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  • ZGMF-X20A Gaming
    ZGMF-X20A Gaming 28 seconds ago

    Fortnite copying idea's from other games again

    UKCHEEZ Minute ago

    I don't understand what people who don't play video games do allday lol

  • Codename Namecode
    Codename Namecode Minute ago

    Looks so boring! Absolutely uneventful.

  • Anh Tien Quang Nguyen

    Outer Worlds: *exist* Todd Howard: *Nervous breathing*

  • JayAK88
    JayAK88 2 minutes ago

    Much better video than anything else they’ve put out. Sold me on the game with this one!

  • Fedia Gibatulin
    Fedia Gibatulin 3 minutes ago

    Okay you just peace me off stop talking give me the game motherfukers

  • Del Aran
    Del Aran 3 minutes ago

    Do not support Riot, they are owned by Tencent which is completely beholden to the communist party.

  • Innerman Arts
    Innerman Arts 3 minutes ago

    animation is garbage lol

  • Johnwick Winchester
    Johnwick Winchester 4 minutes ago

    FLASH-PLAYER recommends. Watches this trailer. Aight. Imma head out watching the movie

  • Annoyingly Addictive
    Annoyingly Addictive 4 minutes ago

    I'm legit coming back now

  • Cibireus
    Cibireus 4 minutes ago

    She looks amazing

  • Reyhan Wahyono
    Reyhan Wahyono 5 minutes ago

    The game looks boring, its like a casual racing android game 😂

  • Chaos ronin of magic
    Chaos ronin of magic 5 minutes ago

    Hope it dont be like artifact

  • Sugar Stick
    Sugar Stick 5 minutes ago

    1:22 1:45

  • Frederick Werk
    Frederick Werk 5 minutes ago

    Why does the car makes such terrible sound?

  • ThePotatoGiant
    ThePotatoGiant 5 minutes ago

    This beautifully, and well-done trailer explains how the game ended up terrible.

  • Joe Kickass
    Joe Kickass 6 minutes ago

    Maybe riot/epic will finally make a new IP with the plethora of cash they’ve made over the years. Guess not

  • Zexion579
    Zexion579 6 minutes ago

    I am willing to bet this is Jinx sister at the end.

  • Miami Watts
    Miami Watts 7 minutes ago

    @ 10:15 Leaving the Vault.

  • Dandre harris
    Dandre harris 7 minutes ago

    I don't understand what the gear score in this and division 2 is for

  • xMoJox
    xMoJox 8 minutes ago

    Just watching this is giving me depression lol.

  • saiyanprince989
    saiyanprince989 10 minutes ago

    No interest in the game since its multi-player but this looks interesting.

  • pants stanp
    pants stanp 11 minutes ago

    I can do this in under a minute

  • kotal john
    kotal john 11 minutes ago

    He missed alot more

  • Lucas
    Lucas 11 minutes ago

    There’s a massive stigma against mobile games, this isn’t a replacement for a console or PC game, it’s a portable touch screen game.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 minutes ago

    great game

  • Patrick Rossier
    Patrick Rossier 11 minutes ago

    Somebody please destroy the company responsable for Fortnite. Please oh please. Such a load of garbage. Time for it to end indefinitly.

  • Aki Sky
    Aki Sky 12 minutes ago

    Sydney Goodman? And.... She's gone.

  • Thewindowsminer
    Thewindowsminer 12 minutes ago

    I am 14 and daily at lunch I just talk about my game cuz I brainwashed her so much she knows almost everything a fan of the game knows

  • RamlaganSi
    RamlaganSi 12 minutes ago

    Not gonna lie the graphics look terrible, it looks like SMACKDOWN vs Raw 2007

  • masterg004
    masterg004 14 minutes ago

    im not feeling it guys

  • abrahan Perez
    abrahan Perez 14 minutes ago

    The little girls are jinx and vi ??

  • Khaleesii Lorry
    Khaleesii Lorry 14 minutes ago

    Omggg. I waant

  • Mohammad Sheikh
    Mohammad Sheikh 15 minutes ago

    John Connor was the most lethal terminator ever

  • Sammy LA
    Sammy LA 15 minutes ago

    Isn’t riot making a legit fighting game too? Why isn’t that getting any attention ?

