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a weekly vlog
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my brother moved out...
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My 22nd Birthday
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Dad eats my diet for a day
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  • 로라
    로라 2 hours ago

    omg you’re so thin

  • lucywombat
    lucywombat 3 hours ago

    That burp I would have high 5 you

  • G
    G 3 hours ago

    Where’s the afternoon tea place?

  • Tina
    Tina 3 hours ago

    The diet was not very healthy. Few veggies. almost all carbs and desserts.

  • Karma Cifer
    Karma Cifer 4 hours ago

    Her face looks like how I see myself when I decide to record me doing and amazing idea I had and then I see the video and I judge myself

  • Victoria Díaz
    Victoria Díaz 4 hours ago

    Maire wink: *no le sale ni el té* Esta piba: *hace que hasta lo imposible sea posible*

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 4 hours ago

    Yes sugar on cornflakes with full fat milk and in the USA with a sliced banana on it. That was only on weekends though. Weekdays going to school with porridge or scrambled eggs and toast or French toast. Your suppers didn’t have much nutrition. Toast and jam hmm. We would have had a sandwich with white bread and baloney or slice ham or boiled egg and a piece of fruit and dinner was meat or fish with two vegetables, one starchy. Two times a week one of the vegetables would be substituted for salad-iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato with Italian seasonings mix dressing made up at home. Lots of things came from cans. Asparagus in cans taste so weird. I can’t believe how much junk with sugar you are eating. Our only desserts were canned fruit in syrup. My dad would let us buy a candy bar on Sundays. They were about half or a third of the size that they are today.

  • LaughingSadness YT
    LaughingSadness YT 4 hours ago

    My dad is rad singer especially in extremely public places, like, the local Woolworths, or the park. It’s like he only wants to sing to mildly bother the people around him.

  • v a l x r i a
    v a l x r i a 4 hours ago

    why are we the same person - my life quest also revolves around finding the best cookies, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls

  • Madeleine Trapman
    Madeleine Trapman 4 hours ago

    Have a backyard bonfire with the boxes

  • A Saxon
    A Saxon 5 hours ago

    Every time I have ever gotten "greek yogurt" it was thick and stiff, like you could slice it with a knife. Like a really soft cheesecake. Is greek yogurt different in Europe? Why was yours so liquidy?

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson 5 hours ago

    did you know microwave popcorn have high carcinagic in the inner lining?

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson 6 hours ago

    The good thing abt being vegan is you get to eat TONS of food.

  • CC
    CC 6 hours ago

    I love how at the beginning Grace says "I'll introduce you to my dad tomorrow" as if we don't know him. Like gurl I know your dad better than mine 😂

  • Wra8h
    Wra8h 6 hours ago

    It's insane that I CANNOT for the life of me tell if grace in pink and pigtails in the thumbnail is 22 year old grace or 10 year old grace

  • beth godfrey
    beth godfrey 7 hours ago

    Also , my mum has a couple things she’ll never buy basic too 😂 , Heinz beans and ketchup , Helmans mayo ,eggs, meat products in general (we usually use a butchers , but if not then it’s always organic / free range well looked after ) but we don’t have the money to be extravagant elsewhere , so it’s always deals and own brands and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • beth godfrey
    beth godfrey 7 hours ago

    Hearty food co is Tesco’s new equivalent to basics I believe , maybe try another video now with that food? The stuff I’ve tried was really good quality

  • sharc k
    sharc k 7 hours ago

    your family eating habits and stuff is s c a r i ly close to mine wtf.

  • Nellie Langley Bony
    Nellie Langley Bony 7 hours ago

    all your vids seem to be in the croydon fast food places and i’m just like why wasn’t i there whilst u whereeeeee, cause i’m always in croydon reeee

  • Emily Foster
    Emily Foster 8 hours ago

    I love too good to go it’s the best! Unfortunately there aren’t many restaurants that participate in my area but I wish there were more

  • Abcd
    Abcd 8 hours ago

    Any other < tesco meal deal

  • emailerc C
    emailerc C 8 hours ago

    i feel like a dad that wants to force feed this girl dairy

  • zakia n
    zakia n 8 hours ago

    you remind me of Kelsey Kreppel sometimes. perhaps it’s the smile but i’m pretty sure she also works at a school part time

  • Paris Johnson
    Paris Johnson 8 hours ago

    your dad gives me massive simon cowell vibes 😂😂😂❤️

  • MJ
    MJ 9 hours ago

    I love your dad so much it hurts

  • Rudorftw
    Rudorftw 9 hours ago

    Very entertaining video, not to mention educational, who knew buzzfeed actually have functional stuff as opposed to just "too good to be true" stuff?! Sidenote; you really are quite attractive of a person if I do say so myself 😊 Keep up the great content. I am actually happy about a FLash-player recommendation for once!

