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Pies | Basics with Babish
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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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Coffee | Basics with Babish
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  • Lara Parca
    Lara Parca 5 hours ago

    I love how nice Babish and The Iron Chef are to each other😊

  • Stuart
    Stuart 5 hours ago

    Hey Babish let’s see a pizza with French fries and Oreos! Mr Deeds classic.

  • Lauk D0wn
    Lauk D0wn 5 hours ago

    Imagine Babish making food wars food

  • ChonchBurger
    ChonchBurger 6 hours ago

    I wanna slap some on a burger right now.

  • Brittlespy
    Brittlespy 6 hours ago

    Finally, I always wondered what the fuck these things were when I was a kid.

  • Weasel Cookie
    Weasel Cookie 6 hours ago

    That’s some serious gourmet shit

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    2:34 you needed to add relish. I work at innout and there’s bits of pickles in the spread

  • SuburbanJunkieツ
    SuburbanJunkieツ 6 hours ago

    “Once you finish pounding ur meat”🤣🤣🤣

  • wtb212
    wtb212 6 hours ago

    Steak sandwich from Fletch

  • Brrant Vaaile
    Brrant Vaaile 6 hours ago

    How dope would it be to see this guy make the broodwich from aqua teen hunger force??

  • Epicgamer69
    Epicgamer69 6 hours ago

    I could eat ricotta with a frickin spoon

  • Zack Leblanc
    Zack Leblanc 6 hours ago

    Lol wish i had a date to share food with

  • epiccollision
    epiccollision 6 hours ago

    Nobody taught him the damp towel pre roll trick?

  • LoftedXD
    LoftedXD 6 hours ago

    Babish, you covered the entire kitchen. Then put a cutting board on the cloths, and worked on it. Seems like the cloths are kinda.. Obsolete

  • rc1504
    rc1504 6 hours ago

    U know what i love about babish, the little things, like how he leaves the music in the description which ik most youtubers might do but he even puts like the air bnb he might be in like when he did the toast and egg nest when he went to vermont, and how he adds little witty remarks in his cooking or even when he just makes mistakes and doesnt take them out the full video, the little things that might be easy for him is really what made me a huge fan of him, and thats why i think babish is the best food channel on youtube!

  • Zach Kneeland
    Zach Kneeland 6 hours ago


  • IdolEyes84
    IdolEyes84 6 hours ago

    Bone broth, the secret to Baby Yoda's youth. :) :)

  • Henry Holub
    Henry Holub 6 hours ago

    Ranch is better and that’s j fax

  • Neenah B
    Neenah B 6 hours ago

    Can you do Ram-Dom from Parasite?

  • Derian Trost
    Derian Trost 6 hours ago

    Tbh that burger looks so fattening, yet so delicious.🤤

  • stoneonyx 429
    stoneonyx 429 6 hours ago

    Ewww they all took a bite out of it

  • Beary Barry
    Beary Barry 6 hours ago

    I had a dream of watching this video before and here we are today. Damn.

  • Jay Poppino
    Jay Poppino 6 hours ago

    You should do the Ram Don from Parasite!

  • MarkTheLeo
    MarkTheLeo 6 hours ago

    Man I just nutted seeing you break that cookie in half... man I love caramel, that's going to end me one day.

  • Julian Hoak
    Julian Hoak 6 hours ago

    Did he just pronounce it how it’s spelled? General Tso’s is pronounced general chow

  • Cottonbears
    Cottonbears 6 hours ago

    please PLEASE tell me that was water and food coloring

  • cN Jumper
    cN Jumper 6 hours ago

    Replace sausage with bacon and switch the Doritos to pretzels, probably decent

  • Max Rowland
    Max Rowland 6 hours ago

    I felt it when you cut that foil with kitchen shears.

  • Berry B. Benson
    Berry B. Benson 6 hours ago

    Dobra pierdole to jest 5:15 rano. Idę spać miłego dnia

  • TheCrazyCobra
    TheCrazyCobra 6 hours ago

    I know you don’t really do this but I’d love to see your take on one of my recipes. (Btw I am in no right but a cook at all, I just figured this out) it’s basically two frozen pizzas cooked in a panini maker and eaten like a sandwhich

  • Jojo Seyer
    Jojo Seyer 6 hours ago

    Damn I'm a fat Mexican kid and me seeing bubble basses order it's overkill to eat that sandwich stack and that is coming from me!, Bubble bass if you're going to eat that then prepare to meet Jesus dude.

  • saumolen lol
    saumolen lol 6 hours ago

    3:16 place in the fridge overnight for 24 hours. What if my night is a little bit shorter ?

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 6 hours ago

    I wouldn't have noticed the shape and a turkey being deflowered if you haven't said it.... but because of the (not) subtle references....

