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The History of Earth
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  • Fanaticalplel Oof

    Best of luck to Elon musk and staff at space x becuase free WiFi sounds good to me and my wallet ;)

  • Bobby Dale
    Bobby Dale Hour ago

    She just preformed a abortion, The left should love her !!!!

  • Michael Stubbs
    Michael Stubbs Hour ago

    Ok boomer

  • X Kim
    X Kim Hour ago

    I dont think a Labour leave voter will vote a Party that literally help Tories to win a Parliament majority. If Tories win a majority, they wont care those BP's vote in Parliament if there's any. And the Tory's Brexit deal is worse than a EU membership. Sick and tired of Parliament sitcom every day, no more possible several years of so called talks of future relationship with EU, no more second referendum please, leave or just cancel it. With that, I will vote for Lib Dem.

  • james herold
    james herold Hour ago

    it would be great if boris can reciprocate in some way i know the prestige of his party means they fight every seat but if he concentrates his assets where they get the better results and not work so hard elsewhere he can control the leave vote

  • Sorbus Torminalis

    good riddance Labour. You had a good run, but now it's time for a fresher face; one that is characteristically principled.

  • Rhisiart Morgan
    Rhisiart Morgan Hour ago

    He was not in Pontypool last Friday, because Little Mill is in Monmouth, so even in his location he lies,no change there then!

  • IPCC SaysLessThan12Years

    Nigel Farage is a massive fraud. He's gone from saying "Boris' deal is NOT Brexit" to deliberately propping up Boris' deal. This smarmy, self-serving scam artist and ex-city trader believes in nothing other than his own career and has just performed the biggest U-turn in modern politics. He's happy to stick two fingers up at Brexit now his media company is bringing in mountains of cash... He's alright Jack! ...Brexiteers have been DESERTED!

  • Matthew Chin
    Matthew Chin Hour ago

    The elephant sounds just like a Ferrari v12

  • Don’t buy The sun

    Don’t buy the sun

  • M T
    M T Hour ago

    I can't actually believe the tone of the comments on this video. Nigel Farage has just been bought by the conservatives and The USA to ensure the conservatives win the election so the NHS can be sold as a brexit deal. How can you all be so very very blind? He'll be on the new years honours list in a few years time. Absolutely sold his soul for financial gain.

  • Don’t buy The sun

    Don’t buy the sun

  • theREALmurtibing

    Does Nigel Farage live in Carlisle? Amazing! I thought he would only live in the home counties.

  • John Davies
    John Davies Hour ago

    "He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again"... Gammon Farage has become the Grand Old Duke Of Pork.

  • Andrew Gittings
    Andrew Gittings Hour ago


  • tk778866
    tk778866 Hour ago

    Liar Boris's snake the Chancer of the Exchequer uncle fester . Sadgit Javid

  • John Davies
    John Davies Hour ago

    "He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again"... Gammon Farage has become the Grand Old Duke Of Pork.

  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop Hour ago

    Well said 👍

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown Hour ago

    Swivel eyed snake!

  • Nikolas Miller
    Nikolas Miller Hour ago

    They speak English. They just don’t want to deal with ignorant Black people... but who does?

  • c H
    c H Hour ago

    Democrats have always feared WOKE black folks that know their history and con game 2019 !!

  • Protomaker Black Sprint Original 3D Printer


  • EnglishTurbines
    EnglishTurbines Hour ago

    Thats it, turn and run, the truth hurts, they have no answers do they...?

  • Chris Reynolds
    Chris Reynolds Hour ago

    This must have been the hardest political decision taken by Nigel Farage in 25 years. It takes a strong person to stand up and make that speech in front of the world's media. But he delivered it with dignity and political professionalism. Metaphorically, he fell on his own political sword in order to guarantee UK Brexit, freedom & democracy for 17.4million ppl.Putting his country before his party. He has all my admiration & respect. We all know this is not just another General Election. We all know that this is the final battle between Brexit v Remain. Farage has taken this wise tactical manoevour to ensure that the fewest possible seats are won by the Remainers. Imagine the horror of being faced with a coilition of Lab & Lib Dem MPs in charge post election.

  • Richard Fisher
    Richard Fisher Hour ago

    The silent majority are now making their feelings known about this terrorist loving marxist labour party!



