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  • It's Eboni
    It's Eboni 33 minutes ago

    Wtf is this music

  • It's Eboni
    It's Eboni 35 minutes ago

    “I can’t afford a real chain” that made me hella sad bc mood

  • just an idiot
    just an idiot 36 minutes ago

    Oi, Josuke!! Oh wait, thats polnareff

  • Syzgamatical
    Syzgamatical 36 minutes ago

    Who’s Joe?

  • Jessica Feliciano
    Jessica Feliciano 38 minutes ago

    Me encanta este video haga ma asi

  • tommysuriel
    tommysuriel 39 minutes ago

    She's so beautiful

  • Vokk Kkov
    Vokk Kkov 40 minutes ago

    Irresistable beauty

  • Flim Flamsy
    Flim Flamsy 41 minute ago

    Funny how they review this in 2017...

  • Destinee Mercer
    Destinee Mercer 44 minutes ago

    I always get the stranger things cast confused with it cast is that just me

  • Sande Fred
    Sande Fred 46 minutes ago

    She is role modal to african lady who think they cant with oug bleaching she is femus and still natural

  • The Triumph of the Thrill

    Why is FLASH-PLAYER taking out the dates videos are uploaded?

  • yuli originals
    yuli originals 47 minutes ago

    No les entendí ni verga yo no sé inglés :’’v

  • Nicholas Craig
    Nicholas Craig 48 minutes ago

    Why do all these narcissistic tree huggers assume the Earth needs "humans". The Earth won't go away should Humanity die off. In the event that the humanity dies off the Earth in time will correct it's self and become sustainable again. Earth isn't going anywhere. People will be the designers and executioners of their own destruction. In a few millennia maybe they'll get another shot to do better. Infinity is a long time.

  • The Triumph of the Thrill

    His charming intensity is fun. Latin fire at one of its most wholesome. As someone with Spanish blood the video's a delight.

  • Ieuan Slocombe
    Ieuan Slocombe 56 minutes ago

    The last one should’ve been called the skrillex

  • Avni U
    Avni U 58 minutes ago

    YAAAAAAYYYYYY DEEPIKA'S HERE this makes me so happy as an indian

  • Venessa Shaw
    Venessa Shaw Hour ago

    You came for 3:20

  • Ali
    Ali Hour ago

    Was that fannypack was specifically designed to make us just stare at his crotch or is that just a side effect

  • The Triumph of the Thrill

    She shows that Southerners are the most charming and compelling raconteurs in the country.

  • Kris Stone
    Kris Stone Hour ago

    He was hilarious! She was boring. She was shaking her head at every single person. And not joining in on the fun at all

  • dragonball slayer326

    Why you make Carson cry

  • Giulia Cotta Ramusino

    Sono morta dal ridere 😂!!

  • Jarren Lumpkin
    Jarren Lumpkin Hour ago


  • Mortal Silence
    Mortal Silence Hour ago

    Why does she look Spanish/Southern? Was she adopted?

  • Katie Wheeler
    Katie Wheeler Hour ago

    This was the best pairing ever. Lol love it.

  • Spencer Cumm
    Spencer Cumm Hour ago

    one thing you got wrong peter doesn't own a screw driver

  • rustyz8
    rustyz8 Hour ago

    Head in the clouds and he says Shawn Bradley lol

  • NorthObsidianG
    NorthObsidianG Hour ago

    I like flula Borg.. he sounds fun

  • DeltaCraftArk
    DeltaCraftArk Hour ago

    In the end, she doesn't look happy at all.

  • vicki martin
    vicki martin Hour ago

    Yet but if everyone turns vegan look at how much that damages our land. Research it vegans do not help the environment.