  • Charlie Möller
    Charlie Möller 15 minutes ago

    Like it

  • Eric D.
    Eric D. 15 minutes ago

    ITT: people who have already played the Witcher on a system it ran natively on are complaining about the switch port’s score based on their experience with the version they played

    GATEKEEPER BOXING 16 minutes ago

    Marvel - We have all the highest grossing movies DC - But you are not holding all the cards, as we still have one up our sleeve to play

  • Rilco P
    Rilco P 16 minutes ago

    From the creators of what?

  • Ömer Faruk YAVUZ
    Ömer Faruk YAVUZ 17 minutes ago

    Omg thats game physics ! Year 2019 and look at the nfs ! A complete waste of time...

  • Beer_Wolf
    Beer_Wolf 17 minutes ago

    Gunslinger Smuggler, nooooooooooo!! :'(

  • Charles Benedict
    Charles Benedict 17 minutes ago

    0:53 oh vi and jinx 🧐 Child like look

  • MissyMoo
    MissyMoo 18 minutes ago

    where is my kalista? D:

  • Adam Cha
    Adam Cha 18 minutes ago

    Cant wait for pokemon GREATSWORD and GREATSHIELD

  • Dylan
    Dylan 19 minutes ago

    great anime

  • Sasirada Aswa
    Sasirada Aswa 19 minutes ago


  • Main Quiroz
    Main Quiroz 19 minutes ago

    LMAO tresh hook cd

  • ace jraq
    ace jraq 20 minutes ago

    Cool if it on Nintendo switch

  • Adam Cha
    Adam Cha 20 minutes ago

    Itz sif from dark souls he have come back to get artorias

    MASTER OLLY 20 minutes ago

    Cant wait for an AEW game

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 20 minutes ago

    Y 🤔

    • Juan Lopez
      Juan Lopez 16 minutes ago

      I would like to be a main character in this show to boost ratings

  • aiman razi
    aiman razi 21 minute ago

    Dont worry.. he has a suit for this

  • Star Corps jo
    Star Corps jo 21 minute ago

    I hope if the game is released on the phone .... will get wider popularity

  • NASA limbu
    NASA limbu 21 minute ago

    Rad alert 2

  • Rich C.
    Rich C. 22 minutes ago

    I’m getting Magic the gathering vibes off this. Seems cot as complex as MTG but more than Hearthstone and most of these card battlers recently

  • looknamman legend
    looknamman legend 22 minutes ago

    the soundtrack remind me of Star wars Force Awaken Trailer xD

  • Chelgene Baguio
    Chelgene Baguio 22 minutes ago

    i like all game of tomb raider. the story are so amazing . what a great game

  • coolslc
    coolslc 23 minutes ago

    Amazon Prime Plus “we flunked recess because we don’t play”

  • Steven Ming
    Steven Ming 23 minutes ago

    Welcome to Summoner's Rift?

  • Limbic Node
    Limbic Node 23 minutes ago

    I'm going to be somewhat exited to play this a year from now when it's on Steam after the sale, if it reviews well and I'm not playing CyberPunk 2077.

  • the link gamer
    the link gamer 24 minutes ago

    i think this is best than all game

  • kronya
    kronya 25 minutes ago

    letos joker looks like those e-boys on tiktok

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor 25 minutes ago

    Im not finna lie the commentary in these games jus pisses me off 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Wayward Martian
    Wayward Martian 27 minutes ago

    Netflix? Hulu? Disney+????

  • Rindertaco Chessy
    Rindertaco Chessy 27 minutes ago

    I had hope😅

  • Yusuke Urameshi
    Yusuke Urameshi 28 minutes ago

    I dare someone to challenge me. I'd wipe the floor with these jabroni's. None y'all want this work.

  • Doodars
    Doodars 28 minutes ago

    Looking forward to Ellie going full on John Wick on these fools!

  • Hellmouth024
    Hellmouth024 29 minutes ago

    Commentary ruins it

  • Happy Cat
    Happy Cat 29 minutes ago

    Batwoman is pure trash. It is just not worth bothering with.

