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  • Volodymyr Holovatiuk
    Volodymyr Holovatiuk 49 minutes ago

    Shmee, you gotta check out that acr. 8.4 liters of American muscle is something unbelievable

  • William Mort
    William Mort 50 minutes ago

    Hi shmee I love your vids can you try to see the new Toyota supra

    FUNKYWHITECAT 51 minute ago


  • Caspar A.
    Caspar A. Hour ago

    Nobody: Jay: "We put twin turbos on it."

  • LegendairyLuke
    LegendairyLuke Hour ago

    I don’t know much if your videos shmee but your videographery on this video was amazing well done

  • Mr. R.S
    Mr. R.S Hour ago

    Kevin is so humble and classy

  • Rene Hernandez
    Rene Hernandez Hour ago

    She me lol

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Hour ago

    Jay Leno: "Hey Bob (personal assistant)... I lost my phone in one of the cars...." Bob: "Uhh..." Jay Leno: "The fast one!" Bob: "Oookayyyy... uhm... yeah...that narrows it down"

  • Gary Tucker
    Gary Tucker Hour ago

    That must be crazy to watch as person driving on the road and driving it on the highway. You're speechless

  • gornes
    gornes Hour ago

    18:45, a bike with a helicopter engine, 8 gallons an hour eco-terrorists: allahu akbar!!!!!

  • That guy Jazzy
    That guy Jazzy Hour ago

    Nice video, Its a shame shmee is such a Sap and I had to watch it on mute with subtitles on ..

  • Lloyd Davis
    Lloyd Davis Hour ago

    You know when Shmee150 laughs like that a car is good 🤣 thank you Shmee150.

  • HarPlayz GAMING
    HarPlayz GAMING Hour ago

    America: *Our police is great nobody can match us* *Dubai: So lets get Lamborghinis’s for our police America can’t match us*

  • Dave Nadeau
    Dave Nadeau Hour ago

    bro all these supercars owners have the craziest cars but their garage are lacking space lol, maybe invest a bit in the garage haha

  • shittywife
    shittywife Hour ago

    The car is revving so high, yet regular cars just 'flyin' by...

  • I Just Gaming
    I Just Gaming Hour ago

    When you drive a supercar you will be idiot

  • vearheart42
    vearheart42 Hour ago

    Shmee do a run on the Isle of Mann.

  • Diego IMC
    Diego IMC Hour ago

    Y esa mierda como pasa los topes

  • Ratsamy Sengsavang

    Can my husband go test drive your nice car? He love to watch your channel

  • vitao
    vitao 2 hours ago

    Dream garage

  • Elmond Wilson
    Elmond Wilson 2 hours ago

    isnt that around the same area where Tj Hunt had his Shop look at the surroundings and in the garage

    DJJOOLZDE 2 hours ago

    I hope Tim drives that Forklift in the next video ;)

    TOPTREK 2 hours ago

    Listen to that beast change gears.. omfg amazing

  • Fandji Achmad
    Fandji Achmad 2 hours ago

    The lovely Monster with beautiful sound.. 😍

    TOPTREK 2 hours ago

    The best video I've seen in a long time. Dream car. So mean. What a pure beast

    TOPTREK 2 hours ago

    I would of acted the same way

  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas 2 hours ago

    I love kevin, he just seems like such a classy guy. I would love to see more of him

  • Shaheer Lodhi
    Shaheer Lodhi 2 hours ago

    Shmee u havent experienced Kevin cgt and acr yet ! Way to go over straight piped cgt

  • Toussantlbisso
    Toussantlbisso 2 hours ago

    That Neighba Kevin Representing For Real ! 💯

  • Lucky Jenn
    Lucky Jenn 2 hours ago

    Jay Leno is George Clooney! How about you feed the homeless Jay?!

    • Lucky Jenn
      Lucky Jenn 2 hours ago

      Repent. The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.

  • Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval 2 hours ago

    I hope you drive the ACR!

  • Feke
    Feke 2 hours ago

    Where's the rest of his collection? The aventador miura edition,CGT,Elise,F150,etc?

  • Macht Schnell
    Macht Schnell 2 hours ago

    Very cool guy. Maybe he should have driven you and your car around Laguna Seca?

  • Tomas Unden
    Tomas Unden 2 hours ago

    Come up to Santa Barbara! I'd love to see your gt and you can have lunch at my office with a clear view of the Pacific and the channel Islands.

  • Joshingya
    Joshingya 2 hours ago

    Dean Martin's Lambo Miura?? that is literally a multi million dollar gift. Where are my friends at??

