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Ian Wright
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    MALDINI AZZURRI 31 minute ago

    Ian Wright or Wesley Snipes ! 🤔🤔

  • Mykall Starr Tafari
    Mykall Starr Tafari 49 minutes ago

    Ian’s achievements is still one of the best in the British football league today.

  • Hell Bro
    Hell Bro Hour ago

    Ian Wright is an embarrassment; a wannabe dandy like Chris Eubank.

  • Haziq kamal
    Haziq kamal 2 hours ago

    Arsenal can win EPL this year

  • KiRK
    KiRK 2 hours ago

    Ian, this is brilliant! I've really enjoyed watching you play, the fun you have on the pitch, & your interviews. You're a top man. Much respect & admiration, Kirk Ruark

  • cmo butts
    cmo butts 3 hours ago

    Im not even a football fan but watching this puts a big smile on my face awesome seeing teamates catching up👍🏼

  • 10whatabeast
    10whatabeast 4 hours ago

    Seeing This Warms My Heart, dem Good Old Days! Respect from a Utd fan!

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    I look at him and cant stop thinking about the goal he scored against Argentina in 98. Strong foward.

  • fra k
    fra k 6 hours ago

    The most talented player to play in the EPL and Ian wright

  • Amann
    Amann 6 hours ago

    The friendship here is rich

  • onlyjoetee
    onlyjoetee 6 hours ago

    The non Flying Dutchman....

  • Cristian Sebastian Fernandez

    Here Argentine fan , I still remember you from France 98’ haha , great player !

  • Moussa Obeid
    Moussa Obeid 8 hours ago

    Pls pass my respect and regards to Dennis. I love him since I saw him in WC 1994

  • Billy Wizz
    Billy Wizz 9 hours ago

    Legends!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😎 respect

  • T Bolt
    T Bolt 9 hours ago

    True legends, brilliant footballers and sound blokes.

  • dez roberts
    dez roberts 9 hours ago

    That was just wonderful.Beautiful.Pure gold for any gooner old enough to remember them when they played.Gooner since 93.Arsenal for life.Special players.Legends.

  • Ade Abasanji
    Ade Abasanji 10 hours ago

    0:13 Excellent moment 👊🏿😁 #Gunnersforlife

  • vjab1108
    vjab1108 10 hours ago

    Ian Wright should replace Gary Lineker on Match of the Day.

  • Mark Satvasen De Graaf

    Wonderfull getting goosebumps again.....

  • Al Cccc
    Al Cccc 12 hours ago

    The Legend. My favorite player!

  • Arczi kanonier
    Arczi kanonier 12 hours ago

    This is LEGEND'S!!! :)

  • Shane Wakes
    Shane Wakes 13 hours ago


  • Ecgfs 107
    Ecgfs 107 13 hours ago

    My first game was in 76 seen good bad and the rest, but mr bergkamp was the best of all, Brady broke my heart Dennis fixed it, ask any true gonner it's the first name that they speak of

  • GV Games
    GV Games 14 hours ago

    As a Newcastle fan I can confirm Dennis and Marc Overmars were annoyingly good in front of goal! Cheers Wrighty.

  • Maurizio Dragotta
    Maurizio Dragotta 14 hours ago

    Bergkamp 👍⚫🔵 coppa Uefa. 1994

  • Tee Time LDN
    Tee Time LDN 15 hours ago

    The two men that made me support Arsenal 100% facts - legends

  • Ravi de Mel
    Ravi de Mel 15 hours ago

    True legends.. thank you for sharing your stories!

  • Woody81
    Woody81 15 hours ago

    Possibly the greatest European player ever. Definitely 1 of the greatest at his best

    • mediacenter man
      mediacenter man 11 hours ago

      Cruyff, Platini, Zlatan, Baggio, Beckenbauer, CR7, Puskas & Zidane were not too shabby either.

  • Jesse Arias
    Jesse Arias 16 hours ago


  • Sandra Thulambo
    Sandra Thulambo 16 hours ago

    Who left this video at 22:50 to go watch Bergkamp vs Newcastle?

  • dalie1990
    dalie1990 16 hours ago

    Ian Wright is infectious, such a funny guy!

  • Valentine Salumu
    Valentine Salumu 16 hours ago

    Fantastic video you can just see the love and passion between these two and the love they have for Arsenal. I'm so proud to be an arsenal fan. Thanks Ian

  • Adrian Heng
    Adrian Heng 17 hours ago

    legends.. and now we have xhaka leading arsenal

    HUMAN CONTRABAND 17 hours ago

    Dennis Ziet er goed uit.