  • xPinkLava KittyHatterx

    Literally the only thing my dad wears is Liverpool merch 😂😂

  • נועה גבעתי
    נועה גבעתי 9 hours ago

    I’ve made the 2-ingredient pasta before and it worked, I used grated mozzarella cheese, I think that would work

  • Ebanks Studios
    Ebanks Studios 9 hours ago

    This what the Hustler kid from Recess wears under his coat

  • purplestars
    purplestars 10 hours ago

    I wear my dads clothes all the time lmao I prefer baggier fits, esp in shirts and tshirts. Maybe i look dumb but I am comfy thats for sure 🤙

  • Music Pro
    Music Pro 10 hours ago

    you look so pretty on day 2, that outfit proper looks good on you x

  • hamish holroyd
    hamish holroyd 10 hours ago

    Hellooooooooo fran 😏

  • Abigail Hutchinson
    Abigail Hutchinson 10 hours ago

    this is so cool

  • Nellie Langley Bony
    Nellie Langley Bony 10 hours ago

    i just rewatched this and clocked it looks like ur at the one in croydon ahh

  • Debbie Hawley
    Debbie Hawley 10 hours ago

    I've been binge watching.

  • Caty Butler
    Caty Butler 11 hours ago

    I love your loaf-ers

  • Chloë Lattin
    Chloë Lattin 11 hours ago

    This looks like so much fun, the outfits look so quirky and cool. They all look good!

  • Jen Berg
    Jen Berg 11 hours ago

    That black bodycon with the tie looked so good on you

  • bibuchi
    bibuchi 11 hours ago

    nobody: grace: ReSpEcT tHe dRIp kArEn

  • Leigha reid
    Leigha reid 11 hours ago

    This girl always pops up in my recommendations in such weird times of my life

  • Alanna Star
    Alanna Star 11 hours ago

    I think I went to this hotel for my dads birthday weekend

  • Robyn Lau
    Robyn Lau 11 hours ago

    hair looks fab in a pony!

  • Madeleine Solt
    Madeleine Solt 12 hours ago

    holy fuck why is every sound in this video loud??? is it just me

  • Catherine Klapstein
    Catherine Klapstein 12 hours ago

    I loved that you gave the data day.

  • Marisa M.
    Marisa M. 12 hours ago

    I don’t know why FLash-player recommended this video to me but I’m glad they did!

  • PJ
    PJ 12 hours ago

    Please tell me you used white vinegar and not rice vinegar, it looked slightly yellow!

  • jessica dot com
    jessica dot com 13 hours ago

    Collab with Madison bush

  • Bumblebea
    Bumblebea 13 hours ago

    Wimpy is South African lol 😂😂

  • Alanna Star
    Alanna Star 13 hours ago

    Who else was shocked when Grace sang 11:26

  • Shannon Panda
    Shannon Panda 13 hours ago

    Omg! Where did you get golden grahams from?, I have been SEARCHING!!!!!

  • Bel
    Bel 13 hours ago

    would LOVE you to do a whole goth transformation lol

  • dontmesswithnuns
    dontmesswithnuns 13 hours ago

    you remind me so much of the Good Christian Children™ who are probably 15-25 but are very much at the level of a child who volunteer at my local Christian™ charity shop: the epitome of lack of life experience, innocence and repression of the big bad sins. hilarious to watch for that reason alone. keep doing what you're doing gurl. work at that Christian youth? event and have the entertainment be a chocolate fountain when your peers and doing ket, live your best life. much love x

  • Abena Asamoah
    Abena Asamoah 13 hours ago

    OkAy but in the thumbnail I thought you were drew Gooden

  • LaughingSadness YT
    LaughingSadness YT 13 hours ago

    After a couple months of watching her videos, I have finally realised when she says “pudding” she means dessert.

  • Emily Storck
    Emily Storck 13 hours ago

    Wait guys.. I’ve just realized Jesse kinda looks like Rex Orange County. Am I the only one?

  • WhoooFlungDung
    WhoooFlungDung 13 hours ago

    I prefer you with bushy eyebrows lol x

  • nicola mccomb
    nicola mccomb 14 hours ago

    When u ask ur dad to pick an item you look well adorable

  • Mittens xo
    Mittens xo 14 hours ago

    😂 your dad is amazing hahaa

  • noshitwill
    noshitwill 14 hours ago

    alternate title: grace dresses like me (a gay) for a week

  • Cleo Clarke-taylor
    Cleo Clarke-taylor 14 hours ago

    What rugby team does your dad support (except england ) ?😀

  • WhoooFlungDung
    WhoooFlungDung 14 hours ago

    I think you're lovely x

  • Freakish Uproar
    Freakish Uproar 15 hours ago

    *Some random internet dweeb:* Duuuuh r u anoreksit? *Every naturally thin person ever:* No, are you inbred?