  • 981porsche
    981porsche 2 hours ago

    Shmee150: That is my favorite car that you have had on your channel so far. Absolutely love everything about it: the look, the sound, and of course, you can drive it on the road 👍🏻 I do love race cars though 😊

  • Mark Zanghetti
    Mark Zanghetti 2 hours ago

    It doesn't need Apple Car Play, it has Ferrari Car Play! I don't think I would tire of that sound quickly! Great video, Thank you, Cheers!

  • Chad Boon
    Chad Boon 2 hours ago

    DDE said that was there skyline...........

  • Shaheer Lodhi
    Shaheer Lodhi 2 hours ago

    Kelvin is so humble and a best person and from the dde squad love em

  • PureSwank
    PureSwank 2 hours ago

    crazy how went from shitty cars to refined and smooth cars back to bumpy and rough driving exotics. Should have kept my 89 honda civic with the shittiest suspensions if that's the case.

  • Joel Lado
    Joel Lado 3 hours ago

    S/O to Kevin and DDE.

  • vayen fly
    vayen fly 3 hours ago


  • Youssef Hassani
    Youssef Hassani 3 hours ago

    Playboy mansion of cars .

  • Tdl Australia
    Tdl Australia 3 hours ago

    Everyone seems to have forgotten all the hate the supra got and all love it now.

  • Rondog54
    Rondog54 3 hours ago

    Kevin is a class act! What a mellow guy!

  • Michael C
    Michael C 3 hours ago

    kevins like why is this clown driving so slow

  • Charles Thomas
    Charles Thomas 3 hours ago

    He really talks like this? Dufuq!?!

  • kn1ght_616
    kn1ght_616 3 hours ago

    the paint on the boot lid is chipped...

  • Benny
    Benny 3 hours ago

    Shmee! you Missed the Legend Toyota AE86 at 5:29

    YCLMTO 3 hours ago

    I only see one car and the rest is his chin

  • David Morrissette
    David Morrissette 3 hours ago

    I'd take that R34 over the Ferrari anyday of the week.

  • Bat Dimen
    Bat Dimen 3 hours ago

    Why did you skip that tank?

  • Daniel Higuita
    Daniel Higuita 3 hours ago

    This car is the best🤩🤩🤩, I want...


    up kevin dde

  • Liam Day
    Liam Day 3 hours ago

    Hey shmee! You should check out TJ hunt while you’re over the pond 😂 his cars are more tuner but in my opinion just as crazy as some of the super cars!

  • Mattias Karlsson
    Mattias Karlsson 3 hours ago

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Mazda won the insurance case here. If this were in Sweden, that road would be 40km/h, (maybe 30 or 50 in some cities) which should be 24-25 ish mph. Since atleast half the car was already in lane the driver in the Lamborghini could have easily just put the foot on the break if she wasn't speeding. The Mazda was probably thinking where the hell that Lambo was coming from. This is coming from someone who likes driving fast with my own sportcar(not a Lamborghini tho) but only on the highway. Never in cities.

  • Duane Ayers
    Duane Ayers 3 hours ago

    Great Video 👍 but when you had the chance to to ask Jay towards the end of your video to ask him if he wanted to drive your car and didn't take it I was like what are you doing. Maybe next time. 👍🇺🇸

  • Pan Fabio
    Pan Fabio 3 hours ago

    any kinds of cars was faster then you; instead of smiling like not that clever adult so lucky to do anything you're thinking to do on a FLASH-PLAYER channel, next time, just push the pedal to go as fast as possible

  • Russelle Wannell
    Russelle Wannell 3 hours ago

    Jay made his money in denim chheeerrrrsss.

  • Jpriest13
    Jpriest13 3 hours ago

    Jay is so insanely normal and simply a true gear head enthusiast, it's almost unbelievable. Awesome.

  • Pilon
    Pilon 3 hours ago

    Shmee: *Radiator slightly bowing so I will replace it* Me: *gets rear ended and doesn’t replace my bumper*

  • Hitarth Shah
    Hitarth Shah 3 hours ago

    Where is his Tata Nano

  • Twobarpsi
    Twobarpsi 3 hours ago

    It's not you, it's Shmee!!!