  • Faris Johari
    Faris Johari 17 hours ago

    His volley tho

  • negrier1
    negrier1 18 hours ago

    What I love with this is seeing the players personality, Wrighty is so good at bringing that out of people however different they may be.

  • Sean Doran
    Sean Doran 18 hours ago


  • Chunkalunkin
    Chunkalunkin 18 hours ago

    Also when you remember Bergkamp played with two record breaking Arsenal goalscorers

  • James Pout
    James Pout 19 hours ago

    A rare interview with Dennis, only Wrighty could and would be the one to do it

  • Tom Sbesh
    Tom Sbesh 19 hours ago

    What a player Bergkamp !!! He wasn't skillfull ,but he had an incredible confidence with his foots and the goal! I completely miss this kind of strong strikers 😫😭.....

  • deadlypalms
    deadlypalms 19 hours ago

    This is just fantastic, the whole thing from beginning to end. Love the feels and genuine bond between Wrighty and Bergs - absolute heroes of mine, growing up in London and supporting Arsenal. What a slice of history and thankful to see it.

  • Jayraj Pareek
    Jayraj Pareek 20 hours ago

    Not an arsenal fan.. but watched it full incant believe it.. but I love and respect them both .. that's why

  • Abdoulaye Fadiga
    Abdoulaye Fadiga 20 hours ago

    Je suis originaire sénégalaise je vis sur Paris je veux adresse de ce monsieur hollandais

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 20 hours ago

    My two all-time favourite Arsenal players. This is just great.

  • ibrahim efe bilen
    ibrahim efe bilen 21 hour ago

    One of the best player ever play

  • John Smith
    John Smith 21 hour ago

    The Dutch master and the chief English executioner. What a pairing, it does not get any better

  • alconamx
    alconamx 21 hour ago

    Cameraman sucks

  • PhaktTheIsolationist

    I'm a CFC man, but what a pair of absolute fucking legends.

  • rob catalunya
    rob catalunya 22 hours ago

    Dennis bergkamp one hell of a player.and a nice guy..

  • live Ebay
    live Ebay 22 hours ago

    Dennis your the best ever well never forget you. 🤗

  • maDeiNtHe80s
    maDeiNtHe80s 23 hours ago

    As a Chelsea fan these guys were my heroes ..

  • Cyrill Vertrouwd
    Cyrill Vertrouwd 23 hours ago

    DB10 is the best ever Arsenal player, for me one of the most intelligent and technical player in the history of the beautiful game

  • Oligarchi
    Oligarchi Day ago

    Man, Dennis Bergkamp... Everything he did with a football was just... beautiful.

  • gegaoli
    gegaoli Day ago

    Love this interview.

  • Alex Slovenia
    Alex Slovenia Day ago

    Bergkamp true Legend

  • dogs aren't dangerous

    That is Highbury

  • Eduardo Ochoa
    Eduardo Ochoa Day ago

    Absolute legends!!

  • Naiych
    Naiych Day ago

    Glenn helder?

  • Sensibility
    Sensibility Day ago

    Love that suit, and Wrighty was amazing on the England game tonight. Inspirational.

  • david ogilvie
    david ogilvie Day ago

    Pair of absolute legends great watch.

  • Budda Bless
    Budda Bless Day ago

    Greatest retort to a reporter ever goes to Denis. “Can you speak any foreign languages”?. “I’m speaking one”.

  • MseeF
    MseeF Day ago

    Sometimes it is with a bad pass that you get to score an amazing goal; Sometimes it is with bad life experiences that you become great; Only a few people see a gain in losses or the unexpected; GOD is for all hence found more in losses than wins: [ 1 John 5:11 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. John 3:35 The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand. Matthew 17:5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him. Revelation 19:13 And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. ] www.purebiblesearch.com

  • Crowd3R
    Crowd3R Day ago

    I wish I still had my Arsenal scarf from the 1990s. One side said Arsenal, the other said Ian Wright - only reason why I didn't wear it much was because I kept getting electric shocks off of door handles and cars. That was annoying!

  • Jon Bubb
    Jon Bubb Day ago

    I remember very well being behind the goal going crazy for his first strike against Southampton. A truly memorable moment. What a class act and a huge part of the success of Arsenal. Keep the Faith!

