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  • Irakli Jijuridze
    Irakli Jijuridze 2 minutes ago


  • Dave Quiza
    Dave Quiza 3 minutes ago


  • Yan slay
    Yan slay 3 minutes ago

    Inside my head: 1D*

    I STAN THE GREATEST 5 minutes ago

    1:38 Can we appreciate how lovely Hobi's smile is before he fell down? 😊

  • Aiyana Ironside
    Aiyana Ironside 6 minutes ago

    The unhealthy amount of times I’ve watched this...

  • Radhika Vij
    Radhika Vij 10 minutes ago

    So she had a stunt double thrown down the stairs in the name of April Fools. Heartless cowardice

    GGALLIN 11 minutes ago

    This was hands down, the BEST talk show animal episode ever. Both guest's were cool, calm, and respectful. The audience was quite, and the host wasn't too scared. Great job guys!!

  • Reuben Vaiphei
    Reuben Vaiphei 13 minutes ago

    iggy she's ma👌

  • Mario Macias
    Mario Macias 13 minutes ago

    Talk about a free concert specially from the GOAT himself

  • Lesley G.
    Lesley G. 13 minutes ago

    When James was like “ugh.. I ugh.. yeah.. ugh..” and was just blabing with lost of words it just makes me think he’s hanging out with Baby Harry waaaaay too much. He’s starting to answer uncomfortable questions like him 😂😂 i feel like a proud mom of Harry giving him some tips ❤️👏🏼

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 14 minutes ago

    Justin is super multi talented😍

  • EJB
    EJB 17 minutes ago

    I thought the slinky guy was animated

    GGALLIN 17 minutes ago

    These talk show hosts have no clue.... I feel so bad for the animal handlers. With the audience screaming, and the hosts yelling and carrying on... you can see the stress on the handlers faces. Just be cool calm and collected. These people didn't bring these animals out for clout, they did it for public knowledge. Fml fuckin dingbats.

  • lilmil
    lilmil 18 minutes ago

    i got all them right

  • Joe Hamilton
    Joe Hamilton 19 minutes ago

    Adam is brilliant but Queen died with Freddie. MTL should be the band name.

  • CatchuPichu
    CatchuPichu 22 minutes ago

    Classic Ismo

  • Whispering Mist
    Whispering Mist 22 minutes ago

    Celine looks terrible! She's cool though. I hope she becomes acquainted with carbs soon.

  • RageDaug
    RageDaug 25 minutes ago

    I don't mind using the term "OCD" because I believe it's a spectrum. She has a obsession that compels her to straighten and center objects. Is it a disorder? probably not. Can we call it OC? I dunno. Anyway, what I wanted to point out is that James doesn't really understand how to "get" someone who's obsessed with what we can call "proper placement" or some such. throwing the tray and stuff spilling out isn't the trigger so much because that's just chaos. If after she set it up, he would have just moved it two inches off center and rotated it 10 degrees, that would have really bugged her.

  • lil.T Marmite
    lil.T Marmite 27 minutes ago

    Is it me or is he unmm....DRUNK LOL

    PREM ZKEY 28 minutes ago

    i swear, when he holds the scissors my heart beats so fast. I'm scared that he go and mess it up.

    JC_ON_ DA_TRACK_ 28 minutes ago

    i want bear grylls

  • Nathylee Salcedo
    Nathylee Salcedo 29 minutes ago

    Petition for wayv to play this game esp Ten

  • Chris Gerrard
    Chris Gerrard 29 minutes ago

    I'd laugh more if the last guy flipped over his card and it said "Joker"

  • Genta
    Genta 29 minutes ago

    Wow Kieran looks so different. I haven't seen him in years

  • Melissa Santiago
    Melissa Santiago 31 minute ago

    Does she not understand that if she doesn’t answer it’s a yes

  • Borderline Dissorder
    Borderline Dissorder 32 minutes ago


  • whatz up Perky tv
    whatz up Perky tv 33 minutes ago

    😳thats killing his bodh FYI

  • Marija Zilovacevic
    Marija Zilovacevic 36 minutes ago

    Nobody James: *shut the front door*

  • KZaLANbbMovies
    KZaLANbbMovies 37 minutes ago

    Africa must have some of the most educated health care system

  • nope mcnope
    nope mcnope 38 minutes ago

    What’s up, fatties!?

  • Rafaelle Ventura
    Rafaelle Ventura 39 minutes ago

    quando eu digo que esse homem é o amor da minha vida

  • KH!ARA
    KH!ARA 40 minutes ago

    recently saw blood orange live opening for tyler and it was so amazing. it’s the originality blood orange brings to the table that all artist don’t bring.

  • Cameron Seymour
    Cameron Seymour 43 minutes ago

    ok but if the roles were switched and boys were telling a woman to take her shirt off people would flip. they're gross for that

  • Nikkie ARMY
    Nikkie ARMY 44 minutes ago

    I never thought I would have anything in common with the beautiful and talented Kate Beckinsale...then I saw her thirst for Hader. And realized she and I are the same.