  • Chucky Lamb
    Chucky Lamb Hour ago

    We want a real Brexit not that stupid agreement. You promised a real Brexit but have caved in again, please show a bit more backbone

  • LostInPA
    LostInPA Hour ago

    Red Jeremy is terrified of the people.

  • M T
    M T Hour ago

    Boris Johnson literally sells weapons to Saudi Arabia. Which is worse?

  • disgruntled vet
    disgruntled vet Hour ago

    Corbyn will be the death to the UK Him and his friends from every terrorists network in the world

  • jacob korving
    jacob korving Hour ago

    As Trump is fighting for the Americans, Nigel is fighting for the British people. To create another government instead the one that always was, seems a Global disaster.

  • Matt Moon
    Matt Moon Hour ago

    We didn't totally withdraw our entire force form Syria Special Forces are still going to operate in the area.

  • Matthew
    Matthew Hour ago

    Politicians are masters of deflecting questions and not answering anything!

  • JamTel1
    JamTel1 Hour ago

    Rigging elections is not democratic. It needs to be addressed just as the Tories want to introduce Photo ID voting.

  • Matt Moon
    Matt Moon Hour ago

    We didn't abandoned the Kurds the fact is that Donald Trump is working with Valdmire Putan. We waited until Russia got there and headed for Saudi Arabia & Iraq so we could reinforce our forces in hopes of ending our occupation in the Middle East. We're letting Russia handle Syria while we focus on Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Afghanistan in hopes of wiping out the remaining enemy forces all together so our forces can finally come home .

  • Anthropoid
    Anthropoid Hour ago

    who is this wooden amateur

  • tk778866
    tk778866 Hour ago

    This idiot lunatic doesn't prove anything other than he should take his medication, question reality.

  • Steven Pickett
    Steven Pickett Hour ago

    The media is suppose to be unbiased. This is clear favouritism, hiding the truth for personal gain.

  • Mark Mc Mullan
    Mark Mc Mullan Hour ago

    What an absolute charlatan . He talks with the wind. His dumb followers will swallow it down wholesale .

  • Peugeot David The King

    Surprised the sun allows this footage. They usually don't like the truth.

  • disgruntled vet
    disgruntled vet Hour ago

    Light infantry boys we are the best swift and bold

  • Just saying this


  • Stephanie Tihanyi

    Lol Sun, this is not 2019, what a bunch of Tory suck-ups we all know you are. Pathetic gutless sycophants , you deserve no respect from anyone

  • yuch1102
    yuch1102 Hour ago


  • 5888max
    5888max Hour ago

    What ignorant nasty and rude piece of dirt that man is , shame on the voters for returning him all these years

  • Simon Parsey
    Simon Parsey Hour ago

    Johnson sponsored by Rupert Murdoch and Russian oligarchs

  • Shamel OSMAN
    Shamel OSMAN Hour ago

    WISE people ! They walked away because this guy has NO education whatsoever ! I am a MUSLIM and not terrorist and never seen any part of our holly Quran which doesn’t condemn terrorism ! So the best way is to walk away from an aggressive guy like him! I am PRO-BREXIT and don’t support Corbyn though ! Because I think history shows that non of them is better than the other ! All politicians are the same!😂

  • forever tipsy
    forever tipsy Hour ago

    name of the intro song ?

  • Shaun Ellis
    Shaun Ellis Hour ago

    Work with Nigel

  • Steve J
    Steve J Hour ago

    Tell that to Merkel or Macron who have been exploiting the economies of Britain and many other countries part of the EU for decades, Britain has always been in the forefront position and we'll be the first to stand against this disaster the EU has become

  • gerard tom
    gerard tom Hour ago

    Vote labour

  • Dan Dank
    Dan Dank Hour ago

    I knew Nige would do the right thing

  • nathan lowe
    nathan lowe Hour ago

    I hate corbyn but thats a little harsh on canvassers i think we should be able to disagree with more respect than this

  • LostInPA
    LostInPA Hour ago

    This will allow all efforts and money to go into campaigning against labour.

