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Amazing Kofi Kingston pancake art
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  • Manos Ago
    Manos Ago 2 hours ago

    Παιδιά να ρωτήσω κάτι;

  • Off Hills
    Off Hills 2 hours ago

    Too many deja vu with these matches ( CM PUNK VOICE)

  • Satadru Banerjee
    Satadru Banerjee 2 hours ago

    Natalya:Sasha was my friend!! Also Natalya:Becomes tag team partner of Sasha's opponent Ronda Rousey...you don't make any sense dude...go home and train Ronda Rousey...

  • Archer Black
    Archer Black 2 hours ago

    I like the thumbnail

  • Ali The Great
    Ali The Great 2 hours ago

    Thats your fault sami for turning your back on the fans

  • MB - 07NB - Sir John A Macdonald Sr PS (1540)

    im so happy that the real boss Sasha is back

  • Ahmet Demir
    Ahmet Demir 2 hours ago

    Natalya is a great wrestler sasha is just a piece of trash

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar 2 hours ago

    I do not have money, I want to come in wwe, what do I say trraning

  • Tyler Cross
    Tyler Cross 2 hours ago

    Brock is like Claude from GTA 3 he never talks just listens

  • Brian Bradshaw
    Brian Bradshaw 2 hours ago

    No Seth is Dubble Champion again wwe never learns from it

  • Captain_Evil
    Captain_Evil 2 hours ago

    Ricochet's matches are always satisfying to watch

  • Nba2kchamp Aka Green Jai

    They could have legit uploaded the entire match considering how short it was. Sami deserves way better than this.

  • You Stupid?
    You Stupid? 2 hours ago

    Wrestling is so bad nowadays. I dont really understand why it's still a thing.

  • Embrace The Show
    Embrace The Show 2 hours ago

    did they used a filter or what those titles look pink lol

  • isaac skitz cunt
    isaac skitz cunt 2 hours ago

    Feel so bad for Sami like he deserves so much better.

  • Aidan Mccoy
    Aidan Mccoy 2 hours ago

    Wtf that was unexpected

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 hours ago

    Becky legit has that 96-97 Stone Cold-esque attitude. When she talks, it’s easy to buy into it because she says it like she believes it. Others have tried to have that before but haven’t sounded believable. She does. And current Sasha vs this Becky could end up being AWESOME

  • ItsCryptic
    ItsCryptic 2 hours ago

    I hope wwe can build Seth Rollins up to where I can like him Bc rt now I hate him it maybe that can change

  • Jashwin Gautam
    Jashwin Gautam 2 hours ago

    Kofi was SO FLUID TONIGHT 😍

  • Tiger toons TV
    Tiger toons TV 2 hours ago

    The Horror on King's face

    KEVIN PETER 2 hours ago

    They changed the mask f them ,bring back the original please

  • Harriis
    Harriis 2 hours ago

    Whos on commentary?

  • Random dude
    Random dude 2 hours ago

    Good Danm it I dont want him to retire like this he deserves another title run

  • Edward Bautista
    Edward Bautista 2 hours ago

    Hope WWE see my comment. Your wasting good talented ppl .

  • Alif Najmi
    Alif Najmi 2 hours ago

    Daniel Bryan won't revealed anything about who is going to be Roman Reigns Attacker

  • Sunita Montgomery
    Sunita Montgomery 2 hours ago

    The Rock # 1 on play list.

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar 2 hours ago

    Uske jutte ke barabar to ho ja phle

  • Shadowed Viper
    Shadowed Viper 2 hours ago

    And where the heck is Santina??

  • Naresh Sawardekar
    Naresh Sawardekar 2 hours ago

    Please add Dolph Ziggler in King of the Ring tournament

  • Aseer Ahmed
    Aseer Ahmed 2 hours ago

    where is that time when she blackballed dana brooke out of her way when do it like eddi gurrero belt this. that was the most savage moment

  • Jose Rookes
    Jose Rookes 2 hours ago

    I love CM Punk he’s actually the Reason I stopped drinking and became clean for life

  • Dalpat Razzpurohit
    Dalpat Razzpurohit 2 hours ago


  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell 2 hours ago


  • Satadru Banerjee
    Satadru Banerjee 2 hours ago

    Go home Nattie...you are drunk...you don't make any sense!!

