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  • SBakerNYC
    SBakerNYC 4 minutes ago

    Vuj enuff is enuff. Its one thing to wear teams abroad kits. But you wearing the strip of the team we beat a year ago in the CL final? Nah man thats out of order

  • Poutanas Malakopoulos

    Dog good Covid bad

  • Gannon's Garage
    Gannon's Garage 19 hours ago

    Hey there it may be just me but I haven't gotten a single notification for your videos in over a month and I have the notifications turned on

  • August Axtman
    August Axtman Day ago

    US Comments Under breaking the Matrix #Tor #USCommentsUnder

  • Abhigyan Khargharia

    Hassnhuttl signs 4-year contract with Soton Remember me? I kept telling this guy's massively underrated, and he's been in great form after that big loss to Leicester. I'm glad he got this. Well deserved. Exciting times for Southampton to build

  • Brynn Goldblatt

    "New rules come into force from 1 June saying players should not display any personal slogans at all on shirts they are wearing under their kit. The decision was taken at a meeting of the International FA Board, the game's law-making body, in Zurich. Mar 1, 2014" Your thoughts on this Poet and Vuj?

  • Main Account
    Main Account Day ago

    Why is Vuj sat in there in a Tottenham away top.

  • James Mitchell

    loving the kit poet!

  • LOstBOi911
    LOstBOi911 2 days ago

    mad love the new channel

  • Lerebele 1
    Lerebele 1 2 days ago

    What a waste of food.

  • james martino
    james martino 2 days ago

    What do you think about Mario Gotze leaving Dortmund this summer for free, would you like him in your respective teams

  • Dnaha
    Dnaha 3 days ago

    Shoutout Marcel Schmelzer for getting his first goal in the Bundesliga since 2013. Goat

  • Thot Jesus
    Thot Jesus 3 days ago

    Damn how did vuj balance his coffee cup on the dog like that?!?!? @ 23:27

  • Roman Pm
    Roman Pm 3 days ago

    LaLiga will put fake noise on TV too

  • bachirfourteen
    bachirfourteen 3 days ago

    12/10 man like dog just a portrait of picturesqueness big up

  • Paul
    Paul 3 days ago

    2020 is a madness. In just a couple of days we weren't allowed to be within 2 metres of eachother and now the world is standing together to bring justice to the corrupt systems controlling the people and im here for it. And just for the cherry on top, Anonymous has risen after 3 years of silence to expose the corruption and bring justice to George Floyd's name. Rest In Power. Have A Nice.

  • saifzx
    saifzx 3 days ago

    My 1st ever comment since watching you guys on Copa 90 and I end up on this video and in poets IG video. Happy birthday VUJ!!

  • Tej Kulkarni
    Tej Kulkarni 3 days ago

    Was watching an obama town hall from 4 years ago in London and saw Vuj sitting right behind Obama. Just wondering if you could comment on his backoff.

  • Kafaji
    Kafaji 3 days ago

    Every episode the chairs get closer and closer... cant wait till 2 months in 🍆💦#homiesexual

  • Saskay Gaming
    Saskay Gaming 4 days ago

    Vuj the Liverpool fan rocking a Spurs kit.. can't even lie though that shirt is cold fam, there's no rules shoutout Specs

  • tom brown
    tom brown 4 days ago

    The dog has to remain on this show after the pandemic its an awesome distraction

  • DaNxFaM
    DaNxFaM 4 days ago

    Dogs mouth is probs more hygienic than mans hands and everything else man touches LOL

  • Dishwasher D
    Dishwasher D 4 days ago

    Man like vuj wearing them birkenstocks

  • Big Shot!
    Big Shot! 4 days ago

    Protect Klopp at all cost!

  • Jake Farrell
    Jake Farrell 4 days ago

    Your covid 19 Slogan could be "dance ya yard" cause you guys literally film in your garden atm haha big ups from New Zealand. Co contemplating a have a nice tattoo for a laugh haha

  • James Harvey
    James Harvey 4 days ago

    I'm watching from Australia if I give the video a thumbs down will it be a thumbs up in the UK?

  • Gisoo Kim
    Gisoo Kim 5 days ago

    Too late Poet, Davies has already played for the Canadian first team, it's also pronounced "Da-vees"

  • Dillon Ackerman
    Dillon Ackerman 5 days ago

    Happy Birthday Vuj, keep having a nice and thank you for leading positive thinking in our communities

  • Kredd
    Kredd 5 days ago

    #Quifup bring the Quiff back Vuj!

  • Kieran Pallen
    Kieran Pallen 5 days ago

    *Davies is half Liberian. Annnnnd he already plays for the CAN National teams. There's an L for yas.

  • Emiliano Colangelo
    Emiliano Colangelo 5 days ago

    Give the guy a microphone or don't put him in the video. My left ear is bleeding because of it

  • Jayesh Bhargava
    Jayesh Bhargava 5 days ago

    The dog needs its own jersey. GET HIM LISTEEDDDDDD!

