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it is FINALLY happening
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  • CKD
    CKD Hour ago

    lesson: don’t pick up things by the lid

  • Jelly Butter Toast


  • Qwe 2
    Qwe 2 2 hours ago

    Trying 5 days KPOP Idols diet 👀

  • Esther Kim
    Esther Kim 3 hours ago

    This was so cute. If you're curious to know what Japanese dessert/cake should taste like you should see if you can find Japanese baumkuchen (pronounced bahnkuahn) in your area. I feel like that's really a staple Japanese desert that would give you an idea of what the texture/taste should be like. Also mochi with red bean paste inside of it.

  • Rebecca Avakian
    Rebecca Avakian 3 hours ago

    I forget about breakfast often, but I can get nauseous if I don't have anything at all. So normally I try to get bread or fruit and a glass of water in the morning. All my other meals are inconsistent because my schedule is inconsistent. I can't imagine having blocked out time for a big meal at lunch, my time for lunch is unreliable so normally it's just a snack for me. Having a meal at home often sounds like a dream though.

  • Emma Kinsman
    Emma Kinsman 3 hours ago

    The cafeteria at my uni made potato nachos but they called them Irish nachos LOL I also had a friend at uni who would go home for a weekend and come back with a huge batch of potato fudge her mum made for her?????

  • jellyfishfosters
    jellyfishfosters 4 hours ago

    As an american, everytime she said "spaghetti-HOOPS" I was absolutely triggered

  • McKayla Royer
    McKayla Royer 4 hours ago

    You remind me of Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet.

  • Mexican assault
    Mexican assault 4 hours ago

    Lmao "phineas and ferb in real life" wtf

  • Reece o
    Reece o 5 hours ago

    u can get neapolitan ice cream block from tesco’s but tastes like shite x

  • BlacVelvet
    BlacVelvet 5 hours ago

    Making your own chips/crisps is zero waste. Try to make you favorite flavor s of crisps in the microwave!

  • abdul rashid
    abdul rashid 5 hours ago

    3.49 for nuggets n chips?? Bumpage

  • Amy Collyer
    Amy Collyer 6 hours ago

    Grace have you watched a tv show called back in time for dinner? You’d love it!

  • avril peters
    avril peters 6 hours ago

    I have to say that your videos are so informative and I love the fact that you actually have a really good diet I would eat most of the same kinds of food😃❤

  • Katie N
    Katie N 6 hours ago

    Your cat's name is Banksy? Love that lol

  • Kira-Noriece Moxham
    Kira-Noriece Moxham 7 hours ago

    Vienetta ice creams are still block!

  • Mexican assault
    Mexican assault 7 hours ago

    This lady is funny

  • sophia i
    sophia i 8 hours ago

    Really love this! Your ww2 and 1950s were also some of my fave videos you’ve made. 1970s soon??

  • Eefje van der Gronden

    I looooove potato’s so much so this is my fave video everrrr lol

  • Nxtxlie Louise
    Nxtxlie Louise 8 hours ago

    I want to know what jesse's ratata was from

  • Sarah Cheesman
    Sarah Cheesman 8 hours ago

    Put the rest in extra

  • R8CH
    R8CH 9 hours ago

    I love these videos, so interesting to see! Love from a smaller channel x (if anyone wishes to support)

  • Aislin Sparrow
    Aislin Sparrow 9 hours ago

    I can’t tell if that guy in the grey shirt said “3.95”, or “free 95” (dad joke) because of his accent 😬🤣

  • Clare Watt
    Clare Watt 9 hours ago

    Trying out youtube hairstyle tutorials

  • Nessa White
    Nessa White 9 hours ago

    Omg the fact that Grace opened her presents without getting anxiety about reacting to them gave me anxiety

  • Sthep Liar
    Sthep Liar 9 hours ago

    "I feel like people are scaled-down scared but..." no, I am terrified 100% but am also an emotional eater so I'm a fat calorie scared millennial.

  • PinkJunkie17
    PinkJunkie17 10 hours ago

    Oh God that would be so meeee. I've never worn full on make up yet alone done it. 😂😂

  • tammy ramsden
    tammy ramsden 10 hours ago

    So that's why your always so wrapped up u don't do heating same as me hah

  • cocomerc
    cocomerc 11 hours ago

    was the ice cream dairy free? can you link?