  • Ace Petan
    Ace Petan 47 minutes ago

    Here I am.... again

  • Mercy Ortega
    Mercy Ortega 48 minutes ago

    Culkin looks like frank iero

  • Ilove Cheer
    Ilove Cheer 48 minutes ago

    Legendary for that prank

  • Thunder Nugget
    Thunder Nugget 48 minutes ago

    The watch at 6:26 showed 7 minutes past 6 O'clock, not 5 after.

  • nosuprises85
    nosuprises85 49 minutes ago

    This issue is mad tough. No lie whenever a fat dude is walking slow af in front of me on the stairs I kind of want to push him over, but then I’m like that’s messed up who knows what’s going on in this persons life. And my dude Corden is right, it’s not like knocking them down a flight of stairs is going to change things, if anything they’ll just eat like 10x more cheeseburgers when they get up. On the flip side I can tell u from personal experience that kindness doesn’t work either. My cousin Ralph had the nicest mom and he ate his ass to death. When he gained 20 pounds over winter Aunt Ruth told him that women liked bigger men, and when he gained 100 she said he still had a handsome face, and then when his head got fat she said his ‘eyes were nice”, and then the dude straight up just died. I think technology is the only solution, like a microchip or some shit that makes your brain only like carrots

  • julius dogta
    julius dogta 51 minute ago

    My favorite carpool karaoke so far im a Bee Gees Fan but Beatles are Legends and they Change Music for the better

  • Talk3rs
    Talk3rs 51 minute ago

    I understand it is hard - I always had over 200 pounds - not being fat like crazy, but I had my belly. Now 15 pounds are gone in couple of months only by intensive activity for 4 hours per week. Now I am trying to focus on what I eat as well. My friend lost 150 pounds within 1 year going from morbidly obese to hot chick. You can find hundreds of videos on youtube going down by tens or hundreds of pounds - so yes, it is health problem, by the problem is not a disease, it is people, who just dont control what they eat and what they are doing. Yes, there are some exception, people with medical conditions. But mostly it is people overeating and not doing any active movement.

    • Talk3rs
      Talk3rs 47 minutes ago

      Not saying that fat shaming is good. I have never fat shamed anybody. But at the same time, why do we have to have plus size models (not talking about those with a bit of fat, but those morbidly obese)? Why celebrating them for being "brave"? Why celebrating somebody for being fat and make them models?

  • Julian Julian
    Julian Julian 56 minutes ago

    alien overlord is the best kisser according to those science fiction's fan..

  • T GAY
    T GAY 56 minutes ago

    Beckham stretch Armstrong

  • Emma Bangura
    Emma Bangura 58 minutes ago

    Lord does lips Does eyes That hair. Harry styles is one handsome guy.

  • healingv1sion
    healingv1sion 59 minutes ago

    G Hope lol

  • Kata Ranapia
    Kata Ranapia Hour ago

    Lol this has got to be the funniest one yet 😂😂 these guys have me in fits!

  • Jose Galeano
    Jose Galeano Hour ago

    Here you have a perfectly good reason to use a time machine to go back and have a beer on the bar that Paul McCartney went that day to sing! Imagine!

  • Robin Sun
    Robin Sun Hour ago

    Who's still watching this in Oct 2019. Fabulous

  • Marvin Schmid
    Marvin Schmid Hour ago

    Fat shaming isn't the way, but fat acceptance or support/encouragement (covers of magazines with morbidly obese people etc.) might just be much worse

  • ThatSydneyLyfeTho #swizzlemedia

    Hahahaaaa! Nice, little, pepper grinder

  • ILoveSimsGames
    ILoveSimsGames Hour ago

    I dont know why I am watching this. I cant stand this girl.

  • Krystal Kasarian

    I love you !!!!!!!

  • Kipruto Christopher

    Meth does not Age.

  • Nathaniel Gilson

    Lets do that hockey

  • Jesse Pinkman
    Jesse Pinkman Hour ago

    The 3rd one is an actor.

  • Allison Coppola
    Allison Coppola Hour ago

    omg the last cake had me in tears

  • TomAhawk 0203
    TomAhawk 0203 Hour ago

    How can 1k people dislike this?

  • Teztco M
    Teztco M Hour ago

    Hi-five in DA house

  • MikeRivNY
    MikeRivNY Hour ago

    BOOM 💥

  • c14868
    c14868 Hour ago

    Could anyone explain why some people loves to buckle up their shirt up all the neck ? Why?! It is terrible

  • yee yani
    yee yani Hour ago

    “ USHER DONT DIE “💀🤣

  • - Clammy
    - Clammy Hour ago

    I like how Gordon was still worried about the stunt double

  • Mahogany Patterson

    The needle stuck in his gums

  • Mahogany Patterson


  • Mahogany Patterson

    He would've been dead nobody can do that

  • c14868
    c14868 Hour ago

    I am relieved to see Mariah Carey’s chest is always in health

  • yee yani
    yee yani Hour ago

    James was hitting that mf 😭 they sounded good together and had a lot of fun .