  • H G
    H G 5 days ago

    Davis is pretty much Canada's best player ever and hes only 19.

  • Musab Mirza
    Musab Mirza 5 days ago

    Greatest football analysis show in the world as voted by man like dog

  • Carsen A
    Carsen A 5 days ago

    when France won the world cup I considered it an African world cup win, the team was full of africans man

  • Carsen A
    Carsen A 5 days ago

    hearing klopps voice clearly behind the camera jump scared me

  • Dillon Brown
    Dillon Brown 5 days ago

    The way poet strokes that dog makes me question things sometimes😂😂😂

  • Charlie Noad
    Charlie Noad 5 days ago

    Sick. Respect to HP!! He’s having a nice.

  • Capitano
    Capitano 5 days ago

    Watch how Klopps hair just comes to life 20:09

  • Jack 'Wheel’' Oxford

    Loads of lower EFL players play for there heritage, prem players need a hint.

  • Ilias Kyrtatos
    Ilias Kyrtatos 5 days ago

    nicola tesla tat VUJ?

  • Jack Harvey
    Jack Harvey 5 days ago

    Man like dog on top form today, but who remembers o.g. dog??

  • Kathi RM
    Kathi RM 5 days ago

    Bundesliga is the best .... this is Football.... not like the english Arab oil money League 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Hussam Al-Nees
    Hussam Al-Nees 5 days ago

    i want any type of fans man, zoom, microsoft teams, porn videos, i don't wanna hear the sound of the ball like a fucking friendly

  • One Design
    One Design 5 days ago

    this lads are mad titans

  • heroesandcons09
    heroesandcons09 5 days ago

    I think you guys touched on something it’s not the same watching the games with no fans I’m probably not going to watch my local team till early 2021. Footballs back but still very down n out. Betting puts a little bit of energy into it but even then why am I goin to yell at my tv by myself rather than with my friends at the bar or actually at the game. I don’t want it all to return till it’s safe but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss that shit.

  • Riyo Al
    Riyo Al 5 days ago

    The dog is stealing your thunder

  • Mister M
    Mister M 6 days ago

    Poet- mug

  • TheNizoubizou
    TheNizoubizou 6 days ago

    don't let that dog genes die out !

  • Brian Njoroge
    Brian Njoroge 6 days ago

    S/O to you lot, i got high yesterday and watching you guys was the funniest thing in the whole wide world. The intro before talking football was the best intro in a while

  • D C
    D C 6 days ago

    A liverpool fan wearing a spurs top is weird and wrong 🤢

  • D C
    D C 6 days ago

    Them legs aint 2m apart call the feds

  • Hadi Diallo
    Hadi Diallo 6 days ago

    Alphonso Davies is Liberian . He was born in a Ghana refugee Camp

  • Daniel Milton
    Daniel Milton 6 days ago

    They are putting in fake crowd noise cos the players are swearing bare LOL. Wouldn’t be surprised if they do it here once the Prem returns and we hear the swearing in English 😂

  • Ramos Dias
    Ramos Dias 6 days ago

    The dog megged poet, what a player 👏🏾

  • Kashif King-Anderson

    @Poet & @vuj .... you see Davies... he needs to play for CANADA... Rep the country that gave your family freedom and opportunity.... also we Canadians have suffered to long with out TALENT #TOPSHOTTA

  • Kashif King-Anderson

    @poet @vuj ... yall are mad the fake noise MAKES THE GAME FEEL REAL... loved dem tings

  • Deren Rungasamy
    Deren Rungasamy 6 days ago

    Hate the shirt Vuj almost disliked

  • Mumbler 100
    Mumbler 100 6 days ago

    1:37 Looooool

  • andre rene
    andre rene 6 days ago

    Please dont cover the dog on the screen with graphics. Puppy adds a whole new depth to the show.

  • Dick Truesay
    Dick Truesay 6 days ago

    I’m so triggered by Vuj’s Tottenham shirt

  • Ian Hawksford
    Ian Hawksford 6 days ago

    Maybe it's because I'm a piece of the American matrix, but I didn't mind the synced fan sound. Made it feel like the supporters were there

  • TheKiller67890
    TheKiller67890 6 days ago

    Can you guys give a bring attention to my Local Liga MX Club (Monarcas Morelia) who are on are on the brink of extinction because the owner of the club is relocating the team to a new city and is renaming them erasing 70 years of history, 40 years without getting relegated. One league title, One Copa MX and historic figures that played in the club.The fans also started protesting the decision in the middle of a pandemic and while there are stay at home orders present literally risking their lives for a football club. Canarios Por Vida, Monarcas Por Vida💛❤️💛❤️

  • verg
    verg 6 days ago

    what breed is that dog?

