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Smartphones are evolving.
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People react to the iPhone 11
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  • Gvidas Human
    Gvidas Human 21 hour ago

    turn of the water mark

    LORD HYDRA 21 hour ago

    Wow that’s too bad for you oof nan an. Wow wow o wow yeet poop reee red Phil ayayayayyaysysystwtwyayaywyayywywywysys

  • Shirani Kathriarachchi

    If the s20 had a good night mode it's the best but p40 is ruining the magnificent of night

  • Prakash Mourya
    Prakash Mourya 21 hour ago

    I think Samsung camera is best 👍

  • Ramachandra Bhaskar
    Ramachandra Bhaskar 21 hour ago

    Was a proud p30 pro user but not going with chineese shit any more

  • cheeseonyomama
    cheeseonyomama 21 hour ago

    What's that blue phone you got there?? It looks dope!

  • florante madiclum jr

    I love this phone!!!!

  • cheaps crunch
    cheaps crunch 21 hour ago

    I have an LG G5 and it's a great flagship phone. It's working for 3 years already and it's still on a 2020 flagship level

  • Dwi Mulyanti Sapuwan

    Samsung Galaxy 😍

  • Victor Hugo P
    Victor Hugo P 21 hour ago

    Morra exynos morra imediatamente

    JESHINE VARGHESE 21 hour ago

    Myre veetil irikk

  • Pearce Wedding Photography

    P30 pro sucks anyone wanna swap for a 3GS

  • Vibhansh Saini
    Vibhansh Saini 21 hour ago

    Mrwhosetheboss: Here's P40 Pro Pornhub: Are you Italian?

  • Rambo RR
    Rambo RR 21 hour ago

    so real review. thanks

  • IzzyGaming!
    IzzyGaming! 21 hour ago

    Speaking of people holding their phones for longer, I kept my iPhone 6S Plus for five years

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart 21 hour ago

    Support each other, brothers

  • Laser Boy
    Laser Boy 21 hour ago

    It's a flip phone

  • God
    God 21 hour ago

    Best front camera is the iPhone 11 pro. Best rear camera goes to Note 10 plus.

    SABY LABY 21 hour ago


  • Anas Mansouri
    Anas Mansouri 21 hour ago

    9:58 look huawei!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robinson
    Robinson 21 hour ago

    Never support China after this. Never buy China product. Put many people life in Ruin and cause many peoples death

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 21 hour ago

    Lol cant use anything but the barest cases (if even that) for that extremely expensive looking wrap-around screen phone.

  • Super Fast Driver
    Super Fast Driver 21 hour ago

    Let’s grow up together. I’ll subscribe everyone who does same for me. 😇😇😇

  • Rishabh Jain
    Rishabh Jain 21 hour ago

    Good instagram feed on 11:38🤣🤣

  • Mahmoud Younis
    Mahmoud Younis 21 hour ago

    I like the idea that all of this smartphone trying to bring the best cameras , and that is good for us consumers , and sure nice video Areen 👏

  • Gandalf Benz
    Gandalf Benz 21 hour ago

    If Samsung would offer the snapdragon version in Europe i would love to buy it imideatly

  • ramu keki
    ramu keki 21 hour ago

    Number of the blue car visible at 4:50

  • Alim Sapat
    Alim Sapat 21 hour ago


  • Maxime calijaimax
    Maxime calijaimax 21 hour ago

    My whole life since 2020 I've died to get the Samsung galaxy s20 Ulta

  • sundaramurthy muthaiyan

    dude u wasted money

  • ProfessorDheils ProfessorDHeils

    Where to buy s20 with snapdragon?i know only w exynos

  • Daniel Henrique
    Daniel Henrique 21 hour ago

    Vídeo totalmente tramado.

  • gяєєи мαитlє

    I'm using realme 5

  • Sep Doorenbosch
    Sep Doorenbosch 21 hour ago

    hi mrwhosetheboss, i want to buy a new phone but i find it difficult to find the right one. I want to spend about 600 euro's but i have no idea which phone is the right one. I hope you can recommend me a phone with a max of 600 euros. Keep up the good work! And thank you for making the complex smartphoneworld easier to understand.

