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  • zunka ducks
    zunka ducks 26 seconds ago

    * P A K I S T A N I . P A E D O P H I L E . R A P E . G A N G S * - ARREST THEM


    🚧150 👍🇬🇧👑Prince Harry 🇬🇧🚧

  • BayanTheOne
    BayanTheOne 2 minutes ago

    if the statues are to be removed, then it's by democratic process and if the majority opposes their removal then the professional victims simply have to live with it, change their routes to avoid seeing them, simply get adjusted to this utterly offensive reality

  • Giggzi999
    Giggzi999 2 minutes ago

    Kingpins😂😂, low level fat labourers

  • Alexander Adair
    Alexander Adair 2 minutes ago

    Yes, systemic, institutional racism is real. White people face it every day. The system is now set up to oppress white people, to prevent them from having the same opportunities, benefits and freedoms as other racial groups. To be white is to be a second-class citizen. Whites are increasingly silenced, prevented from expressing legitimate opinions. White people are increasingly treated more harshly by the criminal justice system. Non-whites increasingly benefit from racial discrimination against the majority white population with regards to educational opportunities and hiring practices. White people are increasingly demonised, belittled, maligned, mocked, and criticized in the mainstream media. No other racial group is attacked by the mainstream media, in this way. To be white is to told that all your accomplishments magically spring from some unearned, undeserved 'white privilege'. To be white is to be sacked for saying 'white lives matter', to be arrested for saying 'it's okay to be white'. So, yes, let's talk about 'institutional racism'.

  • Darksider95
    Darksider95 2 minutes ago

    If that was another black man in a chokehold in America all hell would have broke loose...

  • Jason Folkes
    Jason Folkes 2 minutes ago

    Boris: Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeeeeeerrrremy ,Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeemy,JEREMY!!!!! Jeremy: WHAT?!!!! Boris:Hello (Runs of laughing)

  • coolabahblue
    coolabahblue 4 minutes ago

    Oh! Shut up Harry!🥴

  • translucentman
    translucentman 4 minutes ago

    so the social experiment continues... just when exactly will the public push back, it better be real soon because if they don't it will not end well.. you have to stand up to bullies, especially deviant, eugenicist psychopathic megalomaniac ones

  • Henry Glynn
    Henry Glynn 5 minutes ago

    Gunshots in the first night time clip or anti police booby traps?

  • CJ aka DirtyBrit
    CJ aka DirtyBrit 5 minutes ago

    Harry is a creep and should never return to the U.K

  • R. W. Carmichael
    R. W. Carmichael 6 minutes ago

    He looks like the Lone Ranger because he is putting his mask over his eyes! It would only work if he would stuff it entirely in his mouth.

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake 8 minutes ago

    Why is he slurring? What's he smoking?

    • Mark Gable
      Mark Gable 4 minutes ago

      He's holding back anger . He's angry at the fake news

  • CorporateRaider97
    CorporateRaider97 8 minutes ago

    Trump logic: Well, what's the use of being the wealthiest country in the world if you can't buy anything?

  • zunka ducks
    zunka ducks 9 minutes ago

    Release the "grooming gangs" report in full.

  • Sheep
    Sheep 10 minutes ago

    0:50 at least let him get some clothes on ffs 😂

    • samogen300
      samogen300 4 minutes ago

      Why?, he's going to be in stripes for a long time.

  • Sylar
    Sylar 10 minutes ago

    Prince? Didn't he renounce the title? Left to go to America/Canada?

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 11 minutes ago

    Anyone living near predominantly immigrant markets will understand why these communities are being hit. The markets never closed during lock-down and cultural ignorance is rife. They just didn't care !

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 11 minutes ago

    The best comedian ever xD

  • Alexus Dreemurr Leonis
    Alexus Dreemurr Leonis 12 minutes ago

    Son, look. They're doing a tax money barrage. Let's see which country does the best

  • Sin City
    Sin City 12 minutes ago

    Its gotta be done properly..

  • robert dawson
    robert dawson 12 minutes ago

    Tour De Grooming gangs

  • jdg
    jdg 13 minutes ago

    No one voted Conservative so that you could import millions more immigrants. You cowards handed Hong Kong back to China and got an agreement that you never had any intention of enforcing, it's none of our business any more.

  • last orders
    last orders 14 minutes ago

    Need new t.v .....YLM

  • Clemence 90
    Clemence 90 14 minutes ago

    Nobody cares

  • MsLin1974
    MsLin1974 14 minutes ago

    Who are you to apologise for us, you made racism part of Meghan's inappropriate behaviour towards her by the press. I empathise with her feeling in that!. It was never about racism it was about your hypocritical viewpoints. Preaching to us about climate change and gas omissions whilst taking 4 private jests in 11 days. So apologies for your hypocrisy and don't bring us into it!