  • mehmet demir
    mehmet demir 15 hours ago

    I am here for the crackhead energy

  • Natasja Olsen
    Natasja Olsen 15 hours ago

    My two favorite people in one video omg

  • Bridget B
    Bridget B 15 hours ago

    Please do a “living like Banksy for a day” video

  • Isabella Cermak
    Isabella Cermak 15 hours ago

    Jesse 🤤

  • faeylin
    faeylin 16 hours ago

    As a German girl, I am still so confused about the fact that Britain's basically eat crisps as a normal food for lunch or a snack. It's only a'party' or 'movie food' for me :D

  • faeylin
    faeylin 16 hours ago

    whaat you're school started at 9? O: my school (primary, secondary, every school I've ever went to) always started at 8 :D

  • dee Ward
    dee Ward 16 hours ago

    You are so cwwuuute, Grace, guess what dog i have got? Wait for it.........a sausage dog, guess what her name is Grace? Fo on go on..........its Sausage 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂☀️☀️☀️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Louiza Morgan
    Louiza Morgan 16 hours ago


  • kleep88
    kleep88 16 hours ago

    Is it true that if we skip ads then the you tubers don’t get the money? I always watch ads for grace just in case

  • lunachick613 88
    lunachick613 88 16 hours ago

    Ur dad is great !

  • Sam
    Sam 16 hours ago

    I can’t watch this video without craving chips

  • Lola Poggg
    Lola Poggg 16 hours ago

    Are you anorexic?

  • Heather Munro
    Heather Munro 17 hours ago

    Snap grackle poppers

  • Elizabeth Garner
    Elizabeth Garner 17 hours ago

    Next up Grace wears her Mums clothes for a week!

  • Athena Hunt
    Athena Hunt 17 hours ago

    You’re so cute 🥰

  • im a stranger
    im a stranger 17 hours ago

    can u not have goats milk?

  • SuperPenguiin
    SuperPenguiin 18 hours ago

    Does anyone else wanna know what kind of church that is?! If my church looked like that, I’d be there every flippin’ day!!!

  • Homework break
    Homework break 18 hours ago

    Pasta is already two to three ingredients wth

  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori 18 hours ago

    That No by your mum when you went down in the Liverpool outfit.

  • Anna van Voorst
    Anna van Voorst 18 hours ago

    This is such a confusing video to watch as someone from the Netherlands, I have no idea what any of those snacks are.

  • Charliboo
    Charliboo 18 hours ago

    If that collar was a little less Dracula sized, you would look gorgeous haha. Those colours really suit you. Good on you for trying so hard with this hehe <3

  • Amy Hawkins
    Amy Hawkins 18 hours ago

    This was ridiculous and I loved it

  • Aisha I
    Aisha I 18 hours ago

    I see Liverpool I click

  • Matthew Ward
    Matthew Ward 18 hours ago

    Nah, these recipes might be 2 ingredient, but each of them has way too many actions, so it kind of evens it out to be an average difficulty recipe still, not a “super easy” one (as you would expect from a 2-ingredient recipe). And it kind of beats the point for me. I’ll choose “6 ingredients but all you have to do is mix it all up in one bowl and throw into a microwave” over any of these ones any day.

  • The Leasphere
    The Leasphere 18 hours ago

    Omg I'd love to hear your model storytimes!

  • sharon anderson
    sharon anderson 19 hours ago

    So waitrose is for the fancy ppl and Tesco for the normal world?

  • Lauren McLachlan
    Lauren McLachlan 19 hours ago

    The Sainsbury's near me has a pick your own mini cereal variety pack thing and it's the coolest thing (I've never done it 'cause it's expensive but the idea is cool!!)

  • books for tea
    books for tea 19 hours ago

    What church do you go to? 😍 it looks so much nicer and more fun than any church I’ve been to 😅

  • The Leasphere
    The Leasphere 19 hours ago

    Well, I didn't know this is how you can check if an egg has gone bad!

  • Ellen N
    Ellen N 20 hours ago

    The british emma Chamberlain 😅🤣

  • Hannah-Claire Vann
    Hannah-Claire Vann 20 hours ago

    Yo grace.... ma girl.... queen, I’m high key loving the first outfit!

  • Hal Howard
    Hal Howard 20 hours ago

    My dad has the exact same festive ties, how funky is that

  • scintilla
    scintilla 20 hours ago

    Video idea: making your own cosmetic products - lip balm, soap, shower gel, face mask, face cleanser or anything like that :)

  • Jak Harris
    Jak Harris 20 hours ago

    my favourite alcoholic drink is a virgin vodka & coke.

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong 20 hours ago

    Liverpool top suits you Grace. We're gonna win the league.

  • Witchking
    Witchking 20 hours ago

    The word yoghurt comes from an old Turkish language and the original word that is being used today in Turkey is yoğurt, which is derived from a Turkish word that means “condense” or “condensation”. So yoghurt’s meaning is something like “condensed dairy product” :)

  • Regina Claudia
    Regina Claudia 21 hour ago

    hit the pot luck?

  • Cerys Knowles
    Cerys Knowles 21 hour ago

    I did a catwalk yesterday, fuck my hips hurt