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Shoenice - H3 Podcast #159
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MrBeast - H3 Podcast #111
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Theo Von - H3 Podcast #109
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  • skantiloak
    skantiloak 4 hours ago

    How can he talk about ass and titties like that in front of his wife

  • Conor Cronin
    Conor Cronin 4 hours ago

    lets give a like to our boy Ethan

  • shay warren
    shay warren 4 hours ago

    Ethan: I EnDoRsEd BeRnIe bY gIvInG 1000. Trumps going to win again.

  • Conor Cronin
    Conor Cronin 4 hours ago

    mustard and tuna get tf outa here dog

  • TheYota Man
    TheYota Man 4 hours ago

    Hila Is literally a 10 and Ethan is definitely a 4. Jesus he's lucky

  • connor smith
    connor smith 4 hours ago

    56:56 her face lmao

  • halo stop motion and reviews

    "Infect these poor Chinese people" yeah.... look where that went...

  • Caleb Santiago
    Caleb Santiago 5 hours ago

    Today on episode 467 of Ethan rants about FLash-player:

  • HoneyPot
    HoneyPot 5 hours ago

    Zach sucks!

  • Jaci Ganesh
    Jaci Ganesh 5 hours ago

    Gokanaru sent me here

  • Qxjnx • 39 years ago

    He raises his right eyebrow so much he has a permanent crease😂😂

  • xXSub4ZeroXx
    xXSub4ZeroXx 5 hours ago

    Love the tension between Ethan and Dan.

  • Super Dad
    Super Dad 5 hours ago

    Go wash your butt hole poppers, with your dirt under your long, messed up finger nails. Gross!

  • John Dreyer
    John Dreyer 5 hours ago

    College is a scam, so is Jake Paul, H3 fell off.

  • Kerknalici iii
    Kerknalici iii 5 hours ago

    Jake Paul is a cocknostril. He’s trying to convince kids (who barely understand what the word “career” means) that if you go to college and get a job, your life will be bad. I agree, school can be dreadful, but it’s going to get you places more often than not. Certainly further that being down $20 a month for some assclown to tell you he doesn’t like school because it’s...uh....it’s...uh...like....stupid.

  • shiloh
    shiloh 5 hours ago

    Ian seems so much happier lately aw

  • Heyitsaddie23
    Heyitsaddie23 5 hours ago

    My 2 cents- I love that Ethan makes his viewers and people he interviews uncomfortable sometimes. I think it's necessary and makes the interviewees more human to the audience. Also, waaaayyy more interesting than the typical overly-polite interview. Keep it up. Proud of you.

  • What'sUpItsAndy !
    What'sUpItsAndy ! 6 hours ago

    this might be too much but I would smash Zach

  • Max Black
    Max Black 6 hours ago

    There hasn’t been one podcast where Ethan hasn’t been talking about his shit

  • fatty bulger
    fatty bulger 6 hours ago

    as if h3h3 weren't just as bad...

  • Goodwyn
    Goodwyn 6 hours ago

    I don't think calling Dan a hater is justified. He is always reasonable and explains why he comes to his opinions.

  • Chad Vlogs
    Chad Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Free papa

  • Uncle Johnny TV
    Uncle Johnny TV 6 hours ago

    What planet are Ethan and Hila from? Like who doesn’t put mustard on tuna sandwiches?

  • Lil Yomp
    Lil Yomp 6 hours ago

    Omfg Ian is so fucking funny, I cant deal with him joshing with Ethan lmfaoo

  • Ace Alderman
    Ace Alderman 6 hours ago

    Where's that guy who comments the timestamps of all the topics? :(

  • Reilpikram
    Reilpikram 6 hours ago

    Damn Ethan is quick and witty on the spot

  • Jered Head
    Jered Head 6 hours ago

    Imagine being a tits man in 2020... Have you seen where yoga pant technology has taken us these days? Edit: Also Ian has gone from a mopey little bitch always getting triggered by Ethan to a spicy memelord, ducking and dodging Ethan's jabs - even firing back a few himself. Good to have you back m80.

  • sportsquid
    sportsquid 6 hours ago

    should've tried Red Robin

  • GuessWho
    GuessWho 6 hours ago

    I looked over some of the short clips on Jake's website. It actually has some useful information tbh. I'd rather he make this than his vlogs. This information is far more useful than his garbage channel.

  • Cassidy Job
    Cassidy Job 6 hours ago


  • me me
    me me 6 hours ago

    Get idubbz to come on the show

    • fatty bulger
      fatty bulger 6 hours ago

      why would idubz waste his time on this lame af "podcast"?

  • CaptainAeroz
    CaptainAeroz 6 hours ago

    That's how I feel about Chris Evans. I hate anything Captain America or Chris Evans.

  • Jordan .Langner
    Jordan .Langner 6 hours ago

    yup, its adults watching....only adults....yup

  • gamergirl91
    gamergirl91 6 hours ago

    2:00:00 i truly love this show. Ethan knows what"s up.

  • Short Shredder
    Short Shredder 6 hours ago

    Y’all spending $150+ dollars on burgers for a episode but won’t shell out $20/month for jake Paul’s service to show us the goods? I know what content I’d really watch

  • Jelle
    Jelle 6 hours ago

    Still not done talking about the Pauls huh?

