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  • Rocky P
    Rocky P 23 hours ago

    Now all I need is a full size bakery with all the gadgets to try out this recipe.

  • PainInside MyHead
    PainInside MyHead 23 hours ago

    Anyone WHO love fries but put meat...nope

  • Will NETTING
    Will NETTING 23 hours ago

    this is cool

  • Holly Wickham
    Holly Wickham 23 hours ago

    Most of these aren't British. Who did the research???

  • Arianna Ong Jasmin Rashid

    Alvin: you know that’s ok because children don’t all turn out the same and that’s ok we still love them Parents giving birth: OMG DOCTOR IS MY BABY GOING TO TURN OUT UGLY!?

  • Reverse
    Reverse 23 hours ago

    When they say two ingredients but they add a third ingredient *SO YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH*

  • Nico Effendi
    Nico Effendi 23 hours ago

    in Singapore for more of a traditional homemade pineapple tarts, the dough will be rolled into a small ball using your hands, use your thumb to make a dent for the pineapple filling that is rolled into a smaller ball then use a spoon to make a pattern one the side of the dough

  • Krispy and Krunchy BORITO

    "My grandma was Chinese so she didn't have a chocolate chip cookie recipe" hehe, my grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe is a box cookie mix XD

  • •sαsнα•
    •sαsнα• 23 hours ago

    How annoying how she thought that she is funny but not🙄🙄

  • Austin Ganon
    Austin Ganon 23 hours ago

    giant poké bowl 😭

  • Captain J. Morgan
    Captain J. Morgan 23 hours ago

    These are oladushki, you won't trick me.

  • Rukhser Haque
    Rukhser Haque 23 hours ago

    Can i use buttermilk and mayonise at the same time in a chocolate cake?

  • ツamy
    ツamy 23 hours ago

    would appreciate if the banner promoting other videos wouldn't pop up and cover the ingredients being used 🙄🙄🙄

  • Juliana Karasawa
    Juliana Karasawa 23 hours ago

    I love the Spanish-Japanese puns 🤣🤣🤣

  • Muchtar Kombat
    Muchtar Kombat 23 hours ago

    From All composition i only remember naruto

  • LoL it's Sabrina
    LoL it's Sabrina 23 hours ago


  • Jon Stewart
    Jon Stewart 23 hours ago

    She adds soy sauce the way Gordon Ramsey adds olive oil.

  • Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man

    Honestly I prefer Madeline’s Hair Down

  • Monachan kollam
    Monachan kollam 23 hours ago


  • LoL it's Sabrina
    LoL it's Sabrina 23 hours ago

    I feel like when she said "I wanna kbow whose dish is whose" She's just trying to pick her fav. I mean like trying not to pick Rie I love rie and that makes me really offended

  • MMadHatter _
    MMadHatter _ 23 hours ago


  • LoL it's Sabrina
    LoL it's Sabrina 23 hours ago

    Honestly this kid is just straight up Rude and offensive and annoying

  • Aditya Gurung
    Aditya Gurung 23 hours ago

    I think I've heard that voice somewhere......😐

  • LoL it's Sabrina
    LoL it's Sabrina 23 hours ago

    Please dont bring back this girl tasty Just Please don't

  • Mikołaj Krzeski
    Mikołaj Krzeski 23 hours ago

    me: does burger for 3h my burger: looks like your 3 min one

  • Ferdoushi Begum

    How much condensed milk??

  • QueenofthePride

    Merle: "It's hard. Literally." Aria: "...?" Merle: *Clumsily.* "Hard to re-create, cuz it's like a--..." Aria: "Oh--yeah!" Both: *Laughing awkwardly.* Merle: "WILL YOU JUST EAT THIS EGG?"

  • Danielle Donato

    i attualy want to there

  • Anna Szurpicka

    You should make ries pregnancy cravings in a big version

  • NaibPlays
    NaibPlays Day ago

    this dude cooks well, he should make a youtube channel

  • wazida jahan nupur

    The potato bhajis are a traditional bangali food for special occasions

  • Sunetra Kundu
    Sunetra Kundu Day ago

    Okay so it says 'Chicken Noodle Soup' Lol where are our ARMYs at?

  • namtiddies
    namtiddies Day ago

    perfect for streaming bts music video thanks tasty :)

  • slowly
    slowly Day ago

    my brown butter and the sugar mixture wont mixed together, help?

  • Anindita Batrisya

    In LA there's Aria and Merle in NYC there's Alvin and Inga ♡♡♡

  • DeeProduction lamda

    So there are things u can do with your hand

  • Yasmin Freeman

    They look like theyre best friends

  • Peni Junior
    Peni Junior Day ago

    Tasty: Makes crispy cream doughnuts. Me: wait. is he an employee? *illuminati confirmed*

  • Lil Ghost 80
    Lil Ghost 80 Day ago

    Tost it after u cook the pattis

  • Slopy Slopy
    Slopy Slopy Day ago

    At the end of the day it's just pizza

  • Fuscous GD
    Fuscous GD Day ago

    forget the 100 egg omelet, this is the 100 egg spaghetti and meatballs

  • Anyss Sophillea

    make it fancy = how girls cook at home ( does everything alone) Andrew's eating your feed = how boys cook at home ( bunch of homies showing support ) 😂

  • Name's Roz
    Name's Roz Day ago

    I slowed this to 0.5x for getting the ingredients.. now she just seems drunk 😂

  • J J
    J J Day ago

    You made Gordon Ramsay look bad

  • Maryam Daoud
    Maryam Daoud Day ago

    I like really really really liked the guest

  • ZenV
    ZenV Day ago


  • Labina Tasfia
    Labina Tasfia Day ago

    Mochi is getting famous all over the world- We ARMYs know why😂

  • Francis Ryan Porquez

    If you want to do another asian dish video, you must include our Sinigang ( I am a Filipino btw)