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 6 days ago

    22:15 Never touch the UCL trophy before you’ve won ot

  • Jakee Hennessy
    Jakee Hennessy 6 days ago

    I can't lie, long time fan but this is getting a bit dry. It needs something but what do i know

  • Mufc For Life
    Mufc For Life 6 days ago

    This has to me the most positive vibes I’ve ever seen on FLash-player. Everyone enjoy the rest of your week and have a nice :)

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 6 days ago

    13:15 “I don’t like governments” shout out Rick Sanchez 🥼

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 6 days ago

    1:45 Even in UK, Karen is reviled. “I always liked Becky” -Plies

  • Palestine Exists
    Palestine Exists 6 days ago

    1:14 I wouldn’t do it, but dogs mouth is cleaner than peoples mouth. That not including people who love to snorkel 🤿 in questionable waters.

  • End timez vids
    End timez vids 6 days ago

    Bayern are prob already lookin to nab Haaland as DOWSKI'S replacement

  • Filip Zagar
    Filip Zagar 6 days ago

    Nisam znao da Vuj ima Teslinu tetovažu

  • Mehran D
    Mehran D 6 days ago

    Here yall on Cummings "drip". But would a person of colour be allowed to stroll into No. 10 with that "drip". The UK is not the US, but remember when Obama wore a tan suit? en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obama_tan_suit_controversy

  • Michael De Vries
    Michael De Vries 6 days ago

    i genuinely looked up if kanu was older than redknapp

  • Shah Hernandez
    Shah Hernandez 6 days ago

    Yo man like dog is PEAK shuan Wright Phillips with that pace in the garden Fam. Lmao

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott 6 days ago

    god bless Poet and Vuj

  • Ridhwaan Quasem
    Ridhwaan Quasem 6 days ago

    There is bear cum is a real vid

  • wayupn
    wayupn 6 days ago

    so most tv sports have added sound or at least sound manipulation .

  • Joe Magnall Sadler
    Joe Magnall Sadler 6 days ago

    2016 Leicester with the Vardy, Mahrez and Kanye trio

  • Ashley Iverson
    Ashley Iverson 6 days ago

    Man like dog doing bits at 23:30 being a cup holder for vuj 😂

  • James
    James 6 days ago

    “He’s got the cornavirus” “Ahhh who doesn’t these days” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mahia
    Mahia 6 days ago

    I won't lie - I watched the American commentary with fake crowd sounds and it was low-key lit

  • Tromba Bomba
    Tromba Bomba 6 days ago

    In Poland we have 2 versions of Bundesliga matches: one version normal and second version with crowd sounds. Many people (including me) actually prefer the second version. Sounds that crowd is making fits to the game situations perfectly (you get clapping , shouting, booing fluently changing to singing the way it would during the game). It allows to forget for a couple of seconds that it's not a 'normal match'.

  • PK Karthik
    PK Karthik 6 days ago

    Bring back the og intros bois.. Vibbar Sweden Vibbar Capri Sun ( original Poet & Vuj intro) or Joey Badass Devastated

  • PK Karthik
    PK Karthik 6 days ago

    They actually sell fresh air in China... Imagine man like Wand sniffin fresh cold British air lmao

  • PK Karthik
    PK Karthik 6 days ago

    23:30 Legit thought Vuj put the cup on man like Dogginho ... until i realized at the end of the vid xD

  • Jamie Fulton
    Jamie Fulton 6 days ago

    Glazer’s Red Boys are bored, imagine seeing our little game, FM don’t even use the badge, might as well sue all supporters group that have Man Utd in their name too.

  • Joakazia
    Joakazia 6 days ago

    I love football with no fans it seems much more real hearing the ball crisply and the shouts it makes me appreciate the speed, skill and intensity more

  • Evan Duffy
    Evan Duffy 6 days ago

    I legit forgot about copa90 when poet and vuj left lmao

  • Bootha25
    Bootha25 6 days ago

    Intro songs - Omo 9K Papi Laboution!

  • Timothy Halford
    Timothy Halford 6 days ago

    Fulham 2010 Uefa Cup journey was a madness.

  • paddybangers
    paddybangers 6 days ago

    Shout out charlton bad boy side love to see them back in the prem

  • paddybangers
    paddybangers 6 days ago

    Bayern are too op I want them to win champions league again they deffo deserve it watching them is like watching a well oiled machine

  • Abdullah Abdus-Samee

    mad how they do a social distancing elbow spud 5 seconds after doing a real one #norules

  • JokerHamGH
    JokerHamGH 6 days ago

    I watched the bayern - BVB game with the american commentary and thought it was fine with the fake noises, takes a little adjustment but it was alright. I mean I would prefer that there would be fans but y'all know the situation. Maybe thats just me though

  • febb :D
    febb :D 6 days ago

    Man like Poet saying Wolfsburg are bottom three, when they are actually 6th in the table #topnochjournalism #thereisnorules

  • StratoRex
    StratoRex 6 days ago

    When they're looking at the trims the dog is bare chillin'

  • OLW100
    OLW100 6 days ago

    Can we get a man like dog x have a nice collab?

  • Ethan Francis
    Ethan Francis 6 days ago

    Man Like Dog FC

  • Ahmad Khan
    Ahmad Khan 6 days ago

    You guys are incredible ❤️