after females. I pray for his success in Jesus Christ name and I pray God leads him on the right path. Showing love instead of hate is majority. 💯

    • Jammy B
      Jammy B 29 minutes ago

      KanDice TetLow. Well said

  • TheProblematic1
    TheProblematic1 5 hours ago

    Lippy you should be the new Uncle Pain.. please link grimereporttv and pattern something bro

  • blast you 4real
    blast you 4real 6 hours ago

    (Think again)(Kick in your doors) (no hook) real gang shit big up

  • C c
    C c 6 hours ago

    Why is their a wheelchair in the background

    IZHAAR-E- HAQQ 6 hours ago

    Sad losers in life with no positive focus & motivation

  • roll limbo
    roll limbo 6 hours ago

    Any1 know if that song on LD's snapchat is out. The lyrics were sum about girls licking his 6 pack lol

  • Clee Torres
    Clee Torres 6 hours ago

    This where they film top boy?

  • Ismail Alenzi
    Ismail Alenzi 6 hours ago


  • aj
    aj 6 hours ago

    lol man was in jail with snow still he headbutt a gov jus to get ship out to elmley. funny yute

  • T Makz
    T Makz 7 hours ago

    Is that smurfing turk at 2:16 😂😂

  • Rextar... and Everything Under

    I can still see the baby in this guy. Know him from school

  • PJ
    PJ 7 hours ago

    Funny af 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • Certi
    Certi 8 hours ago

    Work on catching your flow properly n you will prob smash it if you stay consistent

    KELLIAM BEATS 8 hours ago


  • R. H.F.
    R. H.F. 8 hours ago

    KO x Dave or even someone like Wretch 32 would be hard, he could easily break out of the drill mold.

  • Venomous blade
    Venomous blade 8 hours ago

    Madnesss 🔥, also anyone know what cap he’s wearing?

  • Bbs K
    Bbs K 8 hours ago

    My nigga hard AF lit💉🔥🔥🔥🚀✊🏽

  • Dizzy S-A
    Dizzy S-A 8 hours ago

    We need sj in this! Best do it again w him when he buss case

  • Kellog Krunch
    Kellog Krunch 8 hours ago


  • B God Steffen
    B God Steffen 9 hours ago

    Fuck Grove Park

  • Gh Gjj
    Gh Gjj 9 hours ago

    Where they frm 🚀🥶🥶

  • Mx1C 115
    Mx1C 115 9 hours ago


  • Gh Gjj
    Gh Gjj 9 hours ago

    The black kids voice dnt match his face 😂😂

  • KT Ladd
    KT Ladd 9 hours ago

    Taking over the seen easy best in manny ? Best in the uk ! Hands down

  • Alex Armin
    Alex Armin 9 hours ago


  • Gh Gjj
    Gh Gjj 9 hours ago

    He copied potter paypers video The part where he is talking to the lady in the room ‼️😡😡

  • y _lb
    y _lb 9 hours ago

    🔥 who that girl

  • Md Ish
    Md Ish 9 hours ago

    Hard ❌ 🧢

  • Gh Gjj
    Gh Gjj 9 hours ago

    Was that smurfing Turk at the back

  • mayeh
    mayeh 9 hours ago

    He got them black af1 that’s how you know he’s a killer

  • Rory Buckeridge
    Rory Buckeridge 9 hours ago

    first guy is lowkey a young dimzy

  • Boss Benny
    Boss Benny 9 hours ago

  • y _lb
    y _lb 9 hours ago


  • Ryan Tomlinson
    Ryan Tomlinson 9 hours ago


  • Lewin Scaife
    Lewin Scaife 9 hours ago


  • Mark Ologunola
    Mark Ologunola 10 hours ago

    Who caught the trapx10 bar?

  • KRMKomedi
    KRMKomedi 10 hours ago


  • unknown baller
    unknown baller 10 hours ago


  • Ryan Singleton
    Ryan Singleton 10 hours ago

    As Napoleon said,an army of Kurds will Conquer the world. Well this army conquered the dislike button

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 10 hours ago

    Where he from

  • Boss Benny
    Boss Benny 10 hours ago


    DII MDP 10 hours ago

    1M 🐙

    The OFFICIALMPRODUCER 10 hours ago

    Too cold ❄ I might cry uno thats how cold this is 😂

  • ebube Jude
    ebube Jude 10 hours ago

    What’s the song at the end called ?