  • sundaramurthy muthaiyan

    i like this one

  • Dev Panchigar
    Dev Panchigar 22 hours ago

    do this same comparision after 1 year chinese phones suks...😪 My 4 year old samsung A series still give 6 hours battery life (3300mAh)

  • Emmanuel Cooper
    Emmanuel Cooper 22 hours ago

    Dam he going to make my water bill high

  • Andrei Botas
    Andrei Botas 22 hours ago

    Will you make a video about the standard P40 ?

  • Elnur Caniyev
    Elnur Caniyev 22 hours ago

    İphone The Best!!!!!'nn

  • Elham Qaderi
    Elham Qaderi 22 hours ago

    Excuse me, i thought this was a video full of nudes?

  • kirti behl
    kirti behl 22 hours ago

    Marques didnt tell about this video😒

  • madhav murali
    madhav murali 22 hours ago

    He has a bias towards Huawei. But the comparison was pretty good.

  • m nsane
    m nsane 22 hours ago

    I always think what kinda people do care about cameras that much. Who cares? Who study thier shots that much and write scripts about each photo? Only tech yubers like you! Plus if I got that much money why the hell will I buy anything else than iPhone for me it's impossible

  • Nikhil Sadanandan
    Nikhil Sadanandan 22 hours ago

    Worlds richest youtuber...

  • Freak GamerTelugu
    Freak GamerTelugu 22 hours ago

    Hi bro

  • Akhil Khanna
    Akhil Khanna 22 hours ago

    What are the editing app?

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 22 hours ago

    Me and the boys in quarantine

  • Ciprii.
    Ciprii. 22 hours ago

    Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra

  • JM Lomoljo
    JM Lomoljo 22 hours ago

    Can't wait to see the P40 Pro ➕ in action

  • john monton
    john monton 22 hours ago

    All of people still love blackberry

  • Chronicles Of Malia
    Chronicles Of Malia 22 hours ago

    Ready to support anyone.

  • Dharmendra Batham
    Dharmendra Batham 22 hours ago

    From now I am not going to buy Chinese product.

  • Lynn Dennis
    Lynn Dennis 22 hours ago

    Thanks for this! I'm ordering the P40 Pro Plus as soon as available, it's going to be a beast. I loved my P30 Pro, sadly I dropped it and damaged the camera. 👍🏻🤔

  • Eben Roy
    Eben Roy 22 hours ago

    I saw SuperSaf at the back of you 1:14

  • Yash Kumar
    Yash Kumar 22 hours ago

    I can't afford any of these 😂😂

  • Jc S
    Jc S 22 hours ago

    I have iPhone 11 Pro Max, most of the images he had shown wasn’t like this in my iPhone, such a biased review.

    • Dragon Emperor
      Dragon Emperor 21 hour ago

      Yeah he got a bad iPhone from Huawei just for this video

  • zqin c
    zqin c 22 hours ago

    He can pronounce "Huawei" perfect! I am shocked! Many English speaker can't do it well

  • Ali Karimov English
    Ali Karimov English 22 hours ago

    it is also difficult

  • abdallh yaser
    abdallh yaser 22 hours ago

    S20 The beast

  • Sabeeha Mehndi
    Sabeeha Mehndi 22 hours ago

  • joel allwyn
    joel allwyn 22 hours ago

    If MKBHD not recommending a pixel won't hit Google hard, I don't know what will. Seriously need to up their game with the pixel 5.

  • Emily Jeffr
    Emily Jeffr 22 hours ago

    My Father Had This Phone Before 4-5 years This Phones Special Feature and the Greatest of All Is Camera Quality 👌👌👌👌👌💥💥💥💜💜💜💜💜💜🔥💜🔥👏👏👏

  • Gray Gaming
    Gray Gaming 22 hours ago

    Arun i underatand what you said in this video. You start a youtube chanel and have to stay determined, to know what you say,film,edit and release the video. Stay determined...

  • Shaurya Shankar Srivastava

    11:38 how many of you noticed it

  • Hamaid Ahmed
    Hamaid Ahmed 22 hours ago

    Where is the P40 Pro Plus..

