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  • jweber544 / Hanuman
    jweber544 / Hanuman 3 hours ago

    Only now do I realise Tropic Thunder was mocking a specific scene haha

  • Zeljko Gluvic
    Zeljko Gluvic 3 hours ago

    One with Emilia was ten times funnier and entertaining to watch

  • bre bre
    bre bre 3 hours ago

    80% of this was so awkward 😩


    Should have been next Joker.

  • Penny O'Radical
    Penny O'Radical 3 hours ago

    I thought HEAT did a great job of showing how heavy those money bags were. You can see the weight and them struggling to lift and move it. This guy just misses the subtlety of the scene.

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 3 hours ago


  • Cosmin Xxx
    Cosmin Xxx 3 hours ago

    there are actors that were overshadowed by other huge actors just because the later got the good roles in new movies. Actors that are NOT bad by any means but simply got a little not so lucky and did become famous but as famous as they deserve. Highly under-rated actors.This is one of them. a huge talent,like,really really huge talent.I wish he would have more roles.Even his distinct face makes him good for playing characters that are slightly out of the ordinary similar to actors like Benedict Cumberbatch or Steve Buscemi.

  • matt knaggs
    matt knaggs 3 hours ago

    please do a les stroud version of this where he reviews bear grylls survival clips...

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 3 hours ago

    Maybe Tim Miller was sent back in time to terminate the terminator films, maybe he’s a robot

  • romeo Marks
    romeo Marks 3 hours ago

    Lmao madea is the best lol 😂

  • Michael Trinta
    Michael Trinta 3 hours ago

    I wonder how many people that guy has killed in his career

  • irelandrose123
    irelandrose123 3 hours ago

    Kinda mad I've been sleeping on Willem Dafoe. I love him! His voice is really cool as well.

  • Jacqueline Schneider

    I love Jim Gaffigan!

  • Brad Mills
    Brad Mills 3 hours ago


  • Efena Smiles
    Efena Smiles 3 hours ago

    Emilia Clarke is everything!

  • Jxoxo16
    Jxoxo16 3 hours ago

    Speed 2 and John wick?

  • Marvin8861
    Marvin8861 3 hours ago

    "Former serial killers review other serial killers in TV and film"

  • Robin L. Kintzle
    Robin L. Kintzle 3 hours ago

    We miss you Christopher

  • sir loin
    sir loin 3 hours ago

    kids... still waiting on the zombie apokolypse

  • FelineAtom Games
    FelineAtom Games 3 hours ago

    Where is the darknight robbery

  • Josh Spencer
    Josh Spencer 3 hours ago

    Summary: “You can come off with a big score...wink...” “.........BUT ITS WRONG”

  • Kwality Kontrol
    Kwality Kontrol 3 hours ago

    I'm Canadian. In Toronto. If anyone said these words/phrases to me I'd bare arms cheese them in the face ya dun kno.

  • Dannika Purple
    Dannika Purple 3 hours ago

    2017: I like light green 2018: I like black, it’s been pretty dark latly

  • matrixphijr
    matrixphijr 3 hours ago

    His voice is almost as much of a masterpiece as his music. His accent is very nearly equal parts German and Southern English, and so fascinating to listen to.

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset 3 hours ago

    They ruined both of their characters 🙅👀

  • Lia Flexx
    Lia Flexx 3 hours ago

    I get the feeling he's the Dad most boys wish for...

  • StaciMonster
    StaciMonster 3 hours ago

    I loved this!

  • Big Puffy
    Big Puffy 3 hours ago

    Bruh half of these are wrong

  • NakedSnake
    NakedSnake 3 hours ago

    He deserved Oscar for his role in the Shadow of the Vampire💯🧛

  • Southern White Boy
    Southern White Boy 3 hours ago

    What a phenomenal actor

  • john
    john 3 hours ago

    Where can I get Henry's jacket??

  • xSoporific
    xSoporific 3 hours ago


  • agizzy23
    agizzy23 3 hours ago

    This was RIGHT after she cut her hair. So people didn’t recognize her.