  • Sentinel King
    Sentinel King 29 minutes ago


  • TheCaptain008
    TheCaptain008 30 minutes ago

    Wait. So this is like Metroid with melee combat?

  • Dom Chu
    Dom Chu 30 minutes ago

    Fortnite is a pile of steaming hot horseshit

  • NeutralB
    NeutralB 30 minutes ago

    Lower the prices

  • Cain Ravenlock
    Cain Ravenlock 31 minute ago

    This looks incredible

  • Fakhrul Faris
    Fakhrul Faris 32 minutes ago

    I'm going to start playing LoL. Goodbye Dota2.

  • sQuibo
    sQuibo 32 minutes ago

    Ah haha is that a gamer gurl ah haha 😂😂

  • Victor Duffany
    Victor Duffany 33 minutes ago

    It is only remotely historic but still fun to watch. I will really enjoy watching the new season.

  • Harry Darsey
    Harry Darsey 33 minutes ago

    Goliath catfish are not that big in real life but DAAMMMEEEE GOKU

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 33 minutes ago

    It's disgusting! I don't know why people like it. But there has been no evidence that linked violence in games with increased violence in people. Although disturbed criminal people with cruel fantasies did tend to like these games too.

  • Rodrigo Baterista
    Rodrigo Baterista 33 minutes ago

    Momento dou numero 1

  • Mathuran Ravichandran
    Mathuran Ravichandran 34 minutes ago

    Is this even a review? This just sounds like a summary of the dlc

  • The hitman
    The hitman 34 minutes ago

    Bought a ps4 to play uncharted, tlou and gow but still they are nothing in front of this game

  • Evgen Khersonets
    Evgen Khersonets 34 minutes ago

    Wow, Riot created smth new! Wait...

  • Steven Lowes
    Steven Lowes 36 minutes ago

    It plays so much like fallout, I love it!

  • Anurag k
    Anurag k 36 minutes ago

    looks like it was made for mobile primarily

  • eon001
    eon001 37 minutes ago

    Overwatch, your move.

  • Amani Hall
    Amani Hall 37 minutes ago

    3:15 I’ve killed “queasyqueen” at least 100 times...

  • Benn Belderson
    Benn Belderson 38 minutes ago

    Apex has done the exact same thing last season with the skins!

  • Super Spooky
    Super Spooky 39 minutes ago

    Rofl that's kinda sad, the big cameo being a trashy character like Jinx.

  • stealth
    stealth 39 minutes ago

    I think Kevin conory’s Batman is from earth 70 like the flash we saw on elseworld.Maybe earth 70 is like the animated series

  • Harry Darsey
    Harry Darsey 39 minutes ago

    Wow I didt know this was a goku quest video game very unique to the series

    [INTERNALSERVERERROR] 40 minutes ago

    Oh, finally! A reason for Riot games to be called 'Games' *afterwards* Oh nevermind. They're doing something different tho, props for that.

      [INTERNALSERVERERROR] 2 minutes ago

      @Domenicore oh sorry, I must've not cared enough to look up what a sh*tshow of a company does besides excesivly overpatch a dead horse.

    • Domenicore
      Domenicore 9 minutes ago

      They are making multiple games, look it up.

  • xXEPIKgamerXx
    xXEPIKgamerXx 40 minutes ago

    I immediately find this more interesting than hearthstone or magic but that might just be because I actually know all the LoL lore.

  • Two Idiots Play
    Two Idiots Play 40 minutes ago

    I already can’t wait to start modding this game.

  • Ajay
    Ajay 40 minutes ago

    Was expecting a yellow helmet. I am disappoint.

  • sCope Yui
    sCope Yui 41 minute ago

    Hit everything

  • Remi Abrahams
    Remi Abrahams 41 minute ago

    South Africa says "Nooooo"

  • World of Weebcraft
    World of Weebcraft 41 minute ago

    Why does Nintendo STILL play with the most casual ruleset ever. Have they learned nothing.

  • velliamtube
    velliamtube 42 minutes ago

    This looks far more better now!

  • P-tricky 13
    P-tricky 13 42 minutes ago

    I love all the characters and art design of league. I wish I had any interest in playing it.