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5 Gamers vs 1 Fake Gamer
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6 Couples vs 1 Fake Couple
Views 4.6M2 months ago
6 Rappers vs 1 Fake Rapper
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15 Men Compete for 5 Women
Views 5M5 months ago
16 Women Compete for 6 Men
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  • MrMaxston
    MrMaxston 6 seconds ago

    They all talk too much 😂

  • timmy tim
    timmy tim 30 seconds ago

    Now this is the opposite of having a wingman... Imagine them pursuing someone & that person saw this vid lmAO

  • amplex
    amplex 44 seconds ago

    because activist = medical knowledge

  • Nightmare
    Nightmare 2 minutes ago

    Did u expect to win? Yes cuz I’m a gamer.

  • ashxxhale
    ashxxhale 2 minutes ago

    Damn who dat man in blue, marry me pls

  • Senpai Bento
    Senpai Bento 2 minutes ago

    I feel like they wanted to play one more round to eliminate the gamer girl cuz it’s all about the squaddddddddddd

  • Caroline Montaillier
    Caroline Montaillier 2 minutes ago

    Do they ever get anyone outside of California? Y’all are living in a bubble

    DINO VLACHOS 3 minutes ago

    Teens and millenials have thin skin, change my mind

  • RSA Philosophy
    RSA Philosophy 3 minutes ago

    Solomon in Ecclesiastes said that all men go to Hell. Start from there & you'll realize that the addition of "fire" was nothing more than a scare tactic on the part of the Christian church. Solomon said all people in Hell can't feel anything (cause they're dead, duh). How can you be tortured by so-called "hell fire" when you are not even conscious? Logic people logic . . .

  • Trevor Csuti
    Trevor Csuti 5 minutes ago

    That’s just the rich teens come to Cleveland and do it completely different respons

  • Rob Hebert
    Rob Hebert 6 minutes ago

    Feminists piss me off with the lack of tangible evidence in the making of a discussion such as at 16:12. She gets hostile towards the man because he is completely shutting down her statement. God please help the world.

  • Carly Louis
    Carly Louis 6 minutes ago

    Okayy but... are we gonna talk about how cutee this hot chocolat boy was?😋😋

  • College Station
    College Station 7 minutes ago

    I believe at the end of the day it has nothing to do with race based on how a police officer treats you. It’s based on how you present yourself, the way you look not based on the color of your skin, and your demeanor. No matter what color your skin. We can use black skin as an example as they seem to feel the most targeted. If a police officer stops a black man who speaks maturely, is respectful, and presents themselves properly they will get respect back. Where I tend to see most people go wrong is when they fight the law. If you get pulled over and have weed in the car or whatever, if you know you broke the law you have to accept it and take it like a man. Simply cooperate and I’m not saying you have to incriminate yourself. But if you broke the law you broke the law. You should be aware of laws at least on the most basic level to know what is right and what is wrong. If you don’t want to get in a bad situation with the police then simply don’t do it. If you are “scared” from encountering the police then you must obviously know that you broke the law and could get in trouble. If I get pulled over with weed in the car I get “scared” because I know I broke the law. But if I get pulled over and don’t have weed in the car I don’t care about talking to the police because I know I have nothing to hide. As long as you are certain of your innocence then you should have nothing to worry about. People have got to stop lying to themselves and trying to play the victim. Of all the people I know who claim they hate the police it’s the kids who sell weed, post videos online of guns and behave in a way that should get them in trouble with law enforcement. They act surprised that cops give them a hard time yet they act like they want them to. I myself just got off probation for a drug charge so do not think I’m some ignorant white person. Cops have given me a hard time plenty of times and every time they ever have I was guilty. It took me getting in trouble a couple times to learn to just accept it. If you wanna break the law then you have to understand and accept the consequences. Now in a situation you may be treated unfairly by an officer and you are 100% squeaky clean innocent I do believe is a totally legitimate situation. But as long as you do your best to stay calm and not fight back. Eventually the officer will face their own repercussions. I understand in the moment of an encounter with the police it is hard to collect your emotions and remain calm. It’s just a mindset you have to train yourself for and trust me if you do things will be a lot easier for you.

  • George Gorbs
    George Gorbs 8 minutes ago

    I am not quite sure how giving voice to hoaxes, racists, etc is "middle" ground.