  • Alex C
    Alex C 6 hours ago

    Ads on your podcast? Very jewy of you Ethan... I expected better :(

    • fatty bulger
      fatty bulger 6 hours ago

      wow, h3h3 are money-grubbing juice?

    • Alex C
      Alex C 6 hours ago

      To any future hate speech officers reading this: my comment above is a joke, contextualized by one of the topics that came up in the podcast. The humor comes from the fact that other people who have watched the podcast will understand that I'm being sarcastic, and that it's obviously okay for H3 to have ads. Please do not fine/arrest me.

  • jame
    jame 6 hours ago

    Bill burr made ethan change his interview style 😅

  • MiDSLiME
    MiDSLiME 6 hours ago

    ian reminds me of buster

  • Tron Snow
    Tron Snow 6 hours ago

    I feel Ethan on his issue with FLash-player demonetizing him while they let Logan hang with porn-stars, smoke weed, and talk about jerking off his to friends GF, etc....how does he not get penalized? My only guess is that he must pay YT a shit ton under the table in order to let him get away with it...?

  • Presto S
    Presto S 6 hours ago

    Can we get gary vaynerchuk on the show that would be an awesome podcast

  • Joey's third chin
    Joey's third chin 6 hours ago

    For the record it was Mayor Giuliani that cleaned up New York City.

  • Foul Mouths Nation
    Foul Mouths Nation 6 hours ago

    Holy Fuck do you ever stop blinking?

  • Leonardo Theelion
    Leonardo Theelion 6 hours ago


  • 힝좌히
    힝좌히 7 hours ago


  • Amy
    Amy 7 hours ago

    Wonder how he feels about Bloomberg after that debate. 😂

  • Leonardo Theelion
    Leonardo Theelion 7 hours ago

    It was great and very entertaining!! It makes it funny too when Ethen acts real serious and assertive in an interview. :)

  • Shelby
    Shelby 7 hours ago

    I just have to say that Hila has evolved so much and seems so comfortable in this episode. Hila Kleiner 4 lyf

  • MTK
    MTK 7 hours ago

    My car got rear ended the other day, good thing I wasn't towing that lady

  • Bill Ponderosa
    Bill Ponderosa 7 hours ago

    It’s great listening back on a libtard. “Everyone is catching on to Obama care”

  • catfishrob1
    catfishrob1 7 hours ago

    Idk about Bloomberg being 5'8" guys... He has sway over what info gets put out there, keep that in mind. There are pictures of him standing next to Nicholas Sarkozy, who is documented as being 5'5". Look at that and tell me he's three inches taller... I'm not buying it.

  • More Mellow
    More Mellow 7 hours ago

    You guys should get Cody Ko and Noel Miller on as a guest, Tiny Meat Gang - H3 Podcast, that'd be awesome!

  • Bill Ponderosa
    Bill Ponderosa 7 hours ago

    Percocet is a opioid you maniac

  • Regan Humphreys
    Regan Humphreys 7 hours ago

    Kinda annoying why hila gets pissed at him for eating abit much.... bore off

    • Amy
      Amy 7 hours ago

      It really is.

  • Featheon
    Featheon 7 hours ago

    This is funnier than the reaction videos.

  • Alex Sahagun
    Alex Sahagun 7 hours ago

    “i ask her Sam-... 👁👄👁...”

  • Museumitorium
    Museumitorium 7 hours ago

    This is a landmark episode - the first taste test, the last time Ethan pretended to give a shit about eating on the podcast. One of my all-time favorites. We need more psychicpebbles in 2020.

  • Maliboo
    Maliboo 7 hours ago


  • Hope Morrison
    Hope Morrison 7 hours ago

    Whatever happened to PewDiePie being on the podcast Wed????

  • Makujah
    Makujah 7 hours ago

    1:58:50 Lemme get this straight: this woman called her own two kids... Bash and Slash? Are they orcs? These are very orc names. Like Rend and Maim of Blackrock clan.

  • Piano Roots Music
    Piano Roots Music 7 hours ago

    This pod made me get papa John's and I'm in canada but it's still the best pizza out there

  • Socially Frightened
    Socially Frightened 7 hours ago

    If ya'll like ass and won't eat it ya'll weak

  • Deibiddo
    Deibiddo 7 hours ago

    Not even 20 mins in and this is the funniest shit

  • Andrew Dennis
    Andrew Dennis 7 hours ago

    ethan is getting more and more annoying by the podcast

  • Yu
    Yu 7 hours ago

    Okay but my high school actually taught me how to do taxes, balance a check book etc. You just have to ask for those classes and talk with your counselor and see what’s right for you.

  • Henry Mann
    Henry Mann 7 hours ago

    Trisha looks like a rugrat

  • Alex Chappell
    Alex Chappell 7 hours ago

    Does Ethan have tiny hands, or are USA burgers just huge?

  • Rob
    Rob 7 hours ago

    The REAL conspiracy is whether or not Yoko Ono took down the stream for playing 90% of her song... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!

