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  • Joshua Mendoza
    Joshua Mendoza Second ago

    Is that naruto's girlfriend?

  • CatGirl The Little Retard

    No alcohol??? DID THE AREA 51 ALIENS TAKE RIE???

  • Sofia S
    Sofia S 33 seconds ago

    Maybe the title should start saying "Can Chef Rie Make _____ Fancy?"

  • xCritical
    xCritical 44 seconds ago

    Finalllllyyyy I was looking for this channel for months when I changed my phone I forgot the name and couldn't find the name...

  • Nourhan Ahmed
    Nourhan Ahmed Minute ago

    You and Claire from Grommet Makes should collab together

  • wherearetheavocados_

    Alexis gives me a lot of 'the good teacher from Matilda' vibes..I remember her name was Ms. Honey or something

  • WhiteGhost13
    WhiteGhost13 2 minutes ago

    I wish we could see the formulation of the recipe and the failures that come along with development.

  • Dhikari
    Dhikari 2 minutes ago

    Rie is Love ❤️

  • Jhay-R Barrera
    Jhay-R Barrera 2 minutes ago

    I want to try the dance... Make it fancyyyy

  • Martin Škalički
    Martin Škalički 3 minutes ago

    Rie whear is the alcohole

  • Devil's little girl
    Devil's little girl 3 minutes ago

    This just screams *AMERICA!!*

  • Ayaan's Kitchen
    Ayaan's Kitchen 4 minutes ago


  • montero103099
    montero103099 4 minutes ago

    Almond milk ruined those donuts. They look flat

  • mirrbot
    mirrbot 4 minutes ago

    I love her. Ripple nipple 😂😂😂

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User 4 minutes ago

    People..... It’s about time you realize Rie can make anything fancy

  • LeeAnn Stumpff
    LeeAnn Stumpff 4 minutes ago

    Throw some guacamole and some tajin in there.

  • DJ The Weirdo
    DJ The Weirdo 4 minutes ago

    why is rie so pure uwu

  • Horizon sky
    Horizon sky 4 minutes ago

    This is like the sweetest porn ever I love your concha so pink and fluffy

  • Agnesa Bici 7Y
    Agnesa Bici 7Y 5 minutes ago

    Alvin you should definitely make Rie a BIG marshmello

  • RhinoTed
    RhinoTed 5 minutes ago

    Make a 3 course meal with a hot car engine

  • sKai 0216
    sKai 0216 5 minutes ago

    Rie's lady is at the spa for 90% of the time smh 😂😂

  • Lei Zhang
    Lei Zhang 5 minutes ago

    Screw the other stuff. I only want the chicken.

  • Matthew Anthony
    Matthew Anthony 5 minutes ago

    Her face is my very type of mine

  • Flynn Jones
    Flynn Jones 5 minutes ago

    A nipple and some anal beads

  • unknown guy
    unknown guy 5 minutes ago

    Rue looks like the girl in ratatouille. I dont remember her name!

  • big daddy
    big daddy 6 minutes ago


  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 6 minutes ago

    Jell’o is already fancy 😂

  • Zwykły Kamień
    Zwykły Kamień 6 minutes ago

    This is my favourite cooking series :3 I'm always curious what will come out of the product given.

  • Broke Eclipse
    Broke Eclipse 6 minutes ago

    Fuck why do I love her cute ass

  • Klerisa Lleshaj
    Klerisa Lleshaj 6 minutes ago

    Make a gumball next bet u cant rie

  • mort glickman
    mort glickman 7 minutes ago

    lyme disease no-bake cheese cake

  • Nova Winters
    Nova Winters 7 minutes ago

    I literally thought this the last video when i was making it and it actually happened!😮

  • DalzemanYt :D
    DalzemanYt :D 7 minutes ago


  • (Student) TIN NAM KO
    (Student) TIN NAM KO 7 minutes ago

    You are so glowed up from the other kids vid

  • Engku Shariful
    Engku Shariful 7 minutes ago

    Rie: I never had a jello before... *skip to the next script* I was waiting for the 'What?!' shout 😂

  • Ak Blade
    Ak Blade 7 minutes ago

    In the beggining they put some red velvet churros oh my god and you might know me when it comes to red velvet ill kill for that

  • No_Noxh
    No_Noxh 7 minutes ago

    7:53 0.25 Speed The way she holds the spoon breaks the laws of physics hahaha.