  • Big Damo
    Big Damo 10 minutes ago

    10:38 dea... men do have to consider what they wear, you ever been to Australia, well if you have you may have run into these thugs known as eshays start dressing like one of them and you will get rolled and bullied by all the bogan assholes

  • Sophia Marte
    Sophia Marte 11 minutes ago

    jonnie is my dream man someone help

  • mercy apple
    mercy apple 11 minutes ago

    Whaaaattt...i though see will go with Tim H🤔

  • Princess Serenity
    Princess Serenity 12 minutes ago

    Daaaammmmnnnn that was cringy.....

  • Trevor Csuti
    Trevor Csuti 12 minutes ago

    No there were a few that i strongly disagree with when everyone else said agree

  • BWGgy
    BWGgy 13 minutes ago

    Things are seen too far away, that math says should be hidden below the curve. Gyros should appear to roll back as they fly over this flat earth, but they do not. The sun’s non parallel, diverging rays shooting down through the clouds point back to a close sun right above the clouds. The moon’s light is colder than it’s shade, the opposite of the sun’s warming light, proving the moon does not get it’s light directly from sun. Thus, the earth is flat.

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M 13 minutes ago

    such a beautiful video i loved this

  • najma yayeet
    najma yayeet 13 minutes ago

    I never had a side so did my parents we didnt care as long as we was safe but when became president i went to Democrat so fast

  • J D
    J D 14 minutes ago

    Cassandra Hsiao: Your father used to sleep with his young employees that was around your age, and smoke pot with them before they were legalized. Now that you are old enough, it's time to talk to your mother and confront him. He used to stalk these girls when they refuse to see him anymore. If you really support women as you say you do, this is the first hurdle for you. He used to say he goes to 24 fitness in Walnut on Valley Blvd after work, but he's actually at different girl's places. I apologize as I cannot reveal my sources about those who were involved, but when you confront him, you will know the truth from his reaction. He has dark skin, drove a C class Mercedes and a minivan, and wears transition lens glasses. He also owns a small business.

  • Sujeeth Jinesh
    Sujeeth Jinesh 15 minutes ago

    Must protecc Bill

  • nick woodward
    nick woodward 18 minutes ago

    i made it 8 seconds in.

  • Dawn Shepherd
    Dawn Shepherd 19 minutes ago

    We all (people with any brains) Know how we trapped in an echo chamber of stronger and more extreme confirmation bias on the Net with how algorithms can be set but how is cancel culture going to negatively affect (any worse than the echo chamber!) already gormless people

    • Dawn Shepherd
      Dawn Shepherd 15 minutes ago

      This is why we need to vote with our pound AND be aware of how the great swathes of gormless zombies but do the same. There is a reason why the underground exists and good can come from that eg live jazz is still being played and supported in the underground. It teaches people how business works... your rep is important. If you can’t keep it then you give a more deserving person a chance. Not saying people can’t learn from their mistakes

  • Samuel Akram
    Samuel Akram 19 minutes ago

    Christ 4th 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danielle GARCIANO
    Danielle GARCIANO 19 minutes ago

    Tylor stands like the we had to do it to em guy

  • May it Benefit
    May it Benefit 20 minutes ago

    Wow, thats incredible. Is socialism really becoming popular or is it just hype?

  • Billy Russo
    Billy Russo 24 minutes ago

    4:42 Discount Stephen Amell

  • Canuck Fobroader
    Canuck Fobroader 25 minutes ago

    There is a reason the dont allow people off the street to build aircraft......same with medicine

  • Fara Syuhada
    Fara Syuhada 26 minutes ago

    so happy for them

  • Sketchy
    Sketchy 26 minutes ago

    Let’s take a second to realise they believe the is flat but they don’t believe mars or legit any other planet is flat boi

  • Independent Sunset
    Independent Sunset 26 minutes ago

    This woman needs to talk to some of us who work in nursing homes. It is no guarantee that your kids will look after you!!!! We have elederly parents left here till they die, that's when u see kids coming arriving. Let women make their own choices regarding having kids etc

  • Austin Chandler
    Austin Chandler 26 minutes ago

    10:25 Yes and that is so dangerous. What my generation doesn't understand and is too naive to get is that socialism _doesn't_ work. If you give someone power, they will take more unless they are forcibly unable. There will always be rich and powerful people and they will always be at the top. They will always have ties in government and socialism leads to totalitarianism.