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 14 minutes ago

    Scotland just announced sheeple must wear muzzles in all shops. Bet Boris and Dominic will soon adopt this idea so that we all have to be muzzled in exchange for food....Scary times.

  • Entertainment with Kamal
    Entertainment with Kamal 15 minutes ago

    Very bad

  • kevin king
    kevin king 17 minutes ago

    No sane person can possibly believe any of this nonsense any longer.

  • James Daniel Smith
    James Daniel Smith 17 minutes ago

    This woke virtue signalling is getting so ridiculous now.

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 19 minutes ago

    With Democrat cities ablaze and filled with rioters and Nancy Pelosi holding up vital funding for law enforcement, the media concentrate on whether Trump likes a mask or not LOL. I suppose they want to brand him a " maskist ".

  • Wendy Stephenson
    Wendy Stephenson 20 minutes ago

    Who cares??? After the news this morning MM once again berating our press and our royal family!!!! Get a life you’ve gone now & no one cares anymore....the only sad thing is you’ve deprived Archie of his heritage & lineage, that’s unforgivable 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Marc Del
    Marc Del 21 minute ago

    He has that all wrong, again! He's the 'Alone Ranger', and he has no faithful companion, just a bunch of stooges and minions!

  • Diva Campbell
    Diva Campbell 22 minutes ago

    Good!!! I would floor my car for my own safety!!! Mob mentality trying to kill you!!!

  • likklej8
    likklej8 23 minutes ago

    He is an arrogant man. Liked the way I looked you’re so vain if you think Stones songs are about you.

  • Spicy Right Wing
    Spicy Right Wing 24 minutes ago

    Predominantly Asian it seems, same as Melbourne’s ioutbreak in Australia

  • Beyond Belief
    Beyond Belief 26 minutes ago

    These Draconian measures represent an unprecedented intrusion into the freedoms and livelihood of the public at large. They are a disproportionate response to the public health crisis and the government has unreasonably fettered its discretion in discharging its duty to disapply the restrictions where proportionate through the adoption of over-rigid and unreasonable tests

  • M Haroon Adil
    M Haroon Adil 27 minutes ago

    Mom i will attack pak army Few moments later Mom pak army saved me from villagers😀

  • Izzi Michaels
    Izzi Michaels 29 minutes ago

    trump is beyond stupid.

  • Food delivery news
    Food delivery news 30 minutes ago

    We need those cops here for BLM that would be awesome

  • Martin Shepherd
    Martin Shepherd 32 minutes ago

    An embarrassment to the royal family. I'm sick of seeing him. So much for 'living a quiet life away from the media spotlight'.

  • Mihir B
    Mihir B 32 minutes ago

    Shame on China. This is unbearable to watch.

  • Richard France
    Richard France 32 minutes ago

    This cop should be fired and it was a horrific thing to do. You cant say anything other than that. The bigger problem lies with the media. They should have just said 'tasered unarmed man' and not 'unarmed black man'. This is a brainwashing tactic and is the reason why the BLM protesters are like they are. If the man had been white it would then have said 'unarmed man' if they even report on it at all that is. If the skin colour isn't mentioned people wouldn't think about it after reading it but because it said black man they remember it. What this does is make out that police brutality is worse for blacks than whites when in reality it isn't these days in a lot of places. It's creating the division required for the communism agenda. BLM are Marxists... do you see the connection?

  • Beata Zikanova
    Beata Zikanova 33 minutes ago

    I just can,t wait,to see the European union's free we leave,that their will be no more of wasted British tax payers money for you to waste. I really do not think your union is bright .maybe the end .

  • kennidy john
    kennidy john 34 minutes ago

    If these guys are in the US, or other western countries, they'd be shot dead by now

  • Peter Gillson
    Peter Gillson 35 minutes ago

    Disinfectant man is mad.

  • Sean Peace
    Sean Peace 35 minutes ago

    You sir, should go into politics. You're a breath of fresh air amidst all this madness. We need more like you.

  • scasey1960
    scasey1960 36 minutes ago

    Start with an apology for being born into the royal family. Having given up all titles, you have abdicated all power for change. This makes zero sense.

  • Peter Gillson
    Peter Gillson 36 minutes ago

    East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet...