  • Simmonds
    Simmonds 7 minutes ago

    jello is fancy. it was why they put shrimp in it.

  • Sahxra• UwU
    Sahxra• UwU 8 minutes ago


  • Reptic Jalen
    Reptic Jalen 8 minutes ago

    Rie: *shows things she bought* Me: I’m surprised their is no alcohol Rie:shows things from pantry Me:**shakes head** I’m done

  • Ravindu Yapa
    Ravindu Yapa 9 minutes ago

    when she said 'Ripple Nipple' ..I died laughing🤣

  • Stephanie Padilla
    Stephanie Padilla 9 minutes ago

    rie should make pizza lunchables fancy 😛

  • Weiyi Tan
    Weiyi Tan 9 minutes ago

    why they blurred out the vanilla extract tho

  • J4k7193R
    J4k7193R 9 minutes ago

    You put water in a cast iron pan, ha.

  • I am a person
    I am a person 10 minutes ago

    Me at 2 am:... Rie: *it kinda looks like a ripple nipple* Me at 2 am:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

  • Imbirfly
    Imbirfly 10 minutes ago

    I love Rie.

  • Flor •
    Flor • 10 minutes ago

    Meikifanci ☝

  • Pradnya
    Pradnya 10 minutes ago

    8:50 and 9:30 u came here for this

  • Isabelle Arrowood
    Isabelle Arrowood 10 minutes ago

    She made a raspberry boob out of jell-o.... Wow

  • Richie Grey
    Richie Grey 11 minutes ago

    JELL-O SISTERS 👯 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😱🇺🇸🗽🐵🙊🙉👩🏻‍💻👩🏻👩🏻‍🍳👩‍🦳👩‍🍳🌹❤️🤩🏃‍♀️👍 make it fancy👍👍👩‍🦳👩‍🦳👩‍🦳👍👍👍👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻👩🏻

  • DarkGamer 333
    DarkGamer 333 11 minutes ago

    What do u do when u want a well done steak?

  • Hawa Aunal Fanfa
    Hawa Aunal Fanfa 11 minutes ago

    i miss making it big. alvin please comeback

  • samyra marie
    samyra marie 12 minutes ago

    Make eggo waffles fancy!!

  • Asma Asad
    Asma Asad 12 minutes ago

    she does not know about a normal food and ruins it for others who have i hate rie

  • Batul Rangwala
    Batul Rangwala 12 minutes ago

    I love u rie make more videos like this

  • BigDomer
    BigDomer 12 minutes ago

    Make a oversized pastalito

  • andrEa☀️
    andrEa☀️ 13 minutes ago

    Lol cheesecake. David Seymour is not going to like recreating this 😂

  • Milly cool
    Milly cool 13 minutes ago

    I see my queen and i click 😂😊😁 i loveee how she said "make it fancy" ❤❤

  • R M
    R M 13 minutes ago

    I'm making the zucchini boats but with chicken :3

  • Turquoise Turtle
    Turquoise Turtle 13 minutes ago

    How about Rie and Alvin team up to make something GIANT fancy

  • Wahesh
    Wahesh 13 minutes ago

    so basically a bon ap rip off?

  • Hossam Sib
    Hossam Sib 13 minutes ago

    My fav show yaaay

  • Joshua Kisb
    Joshua Kisb 13 minutes ago

    very generous with the salt huh

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh 13 minutes ago

    To seer steak, wrap in foil, place in a pan, put another pan on top and put something heavy on top to press down on it. Or put oil in pan, heat up just the oil in the pan, take it out and put the steak in the really hot oil so it basically frys.

  • ArcticCrystal
    ArcticCrystal 14 minutes ago

    I kind of want to see rie make peanut butter and jelly fancy lmao

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 14 minutes ago

    Next Video Idea: Fancy Moon Pie/ Fancy Root Beer

  • Luissa Ponce
    Luissa Ponce 14 minutes ago

    Do hot dogs

  • Homosapien No94628
    Homosapien No94628 14 minutes ago

    I want to see Rie make marmite fancy!