  • No
    No 27 minutes ago

    I hate how that last guy finishes by saying he didn’t learn anything but he’s glad theres someone else out there that is of his capacity.

  • Sneha Banerjee
    Sneha Banerjee 28 minutes ago

    Team jason😍

  • Jerry Gossett jr.
    Jerry Gossett jr. 29 minutes ago

    Just a bunch of entitled racists black people trying to run it into our faces

  • Me
    Me 30 minutes ago

    The way he said *"I'm* *running!"😂* 😂😂 10:10

  • Tony Butterley
    Tony Butterley 30 minutes ago

    “Show me how you isolate gravity “.....b#$&@ I studied for 10 years to understand that and you want a 30 second explanation. Fools

  • Borna yazdani
    Borna yazdani 33 minutes ago

    People from those sex workers point of view, have been through some real traumatic experiences in their life.

  • Sean Goulden
    Sean Goulden 33 minutes ago

    To think you’d believe this is your one and only shot,and after you die there’s nothing, and you choose to waste your time studying volcanoes?? What’s the point of life then. Seriously, if we weren’t created for a purpose what are we doing here slaving our life’s away to make another person rich while I starve and struggle?? What’s the point of my pain and transgressions as a believer compared to your luxury and health as a atheist?? My opinion?? Ima be rewarded in the end. You won’t be. That’s the only thing that makes sense. But unless you’ve witnessed a true miracle, a true work of God right before your eyes, then no. You’ll never understand, you’ll never have faith. You have to close your ears, and open your eyes. Stop listening to other ppl and listen to yourself.

  • Dusk Patriot
    Dusk Patriot 34 minutes ago

    Death. Period. Way too much money and too many resources are being wasted on someone who is a clear and present danger and a threat to society itself and other people. That needs to be erased. Period

    MANIACAL FORTE 36 minutes ago

    Looking at these girls I'm thinking they look like they are just babies themselves. Of the girls I started high school with, at least half of them had gotten pregnant before we graduated. It didn't seem like such a big deal then, but high school girls look way more mature than the girls I went to school with. If I'm thinking these girls look like they're just babies themselves, I can only imagine how young the girls in my generation looked to our parents. It's so crazy to imagine my sister this young when she received her diploma 8 months into her pregnancy.

  • BFF LOVE!29:)
    BFF LOVE!29:) 36 minutes ago

    my heart 💓

  • Prince Iyama
    Prince Iyama 37 minutes ago

    The blue hair guy pisses me off so much istg I’ll beat tf out him

  • Hueso Seco
    Hueso Seco 39 minutes ago

    The girl in red is built weird

  • Dusk Patriot
    Dusk Patriot 39 minutes ago

    Fact: negative response to trump supporters is FAR more violent and hateful and misguided, misinformed, and horribly ignorant. Trump supporters are openly and violently attacked by leftists every single day. When did a trump supporter or rally turn violent against someone who wasn't for trump? I'm pretty sure it's never happened. But oh boy, when antifa or other left activists or protestors show up to a peaceful rally, it is almost ALWAYS going to become violent with the trump supporters always being assaulted violently. And yet trump supporters get called evil? Fuck right off. Fact: crime rates in sanctuary cities and states have skyrocketed directly because of the illegal immigrants. It is a parallel. Over 80% of the captured and deported illegal immigrants are career criminals and committed violent horrible crimes. Fact: President Donald j. Trump has done more good for this country than any other president in our history. He has built this nations economy back from the ground up and made us more prosperous than ever. More jobs are created every day. The cost of living Nationwide is decreasing. Wages and value have gone up drastically. More and more people are leaving the democratic party and coming over to the republican side because they understand that the democratic beliefs are wrong. Capitalism and conservative values are working and always have worked. Yes there should always be a balance but right now there is none because the left have gone off the deep end and refuse facts and constantly seek to destroy the nation as it currently stands as, and THAT is what's causing all the negative impact. Fact: the federal government is a necessary evil that was created and tasked with, indefinitely, protecting our constitution and the republic for which it stands. The Constitution is our civil human rights. Currently THE LEFT ARE ATTACKING CIVIL HUMAN RIGHTS. The conflict in this country is 100% started and carried out by those who support and mirror and are of the democratic party. Who has majority of Congress and most lower branches of government, including state, and even the education system? Democrats. This is fact. All of it. It is all backed by fact and I encourage everyone to dive into this and look them up and find the statistics for yourself. Don't just take my word for it, though it is backed by solid fact.