  • Mikjokai Gaming and vloging

    Every like is how many times Alvin says Whooo

  • Joshua Buer
    Joshua Buer Day ago

    Where did you chill the truffles? Were you allowed to use the fridge? Lol

  • Awesome24682
    Awesome24682 Day ago

    *teach asks Alvin* what do you want to do with your life * 7 yr old Alvin* I wanna make huge ass versions of food

  • Vemula Naresh
    Vemula Naresh Day ago

    Hi rajalaxmi medM

  • Ocean Blue Animations

    No one: No one in the whole universe: Alvin: bacteria farts

  • aaron devoesteinman

    French toast make that big I want to try that

  • Ramen Potatoz
    Ramen Potatoz Day ago

    Rie:make it fancy Alvin:make it big Me:make it ramen

  • richie rawal
    richie rawal Day ago

    Which flour ?

  • Jose Roque
    Jose Roque Day ago


  • Maynard
    Maynard Day ago

    Big man, big dreams, big skills and most importantly a big heart.

  • Arin Shaw
    Arin Shaw Day ago

    giant food for a giant man

  • Mujahid Mian
    Mujahid Mian Day ago

    Good recipe but I tried chicken fried from food Kush was excellent 👍👍flash-player.org/video/4Ppjfl_77m0-video.html

  • - d a y d r e a m.

    it's cute because they're making full on lunches when if i don't have anything left over i just have two pieces of toasted bread.

  • - d a y d r e a m.

    it's cute because they're making full on lunches when if i don't have anything left over i just have two pieces of toasted bread.

  • connie rosario

    Recipes: look amazing I want to make them: Oh yes! Money Saving? Not where I'm from, those ingredients are expensive!

  • Thanrick
    Thanrick Day ago

    If my head is hurting because of my hangover than why would I use the loud beaters

  • Connor Barnett

    This is a great investor pitch

  • Samuel Shiau
    Samuel Shiau Day ago

    now i understand why it has so much calories cuz it is made with so much butter :o

  • Mujahid Mian
    Mujahid Mian Day ago

    I tried cheese sticks from food kush oh oh oh man don't ask very delicious 😋 I enjoyed flash-player.org/video/zelfn1QmMJk-video.html

  • Kuuko Minaritsuki

    Get a boyfriend like Alvin thatll cook u big foodies

  • tantupat aksornprom

    as an Asian person, I think this recipe is very fascinating and mysterious, I want to try this myself. Caripian, here I come

  • Ray Rah
    Ray Rah Day ago

    Where’s the flavor. I don’t see no zest no cinnamon. Nothing

  • Av De Torres
    Av De Torres Day ago

    This is simple math.

  • Jake Lowry
    Jake Lowry Day ago

    Lol at the idea of using water and still calling it risotto.


    I don’t have kids (mainly cause I’m 14) But this is definitely gonna help a lot.

  • Duaa Qureshi
    Duaa Qureshi Day ago

    20.07 i cant describe shes crying or laughing

  • jcaradelrosario


  • syaz
    syaz Day ago


  • Random Tanker
    Random Tanker Day ago

    I was here for the pizza .... And I got a flatbread.... Which we make everyday and use it as a staple Oh yeah... And we use flour and water to make it....

  • Marsh
    Marsh Day ago

    That entire poached egg blt was a lesson in easy techniques I LOVE IT gonna try it asap!!!

  • Dongni Yang
    Dongni Yang Day ago

    The portions...

  • asti novanda
    asti novanda Day ago

    Love this

  • ThatRandomPokenerd

    I made you MY favourite. Relationship goals.

  • Marsh
    Marsh Day ago

    I saw him in the thumbnail and I knew I had to watch !!

  • youknowasuprite

    Now this is what I’m talking about. I now need to look up your other videos

  • Marsh
    Marsh Day ago

    This is a series right? We're getting more of this, right???

  • domnic0
    domnic0 Day ago

    If you’d have children they’d be eggs?? Umm, not if you’ll eat them.

  • Isha Medasani
    Isha Medasani Day ago

    Now, I want Ramen!

  • ThatRandomPokenerd

    I found a spoon in my blanke

  • KodyPlayz _01
    KodyPlayz _01 Day ago

    Everytime i watched food videos makes me hungry😋

  • Coulten D'Arnall

    Did you see the way the souffle rose? There is no way that merengue or yolks or whatever could have caused that rising. There is NO WAY that it would work! We need a rising agent for a reason.

  • Audrey Li
    Audrey Li Day ago

    Asian bacon

  • Zoe
    Zoe Day ago

    Yeah, it’s not a Game of Thrones but Tasty budget 😭

  • Mohammed Aliraqi

    As an Arabic guy i say that bad rice my mother is cooking rice for 50 years now i know how rice is made

  • Rebecca Torresan

    My great grandma used tomake this

  • TheBasicMelon 345

    Ur watching dis vid cause your hungry

  • Coulten D'Arnall

    No, yolks and cheese do not suddenly become pasta... I think this channel's ideas for this video was, "let's take an item, and add a binding agent... then we're done." Also... the BOILING WATER would've melted the cheese to at least some extent, and the mushiness of the pasta wasnt the consistency of melty cheese!

  • Abigail Harrell

    The process of making the giant meatballs was a wild ride 😂👍🏼

  • Lourens Atienza

    creamy buttered bowl😂😂😂

  • Marsh
    Marsh Day ago

    I love them!!! And Destinee is sooooooooo cute omggggggggg

  • elias op de beat?

    Burger buregre