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  • Johnny Fok
    Johnny Fok 35 seconds ago

    It hurts to listen to the flat earthers

  • Chris
    Chris 50 seconds ago

    The old flatearther guy is legitimately the most annoying, arrogant, unintelligent person I've ever tried to listen to.

  • Ryanator
    Ryanator Minute ago

    This is how discussions are suppose to go. These people are really mature and intelligent

  • VikkImo
    VikkImo Minute ago

    Yes, the science can be trusted. Video over.

  • FATE X
    FATE X Minute ago

    Humans are gullible, theyll believe anything e.g the raid area 51 thing started off as a joke, and what do you know, people actually showed up 😂😂😂🙏

  • Ace Ringrose
    Ace Ringrose 2 minutes ago

    Let's fly them into space, with a bet if the earth is really globe they can't come back to earth.

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 2 minutes ago


  • Beckyx L
    Beckyx L 2 minutes ago

    Her top is inappropriate she’s not at work !!

  • Razzama Slazza
    Razzama Slazza 2 minutes ago

    Asian illegal : "America first is only for white people" she says right in front of two America first non-white people

  • Jemimah Kendall
    Jemimah Kendall 2 minutes ago

    The so what guy is annoying

    KJ GANG 3 minutes ago

    I know him from tiktok

  • Jay Nzdking
    Jay Nzdking 3 minutes ago

    I believe in God and round Earth

  • SMG2fanatic
    SMG2fanatic 4 minutes ago

    Eye for an eye

  • The Flash
    The Flash 4 minutes ago

    I am sooo sorry Ali that you have to deal with these homosapians and these dyslexic pickles

  • Anbu BlackOps
    Anbu BlackOps 4 minutes ago

    The sun Clearly proves that the earth is a sphere and not flat😂😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Carmen DeGregg
    Carmen DeGregg 4 minutes ago

    Just a nose job sis? Okay lol

  • Dan
    Dan 4 minutes ago

    Dan the Waterman: The Truthseeker

  • Tabou
    Tabou 5 minutes ago

    I noticed they stopped them every time it got too heated but the woman ofc had to be the most defensive and emotional one in the group ruining every chance for the scientists to prove their point.

  • Viq
    Viq 5 minutes ago

    I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Rick Flair lol.

  • Imène Badawi
    Imène Badawi 5 minutes ago

    “The reason why we’re bombing Yemen is to save people” Saving people by... bombing them so...killing them...? My logic just died here

  • Dante Ferrise
    Dante Ferrise 6 minutes ago

    I think I agree with the big queen with the rainbow hair on some issues...I think because of PC culture half of these people are up here saying what they think they should be saying instead of what they really feel. There are some amazing female drag performers I mean look at Gaga and the Drag Coven ladies...but there is a large influx of cis females doing drag and just wearing their normal street wear and doing their day beat and I don’t see that as drag but that’s just my own personal opinion but get your joosh honey!

  • Razzama Slazza
    Razzama Slazza 6 minutes ago

    Literally all these undocumented people are sitting in that room complaining while they have had to steal peoples identity just to get services and what not.

  • Ryan Reed
    Ryan Reed 6 minutes ago

    "That's fallacy" Is that the only word she learned in the lead up to this?

  • Enzouke
    Enzouke 6 minutes ago

    Interesting how the Flat Earthers thought the other side was "uneducated", but the Scientists were more understanding and said they were educated, but wrongly (11:15). “A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool." - William Shakespeare

  • TheEpic Beast
    TheEpic Beast 6 minutes ago

    Ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round. They were around before Christianity. There religion is not flat earth. (Wtf does that even mean anyway?)

  • Salsa Bila
    Salsa Bila 6 minutes ago

    I kinda figure Emmanuel from the start, he seems to be the most normal one out of all of them. The others look either kinda, idk, demon-ish(?) or older than their age

  • Miguel Garcia
    Miguel Garcia 7 minutes ago

    This is funny, frightening, and sad all at once.

  • Cle Quezeda
    Cle Quezeda 7 minutes ago

    Jennifer looks smoking hot! Her smooth hair, face and skin tone looks incredible. She must do modelling or maybe she did it when she was young? Anyways, thank you for sharing your story guys.