  • Broomie Cat
    Broomie Cat 11 hours ago

    I’m probably the only weirdo who dunks biscuits in their green tea. It’s still technically tea right

  • Salwa akhtar
    Salwa akhtar 11 hours ago

    Just subscribed

  • Becky Wyatt
    Becky Wyatt 11 hours ago

    Really appreciate all the thought and hard work you put into your videos xx

  • Autumn lucas
    Autumn lucas 12 hours ago

    Spaghetti hoops.... I think my favorite part of each of your videos is learning a new way to say words we say in America. In fact I love some of them so much I catch myself saying the uk version myself now

  • Louis
    Louis 12 hours ago

    Omg your dad singing Shallow... Legend

  • Lydia Forster
    Lydia Forster 12 hours ago

    love ❤️

  • tammy ramsden
    tammy ramsden 12 hours ago

    I could not eat pizza with no cheese couldn't do it

  • MsDeborahLou
    MsDeborahLou 12 hours ago

    Love this video! I think it is overwhelming & I think a lot of people are intimidated like you were about zero waste shops. I’m sure most people want to do their bit & supermarkets really need to up their game.

  • Pot Noodle
    Pot Noodle 12 hours ago

    Honestly so sad the waitrose and sainsburys near me have 0 options they dont even have scales

  • Rebecca O'Toole
    Rebecca O'Toole 12 hours ago

    They still have block ice cream in Ireland! I've only seen vanilla and banana flavour though. But the banana ice-cream is to die for 😍😍

  • Ash
    Ash 12 hours ago

    The answer from the greggs question would have made me left the room😂

  • Kimberly Hunt
    Kimberly Hunt 12 hours ago

    GRACE! I live in Idaho! (For uni) BUT please know a 22 year old California girl lives in Idaho for uni and watches your videos :) & I may have lived in Manchester for two years in 2016-2018 lol

  • R Nim
    R Nim 12 hours ago

    We still have that block ice cream in Ireland!

  • Alyssa Wolf
    Alyssa Wolf 12 hours ago

    It honestly amazes me that people in our generations can't or don't know how to use a can opener. Its such a strange concept. Idk 🤷 I open pretty much all of my cans with a hand-held one. Pull tabs are convenient though

  • Pot Noodle
    Pot Noodle 12 hours ago

    Lol we have pasta pots and we aren’t allowed them out of the canteen because people litter them

  • Pippa Beard
    Pippa Beard 12 hours ago

    Please do eating chocolate all day and please give me a shout out

  • emkat
    emkat 12 hours ago

    Great vid grace! I'm not sure if you know about the series that was on the BBC a while ago called 'Back In Time For Tea'. It looked at the average household throughout each decade from the 1910s all the way to the present day, focusing on what food was made and eaten as well as developments in cooking technology. Definitely worth a watch for research!

  • No Name
    No Name 12 hours ago

    Petition for Grace to get a new better bubble bath!

  • Victoria Music
    Victoria Music 13 hours ago

    My Nanna used to swear by Sugar sandwhiches she used to make them for me when I was a kid soooooo bloody good

  • Jennifer Loyal
    Jennifer Loyal 13 hours ago

    Your videos are unique and so entertaining-You’re gonna be HUGE I can’t wait for everyone to know your name.

  • emilypoprdan1986
    emilypoprdan1986 13 hours ago

    Think this is the first time I’ve ever commented on FLASH-PLAYER but just had to tell you how much I am enjoying your content! Love the research that goes into your videos as most of all I love how wholesome they are! This really is a lovely positive corner of the internet! Thank you Grace! x

  • Ore Idowu
    Ore Idowu 13 hours ago

    She literally looks like she in pain in the thumbnail

  • Judy ordish
    Judy ordish 14 hours ago

    Gal are you KIDDING me, spaghetti hoops are my favourite childhood pastime, we always used to get them as a treat when we went on hols. :oo

  • Heather Mahoney
    Heather Mahoney 14 hours ago

    For a rookie Yorkshire puddinger that looked amazing! Loving the uploads xx

  • Laura Elizabeth
    Laura Elizabeth 14 hours ago

    If I had these glasses at school I would have been alright... aww grace.... no.... xx

  • roblox meem show
    roblox meem show 14 hours ago

    I rarely have breakfast and if I do it’s a frubes yoghurt

  • roblox meem show
    roblox meem show 15 hours ago

    That is the most British britishity British-British accent I have eva heard

  • PaigeBeverley
    PaigeBeverley 15 hours ago

    These are my favourite videos to watch! Defiantly keep going with different ones. Maybe even try medieval/Viking ones? They would be fascinating to watch

  • No Go
    No Go 15 hours ago

    Am I seeing a hickey there hmmmm?