  • Abu Nawaf
    Abu Nawaf 22 hours ago

    Thanks for making things easier for your followers.. now I can choose the right phone ,,,,your are doing well, really

  • Elham Qaderi
    Elham Qaderi 22 hours ago

    Well now i just have to wait and see if they build asus rog 3 when i’m in year 8-9, and i need to see some other choices frim samsung (sorry apple, i had a fun time) Choices rn: Asus rog 2 S10 5g A91 Huawei p40 pro plus

  • Abu Sayed
    Abu Sayed 22 hours ago


  • Onix
    Onix 23 hours ago

    2:48 UK Charger Woo

  • Vinnie Cross 2005
    Vinnie Cross 2005 23 hours ago

    Anyone wants to grow together

  • xie chris
    xie chris 23 hours ago


  • navy gap
    navy gap 23 hours ago

    Huawei has the best very natural color not saturated

  • Khang Võ
    Khang Võ 23 hours ago

    I like to watch things that i cannot afford

  • Andy_kaliv
    Andy_kaliv 23 hours ago

    It's a copy of Asus rog strix gaming phone

  • Enigma Games
    Enigma Games 23 hours ago

    lol Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: The Ugly Truth Edit: out now in stores near you

  • Alvin Cologne
    Alvin Cologne 23 hours ago

    Best camera review camparisons so far.. Give it to P30pro, i love it

  • Mahmoud Mahmoud
    Mahmoud Mahmoud 23 hours ago


  • rogelio teves
    rogelio teves 23 hours ago

    Its designed for gaming thats why its called gaming phone other features added is to make the phone fucntion as a phone...i think developers who made this gaming phone mainly focused on the gaming side of the phone

  • JS Jiang
    JS Jiang 23 hours ago

    iPhone has the best picture quality with crystal clear details in my opinion. P40 is blur and the color is too light. The color of Samsung is too fake.

  • ashik masood
    ashik masood 23 hours ago

    Is it a good idea to buy p30 pro in 2020, I am huge huwaie fan for last 6 years all my phone's are huwaie or honor.

  • Boris Sika
    Boris Sika 23 hours ago

    Huawei smoked them all

  • Boom Bammer
    Boom Bammer 23 hours ago

    Things apple is good at- Making multi-functional products Making the toughest glass Making high quality video cameras Keeping the doctor away

  • Bro Zoned
    Bro Zoned 23 hours ago


  • ajith a n
    ajith a n 23 hours ago

    which is better?

  • Erkan Kocaman
    Erkan Kocaman 23 hours ago

    None of it costs $ 1000, but the video camera is clearly ahead of the iphone

  • Max Mad
    Max Mad 23 hours ago

    Nice video and phone....

  • shizzi beezi
    shizzi beezi 23 hours ago


  • Hame Shakur
    Hame Shakur 23 hours ago


  • alatia bradley
    alatia bradley 23 hours ago

    I like your videos a lot though

  • alatia bradley
    alatia bradley 23 hours ago

    Why the heck did you break a smart phone use just a piece of glass!!!!!

  • Sherab Gyatso
    Sherab Gyatso 23 hours ago

    Don’t bye Hussein Mobile . Becoz of CCP

  • Simplify Today
    Simplify Today 23 hours ago

    Which software you are using for voice Modulation

  • **never*miss**
    **never*miss** 23 hours ago

    if this is p40 pro what mate 40 is goin to look like 😶😶😶

    DAY MING 23 hours ago


  • Ramon Benito
    Ramon Benito 23 hours ago

    If KaiOS will continue to innovate and give value to its users, it will stay relevant and compete with Goodle and Apple.

  • Montu Jadav
    Montu Jadav 23 hours ago


  • Puppa
    Puppa 23 hours ago

    Coronavirus phone

  • Code On X
    Code On X 23 hours ago

    Its funny look people judge p40 pro bad in video, cuz stabilization video and only win at night scene~ Lol this only review unit and not final sotfware~ how do i know? I have tried it at Huawei stores in China and I can say videos and photos are better than the iPhone 11 series ~

  • Devine Job
    Devine Job 23 hours ago

    I love Huawei😍

  • maxo martinov
    maxo martinov 23 hours ago

    All android tablets suck