  • vicki martin
    vicki martin Hour ago

    Wow so those core samples we took never showed how the earth goes through phases of extreme heating and extreme cooling, causing extreme weather... no just humans did this that’s why we need your money (to delay the inevitable)

  • Marek B
    Marek B Hour ago

    As a German, there were some words wich were super funny but weren’t used 😕😂

  • Martha Metaxa
    Martha Metaxa Hour ago


  • GraceK00
    GraceK00 Hour ago

    3:20 😂

  • LiL Blicky
    LiL Blicky Hour ago

    This german dude is tweakin up off some DRUGS look how bad he is swearlting

    • icechipz
      icechipz Hour ago

      OR it could be that he's in long sleeves and the lights are on him and it's hot?

    • Erica Joy
      Erica Joy Hour ago

      That is his personality. He appears every so often on Conan and he is always the same.

    • D. Hall
      D. Hall Hour ago

      My feelings exack'ly! He on some schitt!

  • Matthew Mr sus god

    2nd dude is like black and Asian and its scary

  • max
    max Hour ago

    Just write german in the title and i'll click it, simple.

  • Horror_ Channel
    Horror_ Channel Hour ago

    Bro is that Gabriel form good omens😂

  • Kevin Sundelin
    Kevin Sundelin Hour ago

    I am a Swede and I've never heard "Ingen fara på taket" what the heck

  • Nils Nøkleby
    Nils Nøkleby Hour ago

    lot'sa stuff teased but skipped :( ... still great combo tho :)

  • Jisella Ayala
    Jisella Ayala Hour ago

    I just want to know how the friend replied!

  • Draco Holmes
    Draco Holmes Hour ago


  • PETRA Gubišová

    I love you !!!

  • Tom J
    Tom J Hour ago

    fine AF

  • Roger Olly
    Roger Olly Hour ago

    She's so smart. Love the accent.

  • Aoife Moriarty
    Aoife Moriarty Hour ago

    Look at true Jackson go 😍😍

  • Mizzladie30
    Mizzladie30 Hour ago

    Phenomenal interview 👏👏👏

  • Mamy Mimma
    Mamy Mimma Hour ago

    Gettare la spugna

  • mightymoeish
    mightymoeish Hour ago

    That kid actor totally took me out of the movie.. no 9 year old is that adult and smarmy. There are smart kids, but they’re textbook smart and still fear/respect adult authority

  • SWB Doopey GOW shotgun paradise

    Pls say "ight ima head out"

  • Xovnnas
    Xovnnas Hour ago

    Interesting definition of "Kifla" I'm Serbian and Kifla in Serbian is a type of sweet pastry, which is what Nina was trying to describe to begin with.

  • Mamy Mimma
    Mamy Mimma Hour ago


  • Angel Touch
    Angel Touch Hour ago

    3:12 💀💀😂

  • JadedBurnout
    JadedBurnout Hour ago


  • family family Hour ago

    They changed a lot! OMG. I feel like a proud mother- **wipes away tear**

  • olivia
    olivia Hour ago

    I want to watch this movie so baaad but I can’t found it on the internet with french subtitles 😫😫😫

  • Nader B
    Nader B Hour ago

    The combo we never knew we needed.Their chemistry is off the charts 😂

  • J
    J Hour ago

    I didn't expect them to get along so well!

  • Aravindalokam
    Aravindalokam Hour ago

    Wtf was 2010?

  • Ironfists
    Ironfists Hour ago

    Thank You Narduwar

  • miss _pellicola
    miss _pellicola Hour ago

    0:52 I swear to God I thougt that I was listening to Justin Bieber

  • miauooo57
    miauooo57 Hour ago

    German Slang - Hackfresse. alles klar 😂

  • Александра Дидык

    Я одна русская?!😅😅😅РУСКИЕ ОТЗОВИТЕСЬЬЬ!!😂😂😂😂

  • ZenyelD
    ZenyelD Hour ago

    “If i direct this, i say kill this”

  • Dani Nichols
    Dani Nichols Hour ago

    "The right foot is the first foot to touch the ground" US Military: shook

  • Steven Mercado
    Steven Mercado Hour ago


  • Nicholas Williams

    What’d he say at 0:05?