  • sofyan sakuri
    sofyan sakuri Hour ago

    Silver bearcat indonesia

  • prachee vaiti
    prachee vaiti Hour ago

    James corden should kidnap one direction to reunite

  • Kl5oi Simpson
    Kl5oi Simpson Hour ago


  • Christian Hurtado Vallejo

    Christina aguilera Te amo ❤

  • Kay Best
    Kay Best Hour ago

    My first time seeing her and she was so amazing gave me Sade vibes

  • Nicole
    Nicole Hour ago

    I'm 5 seconds in and I already can't stop thinking about them as tethers from "Us" in those damn red suits

  • beachsummers
    beachsummers Hour ago

    The only thing fat shaming does is encourage eating disorders, unhealthy eating patterns and depression

  • Koeker
    Koeker Hour ago

    Bill Maher is a racist and a fascist disguised as a popular TV host.

  • Irlanda Tradley
    Irlanda Tradley Hour ago

    I just wanna hug this man and give him love and tell him that there's like a million people in the world that love him just the way he is

  • lol berserk
    lol berserk Hour ago

    I eat sea urchins

  • Gamers Galaxy
    Gamers Galaxy Hour ago


  • MrBrawl
    MrBrawl Hour ago

    One of the most impressive singers that I've had the pleasure to witness live, the other being Adryon de Leon from Orgone. Brittany is absolutely lovely and a rare talent being able to sing like she does, both live and in studio. When I saw her with Alabama Shakes in 2015, she didn't falter on a single note the entire show until the last song of the night during the encore when she very slightly choked out on a high note... That's it. As a fellow performer, it blew my mind! A virtually flawless performance after over an hour of original music. Unbelievable! I love her music and soul so much and I wish her the best in this life. As if that all wasn't enough, she's also a killer guitarist! Most of the time you see a singer+guitar combo, it feels like it's more show than tell, but not with Brittany, no way. She's the entire package and the real deal. Please support this magnificent woman by going to see her shows and buying her music! Show Alabama Shakes more love in the meantime, too!

  • Irlanda Tradley
    Irlanda Tradley Hour ago

    "I don't like my face talking" Literally me

  • Gang LI
    Gang LI Hour ago


  • Laura Chaplin
    Laura Chaplin Hour ago

    idontcareifitwasstagedthatwas HILARIOUS!

  • Irlanda Tradley
    Irlanda Tradley Hour ago

    I'm a little upset because of this but it's Bill Hader so I don't care if he don't watch Friends, I love him so much!!

  • Ser ka
    Ser ka Hour ago

    Anna doesnt like Donald lol

  • Kevin Mullen
    Kevin Mullen Hour ago

    We stan an educational queen👑

  • Dale Zegarelli
    Dale Zegarelli Hour ago

    I can't watch her...she is so weird looking.

  • Dale Zegarelli
    Dale Zegarelli Hour ago

    Madonna looks so WEIRD...

  • Bryson’s YT
    Bryson’s YT Hour ago

    meanwhile i can’t swallow a pill

  • Zahra Abbas
    Zahra Abbas Hour ago

    I've watched this 7 times. I keep coming back, it's so funny

  • Kailey J
    Kailey J Hour ago

    i love his hair brown

  • Sisilessthan3
    Sisilessthan3 Hour ago

    oh crap i got em all! lol the first dude was clearly an aaron the black guy was clearly aaron the old guy definitely a paul and idk why the 4th guys hairline told me hes paul haha its kinda crazy how u can tell someones name by looking at them

  • Anucarika
    Anucarika Hour ago

    Intresting, all his drop the mic sketches his guests only make fat shaming jokes to him...

  • G Gaviria
    G Gaviria Hour ago

    Her theet are so big and WHITE

  • Joe joe Higgins
    Joe joe Higgins Hour ago

    The spider was in Scary Stories to Tell in the dark. He was the jangling man

  • Penguin Minari
    Penguin Minari Hour ago

    David is so lucky he got a piercing put took it out

  • Geremi Escobar
    Geremi Escobar Hour ago

    She’s not using the seatbelt properly 😫😢

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 Hour ago

    If I had a simulated universe I would make sure no one was had pent up hornyness and bottled up sadness

  • M Harris
    M Harris Hour ago

    Ohh mann, the hell with this one. 😷 Bird saliva was a gnarly killer !

  • RoeeBN
    RoeeBN Hour ago


  • dion ddd
    dion ddd Hour ago

    nicki minaj pls