  • Elijah Lane
    Elijah Lane 39 minutes ago

    This man said he’s a “logical, biblically based, and scientific flat earther”. How do you manage to contradict yourself so many times in one sentence. 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • James Denham
    James Denham 41 minute ago

    This is why we are doomed

  • Ethan M.
    Ethan M. 41 minute ago

    It's fun to mock the stupidity of the flat-earth position, but I think it is more important to understand why this belief is held with such confidence. Those flat-earthers were live examples of the Dunning-Kruger effect. This kind of misinformation is dangerous to the pursuit of truth.

  • Slam13 X
    Slam13 X 42 minutes ago

    Definitely SoCal Asians lol

  • Emerald Unicorn
    Emerald Unicorn 43 minutes ago

    15:12 - 16:12 Yess! Guys like him are the problem, too. Just because they may not be the aggressive ones, they don't realize that other men are definitely far more aggressive and intimidating and making situations uncomfortable. "That's why I'm here" no it's not. You've heard this before you just didn't believe it then, and now you're gaslighting her by saying that as if you're just learning it now for the first time. And if it IS your first time hearing about it then you are so uninformed that you shouldn't even consider being in a "Men's Rights" group when you don't even understand what the group it's mocking is based on.

  • RSA Philosophy
    RSA Philosophy 43 minutes ago

    We can either cure the problem or prepare for it. Curing is the rehabilitation of these dangerous folk into law-abiding citizens. Preparation is owning a gun, waiting for them to attack you & then shooting or killing them. What's the best course of action? I don't know . .

  • risha a
    risha a 43 minutes ago

    all the people in the comment section triggered by the word "enlightened" lol

  • Gallant IsBae
    Gallant IsBae 47 minutes ago

    She said keeper of my soul! 😭😭😭

  • evelyn tao
    evelyn tao 47 minutes ago

    ceo of falling in love with a girl you met on twitter

  • Mamamartyr
    Mamamartyr 48 minutes ago

    Brandon is such a fuckin babe. 🥴

  • evilcowboy
    evilcowboy 51 minute ago

    Ok this is really easy, hear me out. The question of weather or not god exists hangs on the question. Did we invent God or did he invent us. On the surface I can see why someone would think we invented God as a coping mechanism, however what is not being considered is how prehistoric people came up with the concept without being told? Why did modern humans who most define in the "early day" of lesser intellect create such a complex system of something some people believe is imaginary? Sure I can give people that a concept of God would not be hard to imagine, but the idea we all have a soul? How could we conceive such a notion without the presence of some sort of example or being told? If early humans believed we have a soul, then that is quite an unbelievable idea to have. It is so unbelievable that the first person to say it would have likely been laughed at and it would not have taken hold. Same with God. When you think about ancient humans, who most believed there was a God, then it becomes clear they had no reason to believe this and I do think they were smart enough to be dismissive as plenty examples of early humans being dismissive exists. In those days saying the wrong thing could get you executed so if a concept of God started because we invented him then the first person to mention it should have been put to death simply because it deviates from what the norm would have been in the understanding and learning department. But for some odd reason they adopted this idea that God existed and we have a soul. The worst thing to happen for God's existence was humans interpreting God's mind. I personally believe atheism would not have started if people did not interpret certain aspects of religious book wrong and then carried out deeds based on attempting to win favor with God. God is many things but the one thing he is not is a bigot as modern religion has painted him to be. The one thing I always keep in my mind is, God did not speak ill of himself, humans did that for him. The biblical God may not exist, but that doesn't mean God doesn't exist, it just means that our dictation and conceptual idea of what we want God to be may not exist. God does not need our permission to exist and he certainly does not need us to validate his existence, my gratitude towards God stems from him validating my existence by creating me. I believe in God and all of my confusion in my younger years was always due to someone telling me what God thinks and feels. I still think it is as easy as asking and disregarding the bigotry and hatefulness of God various religions have portrayed him to have. In a nutshell he is simply not mean spirited enough to throw humans away, I believe he looks at everyone as a teachable person and a teachable moment you just got to be willing to ask him instead of blindly believing others who have no idea.

  • LithiumPaintball21
    LithiumPaintball21 51 minute ago

    This was nice

  • Munchez
    Munchez 51 minute ago

    Are they all gay ?