  • kevin guerrero
    kevin guerrero 7 minutes ago

    "Fear this day will come when I be alone in the circle"

  • Devan Albro
    Devan Albro 8 minutes ago

    It hurts my soul every time you guys stop the discussion

  • Dream Film
    Dream Film 8 minutes ago

    Well Hinduism says Earth is not Flat. so does Buddhist, Jains .. Just saying

  • Daniel Stevenson
    Daniel Stevenson 8 minutes ago

    yeah there really wasnt any topics here, im bored people who fight in wars arent war mongers, because the fact is the armed forces is just a damn good job that requires few qualifications. you can call it brainwashing i guess, but that really widens thescope of the definition of brainwashing... it would apply to many more people...

  • Zachary Joshua Jao
    Zachary Joshua Jao 8 minutes ago

    I am both. When i was 9 grades and below i was a flanking students but the thing is was was bullied through all that time i can never catch up to them till i study hard and find my passion and where i belong, at 10th-11th grade my grades' slowly raise up through all hardwork and believing in myself and when i was at the 11th-12th i just move to New York and I'm still learning the language ( i struggled but my hardwork pays off). So, yes hardwork is the number one weapon to have a better grades.

  • Dimath Kojitha
    Dimath Kojitha 8 minutes ago

    Lol send these idots to space

  • salcejaret
    salcejaret 9 minutes ago

    It sucks that she uses flat earth as a coping mechanism for her husband's death.

  • JustProud
    JustProud 9 minutes ago

    Oh god it's like arguing with 8-year olds

  • Drew Bramley
    Drew Bramley 9 minutes ago

    Lol I love how none of the flat earthers have any background in science

  • Sunshine Sari
    Sunshine Sari 9 minutes ago

    The flat earthers arguments are so logical and practical. The earth is flat!

  • pezpeculiar
    pezpeculiar 9 minutes ago

    Grades not defining intelligence is arguable, but it sure shows effort and persistence

  • Razzama Slazza
    Razzama Slazza 9 minutes ago

    Why do all black feminists in the media come across as sexist and racist?

  • leojohn ladio
    leojohn ladio 9 minutes ago

    Chillfino🤣 Chinoyskie bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Thatcher
    Alex Thatcher 10 minutes ago

    I want you to be you in whatever way that is (:

  • David
    David 11 minutes ago

    Hoe's mad

  • KiᴍARcoภ
    KiᴍARcoภ 11 minutes ago

    Flat Earthers: ”I view the other side as uneducated” Scientists: ”They think we are uneducated?”

  • Unit 47
    Unit 47 11 minutes ago

    That straight A dude is such a lad for not walking on that first question - that intellegant one

  • Xin Graves
    Xin Graves 12 minutes ago


  • Josethe
    Josethe 12 minutes ago

    WTF los subtítulos

  • Aman Jina
    Aman Jina 12 minutes ago

    If the earth is flat, why hasn't anyone fallen off the earth?

  • Michael Houser
    Michael Houser 12 minutes ago

    this man said with a straight face he gets most of his information from alex jones

  • Kettle
    Kettle 12 minutes ago

    What about the big molten ball in the centre of our earth that makes the earths gravity and magnetism

  • Righteous Warrior Of Justice

    Wow. All this mockery, yet no globe proof 🤔

  • Olivia
    Olivia 13 minutes ago

    Erin is the reason most people hate vegans.

  • Kalaninui Akau
    Kalaninui Akau 13 minutes ago

    I'm a Christian and those flat earthers are giving me massive headache.

  • tang lengsreng
    tang lengsreng 14 minutes ago

    When one of scientists says “ they think we are uneducated “ I bursted out laughing so hard 💀💀 10:13

  • Kedar Patel
    Kedar Patel 14 minutes ago

    also for u flat earth people out there, do u believe there are layers to the earth ?(like the inner core or outer core). If not, EXPLAIN HOW TF VOLCANOES WORK. what next, tHe EaRtH iS a CYlLInDeR.

