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Are We Already Dead?
Views 973K8 days ago
Becoming a Master of Mime
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Unregulated Axe Throwing
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Literally Eating Fire
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Turning Mark Into an E-Boy
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DIY Cheese
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Mark Punishes Ethan
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Bad Bad Beans
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DIY Geriatric Simulator
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You Breathe You Die
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We Took an IQ Test
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We Eat Bugs
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We Took The Polar Plunge
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You Blink You Lose
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Taped and Afraid
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Acupuncture Is NOT Painful
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The Great Meat Mistake
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There's Still Hope...
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The Chubby Gummy Challenge
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1 Man 100 Accents
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Drawing Memes from Memory
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Helium Therapy
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Play-Doh Thanksgiving
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Baby Hands Operation
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Hot Dog'd to Death
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Cooking with Sex Toys
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Unus Annus
Views 6M3 months ago


  • Star Kitten
    Star Kitten Hour ago

    you can see Ethan's vains when hes screaming oasis in 11:44 lmaooo

    I AM SNARF Hour ago

    Okie Dokie

  • Xavier Dez
    Xavier Dez Hour ago

    23:45 oh master, that IS Ethan's shot

  • Kristanna Hz
    Kristanna Hz Hour ago

    Lol, when I did archery I always shot slightly to the right too and I learned that it's because one of my eyes is crappier than the other. So, I usually shot with that eye closed and I seemed to aim better

  • Walnut
    Walnut Hour ago

    Mark and Ethan looks so puny compared to Alex

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson Hour ago

    Mark has the way of the warrior Ethan has the way of the stormtrooper aim but neither can stop the end with there arrow skills memento mori

  • BoneBGaming
    BoneBGaming Hour ago

    Chinease archery is way different than normal archery

  • Hyunjin’s Hair Follicle

    Ethan: I’m more smart with my body, you’re more reckless. Mark: NO NO NO *flashbacks to mark punching wall out of anger and hurting his hand*

  • Supreme Guardian

    5:50 I am so proud right now

  • RoseaBee
    RoseaBee Hour ago

    Poor Master Bella. She didn't know what she was getting into when she went into work that day.

  • Lauren Martinez
    Lauren Martinez Hour ago

    FLash-player : 4,502 comments Me : can I see them FLash-player : no

  • Knot VeryCool071007

    Shut the fuck up ethan your adorable shut the ever loving fuck up

  • Hi8bye281
    Hi8bye281 Hour ago

    Yes master bella

  • lonelypancake
    lonelypancake Hour ago

    “Is it possible to cheat at arrow-ing?”

  • Weave snatcher
    Weave snatcher Hour ago

    atleast ethan can make spencer kiss him on the lips on command

  • Xavier Dez
    Xavier Dez Hour ago

    19:20 🤣

  • Parker
    Parker Hour ago

    Alternate title: Mark's Asian heritage paying off

  • AjdrenningCod
    AjdrenningCod Hour ago

    These competition video are breaking them apart.

  • kalmia kid
    kalmia kid Hour ago

    unpopular opinion mark, shush

  • Roni Josephine Hale

    Me: *not even able to afford one nice toy for myself* Mark and Ethan:

  • Ultimate Chaos
    Ultimate Chaos Hour ago

    im pretty sure anyone teaching mark and Ethan think they have mental disabilities by the time they're done

  • Tina Shitlar
    Tina Shitlar Hour ago

    Mark and Ethan should go to the same Arial Silks Mark went to last time

  • DemEditzx And Riverdalexzlp

    “Living intelligent creatures” my dog isn’t very intelligent he’s pretty dumb I’m sorry

  • SentinalSlice
    SentinalSlice Hour ago

    Ethan’s pushups were inspiring, he was on the tips of his toes.

  • Nuruto GoodGuy
    Nuruto GoodGuy Hour ago

    Every episode mark says: “I was to pour as a child”

  • Declan Perrot
    Declan Perrot Hour ago

    I feel so so bad for master bella. These barbaric man children. I wish I could tell her that everything will be ok. I am so so sorry for these foolish actions they have taken.

  • Auden The Ice Dragon

    Oof, I'm a girl and even I instinctively crossed my legs on some of those hits

  • Eliahs Makil
    Eliahs Makil Hour ago

    Can Mark not be so competitive and somewhat harsh to Ethan. Its pissing me off lol

  • Skeleton Sketches

    8:35 oh my stars thank you! My dog is an ESA and people try to pet her all the time. She is there to help me stay calm and to help me make sure my anxiety is under control. *IF YOU SEE A DOG WEARING A VEST AND DOING A SERVICE DO NOT DISTRACT THE DOG! THEY ARE THERE TO HELP THEIR OWNERS*

  • A Person
    A Person Hour ago

    Hey this is kinda random but I think it'd be cool if you guys went skydiving. Just a thought.