  • Owen New
    Owen New 6 hours ago

    0:42 i feel bad for his wife

  • Tessa Balentine
    Tessa Balentine 6 hours ago

    Every video I watch I think to myself I’m gonna do this. And I’m gonna try this one some day soon when I find where to get some good bones from

  • Evangelina Montes De Oca

    Make the Blue Cheese Cookies from Snow Dogs😮✌️

  • GroundMemory
    GroundMemory 6 hours ago

    This episode is brought to you by Bounty. Bounty: Clean up the spills that no other... uh...... paper towel can clean.

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J 6 hours ago

    I combined the meaty “recipe” with Kevin’s chili from the office recipe. Turned out amazing.

  • Trevosh
    Trevosh 6 hours ago

    Instructions unclear, made delicious homemade marshmallows instead.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 hours ago

    how did michael not get diabetes from one bite of one of the pretzels alone

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 7 hours ago

    Damn that spoon looked soo cool

  • good boi
    good boi 7 hours ago

    I saw a comment and now i will be the spreader please make cheap recipes and call the series 'broke with babish'

  • Marz
    Marz 7 hours ago

    2:23 he broke character

  • Luke Lu
    Luke Lu 7 hours ago

    Hey Babish, can you do "Ram-Dom" from "Parasite?" It seems fitting as a celebration for the oscar win! Huge fan btw

  • Tika Dewanti
    Tika Dewanti 7 hours ago

    Babish! Please make Ram-don (Jjapaguri) from Parasite!!!

  • Marz
    Marz 7 hours ago

    This guy is the Vsauce of cookingg

  • Kylie Gilliam
    Kylie Gilliam 7 hours ago

    video idea: Pork Cutlet bowl from Yuri On Ice

  • good boi
    good boi 7 hours ago

    My uncle made bacon pancakes and let me tell you they were good but you did one thing wrong you have to crumble the bacon at least thata how i got them

  • Browneyedgirl113
    Browneyedgirl113 7 hours ago

    Me thinking “there’s no way I’m adding Cayenne pepper” Babish: you don’t have to add this if you’re a wuuuussss. You sir are correct

  • Julie Gimpert
    Julie Gimpert 7 hours ago

    Claire Saffitz has 24 hours to respond

  • magicalmerlin5
    magicalmerlin5 7 hours ago

    Babish, I have a serious problem. All of your baked-good recepies look so undeniably amazing and I live walking distance from a high quality grocery store. the problem: I don't have a stand mixer. I do not possess the dough hooks necessary for a-fixin'. Is there a solution to my dilemma? Or must I simply wallow in wonder at what could be.

  • Jacen Justice
    Jacen Justice 7 hours ago

    This is one of those dishes that I just don't understand. It's pathetic. I prefer my eggs on TOP of the nest. Preferably with a sausage, bacon, and cheese blanket.

  • SaberofSpades
    SaberofSpades 7 hours ago

    *Babish, cramming an entire brownie into his mouth like a goddamn heathen Me: I did not need to see that... *turns off internet for the night

  • lazy
    lazy 7 hours ago

    Little tip. Don’t watch this at 10 pm on an empty stomach without dinmer

  • Dolphinboi
    Dolphinboi 7 hours ago

    Don't force me to use your company lingo.

  • Mr. Revan
    Mr. Revan 7 hours ago

    You ever use provolone??

  • Maxed Memes
    Maxed Memes 7 hours ago

    Bruh, just put some cheddar in a tortilla and microwave it!

  • Izzy the Outlier
    Izzy the Outlier 7 hours ago

    Kentucky Fried Fugu lmfao

  • Sofie
    Sofie 7 hours ago

    never seen this channel before. any good?

  • Nathan Isaac
    Nathan Isaac 7 hours ago

    I knew buying that enchanted magically appearing bowl was a good idea!

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 7 hours ago


  • Jessica Padilla
    Jessica Padilla 7 hours ago

    Am i the only one who is surprised you can put the towel in the oven?!?

  • Waffle
    Waffle 7 hours ago

    You should do pies from the office

  • Pride 365
    Pride 365 7 hours ago

    I think I saw babish punching a lady’s seat on an airplane

  • Bradley Rasic
    Bradley Rasic 7 hours ago

    'Wadker' makes you sound ALMOST like a true australian. Keep trying though!

  • Morgan Bisdorf
    Morgan Bisdorf 7 hours ago

    I grup up with it called an egg in a hat

  • Honey Witch
    Honey Witch 7 hours ago

    Yeah...jazz cigarettes!

  • Ocean Xu
    Ocean Xu 7 hours ago

    can you make jarate from tf2?