  • LeftIndexNubb
    LeftIndexNubb Hour ago

    Watch it malfunctions and break you leg lol

  • gerard tom
    gerard tom Hour ago

    VOTE labour

  • gerard tom
    gerard tom 2 hours ago

    Vote labour VOTE labour VOTE labour VOTE labour

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 2 hours ago

    Bit of a wanker

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller 2 hours ago

    When was he knighted?

  • jacob korving
    jacob korving 2 hours ago

    I love Boris and Nigel, I truly hope as does Trump that they will coalesce into a partnership that will lead to a free England. England has always been a great power but has been diminished through letting go of border security and every foreign idea is not gelling with the Brits, they are their own brand and as well should be. Never go Global, stay sovereign, kick out the element that destroys the British way of life.

  • georgio jansen
    georgio jansen 2 hours ago

    munchausen syndrome nigel

  • Cameron Birch
    Cameron Birch 2 hours ago

    Nigel Farage's party just committed suicide.

  • Jonaka Murphy
    Jonaka Murphy 2 hours ago

    Sounds like someone needs a nap a hug and a drug test.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 2 hours ago

    Yeah nigel farage is thinking of his country with the deep pockets of the usa, and his elite buddys boris Johnson an Co, wake up people, you know when the establishment go after someone, you know you should be voting for that person, why because he a threat to them, losening the chains of slavery, from corporate control, traitors the lot of them, wolves in sheeps clothing, corbyn is the only way out, go corbyn, the polls they use is for mind manipulation, if you go out and check yourselves you will see very little support for the tories or brexit party, they think we will accept what they say, check and ask your friends, neighbours and family members and you will see how they have pulled the wool over our eyes, just think who on earth would vote for parties with such poor austerity measures to be implemented on themselves, and all of a sudden they want to lift the austerity, pull the other one.

  • Jack Holmes
    Jack Holmes 2 hours ago

    Surprised sajid Javid didnt talk about his dad drom pakistan becoming a bus driver😂😂

  • Josh Asprey
    Josh Asprey 2 hours ago

    @A Walk To The Beach why would you think the EU is obliged to fulfill these rights and freedom which normally only EU citizens and residents have?? renegotiate? want to leave and now coming back as if nothing has happened??.. you are stupid!..the uk needs a blow on its face for doing brexit in the first place..and which partner with sanity would take the uk as a serious partner who only take the best bits and moans and leaves when it gets worst...such attitudes are called useless and will make you turn your back and leave them behind..I would not be surprised if the EU starts a trade war and bully the uk for its antisocial behaviour!. .. with these attitudes nobody would want the Brits as partners beside Trumptards and the bloody Farage eejits!

  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards 2 hours ago

    This is the biggest tragedy to hit the Lib Dems since the 2015 General Election.

  • Haris Saeed
    Haris Saeed 2 hours ago

    Meanwhile, real Ajay Devgan for you lol. ❤️🇵🇰

  • Citizen Buck
    Citizen Buck 2 hours ago

    More Money laundering and laundering and laundering!

  • marcandsebe
    marcandsebe 2 hours ago

    In my constituency it's either Conservatives or LibDems. I'm hoping the LibDems come to my door. I will start off all polite and ask about Jo Swinson and her Brexit plan of revoking Article 50 and cancelling Brexit without a referendum. They will think I'm for it and then will mention about the 17.4 million people who voted to leave including myself. I will ask if that's the democratic thing to do? How will these 17.4 million people feel? I will certainly get them going.

  • Beetleything
    Beetleything 2 hours ago

    Good Luck with your new Tory government and the lying Boris......folded like a cheap tent...

  • James Cornelius Taylor

    It worries me that people take the tacky tory tactics of bitching so seriously. The Tories have wasted more money than Labour ever did on outsourcing- basically paying public money to private individuals for services that should be properly monitered and regulated. Regarding business and the city, McDonnell is actually the preferred candidate. It really is a scandal that the Tories are allowing the wealthy to rip off the working classes, yet the working classes are still swallowing Tory propoganda. So strong is government hold on the trash papers like Express and Telegraph.

  • Chris H
    Chris H 2 hours ago

    They had no answers knowing the man's comments were 100% correct,shows them for what they are,cowardly terrorist sympathsiers.

  • Glenn Bartlett
    Glenn Bartlett 2 hours ago

    We pay our taxes! They work for us!