  • M. H.
    M. H. 3 hours ago

    tighten your tie dawg

  • cathalsurfs
    cathalsurfs 3 hours ago

    5:12 Please take note the Apple watch on wrist of ex-con. Also, take note the heap of nondescript boxes behind said ex-con.

  • Ayushmaan Puri
    Ayushmaan Puri 3 hours ago

    "It went out of business" Robert: "Because Lori Invested in it" 8:30

  • Giulio Personeni
    Giulio Personeni 3 hours ago

    I want to be that strap

  • Laurie kochh
    Laurie kochh 3 hours ago

    un vero capolavoro , ne sono entusiasta

  • AJ TEN
    AJ TEN 3 hours ago


  • Les Corlett
    Les Corlett 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the education Larry.

  • Silver YT
    Silver YT 3 hours ago

    This is basically a DIY robbery video

  • saeid kh
    saeid kh 3 hours ago

    Girl, you do NOT look like Demi Lovato! No hate, but a lot of these people need to stop lying!! Lol

  • brazenstudent 62
    brazenstudent 62 3 hours ago


  • Remington Caldwell
    Remington Caldwell 3 hours ago

    “You need a fence to fence a VCR” Ha!

  • Xgamer2462
    Xgamer2462 3 hours ago

    He is such a treasure

    ABDELBAQUI 666 3 hours ago

    That laugh 1:04

  • Christina Elizabeth
    Christina Elizabeth 3 hours ago

    Scientists: These things would never happen. Not on such a great scale. God: Hold my harp

  • flutterby
    flutterby 3 hours ago

    Lol I love that the super brainy sometimes use silly made up words like un-typical. I feel much more smarter, now. :P

  • Shannon Brown
    Shannon Brown 3 hours ago

    emilia's shirt reminds me of me before you, iykyk

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs 3 hours ago

    What about that movie with Julia Roberts where she heart? (sigh)

  • MotoTard Mason
    MotoTard Mason 3 hours ago

    “if i robbed a truck full of apple watches” and he is actively wearing one 😳

  • Daniel Hasani
    Daniel Hasani 3 hours ago

    Why no American psycho

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T 3 hours ago

    Emilia: the heart wants what it wants Me: tHE bEdS gEtTiNG cOLd AnD yOuR noT HeRE

  • pipster06
    pipster06 3 hours ago

    Henry Golding is good looking..but everything I've seen him act in has been completely unconvincing. Hes just not a good actor to me.

  • Nathaniel
    Nathaniel 3 hours ago

    I love this guy.

  • SADCOCK1970
    SADCOCK1970 3 hours ago

    Anyone else think this is Walter White on donuts?

  • SoloHero
    SoloHero 3 hours ago

    My king

  • Calvin Miller
    Calvin Miller 3 hours ago

    Can we get this person to play Payday 2?

  • Brian Madden
    Brian Madden 3 hours ago


  • Emma Garner
    Emma Garner 3 hours ago

    Oh my god she literally lived the show Party Down

  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal 3 hours ago

    You gotta ask yourself if the Apple Watch he's wearing is stolen. :P

  • Marilyn
    Marilyn 3 hours ago

    I love Emelia! Interviews like this really show how down to earth she is, because what young woman her age hasn’t realistically seen at least half a dozen romcoms over and over and over in their life. It’s expected of us. So even if it is in spite of yourself you have seen a few romcoms enough to know by heart.

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene 3 hours ago

    Dude isn't an expert. He used to rob folks at gun point. How does he know about inside heists on casinos?

  • Joel Games
    Joel Games 3 hours ago

    This sounds exhausting

  • Aaleen Asif
    Aaleen Asif 3 hours ago

    Dry, sarcastic, British... I’m honoured to be described by Emilia Clarke

  • Tamia Payne
    Tamia Payne 3 hours ago

    Richie was the cussuer in the group

  • Jessica Hale
    Jessica Hale 3 hours ago

    2:27 I feel bad for Billie eillish cause she gets disturb by fans and don’t get some personal space so.......