  • therealbradmo
    therealbradmo 8 hours ago

    1 of over 5k comments: I love the taste tests.

  • Mitchie _zzz
    Mitchie _zzz 8 hours ago

    Its ironic I had a test today About the pythagorean theorem And I totally failed it because i didn’t understand it. I might sign up to jakes bullshit scam fuck it

  • Justin Vinson
    Justin Vinson 8 hours ago

    those t shirts are dope

  • Dr. Nick DPT
    Dr. Nick DPT 8 hours ago

    You can do better Ethan. Watch the PhillyD podcast.

  • Brendan Beckett
    Brendan Beckett 8 hours ago

    McDonald = Mick Donald, MacDonald = Mack Donald

  • GJSelect
    GJSelect 8 hours ago


  • BeReal Relentless
    BeReal Relentless 8 hours ago

    Is Zucks Jewsih, hahahaSerioulsy?? hahaha But I the stereotype of Jews being greedy, I dont hear or see it, and I think its more of a recent thing if so. I heard Jews are Savers, hoard money, want a deal. In other words.. be smart with their money , hahaha. It cracks me up the world we are living in now. I honestly feel people have it so good, that they are getting petty. In closing JP can shit in hat for all I care, and the end of the day , THE MARKET decides whats Hip, trendy, or "in". H3 is greedy with that shirt! LOL

  • Jordan .Langner
    Jordan .Langner 8 hours ago

    alright i love the h3 podcast alright, i love ethan and eeeela but could they not get into politics, i really dont want to hear that crap

  • Seeky Unbounded
    Seeky Unbounded 8 hours ago

    ppl are just pushing your buttons, more worked up you get over the "greedy jew" stereotype them ore they will spit it

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 8 hours ago

    If you know Wendy, she actually likes big noses lol but anyway.. Why was someone farting such a big topic, everyone does it, shes human, she farts.. I love wendys disgusting act lol im not easily offended though

  • Seeky Unbounded
    Seeky Unbounded 8 hours ago

    1:06?45 this is the h3h3 content i am come for

  • TheUnsilentMajority Bigmouth

    If I had to choose between Trisha and Hila I’d pick Hila every time.

  • Shadow Monkey
    Shadow Monkey 9 hours ago


  • Isaiah Gunn
    Isaiah Gunn 9 hours ago

    fka twigs is not underground

  • Chris MacKay
    Chris MacKay 9 hours ago

    11:00 Has Ethan never taken drugs with his boys? You can sit for hours having the most shit yarns with each other

  • Yani Singer
    Yani Singer 9 hours ago

    41:38 backstage wows could be a good soundbite lol

  • outherefilms
    outherefilms 9 hours ago

    Why didn't get a&w they got beyond meat

  • Shae Slay
    Shae Slay 9 hours ago

    Filthy Frank's vomit cake video got removed

  • Jiggerjaw
    Jiggerjaw 9 hours ago

    "It's no question she's gorgeous" I have a question - is that not Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Jiggerjaw
    Jiggerjaw 9 hours ago

    sOLiD b-CUpS

  • Hybrid Decadence
    Hybrid Decadence 9 hours ago

    As for mary, i agree her channel is great content but contrary is that she actually may get someone killed in a car accident once she starts to go crazy from old age or maybe a not so accurately prescribed medication. Maybe she's very smart and her whole personality is a front for youtube, cudos if so, Or Maybe wel get a first person pov of scooting down an elevator shaft one day.

  • Jet Black
    Jet Black 9 hours ago

    Jake Paul is our new Thai Lopez. Can't wait for the Jake Paul "Here in my garage" video.

  • Jessie
    Jessie 9 hours ago

    This should have been a blind taste test. Do it again.

  • RecklesS RecordS
    RecklesS RecordS 9 hours ago

    So Ethan you said you would drop a sex tape 3 years ago so I’m waiting for you too pay up

  • Panda boy
    Panda boy 9 hours ago

    Wow talking about a scam, ain't that ironic

  • Facey Neck
    Facey Neck 9 hours ago

    It's great he's made the worst clothing styles of the 90s his signature look. I thought the human race had done away with those near-dress-width Jncos. The parka looks older though, you might have seen that in 1988.

  • Lord Webster
    Lord Webster 10 hours ago

    I bet the vast majority of people who watch aren’t “fans” of the podcast or you they’re just bored people who love podcasts and don’t hate you enough to not watch

  • DollEyedCreep
    DollEyedCreep 10 hours ago

    Ooh you guys could get Oliver trees girlfriend Melanie Martinez? Maybe both together?

  • DollEyedCreep
    DollEyedCreep 10 hours ago

    Can you guys get doja Cat on? Shes funny af. Or johnny utah. Hes a Oliver tree type

  • Oha Cade
    Oha Cade 10 hours ago

    He shouldn't have blurted out how much she made. That crosses the line, and led to a whole thing, when they could have been talking about something else.

  • Elmore
    Elmore 10 hours ago

    You should have melanie martinez in one of your podcast episode

  • ColonelKurtz
    ColonelKurtz 10 hours ago

    This podcast is waaaaay better than the last 2! Finally!