  • rega kurniadi
    rega kurniadi 2 hours ago

    The impossible partner and now they a possible partner everything can be happen.

    FSV BRASIL 2 hours ago

    Serh rollins 💪🏽👊🏾

  • Thousif Thousif
    Thousif Thousif 2 hours ago

    Pakka team mass

  • Nick Oquendo
    Nick Oquendo 2 hours ago

    I guaranteed that rey's son is going to NXT in the fall and become the next breakout superstar ever!!!

  • jose sampaio
    jose sampaio 2 hours ago

    God I love The Man Becky Lynch

  • Coddo Oldo
    Coddo Oldo 2 hours ago

    * ddd *

  • Anne Kessler
    Anne Kessler 2 hours ago

    I'm happy for Braun and seth For being the tag team champion

  • Redux Gartner
    Redux Gartner 2 hours ago


  • ItsWilliamson
    ItsWilliamson 2 hours ago

    There giving Seth Rollins the Roman reigns spotlight


    its like the new day is the next most dominat trio

  • Coddo Oldo
    Coddo Oldo 2 hours ago

    *That stomp though*

    SPORTS HUB 2 hours ago

    Hey Cole's Commentary Just Boring The Show.Look At Today With Jerry Lawyer.

  • RickRoll A-Rod777
    RickRoll A-Rod777 2 hours ago

    That thumbnail looks peculiar? Thats all I'm saying

  • Coddo Oldo
    Coddo Oldo 2 hours ago

    *How many times has Rollins been a double champ?*

  • xA-Town23x
    xA-Town23x 2 hours ago

    Best womens badass in wrestling? Becky Lynch: Hold my beer Tessa Blanchard: Hold my bat Sasha Banks: Hold my wig

  • Dez Roman
    Dez Roman 2 hours ago

    When you and your big brother stand up to the bullies of the school 😂

  • Jaden Kelly
    Jaden Kelly 2 hours ago

    Where are EC1 and EC2 lol that killed me

  • Roel Ortiz
    Roel Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Next edge vs dolph

  • Евгений Алексенко

    Как можно смотреть этих клоунов?

  • Misael Rodriguez
    Misael Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    He might as well be put back in nxt like his former partners I really liked sanity they had a perfect gimmick and theme and not to mention they were in war games which hasn't been in the wwe for a long time

  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro Cruz 2 hours ago

    The best part 3:17

  • V Apocalypz
    V Apocalypz 2 hours ago

    Well it’s better than the suit he wore

  • Wei_Yan1992
    Wei_Yan1992 2 hours ago

    It will be so awesome if Randy Orton and The Revival forms a New Legacy

  • Embrace The Show
    Embrace The Show 2 hours ago

    now that i think about itm, it was so cool that title change, im sad for the OC but i hope they get it back or at least don't get buried that much.

  • Joseph Henderson
    Joseph Henderson 2 hours ago

    A Dual Champion yet again, congrats to both Seth & Strowman😎🔥!

  • Sasha Hartz
    Sasha Hartz 2 hours ago

    Sasha is here to claim her rightful place as the boss💪 on WWE Monday night raw👏🙌😍😍

  • SSJ5G Reincarnated
    SSJ5G Reincarnated 2 hours ago

    That was legit creepy how The Fiend slowly rose up behind Jerry.

  • V Apocalypz
    V Apocalypz 2 hours ago

    Great corbins back now where’s lashley

  • dearba dashaj
    dearba dashaj 2 hours ago

    You're welcome 😂😂😂

  • Satadru Banerjee
    Satadru Banerjee 2 hours ago

    Too much sexiness in one squared-circle!!!

  • Chibuikem Akuegbu
    Chibuikem Akuegbu 2 hours ago

    Out of nowhere no one saw him coming

  • Fareez Miqael
    Fareez Miqael 2 hours ago

    Sasha try so hard to be Bad..

  • Norman Kyle Pelaez
    Norman Kyle Pelaez 2 hours ago

    For me Sasha Banks is the best female wrestler and as always be❤

  • Alejandro Cruz
    Alejandro Cruz 2 hours ago

    Está es la mayor sobrevaloración en la historia

  • Amir Zafir
    Amir Zafir 2 hours ago

    Did she say ' tell your daddy Im survived'?

