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Apple launches iPhone 11
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Brexit: LIVE | 09.09.19
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  • Paul Clynch
    Paul Clynch Hour ago

    Land of Hope and Glory !!!That's a genius idea !! Can we have Trump in 2024 ! Because he's Scottish and we really, really, need a brilliant First Minister ! As Trump says, it's easy to start a war ! Oh lovely Australia !!!!

  • II QuietRiot II
    II QuietRiot II Hour ago

    "I never wanted to be president. I just ran for the kicks and to see how far I could get away with it. Wow, I wasn't prepared for any of this."

  • ShareThisFastDOTcom

    Who wants to bet Iran has nothing to do with the attacks? Anyone? The more repeated something is now the less believable it becomes.

  • Devin
    Devin Hour ago

    "even organizer connie west" Really thought i heard kanye west

  • Eli Amos
    Eli Amos Hour ago

    Any Conflict w/ Iran is Super necessary !!

  • Jai Bee
    Jai Bee Hour ago

    Just so they can go an install a rothschild central jew bank. Iran and north korea are the only 2 countries left

  • Mike Stoltz
    Mike Stoltz Hour ago

    I Love Trump... but this sucks because I do not want the great Iranian people to suffer. And they will bear the heaviest burden. I understand this move and know he is trying to get the Iranian people to revolt. Either way, it is better than dropping bombs IMO.

  • Patrick Sannella

    Why did Obama give the Iranians any of our currency ! They support mercenary armies DJT is doing a good job in not negotiating with terrorists. Since the time of Nixon , Carter, We have had nothing but a running argument not to sell Iran anything. The shaw was a puppet, and elected officials should not be dealing with them espeacially weapons I dont believe anything they say. The entire oil transit to and fro is going right by thier shores which also is thier main scurmish with us , and the swift banks that insure cargo anywhere near them is like a trip straight to the bottom ! I dont believe Iran attacked Saudi oil field with drones its too far for small robots to fly that far even one way !

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Hour ago

    18 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. Why is Trumlf protecting the enemy? Why meddle in other countries businesses? Stupid.

  • United Federation of KFC

    Let's be real here. A war with Iran would be worse than Vietnam.

  • shanemanchester
    shanemanchester Hour ago

    It’s not the blackface episode people are criticising him for. It’s for his holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, hypocrisy. He’s been found out. Simple as.

  • Paul Clynch
    Paul Clynch Hour ago

    My wife and I feel that a stitch up is coming ! They're going to rehash Theresa May' s deal. No way. No way. No way...

  • Keran Kerai
    Keran Kerai Hour ago

    And then iran wins with Russia

  • rahul chaudhry
    rahul chaudhry Hour ago

    No one can talk against China Funny truth. U all work for your posts.

  • Lee ludlow Art
    Lee ludlow Art Hour ago

    Bercow is a ......

  • Ox Alek
    Ox Alek Hour ago

    Iran will be Ok, once they learn how to eat the oil they can’t sell. Bon appetit!

  • Tim Starbuck
    Tim Starbuck Hour ago

    very rude man

    SALZOPYRIN Hour ago

    Forget the old geriatric party's there's just one road forward VOTE BREXIT WE NEED CHANGE .

  • mikimike
    mikimike Hour ago

    Yes, this is a good thing that Trump has done, but it hardly makes up for all the lies and the bad things he has done.

  • Dan Craver
    Dan Craver Hour ago

    And you think the men who died gave you freedom lol not in America only rich or famous or politicians get freedom no freedom 4 you

  • Snaige gerute123

    farge - disgusting creature

  • PokeFun
    PokeFun Hour ago


  • Anita Foster
    Anita Foster Hour ago

    They ARE broke or they are PRACTICALLY broke....which is it ....THINK, MAN!

  • Petty Savage
    Petty Savage Hour ago

    Trump fires John Bolton, tells him “I’ll show you what a war really looks like” 😂👌

  • Michael Cove
    Michael Cove Hour ago

    0:06 Filthy Frank is that you?

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith Hour ago


  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith Hour ago

    Will this central bank also be robbed the day before an invasion? Iraq 2.0

  • Supahpah
    Supahpah Hour ago

    the internet is definitely something else

  • Kevin Wellwrought

    Iran, China and Russia must work hard day and night to ditch the dollar currency. Besides, UN must be transferred to a neutral country such as Switzerland.