  • neruomir
    neruomir 7 hours ago

    That Japanese "Coffee" looks like water that ran thru an already twice used filter. It reminds me of the heresy that was my experience with American "coffee" at my parents friends place in Arlington and i was able to see the bottom of my white mug. It ain't natural y'all black coffee is supposed to be, black not brown or a semi-transparent tea facsimile. I'm exaggerating of course, taste is a personal thing even if some people have the taste of uncultured savages. ;)

  • Darren Jackson
    Darren Jackson 7 hours ago

    What's with regular show making very tasty looking food

  • Kee H.
    Kee H. 7 hours ago

    Babish: tempered chocolate... Every viewer that has ever watched Gourmet Makes w. Claire: nooooooooooooo

  • Ya Boi Tyronne
    Ya Boi Tyronne 7 hours ago

    everybody: salty... no, sweet! donald duck: saltynosweet!

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid 7 hours ago

    Hamon requires breathing in order to work, so breathing is just a JoJo reference also, water is a great hamon conductor so water is also just a jojo reference

  • Beary Barry
    Beary Barry 7 hours ago

    8:32 my sister's making chicken soup. I guess that's what it smells like??

  • Joshua Lovell
    Joshua Lovell 7 hours ago

    how tf are you grabbing the handle of a cast iron skillet

  • Nicholas Childres
    Nicholas Childres 7 hours ago

    You should make things from the Skyrim Cookbook

  • oscar jimenez
    oscar jimenez 7 hours ago


  • Masked Darkus
    Masked Darkus 8 hours ago

    Hey Babish you probably won’t see/read this but I agree that lasagna is something you should eat with the family my mom makes me lasagna only once a year and for my birthday which in a week (The big 17) I will be enjoying some but back to the point it’s a great family meal and my parents always op to go out to eat or throw me a party but I always decline saying I want to enjoy it only in our family as we don’t see each other much as my parents work late and get home late now and it been like that for a while now and we only have dinner together and that’s it then go to sleep so it’s one of my favorite foods as it’s a way to spend time together and enjoy good food even though it might not be the best for a man like you as it’s made simple without fancy ingredients but it still great also I got a question I always wanted to cook but never knew a good way to start as I fear of messing up and causing damage and we don’t have the best tools for the job as out stove is a little old and I don’t know when to set it to simmer or etc and we don’t have the cool tools and gadgets and it’s quite expensive so any advice would be great and keep up the great content every time I watch I get excited as I wish it was my hands that were doing the prep and cooking

  • Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla

    Im getting diabetus looking at this

  • Landry
    Landry 8 hours ago

    I wonder which came first, the Teamster sandwich from 30 Rock or Pretzel Day from The Office

  • binarri
    binarri 8 hours ago

    babish with hair who's babish?

  • August222
    August222 8 hours ago

    Well, well. The old mythology has arrived. Thin women enjoying pasta and champagne. She couldn’t twirl pasta because she has never done so. She’s a prisoner on an 800 calorie per day diet. Good job, Babish. Now you’ve taken a decent channel and made it commonplace. Fire your consigliere.

  • Richard Is Scared!
    Richard Is Scared! 8 hours ago


  • Midknight Flight
    Midknight Flight 8 hours ago

    Wait, do you need to hone from the bottom end of the knife up or the opposite way like he was showing? Or does it matter?

  • sWay_ Devil
    sWay_ Devil 8 hours ago

    I hope you threw none of that beat fat away!

  • Toshi
    Toshi 8 hours ago

    Like it takes alot of self control for me not to cook a whole packet of bacon.

  • Matthew Meyer
    Matthew Meyer 8 hours ago

    You are my favorite FLash-player channel and i never hesitate to go to your videos to make my family food with my own twist to it

  • Jacob Hollings
    Jacob Hollings 8 hours ago

    I remember this

  • Owen Junker
    Owen Junker 8 hours ago

    Rip onion

  • Denares
    Denares 8 hours ago

    2:03 say that again. I dare you. I double dare you.

  • Terry Wayne
    Terry Wayne 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or is the fact that this guy wears a ring while mixing gross. Like, the inside of a ring is nasty.

  • VonsTheGOAT
    VonsTheGOAT 8 hours ago

    Netflix: are you still here? Someone’s Daughter: 3:49

  • ArtByDhroov
    ArtByDhroov 8 hours ago

    Please make Ram-don from Parasite

  • Denares
    Denares 8 hours ago

    4:30 this is pornography

  • Sarco Human
    Sarco Human 8 hours ago

    I like the sandwich but this makes babyish a cannibal because he ate the tear

  • BoDuke2 the original

    I’m sad because I can’t have cheese Still good food tho I’m just lactose intolerant

  • anthony hoang
    anthony hoang 8 hours ago

    I saw Chris in the background

  • Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

    In the french version, it was "Hulk Pistachios", it made more sense to me :( too bad

  • Jennifer Florio
    Jennifer Florio 8 hours ago

    Mouth watering...🤤

  • Lüćy' ʕσᴥôʔ
    Lüćy' ʕσᴥôʔ 8 hours ago

    Im from Peru and my mom would make this for us but strawberry marmalade.