  • Guest Acts
    Guest Acts 55 minutes ago

    So the blonde woman is emotionally attached and can’t let go of the death of her husband. She’s finding a part of him to hold on to and a part of him to agree with even after his passing. She’s classically deluded and needs therapy

  • Rice CAkés
    Rice CAkés 56 minutes ago

    the flat earther with the red shirt is the definition of ignorant and stubborness

    ROHIT GOGOI 57 minutes ago

    Every generation rebels against the older generation. It's called generation gap

  • Gokul cr
    Gokul cr 57 minutes ago


  • YoJayz
    YoJayz 57 minutes ago

    Imagine being a gamer but not having enough money to buy half of the games they talk about.....

  • TTV Chockey621
    TTV Chockey621 58 minutes ago

    i’ve never been annoyed by every person in a video before

  • Jens
    Jens 59 minutes ago

    Throwing around the scientific term "theory" without that guy realizing it's definition, and then not wanting to listen to an accurate definition, is a pretty good analogy for the entire flat Earth movement

  • memories past
    memories past 59 minutes ago

    Now that was really good

  • YUNGTRAK8799
    YUNGTRAK8799 Hour ago

    Bruh. I worked at GameStop for a few years and I can tell you, girl gamers are the most aggressively protective over their games

  • Daniel Valle
    Daniel Valle Hour ago

    Lost souls and fitness enthusiasts

  • NillyNill ChatterBox

    I’m down for anything. But if I feel like I can’t breathe or am not safe and can’t get out of anything especially if the person doing it to me is a little iffy I’d freak out and can’t do it. Because claustrophobia is a thing

  • Johnathan Arauz
    Johnathan Arauz Hour ago

    the last question really freaks me out so so much. im tired of being scared every day and not feeling safe in my skin but I've struggled with this brain for such a long time i dont know where my illness ends and where i begin. im terrified that if my illness was gone one day I'd only be a shell, unable to do anything because every single bit of my actions, i feel, is motivated by fear or anxiety or a delusion. i cannot imagine a life that isnt like this because every day i struggle to understand what is real and what isn't. i do not know who or what i am and i am so scared to find out.

  • Rice CAkés
    Rice CAkés Hour ago

    i feel so bad for the scientists, it's hard to win against a smart person, but impossible to win against an ignorant person. poor people XD

  • conni2you
    conni2you Hour ago

    If I could say anything to a loved one I would have to say to my mother in law Donna.... Why didn’t you go to a doctor or the hospital? You had to know something was wrong. Your son had to find you dead in your sleep. He was never the same after that. He will be forever scared and broken because of this.... the sight of finding you that way. He carries so much pain and guilt. He feels like he didn’t call or visit enough. The last he saw you was on Mother’s Day. His heart hurts so much even now.... years later. Maybe this could have been avoided but I guess we will never know.

  • max van de loo
    max van de loo Hour ago

    if women truly got paid less, employers would only employee women

  • Adam R
    Adam R Hour ago

    So my opinion on this is interesting and doesn't seem to line up with what i'm seeing in the comment section. So while i have zero problem with dominatrix as a profession or something you do in your personal life with your partner or something, i don't know if i can agree with blending work with life. Like having people from work come over to your home to clean it as part of the whole dominatrix thing. Like at some point it feels more like manipulation to receive gain from people. Its kind of like this, would you agree with celebrities having their fans buy them food, drinks, clothes and all that stuff? Like just seems kind of scummy even if the people want to do that for them, but i feel like in that line of work it has to be important to not let work and life mix to much outside of wanting to do it for your sex life.

  • Athennek
    Athennek Hour ago

    Conspiracy theorists will tell themselves anything to feed what they WANT to be true. I had one arguing with me lol. I see the curvature almost every time I go to work. It's insane lol. It is like telling a surgeon there is no blood in the body

  • AbominationalFailure

    Cognitive dissonance at its finest.

  • Rashad Williams
    Rashad Williams Hour ago

    Okay let’s be honest women now a days are embracing lesbians and saying it ok but when guys do it it’s like they get made fun of sooner or later the world is going to end due to lack of offspring

  • MadiLynn 2413
    MadiLynn 2413 Hour ago

    “the millennials and gen z have Peter Pan syndrome, they don’t never wanna grow up” That might be because almost everyone part of gen z is a child or under 18.