  • Petty Savage
    Petty Savage Hour ago

    Headline should be, Elites step closer to invading Iran. Thank me later 🤣


    LONG LIVE TRUMP AND MAGA 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Zac Shiangkwang
    Zac Shiangkwang Hour ago

    Oh it’s happening😏

  • Orenthal Simpson

    wordski ?

  • Ryan Poopypie
    Ryan Poopypie Hour ago

    POTUS has brought the mullahs to their knees without firing a shot!!!!

  • Luke P
    Luke P Hour ago

    was that girl called Kanye west?

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones Hour ago

    I like this man !

  • Matthany Fiedtano

    Only 3 countries without Rothschild controlled banks: 1. Cuba 2. North Korea 3. Iran

  • Asianteer of pro 2nd Amendment Trump 2020

    Good luck with whatever you want to storm the 51 there will be some consequences. Your decision is foolish of hurting yourself. Russian and China would be infiltrated this crow to do harm to the U.S.

  • Jacob Jorgenson
    Jacob Jorgenson Hour ago

    Easiest deal ever! Free trade deal the day after the referendum! Take back control! Hahhahahahahahaaaaaahaaaa the incredible bulk to the rescue haaaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaa

  • gurney85
    gurney85 Hour ago

    Any takers that this cop stops trucks that have those bull scrotum dangly thangies swinging from the trailer hitch?

  • N V
    N V Hour ago

    When will the sun report on usa bombing of afghanistan yesterday which killed 30 and maimed over 200 ?

  • jordan pilcher
    jordan pilcher Hour ago

    trump is the best thing to happen to america, socialism is evil

  • NutmegPluto
    NutmegPluto Hour ago

    oy vey

  • Ben Ume
    Ben Ume Hour ago

    i can see the sun just brought us the comedy factor as reporting the fact the trial involves the prime Minister playing fast and loose with a whole country rather than a failed bridge just does not warrant reporting? I suppose he's done it so much it does not catch the eye anymore. Welcome Boris (Trump) Johnson!

  • nope nope
    nope nope Hour ago

    It's going to be bigly big. The likes of something you've never seen before. Watch Iran's retaliation. We need to stay out of other countries business.

  • gurney85
    gurney85 Hour ago

    Keep our eyes on this one.. I hope the feller sues BIG.. lets see what the courts do about this so that we can all be very Very VERY clear about what the country we live in is becoming.. I'm still trying to figure out how, when, where the dude 'resisted'.

  • Jimmy Jive
    Jimmy Jive Hour ago

    Has nobody realized it was all a big ploy to get people to go to the music festival?

  • Riko The Cheshire Neko

    THAT'S IT! I lost *ALL* hope on humanity!!!!

  • Robert Bradly
    Robert Bradly Hour ago

    SMART MOVE...............SMART.

  • Zach Simpson
    Zach Simpson Hour ago

    I don't like trump but he did a good thing

  • david smith
    david smith Hour ago

    Please storm area 51 and lower my taxes for people on SSI

  • Afshin mehr
    Afshin mehr Hour ago

    it is already under sanction and they have no funds in there:DDD loser trump .

  • richfrombristol
    richfrombristol Hour ago

    Lord Rees Mogg be the Lord of The Manor! Us Brexit folk may be ignorant, but we know our betters! Rees Mogg speaks all posh and uses big words like 'constitution' If we follows old Res Mogg, we won't go far wrong! He might even visit our hovel and give us a pheasant at Christmas,! Gawd bless Lord Rees Mogg!

  • osp80
    osp80 Hour ago

    so when are we gonna sanction saudi arabia for funding 9/11?

    • irate individual
      irate individual Hour ago

      Yeah looks like trump is unfortunately making the american people into the bitches of the Saudis and his Israeli masters

    STRALINGRAD Hour ago

    Good...also impose on Pakistan and china

  • Md Monoar Hosen
    Md Monoar Hosen Hour ago

    we stand with you Mr. President.

  • spacecoasttactical

    Smoke and mirrors. Boris will betray the Brexiteers by putting May's deal with a slight change to the backstop to parliament. Not good enough. The only fair deal for the UK is to leave without a deal.

  • WARZONE зз
    WARZONE зз Hour ago


  • Misanthropic Kat

    Oh! On their bank? What a surprise! Its almost like Rothschild international banking cartel wants full domination. Libya 2.0

    • Misanthropic Kat
      Misanthropic Kat Hour ago

      @Stu Morris you think Iran poses a threat?