  • Erik Vazquez
    Erik Vazquez 14 minutes ago

    I literally can not fathom how some people really think the earth is flat it's insane to me😂

  • TiKi
    TiKi 14 minutes ago

    why is the reason you think the earth is flat Flat Earthers- ancient religions pointed out the earth was flat 🤯🤯🤯

  • Carlitos Mayo
    Carlitos Mayo 14 minutes ago

    These scientist will bite their own asses in a few years.

  • Andrija Stepanenko
    Andrija Stepanenko 14 minutes ago

    Flat earthers belong shunned to the world, this video was a bad idea, they shouldn‘t be given the dignity of a discussion.

    LU KALA 14 minutes ago

    Damani is crazy. To acknowledge Privilege does not mean you can’t be successful because you weren’t born with it.

  • Jacktigers 2306
    Jacktigers 2306 14 minutes ago

    That psycho was on a law enforcement vs. BLMs

  • Archaeopter X
    Archaeopter X 15 minutes ago

    "My p900" lmfao

  • sigma713
    sigma713 15 minutes ago

    the blonde lady is like the classic stereotypical racist person who tries so hard to make people think they aren’t racist lmao. right down to the “I have black neighbors”

  • dayikuluguk
    dayikuluguk 15 minutes ago

    The issue is, they use a corrupted book to stand their reasons. Bring muslims, you will be mesmerised and surprised.

  • Judith Jeanty
    Judith Jeanty 15 minutes ago

    I would prefer a black woman panel. Our perspectives are very different

  • Jenn L
    Jenn L 15 minutes ago

    He’s 30?!! Amazing 😭👏

  • Mikaela Castro
    Mikaela Castro 15 minutes ago

    I want to give all the scientists a hug. Dear lord, how they ended up not putting those flat earthers in a rocketship and rid the earth of them is beyond me.

  • Erika
    Erika 15 minutes ago

    poor Ali is literally a theoretical physicist specialising in string theory and trying to understand the nature of the universe PRE Big Bang and he has to waste his time debating wilfully ignorant flat earthers

  • Davit Gogiberidze
    Davit Gogiberidze 15 minutes ago

    Scientists: proves a big brain concept with big brain words Flat earthers: I hAvE eViDeNcE

  • Tyler Ancheta
    Tyler Ancheta 15 minutes ago

    I think I just lost brain cells

  • Casey Carlzen
    Casey Carlzen 17 minutes ago

    Rocket Science: hard for most people to understand, and it's designed that way. Haha what the fuk you talking about lady? Rocket science is DESIGNED to send rockets to space and keep satellites in orbit. It's not designed to fool a fool, you do that fine on your own

  • KWASi Brame
    KWASi Brame 18 minutes ago

    I really wish they would stop using the bible as evidence for flat earth. The Bible verse says nor implies the earth is flat. You are quoting the bible out of context as well as ignoring language translations and earlier word definitions. So neither scientists nor the bible agree with you. And to cite scripture to promote a lie is very misleading and ignorant.

  • Gritzy
    Gritzy 18 minutes ago

    wow this was so good, you could have turned this into a comedy movie

  • Ace Rookie
    Ace Rookie 19 minutes ago

    Globers, please do not waste your time... Instead just do simple somethings to help Earth and show em to the world. Flats, as we always say... "Mga Bobo!!" This is what is like to watch a dysfunctional couples in the show "Raffy Tulfo in Action", its either Seperation or go behind bars

  • CringeLord21
    CringeLord21 19 minutes ago

    Evan: I do theater Me; mouth full of rice: he is *gay*

  • unicorns Are the best
    unicorns Are the best 20 minutes ago

    Water man dan doesn't understand what a scientific theory is...

  • sadboigayla
    sadboigayla 20 minutes ago

    Sometimes there no fighting ignorance.

  • NP CHE
    NP CHE 21 minute ago

    The only consistent thing about science, is that it’s consistently wrong

  • Jinks Jinx
    Jinks Jinx 21 minute ago

    Next episode: i have big brain

  • N M
    N M 21 minute ago

    sHOw mE hOW yOu iSoLatE GRaViTy

  • F T
    F T 21 minute ago

    These flat earthers are clowns!! Lol 😂

  • Giyu
    Giyu 21 minute ago

    If you tell I think all of them are gay for kissing a guy.