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell Hour ago

    I feel so bad for her... She has to deal with 2 of the biggest idiots ever

  • Tralfazz74
    Tralfazz74 Hour ago

    The number of excuses radiating from these two is just incredible Edit: wait.... "Stop comparing yourself to others".... Was this whole rivalry thing a bit?

  • Fabulous Supreme Overlorde

    Mark playing the rival character is the best

  • tropical panda
    tropical panda Hour ago

    mark has noice nipples

  • JT Bravo
    JT Bravo Hour ago

    Why does Ethan always die in the end of these???

  • Aydan Gamer
    Aydan Gamer Hour ago

    Is he joking or actually being mean because I like Ethan . Also Ethan is being nice

  • Bulldog Plays
    Bulldog Plays Hour ago

    Master belle: shut up Mark: I’m better than you Ethan: impossible

  • Cassus
    Cassus Hour ago

    5:54 NANI! THE WORLD!!!

  • JohnWACK
    JohnWACK Hour ago

    The goddus annus hoodie i ordered finally came in the mail! Im really excited aaaAAAAA

  • omemeid
    omemeid Hour ago

    My kink is when Ethan has self-confidence tbh.

  • Scarlett MacLeod

    Chinese Archery is so much different. When I do archery we bring our arm to our ear and release next to our ear

  • Joshua Daquioag
    Joshua Daquioag Hour ago

    You guys should make music... and try to blow it up... nah...

  • Kailee Altman
    Kailee Altman Hour ago

    As someone who was taught renaissance style archery in the SCA and also modern style in Girl Scouts, this is fascinatingly different! I've always thought Chinese archery was such a beautiful artform, and it's so cool to see it taught to someone! Thanks guys!

  • Happy Lim
    Happy Lim Hour ago

    Master Bella: dont interrupt me Mark: *interrupts her every 2 seconds*

  • Disco Turtle
    Disco Turtle Hour ago

    this feels like ethan’s redemption arc

  • Capri Cake
    Capri Cake Hour ago

    What the fuck is going on with the thumbnail

  • EJ -Games and More

    My aim is true

  • OneFromTheShadows _

    This is amazing! I hope that I have a chance to try this some time!

  • JimDim
    JimDim Hour ago

    These videos are making Darkiplier stronger, stop giving Mark these other worldly experiences, the demon within is rising

  • watergod321
    watergod321 Hour ago

    Mark really shines in physical events like this.

  • Martin Liscano
    Martin Liscano Hour ago

    HELL YEAH. Learning that dance from my hometown! You guys are amazing!

  • It’s time To get lit

    *Ethan is the main character in the story going from 0 to hero* *mark is the best of his class but gets to engulfed in all the parsing and becomes ze la bag guy*

  • bethjones
    bethjones Hour ago

    Master Bella scared me to DEATH...

  • josie wright
    josie wright Hour ago

    i love ethans laugh so fucking much

  • Trini Sprinkles
    Trini Sprinkles Hour ago

    I love her, she reminds me of my Sensei XD NO NONSENSE

  • smashinashxx
    smashinashxx Hour ago

    I love Master Bella 😁 she’s got some sass like me haha

  • Kahu Allan
    Kahu Allan Hour ago

    Less of a game of chicken and more of a game of cock

  • Destiny Moebius
    Destiny Moebius Hour ago

    I wish he would say Plus Ultra just once during Unus Annus

  • cesar villalobos

    A different title could be “Star pupil Mark rubs in his skill on pathetic loser Ethan”

  • Furry Shapeshifter and Charm

    The entire time the dog tail was wagging!! I just want to boop them snoots.... and then get my hand bit off.

  • Adam Runde
    Adam Runde Hour ago

    Welp. Mark has murdered Ethan and was convicted to serve a life sentence for his crimes. And on that terrible disappointment, it's time to end...