  • andy smith
    andy smith 2 hours ago

    Well there you have it, common sense v Labour.

  • risvegliato
    risvegliato 2 hours ago

    This is from 2016 not 2019.

  • fred brant
    fred brant 2 hours ago


  • George Chorizo
    George Chorizo 2 hours ago

    A great patriot who puts country before party...the only true patriot left, a man who has integrity and intelligence, a rarity .

  • Andy N
    Andy N 2 hours ago

    He did it with UKIP, for the Tories, now doing exactly the same again with Brexit party. A true Facist Capitilist Tory! I cannot believe how really stupid Brexiteers are by not seeing what is happening. Austerity is a Capitilist word, made up for the rich to become richer, whilst the working class subsidise for their taxes they don't pay. There are more billionaires since Austerity began, all off the backs of the working class, the homeless and the unemployed. Whilst the Tories were making people homeless, killing off the disabled, creating poverty, privitising, and making cuts, the rich became richer. Brexit is just a distraction to reel in the working class and fascists, then spit them out when the deal or no deal is done. Wake up! Ffs.

  • Mark Wiilliams
    Mark Wiilliams 2 hours ago

    The only threat is lieing warmonger blair traitor

  • Tony John
    Tony John 2 hours ago

    I had the labour mafia come round in groups like that to my place the other day. They didn’t know how to use my door knocker ! And it was the actual MP.

    MR BOYDER 2 hours ago


  • jimmy2minutes
    jimmy2minutes 2 hours ago

    I don't care how it's done as long as it gets us as far out as possible we can never get back in.

  • Deaf Talent
    Deaf Talent 2 hours ago

    Took the wind right out of her sails.🤣🤣🤣

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor 2 hours ago

    Only saying the truth about him, Labour is a dangerous party for this country and should never be allowed in number 10

  • Martha
    Martha 2 hours ago

    P P P Pathetic Paid Puppets

  • Mark Gallacher
    Mark Gallacher 2 hours ago

    This is talking the truth he is an i.r.a supporter same as most of the s.n.p why do u think they want to work together to get that bawbag into number 10

  • tincan tincan
    tincan tincan 2 hours ago

    Let's just vote brexit party and destroy labour.. we can then make Boris do as promising once traitors are gone

  • Female Ranger of Norrath

    Honestly, I'm preparing my own pantry for another 1920, not 2020. 😨 Y2K was a fright. 🤯 The stock market crash in 1919 sent a Great Depression. 😪 Stores are closing by the droves here. 🏚 History *can* repeat itself, it's proven. Michigan USA 🇺🇸 Truth! 🧐

  • Paul Westlake
    Paul Westlake 2 hours ago

    What a legend I salute you

  • Isak Garheden
    Isak Garheden 2 hours ago

    He protect He attack But most importantly He shouting ORDHHHAR

  • babarbutt3407
    babarbutt3407 2 hours ago

    Biggest Looser just talk

  • Lawrence Eason
    Lawrence Eason 2 hours ago

    Now this is a prime example of a person with the IQ of a cabbage patch doll

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 2 hours ago

    Left wingers were trying to stop people buying red poppies. Let that sink in when you vote.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 2 hours ago

    I will have order. You know my reference. :)

  • 草、おことわり

    2:26 I like this grandpa and teddy bear, and want same one to drink in pub with

  • Simon Frampton
    Simon Frampton 2 hours ago

    Great idea Nigel but you have to go for the conservative remainder seats too 😯😰✌

  • James McGrady
    James McGrady 2 hours ago

    That guy's gonna be raging when Corbyn gets into No10.

  • boy boy nope 3
    boy boy nope 3 2 hours ago

    Ever since his death and when I sen his grave ik you all may think this is stupid ik hes dead but he is long living and will live forever but when I seen his grave I just imagined his parents ski and his friends just announce all his fans and the news to come to his grave and they all come and he just walk out the doors of his grave and announces his return and you remember when he said that he will have revenge on this world what if his death was his revenge

  • Frank Eimer
    Frank Eimer 2 hours ago

    But you allowed the Tory remainers to stay in their seats. So they will still oppose Brexit. No change. Just a opinion from a Canadian