  • Susanne Chicken mom
    Susanne Chicken mom 15 hours ago

    This was so fun to watch, I'm born 64 and in Sweden, so some what a trip down memory lane. Regarding breakfast the same. I mostly grow up with my grandparents and boy did they eat! Breakfast, 2 hours after, coffee and cakes. Then a light lunch, 2 hours after coffee and cakes again. Then the main meal (heavy) then again with the coffee and cakes. At around 8 a clock in the evening we ate the leftovers from the day and finally Only coffee. So all in all we eat every 2 hours

  • Clumsy Plumbob
    Clumsy Plumbob 15 hours ago

    I can't believe I forgot about the Choc ices! The chocolate was sub par and the ice cream had a gritty texture, but ripping off the paper was so satisfying lol

  • jack sims
    jack sims 16 hours ago

    Why not try eating 5 days of only recipes from Instagram/FLASH-PLAYER (buzz feed type stuff)

  • Lene Kristin Solsvik
    Lene Kristin Solsvik 16 hours ago

    Try cauliflower for a day, or courgettes? I think the taste is mild, so you may be able to "sneak" them into other dishes quite easily?

  • elisa
    elisa 16 hours ago

    you don't have ice cream in blocks? we still do in my country, it's always 1litre block and it's way cheaper than the 500ml pints of fancy ice creams (like ben&jerrys etc)

    • elisa
      elisa 16 hours ago

      oh someone else already commented about this.. nice to see fellow finnsh people hee

  • Melissa .Garrett
    Melissa .Garrett 16 hours ago

    I love these videos! I’ll echo what others have said, please do the next few decades gradually so we can see how food developed over time. I feel like there’s a real movement these days to cut down on the processed foods and get back to more natural varieties, so it’s fascinating to see where the processed foods started. I went blackberrying when I was a kid, and that was in the early 90s! 🙊

  • where is kyungsoo's solo album

    these just look like school meals

  • Ashleigh Timmins
    Ashleigh Timmins 17 hours ago

    McDonald’s and Burger King in Spain is pretty bad. They don’t have any vegetarian option! In McDonald’s I would have had to have fries and onion rings (which were sold out!) and in Burger King it was fries and chilli cheese bites! Literally everything else was meat!

  • Laurbubble
    Laurbubble 17 hours ago

    My grandma used to make melting moments when I was a kid and I LOVED them!! haha memories

  • 3334001
    3334001 17 hours ago

    Yorkshire pudding mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious

  • Becky Sixx
    Becky Sixx 17 hours ago

    The way you eat and enjoy food makes me hungry.

  • Noor ;
    Noor ; 18 hours ago

    Please continue to unload everyday or every other day. You said u enjoyed doin it. After a long exhausting day, your vids are the best reward I can give to myself. It up left my mood. Thank you 🌻🌻

  • Pheobe
    Pheobe 18 hours ago

    You can't half tell that Grace was proud of her fish & chips 😂

  • Monica Johnson
    Monica Johnson 18 hours ago

    lol I grew up eating boiled eggs and strips of toast for breakfast whenever I was at my grandparents house. Literally can’t stand the sight of a boiled egg unless it’s super hard in the middle. Idk why they liked runny boiled eggs but my grandma ALWAYS cooked the egg too damn raw that the whites were all drippy and smelly like raw eggs and I literally needed to puke every time she served me it lol. oh and jelly pudding, I literally remember going to the toilet and spitting it out, there’s just something about the texture that doesn’t sit right with me :/ blergh... thank god these things aren’t things anymore

    • Monica Johnson
      Monica Johnson 18 hours ago

      It’s kind of different though because my dad, born in the 60s always told me growing up I wasn’t allowed to eat 2 slices of toast AND cereal because I’d get fat and it’s basically like eating two meals (we were poor asf) but still! interesting comparison!

  • Char Char 0102
    Char Char 0102 18 hours ago

    I thought you were making mash potato but your making it in the blender because you wouldn’t normally do it like that...

  • Sarah MacMillan
    Sarah MacMillan 18 hours ago

    In Canada you can buy a block of ice cream, to slice. It's a brand called Chapman's, very classic Canadian ice cream.