  • Junior Conway
    Junior Conway Hour ago

    19:24 that spoke🦍 ain’t no other way bout it🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dusk Patriot
    Dusk Patriot Hour ago

    This was CLEARLY structured to be against trump supporters and trump. This had no actual data presented nor did it actually push to find common ground. Both sides were weak but the immigrants side was severely misinformed.

  • Kyzen Del Aguia
    Kyzen Del Aguia Hour ago

    Flat earther: "God created science so we could understand him." So why haven't we found God using science? Flat earther: "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"


    What’s the point of the headphones if they tell eachother after lol 😂

  • J Z
    J Z Hour ago

    The food addiction guy is the worst. I thought these were all going to be serious addictions?

  • Lgreen2k
    Lgreen2k Hour ago

    The Mariah girl seems like she’s a b**** 😂

  • Liam Fitzgerald
    Liam Fitzgerald Hour ago

    What makes a scientist? A degree? Science is but observation and deduction. Science never started from getting a degree, it started by people having questions about the universe around them.

  • Sam Lives Here
    Sam Lives Here Hour ago

    was blimes made in Georgia or are peaches just tainted at this point

  • roger
    roger Hour ago

    Best thing to do is Seek for God and Save. Career or job, you gotta save...

  • GoodOlLeBari Lege

    1000 african parents dislike because "dAy mUsT bE sPaNkEd"

  • Serella & BitterJoy

    So who is not a directioner/one direction/ 1D fan

  • J Z
    J Z Hour ago

    "If it is a disease that means it would spread." Case closed, scientists! You're wrong. Clearly addiction is not a disease!

  • Shane
    Shane Hour ago

    I have a solution, blast all flat earthers into space so they can see the globe as they are removed from the genetic pool.

  • Bre Matthews
    Bre Matthews Hour ago

    What did Kasey whisper when she was talking about where she gets her money from around minute 5?

  • nate
    nate Hour ago

    man that black chick was hot

  • Dusk Patriot
    Dusk Patriot Hour ago

    Black dude was really wrong about modern policing and saying it stems from "slave catching". That is factually false.

  • The ProdigyK21
    The ProdigyK21 Hour ago

    Get over it, spanking isn’t that bad. & sorry but this black lady has to quit bringing up her race as an excuse for every single thing

  • JsBaldo
    JsBaldo Hour ago

    For the non dating crowd, it can happen, NO BRAGGING, But, I'm actually a really handsome guy according almost every girl i've talked to NO PRIDE This is just for context I have never dated anyone and I am 25, It's literally because I've never asked a girl out, I never really learned how to go about it I feel like it would be awkward but at the same time I didn't want someone as I've just finished clearing up a few health issues when I had 1 seizure a year since 20 I've always been curious how everyone goes about just asking a girl out, i've had a muscular physique and good face lol again not pride , but i've been like this since i Was a teenager So, I say this not to sound at all cocky if I was I'd have asked the girls I find attractive already out, It's not due to my height either, Girls have shown interest in me but for some reason I've just missed every opportunity I had even when it was a sure thing, I have anxiety and depression issues but you can't tell by the way I act, I'm 5'7 btw, and there are plenty of cases of 5'3 guys getting dates but I like short girls any way and they (the ones I have liked) Liked me back, but Like a dummy I ALWAYS back in high school missed the opening, I never asked and the girls just lost interest to the point of being annoyed, Another factor is Since my seizures, depression set in and I've not truly been out in the world since 20 so that is why those 5 years are there, Can't ask anyone out until I leave the house can I lol, Anyway When I read the title i'm like...Um it's not a crazy Idea to not have dated, It's ridiculous how if you i've never dated, it's somehow weird... i do hate my age as far as date ratio, Everyone assumes i've dated, and people assume I have kids for some reason like I would be the type to just go out and be with a bunch of people lol and this is before I speak to them, they just talk in passing conversations, I don't care that much about it, but I wonder who would Say yes that I really liked if I just asked..I have realized a lot NOT ALL, women keep their emotions towards a guy hidden and wait for them to make the move or I just MISS the signs ALL THE TIME Until looking back and friend telling me, Um dude she was into you but they wait like MONTHS later A holes haha , lol Anyway , That is my story. I'm using a non profile picture because I have a youtube channel with decent views and don't want to just put it out there lol

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks Hour ago

    We live in this society, Remember that for a good minute