  • Marco Lamb
    Marco Lamb 21 minute ago

    One of my friends is a flat-earther. We're not friends anymore....

  • Jinks Jinx
    Jinks Jinx 22 minutes ago

    School makes me want to cry.

  • Sheneah B
    Sheneah B 22 minutes ago

    Great, now ppl think Christian's are flat earthers... Oh please no.. Please dont hate Christians now, we dont ALL think like this, the bible never specified that the earth was a globe or a disc.

  • Kedar Patel
    Kedar Patel 22 minutes ago

    Can one of you flat earthers give me at least THREE reasons why NASA would lie to us about something as SIMPLE as the shape of the earth?

  • SMG2fanatic
    SMG2fanatic 22 minutes ago

    I am totally aware of the dissonance of caring for animals and liking meat. I just ignore it, like everyone else. I already have plenty to worry about but kudos to vegans standing behind something they believe in

  • Elektronox
    Elektronox 22 minutes ago

    "As a parent I know my child best" But your doctor knows your child's biological situation best. You can observe that your kid isn't breathing, but more often than not, the doctor knows why.

  • Faith the Fashionista
    Faith the Fashionista 23 minutes ago

    Being vegan I knew it was him the whole time, he just did to much research and tried to sell it

  • organicmilk5
    organicmilk5 23 minutes ago

    25:15 My favorite question. Exactly, WHY would they want to keep up a lie, it's so much effort. Yeah I'm sure these scientist are doing well for themselves because of course money is always the first answer it's just, I don't know, it seems like some people ignore the fact that some people have genuine passion for what they do. Why on Earth (sorry) would they want to keep a lie up. I mean i highly doubt they want to lie to their own families and such.

  • Marvin Goldsmith
    Marvin Goldsmith 23 minutes ago

    Shame that in this specific interview a correlation is made between Christianity and Flat earthers.

  • Slappy Kills
    Slappy Kills 23 minutes ago

    Ivy League is like Christmas in the way...... CASH GRAB

  • Max Hvdv
    Max Hvdv 23 minutes ago

    Some helium balloons, a camera used for a week by the flat earthers them self so they cant say there is something wrong with it. and throw that motherfucker in the air and wait a bit...

  • joseph Dent
    joseph Dent 24 minutes ago

    They don’t realize that the guy who thought of the flat earth theory did it for the memes XD

  • Yan 30
    Yan 30 25 minutes ago

    I'm a christian and I do believe the earth is a globe. They even quote a verse in the Bible who mentions "the circle of the earth". It's not a disk, it's a globe. They claim to be sceptical and "critical" people, but there is so much evidences about the earth as a globe and not a disk. I'm sad, they are misrepresenting christians. The Bible is not a flat earth book, it's a circle, a globe. Just watch the live video of satellites around the earth...

  • ItzAppleYo
    ItzAppleYo 25 minutes ago

    I have a -best- friend... that was a guy. We haven’t talked in 2 years.. I don’t know why he was avoiding me or if it was the other way around, but I really want to know what I did wrong for him to just disappear from my life when I needed him. We had a weird past, I used to like him for 2(ish) years and it was obvious but he stayed during that time. I don’t know why I wasted time on him, but I just wanna know why. He has a girlfriend now, but I doesn’t really matter to me but at least he’s happy. Good thing I don’t like him now, and that I moved on with life.

  • Setch ed
    Setch ed 26 minutes ago

    It’s really hard to get a point across to people who just wont listen. The scientists in this video gave an abundance of evidence and the flat earthers’ responses were that they were incorrect with no backing to prove that the scientists were incorrect.

  • Gabrielle Diaz
    Gabrielle Diaz 26 minutes ago

    I love how all the people who believe the earth is round have "scientist" under their names but the people who think the earth is flat r just "flat earthers"

  • Mauro Galleguillos
    Mauro Galleguillos 26 minutes ago

    “The evidence is there” Nobody actually shares evidence.

  • La'quiteDinoirEspinozaKappasen WandiceelmitrieIII

    The earth is Garfield and I ain’t even capping ON GOD 🦍