  • Graham Ivison
    Graham Ivison Day ago

    Dennis Bergkamp, the most elegant, skilful player to grace a football pitch in the history of the ‘Premier League’

  • Sparko969
    Sparko969 Day ago

    Looked like Dennis was moving in for a kiss at the beginning there....

  • yuyufool117
    yuyufool117 Day ago

    That man cave looks depressing.

  • Darren Hall
    Darren Hall Day ago

    As a united fan bergkamp legend lol

  • dblissmn
    dblissmn Day ago

    OK, I officially want a video on Ian Wright's Diet, Life and Health Secrets, not just the one about not being a manager but everything else too! You look great man!

  • matt deacon
    matt deacon Day ago

    Great stuff, wish Wrighty could have shared more seasons with Dennis.

  • Everton Herbert

    Thank You

  • Whazupwitu Whazupwitu

    Absolutely love Wrighty's interview style. Would love to see a series of interviews with other Arsenal legends of his time. That Newcastle goal though. Best goal I've ever seen.

  • Reel Tahk
    Reel Tahk Day ago


  • JD RebellionsBhutan

    please make more with Arsenal Legends

  • Kal_El1 sweeney

    United fan here, loved watching this man on the pitch. Class, Skill, Vision. If you love football you recognise the talent and danger this man was in his prime. Unique.

  • tauno908
    tauno908 Day ago


  • Abdi Omari Mohamed

    I love you Guys!!! The Gunner here!

  • Altair Music
    Altair Music Day ago

    I remember the Goal against Argentina on the World Cup Pure Class !

  • The injustice channel

    Hey Ian, do an interview with Frank Sinclair. I used to hang out with him 1994 - 1995 when he was a defender at Chelsea. We met eachother in the most ridiclous way and then we became Friends. To cut a story Short, i was 'hanging out' with a beautiful french au-pair that lived in a really exclusive part of central London. At times when i was on my way to visit her, i used to see a red left-hand drive Z3 cabriolet parked outside her house so i decided not to visit her. And as for Frank, he would sometimes see My red 911 supersport cabriolet outside her house so he'd drive pass without stoping. Finally he Saw me getting me My car out hombres nightclub and then came Up to me and asked if i knew her and thats how our friendship started. He introduced me to nearly every player in Chelsea and funny enough i beat Dennis Wise in winner stays on pool at hombres nightclub and he just gave me that killer-eyes look while saying 'well done mate' shaking My hands. I could seriously write a book about those crazy times

  • Andy Lake
    Andy Lake Day ago

    Super vid😎👍 🎥📼

  • Youssouph Islam

    Two legends

  • Que Alpha
    Que Alpha Day ago

    It is said that, when Wrighty sleepwalks he still scores.

  • Bryce Clarke
    Bryce Clarke Day ago

    Interview Thierry next 😃😃😃

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    Awesome awesome awesome!!

  • Nigel Smith
    Nigel Smith Day ago

    Thank You Ian Wright loved every bit of this ;-)

  • Ikhwan Naim
    Ikhwan Naim Day ago

    the true no.10 for arsenal

  • Nick James
    Nick James Day ago

    Man like peter weller

  • SJ Han
    SJ Han Day ago

    That was 40 minutes well spent in this life.

  • hoekandat
    hoekandat Day ago

    Dennis Bergkamp a legend!

  • liwete khumalo

    Get yourself a sponsor and add adverts on this clip... This was to dope... I could also donate if you had the option. This interview was dope

  • Richmond Ralf
    Richmond Ralf Day ago

    Thanks Man What a wonderful interview,Feel sorry we lost track of Dennis on the big stage here in Holland.

  • Tariqqo Omari
    Tariqqo Omari Day ago

    Better than Cristiano Ronaldo but has no media

  • Maca Roni
    Maca Roni Day ago

    Pure gold, thanks!

  • nadzirjamal Asyouknowhim

    A true legend. With Ian Wright. Just kidding... 😆

  • Jostein Eriksen

    Very good international football player, and sympathetic.

  • John Tan
    John Tan Day ago

    Bergkamp, Van Basten, Van Persie, Van Nistelrooy, Stam, Gullit Dutch legends .... Rijkaard & Voller legendary moment


    Watching these two makes me lov Arsenal even more....

  • steph
    steph Day ago

    Thanks guys! Great video! Good memories!

  • Sean M
    Sean M Day ago

    The way Wrighty gazes at Dennis when he talks about how good arsenal were

  • Sean M
    Sean M Day ago

    Dennis Bergkamp is The Arsenal