    • Stu Morris
      Stu Morris Hour ago

      Not Libya 2.0, not even Iraq 2.0, neither had nuclear capabilities

  • Ilyas Akbari
    Ilyas Akbari Hour ago

    Im here before the raid lets hop nobody dies 😂😂😂

  • Josh D
    Josh D Hour ago

    With no actual proof Iran was responsible? Even if the weapons were made and sold by Iran, should they be held responsible? Should the same sanctions apply to American banks if weapons they sell are used in a similar manner?

  • Hamzah Mahmood
    Hamzah Mahmood Hour ago

    They chose a date too far in the future, from when this first went viral. So many people started to forget about this event, and it lost a lot of momentum. Could've been something much bigger.

  • Fletchy Boy
    Fletchy Boy Hour ago

    Trump runs his country like he runs his businesses, ruthless

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams Hour ago

    All those advanced toys the Saudi air force has plus weapons from the US and they will not even fire a single Missile in retaliation . Absolute cowards.

    • WARZONE зз
      WARZONE зз Hour ago

      Ithink u a iran dog loooool hhhhhhh

    • WARZONE зз
      WARZONE зз Hour ago

      Ha ha u are the cowards ithink u with iran right u dumb fish

    • wlpxx7
      wlpxx7 Hour ago

      Why would anyone want war?

  •  Hour ago

    Has he not got it , we have judged it old boy , three years ago old boy.

  • sissano1
    sissano1 Hour ago

    Buy Bitcoin....

  • 007shambles
    007shambles Hour ago

    Can trump be any more vague when trying to explain anything the United States undertakes. He comes across as totally clueless when talking about foreign policy waffles on repeating what he said moments before. Embarrassing.

  • 6chhelipilot
    6chhelipilot Hour ago

    It's like burning man, but without the weirdness. Maybe it could be an annual event?

  •  Hour ago

    I feel condesendance.

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Hour ago

    "Iran is going to hell"....I LURV that guy..:)

  •  Hour ago

    All of a sudden he’s sitting on the fence .

  • Freaky Goblin
    Freaky Goblin Hour ago

    He's been promising solutions for 3 years and still is unable to come up with a written plan. Junker's been saying the backstop is only there until a solution is found since it was introduced so nothing new there either.

  • Mr. Wing
    Mr. Wing Hour ago

    Thought the cop was doing him a favor 🤷‍♂️. Likes the taste of sweaty 💩. Jail has plenty. 👏

  • paul hoskin
    paul hoskin Hour ago

    Banana skins everywhere But who is eating the bananas

  • Evilclown Production's

    Respect? Sorry John, you have lost mine

  • A B
    A B Hour ago

    The United Slaves Of Israel.

  • bob fagg B.F PIPES

    we don`t need a deal until after brexit, after brexit you would have a much bigger bat to use to our advantage as we would not be committed to anything.

  • Fistof Fury
    Fistof Fury Hour ago

    Yeah !!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Matt
    Matt Hour ago

    Better than bombing I guess hehe

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa Hour ago

    how comes no one before elections could anticipate what Trump was going to do as president? the biggest rubbish bin in the entire history.

    • mrtrex01
      mrtrex01 Hour ago

      You can't trust anything the MSM says. Nothing. It's no coincidence CNN and MSNBC, and others hires former FBI, and CIA agents as analyst/contributors. Reals news happens from the ground up, not through top down manipulation. There's a deep agenda by the deep state, and it's not a pretty picture.

  • Pan Yvino
    Pan Yvino Hour ago

    How can you show up for such an important performance without having made sure that all has been adequately prepared? Incredible. Yet another blow to the image of britain.

  • Eleanor Flynn
    Eleanor Flynn Hour ago

    My daughters life was saved by the nhs so you can't blame the tories for the mess it has been going on with labour governments as well i am truly grateful it was only a couple of years ago she will be getting more operations i think people nee to give boris a chance the nhs will do well blame the banks for the worldwide recession from a few years ago

  • Darrell
    Darrell Hour ago

    I assume this is a comedy skit produced by the Keystone Cops organization. Buffoons all.

  • Yewbzee
    Yewbzee Hour ago

    I have no faith in Barclay at all. He looks like the weak link in Boris’s chain.

    • bob rail
      bob rail Hour ago

      It's full of weak links ! None of them want to leave 💩💩💩

  • RR Extra
    RR Extra Hour ago


  • azar1354
    azar1354 Hour ago

    Let's not forget there are very few countries across the world where you can confront the head of the government with that gesture, talk to him in that tone and walk past freely.