  • robin schmitt
    robin schmitt 38 minutes ago

    I think he may be wearing his mask. wrong

  • Brian Moser
    Brian Moser 39 minutes ago

    Its really to bad that the driver didn't hit more people!

  • pedallin raw
    pedallin raw 39 minutes ago

    None of them are it’s all 💩...numbers are made up ...cases ? would people know if they were told ...well the test ...that fired up positive in most people as it’s not testing for the Rona...deaths are from normal deaths but added to the Rona aren’t they ... 🤔to bump up the numbers ...sure a few died from the F L U but only a few...shut the world down over this folks ...ruined the economy and people lives and livelihoods...tell people they are being fooled ...🤨😏

  • Chafflives
    Chafflives 40 minutes ago

    'The Lone Ranger' ? Don't tell me he is wearing it to cover his eyes like he did ? Wait !!! That might explain a few things.

  • john cox
    john cox 40 minutes ago

    Communis/fascists co=ksuckers. This is what is store for the patriots in the west once the global elitist at the UN and the BG if they are allowed to continue their march toward the NWO

  • Terri Ana Scott
    Terri Ana Scott 41 minute ago

    Wow Claire has never changed, she looks exactly as she did when Pete had his very first tv reality show after the Jungle 💕

  • Karl Smallphones
    Karl Smallphones 43 minutes ago

    Let's hope it has long term side effects like not being able to reproduce. The top 5% of the rich will be gone

  • Richard R
    Richard R 43 minutes ago

    I wonder if Telford will be locked down...

  • M C
    M C 43 minutes ago

    A weak-minded wanker boy of privilege. Let the citizens occupy the palace, then. Turn over your money and live among the working-class. Get a job. STFU.

  • Saigon Brit
    Saigon Brit 45 minutes ago

    Harry is a weasel of a man. A total disgrace to the monarchy. How dare he condemn the vast majority of decent hard working people of the UK with the tarred brush of a few extremists. Britain is an open, tolerant, inclusive society and a model for other societies around the world. Doesn't Harry realise how much damage he is doing by pandering to this hard-left wing woke cultural Marxist mob of thought police. What a loser!!

  • NyanNyanRawr
    NyanNyanRawr 45 minutes ago

    I see low IQ people speaking useing thier emotions rather than construct logical statements

  • Richard R
    Richard R 45 minutes ago

    Aren't these areas heavily affected by grooming gangs too?

  • M C
    M C 47 minutes ago

    BLM and ANTIFA don't have the balls that these citizens do to stand up against true tyranny.

  • Antonio Szytulskyj
    Antonio Szytulskyj 47 minutes ago

    Nr 10 lock DOWNing st is nr1 Hotspot. Boris could be infected for the second time

  • Nova Jeinewartz
    Nova Jeinewartz 48 minutes ago

    A deeper moron has never existed.

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 48 minutes ago

    Long live the Queen. The rest of them are a bunch of wasters. This idiot is a fine example of inbreeding.

  • Sofia Lauren
    Sofia Lauren 48 minutes ago

    I hope this period in American History can remind all arrogant Americans of whatever party, that USA is NOT AUTOMATICALLY the greatest nation on earth; has only a little to proud of, and much to be ashamed of and improve upon. Enough of this Flag Waving Nationalism. Same goes for you Boris.

  • spiritchannel
    spiritchannel 49 minutes ago

    Disappointed....NOT representing the Royal Family....

  • Nick Thorp
    Nick Thorp 50 minutes ago

    The gun is only a non lethal pepper ball gun and he had his finger off the trigger. Still a gun though, agreed.

  • Song Connection
    Song Connection 50 minutes ago

    Wherever they do lots of tests

    SPONGE 52 minutes ago

    Prince Irrelevant.

  • neogirl37
    neogirl37 52 minutes ago

    HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU CHOPPED & EDITED THIS? CRIKEY, no wonder why he uses parler & Twitter.. Damn!! WWG1WGA

  • Steve W
    Steve W 52 minutes ago

    Stuck up rich boy, rubbing it into everyone's noses, while some of us work 264 hours a month and cant afford to buy a house hes got everything he wants. So keep your mouth to yourselv.

  • josh friedman
    josh friedman 52 minutes ago

    Moron, the lone ranger wore a mask over his euyes, not his mouth. He needs a muzzle.

    KING JOHN 52 minutes ago

    Conservative women make left wing women look like babies.

    PETTY KINGDOM 53 minutes ago

    she's an idiot

  • john cox
    john cox 56 minutes ago

    What's this clown try to to do , stay relevant???? All he needs id a big red nose . HEY dipsh-t nobody wants to hear from you anymore, you gave up that when you walked away from your position. Your opinion are no more required then any of the Hollywood talking heads, that are just as useless.