  • netela1
    netela1 3 hours ago

    she is so hot, i'm in love with her.

  • claireoco
    claireoco 3 hours ago

    i’m so sad that didn’t make another one this year 😔

  • gonogazz
    gonogazz 4 hours ago

    Streets of Fire Sir/Dude..Magic..!

  • Hussain
    Hussain 4 hours ago

    Watching any video with Emilia Clarke in it just fills me with happiness, such a wonderful personality and eternally positive in what are currently these days dark times in a lot of countries. Protect her at all costs.

  • Wenscael
    Wenscael 4 hours ago

    8:22 / \ ~ ~ _ _ #thebrows

  • Lauren Shaul
    Lauren Shaul 4 hours ago

    fascinating!! give us more!!

  • Lucas Vidal
    Lucas Vidal 4 hours ago

    A gram per bill?! That seems way too much.

  • Sharisse Bullock
    Sharisse Bullock 4 hours ago

    Frank Abagnale is quaking

  • Corey Strable
    Corey Strable 4 hours ago

    Paul and Emilia are best friends and I'm here for it.

  • Lowri Roberts05
    Lowri Roberts05 4 hours ago

    Being the welsh person I am,I still cannot say that place😂😂

  • Lance laws
    Lance laws 4 hours ago

    Going to like the video, and commend his commentary as I don't want him coming after lol. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Jono Pedersen
    Jono Pedersen 4 hours ago

    Jon Hamm is like... How I imagine Henry Cavill dad looks. But no.

  • TheBlackoppsfan
    TheBlackoppsfan 4 hours ago

    Barbra: this chair makes me look small and for that reason I’m out

  • Buk Lau
    Buk Lau 4 hours ago

    Emilia Clark's eyebrows have more emotions then Kristen Stewart

  • Ricardo Santa
    Ricardo Santa 4 hours ago

    Be my wife pleeeeeeeese Emilia. I promise to take care of your eyebrows.

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol 4 hours ago

    She so cute!

  • Sadnehs
    Sadnehs 4 hours ago

    Willem Dafoe is an amazing actor I should probably watch more of these movies.

  • Jack Jinxx
    Jack Jinxx 4 hours ago

    He should play the Joker

  • Virriquin
    Virriquin 4 hours ago

    Oh Emília. You can tell she’s such a romantic, wonder if she’s ever gonna find somebody.

  • Tralala Trala
    Tralala Trala 4 hours ago

    I looooooveeee heeeer so much omg 😂😄

  • MXG
    MXG 4 hours ago

    So his “mother” was laughing at him ...not with him 🧐

  • Arrow
    Arrow 4 hours ago


  • Ishan sharma
    Ishan sharma 4 hours ago

    these are not Hindi slangs these are marathi slangs no one uses this slangs outside maharastra every state has different slangs in India

  • Castle
    Castle 4 hours ago

    *This is basically a tutorial on how to be a thief, even if he said is wrong then he tells you how to do it: **_"Don't do it, but if you gon do, do it this way"_*

  • Sam Shazam
    Sam Shazam 4 hours ago

    Thats the coolest guy I think I've ever seen

  • Joaquin Shang
    Joaquin Shang 4 hours ago

    Last samurai should be here...

  • Fried Chipmunk
    Fried Chipmunk 4 hours ago

    I wish they talked about his role in Murder on the Orient Express!! Love that movie, and him in it!

  • Divyanshu Sharma
    Divyanshu Sharma 4 hours ago

    jai ho seriously ? thats not a slang

  • OB3Y Breezy
    OB3Y Breezy 4 hours ago

    Ugh shee is so cuteee

  • Jam Lym
    Jam Lym 4 hours ago

    I could listen to his voice all day.

  • Eshan Anas Khan
    Eshan Anas Khan 4 hours ago

    O'Dale 😂

  • Jared DeMarzo
    Jared DeMarzo 4 hours ago

    He does an awesome job as a salty old sea dog in The Lighthouse.

  • Joe Yacketori
    Joe Yacketori 4 hours ago

    What about Paul Blart: Mall Cop?