  • Lil Kizzi
    Lil Kizzi 10 hours ago

    Wag1 with Virgil van dijk in the back

  • abdul
    abdul 10 hours ago

    "Now were separated like of mice and men "🔥🔥 English class paid off 😂

  • ConnekVEVO
    ConnekVEVO 10 hours ago

    We out yah ☠️🔥🔥🔥

  • lean 365
    lean 365 10 hours ago

    believing his own lies kadeem had him hiding aint flying no corn aint no boss kids a known victim

    • Bobla Lali
      Bobla Lali 9 hours ago

      Lol where's Kadeem now that's right u best say a prayer for that man let him rest in peace u don't wanna end up there wit him so calm it

  • Jeet
    Jeet 11 hours ago

    This yutes an actor, seen him in Turtle Bay one time an couple hittas put it on him an I ASSURE YOU HE WAS NOT ON SMOKE OF ANY KIND

    • UK Presents
      UK Presents 7 hours ago

      @Elliott Wasley lz music playin in turtle bay

    • Elliott Wasley
      Elliott Wasley 7 hours ago

      And what was more time on his ones anyway people take L’s all the time doesn’t mean they ain’t bounced back 😂😂clown

    • Jeet
      Jeet 8 hours ago

      @Ryan Hard? it's a known FACT he's a victim out here, the asian man run Derby it's a small little city lol, this guy only known cause his bro put him on

    • Mo G
      Mo G 9 hours ago

      Lool ur not on smoke sit downnn

    • Asad Raza
      Asad Raza 10 hours ago

      Lol don't make me slap u from here u FLASH-PLAYER goon

  • Jugga J-24
    Jugga J-24 11 hours ago

    Nahh these man slyly violated should of waited until they knew SJs verdict before dropping this , woulda been 10 times colder too 😤😤

  • Callum Murphy
    Callum Murphy 11 hours ago


  • nayqwondo never
    nayqwondo never 11 hours ago

    Always be the best of drill

  • khuzaimah mohammed
    khuzaimah mohammed 11 hours ago

    Meekz and caps

  • Sosad O
    Sosad O 11 hours ago

    Beg you lot deep what this guy just did

  • khuzaimah mohammed
    khuzaimah mohammed 11 hours ago

    Meekz is the Manchester version of m huncho

  • Ayaan Ahmed
    Ayaan Ahmed 11 hours ago

    does active not have any social media ?

  • pp Lew
    pp Lew 11 hours ago


  • Ve Rb
    Ve Rb 11 hours ago

    This flow Is fresh just needed a little more faster flow Speed to ride the beat

  • TOXIC ._
    TOXIC ._ 11 hours ago


  • Ve Rb
    Ve Rb 11 hours ago


  • Ace♠️
    Ace♠️ 11 hours ago

    Yes limpz Derby on the map 💯

    A.AYDIN 11 hours ago

    My brothers ❤️

  • studio records
    studio records 11 hours ago

    doing his ting big up big up

  • Zohaib Mahmood
    Zohaib Mahmood 11 hours ago

    Money move, smart

  • Ve Rb
    Ve Rb 11 hours ago

    Beanie Sigel track called die this where this beats come from and beanie does this beat justice!

  • Ldot44 Ldot45
    Ldot44 Ldot45 11 hours ago

    Gowan uncle meekz🙌🙌

  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 11 hours ago


  • hashsb bsbdbxxb
    hashsb bsbdbxxb 11 hours ago

    this song makes me want to smoke a zoot

  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 11 hours ago


  • Tyler Richardson ll
    Tyler Richardson ll 11 hours ago


  • john musgrave
    john musgrave 11 hours ago

    HARRDDD!!! is it me or was this up before?

  • Jack whitmore
    Jack whitmore 11 hours ago


  • Hussam
    Hussam 11 hours ago

    Roti feat Salaan

  • Seb Reed
    Seb Reed 11 hours ago

    They're like "Hunch, why you chat like that?" I said "blood, I can back my chat" They're pissed if I back this wap If corn got crash, it was done by gang Gang's OT living with cats or we in PB in them flats They ain't on piss, how they rap like that? More than ten been chinged, that's facts They're like "Hunch, why you chat like that?" I said "blood, I can back my chat" They're pissed if I back this wap If corn got crash, it was done by gang Gang's OT living with cats or we in PB in them flats They ain't on piss, how they rap like that? More than ten been chinged, that's facts

  • Alisha Ajaib
    Alisha Ajaib 11 hours ago

    My man this sounds cold my guy🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • Kyle Fitzsimons
    Kyle Fitzsimons 11 hours ago


  • AvaLaughDTC DTC
    AvaLaughDTC DTC 11 hours ago

    FYA!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dark Hacker
    Dark Hacker 11 hours ago

    Is Pepsi ok?

  • Faisal Khan
    Faisal Khan 12 hours ago

    Too many Batty boys in these comments 😂

  • Anti-Social Guy
    Anti-Social Guy 12 hours ago

    DE Stand The Fuck Up 💥💥💥💥💥

  • nonce the craig
    nonce the craig 12 hours ago

    Did he catch anything though