  • Ziyo_ Gaming
    Ziyo_ Gaming Hour ago

    When puberty hits you so hard hahahaha😂 they grown so fastt!

  • The Missed One
    The Missed One Hour ago


  • Humbabah
    Humbabah Hour ago


  • alma saksing
    alma saksing Hour ago

    i’ve never used Snuskhummer hahaha

  • Kate Zalapi-Bull

    jack and james (kid and adult eddie) are the absolute best together i adore them “why are you looking at me i didn’t film the scene” “well if you did your research maybe you’d know” “i didn’t do any research i just watched the movie and was like ‘i’m just gonna talk as fast as that kid right there’” I LOVE THEM

  • ScarlettP
    ScarlettP Hour ago

    I want Flula's outfit, it's straight 🔥

  • Kate Minniti
    Kate Minniti 2 hours ago

    most of those Italian expressions are written WRONG!

  • dreaming
    dreaming 2 hours ago


  • Harry Pooley
    Harry Pooley 2 hours ago


  • KarimFall07
    KarimFall07 2 hours ago


  • claw lae
    claw lae 2 hours ago


  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 2 hours ago

    This is beautiful. The Mamba and Frank. Thank you Vanity!!!

    • Handle God
      Handle God 36 minutes ago

      LeBeautiful fam get off youtube sometimes 😂

  • Randa Mey Ramos
    Randa Mey Ramos 2 hours ago

    She's so beautiful!

  • Arderix
    Arderix 2 hours ago

    1990 it reminds me of Ekita

  • Potassium
    Potassium 2 hours ago

    1:34 joycon boyz.. Rest in peace.

  • leialoha cluck
    leialoha cluck 2 hours ago

    Anyone here after the meme

  • GossamerCross20 ENT
    GossamerCross20 ENT 2 hours ago

    Handsome Jack?

  • gasjebasje95
    gasjebasje95 2 hours ago

    I'm so glad he's so happy to look at this. That face that he makes.

  • Ina Cathrien
    Ina Cathrien 2 hours ago

    The make up of the radiation burns was based on both Chernobyl radiation victims and Japanese bombing victims, as well as descriptions of how the victims looked after Chernobyl. Ludmilla herself said that her husbands body was so swollen and black that his clothes didn’t fit anymore. Also necrosis through radiation is real. Also Ludmillas baby did as a matter of fact die. The show was very well done and researched

  • The MeMEz
    The MeMEz 2 hours ago

    It's do hard to watch this because it's so cringey with some

  • Gacha cremé
    Gacha cremé 2 hours ago

    wow billie eilish is really young she is 17 this year

  • Mike Gendron
    Mike Gendron 2 hours ago

    Don't know....Entitled or Real....which way should humpty fall?

  • Nina Honey
    Nina Honey 2 hours ago

    um... macca actually made up eleanor rigby

  • twistedyogert
    twistedyogert 2 hours ago

    This guy must be fun to be around.

  • princess261317
    princess261317 2 hours ago

    😍virgo nation

  • Milktraap
    Milktraap 2 hours ago

    Being this guy must be awesome, literally paid to talk in that beautiful voice. If I had that voice I’d never stop talking

  • Robert
    Robert 2 hours ago

    That’s.. not how you say guillotine lol.

  • Janine Lew
    Janine Lew 2 hours ago

    What happened to “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane”?

  • mia
    mia 2 hours ago

    The moment you came here for is at 3:19

  • An Atheist
    An Atheist 2 hours ago

    "that's all just mental constructs, I live on planet earth" - Aubrey Plaza

  • Scarr Mus
    Scarr Mus 2 hours ago

    Tbh the Stanley church scene was the scariest part of the movie

  • Daniel Easterling
    Daniel Easterling 2 hours ago

    Patrick warburton is awesome

  • Little Boy
    Little Boy 2 hours ago

    I had a crush on Jeaden like...two years he is so Cute.