  • Ejaz Aslam
    Ejaz Aslam 18 hours ago

    Haram , very haram

  • No Name
    No Name 18 hours ago

    Wow! You put so much effort in this video! Really interesting and entertaining as well! Let me tell you the hard work on this video paid out!!!

  • Anna A
    Anna A 19 hours ago

    The part where she was playing around with that toy sums up my adult life lol 😂

  • Psychoanalytical87
    Psychoanalytical87 19 hours ago

    Do you have a McChicken burger in the in UK?

  • Leyla F
    Leyla F 19 hours ago

    You must try making jam by letting the fresh fruit wait in sugar overnight then boil it that way - tastes a million times better!

  • Imogen White
    Imogen White 19 hours ago

    Grace plz you can get cup measurements in the uk I promise, I have sets!

  • Renae Rufus
    Renae Rufus 19 hours ago

    A week of making and eating edible art!

  • Holly
    Holly 20 hours ago

    wait so my family still eat like its the 1960s? wild

  • punkwdh
    punkwdh 20 hours ago

    love your videos but all i can think of when you pull that cornflakes bag out of the box is how many people do not know their dog or cat can suffocate in only a few minutes in an empty cereal bag or crisp bag if they are not cut up and thrown away promptly-great video though

  • Aimee Louise Fit
    Aimee Louise Fit 20 hours ago

    Do you ever notice any visible weight changes after these challenges? Also what actually happens if you eat dairy?

  • Martina Taylor
    Martina Taylor 20 hours ago

    I do think your eating more for people who had a bit more money, I think you should do it for a week , but how a family eat that were poor

  • Jenni Hodge
    Jenni Hodge 20 hours ago

    Loved this Grace. I wonder if you'll do 70s 80s and 90s so we can start to see the changes as time wore on. X

  • Kelly Ong
    Kelly Ong 20 hours ago

    I love these videos! It's like a mini history lesson hehe

  • Dani Stuart
    Dani Stuart 20 hours ago

    the bodycon fit was everythimg

  • Martina Taylor
    Martina Taylor 20 hours ago

    You can still get the block ice cream , you would have them with wafers , but you can still buy them x

  • Lychee Boba
    Lychee Boba 21 hour ago

    There's a taco bell in england?! aNd nOboDy tOlD mE

  • Isabelle Spray
    Isabelle Spray 21 hour ago

    Cannot beat a good ol’ dippy egg 👌

    KITKAT8 21 hour ago

    The 8th of December is my birthday! 😱

  • Grace Donaldson
    Grace Donaldson 21 hour ago

    When you and your dad was laughing i started laughing and my mum was speaking to me and just stated laughing and she shouted at me 🤣🤣

  • Cody
    Cody 21 hour ago

    I want to see you eat/do all the things you can do now but couldn't do as a kid because your parents wouldnt let ya your crazy so it would be so funny😂

  • Paula Lunar
    Paula Lunar 21 hour ago

    I don’t know if we’ve ever seen your mum, but her voice sounds lovely 😅

  • Sophie Lau
    Sophie Lau 21 hour ago

    maybe you can do a 1960s diet of other cultures!!!

  • Msfinable
    Msfinable 22 hours ago

    Wait, you don't have block ice cream in the UK? In Finland, where I live, those are the basic kinds. And ofc there are ice cream sticks and tubs, but those on blocks are the classics. Oh

  • x Caroline x
    x Caroline x 22 hours ago

    My parents are in their 70s and they always have cereal and toast every day 🥰

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards 22 hours ago

    I grew up in the 60s in New Zealand and I remember eating a lot of fruit, which we bought by the case as every household bottled their own fruit (peaches, pears , plums etc). Our Friday treat was fish and chips which we got after doing the shopping (late night Friday opening - no weekend opening). We had stew on pancakes in winter and salads with cold meats in summer. Dessert was pavlova or Eskimo pie ( slice of ice cream covered in chocolate and eaten out of the bag, just like eating a hot pie). I could get 20 cents worth of mixed sweets and that would keep me going all week. We put really butter on everything, loads of salt on everything, and bread at every meal. Can't imagine doing that now! Really enjoyed this video. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 😍😍😍💕💕💕

  • Jenni
    Jenni 22 hours ago

    You should do food from around the world (1 day of australian food, Indian food, American food etc). I’d be happy to send you the Australian food portion.