  • Peter Chaloner
    Peter Chaloner Hour ago

    Better than bombing Iran.

    • United Federation of KFC
      United Federation of KFC Hour ago

      @Gerard Yesterday Iran said they would negotiate with Saudi Arabia to de-escalate the situation and we do this. Its like we are trying to spark something.

    • Amirhadi s
      Amirhadi s Hour ago

      It is actually as bad,or even worse When they put sanctions on Iran, the value of currency drops, means food, medicines, every single thing would have a jump in price, some of them are crucial for life, People will get sick because of malnutrition, cause they can't afford good food, its get even worse when they can't afford the medicines, people will die but just in silence...

    • AngloSaxon.
      AngloSaxon. Hour ago

      Uk is so ready.

    • Michael Duke
      Michael Duke Hour ago

      ArtificialGamer as much as I am staunchly anti-war/interventionist we can't do nothing on the world stage!

  • mindyourbusiness

    Saudis do not want a war, it cannot compete with Iran militarily. Saudia has all the advanced toys but they do not have a disciplined armed forces.

    • Al ISHAAQI
      Al ISHAAQI Hour ago


    • Josh D
      Josh D Hour ago

      @Fistof Fury or it could end up like Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria

    • Fistof Fury
      Fistof Fury Hour ago

      Hey.....they don't NEED one !! If Iran wants a will be GULF WAR 2......Only OVER A LOT QUICKER THAN 91 !

  • Jeff Staley
    Jeff Staley Hour ago

    Kick the bear, get the tooth . that guy is a whole.

  • Lord Mike Key
    Lord Mike Key 2 hours ago

    WHO paying to do this chaos in UK..Where are MI5 & MI6..

  • Qmentis
    Qmentis 2 hours ago

    Thats rain for sure.

  • Chris Wild
    Chris Wild 2 hours ago

    I still; like many others probably feel, thinkwe won't be leaving on the 31st of October, the remainer MP's will stick the boot in.

  • AngloSaxon.
    AngloSaxon. 2 hours ago

    I hate Iran from England. They wanted to do something Uk & USA should stop buying their products.

    • Amirhadi s
      Amirhadi s Hour ago

      @Stu Morris Age of islam: 1400 years Age of extremist terrorists that claim to be real Muslim: 50 years Oil: 80 years I don't think its that hard to see which numbers are closer lol

    • irate individual
      irate individual Hour ago

      @AngloSaxon. you support saudi arabia THE terrorist nation that, unlike iran, has funded large numbers of extremist mosques in our country that have produced terrorists who fight against us, you are a traitor

    • Stu Morris
      Stu Morris Hour ago

      The problem in those countries is Islamic fundamentalists, they're wrecked Iran, sponsored international terrorism, done untold damage to their own people. Saudi is very similar, funds terrorism and international terrorist's, it's laws are 1400 years old and should both be struck off by the international community

    • AngloSaxon.
      AngloSaxon. Hour ago

      irate individual Middle East terrorist haha get gone you’ll be destroyed

    • 112mrc
      112mrc Hour ago

      Moonflower D. True I doubt Iran has the maps and the capability of drone striking a Arabian oil field considering the tensions between the two I think personally it was the USA or somebody’s like uk our anyone with the maps and capability of a drone strike in a precise location

  • John Barron
    John Barron 2 hours ago

    Best regards from the 4 b's a sorry only 3 left

  • Qmentis
    Qmentis 2 hours ago

    Imagine what deal we'd have if all those remain traitor mps and lords had had a pair of balls between them... appauling the lot of them.

    • Jacob Jorgenson
      Jacob Jorgenson Hour ago

      Trying to imagine, perhaps you could solve the Irish border for us right now?

    • Bob Jim
      Bob Jim Hour ago

      You people need to stop being SJWs and look at the facts

  • Swashbuckling buccaneer

    If it works out great, If it doesn't work out great, 1 way or another, It will work out

  • sami6291
    sami6291 2 hours ago


  • Hitrax wado
    Hitrax wado 2 hours ago

    Let’s say there are aliens over there. Let’s say they all make it over the fence. Do you really think the aliens are in the shed next to the runway? If they are there, they will be under the ground in a vault. Try storming a bank, you won’t get in.

  • Manuel Duarte
    Manuel Duarte 2 hours ago

    Be honest. Dont try to keep lies.

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 2 hours ago

    No subtitles?... Why post the title in English? I don't speak Korean.