  • gary biggs
    gary biggs 58 minutes ago

    Let's hope this virus sorts out the blm problem

  • wethepeople1970
    wethepeople1970 58 minutes ago

    Vandalism is NOT PEACEFUL.

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry 59 minutes ago

    34:00 I think people get defensive about mental health because lots of people believe that it does not exist at all. Although I do agree with Katie that it is most likely being over-diagnosed - and that when you have that label it can change your attitude to life.

  • Melvin Hodges
    Melvin Hodges 59 minutes ago

    Your headline is very miss-leading you imply boris actually answers the question. i know the sun cant afford for the tories to be out of power but dont miss-lead people have some credibility.

  • donna nutt
    donna nutt 59 minutes ago

    I’m an American woman, daughter of an AF office and wife of retired AF fighter pilot. My father served in three wars, my husband in one. I was so impressed with Harry’s support of veterans and his Invictus? Games here and in the UK. This support of Marxism is a huge disappointment. You just stabbed every veteran in both countries in the back. Men and women have died so that you can have freedom. Equality is a noble goal and one to be pursued but supporting Marxist groups and tearing down statues in just a road to anarchy. I can’t believe you could turn your back on your country like this. Your grandmother must be devastated.

  • Hubert Hobblecobby
    Hubert Hobblecobby 59 minutes ago

    0:30 Bradford, Barnley, Rochdale and Oldham. Pretty clear what the link is 😕.

    • robert dawson
      robert dawson 10 minutes ago

      It’s the first stage of Le Tour De Grooming Gangs

  • H
    H Hour ago

    What about the video that shows the defendant getting chased down and hit in the head with a skateboard? Instead you post video recording of the pretty pavement.

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine Hour ago

    What a complete loser.

    MARTIN A1 Hour ago

    whenever I feel a bit down I watch this and it lifts me back to normal.....

  • weaverspell
    weaverspell Hour ago

    People in Leicester will move down the road to Derby for a drink on saturday and then see what kicks off

    • Love istheantedote
      Love istheantedote 19 minutes ago

      Leicester is an ongoing experiment while the people are being subjected to the Gtech in order to see what they can withstand.

  • Dotexe55 Games
    Dotexe55 Games Hour ago

    TDS is strong in the comments lol :-/

  • Victor Edwards
    Victor Edwards Hour ago

    Sir, if you are worried about your appearance -- don't be. You are nothing to brag about. Just comply like the rest of us do.

  • Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    All fake, invented by the media and government.

    • Violet Murphy
      Violet Murphy 15 minutes ago

      Whoever liked this comment needs mental help

  • Andy N
    Andy N Hour ago

    Blame BAME as usual. Remember who forced them over here to begin with? If our governments stayed out of other countries affairs, they'd have nobody but themselves to blame for COVID.

  • Nickito Juanito Fuentino

    WTF is there to be "ashamed" about?!

  • Jacapo pol
    Jacapo pol Hour ago

    Chinese got teeth bruh. I hope that war does not break out. Last thing we need is WW3

  • Calm Stormy
    Calm Stormy Hour ago

    Some one to say China, enough is enough stop this brutal attack on ur own people....

  • PoM MoM
    PoM MoM Hour ago

    " Giddy Up " 😷🇺🇸

  • William Smith
    William Smith Hour ago

    lately, these video titles have been very poor and misleading. You didn't say which areas in the UK are hotspots you just named a few then said the west midlands and Scotland, I was expecting them all to be readout.

  • Maxine Galloway
    Maxine Galloway Hour ago

    I love Dennis Skinner - he speaks the truth!!!

  • Sea Saw
    Sea Saw Hour ago

    Slam dunk these rioters into prison!!!!!!! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DrJames Davies
    DrJames Davies Hour ago

    Such an irony! During the course of century-long British rule, not a single one of them had the right to vote and now the UK is suddenly all high and mighty to judge what China is doing? Bloody hypocrites. Lest we forget the reason Hong Kong was separated from China! Opium!! Yeah. Bunch of MPs voted in Westminster to LEGALLY sell drugs to the Chinese people. That’s how HSBC come about. So be sensible, before pointing fingers. We’re not saints. Don’t cast the first stone.

  • stoufer2000
    stoufer2000 Hour ago

    Is this toryboy Edington of Israel? His droning sounds slightly different

  • David Cromwell
    David Cromwell Hour ago

    The protesters will sadly not win against the Chinese Government, they will only cause themselves a load of grief and 're-education'.