  • cannaKing420
    cannaKing420 4 hours ago

    Knew from the thumbnail it was kevin. Kevin is cool asf

  • William Morales
    William Morales 4 hours ago

    WOW WHAT GREAT CARS. MANY, What a down to earth beautiful rich man. Great blog👍✌️🙏🌞😎🏎🍻

  • David Durham Group
    David Durham Group 4 hours ago

    My bucket list to visit JLG

  • MrSuperrajab
    MrSuperrajab 4 hours ago

    wow.... it looks cool . so cool

  • Midcentmiata
    Midcentmiata 4 hours ago

    Now that is a booty! (8:22)

  • __seany boii__
    __seany boii__ 4 hours ago

    His impersonation of guns and arnold are simply amazing

  • randy Fuller
    randy Fuller 4 hours ago

    Best video in a long time

  • Tdl Australia
    Tdl Australia 4 hours ago

    Kevin just needs to put air con in it so it can be driven all the time.

  • rappeezy
    rappeezy 4 hours ago

    how are you getting passed by minivans?

  • Ib oogie boogie
    Ib oogie boogie 4 hours ago

    your giggling like i would be,,,that's a insane car

  • DiscoR53
    DiscoR53 4 hours ago

    That joke of a “Picnic Table” on the actually does make down force. Without it that car would be a hand full to drive close to the limit.

  • JimsReviewRoom
    JimsReviewRoom 4 hours ago

    Can we look at Jerry Seinfeld's collection? Although not as impressive, but this format/content is VERY interesting.

  • Campbell 0714
    Campbell 0714 4 hours ago

    yes guys get an f1 there great for the street easy to buy and very cheap

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man 4 hours ago

    next shmee video will be i bought a racecar for my trackday

  • Miclo
    Miclo 4 hours ago

    The smiles between u two are just epic..I was smiling just watching as if I was in it with u haha

  • furyofbongos
    furyofbongos 4 hours ago

    I could spend 100 hours in there.

  • reallypeacedoff
    reallypeacedoff 4 hours ago

    Kevin is a hero though. Has all these cars and uses them. In addition, he allows a tonne of other people drive them too. Such a legend!

  • Humble Man
    Humble Man 4 hours ago

    he is defenitely up in there as a great passenger, same like ed bolian, so calm even tell him to speed up

  • Sleepy Cobra
    Sleepy Cobra 4 hours ago

    Jay Leno :Blue denim shirt Manny : T shirt Shmeee: Striped shirt

  • frugal dad
    frugal dad 4 hours ago

    glad to see he still has his HAYABOOSHA!

  • Thomas MeduZa
    Thomas MeduZa 4 hours ago

    In Deutschland würden dich die Leute mit so einem Wagen anspucken, diese nichts gönner Opfer.

  • Sleepy Cobra
    Sleepy Cobra 4 hours ago

    Jay is always in blue Like Blue Jay

  • Gabriel Cantu
    Gabriel Cantu 4 hours ago

    talk like a men

  • Think 4 Yourself
    Think 4 Yourself 4 hours ago

    Rumor is if Jay looks you in the eyes you'll get a Bugatti Veyron in full denim carbon fiber.

  • TheProjectOverload
    TheProjectOverload 4 hours ago

    Sell the Senna and get this Ferrari instead

  • snappy452
    snappy452 4 hours ago

    Leno seal of approval? Subscribed.

  • isayah.o
    isayah.o 5 hours ago

    Shmee150 go to utah

  • Connor Flynn
    Connor Flynn 5 hours ago

    New video title, tim giggles for 20 mins lol, great video (:

  • Rahul Mohammed
    Rahul Mohammed 5 hours ago

    That key looks like a CGT key

  • Timothy Weston
    Timothy Weston 5 hours ago

    5:28 just a casual 86 no biggie

  • Michael Jarrell
    Michael Jarrell 5 hours ago

    Showing off in front of ya chick huh 🤔

  • Stevo709
    Stevo709 5 hours ago

    all this is missing is a 67 gt500

  • Two two Steele
    Two two Steele 5 hours ago

    Good video

  • Artagain
    Artagain 5 hours ago

    This such a great video Shmee. I’ve been a long time subscriber and have to say this was tops.

  • Stevo709
    Stevo709 5 hours ago

    saleen s7 been my favorit car sence i was a kid that was always my poster car

  • Rahul Mohammed
    Rahul Mohammed 5 hours ago

    Shmee: I'm going to make your life a challenge to get your 458 Challenge out. Kevin: This one? Tf.....does this man have another one???

  • David Knell
    David Knell 5 hours ago

    Incredible! This could be one of world's best museums. Well at least for the automotive world. By far my favourite shmee work. Great job. Subscribed