  • Quicktwosteps
    Quicktwosteps 2 hours ago

    Beard me.

  • Ahmet Demir
    Ahmet Demir 2 hours ago

    Becky is right sasha is just basic

  • Ashish Kumar kushwaha

    What a performance by cesaro

  • Ozzy Osbourne
    Ozzy Osbourne 2 hours ago

    at 2030 Samy zayn will still lose from new wrestlers...

  • Smartaks7
    Smartaks7 2 hours ago

    Wow what an amazing pair

  • Markos Ziss
    Markos Ziss 2 hours ago

    Wow he legit swore on live tv.

  • Badrkhan Mard189
    Badrkhan Mard189 2 hours ago


  • David E
    David E 2 hours ago

    Seth 3 belts include uudd

  • SheckleRFan715
    SheckleRFan715 2 hours ago

    Cody turning on Holly Orton turning on Legacy ??

  • Alif Najmi
    Alif Najmi 2 hours ago

    *Maybe Dolph Ziggler want a match against Roman Reigns at Monday Night Raw because he believes that he sold Roman's spear better than Buddy Murphy*

  • Ashwani Tiwari
    Ashwani Tiwari 2 hours ago

    Rinku Singh vs jinder vs khali

  • Raimon Ivan
    Raimon Ivan 2 hours ago

    It was sooo obvious Joe was gonna win

  • proteek sengupta
    proteek sengupta 2 hours ago

    #36 trending in India 🇮🇳 currently

  • Samir Ruziev
    Samir Ruziev 2 hours ago

    Здорова 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Jamont Johnson
    Jamont Johnson 2 hours ago

    The Fiend WWE's current best thing going seemingly how it does take long for things or better yet stars to become dull and uninteresting hopefully Bray Wyatt doesn't and he can get pushed harder than two and half years ago on Smackdown Live when he won the WWE Championship, he fell hard after that. This Fiend character is truly a blessing for him!

  • rahul's vlog
    rahul's vlog 2 hours ago

    Cm punk best in the world

  • Hassi Tiwari
    Hassi Tiwari 2 hours ago

    These was the end of New day

  • Nehir Acar
    Nehir Acar 2 hours ago

    😡😤💩👻🤡😠 güzel bir hafta bir şey var Biray basit duyguyu duyguyu de resmi boşalttı günden beri evet hakkındaki düşüncem değişmedi ve wep anda kırgın takkesi değil under Wave altı anda tankın tatlıcı tatlıcıcisi değil açıktı her fırsatta anda teşekkürü taklit etmeden çıkılmıyor ve ben adına üzülüyorum ama buna üzülüyorum ve utanıyorum tamam onu da tıkla hayyam olabilirsin onu da Türkiye çok büyük ve güreşçi ama tıkır tablet edemezsin hiç bir olay yok bir eyvahtı sıradan 1F sadece angut uykulu tatlı diyor başka yaptığı bir şey 👎

  • isaac skitz cunt
    isaac skitz cunt 2 hours ago

    It's pretty obvious a heel turn is coming for either Rollins or Strowman

  • Vicky Taylor
    Vicky Taylor 2 hours ago

    With the exception of Alexa, no other female can touch Becky on the mic right now. Sasha Banks included.

  • My Law
    My Law 2 hours ago

    I hate u wwe

  • Milenko Smiljanic
    Milenko Smiljanic 2 hours ago


  • Fabled Ways
    Fabled Ways 2 hours ago

    Braun may be tag champs with Seth now but never forget the most valuable tag partner Braun has ever had; Nicholas.

  • Raimon Ivan
    Raimon Ivan 2 hours ago

    Obviously WWE needs people to lose the matches so others can win. BUT IT'S BEEN YEARS WITHOUT A SAMI ZAYN MOMENT. HE ALREADY DESERVED SOMETHING

  • DarkDragonMan
    DarkDragonMan 2 hours ago

    Since Rey can see, ahead of time, what his next moves are gonna be, like he mentioned, he could have avoided what happened to Perro Aguayo no…?

  • David E
    David E 2 hours ago

    Nicholas be looking like🌝

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 2 hours ago


  • BTS Burn The Stage
    BTS Burn The Stage 2 hours ago

    Wwe didnt gave him any chance to win champs.