  • Anna Campbell
    Anna Campbell 14 minutes ago


  • JSyc
    JSyc 14 minutes ago

    Cant wait for the giant marshmallow

  • Xiu 99
    Xiu 99 14 minutes ago

    More like 'Can RIE* make jell-o fancy?'

  • Jay Barry Gurondiano
    Jay Barry Gurondiano 15 minutes ago

    Alvin did the fancy dance really fancy!

  • Shakila Zikria
    Shakila Zikria 15 minutes ago

    Can I use this recipe for cupcakes...?

  • Queen yi
    Queen yi 15 minutes ago

    Watching this, even though i won't move an inch away from my bed to make it

  • Becca Kate
    Becca Kate 15 minutes ago

    Moriah Elizabeth would love this so much 😂😂

  • Allan Rudesh Samaroo
    Allan Rudesh Samaroo 16 minutes ago

    Why is it that Rie doesn't have her own hashtag? Can we petition for it? BuzzFeed please read my comment. #RieMakesItFancy

  • Jahnna Olais
    Jahnna Olais 16 minutes ago

    Kevin and Rie in one video???

  • Angie Roman
    Angie Roman 16 minutes ago

    *I see no difference*

  • Jen Klen
    Jen Klen 16 minutes ago

    Can Rie make Rescees or KitKats fancy?! 🙏🏻

  • Maksudul Haque
    Maksudul Haque 16 minutes ago

    woah woah woah.... stop right there. where's the booze???

  • That Fruit Person
    That Fruit Person 16 minutes ago

    How could we ever forget the dance

  • Shana Fife
    Shana Fife 16 minutes ago

    Ripple nipple.

  • Vixey Teh
    Vixey Teh 17 minutes ago

    Give Alexia's poor arms a rest... 3-course meal with just: An electric mixer. :)

  • Siani Kumar
    Siani Kumar 17 minutes ago

    So now jello make the chefs say hello

  • Saia Gacha
    Saia Gacha 17 minutes ago

    [ This is not true of course it’s just a funny joke ] Rie: *does the make it fancy dance* Future: *Rie has kid* Her kid: Mama look! *does the dance* Rie: o.O

  • Megha Singhania
    Megha Singhania 17 minutes ago

    U shld have used mascarpone cheese (creamiest one)!!

  • Mizz Knoxx
    Mizz Knoxx 18 minutes ago

    Of course she can. It's Rie She can make water fancy 😌

  • KingCoco BTW
    KingCoco BTW 18 minutes ago

    When something goes wrong The chef: RIEEEEE

  • Hannah Barton
    Hannah Barton 18 minutes ago

    I love how she tells you what to use if you don’t have a specific appliance, often they show something really techy and expensive and I usually don’t have it so I appreciate this ☺️😚😊

  • paigie inu
    paigie inu 18 minutes ago

    rie has never eaten any of the foods she makes fancy lMaO

  • Nyx Chan
    Nyx Chan 18 minutes ago

    This is ultimatly my new favorite noodles

  • Anni Friese
    Anni Friese 19 minutes ago


  • rue rue
    rue rue 19 minutes ago

    😂 😂 the way she says make it fancy is just everything

  • Slingboi
    Slingboi 19 minutes ago

    make it fancy ☝️9:28

  • Nyx Chan
    Nyx Chan 19 minutes ago

    Tasty has to startca cooking channel and take over the world to save the turtles

  • Chin Chan Zu
    Chin Chan Zu 19 minutes ago

    Hey. It's a miracle, Rie didn't use alcohol this time 😅

  • Darshini b
    Darshini b 19 minutes ago

    Did alix leave tasty like when did this happen , why im i so late , or maybe im early

  • El Arez
    El Arez 19 minutes ago

    I think this is the first time Rie dont used booze in make it fancy 😂 and without lady too🔪🔪

  • maya maya
    maya maya 20 minutes ago

    Why in every video she said she never tried it lol

  • Nyx Chan
    Nyx Chan 20 minutes ago

    I think Rie has to replace all of our grandmass