  • koog
    koog Hour ago

    you can tell ethans scared of archery because it might be too windy

  • The Crazy Youtuber

    I love how this went from Mark getting all the attention to Eli getting it

  • Emily Nabors
    Emily Nabors Hour ago

    While you can

  • Lucky Dal
    Lucky Dal Hour ago

    But... closing your eyes AFTER aiming means nothing

  • AheadRrr
    AheadRrr Hour ago

    I'm 14

  • JustMalThings
    JustMalThings Hour ago

    I would love to have a trained protection / emotional supoort dog but i dont know where to get training around where i live. Mayne one day ahah! It would be nice to have another compainion ( i have a smaller dog ) but also one who could protect us

  • Lark Feathers
    Lark Feathers Hour ago

    how did mark know that i'm actually a mink watching this

  • Matthew Beaton
    Matthew Beaton Hour ago


  • Cadyismyname :/
    Cadyismyname :/ Hour ago

    I’m not the only one who says Unus Annus at the beginning with them right? Right????

  • Hazel-Baby
    Hazel-Baby Hour ago

    honestly Mark kind of looked like Jackie Chan when he shaved haha

  • Madison Nichols
    Madison Nichols Hour ago

    How do they come up with this shit?!? Lol, I would never think of this in my wildest nightmares

  • Matthew Sterling

    I think the one thing I got from this video is that that lady has an *incredible* amount of patience.

  • Capri Cake
    Capri Cake Hour ago

    I felt that kill bill reference

  • Madison Moore
    Madison Moore Hour ago

    Mark I’m wondering when ur gonna have kids? Am I the only one wondering this??

  • Shaun McGregor
    Shaun McGregor Hour ago

    The way she is teaching them how to shoot a recurve makes me cringe. I know it's the ancient Chinese way but the key word there is ancient.

  • Pine Dragon
    Pine Dragon Hour ago

    I wonder if they’re actually naked or just putting random pixels over underwear

  • Amber
    Amber Hour ago

    Ethan shot through Marks arrow at 20:52

  • Sky
    Sky Hour ago

    THATS SUCH A FUNNY COINCIDENCE recently I been thinking about bows. I love archery so much

  • Nevaeh Toepler
    Nevaeh Toepler Hour ago

    11:15-11:23 I CANT BREATHE

  • Starry Pines
    Starry Pines Hour ago

    6:51 Dude, I just burst out laughing because all I could think of was Warfstache

  • Happy Lim
    Happy Lim Hour ago

    Master Bella scares me... I feel like she could shoot me with her arrows of DeAth at any moment. Her attitude also reminds me of my mother. *shivers* Memento mori. Unus annus.

  • Churros
    Churros Hour ago

    I'm loving the new member

  • umer waleed48
    umer waleed48 Hour ago

    Since this channel is all about learning and exploring now try looking at islam

  • Syrus Vincent
    Syrus Vincent Hour ago

    I kinda wanna see them go shoot an actual gun

  • Legendary Tomato

    Very elegant indeed lolol

  • Super Sharkie
    Super Sharkie Hour ago

    Mark is a bad boi

  • Nicole Goodwin
    Nicole Goodwin Hour ago

    Amy his name is Remy you uncultured swine :( (just a reference please dont hurt me)

  • Hannah Scalisi
    Hannah Scalisi Hour ago

    Master Bella wasn't dealing with a SINGLE MOLECULE of the bullshit 😂

  • Lavvanii
    Lavvanii Hour ago

    Everytime Chica shows up and I just see her tail just *swish swoosh swish swoosh* my heart just says 💖💗❤️🥰❤️💗💖

  • A Dinsmore
    A Dinsmore Hour ago

    The lady is probably thinking “ what the hell is wrong with these two” 😂

  • Slatt Sweats
    Slatt Sweats Hour ago

    Mark: No Ethan: Yes M: No E: yes M: no Anyone else mark sounded like siri as a guy when he said no?

  • Pine Dragon
    Pine Dragon Hour ago


  • Rebekah Nicholls

    I remember when doing taekwondo I always had a bad habit of saying sorry constantly the teacher ended up telling me that every time I apologised I would have to do ten push-ups... at the end of a session I had to do 70 push-ups

  • Legendary Tomato

    Damn mark was a mid evil archer in his previous life

  • Olivia Watkins
    Olivia Watkins Hour ago

    I'm sorry that instructor guy looks exactly like mark I'm screamingggg

  • Brock Peavler
    Brock Peavler Hour ago

    444k views 44k likes 4.4k comments 40 dislikes🤦‍♂️

  • Lark Feathers
    Lark Feathers Hour ago

    well now i wanna do the thing -i've stabbed someone -i've eaten plastic on accident -i've had a heatstroke

  • T. Raven
    T. Raven Hour ago

    *Every time Ethan sniffs* Me: Somebody give him some warm soup and a blanket!!!

  • EJM White
    EJM White Hour ago

    He's such a good boy!